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REVIEWS OF Cupcrazed Cakery IN South Carolina

Lauren Batt

The cutest and yummiest cupcakes in a Charlotte/Fort Mill! Love taking my daughter here as a special treat!

Daniel Steel

Diverse cupcakes everyday. Maple bacon favorite so far. Has syrup in the center of cupcake.


Always friendly and always great cupcakes.

Kenya Lane

Fresh and delicious


Very good

Hannah Roberts

Incredible cupcake and cookies!

Christie Pickett

Delicious and such a vareity!! Love the decor in the shop as well.

Christie Hance

My co-workers and I frequent Cupcrazed's $2 Tuesday - unfortunately, I find them to be hit or miss. Some Tuesdays, the cupcakes are super moist and the flavors are spot on... Other times, we've gotten super dry cupcakes and very little flavor. (Today, the cakes were dry - the triple coconut tasted nothing like coconut, and the white chocolate PB pretzel tasted mostly like sugar than anything else). We're nurses and often call to place our order ahead of time so one of us can pick the cupcakes up during lunch. Usually service is very prompt, but recently, staff seems inattentive - having whoever is picking up the order standing in line, unnoticed for far too long. More than likely, we will continue to do $2 Tuesdays because when they are good... they are GOOOOOOD. Hoping they can return to the original cakery that we have come to love.

Michael Smith

The best

Dana Lindsey

Everything we had was pretty good. But what happened to the carrot cake cupcakes??? They have a bunch of stringy carrots in them...not the small cut up ones like they used to have. I know it's under new ownership, so I'm sure somethings have changed. But that was so disappointing. Beacuse that's the cupcake that brought me down from Charlotte. I'll still stop by but only when I'm coming to Fort Mill to see my mom. No more special trips just for cupcakes.

tenisha williams

our favorite spot every other week to meet an catch up. the red velvet is my go to!!!!

Lily Thomas

I love it here. The customer service is extremely friendly. They also have options for dogs and keto dieters. Gluten free options are also available. Come by here when you can. The prices are well worth the quality.

samuelle meachem

We stopped on Saturday evening, 645pm. We have stopped three other times, and they have always been closed. There was not a lot of selection, maybe 1/4-1/3 of display used, the rest was empty. There was an event in Baxter and I would think Saturday’s are busy so the emptiness is probably to be expected. The girl behind the counter was nice enough, let us know cupcakes were $20/12 tonight. However, there were multiple signs that just came off as rude. “If here for a shirt, wait in line with customers because we are too busy for 2 lines”. “We are not Walmart. No samples.” “Keep your kids under control. This isn’t Monkey Joes.” “Don’t touch, we aren’t Discovery Place.” I’m not sure if they felt clever or frustrated with customers but I am sorry they feel the need to post like that. It was such a turn off I asked my husband to leave. There are too many bakeries and choices in the area to be in one with that negative a vibe.

Stefan Winzinger

Fantastic cupcakes in all kind of variety and great taste. I had cupcakes from other stores and always had the feeling they are too sweet and have a chemical taste to them, but not so at Cupcrazed.

Terri Potts

I'm a big fan of their chocolate and strawberry cupcakes the most. I usually go on $2 Tuesdays. They have a regular everyday selection and "special" daily cupcakes. My son is a fan of their cookies.

Kenya Iloka

My entire experience was horrible. They completely dropped the ball... I would not recommend this to anyone. For starters my cupcakes were dry and no one in my office enjoyed them but that’s not why they got one star. I called first thing in the morning to order cupcakes for my CFO birthday and they screwed up every step. First when I entered I was not greeted at all and when I asked for my order it was pushed to me and the lady walked away. Every other cupcake shop they show you what you brought and outline which is which especially when you buy larger quantities. Per the manager they don’t do that at all so don’t expect nice customer service. So I take the cupcakes even though they clearly don’t care about my service( btw I’m not a white American) and go back to the office. When I get there I realize I have cupcakes missing and the ones I received half werent right. I called back immediately and was guaranteed my 2 for dozen even asked for my name and number to make it seem real. I asked this respresentativr a series of questions like what documentation I needed, what I needed to tell hem when I got there, and etc. When I call to get my cupcakes they don’t answer and don’t call back at all, when I finally get someone on they phone, they don’t know what I’m talking about. I speak to the manager and she is not In the store nor will she return your phone calls, per her employees. So I tell the manager everything and she could care less and give me her ass to kiss. She finally offers me 2 cupcakes, when I was promised 2 dozen. I will NEVER spend another dime in there and I wouldn’t recommend you do either. They are better options my favorites is cupcake delirium. They are responsive and make sure you know as a customer you are most important which is key.

Kim Dow

Let me start out by saying that my husband and I frequently visited the store in Fort Mill, SC and was never disappointed. I was beyond excited when I found out that there was now a store in Charlotte. I called ahead to make sure they participate in $2 Tuesday promotion. I stopped by and purchased the flavors: Red Velvet, Lemon, Chocolate Reese's Cup, Triple Salted Carmel, Strawberry and Oreo. Well let's just say out of the 6, there were only two that I could give rave reviews...and that was the Lemon and Chocolate Reese's. For the others, the cake was very dry and had no real flavor. There's nothing more disappointing than biting into a dry cake. The icing was very flavorful but it seems like more attention was made to making the cupcakes look pretty and the icing flavorful than the actual cake itself. I had really high expectations and I'm not sure if I just caught them on a bad day or things have went downhill.

Jessica Holiday

The most friendly and efficient staff! Plus the cupcakes and cookie cups are out of this world. The decor is homey and clean!

Sean Amidon

Very good but too small for the price.


Excellent cupcakes and cookies!! The triple chocolate cupcakes are to die for!!

Teresa Byrd

It smells delicious in here !

Janet Zastrow

The cookies were great, but the cupcakes were just okay (dry and crumbly).

David Turley

Great tasting and looking cupcakes but a little spendy.

Miguel Oyola-Goulias

I don't know kind of disappointed honestly. Very cute shop but the red velvet yesterday wasn't so good. Moist cake but the icing was very very hard and just fell off the top of the cake in one large chunk. Not the soft creamy topping you would expect on a cupcake. Reading reviews and my experience I would just stay away from this place appears to be hit or miss and the customer service is lacking; new hires and training isn't a legitimate reason.

Kim McMurry

Paid 212.00 for a baby shower order for dry cupcakes, was brought more cupcakes and lady argued with me that they were made fresh, I wish I could give a 0 rating, they don't deserve a 1, very poor customer service, could have gotten better service from a grocery store bakery, don't use this bakery!

Ina Gonzalez

We went on $2 Tuesday for a few cupcakes. I had the most amazing Key Lime cupcake you could ever dream of. The cake was so fresh and the frosting was perfect, just like eating a piece of key lime pie! I couldn't leave without one to go. I tried the Cherry Garcia cupcake, which was equally amazing! We will be back again soon. Thank you Cupcrazed for such delicious cupcakes!

Alicia Diggs

Best cupcakes I've ever had! So moist!!

Keith Flotte

The best chocolate cake and cupcakes! Won on cupcake wars


Cupcakes are good but staff is horrible!! Very cold and uninviting which makes it not even worth it, even if the cupcakes are good. My dad being very nice, made a comment to the cashier that we had seen the shop on Food Network, she didn't even respond!! JUST PLAIN RUDE!! My family and I will not be coming back!! The owner really needs to re-evaulate her unfriendly staff!!

Marie Jackson

Worth the drive from Georgia.


I do like the uniqueness of the flavors but the frosting is usually what makes the cupcake while the cake itself is usually dry. Also, on three occasions, I received terrible service from a very rude employee. After the third time is being talked down to, I decided trying different flavors wasn't worth the aggravation and have not been back since.

aneisha heath

Great cupcakes! Two dollar Tuesdays are the best value!

Cass Is Real

I use to LOVE this bakery but hadn't been in awhile due to healthier lifestyle changes. Decided to drop in for $2 Tuesday (3/12) and purchased twelve items: peanut butter cookies, triple strawberry, strawberries and cream, honey bun, cake batter, and red velvet. I was a little bummed to hear carrot cake was no longer a regular option or we would've ordered it as well. Every flavor my family selected was dry, stale, old... We were so disappointed. The bakery has also fallen behind on posting their daily menu on social media. Hope things turn back for the better soon.

alexitogr .

I am not a too much sugar guy, but this place has the right amount, not to sweet. They have a great variety 4 stars because, they employees are teens more interested in talking on the phone than helping customers. Also prices are just a bit high (just a bit for a cup cake).

Quinn G

I love to take advantage of $2 Tuesdays. I always get the red velvet cupcake but decided to try the pumpkin cupcake recently and it did not disappoint. Delicioussssss !

Karen Sacayanan

We went here today and got the Nutella, strawberry shortcake, and vegan vanilla cupcake. They were great! Surprisingly the vegan cupcake was very delicious. I probably preferred just the cake part without all the icing on top. The girl who rang us was super nice and knew all about the ingredients and flavors. If we didn’t live so far, we would go here everyday.

Meghan Passovoy

The cupcakes are amazing! Best in the area, hands down.

Luke Gallman

usually really good, did not have any cupcakes during last visit and charged a lot for cake pops and a cookie

James Bruton

Saturday late morning was a great time to go they had a full store of every cup cake you can think of, and not real expensive this is fort mill's secret treasure.

Ebony Davis-Martin

Excellent gluten free cupcakes!!! Reasonably priced!

Lydia Moore

Delicious!! They have a huge and inventive variety of cupcakes, cookies, and cheesecakes.

Sara R.

This used to be my absolute favorite place to satisfy my sweet tooth, as it's in walking distance from my office, not even for the cupcakes, but for the cookies (and admittedly more often than one should in a week... every week). But ever since things changed over earlier this year the cookies have been over baked/hard as a rock, brown/semi- burnt edges, often times out of the usual favorites of a lot of customers (cake batter (the "stuffing is so over-cooked that you hardly notice it most times), regular chocolate chip, oatmeal stuffed, m&ms), or else they end up tasting like they are from the day(s) prior. I've asked about it before in person and the staff seem to simply not care/a couple seem like they don't even want to be there, I even left an IG comment and instead of replying saying that it would be addressed or DM'ing me, they simply deleted the comment/concern. That's just NOT good customer service, and unfortunately (or fortunately for my waist line), I won't be going back there. Really miss everything about how it used to be!

Arwen Varner-Howland

Cupcake lovers will love this place. Lots of creative flavors and lots of chocolate options! I got the swiss roll, which was filled with marshmallow cream. The cake was moist. The icing was fudgy. Excellent!

Dj Daniel

Delicious and unique sweets. Try the Buffalo Chicken cupcake!

Isabella Zuluaga

when i eat the cupcakes i despratly need water because its so sweet!! too sugar but pretty good

Hannah Tamimi

Cupcakes are beautiful! Love all the details, but too much sugar in the icing. I bought 6 and I wanted to devour them but my kids and I ended up throwing away most of the icing. =(

Jonathan Bass

Its okay ..... not all what its hyped up to be.... the staff is kinda short with you

Blake Parris

Oh my gosh. What is there to say.

George Perez

Delicious cupcakes and very friendly staff!

kelly brugge

Eating Cupcrazed cupcakes is my guilty pleasure- I'll happily admit it! They had my favorite flavor on Wednesday- Maple Bacon. So delicious! I got my husband and friend the Peanut Butter Banana; there was a small homemade p butter cookie on top. Both of them said it was "da bomb!" I've been dieting, so haven't been as often. The splurge was well worth it! There is usually service with a smile, and a great selection of flavors- if there's any left when you arrive!

Ilyssa rubenstein

Our first time here and it was delicious! The customer service was superb, so friendly and helpful!

Desiree' Pettigrew

Out of this world selection and $2 Tuesday!

Latoya S

Love this place for $2 Tuesdays

E Blount

My visit here was pleasant. The worker greeted us immediately. However, she was not very helpful in helping me decide what I wanted to purchase on my first visit. They have a nice selection of creative cupcakes and cookies to choose from. I enjoyed the sugar cookies, the red velvet cupcakes and the inside out Reece's cupcake. The store is a little dark and uninviting so I probably wouldn't want to hang around and eat inside.

Stephanie Sullivan

Best cupcakes EVER!! Where did you guys go? Stopped by and they were gone.

Henry Nocella

Nice variety of delicious cupcakes...great novelty gift for staff at the office...helpful counter persons

Desmond Stewart

A very nice cozy environment nice and clean the staff was all friendly and all the food looks delicious

Browngirl Sanders

The best!

Candra Marshall

These are by far the best cupcakes I have Ever Had!

Jane Shutt

Delicious cupcakes with a variety of flavors that change

Melissa Keays

So good!

Susan Rose

Nothing to write home to mom about. My PBJ cupcake was Oh so dry and the other cupcakes, I purchased lemon blueberry, the icing was hard. Perhaps Tuesday was not a good day to get them. Seems like they was stale.

Jeffrey Russell

Amazing cupcakes! Fridays and Mondays, they offer gluten free cupcakes, which taste wonderful. My favorite is the salted caramel. Incredible variety of options.

Heather Moore


Clarice Palmer

My young daughter and I visited the Fort Mill location some weeks ago and we were blown away at the cupcakes.They were delicious that we decided to return yesterday. The red velvet cupcakes are delicious but what turned me away was the cleanliness. My daughter and I wanted to eat our cupcakes there but there were no clean plates or forks and so the young lady said that we would have to eat them on a paper towel. Again a totally different experience from last time. Then there was a table available but it needed to be wiped down from the previous customers that had just left. I asked the young lady if she could wipe our table down she hesitated and told me that she didn't have time or couldn't because a customer had just walked and she needed to serve him as if me and daughter were not important enough. What blew me away is that she tried to hand me her wet rag and asked if I would wipe the table down. I could not believe that. I understand that this place may have won various awards and so they may feel that they are doing me favor by serving me and daughter a cupcake. The experience that you give your customers is just as important as the product that you serve them. They will never forget it. I don't think that we will return even though this was only our second time visiting. I was hugely embarrassed and disappointed that she asked me to wipe that table.

Rodney W

My sister and I stopped by to try their cupcakes and they were so good. The Strawberry Short Cake was bomb! The staff was nice as well.

Michael Fellini

Who doesn't love cupcakes ? They change offerings regularly so it is mandatory you become "crazed" and see what's new ..Moist, flavorful, yum


Not sure we will return to this place to even try it. Walked in this evening and there were three people working, shelves were empty. They continued on with their conversation didnt speak to us, no hello, not a single word or can I help you. I had to interrupt their conversation to ask of they were sold out and got a "yep" and continued their conversation like I so rudely interrupted. We turn and walked out and still not a kind word or thank you for stopping by. I am all about supporting small local businesses but this is one I can say I wont be supporting and won't recommend to anyone. I get better more friendly service from the ladies at Publix bakery!

Christina Ramadhan

Great cupcake bakery located In Baxter village. The cupcakes are always fresh, moist and delicious. The staff goes out of their way to try to get you the flavor you want (even if it means pulling one from the back). My favorite is the red velvet. It has a great cream cheese frosting. Must try!

Daniel Fieldstone

GLUTEN FREE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!! They support the cause... they make a gluten free cup cake that could very well top a WORLD CLASS LIST OF BEST GLUTEN FREE CUP CAKE. They really know what they are doing and they have tons of creative gluten free options that are D LISH. The people running the place are spunky and very confident. They kind of have the hipster coffee shop vibe a little. The workers are not overly friendly they are confident and like: you know we got the best cup cakes, we can kinda get away with not being phony nice...

Michael Tulacz

If you are in Fort Mill, you MUST go to this place. Cupcakes and cookies are out of this world good! Staff is friendly. You will not be disappointed!

Caleb Sargent

Very over priced for this economy. It is insane to pay $3.00 for ONE cupcake that is not even that moist and reasonable in size. It puts all of its poor efforts into its frosting. Horrible customer service, no one even recommends a thing. They have a sign posted on their wall that is a bit innapropriate considering they are no better tasting than Wal-marts bakery. I do not forsee this business staying into existance too long but then again their are so many poor spending idiots out there.

Logan Plyler

The flavors are always so creative and tasty! The staff is friendly and sociable as well

Amanda Weatherford

Great cupcakes and large variety of flavors


Amazing!!! I have loved everything I have tried here!

Kay Melissa

i had a jelly donut cupcake that was heavenly today... crispy homemade donut topped a vanilla cupcake with jelly center. really good. just a tad... a tad bit sweet. a sprinkle more would have been over doing it between frosting, jelly, sugar coated donut, and cake.well played cupcraze, parting with $12.54 was the downer for me. my budget was $10. hope the other 3 i bought are worth it

Lisa Degolyer

Delicious cupcakes and wonderful customer service!

Amanda Flynt

Awesome cupcakes!!!

Daniel Branham

Pretty darn good. Go early in the day on a Tuesday to get the best cupcakes because they run out when they're cheap

Lindsay Riebel

Love this place. Everytime we have people from out of town I make sure to take them here. The cupcake flavors are always great and the cookies are great too. The snickerdoodle cookie with crem cheese icing is amazing

James Anderson

Cool looking cupcakes, and they taste good.


over priced. cup cakes at publix taste much better.

Jennifer oftheMosses

Most amazing chocolate icing anywhere Award winning Quaint, cozy shop Lots of interesting flavors each week $2 Tuesdays - cupcakes are $2 each

Leigh Littlefield


Alicia Goldsby

Yum! The problem is how many cupcakes do I buy today. Funny, friendly staff and a nice location in south Charlotte -reminds me of a little French cafe. I tried the cookie dough, vanilla cake & cinnamon toast crunch. Sweet tooth satisfaction! Pro tip- Visit on $2 Tuesdays for more sweets for your $

Heather White

The gluten free cupcakes here are delicious!! Moist, flavorful and you can tell just as much thought is given in preparations and creating these! Thank you for offering these!

Kevin Chapman

A lovely respite for a baked goody! People kept coming in while we were there but service was friendly, pleasant and very quick! Very nice experience.


I'm not a huge fans of sweets but this shop is amazing! Cupcakes were amazing and my daughter had an amazing tea party set up! I'll definitely be back.

Jeremy Barrett

Absolutely the best cupcake spot in Charlotte NC / Fort Mill SC

Randy Aimone

I have diabetes. I work very close to Cupcrazed. This is a tragic combination. Everything I've had thus far has been amazing, spectacular or superb. Customer Service has always been friendly and engaging, if a bit hipster.

M Jones

Great cupcakes!

Kristen Greer

Terrible customer service and just poor communication in general. This company does not have it together, especially when it comes to large event/catering orders. I inquired about and confirmed an event order of over $300 in cupcakes one month out from our event date. Not only did I have to follow-up with them to even get the order (finally) on their calendar, I specifically requested pickup at their Woodlawn/Charlotte location. Never at any point over the next month did this come up as being an issue. I show up on the correct day and time for pickup, and guess what? The entire store is shut down, out of business. No notification whatsoever! Apparently, it happened two weeks prior. I called and was told to go to the Fort Mill store. I’m sorry, I have a corporate event in one hour and it is pouring down rain, there is no way I can make it there and back in time. What a horrible way to treat your customers. Shame on you, Heather! You need a lesson in communication and customer service. There are plenty of other bakeries in the Charlotte area I will be supporting instead. Buyers beware!

Stefanie Murphy-Towles

Delicious cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies!!

AJ Jones

They always have creative cupcake flavors.

Anorahs Madison

Definitely a must try.

Niya Y

I had order a bday cake for my son 6th bday this past weekend. I had originally ordered a cake from someone else prior but I end up having to cancel due to lack of communication and not good customer service. I called Cupcrazed Cakery just five days before the party and they were able to make the cake in time. Not only did they were straight forward with everything, I love the great customer service! I emailed them a pictured of what I wanted and they got back with me quickly. Wendy I believe that her name and her husband are the sweetest! Great with communicating and being understandable. The cake looked exactly what I wanted and pictured! It was a little bit on the dry side but next time I order a cake (which I will) I will just ask for mines just to be a little bit more moist. Everyone finished the cake and most important thing was my son was very pleased and happy!

Suzie Q

Maple bacon cupcakes are insanely delicious!!!

Sarayu Nattamai

We got a few cupcakes and it was amazing!!! The sweet tea cupcake was great and all the cupcakes were moist and delicious with a perfect ratio from Cake to frosting!! We will definitely come back for more!

Lauren Figurski

I could spend all day here. The cupcakes are awesome. Cute little shop, good location, but I wish there was just a little more parking.

Quincy 5g

Great selection, get there early, the good flavors don't last. Could use better parking at peak times.

Laura whipple

By far the best cupcakes ever!!!! My family and I love the creativity and the abundance of flavor that these girls create. Everyday they come up with different styles and not to mention the 21+ for the adults, a flavorful cupcake of your favorite drink, yes please!

isabella schepisi

great place to run in and buy cupcakes. i grabbed 6 for $15, and do not regret it.

Batgirl P

I just wish they still added the maple drizzle on top of the maple bacon cupcakes. There is no longer filling inside either and the cake was crumbly instead of moist. The coffee cake cupcakes were hard so I threw them out. $2 Tuesday may not be such a bargain. The chocolate snowball was moist. Maybe just run a daily special on day old cupcakes.

Jonas McKenzie

The cupcakes are good when they are made daily but some are a day old and you can taste the difference! I think that they should discount the day old cupcakes or at least tell you which ones are a day old so you could decide if you want to buy them. The cupcakes are priced at a premium and they are worth it if they are made fresh daily, which most are but it's always that couple that are not!

Bill Kalin

These are the best cupcakes ever!

Resa M

Good cup cakes, love $2 Tuesday

Karen Greiner

Delicious cup cakes - try the one with bacon!

M Amuda

I've been here a handful of times and have enjoyed most of the cupcakes I have bought. Some reviews say they are too sweet but they aren't too bad for me and I don't have the best tolerance for sweets. I have had cupcakes from other bakeries that were so sweet, I had to scrape some/most of the icing off, so that's my reference point. I have left here a few times with half a dozen because the staff suggestions are so good, I can't decide. My only gripe is that I can never catch them when they have the cheesecake cupcakes. That's what I really want!

carolina Brice

The Best.

Macie Myers

Omg...these cupcakes are insane! Love them all!! And the shop is so cute!

Alex Jones

This place is nice and quaint... I love the home feeling as you walk in. The smell was amazing, however the cupcakes lacked taste and flavor. I tried the red velvet which was dry and tasteless. It also left a bitter after taste.

Johnny DuBose

Delicious cupcakes with unique designs. Highly recommend

Mike Jones

Terrific staff and the yummiest cupcakes I have had!!!! The new owners have really turned this place around and made it friendly to bring my daughter for her weekly reward.

Taylor Foxx

The employees are super friendly and helpful and the cupcakes are glorious.

Chris Reynolds

Good cupcakes and cookies at a decent price. Wish they had a greater variety of coffee options but there are plenty of others nearby.

M Perry

Loved the space, the girls were kinda sweet

Alex Buccieri

Let me start by saying I REALLY wanted to like this place, it's close to home and I really liked the idea of a cute little dessert store just down the street... But we'll never be doing back. The cupcakes were subpar at best- WAYY ridiculously sugary and $3 for a small size cupcake. The staff was very snooty and unhelpful and ambiance reminded me of a knock off Amelie's, (and even Amelie's isn't THAT incredible, soo...) ...everything about it seemed like they just thought they were REALLY something. Yeahhh. But honestly, even if the cupcakes were AMAZING I would never return: as we got up to the register, we noticed a big, SUPER negative, disgusting sign that said something about their shop not being Monkey Joes, not being a daycare, not being Discovery Place, not being Walmart,... It honestly turned my stomach. What possible good is a sign like that going to do? All it did was strike up a feeling of being a "hostile-environment", especially towards kids... Like I would want to be there with my baby knowing that someone (or some people) felt the need to make such a negative, judgemental, rude and unnecessary sign against kids, who are probably there with parents that happen to love them more than life itself. And I have news for you, KIDS LOVE CUPCAKES, I would much rather bring my little one to SAS Cupcakes, that not only allows children, but they cater to and WELCOME them (and their cupcakes are MUCH more delicious, no comparison). Looks like I will be driving all the way up to Rivergate for cupcakes after all... That's fine, I've never worried about SAS' cupcakes being delicious and definitely never worried about if they're glaring at me from behind the counter for bringing my little one in with me. Gross.

Shomari Levy

Amazing cupcakes!!

Nikita Baxter

I highly recommend visiting Cupcrazed! Tasty creative cupcake combinations I never imagined. Friendly service from Dekiah and very clean. Children truly enjoyed the unique flavors as we all contemplated over Baby Ruth, Fruit Loop, Red Velvet, peanut butter and jelly, who knew? We will definitely recommend to others and we will be back.

Rick Seeger

Great cupcakes

Patrick McCormick

Award winning cupcakes

Dan Shanley

Their snickerdoodle cookie sandwich with buttercream is the best cookie treat I have ever had. Wow!

John Lee

my wife and I tried 6 different cupcakes since trying one or two isn't a good sample size. I was pleasantly surprised how good the cake was and the frosting (a bit too much) was good on its own. What's really great is the balance of ingredients, the ratio of them and the quality. These people know what they are doing and I am definitely going to return and try few others.


$2 Tuesday is a great day to go get cupcakes. Go early because the selections go fast.

Nina Jones

I visited a year ago.. Didn’t care for them. Tried them again today.. If only they tasted like they looked.. The strawberry didn’t have a hint of strawberry and the honey bun tasted nothing like a honey bun.. Damn things tasted like flour. They are thick and tasteless. Won’t be going back. Ever.

Natalie Darden

Prompt, professional service. I was tasked to get cupcakes for a friend's 50th birthday party. Being new to the Charlotte area, I didn't think buying cupcakes would be such a chore. I queried many bakery/cupcakeries, most did not bother to respond or the one that did, was "booked". Although my request was considered short notice (one week as opposed to a month), Heather responded to my request and assured that she could accommodate me. I decided to visit the store and purchase a variety dozen. I enjoyed the carrot cake and salted caramel. Frosting was a bit sweet. Customer service great. The young man at the counter was welcoming and friendly. I am glad I visited and may come back, but the location is out of my way. I am from up North, so I found the cupcakes reasonably priced for the quality and size. I appreciate their professionalism, which goes a long way for me in the way of first impressions.

Deanna Banks

Some of the cupcakes are amazingly delicious. Some of them not so much. I always love a good cupcake and the cupcakes here can sometime be a little dry and loaded with icing. I think some of the flavors are very unique but can be extremely sweet. Overall staff was friendly although seemed in a bit of a rush. Overall experience was just okay.

Austin Mccabe

Great service I got cupcakes for a wedding and was picking them up and they where extremely helpful and I had no problems. The cupcakes are delicious and they have many flavor options. Come in and try one you won't be dissapointed.

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