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REVIEWS OF Amélie's French Bakery & Café - Rock Hill IN South Carolina

Bill Friend

I want to love this place because I believe that their hearts are really in it, but I continue to be under-impressed. Even the 4 star rating I'm giving them here is a stretch for me. I'm only giving it to them because I know they try. It's just that in my opinion, the people running this place can't seem to bring the package together. The pastries are wonderful. But I'd probably be less disappointed in the experience of getting them, if I could get them from a drivethru window. There's something about the ambience or atmosphere of this place that kills the pleasure of the pastry for me. But I keep going back. Hoping. And enjoying the taste of their wonderful creations.

Marcio G.

I’ve been to France a bunch of times and this place is by far as close, if not better to some bakeries in France. The atmosphere is supper cool! Lots to look at it and enjoy while there. The upstairs sitting is cozy and perfect. The croissants and macaroons are to die for! So many pastries to choose from. My wife ordered the quiche Loraine and WOW! The best I’ve tasted - ever! This place is worth a visit.

Shaunna Holt

I just love this place. They offer a French coffee shop vibe. Breakfast, lunch, salads and sweet treats. They even have quite a few gluten free options. The macaroons are the best, and the sandwiches can be made with gluten free bread.

Dileep Pasam

Must place to visit if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth

Drew Wookie

The staff is kind and amazing. The tea is delicious as well!

Craig Whatley

Got the tomato, cucumber, and herb crouton salad with celery cred vinaigrette dressing. It was amazing! Croutons are home made and are like mini French pastries. Are upstairs wuth my daughter. Love the atmosphere there. And of course the desserts are out of this world.

The Pfeiffer

The sandwich was very good, very simple. The pastry was not quite as good as Panera Bread. I would definitely return

Matthew Morrison

Hard to find. Once you find it, the pasteries and hot drinks are amazing

Peri Lakshmikant

On the higher side. Their bakery is what you need to go for.

Greg Jensen

Great place. They have a wide variety of authentic hand made French pastries and desserts along with a great espresso bar.

Chuck Kuang

Get the salted caramel brownie. You're welcome in advance

Maria Moruno

Great atmosphere, pastries were delicious. Good place to have an afternoon coffee while visiting downtown Rock Hill

Amber Signore

We love Amelie’s. The macaroons are amazing. My son loves the almond cake. The service is great. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable about ingredients for allergies. The sandwiches are fantastic. I had the turkey and I can’t say enough great things about it.

Jennifer Bowers

My husband and I are in from out of town visiting family. We stopped in yesterday for breakfast and were very satisfied! We got croissant breakfast sandwiches and they were amazing!!! It’s got a good environment too. It would be a great place to go with a laptop to get work done.

Laura Clisset

Wish it was more genuinely French. I m sort of dissapointed

Teddi Robin Warner

The food is fresh and full of flavor. Best baguette around.


Amélie's always has amazingly tasty treats and will never turn down an invitation to go. The French aesthetic inside is so beautiful as well.

Cindy Marr

Such a quaint addition to downtown Rock Hill! They have an amazing bakery and a great selection of all kinds of beverages. Cute building too and well decorated. Would recommend to anyone looking for a desert and coffee!

Reyhan Miller

This cozy, casual cafe offers authentic French pastries and food. I always make a point of stopping in while I'm in Rock Hill.

Ashley Dortch

Nice atmosphere and delicious food

John W Kingsbury III

Nice little place with yummy treats. They do cakes to order also. We are getting a Wonder Woman cake made for my daughter's birthday.

Kristen Deya

I was amazed at all the fresh pastries they had. Not only do they look amazing, but taste like heaven!

Sky Stroodle

Visited this Bakery many times. Loved every single visit!! The staff is very kind, and the pastries are always amazing! My friend knows French, and is in love with the culture. So they enjoyed the experience very much! The pressed coffee is a must and so is the mini tarts! The one thing I absolutely adore about the bakery is the fact that gender diversity is acknowledged. Its beautiful. Also the obscure design and ambience of the place is terrific.

Lindsey Lustig

Tasty spot and cute decor.

Bill Binkley

Food was good the restaurant was very dusty where we sat upstairs

Paris Hanvey

This is an amazing bakery in such a cute area of downtown. The pastries here are unforgettable. Some of the best macaroons I've ever had!

Chris Gaudet

Great food hot coffee. Very chill place.

Eric Linn

My son and I love it here. Sandwiches are great!

Russell Harper

I'm very appreciative of having an Amelie's so close to my home. Every day it feels like there are more and more things to do in Old Town but Amelie's is like an ever present beacon of happiness. It will be there for you early in the morning if you're looking for a small breakfast, and it will be there on those later nights after food truck Friday when you just want a quiet place to rest your feet. Great location, and usually good food/drink!

Chrystal Derry

Great food. Love the atmosphere.

Mary Zink

Unique location and delicious food. Found a decent pot of tea.


Such a nice place down town. Excellent place for small group meetings, or just sitting and reading while enjoying decent coffee. Cozy af.

Rics Trailer Transport & Wiring

Great staff. Very pleasant. Very good selection of food from sandwiches, soups, and pastries. Breakfast is served all day. Prices are a little on the high side.

Gaby Renfroe

Amelie’s got me through my first year at college in Rock Hill and introduced me to the best sandwich combo, turkey and brie. Their pastries are also on point and the coffee is solid.

Cienna Lindsay

I go for the salads and coffee/drinks. I am not a big fan of their dessert section, sadly. I've had several different ones, some are their brownies macaroons and cakes. They are all dry like they've been sitting out for a while or maybe overbaked. But this place is awesome to study. It is very cute and relaxing, plenty of seating but not many outlets so you wanna scope out a good place if you really wanna get some work done.

Natalya Klimova

Neat location in Rock Hill with an upstairs lounge spot. Outdoor seating available. Parking available on surrounding streets or in uptown public parking lot a couple streets down.

Laura Barker

Very great food great employee and very nice

Ronnee Golden-Ramon

Excellent lunch and gluten free desserts!

Austyn Nickalo

Good friendly place. Very pricey though. Nice atmosphere. But little seating. There is an upstairs but I am handicap and there is no way up.

Mason Lane

I was recently at one of my favorite treat shops Amelie's when I was targeted by an African American man wearing sunglasses who said he was blind. I have my doubts considering he locked eyes with me in check out and glanced away, but after having me make his coffee and panhandling me in front of onlooking staff he proceeded to lurk by the door for his next victim a young business man getting leaving with his lunch. The unapologetic staff who had let this man loiter unserved in the store and harass customers displays a lack of service to both their disabled and ordinary patrons which has tainted both mine and at least one others experience that I know (the business man) I encourage Amelie's to be proactive in their customer service to accommodate ALL of their community and protect their customers.

Jessica Weiner

Best turkey and bri! Lovely pastries!

Mary Smith

The atmosphere is wonderful no matter which location you go to my biggest complaint is that they do not have very many options for people that need gluten free choices or sugar free options. I would really appreciate it if they had sugar-free syrup for coffee because even when you're watching your weight you really would like a treat same holds true for those that are battling diabetes I love sweets but gluten free options is definitely a guilty pleasure but they don't have very many

Crystal Guerrero

The pastries were great as always, but customer service could use a little work. Or maybe I feel the NoDa location has me with higher standards, cause it's always busy there, but more personable. Like when I ask about something there on what they think, if they haven't tried it or don't drink stuff like that, they at least suggest based off what they hear from others. Here she looked annoyed with my questions and wanted me to leave quickly. I understand there was a few people behind us, but NoDa location sometimes have lines out the door and after midnight they're still personable.

Tom K

We stopped in for coffee after eating lunch near by. Really nice atmosphere and friendly employees. Their baked goods looked amazing. The coffee was wonderful. I can’t wait to return to try their food.

W. Keith Powell

Love the bakery and staff. Always informative and helpful with a smile.


Wonderful coffee and bakery. Pastries have never disappointed.

Kimberly Winchell

Atmosphere is great. Food is oh so good. Be sure to try the twice baked chocolate croissant's!

matt burress

The girl that took my order laid the french press parts on the counter where she took all the money she handled the cups with her fingers on the inside of the cup she took money in between never used gloves or washed her hands

Drew Bridges

Such good food. A very popular date night local for me and my girlfriend. Can't go wrong with the fig, bacon, and brie tartini!

Lydia Pappas

Amazing french pastries and cakes. Everything here it's delicious. Great array of drinks as well as food. Come here for the best tea and coffee and cakes in the area.

Jon Hafner

good cafe. I try to go when I can. very good desserts and quality coffee. service with smile.

Loretta Perez

The food is absolutely amazing. The menu choices are so wonderful that it is hard to choose . The pastries are so delicious that the offerings of mini versions allows you to try more than one at a time. The atmosphere is very laid back and there 2 levels so it's possible to find a quiet spot if you want.

St. Mary Catholic Church

Food was actually quite tasty, but service was poor. Not really slow, we did get our order fast, but when I asked for mayo she brought it but I had to use my fingers to spread it, and she never came back.


I went here for a business meeting and it was quite delightful

Debra Dover

I love this quaint, lovely place. The food is wonderful, especially the desserts.

Caleb Creason

By far my favorite place to visit for breakfast, pastries, or coffee in all of Rock Hill. Excellent selection with reasonable prices.

gay diller

I’ve been to most of the locations- all amazing!

Kristine Deloa

Amazing food, pastry, and customer service

Susan y. Cameron

Loved this place at first and I was a steady customer but very saddened by their downsizing of their pastries portions so small now compared too how it was,,,I have stopped going because of this!!!

Meesha Magalit

The pastries are great! There was a very nice girl in a red shirt with long blonde hair behind the pastry counter who was very helpful. As for the other employees, they were rude and less pleasant. All in all, it is a very cute place to get work done!

David Gallo

Hands down, best coffee in town.

Chris H

Great place and amazing coffee and desserts

Stephanie Sullivan

They have a great selection of pastries. The atmosphere is great, friendly staff most of the time. The food, however, was lacking. To the untrained palate, I suppose it would be satisfying but Ibpersonally found the fair very lacking.

Browngirl Sanders

Best bakery in town

Gabriel Suarez

I love Amelie’s desserts. It has a great flavor and great texture. However, this time was different. The matcha was not well blended. It had gritty texture with a lot of sediment. The white dessert I ordered was stale and lacking of flavor. Also the customer service was a little bit unfriendly.

Scott Wood

Delicious ... Yummy ... and Scrumptious! Great staff

Jayme Keefer

Always love Amelie's and this is one of my favorite locations. It has it's lovely moments, but generally, it's calm and pretty quiet which makes it a great place to get work done or catch up with a friend. They have a great selection of regular offerings, but the seasonal menus really mix it up and keep things interesting. When I bring a friend to Rock Hill for the first time, I always make sure we stop by!

Brent Christy

Espresso bar and French pastries. The macaroons

Sean Hogan

Nice cafe to experience a good pastry and coffee drink plus to be able to set up a laptop and get stuff done.

Kevin Brown

Wonderful place. We visit each time we visit Winthrop. The macarons are amazing

Thalia Bastidas

Cozy place to have a bite and read a book!

Jim Harle

Totally fun decor. Yummy pastries. Friendly help.

Travis Wesley

Very cool place for setting up to work for a few hours and right downtown for when you are looking to take a break. Good service and fun decor. I have only had the drinks here and not any food... Either way it is good. I wish there was more seating...

Marvetta Tarpley

Moving from Atlanta, it has been hard for me to find restaurants and bistro's that I like. I just had the most amazing chicken sun-dried tomato pesto sandwich with spinach and a salted caramel macaroon. The decor and atmosphere was so lovely. I will definitely be going back soon.

Nancy Arruzza

The macaroons they make here are great they make them in quite a few flavors. We had cotton candy flavor. I had a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant. It was OK, the chicken was in big pieces, I like my chicken cut up more. Very busy place at lunch time every seat was taken and they have lots of seating.

Daniel Iler

You can go to other bakeries and coffee shops and get treats that are about a good as your mom's specialty and that's fine, but this is the first real bakery I've ever been too, blows everywhere else out of the water. Coffee is great too. Have been to several locations, and all of them are great

Arías Wilson

Food was amazing and the decorations were stunning

Gary Grabiec

Awesome desert's......street side tables to enjoy the coffee and sweets....!!

Luke Beadle

Probably the best chill spot in Rock Hill and definitely the best coffee (their dark roast). I've been to all the Amelia's locations and this one is the best imo.

Ethan Mayer

My favorite location for tasty Cafe food. Prices were decent. Mood here reminds me of San Diego's scene.

Janelle Peck

Yummy pastries and goodies! Lunch menu had unique and delicious items. The decorations are also eclectic yet relaxed. Have come here to meet with friends as well as to study/work.

Mark Henderson

The is a fantastic small hidden gem in the center of Old Town Rock Hill, they offer lots of tasty treats as well hot coffee and great selection of tea. The macaroons are out of this world and they've got different flavors and colors for each season of the year, if you haven't tried them you're missing out on something great. Right behind the macaroons are the Chocolate Moose Cups which small in size but carry a flavor pop that just can't be found anywhere else.

Michael S

Relaxing place to have a cup of coffee or tea, in a historic bank ,,,loved the chicken salad croissant and the pasties. prices are reasonable. staff was very friendly , thank you!

McMannis Photographic

Great little coffee house in the middle of Old Town Rock Hill. Popular spot on the weekends, but the staff are friendly, the deserts fresh, and the coffee rich. I only wish they had more seating, but don't know where they'd put it.

Jasmine Coleman

The pastries are so so good & reasonably priced for the quality. The atmosphere is pretty cool with the inside being pretty eclectic. Having the lock fence is definitely a cool touch. The service was okay, but did take a while, even though there was only 2 other people inside.

Tiffany Wall

Nice atmosphere and delicious pastries. The coffee is self serve and not too shabby.

Aaron Fountain

I came here all of the time when I attended Winthrop. Great place to get some work done too.

Daniel Fieldstone

Let's face it. This company knows what they are doing! This is an authentic place that has dominated the greater Charlotte area with the hip Cafe thing. This place is expanding and really does have the potential to go global like Starbucks if they get lucky. They are also priced very well. If you do not specifically like French pastries you may not like this place. They are not overly sweet like processed foods in other areas. You may get something thinking it has light fluffy dough and find out that it is flaky in texture. It will be a culinary adventure for you! Finally, are you gluten free? Good! They have stuff for you here. You will see a hip person in the back assemble your sandwich with TLC. They also have gluten free pastries including macaroons and their signature salted caramel brownie. This is a MUST VISIT landmark in the area. Definitely a destination restaurant. Check them out or you will feel "le not good."

Paul Willey

We had never been here prior to this visit but someone gave us a gift card. We order a variety of goods from their bakery/deserts. Everything was OK, just OK. The server was new, her first day. She was very nice. I could see us trying again but only if we're in the area, not driving over just for something.

Sarah Paschall

Fabulous atmosphere with uniquely crafted treats and beverages. The sandwiches are also generously portioned and delicious. We find ourselves choosing Amelie's over all other bakeries in town.

Tammy Tucker/Campbell

Had a small selection but really unique things inside place.

Kim Crean

Great cafe, definitely one of my favorite places to enjoy some quiet time with excellent coffee and delicious treats.

Timothy Hull

Local and unique really nice way spend a Saturday morning. Awesome buttery croissants

Aaron Palermo

Great food and coffee. We make a point to stop here each time we visit SC.

Robert Weaver

Pretty good. Much like any coffee shop.

Thomas Hamilton

Food, and especially the desserts, was delicious! Had the chicken salad. Bravo! Could honestly use a good dusting/vacuuming of the lamps and other fixtures, however! Thanks!

Anne Violanti

LOVE the food, desserts and atmosphere! Great service too

Paul Nguyen

Just had a great breakfast sandwich here! The sandwich tasted great and was on a home made croissant that was super flaky. Ate it with a tasty coffee they get from pure intentions. Gonna enjoy a dessert after I finish my food. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfy and the workers are super friendly. Def would recommend

Christopher Catoe

Love this place! Great, hip feel. Good food and coffee. FANTASTIC DESSERTS!

Ben & Anne Christenbury

Great coffee, decadent pastries, delightful sandwiches and the best chicken salad ever!

Allan Thomas

Lovely cafe/bakery great selection fab staff

Kirsy Adames

A bit overpriced if you are going for simple breakfast items like le toasted croissant lol but I'll go back as I really enjoyed the bit pricy bakery goods. The service and interior is nice.

Christina S

We stop here every time we are in Rock Hill. They have the best macarons!

Ken Miller

Always good coffee and bakery

Debbie Jones

I moved away 2 years ago & it was as good as I remember!

Jasmyn Lyons

Visiting this place from Colorado. Such an awesome ambiance, delicious food, great drinks, sweet staff. Great spot to just hang out with friends or go upstairs in the loft and get some work done on the ocuches by the fire. One of my favorite places to visit. The baguettes are so good, bought extras and took them home!

Stephen Cross

Great croissant and coffee. Great ambiance.

Mohammed Degia

Wife and I stopped at the Rock Hill branch on the way to Charlotte. Both of us had the twice baked chocolate croissant. Delectable! Service was excellent. One issue they need to resolve is that the case with the pastries is operated separately from the cash register where you order coffee and breakfast/lunch items. Causes chaos especially if you want to order both pastries and coffee. You have to get the pastry first and then go and order the coffee and pay for everything. Works in theory but not when a throng of people walk in after you while you are getting the pastries and then you have to go to the back of the line.

Sugeil Jerez

I truly love their pastries. Salted Carmel brownie is amazing. This place is cozy and cute. It's smaller than the ones in Charlotte, NC, and they close early. This one does not serve Alcohol. Nevertheless great place to hang out.


LOVE this small chain. Each one has it's own flair. I have visited two in Charlotte and one in Rock Hill. Food and drinks have been consistently delicious. Victorian feel with a nice menu of French delights. Coffee drinks are always prepared expertly. Nice restrooms. One stays open 24/7 which is great when you are traveling and want to eat in a safe environment.

Samuel Edmondson

The salted caramel brownie was delicious and so was the key lime tart.

Ben Yates

Like the salted caramel brownies alot of course its their number one seller. Chicken salad croissant is great for lunch too. Many tasty treats here to chose from and fresh coffee.

Chris Brathe

I love taking my kids here for dessert after eating at one of the downtown restaurants. Its nice to be able to walk here from the restaurants we usually go to. Its in a large, beautiful, old bank building and they've made the inside pretty cool - there is an upstairs "loft" seating area where my kid always want to sit. They always have a huge selection of desserts that are always very good. Staff is always friendly and helpful. I've been to a couple other Amelie's but this one is the coolest location of the ones I've been to.

Bob Corder

Loved the staff, decor and the little pecan pie

Stephanie Hamrick

I love all the Amelie's locations. Great food, adorable ambiance, and the staff is always great about disability issues, including my service dog and my food allergies. I wish they were all 24 hours like the original location though. I work weird hours, so late nights are the best time of day for me.

Elizabeth Vann

Nice place to meet up with others. The soups are really good.

Greg Mason

Love the atmosphere and pastries. And the hot chocolate this time of year!

Sonja Frick

Been to all the Ame'lies in the area. Downtown Rock Hill is by far my favorite. Treats and coffee choices are all wonderful but the old bank building is so cool.

Td Janicke

If you're lucky enough to get a quiche of any type here you're lucky enough! The twice baked croisant are wonderful I love the chocolate but almond is better....anything with pistachio is great. Avoid the lavender lemonade it's gross

Tj Logue

It's not a bad place, doesn't have many options and some of the pastries are a little plane but overall the place is nice.

Becky rose

The food was delicious, and reasonably priced, the service was quick and efficient. The atmosphere is so cool w/the mismatched tables/chairs, making for a great experience all the way around. And the coffee is the best in town. And the pastries are to many to choose, you'll want to taste them all. Wish they had a drive thru. But will definitely go.back again and again.


Espresso is acceptable. I wouldn’t highly recommend as it had a tangy aftertaste. Enjoyed the breakfast sandwich - protein Croissant. The sausage had a rubbery texture which was disappointing but overall it was good. Other pastries looked great. Cafe definitely gives a French vibe. Bathrooms left much to be desired. Jumbo Toilet paper shouldn’t be just resting on dirty table.

Sarah Maley

I love Amelie’s! The Rock Hill location is my favorite. It’s so cute. I love up and downstairs. Parking is also great. There is always enough seating. I moved away recently and am going to miss it a lot! The cold coffee and macaroons are the absolute best! But there are so many great options. I could go there every week and find something new. And I love all the different hot and cold drink options.

Carrie King

I'm so happy we stopped here. The service was terrific. The coffee and food was so good! We had the fig, Brie, and bacon tartine and the prosciutto, Brie, and Blueberry vinegeratte tartine.

Jesse Burnett

Pricy, but good.

Jazmine Wildflower

I would've posted my croissant but I ate it too fast! It was so delicious!!!

Nick Dente

very quaint with great staff good food and great pastries fun place for lunch or just coffee and pastries.


Eclectic atmosphere. Friendly staff. The macaroons alone are worth the trip

Chantel Ramirez

Great spot to hang out with the girls and have a great cup of coffee and pastries!

Macie Myers

Went to this cute lil bakery to order a bday cake for my daughter because she loves Amelies coffee and macaroons. First time at this location...employees were very nice and helpful...picked up a chocolate croissant while I was there and it was very good..

Spencer Williams

You can tell the owner loves their restaurant

Jessica G.

This place has gluten free options, which is a plus for me, a variety of drinks and pastries. This particular location is absolutely adorable inside with seating on multiple floors. Their food is delicious.

Cindy Nonnenmann

Every time I visit this Amelie's location I wait and I wait and I wait for someone to even say, I will be with you in a moment or can I help you? I just stand there at the counter waiting to be acknowledged. Yesterday when a staff member finally approached the counter, she didn't even ask me if she could help me or ask me what I wanted. She approached the counter, took a deep breath and murmured, 'Can I get you something?" It is like this every time I go in there OR there are girls walking frantically plating orders, taking orders to tables passing by myself and others as they do so. The least they could say is, 'I will be with you in a moment.' Communication is everything in the service industry. If the Rock Hill Amelie's operated like the other Amelie's locations in Charlotte the world would be a better place! They get two stars from me after visiting 5 times in the past two months with the same disappointing service along with stale macaron's.

Asa Jopson

Their food is good but their political views are what are destroying America.

Henry Manton

Amelie's is my go-to place for a warm, cozy, inviting atmosphere and a variety of food, beverage, and dessert choices that never disappoint. Over the years, I have met numerous friends here for lunch, The staff is always friendly and accommodating.

Bobby Francis

Atmosphere was great, food was warm and wonderful - you have to try the soups! The house made pastries were most certainly the high point of a wonderful meal. The macaroons are magical!

Kaitlyn VanPelt

It was a really nice cafe! The inside looks small at first, but there is an upstairs seating area! And the desserts we're fantastic!

Tanisha Buda

So delicious. Pricey but worth it.

Janet Jimenez

Great place. Pricey but I think it's worth it

Ken Underwood

This place is incredible, great people, great food and great coffee.

Dario Chacho

Great food and atmosphere. Be careful add ons prices will creep up on you

Pete Schreiber

Great place for dessert after dinner.

Danielle Watson

We rented the event space for a bridal shower and were disappointment by the lack of attention and service. Although, I have to admit that we were not local and had never visited the location before, the event space is still hidden and not obvious to guests. The lobby before you enter the main bakery has a set of stairs and an elevator that takes you down to the event space; however, if you had never been told that was the location of the event space you would not assume to take that route down, because it looks separate from the bakery, almost like it might be living quarters above and below the shop. Also, the indication on the website that it is downstairs is misleading as there are two "levels" inside the main bakery. The catering is per person and we received RSVP's from guests and ordered appropriately; however, the day of the event a number of guests arrived, could not find the downstairs area and went home. Cell service is spotty downstairs, so if you are hosting and downstairs you won't get guests' phone calls. The staff did not help direct guests, and did not have signs indicating the reserved event space for the party downstairs. We had to create our own signs at short notice because we never had a clue we would need them. We also had only one attendant for the most part, who was not very personable and seemed that she could not wait for us to leave so she could move on with her life. The event space is cramped and the tables too small. We had 30 guests and I could not imagine fitting any more in the space. It was also hot and stuffy, as you might expect in a basement. So if you are looking for a nice airy venue, with helpful staff, please look somewhere else. The food was good but the price of renting the event space is way overblown for what you are actually receiving in terms of both service and style.

Amy Wilkes

I love the atmosphere here. I usually come here to do work. Grab a coffee or lunch and sit upstairs working. Free WiFi.

Tom Martin

French eclectic ambiance oozing from every crack in one of the oldest historic building in Rock Hill. Bright, airy, and colorful and right on Main St. Classic French bistro menu and some of the best pastries you'll find anywhere from Charleston to NYC. Friendly professional staff serves everyone with a smile. Excellent coffee. Always plenty of parking. Great for coffee and a book, or a meeting for lunch with friends or family. Wine menu too.

Sandra Partin

Great atmosphere for date, family, or working online. Friendly staff, but not the best communication between them about our order. Glad we stopped in on our vacation. If we lived here, we'd probably come regularly.

Will Hall

Delicious pastry and coffee.

Christina Jordan

Very tasty, had peru coffee and half fig, bacon, brie toast, yummy

melissa bogan

Delicious coffee, sandwiches, soups and desserts. I enjoyed a small latte and it was plenty large for me! I got a combo of full size roast beef and manchego croissant with a cup of their potato and leek soup that has spinach and asparagus in it. It's a cream based soup but I was surprised how light it was. I would definitely suggest ordering a full size croissant sandwich for a combo. I would have been still hungry had I ordered a half. I came for the desserts but will come back for the savory dishes, too! I'm looking forward to trying more of those selections. Tip: If you want to try a quiche, get their early. While we were sitting there erased 2 of the 3 options originally available.

Shannon Bell

I'm an avid Amelie's fan :) . I've been to ALL of them and the food and service is always good, this one however is my favorite location due to the environment and decor.

Jamie Langley

What a wonderful surprise of a place to relax and enjoy great food and drinks. Such a neat decor to the scenery inside as well. Awesome and Pleasant!


Very nice little bakery/coffee place. I got the macaroons and the French Press coffee and the quality of both were delicious. The atmosphere and decor were quaint and inviting as well as the staff. Recommended.

Sam Murphy

Outstanding quality. Great coffee and pattiseries

James Alvarez

I would give it 10 stars if there was an option service is phenomenal and their pastries are to die for great place to hang out with friends

Elin Quinones

Love coming here for wonderfully indulgent treats

Flo Vetro

Amazing! Warm, welcoming, and delicious. Love to be there at any time. Excellent staff and service.

Willie Rodriguez

Cafe can't believe it's fantastic stress free environment...

Austin Mccabe

Very delicious and great service. If your looking for French pastries this is the place to go. Try the salted caramel brownie. Very good, also the fruit tarts are delicious.

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