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200 Woonsocket Hill Rd, North Smithfield, RI 02896, United States

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REVIEWS OF Wright's Dairy Farm and Bakery IN Rhode Island

Lauren Kosiba

Ellen and her bakery team are wonderful! From the tasting to the wedding day they were always available to answer any questions we had. The cupcakes and our cutting cake were out of this world. We received so many compliments and have been asked over and over where our cupcakes were from.

Leeanna Raposo

I absolutely love Wright’s! This has been my go-to for sweet treats and party desserts for years. Now, with the upgraded bakery and the addition of “The Wright Scoop”, it’s now a year-round indulgence! The bakery has the best desserts I’ve ever had, all fresh and locally sourced dairy makes it soooo delicious! Their ice cream is also available in little cups and quarts to go, with all the classic choices and family favorites like cookies and cream, maple walnut, and my favorite Chocolate Chip Black Raspberry! This is by far, one of the best things about Rhode Island. If you’ve never been, make it a point to visit!

Julie C.

Always delightful to walk through the door and smell all of the delicious goodies.

Garret Bragdon

Dont go hungry. So much to look at. Evry thing is amazingly created and tastes great aswell. I had them make my cupcakes for my wedding.

Tina Daniels

From the initial cake tasting to cutting the cake at the wedding Wrights was excellent. Friendly and professional they are angels with sugar. We got so many compliments on how delicious the cupcakes were and we were IN LOVE with the cake toppers! Will definitely use Wrights again.

Martha Ledoux

Always a good experience. Visited the calves first then went into the bakery to pick out some desserts to take home. Very hard decision. Their desserts are so awesome, I wanted one of everything.

Chris Roposa

So I got to be honest. I don't know why it took me so long to try this place out. I decided to try them out last year for Thanksgiving and found my self returning for Christmas and now birthdays. Reasonably priced baked goods. Fresh farm milk. Even when the crowds pick up they are very well organized and ready to handle it.

Stephen Carter

Nice establishment clean establishment and friendly staff.Delicious food and get to pet the cows!

Mariah Lasalle

Fresh milk daily. Homemade pastries and cakes, plus ice cream. Great place to take the family. You can eat outside and also visit the cows.

Nabeel Sheikh

Can’t believe I have taken so long to write a review! Have been visiting this bakery for a few years now and the cakes are consistently good! We have moved to Worcester now but we drive 45 mins on special occasions to get the Black Forest cake!

David Shirk

Great customer service and incredible baked goods! Midnight in Venice is my favorite of all time. Also, the milk is the freshest I've ever tasted.

Hailee Souliere

Our wedding cake was INCREDIBLE. There is no other choice! You will not regret it. It truly made our day, and our guests were so happy

Matthew Bossi

This is a review only of the wedding cake portion of Wrights. The dairy farm itself is great and sells amazing pastries and cheesecake. They did my wedding cake and I was sorely disappointed. It had 2 fondant apples on the cake and that was it. I expected so much more and cannot recommend Wrights as a cake decorator.

Pallav Gupta

I have been here only once and I liked it. Cake slices were yummy, strawberry milk was good. Quite a number of variety of cake, breads and cookies. And the menu for birthday was stylish and awesome. I will definitely be back here for cake or slice of it.

Barbara Medeiros

I am not a fan of heavy whipped cream desserts so I don't eat them, but they get rave reviews by others. Their EGGNOG is AMAZING!!! Best I have ever tasted. Have to get extras to bring everywhere! Freshest milk & my I have to put their eclairs under lock and key, my husband can't resist them!

Douglas Tremblay

Always the freshest ingredients milk is from their own Dairy Cows cakes and pastry is delicious

Marissa Parkman

I get my daughter's birthday cake here every year and it's always amazing!

Seán Hassett

It's a good place for a family visit or just to buy dairy products. They have plenty of informative signs for visitors. It's ok to pet some of the cows as long as you sanitize your hands before, for the cow's health, and after for your own. The bakery store has quite a selection and will make custom cakes. I wish they avoided hydrogenated oils, though, which are in many baked goods. The cows don't seem to be able to get out to pasture and spend their time in barns, but otherwise are well cared for.


Best and freshest cheesecake we’ve ever had, wish the cannolis were bigger. :D

Cindy Dixon

Great place to take the kids to learn about cows and the dairy process. Highly recommend the phone tour. Last time we visited we met a sweet barn cat and a couple chickens roaming around near the calfs. Delicious cakes, breads, pizzas, and pastries. Can't fail with any of the flavored milks!

Annemarie Yacino

Great milk, pastries etc. many things to choose from. I like that they allow people to see the cows there

lindsay dexter

My son loves to see the cows and their dairy products are the BEST around!

C Nicole

Wonderful place, great pastries, desserts, the cakes are beautiful! The dairy is always fresh. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Their ice cream is amazing


Best cake ever I haven’t had it in a bit but still dream about it

Jeremy Palma

They have some of the tastiest desserts & freshest milk instate!! A must try if you have never been & they have something on the menu for everybody!

Julie's bites

A very large farm where you see cowsbeing milked (we there at 3 pm and saw them being hooked up). A large bake shop is attached to the farm. It specializes in cakes. We bought a couple small sweets and they were good. The store has milk on sale. Disappointing small cheese selection - only one cheddar that is made locally in the farm. No local butter. There another option for cheese and one butter - Cabot brand same as any supermarket. When I come to a farm I do not want to buy what I can buy in a supermarket, I was hoping for local cheese and butter.

Karen Howard

Excellent cakes & pastries & flavored milks & eggnog & even cider! Good gift selection too. Jams, relishes & other things too. Love to treat myself & friends here!

Marie Milam

I bought a Strawberry Shortcake Saturday for my birthday. I was very disappointed. The strawberries were small and tart. In the middle of the cake was a very thin spread of some horrible strawberry rubbery stuff. I also bought a package of butter cookies that tasted like they were stale. Would not go back.

D Aschman

Best eclairs anywhere. You can't go wrong here.

Roe Blum

Great store. Love seeing the cows and calves!

Beth Potter

This place is amazing for adults and children. Food was to die for. A have to put on your list to do!

Andreas Hosemann

Love this place I recommend placing an order over the phone if you know what you want because you will be taking a chance to go there and the item you really wanted is all sold out because this place gets real busy very fast everyone that works there are very polite and treat you like your part of one big family everything is so fresh my favorite is the 3 layer chocolate cake just ordered one for my Birthday on 9/25/2017 keep up the Fantastic job everyone at Wright's Dairy Farm

Tim King

My first ever visit to the dairy farm and it was a great one. We got to see some of the cows and see how they are milked. My daughter had a blast,and the deserts are delicious!!

Scott Huntley

Used to get our milk and eggs there when I was 6 years old. We used to be able drop the money in a basket using an honor system. It certainly was grown but the quality and service is still great.

Wayne Robinson

Awesome place best pastries cakes pies you name it they have it all homemade

Lawrence Pavese Jr.

Ooooohhhh...the deserts !!! They're masters at cake genre !!! As I oogled the pastries and other goodies I picked up a figure square as I was DELICIOUS !!! They just do everything WELL !!!

bryant lymburner

Love this place been for year sence i was 10 or so the owner are really nice my soon to be wife was so happy she got to pet a cow

Jaki Selwyn

What a nice little family outing spot. Went with my boys, enjoyed looking around their store, checking out their decorated cakes, picnicing outside, and checking out the baby cows. We got a slpuece of delicious strawberry cheesecake, blueberries, and milk. All was amazing. Staff is so sweet too.

jerrica maddalena

They made my wedding cake, it was absolutely beautiful, and delicious!

Miriam Karumbo

The best bakery in Rhode Island. I love their Tiramisu. They have a wide choice of cakes and all desserts you could think of.

Heather Raji

Great bakery and dairy. Quality is amazing. If you live in the area there is no other place to get a cake. Preorder cake for best variety but they also have ones ready to go. Can not overstate how awesome this place is.

mj mcmeniman

the way they treat the cows is horrific. i came across a pack of male cows held in a bunker simply for breeding. they could barely walk and were terrified. do not buy their dairy products, the way theyre produced is devastating.

Neal Makowski

So good, I've been coming here for years and I've never had something I did not love. They've always been friendly and their food is consistently great. I try not to stop and buy something everytime I drive by, I don't always win that struggle...

Ashley Arnold

Prices have increased dramatically. Seems less personal. Have grown too large.

Andrea Johnson

I usually go just to see the cows, but the food is amazing! I got pizza strips and funfetti cookies for a birthday party and I ate a good portion of them myself!

Pete Kimatian

This place is unbelievably good! From the time you walk in to the time you leave you will always be helped even on crazy busy days and everything is always delicious! Definitely would recommend to everyone

Beth Bourne

Busy place. Loved petting the calves and seeing all the pregnant cows. Good signage explaining cow facts. Constant stream of cars arriving and leaving. Long lines inside at the dessert counter. I never got close to it even to look. They have other packaged items on tables. I bought a few different items to try. The prices seem high eq. less than a dozen chocolate chip cookies over $5. I work in the farm to table industry so it is very important to me. I have heard people say how delicious their milk - will find out.

noreen cordeiro

This place! Awesome sweets. Friendly staff.

Frank Morrison

Been trying for years, but still haven't found anything I don't like here! Best chocolate milk in the world!

Will Fernandes

Refridgerating their brownies and eating them cold is the greatest chocolate to grace this Earth

Scott Umbel

The whipped cream topping on cakes is soooo much better then heavy icing elsewhere. Simply fantastic. Strawberry Shortcake Cake and Cow Pie Cake are the two best. Tiramisu is just okay and not the true thing.

Tyler Reynolds

Great bakery, love there pizza, the Eccles cakes and radio bars.

Thomas Pappas

Had a great time. Peanut butter brownies are sensational. Cheesecake, magnificent. Best bakery I've seen in a while. Outstanding variety. Staff is extremely polite and friendly.

Kim C

Can't say enough good things about this place. Fabulous pastries, the best milk, farm made goods like honey, their own cake shop and of course those absolutely scrumptious cinnamon rolls! Yum Yum.

Joshua Rosen

You can see the cows being milked. The shop is for cakes, very few dairy products.

Carolyn Burger

You feel like a kid in a candy store! Everything is so good. You'll have a hard time choosing muffins or cakes any all that fresh cream pastries !

Karthikeyan N

Wonderful farm with pasteurized cow milk,cake and more..we can see all the cows there..nice place to visit

Kris K

Excellent bakery and has been for many, many years. The milk is so good that their skim milk tastes as good as 2% milk in other stores. I gave it 4 stars because when we got back home and opened the box of pastries one of them was mangled. The rest were fine so we know it went into the box mangled. Picture attached of the mangled cake. Normally they'd get a 5 star review...


There are few good bakeries in the immediate area (say within a 10 minute drive). A lot of their products feature amazing whipped cream (which makes sense for a dairy farm), but their other products are subpar. You will find better pastries at almost any Italian bakery in Providence, Johnston, No. Prov., Cranston. Yet Wright's fetches top dollar (think miniature cannolis being sold for same price as large cannolis elsewhere). This may be because Rhode Islanders don't like to drive ANYwhere, but also bc Wright's is living off of an overrated reputation. If you want really good pastry that isn't centered on whipped cream, take the drive to Providence.

Bob Krebs

THE best cream puffs anywhere! And don’t forget the hermits.

Jade Bedard

This place is amazing! They make such delicious sweets. So creative and fun, There is so much to choose from to! The prices aren't bad either. I really enjoyed the time spent here. I look forward to visiting again!

Daniel Gutierrez

Best place for pastries. Their standard cakes are great for any occasion. If you call ahead of time, you can order amazing, decorative cakes. If you need snacks they sell cookies, muffins and pudding.

Don Iannuccilli

This place is incredible. The baked goods are the best. It's something you have to experience. If you walk out without buying something. There's something wrong with you

Kristin Knudson

Great place for kids to see where milk comes from. Meet the cows personally!

Jueun Cha

Fresh milk and so many choices of cakes and pastries. I loved the tiramisu cake and the onion bread soft. The icecream was great too. You can also take pictures with cows and actually see them milking the cows. There was also a separate room for ordering special occasion/wedding cakes. Definately going back.

Pat Thackston

Great job on the birthday cake for Ron Curtis, picked up on May 17th. The cake looked fantastic and tasted even better. It was enjoyed by many and got great reviews.

Karen L

Worth the trip if you like whipped cream pastries, fresh-from-the-farm milk and cream, and custom made cakes. It is a working dairy farm (smells like it, too). You can watch the cows being milked if you are there at the right time. Great prices, service, and awesome cookies, pastries, and cakes.

Yvette Wilburn

Just got back from here yesterday.. love this place I bought the broccoli pie which was still hot and delicious 10 coffee little chubby milks they have the best milk with the cream on top old fashioned, fresh strawberry milk, cheesecake, eclairs.. not one time did I not buy out the whole store basically I cannot say enough about this place I absolutely love it

Mike Miranda

Best baked and prepared fresh daily pastries ,cakes,pies can't walkout without getting something.

Felicia Kennedy

I called one of the most famous bakeries Wright’s Dairy Farm, here to get a Tiana cake made for Morgan’s birthday party. They proceeded to tell me that they have every other princess except Tiana because it was discontinued! This is so infuriating to me!! I just want my daughter to see a princess that looks like her! This is the type of issues that minorities deal with on a regular basis! I am not saying this for sympathy, just so you can understand that representation matters. I spoke to them about fighting to get the image back or one comparable! The lady was unfazed on the phone and offered the group picture which Tiana isn’t even the center! It’s completely unacceptable!!

Julie Horgan

So we ordered a cake for my friend’s college graduation, a silver queen cake with airbrush, rainbow frosting. The cake looked beautiful and we were so excited to give her her favorite kind of cake. We were very disappointed to bite into a yellow cake that was very expensive and not the type we even asked for.

Kate Capron

Always a great experience - whether you're looking for milk, hermits, tiramisu, honey combs, cakes, spinach pies, eclairs or pizza strips, you're leaving happy! Even when its busy, things move right along and the staff is always friendly and efficient! It's also a "must try" for anyone I know that visits from out of state.

Lynn Caldwell

Delicious delicious! Fantastic bakery, great variety! So so so fresh!

Chris Ottum

You must take a drive to the country, for some of the best baked goods in the state! Their pies, cakes, and cookies are delicious! While here, you can also see their cows, and even pet a few! The employees are all very friendly, and are able to answer any questions you might have. I definitely recommend their pie...any of them. If you're a milk drinker, this is the place to purchase it. You can't get much fresher than that!

Margie Santiago

Wright's farm is the place to go I love this farm the people that work there are kind and friendly my favorite place for birthday cakes ect Everything in Wright's Dairy Farm its Mmm GOOD

Melissa Parent

We love "going to the farm"! Best milk and so many choices of yummy stuff. Kids love the chocolate milk! Muffins are the delicious. You really can't go wrong with what you choose. It is so fun to watch the cows being milked. Even my 17m old knows where we are when we pull into the driveway, he starts cute! I did say we love going to the farm

Robin Gray

This is a must on anyone's list of places to go. Their chocolate milk is to die for. Their cakes and pastiers are amazing. Now their making wedding cakes too. You can see where the milk comes from right there on the farm. Worth a drive from anywhere.

Krista Katz

This working farm, complete with cows and chickens, is augmented by an absolutely fabulous shop full of outrageously delicious goodies. Wright's Dairy Farm is NOT to be missed. The eclairs are fantastic!

Chris Hardisty

OMG! This bakery is amazing! I wanted to get it all! Settled for cookies and cake! So delicious!

Letha Morris

We're from Florida. Being able to see cows being milked was so cool. Our huge family drinks four gallons of milk a week. Seeing the milking process was awesome. Petting the baby cows in their pen was great too. One licked my daughter's whole hand and arm all the way up to her elbow. It loved her for some crazy reason. We got some great pictures of that. The milking cows seem very happy and they all know how to March into the milking room, choose a stall, back out after being milked, and they march out as a herd. I never knew milking cows were so tall, that huge, and so smart.

Robin Chito

Love, Love, Love Wrights Dairy Farm. I have been a customer for many years. Everything I have purchased has been absolutely delicious! The only complaint I have is...there is too much to choose from, lol. I leave with more than I've gone in for. Just too YUMMY!

Mirkwood Wares

Family owned and operated. Always have great quality pastries, breads, and let's not forget the delicious milk. The staff there always is very helpful and friendly. Customer for life!

Tobias R

Their pastries are incredible and their cakes are even greater! I also highly suggest a fresh gallon of milk from here too! If you're looking for quality, Wright's Dairy is the best place to go. They don't just offer desserts. But they offer cookie platters for parties, baked goods, spinach and broccoli pies and a lot more. You can also plan a cake for parties. There's even a consultation room for wedding and formal events if you want something very custom. This is the most professional bakery I've been to

Amber Martin

I grew up eating pastries from Wright's for every single holiday and they have never disappointed me. My favorites are the sugar M&M cookies, the frosted brownies, their radio bars and of course their fresh coffee milk. No other place can come close to the quality of Wright's, well worth the wait even when it's super busy.

Ron Dolat Sr

Well worth the visit. Amazing bakery and dairy.

Vicki Gibson

These cakes are amazing. Unfortunately trying to get someone to answer the phone to place an order or to have someone call you back after leaving a message is nearly impossible. Good luck placing an order hopefully they have what you want after you take the drive up there. Welcome to the 21st century. A total disappointment after leaving several messages. No cake for us. Happy Birthday My son was very disappointed and sad! Great job Wright's Farm!

Glenn Olson

Ice cream is ok, cakes are dry and blah... Most pastries and pies are very good as well as pizza and broccoli/spinach pies. Milk and flavored milk's are excellent. Now get ready to open your wallets and purses cause it's gonna cost you. Way over priced!!

Eric Johnson

Been getting Milk from Wright’s Dairy Farm with my Grandmother since I was young. Very delicious desserts and pies and cakes. Plus when I am able to go now; always have to pick up a dog treat for my dog. Fantastic place and very family friendly and for everyone. I love Wright’s Dairy Farm. Great staff as well. Thank you

Lillie Gold

Fun place fir kids to learn about farming!

Sujitha .G.M

Nice place, i tried cakes they are so fresh and tasty....i loved strawberry is dam's a must try here

Roman A.

Always great desserts, we get our birthday cakes there. They are always gorgeous and most importantly delicious! Moist yet firm cake with a sweet creamy frosting. So rich! The other goodies they have there as well are perfectly made you can tell they have high standards. We go back all the time!

Bryan Gaudet

My favorite bakery. The cream they us as frosting is a huge hit with everyone. You can’t go wrong with anything. Some people only buy their milk there.

Debra g

Dairy Products are excellent Bake goods are Heavenly And my Grandson loves seeing the cows especially the baby calves It a win anytime you visit!

Lisa Laferriere

Cakes are always amazing the kids lived seeing the cow's. Chocolate strawberry shortcake is the best

Scott Snow

A great dairy and bakery. Love all their products.

sakthiganesh chandrakasan

Here you can see those cows and kids can touch the cows at one place. There are two sections one for just cakes and ordering and another one is bakery. The cakes are delicious here. In the bakery we like the macaroons. They do accept cards. You have plenty of parking. The employees are so courteous. It’s a must go to place for people in Woonsocket north Smithfield and Cumberland

Melissa Chalek

Wright's is a local institution. It is hands down the best bakery in the area. It is located right on a dairy farm, so everything is fresh. Guest can even visit the cows and learn about their care.

lorelei forge

Love, love, love this farm! Delicious bakery full of all the olde- time favs! Best milk ever! Great day out for family! One trip there and you are sure to become a regular customer no matter where you live! It's worth the trip! Home- made ice cream, real sweet cream n butter, fresh, unbelievable variety of sweets and seasonal specials, cakes to die for and skip the diet, no- -hormone milk. 2 thumbs up!!

Rebecca Rhoads

Amazing! At Christmas I loved the new choose your own cookie mix box!

Diane Chapman

Have always bought all my pastries here for years .The best around

Dave O

What an amazing farm store. We arrived 10 minutes after they opened and the place was packed. That really tells you something. Must visit location.

Venus Lanzot

I love this Farm. I go almost every week for my milk, eggs, bread, and pastry. Their matathon bread and homemade cakes are amazing! Note, it gets very crowded on the weekends.

Cecily Maya

Ok so first off I have been coming here for nearly 25yrs!! They without a doubt have THE best milk/choc milk/coffee milk/strawberry milk in all of southern new England. By a long shot. My family has been ordering birthday cakes here for close to 20 yrs, every birthday in the family. I have to say though (& I hate to say it) the quality of their baked goods (pastries, muffins, bars, brownies etc) just aren't up to par compared to even 10yrs ago. I got pistachio muffins yesterday& they were dry dry dry. Whoever made that batch used WAY too much flour! I also got a 2 pack of radio bars &they were so ridiculously sweet, cloyingly sweet, ¬ in a good way. I could only eat 1/4 of one & very sadly had to throw the rest away! As a classically trained chef I feel like there needs to be some quality control & possible overhauling with their use of ingredients. It's possible they switched purveyors in the last 10yrs to a company like sysco (they mostly deliver to hotels, colleges, prisons & huge restauraunts). I can tell the quality of ingredient is lower than it was in previous years & it makes me really sad. Most of their baked goods are comparable to those found in any supermarket bakery. Sorry Wright's, but it had to be said. I'll still buy your milk & cakes, but not the pastries etc...too bad. 10yrs ago my rating would be a consistent 5 stars. No longer.

Aleksandra Krzesińska

Amazing place! Everything is so tasty in there!

Keith Curran

Great pastries of all kinds made fresh on the farm from their own products!

Cynthia Keating

Service is always quick even in a packed atmosphere. Every single person working here is so polite and friendly. No one I know has ever has a bad experience here. Delicious bakery items, dairy, and ice cream. Cakes made to order are excellent.

Norman L'Esperance

Real old fashioned farm. Great pastries and delicious milk.

Heather H

It's the greatest place. The bakery is amazing. Everything is good. You can pet the baby cows and watch the mamas grey milked.

Lawrence G

Great & delicious bakery goods!

Mike Whitman

Amazing selection of baked new England goodies. Almost homemade quality

Claribel Kean

Got to tell you how wonderful it was for us to have our wedding cake made there. It was delicious!!! Professional, friendly staff that went all out to make our wedding dream day come true!!! Highly recommended.

Ashley Walters

Super cute and nice and clean. The eccles cakes and banana bread are wonderful. I've had a Eggnog is not quite as good as Golden eggnog. I wish they kept their seasonal ice creams in stock more often they always sell out immediately. Everything I've had here is at least decent or better.

Donna-lynn Jolicoeur

Only milk ill drink! Pastries are amazing and always fresh.

Ed Little

Friendly and efficient service. This place is dangerous if you have sweet tooth.

Lori D

What a wonderful place to visit. I wanted to take home every Bakery item. The milk is delicious. Oh how I wish I lived next to this place. A must-try if you've never been!

Molnija Mcpimpin


Nicole B Garcia

My first time here; you actually can see and pet some of the cows here (at your own risk) Very good prices on the baked goods. Helpful staff. Great coffee milk and excellent portioned sizes of the containers. Got a ton of baked goods for a party (and a few random things to keep for myself) and it came out to $27. We even got to see them milk the cows. Really fun and great to bring your kids and to pick up locally made dairy products

Melissa Kramer

We had an awesome glimpse into a working dairy farm. We watched the cows being milked and saw some adorable calves. We followed it up with some cold milk and delicious baked goods.

Joseph Brazil

Best cakes and pastry in the country first class all the way at very reasonable prices

What am I doing with my life Inc.

Delicious food, decent service, and good prices. I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys good dairy products at fair prices.

Patrick Gahan

Great birthday cakes!!! I love the whipped cream, yellow cake, and chocolate pudding, bark and drizzle together. It's so good! My birthday was great thanks to Wrights! I just have one negative thing to say, fill out the quote form so they can call you from that, I called to place an order nearly 4 times and they didn't answer until the 4th time! They do a terrific job on their cakes, they just have to work on their phones! Thanks! Very good though!

Ryan Arruda

The best desserts I have ever had. Everything is so great, I have absolutely no complaints. A definite 5/5!

Zach Callfregeau

Just tried one of the peanut butter cookies and it was one of the best cookies I've ever had had some strawberries milk also and it was one of the best I've had also. Finally I had and iced tea you sell and it was also great tasting. Really like the products

HolyGrail101 / QuestingBeast

Always good, been coming here for years. Not one person I know in person has ever complained to me about this place and I think I may be related to 5% of the state if you count 3rd cousins. Please promote the cream top harder so EVERYONE can experiences the surprise I did!

Kristin Berard

Wright’s Dairy Farm has always been one of my favorite places to go ever since I was a child. So of course I chose them to make my wedding cake and I was not disappointed! Ellen knew exactly what we wanted and perfected it. My cake was beautiful and DELICIOUS. I got so much good feedback from my guests and I will definitely be using Wright’s for any future dessert needs!


The place is nice. The wait is pretty long, and the chicken is dry, but their pasta is good. The French fries are horrific, weather burnt or dry. The rolls are the best around. Over all it's a nice place, but I would not strongly recommend it.

Pauline Hopkins

They have the BEST ice cream ever! Plus they make the best cakes. Pretty & tasty, not with that too sugary frosting most places have.

Ginger Faye

Awesome place for a snack or for special occasion baked goods... Best cakes around!! They even have cows!! I love the M&M brownies, my mom loves a lemon squares, my best friend loves the fudge, Wright's has it all.


Great milk products and pastries. Nice relaxing afternoon on the farm

meghan marie

Amazing desserts ♡♡♡ Prices have gone up quite a bit, though.

Rene Gagne

Wrights is a family favorite for many years. Milk products are fresh and last in fridge far longer than store bought, if it doesn,t get finished is that good! Baked product choice is huge....and excellent! Their hermits are legedary!!

Dan Chase

Amazing and one-of-kind shop. Always go in there with one thing in mind, and leave with a box full of other goodies, all without breaking the bank! For anyone in the area, if a cake is from Wright's, you know it's going to be amazing.

Watsica sam

It was delicious!!! Highly recommended.

David paolino

Just the greatest place . RI is and should be proud of WDF !

Peter Chin

Well organized service. Great food. Reasonable prices

Jared Bibeault

What can i say its the go to place for desserts. Delicious

Judy Plouffe

Best bakery ever everything is fresh. Associates are awesome.

Donald Calkins

You can't go wrong anything you try is delicious here 1st time being here but had many cakes and specialty things from here over the years , even during busy Easter weekend very organized for the crowds

Jazmine Calderon

We have been buying birthday cakes for our daughter from Wright's Dairy Farm for the past 5 years. They don't miss any details when decorating the cakes as we envisioned them each year. The cakes are moist and delicious and the best part is the smile on our daughter's face when she visits the cows and the rooster. So, if you've never had a cake made for your special occasion, now is the time to do so. You won't be disappointed. I almost forgot to can get everything from cupcakes, scones, cookies, pastries and fresh cold milk, right from their own cows.

Avery Dickerson

I love this place, I come here all the time whether it be for milk, pastries or pizza. The olive pizza was my favorite mostly cause I hate red sauce and I love that it’s a white pizza but they recently started using different olives and I hate them

Drew Brodeur

I can’t say anything really bad about this place, apart from opinions people might have about animal welfare RE: enough space for the calves to grow. The pastries are phenomenal, prices are reasonable, many prepackaged options so you don’t have to wait in line for something from the display cases. Expect a line during peak times but they do have a robust number calling system with tickets, so if you’re like me and stress out about waiting in line, it’s easy because you can shop around while you wait. The coffee and strawberry milks are incredible, creamy and delicious. Honestly you can’t go wrong with anything! Their cakes are pretty famous, but because many of them have whipped cream frosting/filling, they aren’t my thing. Prefer sugary crunchy frosting! :)

Alyssa Skipworth

They have many different kinds of cakes. Junk food period and tastes so good. I would go there any day.

cira fernandez

I love it for the most part, but when it comes to the pizza I give it 1star. The sauce is good but the bread is horrible, white,soft n not cooked thru, bought twice thinking it was just me but same thing, had my daughter try it on the 3rd trip she was also like eww not cooked thru. So if you do buy it just make sure to stick in your oven before you eat it, unless you do like half baked soft chewy dough.

Matthew Maione

If i didnt gain 20lbs each time i go i would spend everyday here! They have the freshest and most delicious food. I do buy all my milk for my family here, there is no better, and we go through 1 gallon to 1 1/2 gallons per day so, we are experts.

Holly Morales

Not much to say. This place is amazing. Been going here since I was a baby, (or so I am told Haha), and my family has been going here for longer than that. Fresh milk, best cakes in the whole state, friendly people, and their desserts are delicious. You must try the strawberry trifles! Yum.

Paul Maycock

Great place for the grandkids cows pastries and icecream

Louise Tetreault

Best place to get freshly made pastry, cakes, breads, etc. Fresh milk and milk products made on site. Great place for the kids to see cows and can watch them be milked. Friendly staff and yummy goods... can't beat it!

Debra Parent

Wonderful place and bakery is great. I love this place. They have the best milk and desserts going in the area.....yum especially the coffee milk...

Karissa Shirley

Been going here since I was a little girl and I swear they just keep getting better and better. Every pastry they make is absolutely delicious. Worth the little wait. While you wait you can say hi to their friendly cows, chickens, roosters and wondering cats.

Lawrence & Julie Longa

The Best Dairy Farm! Very Clean! Best Desserts I've ever eaten and of course there Milk and Chocolate Milk is Delicious!!


Best dessert in the state love the fresh whipped cream absolutely delicious

Jennifer Bond Baker

There is none better than Wright’s. Fact. (Some people in the reviews are confusing it with the chicken farm/restaurant. Also fact.)

Tony Alfonzo

Some awesome desserts you just can't find any where

Greg Budd

Beyond excellent bakery and dairy products. Bring the kids they will love the cows!

Slack Boogie

I got my wedding cake here.

Henry Savelli

Whenever we need great pastries and baked goods we go to Wright's. Excellent. Plus just going there is an event.

Mimsthrilla Mimi

Bad experience. I like the pastries from here, great cakes and options. I wanted to get my wedding cake from here for about 200 guest, but after trying to contact multiple times over a 2 week period , leaving messages and calling many times as suggested, no one got back to us. We were quite dissappoint about this experience.

John DelaCruz

Great dairy farm! The shop a lot of products and their bakery is very good. The dairy farm part is great for kids and very interesting.

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