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REVIEWS OF Wildflour IN Rhode Island

Gregory Prescott

The pastries are amazing! I'm not vegan and neither is my wife but due to her severe egg allergies we are trying vegan prepared foods since egg isn't in them. I had the blueberry coffeecake and it is the best coffeecake I ever had.


They have thee best vegan options in the city. Their double chocolate chip muffin is absolutely delicious!

Michelle Moran

I've been to this place a few times now. Their selection is excellent, and I always want to buy one of everything. The fact that it is 100% vegan is amazing, it's not easy even in 2019 to find vegan baked goods. A bit expensive, but this is a treat. The people behind the counter are always friendly and happy too, I've always had a pleasant experience here. Thanks!

Jorge Ramos

The best of the best. Vegan Haven

They Live You Sleep & Fishing

I am unfortunately forced to go here because my daughter has food allergies. If you are a non “SOYBOY” good luck! These turd of ladies in here always give me horrible service. Snatch money from my hand and always THROW my daughters cupcakes at me. Awful horrible place!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather Caunt-Nulton

Wildflour is a great spot to meet up with people for coffee and hang out. The newly expanded space is gorgeous, and it adds to the already-existing feeling that this is a place where staying a nice long while for a good chat is very welcomed. They always actively encourage me do henna here, which is awesome. And then, there was this one time when I decorated one of their paper cups and won a little contest... :)

Lisa Silvestro

Pricey but worth it!

James Re

Great food!

Willy B

I go here for the best cold pressed tea and healthy smoothie or vegan pasteries though I am in no way shape or form vegan. Try the hulk smoothie, the green smoothie or granola scorne!! Oh la la...

Jason Wendoloski

Haven't been since the expansion but they never let me down. Smoothies are always delicious, and there always something for everyone from sweets to savory

Bradly Widener

The remodel is great! Definitely the space they needed (and it’s awesome that they took over the spot where Dunkin Donuts was!). The employees are always friendly and the treats are incredible. They are a little pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for. It’s awesome to have a vegan bakery so close, and Wildflour doesn’t disappoint.

Niki Marino

A little pricey but I'd pick this place over any other in the area


A little bit overpriced but good that's why the 4 stars. My favorite smoothie is the "Silly". It has cilantro, orange juice, ginger, kale and spinach! We've tried almost all of them.

Rachael Zacks

Love to come to this bakery and I'm not even vegan. Tried their avocado toast special and it was absolutely delicious. I come here all the time for the golden tumeric latte, jalapeno cornbread that is to die for and smoothies that hit the spot. The only reason for 4 stars is that the store prides itself on reducing plastic yet serves all it's drinks in plastic cups. I usually bring my own mug but they still have to use a throw away cup to make the drinks. I would think they would recycle given their very pro environment position.

leonardo Pineda lopez

Really nice people felt welcome and was able to trick my son into a vegan dessert and vegan hot cocoa. He loves it

Andrew Munroe

First time here and it was delicious! Granola scone was to die for!

Liz Papi

Nice employees; great space!

Sam Pinto

The cupcakes are absolutely amazing. If no one told you, you wouldn't think they were vegan at all, incredible

Amrita Ramanathan

I got special scoop ice cream. It was pumpkin flavor, really light and a great spring flavor.

Shannon Rose

I appreciate the attempt at a vegan bakery, but find that often "vegan" is mistaken for "bland". The dessert I had was alright; the coconut-milk chai, on the other hand, tasted like hot water with a bit of spice in it (not the robust flavor and rich texture a chai should have). Unfortunately disappointing.

Sylvia Cosgrove

The food was very good my daughter took me there and we got a few different things and they were all very good.

Lisa Kelly

You can’t go wrong here, no matter what you choose! I typically hate GF stuff but it’s all amazing here. Cute space, lots of room, friendly service and some of the best vegan desserts and smoothies I’ve ever had :)


The strawberry cornbread will make you forget the world is on fire for like a solid 5 mins.

Joe Mac The Car Guy

Great stop for a tasty treat!

Nikki Sweet

Loved it. Everything was tasty, and staff was super nice, and the environment was super cute!

Jessica Letsche

Such a cool place! I'm in town visiting family. And finding places to eat with many vegan options (let alone 100% vegan places) has been hard! I was overwhelmed with being able to choose from anything and everything! I ended up trying the chocolate chia pudding, the coffee cake muffin, and the lemon crinkle cookie. They all were AMAZING!! My only complaint that because it was so busy, it was hard to look at everything, ask questions and order. I didnt even see some of the other stuff they sell, like the dog treats and jalapeno cornbread (omg) until we were past the register (and the line was to the door so we didnt go back). Despite the crowd, I will DEFINITELY be back before I leave town!! I 100% reccomend to anyone who is vegan or gluten free :)

Christine Rugg

I feel like this place could be in a Seinfeld episode. The one where they all feast on this fat-free frozen yogurt place they found because they thought it was so good for them and it tasted unbelievable, but then they found it it had fat in it? Like you can't believe something vegan can taste this good, but it does. I haven't had anything analyzed by an independent lab or anything, but I'm going to trust them. It's just all that amazing - the savory and the sweet. Doubters will be reformed.


This place is amazing. They have a large variety of delicious pastries, drinks and foods to chose from and it changes up from time to time. Can’t say enough about their cakes and especially their savory scones. I hope they make more of those ! So nice to see this all vegan shop. Love the outside seating in the summer. Lots of seating inside too. Wish we had this in MA ! I come here whenever I can.

Petrina Pappas

Love everything about this place. I am obsessed with the raw lasagne and blueberry oat bars!

Ginny Moye

Cute cafe with all vegan and many gluten free options, nice variety of sweet and savory options, and wifi. They also have one of the tastiest oatmilks for cappuccinos that I have tried

Leona Brown

Quality food and drinks, staff is always friendly.

Tania Alvarez Ramos

Always great service, and great people

Kent Shaw

I would highly recommend the smoothies here. I'm not sure yet what to say about the bakery part, though. But that's based entirely on the scones. I'm more of a biscuit-y type of scone, and this one looks much more sweet than flour-y. So if you're interested in sweet scones, then I would say this is probably your place. If you're interested in a smoothie, I would say this is definitely your place.

Savannah Cosme

Products made me sick ! I was mislead by a staff member. I have a laundry list of food allergies and they said their carrot cake was safe but it has soy and coconut in it! Be careful here with food allergies this is the second time it has happened to me!

Alex and Bradly

We are so lucky to have Wildflour near by. Everything is delicious! Such a gem.

Stephanie Negron

Cozy and such an amazing improvement with the new remodeling. Love all their products

Joe Mendicino

If you need baked goods that are gluten and soy free this is the place. Excellent selection.

Danilo Ospina

If you make a drink for someone and you don’t see them notice it, how about point it out the 25 following times you make eye contact! I usually have a pleasant time in this places. This is my first bad experience, the person who cashed me out saw me standing in front of her and when I approached her to ask about my drink, she said “I already gave it to you.” And pointed to the drink counter. Cool, thanks for paying attention to your customers!

Gerrit van Schalkwyk

Really cool coffee shop with a nice, bright atmosphere, some unique and delicious pastries, and good coffee. Although I appreciate their commitment to offering a spot to accommodate vegans, I wonder if they could also have milk and half and half available for those of us who consume dairy. I hope it wouldn’t detract from the experience of the other customers but it would certainly make this a more regular stop of mine.

Kim Frame

Stopped in for RI Food Fights. The vanilla ice cream was really good. I wish they would have had the espresso ice cream that I absolutely LOVED when we came last year or the beet ice cream that I wish I would have tried. I was told it was amazing!

Jax Adele

There aren't many bakeries I can go to and eat everything at. Wildflour is great and everything is delicious. My favorite is the gluten free brownie. It tastes like fudge. So chocolaty.

Allan Kornberg

Lovely vegan bakery. Newly remodeled. Good light meals and treats.

Orbelina Erazo

I love this place so much! Their juices, baked goods, salads, ready-to-go meals are all so good. The staff is also incredibly friendly and welcoming. Must try their green juices, banana chocolate chip muffins, and their cowboy cookies!

Alisa Lymburner

I loved wild flour before the renovation however after I hate to say this but the service has gone down hill! I still come back because I miss my favorites but everytime I come back I am beyond disappointed with the service unless it’s the original staff. I hate leaving bad reviews especially for a place I have loved so much but after today I was not happy. There were no larger covers so I asked the girl who was standing right there if there were bigger covers her response was “what?! Your smoothies not big enough?” I said I just need a bigger cover please she reached over my found one and tossed it in front of me. I’ve worked customer service for over 10years that is NOT how you interact with customers let alone humans at all. This has been making me come here less and less. I don’t think I’ll be Coming back.

Cheryl Precopio

Amazing place that has so many gluten free choices for muffins, cookies or a healthy light lunch (they have gluten choices too). They also have a list of delicious healthy smoothies with almost anything you could imagine! That’s not all...after I had a smoothie and a yummy gluten free muffin in the morning, I went back in the afternoon for a latte with almond milk. It was one of the best lattes I’ve ever had! In addition to their long list of coffees and smoothies, they have all kinds of tea. This was a perfect place to relax (twice) on a full day of viewing many rental apartments with my client.

James Peluso

Delicious bakery and great coffee. Highly recommend the gluten free scones. Little secret if you go at night and buy the muffins from early in the day they usually throw in a couple extra. Great vibe awesome seating, there’s plenty of spots to sit and eat or drink coffee and have a chat. They also have a small outside patio and a bowl for dogs to drink some water. Just keep your pets outside. The menu offers smoothies and protein powder for those interested in those things.

Jeffrey Kay

Definitely one of the places for vegan and gluten free baked goods...awesome nitro coffee.

Ian Dore

I love this place, the smoothies are really really good and it's a very relaxing place to be. Service can be on and off but they are generally nice.

Ashley Moss

Decent selection even late at night

Shannon Davis

Newly expanded-- looks (and tastes) amazing!!

Sean Cote

Love the fresh juice!

Denise DiMaio

I absolutely loved my cookie and lasagna! However, Rainforest smoothie took a very long time. That would be fine if didn't taste like unripe bananas. 5 sips in and it hit the trash.

Sable Covil

Really Tasty vegan pastries and the staff members are nice and welcoming


Delicious pastries, cool chill vibe, nice decor,friendly staff

bria choquette

After finding out my daughter is allergic to almost everything. My mother and father found wildflour bakery.! Which has become the Only place my daughter can eat freely. Some say it’s pricey. I’m just happy my daughter can eat her favorite sweets again

Rock Jocelyn

Very nice bakery and tea shop. The coffee flavors are nice with only non-dairy options for *milk The bakery had a nice variety of some unusual baked goods. They had a fun yogurt parfait that had nice dried fruits, coconut, and pay blend. I found the ratio to be perfect with more tasty bits than most yogurt parfaits The seating was fun with choices between benches, backfree seats, and chairs. Plenty of privacy and comfort options. I will definitely be back for more!

Samantha deManbey

This vegan bakery is phenomenal! Everything tastes amazing and it is hard to believe nothing has dairy. Great outdoor seating and free WiFi. My favorite is the carrot cake, which is the best I've had!


My coworkers and I frequent Wildflour on a daily basis. We are located 5 minutes away, so it is the perfect place for a mid morning or mid afternoon treat. Wonderful pastries and juices! That being said, the service here is sub par. There is no sense of urgency from the staff whatsoever. Some people, myself for example, aren't in there to hang around all day on their laptops. ( I wish that was the case, but for those of us with 9-5's it's not). There have been times where staff members are engaged in full conversation with one another and fail to notice the very long line of people waiting. It seems like they are permanently stuck in LA LA land. Perhaps a little bit of mindfulness on their part would get this place 5 stars from me.

Flyingmartini Hurricane

A little pricey, but good selection of vegan treats and food.


Great food, drinks, atmosphere and cruelty free dining.

Mamie Luogameno

Great place to sit and get some work done. All the delicious sensations like the music, healthy treats, coffee aromas and vibrant plant life make Wildflour perfect for a quiet conversation with your pals or getting in the zone for a bit of personal TLC.

Liz v. Art

Okay. So wildflour has really good baked goods and food. However, they are extremely pricey. Avacado toast is like $8. And everything is overpriced. I had no problem paying the prices until yesterday I went to order $40 worth of baked goods and the ladies gave me and my friends attitude. I’m sure they were upset that they actually had to work. I loved coming here and seeing all the nice workers and interacting with them. But since expansion they’ve hired some rude staff who don’t treat guests appropriately. If I’m spending that sort of money, I expect kindness, it’s not hard.

Kerri Cassino

Good place to meet friends and have treats

Eileen Homen

Pastries are great but the mochas are rarely good. We go to the “Grange” (same owner) on a regular basis; the mochas are consistently excellent. The baristas at “Wild Flour” need to take some lessons from the baristas from the “Grange”.

Erin Perrino

Literally one of my all time favorite places. The coffee is great but holy moley, the cupcakes steal the show! The lemon lavendar might be the best thing to ever happen to me.

Angel Restrepo

Expensive but good

Vinay Mehta

Very very dark place and suffocative


will not go back. was treated very poorly and they need to work on customer service skills. I used to drive out of my way for their over priced smoothy but never again. buyer beware.

Johnathan Teixeira

Great place and very frendly.

Katie Allen

Incredible vegan food, fresh juice, & yummy baked goods - with gluten free options!

Gloria Ribeiro

Nice place tastey and unique coffees , my muffin was a little dry and I would have liked the option to have it warmed with some butter.

Leora Neeley

Can’t put into words how much I love this bakery and cafe. Just go there please vegan or not. If you like chocolate chip cookies get one here. (The non gluten free cookie is crunchy and the gluten free cookie is chewy)


Freshest ingredients from juicing, smoothies and both raw and baked goods!! Our favorite bakery in RI thus far. The staff is awesome too.

E.M. Grey

The variety of options is most overwhelming. The Cowboy Cookie is my go to! Excellent and expedited customer service. Friendly environment. Clean and beautiful establishment; a sight to experience! And conveniently located. It's by far one of the best bakeries around. Very cozy. Food is great. Weightless, socially collective atmosphere. A must come to for sure!

Sara Moradi

This vegan bakery was spectacular! I got a scone that was well priced considering quality and portion size. This place made an optimal spot for a rest before heading back on the road!

Joey Hartmann-Dow

This bakery is incredible. I can't believe how good it is and the nitro cold brew is blowing my mind. There are very cute books to look at here including one of dreamy treehouses. They are being conscious of environmental impact as well-- they sell glass straws, but they provide paper straws. They also have avocado toast on v good bread. Can't wait to go back and try more treats and drink the coffee forever.

Dru Balsley

My favorite bakery ever. I'm allergic to both gluten and dairy so this place is a heaven sent! I always find amazing options such as a peppermint chocolate cupcake. They also serve local coffee. Smoothies. And they reward you for being sustainable- bring your own Tupperware or travel mug, get the card stamped a certain amount of time and you'll earn a smoothie. Yum!!! The atmosphere is both trendy and laid back. I love going there for a treat. In fact my friends and I plan a monthly meet up to just come here and gorge on their sweets!!!

Alexandria Hicks

Great place! Coffee, smoothies, and milkshakes are delicious and nutritious! Salads and chili are so good I couldn't just eat one of each! Cupcakes for dessert! They weren't even all that bad for your health, and it was the first time I liked carrot cake and raisins! Plus, EVERYTHING IS VEGAN! Before you get grossed out, it's all delicious, and I can't believe I was suspicious of vegan foods before! Great place, I highly recommend paying them a visit!

Brandon Paine

The pastries here were all amazing. I wish I had bought more to take back to CT with me, I guess I'll just have to visit again soon.

Faith First

I truly want to keep liking this place, but over the past two years the prices have steadily crept up and the pastry quality has become, meh. Everything tastes like flour or has a strange cornmeal texture in your mouth. They used to be more authentic and flavorful, but it’s become frozen to thaw ready bakery instead of in-house and made from scratch. Overly monetized if you asked me. It’s a shame

Daniel Stimler

Perfectly good smoothies! Line can get a bit long and slow but that’s what happens when demand beats supply.

Darrell Hosford

I was shocked about this place. My friend became vegan and I needed somewhere to go and this place was it. The front desk people are attentive and willing to hell you navigate the menu. The smoothies are to die for and their avocado toast is no joke.


Nice place, very good coffe, music is a little too loud...

Jennifer Taber

Have enjoyed everything I've tried. Staff friendly and always willing tonanswer my questions about ingredients as I have some food allergies. Whether savory or sweet. absolutely delicious!

Georgina Morales Hampe

Always delicious, never disappoints!

Ross Burnham

It is fantastic. I would be hard pressed to tell you most of the food is vegan if it wasn't on the sign (as a non-vegan). My wife loves the cinnamon knots, but all the baked goods and coffee have been great. I've been back many times to bring home breakfast.

Richard Diamond

Avoid the vanilla layered cake with chocolate icing: super heavy and overly sweet. Made with almond milk perhaps? Terrible. On the other hand, the checkered cake with vanilla icing was superb.

Christine Bartle

Love!!! Everything they sell is absolutely delicious. The fact that they are a health conscious establishment is just the icing on the very fabulous cake. Best juices, pastries and smoothies.

D M Duffy Folmar

This was my first visit to Wildflour and it was fantastic. I ordered the Yellow Submarine smoothie with added maca and so enjoyed it. The atmosphere was very relaxed and clean. I will definitely be back!

Jack Rusley

Love the new bigger and more open space. Books and toys for kids. Morr outdoor seating. Hard to hear when they call your order, so i missed my espresso, but they made me a new one!

Rachida Pagan

Awesome drinks and pastries

Ryan Gorman

The treats were absolutely delicious and not overly sweet. The latte was good as well. Seating was adequate and the place was busy. Not sure if I’ll be back as I was just passing through but if I am I will definitely stop in again.

Jaidev Dalvi

They have amazing chocolate cupcakes!

vamsi krishna Kavuru

Best place coffee and vegan muffin combo...

Ella Hannon

I absolutely love Wild flower! It's become a necessary stop when we're in the area. One of the only places you can get vegan baked goods. The double chocolate cookie is unreal(:

S Hank

I’m addicted to this place! Lol it’s sooooo good

Chanelle Bonnici

Great vegan cafe with many options. They have savory and sweet foods and a large variety of drinks with several milk options. Small drinks are $3-6.

Mark Blakey

Just needs some food that had a face to be perfect

Chelsea Gagnon

Great vegan friendly options. Actually very tasty for all diets

Lisa Nunn

Great vegan food, a bit pricey but worth it

Elizabeth Butrick

This bakery perfects vegan items again and again. I'm consistently amazed with their selection and innovative flavors. My favorite is by far the gluten free vegan chocolate sea salt and olive oil cookie. It's delicious! The staff is also extremely friendly!

Jenay Lindsey

Expensive, and the food really wasn't very good. The sweets were better (they were okay), but the actual food was super bland. The service was friendly, but a little slow, and the tables were clean and nicely decorated.

Vicki Slattery

I got the bean chilli from here which was delicious! Also a green juice which was less delicious... and a golden milk latte which was extremely tasty! We took away ‘oreos’ and hazelnut truffles. The staff were great, the inside temperature was on the cold side. There’s lots of juice and smoothie options. I wish I could go back!

Shauna Thompson

This bakery is crazy good. The coffee was excellent, and The baked goods were amazing. My friend got the cookie dough cupcake (the cookie dough filling is 11/10), and I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie and a "raw-reo" and both were just as good as non-vegan pastries. There's plenty of seating and it's a nice, casual atmosphere with super friendly staff!

CurioCity Shop

Great foods gf not fabulous More sweet than tastes great. Expensive and hip. Great service

Mac Carr

Vegan, hipster, organic. Connect the dots.

Laura Haskin

Nice ambiance. The baked goods are generally really good, though some are very dry/oddly textured. Overall I love to come here!

Javier D

Looks like a hip Austin style modern vegan Cafe. Great place to get a quick snack or drinks.

David Fortuna

Amazing Shakes and food! Recommend the "Elvis" shake and blueberry scones. Enjoy! =)

GlutenFree LikeMe

Always a great experience eating here and best of all they have really good gluten free chocolate chip cookies. I don't care too much for the gluten free cupcakes but I love the cookies and the lemon blueberry scone which is also gluten free. Smoothies are expensive but good. Oh and how can I forget the chili. The chili is awesome and what makes it even better is that they have gluten free corn bread to go with it. Knowledgeable staff when it comes to allergens such as gluten, soy and so on. I highly recommend this place.


Great place for a delicious treat and cup of tea or coffee, they have great gluten free treats too.

Bree Jenness

On my husbands day off on Sundays we love going to coffee shops & bakeries. Before trying Wildflour we went to Seven Stars Bakery a few times. Seven Stars Bakery is a huge thumbs up and I highly recommend it. Amazing products and the employees are so attentive, nice, caring, and welcoming. Seven Stars Bakery even remembered name the second time I came back. Well we tried Wildflour for a change of scenery. Big mistake. The girl that helped us seemed so angry and cold. She forgot to ring up my drink so I waited around for like ten minutes until going back up to re order it. The food was pretty good but without good customer service it’s a NO for me. Seven Stars Bakery = so hot right now! I’ll stick to that place and won’t be going back to Wildflour.

Eva Lincoln

Wonderful snacks and treats, staff is always cheery and pleasant, and it is so bright and lively inside. Love stopping in for a tea or smoothie and a small bite to eat.

John Burack

My granddaughter has many food allergy issues. As a family we've enjoyed Wildflour for many years. The selection of baked goods is both large and delicious. It is shocking to me that I willingly eat and enjoy their fare. Also, thank heaven for them so that there is a safe place for my precious granddaughter to eat without fear of an anaphlactic reaction.

Warren Specht

Nice place,good Espresso like the Vegan choice. Cowboy cookie and the Mexican Chocolate with Maca! Good traveling to Asia, to the young woman that waited on me. Thanks.

Tim Raczko

Such a delightful surprise! So many healthy, delicious treats and a staff that is so friendly, patient and helpful!

brian dunn

Favorite vegan place in Rhode Island. Great drinks and food.

Danielle Richards

Delicious food and reasonable prices. Worth the trip

Jacqueline Munson

Love this place for their Smoothies, cranberry bars, quiche, and almond milk lattes.

Ron Valliere

Cowboy Cookies are awesome!

Warren Borders

Celiac friendly

Tyrone Quinland

Feels like Portlandia in real life. Amazing bakery but terrible coffee. Totally hit or miss on friendliness of staff - either super nice or extremely rude and dejected. Granola scones get smaller every year but still scrumptious.

Rich Roberts

a fun place with some great food

Mike Cola

Wildflour has a good atmosphere and a reasonable selection of bakery items as well as drinks. The seating style is welcoming for larger groups as well as single customers, children even. However, one gripe I have is with the pricing method. There are no price labels for any of the bakery items. I was charged $2.50 a piece for a small, Oreo-sized sandwich cookie, which I found out after my purchase. However, the cupcake I ordered was on par with what I expected with a specialty shop. I did enjoy my pastries nonetheless.

Sue Tetreault

Delicious baked goods, awesome juices and smoothies! If I had to change a couple things it would be to bring back the old chocolate chip cookie recipe, offer cream once again for coffee and have infused water available again. The renovation is nice; there may be a few kinks that need to be worked out. The large space infront of the displays is awkward and it makes for an uncomfortable odd distinction of who is next. Our last visit we awkwardly stood around for about fifteen minutes waiting for two cookies and two cupcakes......after we paid. I think we may had been forgotten about.

John Croft

Delicious gluten free pastries

Devanshi Thakker

Amazing smoothies and great variety of cupcakes and cookies to choose from. The ambiance is cherry on the cake.

Timothy Riker

Wildflour is a great local vegan bakery and I used to go there often. However, I have become more health conscious even with vegan food. Now, I just get a coffee and occasionally a chocolate avocado date pudding when I go there. Hopefully they will add other diabetic-friendly, nutritarian options in the future.

Mari Mango

This place is awesome a little pricey but a nice place for a special treat. I will say the beans in the chili are always under cooked. 5 stars for being fully vegan.

Dennis Freeman

Delicious vegan/vegetarian desserts. Gluten free options too. Just remodeled......looks great!

Orli Mintz

Expensive, but a good treat--have the scones! If I remember correctly, they used to offer to use real milk in drinks and this is no longer true--now completely vegan.

African Girl

Good food n teas

amanda robles

Pricey but really good

Kyle Averill

Everyone is very helpful and friendly. Great for those of us who are dairy free.

Kim Andrade

Great healthy cafe with many varieties of smoothies, pastry and it's kosher! They also have some salads and raw food choices. Nice place to laptop, meet or grab and go.

Emily M

Delicious desserts, great selection

Brittany Jardin

Good fast service. only bad thing is...they take you order then just place the orders on the counter making it very easy for people to take the wrong items...which then makes you wait longer even if you ordered first..

Laure Gustafson

Perfect for vegans. Loved it!

Angelly Pimentel

Great place! I come here often and it never disappoints me. I suggest their vegan banana nut bread. And smoothies..YUM!

Brad Chaffee

Great gluten free food. It is dairy free so expect soymilk or oatmilk or something like that. The coffee was good.

Elizabeth Lopez

Love this place

Dennise D

The atmosphere is really nice- bright, spacious, clean. Their selection of smoothies is Huge! It's going to take numerous visits to discover my favorite! Had the Caribbean today, it tasted mostly like blueberries & pineapples, I couldn't taste the coconut milk & it was a dark purple color. I enjoyed it, but would try something else next time. The quiche was definitely better heated & the banana walnut chia pudding was like having mushed bananas with seeds in it. The chocolate chip cookies (non-gluten free) are big & DELICIOUS! Soft and scrumptious! The price of it all- Wowzer, this place is not cheap! Dropped nearly $50 on a couple smoothies, 5 cookies, 2 slices of quiche, and a small serving of pudding!

Dan Harris

Love Wildflower, and love the space since they expanded.

S. Wasserman

Great vegan food, if you need light easy snacks while doing some work on your laptop


I visit Wildflour any chance I get. I am a vegetarian and their sweets are the absolute best in the state. My only criticism is that there isn't a location in the southern part of the state. However I will continue to make my pilgrimage there monthly and for any birthday that I am responsible for picking up the cake... or as I like to do just order a birthday cake and eat it!! It is always someone's birthday, isn't it, is that bad?? Nope just right for this self-absorbed, vegetarian, sweet tooth man!! Wildflour I'm in love with you and always will be, maybe there is a wedding cake is in our future....

Dawn Letourneau

I love the food at wildflour but to be honest I'm disappointed in the new building. Many people come to do work at this establishment and unfortunately there are minimal electrical outlets. I looked forward to working at wildflour but unfortunately I will be looking for another place to work. I hope that you take this review in consideration and add some additional outlets. Thanks

Amish Jariwala

Ive never been there but someone gets me stuff from there all the time and its excellent. I have a dairy alergy so its hard finding stuff.

Nicole Fernandes

Great atmosphere to appreciate good food, and good peace of mind. The remodeling definitely enhances productivity. The lighting and layout certainly helps to create the ambiance for creative self time, studying and meditation or a contemporary blend of socializing if joining others!

Marguerite Sullivan

Great space, good food and service.

Nick Nefedov

Pretty good services which include bakery goods, smoothies, and other beverages. They are pretty expensive though. Good customer service as well

Rebecca Reid

Fabulous coffee and service. Delicious scones and sweets.

Michael Silver

Holy F'bomb! This place is really amazing! Visiting from out of town; and found this vegan gem. The staff that helped me are really down-to-earth, friendly, and understand why veganism' is important. What get's them 5 stars is that everything is vegan & there were so many Gluten Free options that this Celiac ridden person was left having to choose. I got some sweet treats for the road, a triple chocolate cupcake, and an off the hook jalapeño cornbread. I bought the loaf (really fairly priced), intending to have it for a couple days-- It's half gone. So good, please check them out!

Matthew Carter

I've been here a few times now and everything is delicious and reasonably priced. The only complaint I have is that they don't carry half and half or heavy cream for the coffee because its a vegan facility! They would get 5 stars if they added it though ;)

Callandra Monkiewicz

delicious GF options for the same price you'd pay at most any bakery

Victoria Salako

The peanutbutter brownie is to die for!

S Taveras

This place has such a great vibe. Staff are friendly, everything is clean. The juices, smoothies, cupcakes, cookies, all of it is sooo good. Great vegan and gluten free options. Highly recommend this place, you will be delighted!

Trace Rothwell

My family and I love this place! The pastries & sweets are amazing, I haven't tried anything I didn't like yet, and the best part is everything is vegan. They've recently expanded so they have a lot more seating now, it's a great place to go for breakfast or any time you need a snack.

Emmi Schultz

Delicious blueberry coffee cake muffin and vanilla almond milk latte, tasted like a marshmallow

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