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9 Wayland Sq, Providence, RI 02906, United States

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REVIEWS OF L'Artisan Cafe & Bakery IN Rhode Island

Marcella Stevens

Love this chill place in Wayland Square. The chocolate chip, peanut butter and macadamia cookie is amazing and pairs nicely with beer. They always have a small, nice selection of brews here including Gray Sail. Staff is usually nice. Chill, quiet vibe and nice outdoor seating when the weather is warm.

Tori Weinstein

Sophisticated and eclectic cafe serves a variety of homemade baked goods and prepared lunch and dinner items such as Mac and cheese, hummus and veggies, and Asian noodles. They have some canned beers and other soft drinks to choose from.

lisa merritt

Cool, wifi available n eclectic menu. Sunny corner location with inside and outside comfy spots to settle in to study or chat. Loved the yogurt cucumber mint soup on an unseasonably hot Memorial Day.

Holland Moriarty

Great desserts, sides, sandwiches, and general food options. They have a nice outdoor patio seating along with an air-conditioned indoor set up. The later you go, the longer the cakes/pastries have been sitting out behind the case so things may not be as fresh. A good selection of hot drinks available.

David Bishkoff

Good specialty coffee drinks, & solid assortment of typically very good bourgeois Mediterranean style deli sandwiches & fancy desserts. It's usually a lil bit of a wait from counter to purchase to receiving your foods or beverages.

Mitchell Feinstein

This place is Awesome! My wife is a decaf customer and we find very hard to find staff in coffee houses that really care enough to pour a decaf coffee. Yes this includes the folks that have the Vente and Grande coffee sizes. The food at L'Artisan is always fresh and the staff are very helpful.

Barry Blais

Marco Navarra

Jorge Ramos

The place is so clean it feels like you can eat from the floor

Gary Goldberg

I love this place, great people and the food and coffee are spectacular

Mohammed ALyahya

Anne Sullivan

Love this place -- fresh food, good choices, good location.

Jason Anglyn

This coffee shop / store is a wayland square gem. It has great outdoor seating in fair weather but the interior is somewhat small with limited seating.

Eric Martin

Great service, friendly, Fantastic coffee, clean establishment, just the type of place I love going! My brother and I were working on the Eastside as always and was referred to L’Artisan Cafe by one of our customers who frequents the Cafe. I’m a coffee snob and they more than exceeded my expectations. I will def be back (daily). Wish I could give it a 6 star review because they worth it. Now I’ll be referring them to my customers.

Scott Mota

A bit overpriced but they pull a perfect espresso.

Steven McCloy

Great wraps and nice outdoor dining.

David Buchalter

Excellent food and pastry. So-so wifi. Superb staff professionalism. Try the panini. A bit pricey but worth it for a bit of a splurge.

Kell Bain

Very good, but too pricey.

Zolange Mejia

Love it and the people that work there are so friendly!

Patrick M

lo-fi solutions

Decent panini but very unfriendly service.

Shandra Rocerick

David Kraus

Pretty good espresso. Okay sandwiches.

Olga Lositsky

Delicious food, kind service, and a cozy atmosphere for reading or studying! I have sampled their cappuccinos, pastries, Tabouli salads, soup and vegetable pie, and all were fresh and flavorful!

Emilia D. Peña-Disla

Vineet Sandill

Someone recommended this place and they were so right! Amazing quality food, very fresh tasting, really good! Staff is really helpful. Highly recommend you have a bite here. I had the roast beef pannini.... Was amazing!

Tiffany Schumer

Staff was friendly and helpful. Amazing Chai Tea and the croissant was also yummy.

Jeff S

Mary Pat Selvaggio

Delicious coffee and croissants. A gem

Augustus Uht

Great food, great service. Love the mochaccino's /cafe mocha's. Order at the counter, if it's not ready they bring it to your table.

Brian Hull

Cute little cafe. Great coffee and they have delicious sandwiches too.

Sandrine Dundas

Good food, relaxing atmosphere. The owner and staff are very nice.

Harrison Bink

Nice people!

Cindy A. Nguyen

Friendly staff and nice patio area!

James Lovinsky

Everyone who works here is so nice and the café has a European feel.

Rich Townsend

Fantastic place to grab a bite to eat and relax studying. They have free WiFi too. Food is good with great coffee as well.

Prayank Tayal

Amazing veg sandwiches and nice environment to spend time along with your coffee and friends....I always prefer to have my breakfast at the cafe during weekends....

stephanie Cunha

Such an awesome local coffee shop! Great coffee (i love Illy!) Laid vack ambiance, a small assortment of hard to find italian sweets (kinder surprise eggs!) Friendly staff

Zachary Lillibridge

Phoebe Burton

A very nice little cafe with a great selection of food a drinks. Very adaptable, you can go for coffee with a friend or a work lunch, or even to study or read. A bit pricey, but you're getting good quality items, so you get what you pay for! Nice amount of seating options inside and out.

Marc Gertsacov

You feel like you landed in Europe.. delicious, clean, modern

Diane Bedrosian

Good lunch and light dinner options. Outdoor seating is a plus. Great desserts and coffee.

Robyn Cavanagh

Food and coffee is okay. Expensive.

John Hamler IV

Scrumptious salads, soups and sandwiches! A nice selection of coffees and teas can be found as well.

Khurram Hassan

Excellent coffee and food spot. Very fresh pastries and food bar. Staff are super nice and work quickly on every order. Seems like a popular spot with indoor and outdoor seating. Nice decir and great location. Great spot to come to with kids because they have both food and great little dessert items, including yummy gelato.

Alison Gorriaran

Great food and great service.

Rhoda Insula

Super friendly place: I was with an elderly friend who took forever to make a choice and changed her order half-way through, but the young man behind the counter could not have been kinder. (And the coffee was great too;-)))

Ganna Lytvynenko Amorim

Great coffee! Pretty good spot for lunch, wish they had more vegan options!!

Axel Epple

Octopus Salad is fantastic.

Nik Zemis

Laine Regen

Chantelle Messier

I found this place very sterile and unwelcoming. The staff had a bit of a frosty attitude, which didn't help. Prices were unrealistically high for a city with literally dozens of other great coffee options.

Rock Jocelyn

Excellent coffee, pastries, lunches all in a relaxed environment. Darren recommended the bread pudding heated with whipped cream! I Loved it! Tell them Rock from RI sent you!

Benoit Martel

Super coffee and liked the brownies although I though not as tasty as others but not bad.

Paul Gaines

kris petersen

Outstanding in every way

Luca Bartolini

Lovely neighborhood cafe with excellent sandwiches and small but curated selection of groceries including some Italian classics such as Pan di Stelle cookies. Illy coffee is also very good. Very nice outdoor seating

Jack B

Great coffee, good food, friendly service. What more can you ask for???

Meng Choy

Charis Edwards

Excellent coffee, lots of yummy breakfast and snack options, and such a happy atmosphere! Definitely get your coffee "for here" and hang out to enjoy the place.

Anh Nguyen

A cozy place to hang out and having a snack. The music is good but a bit too loud today.

Alejandro Scaffa

Super cozy, good music, coffee, cake, cookies and paninis!

william lee

Modern sandwich and coffee place with exposed wooden beams and brick wall. Bright interior, somewhat industrial look to it. Breakfast, lunch and beverages menu. Can be tough parking in Wayland Square especialy since this is on an acute corner.

Briland Hitaj

Alex Goldman

Great place, excellent food!!! Italian coffee

Lina Louro-Marques

Robert Paris

Sean white

Bad espresso.

Louis Trujillo

Gasper Casper

El mejor café del mundo...!

Ken Wagner

Can't go wrong at L'Artisan.

Foad Torshizi

This place has amazing cappuccinos. It is "creamy" and not "foamy," which is how real cappuccino should be. The owner and the staff are fantastic and very friendly. It is always crowded but a wonderful place to study and work and have delicious croissants and coffee.

JS Choi

Friendly neighborhood bakery with yummy pastries and lots of tasty looking food to go. Panini could have been warmer but it was good nevertheless. Excellent Americano. Rich n smooth.

Siim Nopri

Nicest and coziest place on Wayland square, largely owing to the outside seating. Quite pricy but has a nice selection of take-away stuff and daily offers. Awesome staff

al otash

Great meat,spinach and vegetable pies very nice variety of food. Coffee is very good also. Nice atmosphere. Would be there everyday if in the area.

Noah Karp

I love the coffee and the service is great. When the weather is nice the outdoor seating is large and spacious.

susan moubayed

Great food and beverage . Wonderful hospitality.

Eszter Illy

lovely place, if the weather is nice, the terrace is awesome! great selection of basically everything, little bit pricey and such a lovely staff!

Varsheeni Raghupathy

Kind of over priced but a nice place to grab a bite/ meet a friend

Jordan Sawyers

Love sitting outside

Sandra Romero Cañas

Le Petit Soaper & Company LLC

Great customer service and healthy food selections!

Jason DiGiovanni

Steven Shalansky

Bruna Bordoni

Nice sandwiches. Cute place.

Eric Pizzuti

Great espresso, smooth, perfect crema. Delicious cappuccino, perfect proportions of espresso and milk, adorned with attractive latte art. Food is fresh and tasty, especially the croissants, desserts, euro sandwiches and salads of all types. Service is awesome.

michael leshinsky

Best coffee in Wayland Square.

Jim Monti

Great little cafe in the heart of Wayland Square! Love getting a latte and muffin whenever I have the opportunity!

Xen Walker

Beautiful presentation of food! Clean, not too pricey, but quality is superior.

Hanae Akachkach

Nice place with good wine collection, a bit expensive

Michael Harrison

Richard Hintz

Decent alternative to chains. Could use more power receptacles. Good service.

Chris Davidson

It's a solid spot - nice atmosphere, good coffee, and I love that they have wine and cheese for "later in the day" :). The wifi is super-spotty at best and it can be very drafty on a cold day but overall it's a great place to grab some coffee.

Kevin J Lethbridge Sr

Good hot coffee, friendly service, delicious bakery items.

Дмитрий Квашнин

Десерты второй свежести

Cynthea Corbett

Yummy food. Well worth a visit.

Jason Gantenberg

Boutique de Fiambres

Charmyne Goodfellow

Nice little restaurant with somewhat different food. Friendly staff

Matthieu Nadeau

Scott Ashen

Isabel Toro

I enjoy this place every season of the year, specialty winter. I go there after hiking at blackstone to enjoy a delicious coffee. Good bakery and healthy food

R Ross O'Neill

S l o w moving lines, guy at register aimlessly chats, if you have all day to waste, this is a good place to stand in line. If you want to get in and out, go somewhere else. I had a meltdown here, and said I'll never go back. That's an easy promise to keep.

Anouar Benzina

Great coffee shop with Illy coffee, one of the best brands of coffee around. The pastries and sandwich options are fantastic and always fresh. The owner takes pride in the business and it's apparent he treats the employees very well. The service and cleanliness are top of the line. Restroom location in the basement could be better.

Timothy Wade

Good food, but a bit over-priced.

Beatriz Hunter

Excellent top notch

Jake Hegnauer

I got a decent iced coffee and a so so croissant. Nice location and pleasant atmosphere.

charlie page

Gregory T

The food was good at one point but has gone downhill. Vegetables in sandwiches have been pretty bad recently.

Ben Conant

A cornerstone of Wayland Square; L'Artisan offers artisan pastries and select coffees with speedy, personalized service that is second to none.

Nick Rainone

Great place to get some coffee

Jay Hazen

Great selection

Carol Tatro

Debu Tante

I'm a frequent customer. I used to get salads here until Mercer's deli came in. The salads at Mercer's are much better and fresher for a similar price. I recently had a lava cake from the case that was inedible. I had to toss the whole thing. The Turkey cranberry sandwich is awesome and so are your other sandwiches and soups. I'm still a fan of you and will be back in future for soups and sandwiches.

Lindsay McCarthy

Just had a to-go salad from here.. everything was very fresh it was hard to tell that it had been prepared earlier. I also had an iced americano that was delicious as well, love illy espresso!

American Tire

Great atmosphere. Lots of great sandwiches and desserts. Ily coffee !

Natalia Goos

This family owned cafe is a great place to get a coffee and fresh baked goodies. Patio is pretty big and you can always find a spot to sit and enjoy East Side views. Lunch speacials are always a good deal to go for! You can enjoy a beer or wine as well as they carry a good selection ($7 glass of wine!) The staff is friendly and after a few visits will call you by name ☺

Freddy McZoneout

This place LIES to its customers. It does not recycle. Also the crew there after 3 are the worst.

David Goodfellow

Excellent food... friendly staff...

Niall O'Connell

Joseph Cukjati

Excellent latte and good variety of sandwiches, light meals, and fresh sides. Cozy, quiet, with a large patio area for the summertime.

Rami Daou

Juliette Coatsworth

Nuno Almeida

Great cappuccino and pastry with friendly service.

Moody Demetry

Amazing food and location, must try

Alexandra Ozuna

(Translated by Google) The cheese board and the atmosphere (Original) La tabla de queso y el ambiente

Erica Nunnally

Great atmosphere, showcases local artists. Grab 'n go options and an amazing selection of sandwiches and sweets to support your coffee or tea of choice. They really take care to make your drink just the way you prefer it.

Charles Costa

Angelo Marinosci Jr.

Ooooo-la-la: L’artisan Cafe at the corners of Angel and Wayland: Wayland Square in Providence... always tres magnifique for morning nosh or brunchtime/lunchtime and beyond... any season any time... great view-seating and goodies... bon apitite’...a must-go-to place when on the historic East Side of Prov... this is a regular stop for me and a meeting place for friends and family and clients alike... tell them Angelo sent you... my tummy and tongue are never wrong!!

Chris Davis

I like it

Shreshtha Rimi

Nestor Merced-Cornejo

Friendly atmosphere, generally packed due to its popularity. Food is always fresh and warm, and the employees work hard with a lock on kindness. Very little parking.

Temperance Taylor

I came here on a Tuesday mid morning while my dog was being gored across the street. This place is the perfect little cafe right on the corner and they have space outside where you can sit. The selection of baked goods is impressive and almost daunting. I had the red velvet loaf and a bowl of fruit. I didn't think the portion size of the fruit bowl was great in relation to the price but the fruit was nice and fresh. The only drawback was that even though my friend and I ordered a lot of food, we weren't given a tray or assisted work our food to our table as I had seen someone bring another patrons food out. Overall w nice mid day snack with wine as a plus.

pickles :D

I am a former chef here at L'Artisan Cafe, working 6 years, a mother with 2 kids, and I have to say the recipes and ingredients are a true aesthetic taste of Europe! The place itself is very minamilst and pleasing to look at. Everything is there when you need it. I do have to say that the food is a bit pricey. I recommend buying your food with caution because you don't want to throw away money. Though, I am sure you will like most of the food. There is lots of space for students to study, read, and just eat or drink some DELICIOUS coffee! (There are also many desserts, yum!)

Caroline Kable

Geoffrey Potter

Great atmosphere

Gail Rainey

Louis-Baptiste Gallo

love it !!!!!!!!!!

Jorge Palavra


Very friendly staff and great coffee! Loved the food too. I would very much recommend L'Artisan!

Samantha Moxed

The best coffee in Providence. Adamo's cappuccinos are addicting and wonderful. Friendly and polite staff. Great food and desserts.

Steve Kilpatrick

Disappointing! Perfect location, but *both* pastries we bought were stale and tasted like they were in the refrigerator case for a while. I don't plan to return here.

Ansel Blumers

Ordered a plain vegan and cream cheese to go. Not much cheese spread. Disappointing. Would not recommend.

Maha Matta

Joe Rosa

Cool little bakery, awesome service.

John Loughnane

Excellent bakery.

Kirun Sankaran

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