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denise lyckland

Ordered a cake for my daughter’s wedding shower and for the price expected to be blown away. I ordered a rose flavored cake with a buttercream frosting in strawberry champagne and to be honest there was little to no flavor. The frosting was chalky tasting and quite bland as well. Next time I’ll go to my local bakery. Overall disappointed!

Andrew Terlizzi

Delicious breakfast sandwich! The biscuit is the perfect combo of sweet and savory! Friendly staff and great atmosphere. Highly recommend this cafe for breakfast!

Lisa Santiago

I have lived in Providence a little over 2 years now. Ellie's is a quaint cafe. The staff is always friendly and their baked goods AMAZING! I have been coming over for their signature breakfast sandwich as my Saturday morning ritual. The olive bread, sweet and savory scones are also something you have to try. And don't forget the macaroons. Not a lot of seating but worth the try.

Aurora Vintilescu

Good pastries and coffee in a very European looking place. Totally recommend.

Gracie Wood

This is a great place! I love their lavender-vanilla latte because it isn’t too sweet. Their espresso is delicious. All of their pastry items are wonderful too! Not much seating inside, so this is definitely more of a grab and go place, but they have lots of options, and everything is good!

Dale Brantley

Delicious signature breakfast sandwich with tomato jam. Great balance of savory and sweet and the muffin it's on is fantastic. Would be five stars if had decaf coffee.

Joshua Rodrigues

Cute, good food, on the costly side though. Well worth it though.

Stephanie Moshier Gomes

I was so excited to finally try Ellie’s after following the Instagram page! It exceeded all my expectations and I hope to come back again soon!

J Moore

This little bakery is a gem in hiding. Their pastries and muffins were extraordinarily delicious. The cashier made a good call banana nut muufin. It was so soft looked like too good to eat. Added a few minutes of exercise this week but these baked goods goods made it well worth it.

Jamil Clark

Decor and concept charming, but their prices and product leave something to be desired.

laurel truesdell

Delicious unique bakery products; comfortable informal atmosphere

Elizabeth C.

Iced coffee is delish! Love love love your Instagram page!

Melissa Wilson

Really adorable cafe. Three stars because the two things we ordered, a London Fog and an ice cream sandwich were both sub par. The London Fog was watery, a splash of steamed milk and no vanilla syrup. So... Not a London Fog. The ice cream sandwich was... Bubbly ice cream. Idk why it was the way it was, but not really pleasant. Their croissants looked really good though so tempted to try them later.

Rick Kidder

Delicious pastry... an early morning gem

Carolyn Duby

Great croissants

Dennise Kowalczyk

I made macarons!


Very good ambience and food, amazing hot chocolate too!

Gina Iavarone

This bakery is amazing. The food is to die for, and the atmosphere is even better!!! Love it

Natalya Krishchuk

Macarons are delish. Almond croissant was out of this world. Bostock toast was pretty tasty as well. Their baked goods are on point. The interior is très chic.

Alexandra Dunn

Small but good. Hot chocolate was delicious (not too sweet) and had flaky croissants.

Cyerra Costigan

I'm not always up for trying new things but everything in the bakery is great, my bestfriend love going after since it's. Just up the street

Nicolas Carette

The English muffin breakfast is great.

Kristen Coyne

We’ve been going to PPAC for the past season and this place was under construction for like the whole year. We noticed that they were open. We had gone for ramen elsewhere and just wanted coffee and dessert. The place was packed, but they let us order at the coffee counter and sit on the benches outside and served us like we were sitting at a table. Super waitstaff, great coffee, amazing dessert. We intend to go back soon to try the food.

Nicholas Garza

Great bakery, my only change would be getting food warmed up. We were especially impressed by the biscuit and macaron crunch bar

David Kraus

Fancy baked goods. The chocolate bun is very tasty. Will be back again.

Edward Dunne

They are great bakers. I stopped in for some "pre-breakfast" on Thanksgiving: pumpkin bread and cappuccino. Delicious. They are known for their French macarons, which are delicious.

Simplicity Sarris

charming little bakery tucked into Washington street, with good selection of pastries, sandwiches, macarons, fresh made bread, and coffees and teas. very friendly staff, and the front counter is always well stocked with fresh, local flower arrangements for sale.

Frank Young



I do not leave bad reviews often, or unwarrantedly, I almost feel bad leaving this one....I walked in, one employee greeted me and was nice, as I didn't know they were about to shut down for dinner prep, he told me(I saw no sign on door, and door was open, not to mention people at 2 tables still eating), and after I asked , he said I could purchase a baked good to go as that's all I wanted. I walk past him to the counter and am talked down to immediately by the person behind the counter, who was very snarky and rude, and refused me service even after it was pointed out that his co worker had given the go ahead. It's a shame as I also own a business here in downtown, and eat many meals and snacks down here 5 days a week. I guess I know where I will NOT be spending my money on food, beverages, or snacks.

Minprez J.P.

Comfiest bakery in town

Jen Lamoureux

Such a cute little shop, great coffee, great selection of pastries and the like!

Elizabeth Bullard

Absolutely incredible!! Can't wait to go back!

Ryan Pothin

Oh my lord.

Matthew Burdick

I'm calling it- this is the best bakery in the city.

Jessica Foreman

Great service and delicious food

Marissa Hummon

Excellent soup and pastries!

Andrew Couto

All of the pastries here looked amazing. We had several, and they all lived up to expectations. The staff is also friendly, and they make a mean cappuccino!


Breakfast sandwich and coffee was great!

Nate Inkrote

I am glad that I walked a block past Dunkin Donuts this morning! Amazing breakfast sandwiches, great coffee, and relaxing atmosphere. I'll be back the next time I'm in Providence.

Danielle Gaskin

Fantastic little neighborhood gem!!

Lisa W

We came here for breakfast because our friend told us it has good breakfast sandwiches. You can order from the menu or build your own. I like the English muffin that they put the sandwich on. It tasted healthy. There were 2 tables outside to sit and eat, inside had some tables but it’s a pretty small space. They also have other baked goods and coffee in the shop.

John Raymond

Every time I come to Ellie’s it does not disappoint. Amazing food. Thank you.

Yoly Sardinas

Great little place, love the new location. An authentic lyonnaise salad... French vibes

Serop Gharibian

I haven't tried too many of Elli's offering. I've visited the business only once. I ordered a cappuccino, butter croissant, almond croissant, and kouign amann. The cappuccino was ok, I felt that coffee was over roasted. The butter croissants had an ok crunch when you bite into them, but the pastry laminations (layers) were not very distinct. Same with the almond croissant, just soso. The kouign amann was so so as well, not very crunch when you first sink your teeth into it. Overall experience wasn't bad, but wasn't great either.

Linda Gaines

Little bakery. Limited menu, but food is fantastic. Great for lunch or quick bite. Gluten free options for lunch and for bakery items.

Lars R.

Lovely little backery, delicious signiture breakfast and coffee

Ben Garfield

Everything was so incredibly good, well worth going out of your way for this place!

Life Explorer

My Capuchino was prepared with such a care it taste even better. Very tasty real coffe flavor and aroma. Also grab a piece of bakery. Very friendly and harmonious hostess.

Benson Danneskjold

Magnificent doesn't begin to describe the signature breakfast sandwich...the perfect blend of savory and just a touch of sweet from the tomato jam...Over the top good...add to this, great, friendly service, nice atmosphere...hard to beat this place for breakfast.

Jimmy B.

Great food and atmosphere!

Heath Hughes

I have never had a muffin filled with oatmeal. The muffin acted as a peach topped bowl that turned out to be quite delicious. Try it if you ever go to Ellie's. I was looking for something slightly sweet and healthy and I was not disappointed.

Gina D

Staff was extremely friendly. Had the cafe au lait which I found delightful. I also had the breakfast sandwich on their homemade english muffin. Everything was delicious, and I was bummed they aren't open on Sunday so I could go back!

Ashley Furnari

In our short visit to Providence, we visited Ellie's on 3 occasions. The staff remember the names of their regulars, and upon seeing us for the second time, welcomed us back to the bakery. The croissants are flaky and light. The ginger whoopie pie with lemon filling was incredible. We had the quiche, avocado toast, breakfast sandwich on their homemade English muffin...not a single item disappointed.

Emily Primiano

I love Ellie's! Their macarons are the best around. And their breakfast selection is awesome!

erika alves

Macarons classes . Great reception. Pastries are delicious

Keniisha Matthews

I've been there a few times and liked the decor and the treats. Tried to go a few other times and it took too long to find a near by open parking spot, they were out of a few of the things I usually get and the last time, they were closed an hour earlier than their posted hours said. I called to confirm and the recording said they were open until 5, so when I asked to speak to someone in the bakery, the person said they do close at 4. When I told them online and their own recording says 5, all they said was "thank you for your feedback". So I hung up... I work during their business hours so I probably wont have a chance to go back anyway but for the parking inconvenience, change of hours with no hour change update posted and for the robotic response to their own schedule contradiction, I probably wouldn't have gone back anyway.

Rebecca B

Lavender Latte Quiche Macaroons

Pinky Schultz

Nice little French bakery. Enjoy an iced chai or a hot Americano coffee with a fresh croissant, baguette or freshly prepared custom sandwiches and desserts. Very limited seating inside and 4 small tables outside. Weather permitting of course.

Will Tifft

Nice ambience, very nice service, okay food.

Kailash Sabhnani

Blood sausage special with lentils & apples was fantastic. Will happily return to try other menu items. Macaroons were delish as well

Christopher George

Fresh breakfast and bakery items! A little expensive (the breakfast sandwich add-ons can almost double the price) but great staff and food brought us back twice during our trip.

Carmen Rey

This place makes my #1favorite cappuccino. The treats are unique, and I love that. However, it's note worthy to say that the service I always receive is definitely the reason I keep coming back. Shout out to Elaine

Alan Guest

Been here a few times now and the breakfast sandwich is always the best!

Dianna Locke

Love everything about this place! Go checkout the pastries, sandwiches and coffee. Yummy!

Shirley Rozgonyi

An excellent experience from A-Z. Everything was beautifully presented, and tasted even more amazing. The people who work here care greatly about their food and drinks, and it shows! We had an exceptional lunch special that was Thanksgiving in a sandwich. Coffee and chai were fantastic! Super friendly staff and clean bathroom.

Christopher 'Vulpine' Kalley

Great breakfast, nice folks, good way to start a day on Providence.

Sylvia Stipich

Love their coffee and food, the sandwhiches are especially amazing. Much cheaper options exist in the area, but now and then I treat myself to some of the Parisian atmosphere.

Louis Trujillo

Great bakery, but be forewarned, it does err on the pricier side!

Liana Rose

Delicious macaroons and signature sandwiches!

Lisa Esser

wonderful french inspired bakery, attentive staff, gluten free options

Giniro Kitsine

Best macarons! They are so good.

Bob Henderson

Best breakfast sandwich I have ever eaten

Jef Fox

Cute little bakery. Not a huge selection, but it was delicious.

Ken Wagner

Go for the green tea.

J toma-draw

the place is very sweet, just a little crowded and small. The atmosphere is great. I love the quote on the wall which says: pursue the Parisian lifestyle.

Jacqueline Reyna

Food, service, and ambiance was awesome! One of Providence's many gems. Would go back any time!

Faith First

Quaint, enjoyable and delicious! The owner is lovely and creates a truly nostalgic experience with her cafe’s atmosphere. Pastries are decedent.

Can Inci

Central, downtown breakfast and pastry place. Coffee items are good, sandwiches are tasty. But the pastries are fantastic. Friendly staff, comfortable seating. Highly recommended.


Struggling with wedding favors, not wanting to burden our guests with something they don't necessarily need and/or would just simply collect dust over time, perhaps end up in the trash, the folks at Ellie's Bakery had just what we were looking for. Both of us connoisseurs of macaroons, Ellie's has a great line up that met our wedding theme of showcasing the flavors of the season, in this case between Summer and Autumn, as well as that of Rhode Island. Able to produce the macaroons in our wedding colors plus provide recyclable, firm-plastic packaging that would allow our far-away guests to easily transport the macaroons home, our wedding favors turned out to be a big hit such that the favors left on our sweet-heart wedding table were swiped. We had to ask some of our local guests to return one to two of extras that they had taken just to get a taste of the sweetness that Ellie's makes. Highly recommend, be sure to check out their monthly macaroon line-up for ideas. Folks at the bakery are quite accommodating, awesome, and willing to spend as much time as possible listening to your needs.

Owen Bligh

Ordered lunch online to go. The ham and gruyere quiche was delicious and served with a nice side of dressed greens. The cake was also great, but slice was very small. Pic attached. They must get at least 30 slices out of a 10 inch cake! I liked the former location better as they had far more bakery options.

Megan Cox

A Providence staple for my colleagues and I. Ellie's has an array of option, all of which are delicious. Their seasonal hot apple cider is the perfect Fall drink, paired with their traditional breakfast sandwich. In addition, the staff here are always attentive, friendly, and welcoming.

Sean Wiggins

Everything about this place is excellent. Anyone who says otherwise it's probably insufferable and has no friends.

Samuel Moore

Delicious and delightful.

Nicole Glynn

This place is between my office and where I park, which is dangerous because it's great. The lattes are delicious (I wish I could get a larger size) and the pastries are A++. Went for lunch for the first time today and it was kind of a mixed bag, but I think that was more personal taste than the food not being good.

Michael Medeiros

10/10 Great food and service with a smile!

George Eglesfield

Good sandwiches and coffee

Dan Warren

Every single thing I ordered was absolutely excellent. Great, welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff too!

J Sal

Delicious food and friendly staff.


Loved this place! This is a charming little bakery. Everything we tried was absolutely delicious.


Cashier was a bit standoffish when I asked her to heat up a ham and cheese croissant. We waited for a long time before she finally handed it to me in a paper bag. I left, took 2 bites, then noticed that it was burnt. I guess it took so long because she forgot about it. I went back and asked a different employee for a new one. She threw it away and tried heating another one up before I stopped her because I didn't want to risk it again. I'm glad I was able to get a new croissant, but there was no apology or sympathy from their end. That's not the kind of place I'd like to give my business.

Sean Flynn

I enjoyed the homemade English muffin of my breakfast sandwich. I would skip the cranberry jam in the breakfast sandwich though. Great cakes by the slice here.

Matthew Aldred

Every time I've been here I've had great customer service, they're very friendly and helpful. Also, my girlfriend says their macaroons are some of the best in Providence!

Hoyt Phillips

Fun atmosphere, great food and wonderful service. So glad I found this place on my last morning visiting.

Paul Alexander

This is a somewhat European experience: Pride of place, and pride of quality/creativity. First rate.

David Churbuck

The breakfast sandwich on their own English muffin with tomato relish is superb.

Christen Leigh

Very nice breakfast sandwich with rich and savory tomato jam and homemade English muffins. I added the greens and really liked the balance of fat/acid/fresh/starch. Also tried a chocolate morning bun with the cream cheese glaze — not my normal taste but recommended by the staff. It was deliciously dark and not intensely sweet. Well done Ellie’s! There were many more things I would have loved to try but they weren’t open on Sunday! Not a ton of seating, but it’s nice that there are a few places outside in addition to the bar seating inside.

Michael Sorensen

Small but cozy with a decent menu. Coffee and cookies were great.

Wesley Miller

The lemon scone was delicious, and they were very friendly.

Tanya Craig

Pleasant; too small for a family of 5

James Lyons

We had some nice breakfast sandwiches, place is cozy.

debra cooper

when i got to Providence, i was told by my cab driver that this is the best bakery in RI, and Ellie's did not disappoint at all! Really liked the almond croissant, the croissant itself is very crispy and buttery, and the almond paste inside is very tasty as well For macarons, I liked the pistachio one the best, the pistachio flavour is rich and with the sweetness of milk. The lemonode lavender one is great, hints of lavender in it makes it quite unique.

Atalaya Wilder

Loved the ambience and the food

Chela Woodruff Cooper

Darn tasty pastries, sandwiches, salads, and soups. Good coffee. Very friendly staff. Very small indoor seating area. Outdoor seating when the weather allows.

Amanda Woodward

Transported to a cafe in Paris, I regularly enjoy my lunch consisting of a roast beef sandwich enhanced with a spicy spread. Occasionally I indulge in a delectable, perfectly crafted pastry.

Mollie Taggart

Everytime I am in Providence I come here. Friendly staff and great breakfast sandwiches. Love this place!

J Drew

**Update: Now Open** They are moving to 225 Weybosset St sometime in May 2019. On May 3 they were taking deliveries so they might be open soon??? Anyway it was very good anytime I went to the previous location. The new location is much larger and right across from PPAC.

Erika T

Ellie's was amazing! I had the Pear Brie sandwich and a small chocolate brownie like dessert. Everything was delicious!

Jake Stanish

Had to wait 20 minutes just to order, $33 for two sandwiches with sausage and two coffees. Sandwiches took 20 minutes and were skimpy—pathetic even. The bus girl was really nice and the croissant was otherwise good. Way over priced!! Food barely one step above Dunkin Donuts.

Michael Collins

Came in to Ellie's as I am a huge fan of their sister restaurant Gracie's and I just love the Beer Bread they serve with dinner. I figured I could stop in and grab a loaf for home and maybe some other goodies as well, and Ellie's did not disappoint. Macaroons - They had a great variety of authentic and tasty macaroons. Breakfast Sandwich - An artisanal take on the breakfast sandwich. What really made this stand out was the homemade english muffin. Which sadly on the day I went, they don't sell for take out. Spicy Mocha - This was a real treat. They use Taza Chocolate to make this. If you have ever had their chocolate bar the level of spiciness is the same. Not over the top by any stretch but you will notice Beer Bread - If they have some, buy this stuff. It is a darker bread with a sweeter crust.

Julia Paz

I am in love with this place! The coffee, the desserts, food, and pastries are all some of the best I’ve had in New England. Highly recommend for both lunch and dinner.

Kelli Donnelly

LOVED the bar seating. Inviting and personal, and a great way to make small talk with the people next to you. Ellie's is an incredibly cozy place where you can enjoy a drink, relax, and treat youself to a wonderful evening. Espresso martini is one of the best cocktails I've had so far! Try the London Fog for dessert if you go!

Angela Reincke

Al fresco dining on a lovely night. Great staff, delicious food. A piece of Paris in Providence.

Stephanie H

Cheesecake tart is amazing!!


Absolutely delicious. Chocolate bonbons are to die for & the salmon on a rillette is amazing. A definite favorite

Brian Tavares

Ellie's is without a doubt one of the best French bakeries around. New and exciting flavors of macarons are always available. There is nothing here that isn't perfect. Great for breakfast, lunch, or dessert. A little expensive, but worth it.

Fumeng Yang

one of my favorite cafes in Providence

Richard Suls

They know their stuff. High quality baked goods and coffee. Cannalle done right!

Charon Rose

Love everything about Ellie's but I am particularly fond of the French macaroons. So delish!

Chris Heath

Friendly staff, small cozy feel. Definitely worth a stop.

Joel Ward

We stopped in for lunch. They have a lunch and breakfast menu. The soup and croissant were delicious. Also have a wide variety of baked goods, sweet and savory. Good for a quick bit and reasonable prices. Not much seating but if the weather is nice they have outside tables.

Rebecca Gibel

Delicious! Fantastic staff! A wonderful addition to PVD.

Chenyu Zheng

Love this little cafe inspired by Parisian lifestyle. The cafe is named after the owner's mother who sometimes can be spotted in the cafe. I love the carefully curated menu, breakfast muffin, coffee and everything is designed with an intention. The music is relaxing and this place is very unique to providence.

Jocelyn Vitale

cutest coffee shop ever

Leah Bond

Delicious treats for the homesick traveler that is non-diabetic and non-celiac

Kristina Kottenbrook

Delicious, simple but interesting food, excellent French pastries, good coffee, and friendly staff.

Camille Buscar

Stopped by after hearing great reviews about their French pastries however when I arrived I learned that the shop was closing early for a special function. I would have appreciated learning about today's special hours on the website.

Elke Sorensen

The Save the Bees latte is an unexpected combination and absolutely delicious! Great sidewalk tables with comfortable chairs to boot! Slow down and get a coffee to enjoy here, in a real cup with saucer. You deserve it!

Chris Norris

Wow! What a great selection of pastries and muffins. The coffee is great as well.

Emily M

Beautiful space, great food, nice server, and tantalizing desserts! They had great cocktails as well! My new favorite place!

Katelen Walsh

Wonderful and large pastries with great coffee. Lovely outdoor seating as well.

Lilia Merbouche

I called to get a cake order one week in advance. I spoke to the manager on the phone and she told me that they needed 48 hours in advance, which I thought would be fine because I was ordering a week in advance. But once I placed the order the girl on the phone backtracked and said that I couldn’t actually get the cake because they had “too many wedding cake orders for this weekend”. Which makes no sense since she told me that they only needed a 48 hour notice. Extreme disappointing service. I would not recommend, especially since there are a lot of amazing bakeries in the area.


Pretty good! I enjoyed sitting outside and I also very much enjoyed their cold brew coffee! The woman who runs Ellie's seemed very nice! They are affiliated with Gracie's downtown, which I did not know! The only downside is that they are pretty expensive. $35.00 for a light lunch for 2, however it was well worth the price!

Stephanie Caress

Best pastry selection, including their macarons. Coffee is fantastic. Everyone is incredibly friendly.

Justin Sawyer

Beautiful store front, good service, but if you're going to provide lunch you need to make sure you have enough supplies to provide the customers with what they want.

Matt Haggerty

Food and coffee are great. I've been a little disappointed with the seating and wifi, but for the important stuff it's great.

Kara M

My expectations were really high based on the reviews, but unfortunately, all 3 things that I ordered were pretty bad. I had the steak sandwich where the steak was cold, and I dont mean room temperature cold, I mean refrigerator cold (didnt microwave it long enough). I also had the matcha latte, which was honestly the worst I've ever tasted, and I have tasted a lot of matcha stuff since it's my favorite. And finally the most disappointing: I bought a box of the macarons and the flavors were just... not good. The crunch/chewiness was great, but they just straight up tasted bad. I guess the most positive thing I can say is that the staff was nice.

Aoi Kanematsu

They have almond milk

Ty Schepis

Have to try the sea salt and honey cornmeal biscuit with jam and butter. It was amazing.

Suzan Alyahya

Love the coffee

Mitchell Roberts

Delicious egg sandwich

Theresa Lange

The French pastries are to die for! Love coming to Ellie's whenever I have the chance.

Alexander Kanov

The decor is pleasant and the service is kind. The food we tried – a quiche, biscuit, and crossaint – was good but not great.

Jacob Webster

Great pies and hot chocolate.


Amazing atmosphere, gracious staff. The French macarons, cookies and other assorted sweets were amazing. If I lived in Providence I would come here every week.

Hoyt Scharff

Wonderful pastry selection, best macarons in town

mike m

Excellent service. Breakfast, lunch, bakery & coffees. Nice spot.

Sean Adasczik

This little bakery is the best little gem in providence! Only a few steps away from the convention center. Try the breakfast sandwich, the best in the tri-state

Connie Little

The best in Providence almond crescent

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