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1444 Linden St, Bethlehem, PA 18018, United States

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REVIEWS OF Vegan Treats, Inc. IN Pennsylvania

Dale Cooper

Super tasty treats.

Nikki Sunday

Best place ever!

shawn keller

Excellent bakery. Being animal - free makes it that much better. The peanut butter bombs are so good ! The ice cream is always great. Just get anything. You'll like it.

Andre Louis

Great environment. Staffs are friendly and the treat are amazing

Corey Mullins

The most unbelievably delicious bakery items

Justin Garratt

The food was very good there is just minor adjustments I would make but that is just my opinion but overall very good


I’ve wanted to come here for years. I’ve followed them on Instagram for probably 3 years now and finally made it out a couple days ago. I got an ice cream that day that was fairly large and for $4.50 I figured it was expensive but not horrible. Today I went back on my way home and asked for a smaller size. Which, to my dismay, was also $4.50. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, the ice cream is delicious. But you CANNOT charge the same price for two very different sized ice creams. Otherwise it is very good. Expensive, but good. They could use some price changes. Today I got a small ice cream and two small desserts and paid $20. That’s not okay. I’m disappointed.

Robert Baker

Tasty and delicious. However, I become very sick everytime I eat here because of the excessive sugar in the food. It has gotten to a point where I can only come here very rarely because of the nausea and stomach cramps I develop after. I would like to see the use of things like a monk fruit/stevia blend in place of white, granulated sugar. Also, a cut back in the use of sweeteners altogether so the desserts are still good, but not killer sweet.

Christopher Pancoast

Not a vegan but mmmmmmmmm. I guess I come here so often I will b one. Great deserts.

Tushie Tot

Got my vegan wedding cake from here. The prices are a little high, but you can taste it. The quality is fantastic and service is also great.

Allyson Hamm

Excellent desserts. Beautifully executed. So yummy!

Lorena Lozano

Vegan treats offers a consistently excellent tasting product. They have cakes, cookies, pastries, cannoli, ice cream, whoopie pies, cream cheese muffins, donuts etc. I love the peanut butter cookies. And I always get fantastic service when I go. Sometimes I have to wait in a longer line and it can be a little pricey but totally worth it for me.

Courtney Snyder

Slightly higher prices than you’d see at an average bakery but DEFINITELY WORTH IT! My dad said he would never like any food that was vegan... this place changed his mind! Awesome food!!

Brad Rainke

I just cannot get enough! Love the whoppie pies!

Jacquie Coupe

Literally can not get a bad thing here. Everything is delicious and you would never guess it's a specialty bakery because it is such high quality even the cheesecake tastes better than actual cheesecake.

Leonora Guzman

I love their treats, my husband is gluten free and I am vegetarian, we just celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary, we ordered a cake called death by chocolate, amazing!!!everyone loved it although only the two of us cant have gluten, everyone else love how delicious it was

Diane Gannon

Well worth the travel!!!! Everything we got was amazing! Cookies, cake and donuts.

Gerald Jablonsky

Great bakery. Just ordered a cake for my Granddaughters Birthday.

Andrew Marinelli

Everything I've had here has been delicious.

Jaime Cser

Words can’t begin to describe how amazing the desserts are! And even better that they are vegan friendly!!

Yiannis pavlis

great selection for vegans ,kind of heavy in flavor and super expensive

Michael Uhler

Delicious. If you haven’t tried, you should.

Bella Blue

Best peanut butter pie ever!

Samantha Roth

10/10 would recommend the peanut butter bomb and the whoopie pies

Otilio Brana

I have been giving reviews for a while.this place is a unique place and a very special to me and my family because my cannot have any dairy and this place is heaven for her. I wish with all my heart that the owners were able to open more stores. Check this place out

Alexis Torres

Everything's great! They have ice cream, cake, butterfingers, and twix; vegan of course. Came from Atlantic city to enjoy it

Christopher Freitag

Simply the best! If you don't know, do yourself a favor and check it out. Pro tip: If your partner is vegan, splurge on their Valentine's Day boxes. So worth it.

Victoria von Rhine

I'm really having trouble understanding the negative reviews. I'm a 7+ year vegan who has been spoiled by the vast gourmet vegan options of Brooklyn and Manhattan NY. And yet, I find that Vegan Treats of Bethlehem PA could absolutely give hipster vegan Brooklyn a run for their money. We had a tasting appointment to try out some wedding cake options. All of our requests / customizations were accommodated and they really knocked the flavors out of the park! Both my fiancé and my Aunt (who are not vegan) were equally impressed; would never guess it was vegan. it tastes like CAKE! it tastes like how a standard cake SHOULD taste. Anyone complaining that it was 'too sweet' in the reviews should go back to drinking their kale smoothies, because this is a BAKERY, not a health food store. Let the vegans have their sweet junk food! Same as other bakeries. Also, the staff was super sweet and friendly. again, I cant understand these negative reviews about "rude" staff, unless y'all just like making assumptions about appearances. Tattoos and piercings are not an indication of character. Everyone working there was awesome and friendly and helpful and attentive. Needless to say, we're going to be using Vegan Treats for our wedding, and ordering multiple cakes of assorted flavors so our guests can try a bit of everything. and P.S. if you think these prices are "high" trying living in NYC. these prices are exceptionally reasonable, especially for considering the vegan ingredients and detailed presentations.

michael mesics

First time customer. Life long customer.

Teresa Hickey

Vegan paradise, for real. I’ve never seen so many beautiful vegan desserts in one place. There’s a lot of love being baked in Bethlehem. Creative people are using their love of baking to save animals. Nothing tastes better than cruelty-free dessert.

Justin Gray

While I live in Seattle, I make an effort to visit Vegan Treats whenever I pass remotely near that region of PA. They're treats have never disappointed me, and the cashier's have always been welcoming and engaging, offering a wholesome and satisfying experience. Recently when I called in asking to make a special kind of order Matthew was not only willing to hear me out but made the effort to assist me to the best of his ability. He was warmly accommodating and played a major part in helping me surprise a very dear friend. I can only assume that his attitude and capacity to engage customers is facilitated by a management team which promotes an above-and-beyond attitude. Regardless, he delivered an exceptional experience for me and subsequently my friend for which I am very thankful to him for his efforts. Furthermore, I am grateful for Vegan Treats, for the beacon of great food and awareness they offer the world.

Scott Goodwill

This place is incredible! We drive an hour and a half one way once every couple weeks.

Heather Garland

So tasty!! And really great for finding gluten free treats!!

joe clark

Must try even if not vegan, you will never know the difference!!!

Allen Carroll

Incredible soft serve and pastries

denise keeny

All Vegan Yumminess!!

Meggie Wolfe

Mind blowing desserts. The ice cream was awesome and the chicken and waffle donut was so on point. Will make the point to drive out of my way for this place.

Jordan Cuskey

Extremely sweet and filling vegan treats, my non vegan mom was blown away. Also great prices!!

Mahesh K

I live very close to this place and it's my regular stop for all sweets and treats. The donuts are really great and reasonably priced. Everything else is a bit high priced for me though I occasionally treat myself.

Andrea Magat

I’ve been wanting to come here for a year or two now since both my kids are dairy allergic. There are so many options it was hard to pick! We got a chocolate tart, pumpkin (seasonal) cannoli, and a speculoos cookie. The clear winner according to my sweet tooth kids is the chocolate tart. Worth the hour drive to my hometown for sure! We will be back!

Curtis Hargrove

Absolutely the best, from NC visiting and fell in love!!

Samuel Gonzalez

Delicious treats. I'm not vegan guy but it was really good

Hope Spencer

You walk inside. It's warm. It smells like sugar cookies and cinnamon. You're happy. You buy more than you should. You realize everything tastes amazing. And no animals were harmed.

Gabriella Anne

Love love love this place! Your one stop shop for sweet cravings, vegan or not. They have super great service and a wide selection wether you want cookies, cakes, donuts, or soft serve. Their website is very well made, clear, and detailed. They post their soft serve schedule and pricing for all the treats including cakes, cupcakes, and brownies for parties and weddings. Every time I go the line is out the door which makes me very happy. They also have gluten free options as well. I emailed the vegan treats team about a cake inquiry and they were very nice and prompt and answered all my questions. If I could go every week I could! I hope they eventually expand and open up more locations. 5 STARS ISN’T ENOUGH FOR VEGAN TREATS ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I'm sorry if you are behind me in line and wanted donuts.

Sheila Bailey

I love this place. Out of the way for me, but the soft serve is heavenly and the baked goods are the perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing and delicious.


The hours are fantastic. Sunday is open until 10 PM? This is great. The selection is terrific if you’re just gonna walk in off the street if you want something really delicious you must try the cinnamon rolls and the chocolate chip cookies. Best bet is to order those in advance. Visit their website and follow their instructions for that. Not a bad treats in there at all!

Renry Rorrins

Outstanding, delicious, gorgeous stuff. I went here today for my birthday and I have no regrets.

Paul Penkala

This is our "Go To" in the Lehigh Valley for all of our Gluten Free goodies. Excellent selection and there is definitely a lot of love and thought put into these treats.

Stephen Vincent

Tough review due to the fact they use to be a place I would go to often, then I started getting reactions to the food due to my dairy allergy and now it is hard to trust them. There cakes never caused a problem and are pretty tasty sometimes dense but their "milk" chocolates and fried chicken donuts have caused reactions and when called to discuss this no one answers or returns calls, even when there the employees seemed not to care. They used to not have signs telling what each item was in the case and when asked about it they said it was to talk to the customer more, great idea until they stopped caring, and now they have them. Many times recently the employees have been rude and not cheery. When they were a small place they were amazing, when they got big they got careless which is sad since I loved their food due to not being to eat regular sweets. Hope I can trust them again someday, but it is hard to go back, just know if you have an allergy please be cautious take a small bite and wait.

Gaia Lena

Hands down best treats I've ever had, vegan or not! You cannot go wrong here! The vibe is great and the prices are fair, I have no complaints!

Heather Spencer

We loved Vegan Treats before we decided to get married - so obviously we were going to have a cake from Vegan Treats for our wedding!! VT was so helpful from the very beginning. They answered all of our questions and provided all the information we needed. We scheduled a cake tasting with them and were able to try 5 different flavors (they gave the mini cakes so we got to see how they were decorated, and what it tasted like all together). Plus they let us take all the leftovers HOME! They were super helpful in determining how much cake we would need and also helped us set aside gluten-free options for those at our wedding that had gluten allergies. On the day of, the cake was delivered without any issues. We chose to do a 9" cake to display and do the cake cutting, and then had sheet cake in the caterer's kitchen to distribute to the guests. It was super easy and we had SO much cake. Everything was gorgeous and delicious! People loved the PB Tandy and told us so all night!!

Iris VanDyke

5 stars for the delicious food, 3 stars for service, average =4 stars. We ordered about 7 treats and they were all wonderful and everything we hoped they'd be since we made this a must stop on our vacation NJ - PA. We're from Portland and the service we received was definitely like what we experience here in Portland... Like the employees would rather be anywhere else but there and like we were inconveniencing them by showing up. No greeting, no real communication until it came time to pay, and 1 item ordered never made it in.. not sure if we were charged since we didn't find out till we were 2 hours away. So, 3 stars is pretty gracious for service in this case but again, we're sadly already used to this type of unwelcome service.

Jennifer Kennedy

So clean and nice very respectful staff

Carissa Casella

One of the best bakeries around! You don't have to be vegan to absolutely enjoy all the delicious options they offer from ice cream to cannolis and cakes.

Don Badsha

Delicious cakes and ice cream

Sarah Smith

I picked up a few treats for a friend of mine and she loved them!

Brittany Inge Payne

One of my favorite bakeries. I drive all the way from Long Island, NY every few months for a bunch of treats. The only reason they don't get five stars is because the counter staff is rude 9/10 times. They get impatient with people asking questions, one girl rolled her eyes at me a month or two ago after I asked if she put my boyfriend's pastry in the box as I had not seen her get it. *Spoiler Alert: We got back to NY and it wasn't in the box. But the baked goods are so good it is a necessary evil to have to deal with.

Sarah Neate

The best! I've tried so many of their baked goods and everything was simply, stunningly delicious. Wish I lived near here!

Gail Engle

A little pricey but delicious


Well worth the trip. Try their soft served ice cream!

Emily Adler

My god this place is bomb diggity! Had a work project in the area and had to check it out- I’m so glad I did! Peanut butter bomb truly deserves its fame. Blew. My. Mind. Can’t wait to go back!

Marquis Babb

Best bakery in the valley ... Ice cream is to die for

Diane Famula

Gourmet vegan cakes, delicious and a rare find!

Aaron Green

OMG THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! I'm from out of state and we walked in, and it was absolutely wonderful! The treats are beautiful and whimsical and unique...and, most importantly, delicious! Go there if you get a chance, then go back before you leave town and take treats for the road and all your friends!

Aaryn Clerk

best sticky buns in the world, literally the size of your head

Ann Higgins

If you eat vegan or gluten-free it's the place to go! The prices are a little high but worth it

Tammy Haag

Awesome place where my grandson who has allergies can gave awesome goodies


This place is the MOST AMAZING bakery ever. Extremely friendly staff and superb vegan treats. Must try!

Jean Anthony

Great treats!

Mike DiMaria

Love vegan treats! Not only is this place a phenomenal vegan bakery, it's hands down a phenomenal bakery, period. Their soft serve is often creative and diverse and the cakes can't be beat.

Ellen Montal

The whole bakery is vegan!! For that alone I would give it 4 stars. Then add that every single item I have had there is absolutely delicious! And, they give a free soft serve ice cream if it's your birthday, which I found out by accident. The service is terrific. It's definitely at least a 5 star experience w ery time. Yummy!!!!

Leo Behe

The best treats in the business, vegan or not.

Jennifer D

Update: I’m giving this bakery one star. I was extremely ill last night after eating desert I had gotten from this bakery. I’m so disappointed in the quality of these baked goods. I get that being vegan means being animal product free, but I would expect as a vegan establishment the rest of your ingredients to be of high quality. I expect your product to be fresh and be somewhat more “healthy” than conventional baked goods. Almost everything I ate was a concoction of vegetable shortening and sugar. So much sugar. I’m getting nauseous thinking about it. I paid 40 dollars to get sick. Mind you, I do not have any allergies. I choose to eat vegan for the health benefits. So for me to get sick, says a lot. Never again will I step foot in this establishment. Please remember people, Oreos are vegan. Just because something is “vegan” does not mean it’s healthy. The same goes for this bakery. I guarantee you their goods have more sugar than conventional bakery items. Horrible. Very beautiful desserts. Their ice cream is the best I have ever had. I’m shocked that it’s dairy free. BUT... their cakes are WAY too sweet and rich. Seriously, after a few bites you will become nauseous and ill. They also taste incredibly processed. For a bakery that proclaims to be vegan, you would think they would produce desert that is fresh and slightly lighter. Disappointed.

Pa_grooming_specialist Barber

Amazing my first time there and was greeted right at the door. I had the chocolate peanutbutter tandy and it was amazing

Jason T

My wife is allergic to dairy, but loves desserts so we frequent here. Unfortunately they are a monopoly and completely take advantage of that by charging outrageous prices. Their desserts are very good, but their staff leaves a lot to be desired and it would be nice if they didn't hammer people that just want to enjoy something sweet that they can safely eat.

Carly Cowan

This place is fat vegan heaven. Who could possibly complain? They have cream filled vegan donuts! My only complaint is they need to franchise.

Craig Fritchey

Vegan treats is wonderful. My girlfriend is lactose intolerant, so we can come here without worrying if she will be sick. The only thing keeping this from getting a 5th star is the staff. Sometimes they're just a little off and there seems to be a new staff every 3-9 months.

Will Butler

Amazing vegan soft serve and donuts

Nick Anderson

Cookies, donuts, cakes, ice cream, whoopie pies... it's all delicious. They also make great custom cakes with quick turn around. I love this place!


The treats are out of this world. Very tasty, my family had no idea it was vegan. A good introduction to the vegan world for people who are interested or doubters. I would have gave 5 stars but I was disappointed when I was told they couldn't write my wife's name on her birthday cake. I would think as a bakery it shouldn't be a problem to take some frosting and write her name on it. It also didn't help that the gentleman was rude about it but the staff are usually nice.

Scott Grenerth

Decadent and delightful vegan desserts! I have been vegan for over 28 years and these are some of the most amazing desserts I've ever had! Very nice welcoming environment with quick service and indoor as well as outdoor seating to enjoy your treat.

Drew G

Super tasty vegan goodies. The rotating ice cream flavors can be ridiculously good.

Nathaniel Reitman

We always love coming to Vegan Treats. They have absolutely incredible ice cream, cakes, and doughnuts. I'm amazed at what they can do with the food art here and still have everything taste so incredible.

Alex Lingle

This has my favorite desserts that I've ever had and I'm not even vegan. They have two ice cream flavors that change every week and typically they are complimentary and go really well together as a twist. Highly recommend!

Tesia Laskoski

Best vegan ice cream I have ever experienced.

Alanah Ryan

Everything is SOOO good! Got a custom cake from here for my baby shower and no one could believe it was vegan, my grandma kept asking “How do they do this without dairy?!”

Silvia Märkli García

Very tasty and quality desserts!

Josh Louis

The sticky buns are awesome! Picked one up yesterday evening, heated it in the oven for a few minutes and shared it for breakfast this morning. I will definitely be back next time I'm in town!

Mel Soto

Great $$$$ esp the soft serv


Amazing vegan desserts. Can't tell the difference most times.

Barbara Knight

First time there and EVERYTHING we ordered is delicious. I wish they were closer to me but definitely worth the drive.

Marc L

On the way back from Lancaster county my daughter and I stopped at this bakery. My daughter, who is a vegan, loved it so I recommend it. Personally, as a vegetarian, I think I can do better and much closer to home myself. The staff was very accommodating though.

A. M. B.

This place is WELL worth the 90 minute drive to get there. It's spotless, every employee is friendly and most importantly the cakes are amazing. Top notch all around, can't say enough good things and will be making many trips back. The cakes are moist and flavorful, the frosting is fantastic and the decorating is out of this world. Even the business hours open are impressive. Thank you, Vegan Treats!

Jodi Godown Hilt

Lots of options. We got cupcakes and an individual Valentines cake. Everything tasted amazing.

Casey McCullough

Their sticky bun is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted!

Clark Green

Had to get out before I bought too much. Everything looks fabulous.

Shane Miller

Love this place. We usually get a group together and drive for about an hour just to go here. There is always something new and delicious. Dairy free done right!

George Liothake

Whether you are vegan or not, they are the BEST! Try their Whoopi pies!

Sarah Platt

I'm from out of town. We were in PA visiting family and thought we would try a different vegan bakery. Everthing in the case looked amazing. The items we have eaten so far have tasted amazing (still have a few mini cakes and pies to try). The low star rating, though, was for the horrible customer service. My husband has food allergies, so vegan bakeries are always best for us. They were not busy when we arrived or during our visit. My husband and I asked several questions regarding ingredients and the guy was rude. People that unhappy shouldn't work with other humans or animals. While common allergies are easy to accommodate at a vegan bakery, less common allergies require additional questions. The items in the bakery are significantly more expensive than any other vegan bakery we have visited. We spent $50. The cookies he grabbed with his uncovered hands and without a pastry paper.

Brian Ecker

My son, wife and each had the "Death By Chocolate" cake. It was amazing!!!! Highly recommend, even if you are not vegan. P.S. Our family is vegan.

Cat Troisi

Yummy vegan Ice cream

Cynthia Zelenty

Death by Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Pineapple Cheesecake, Vanilla Birthday Cake and Peanut Butter Bomb! All delicious, as usual!

Frank Laster

Best dessert around

Liz Jacobine

The service is usually good but last time I was there it was extra friendly. Choosing what to order is always so hard, so usually I get one for there and one to go

Sheree Stampfel

Clean, good service.

Andrew Sanchez

This place never disappoints!

Alisha Baranoski

Overpriced, probably because they're vegan. Gluten free cakes were dry and okay at best. Workers and atmosphere were NOT kid friendly at all. There are much better places to spend your money on vegan and gluten free food.

Charles Weaver

Wow! Love the treats here. Super friendly staff.

Stephen Gan

Great local bakery. Love the traditional carrot cake.

Xochitl López Heaven itself

People's Victory

My daughter and I have a dairy sensitivity and it becomes very aggravating when we dine out. We don't have many options especially with desserts but not here! No worries whatsoever! The doughnuts taste like regular doughnuts. I highly suggest the oat milk latte, de-lish.

Samie Moyer

their ice cream game is so strong!! the peanut butter is to die for!!

Rebecca Wise

Love this place. Staff is so friendly and the treats are amazing.

Nicole N.

Delicious offerings that are beautiful, too. And just happen to be vegan! My began and non vegan fiends love their desserts and ice cream.

Arnaldo Cacho

I paid for an ice cream cone about 3pm today and I’m sitting here regretting it. I was customer for about three years and walked in to your store with my 12 year old grandaughter, who was eating an ice cream cone from that dairy store from around the corner. The manager exclaimed that dairy is not allowed inside I left her outside and bought my cone. Now I’m thinking what if she was a younger child? There wasn’t a sign outside. I’m not sure if the owner sold the business (i remember how friendly she was) or this is a manager she hired, but service counts. I did not let this manager ruin my grandaughter’s experience but i’m going to find every platform to express my dissappointment in the way i was treated.

Mark Sharp

Beautiful stuff, house made "ice-cream," great coffee, out a this world cinnamon buns!!!

Ann Nonnemacher

Fabulous cakes, pastries and cookies! Their gluten free cakes are delicious!!

Elta Jacksonhenry

Place is Poppin. Yummy for Days

Drea M

Everything looks so good & taste even better. The staff is friendly & the store is super cute. I recommend you try it whether you are vegan or not.

Sheepish Gaming

I. Was. Stunned. I am a vegan, and these treats were the BOMB! I got Death by Chocolate, a raspberry cake, an orange cake, a chocolate cannoli, sticky buns, and a cinnamon bun. Will come back, as it is close to me.

Naturally Coral

Loved the cinnamon sugar donut. Not a fan of the chocolate peanut butter donut but all of their other goods looks delicious.


i have been going here since i was a kid. everything here is absolutely wonderful. there is a large variety in sweets. and everything tastes great, unless you're someone who is very picky.


It's vegan heaven

Beretta Man

First time here. I will be back again. Super friendly and really really great..

Calvin Sears

Best donuts in the area! Well worth it!

Eric Montoya

Cake tasted amazing and the art was totally on point... Just a little frozen after an hour but still top notch quality!

Amber Walraven

Easily the best cakes I've had in my life (I wouldn't call myself a fan of cake so that's saying something). Also has the best vegan soft serve and cheesecake I've ever had. I live an hour away and still get there when I can find the time. Absolutely worth it.

yves eynard

I’m not a vegan, but I love Vegan Treats! Great place.

Christina Kidder

I wouldn't do anything for a Klondike bar, but there isn't much I wouldn't do for their soft serve.

Evelyn Roth

Delicious soft serve ice cream and cakes

Andrew Chesonis

Great place, nice people! I love the new selections of vegan ice cream they get on the reg. I think it changes once a week, I could be wrong though.

Danielle Matheny

Very cute lil place, lots of yummy options in the case and friendly staff

Renee Giberson

The presentation was amazing . However low review because customer service was not good. We love vegan dessert due to our food allergies. We asked questions and the staff were not very helpful and seemed irritated for us asking about ingredients.

Yudit Shalom

Mango Vegan Ice Cream, this was so delicious, it was like biting on a Mango, flavor was so rich.

Keith Dolan

Very popular place and for good reason! The cakes my wife and I got were awesomely decadent and perfectly portioned. For the quality and price the reviews as well as the acclaim are well deserved.

Todd Heft

You can't go wrong with anything here. Delicious.

Mandie Daze

Yummy and very friendly

Uriel Knopf

This place is amazing! The staff are super helpful, well informed and generally pleasant as heck! The food is delicious (but there's too many to choose from so either plan to eat a bunch of sweets or to take some home!). The food is genius and the flavors are a good variety of traditional and delish twists.

Ryan Archibald

Soft serve is excellent, sometimes the counter staff make it way too small and skinny but this is an adequate portion for $4.50. Plenty of great vegan options in terms of sweets. The Boston cream donuts and chkn and waffle donuts are by far my favorite.

Rebecca Cesa

Favorite vegan bakery. Hands down.

Joey Mafioso

Great ice cream and snack foods. I deffinetly would advise someone to check it out!

Jack Leach

Incredibly tasty treats with an exceptionally friendly atmosphere.

Gaia D

Woah.. I'm so glad that I stopped by here. I have heard wonderful things about this place but always lived too far to visit. I finally got the chance to and the staff was sweet and the pastries were phenomenal. I bought the sticky bun, raspberry cake, and cookie dough cake. Woah, the sticky bun reminisced my pre-vegan days of eating sticky buns from local bakeries. The cookie dough cake was stuffed with cookie dough and I was truly gleeming with joy.

Randal Regan

Place is amazing. No more, no less. Highly recommend, whether you're vegan or not.

Liz Prestia

I love vegan treats, their cakes and desserts are truly amazing.

Jerica Lugo

This place is amazing. The desserts are decadent and delicious. They have so many treats from the incredible peanut butter bomb to the very cheese like "cheesecakes". They have vegan soft serve and it is fantastic! They even have cookies and other random things like whoopie pies and nut brittle. The varieties available are always changing so it definitely encourages you to go back and try more!

Kimberly Moore

It kills me write this review...but it’s time. I’ve been here 4 times now because I’m vegan, and love supporting vegan businesses. Also their desserts are adorable!! However....the flavors aren’t there. Most recently got a chocolate raspberry cake thing for Valentine’s Day and literally it just was like super sweet pink icing inside. Just tasted like generic chocolate cake and this overly sweet/grocery store bakery tasting icing. I’m let down every time and it’s so frustrating because I really want to like this place. I will say though that their soft serve game is on point. Flavors explode in their soft serve!! Please figure out how to translate that to your other treats!!

Emma Evans

Went for my first time and everything I got was amazing I tried my friends icecream and it was also delicious. Only reason I took a point off was because the staff weren't overly friendly

judy galioto1

Worth the trip. Beautiful deserts

Cody Obropta

Vegan Treats is a wonderful little spot with the largest vegan bakery and treat selection I've ever seen. There are so many great options to choose from that you can't really ever go wrong. The cannolis are quite good, especially the chocolate covered variety. I really enjoyed the cookie sandwich. The cookies were amazing and the cream inside was pleasantly sweet. The soft serve flavor I tried was the toasted marshmallow. It was delicious and also very sweet. It was a little more than my fiancee and I could finish. They certainly don't skimp on the serving size! The cheesecakes were also quite good. I really enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter and my fiancee enjoyed her coconut cream cake. Overall I would highly recommend this establishment for their stellar variety of delicious vegan treats.

Brooke Kubby

Tastes amazing. I wish every person who ever said, "what do vegans, like, even eat?" Or "So do you just eat salad all the time?" could come to this place and have their mind blown.

Devon Herbermann

I had my wedding cake made at vegan treats. I can not say enough about how amazing it was. First, none of my guests were vegan, and they raved about how good this cake was. There were no leftovers! Second, the way the cake looked was stunning. All I did was show them a picture of my bouquet and she ran with it, everyone thought the flowers on the cake were real. My in-laws pick up the cake and the way it was packaged was perfect, there were no issues transporting the cake from the shop to the venue. It arrived flawless. But, they do offer delivery service for the cake if you need it. The whole experience from the cake tasting, to our wedding day was perfect. I did not have to worry about a single thing, and I will be going back to vegan treats in the future for all of my special occasions. I defintely recomend them to anybody!


Absolutely love this place!

Connor C

I wish I could hack google and give you guys 6 stars.

Kendra Wolfe

Oh my goodness. Biggest and best sticky buns you could ever wish for! Everything I have ever had has been amazing. Mini cakes galore!!! Love this place. Should be called vegan heaven

Marius Vermeulen

The best vegan bakery I've had the privilege to visit. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for. Their desserts are pure bliss and absolutely gorgeous.

Illicit Ardor

As a non-vegan, this is by far my favorite bakery. Everything is so clean. The food is not only absolutely beautiful, but also so delicious! Thank you! ♡

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