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REVIEWS OF The Pennsylvania Bakery IN Pennsylvania

R. Bello

Last of the great and wonderful bakeries.

Diane Pry

I stopped by the Pennsylvania Bakery tonight and ordered what they told me was an apple pie. Needless to say, I got home and it was a peach pie! This would not have been so bad, except, it was not at all up to the standards and reputation of PA Bakery. My husband asked me to never go back and get pie there again! It was very heavy not a flaky crust and the peaches were not sweet. I will stick to cake or sticky buns if I decide to go back. We disliked it so much we threw it out!

Josh Wolfe

Favorite desserts live here

Thomas Weber

The only bad thing about this place is how busy it gets on holidays. Think ahead people.

Rain Hess

Oh the pepperoni bread ! Buy the whole cake! Breakfast buns, muffins,pies.. Sugar free selection too Yum

Mckenzie Speese

Delicious as always. Some items are getting to be a bit pricey but considering the location, I assume it's pretty accurate. This place will always be one of our favorites!

jeremy duttry

I have yet to find something here that isn't delectable. I'm a Lancaster County native and the Amish CAN'T TOUCH the whoopie pies at this place

rhonda dunning

Great service but cookies were dry

Carol Cohen

They have excellent pastry Cakes Oh My

A Woods

I gave one star because they do have delicious items but their customer service is the WORST! Everyone there is so rude. They all have the worst attitude. I will never go back.

Yolanda Forry

Great baked goods. A little on the expensive side.

Curt Walter

They make some really good stuff! The only thing I'd stay away from is the coconut cream pie. We bought one and had to trash it. The taste was for lack of a better term chemical tasting. Their cupcakes and sticky buns are great. Eat the sticky bun in a day or put it in a better container as it goes stale quickly in the box. I wont buy their cakes because they are crazy expensive.

Ma Pa

Large selection of cakes, pastries, cookies, breads. Delicious. Samples to taste. Excellent service. Spotless.

Jennifer Myers

All family birthday cakes we partake in these cakes!!!

Sherra Zavitsanos

Valentine's Day is kind of the super bowl for bakeries. Pa Bakery was busy! And the cases filled with dozens of lovely treats. Lots of extra workers on hand and you get waited on with their take a number system. Those getting a treat from here are lucky indeed!

Jackson Linda

I was very much satisfied with my cake, I purchased a casino style cake for my brother's 60th birthday, reason beyond my control, the party was postponed for 10 days. We had to freeze the cake, it taste as if it was made the night before. Thanks Rachel you and your staff did a excellent job. Will recommend for future events.

Lillian Denault

You need to try almond horns!! And chinese almond cookies. Uggg yry all the cookies and cupcakes too

Terri D

A little pricey but everything was very good

Sherry Hughes

Wonderful selection of pies, cakes,cupcakes,cookies and pastries.I got a small cherry crumb pie for my Dad.


Overpriced with poor customer service. They charged my husband $120 for a 5 inch cake. Every single person at the party was completely shocked when they saw the size and heard how much we were charged. When I went into the Bakeey to show them pictures and explain how diappointed we were, they did NOTHING. No partial refund and not even an apology...just said that is the price of fondant. We will never go back and have told numerous people about this awful experience.

Lisa Owens

I bought some sugar free baked goods and the cookies were very hard. They could do much better on those. All but one were not very flavorful. They should offer some soft, chewy ones and a larger variety. I also bought a couple of sugar free muffins and those were very good!! But again, a bigger selection is needed. Many people are looking for healthier options especially when 1 in 2 people will develop cancer and one of the major drivers is refined, bleached white sugar, which by the way, cancer feeds on! Also, I would really like to see them replace the pink plastic bags for a pretty recycled paper one or better yet hemp!

Bob Christman

Awesome cake and other baked goods, and a friendly, hard-working staff! It's our go-to bakery.

Marguerite Foster

Everything I ever buy from them is fantastic.

Chelsea Stewart

Lots of variety, yummy treats, & friendly service.

Lisa Horwitz

Shop in here often. They use to have 2 flavors of coffee when we stopped in they only had one flavor. I asked if they were brewing more. Kendall informed me they dont brew coffee this late, 1pm. Then when she saw we might not be happy she said she can "waste" the coffee and brew a pot. Very rude! We then tried a sample and it tasted like the refrigerator. When we mentioned that, Kendall again said loud and rudely thats why they are samples. We shop here often and have never had a sample taste that aweful. After we made our purchases some of the icing on our carrot cake, that we purchased, had a slight refrigerator taste. Savannah was freindly during our check out. We asked for the owner we were told she was on maternity leave and the manager was on the phone. The manager watch this and never came to our table in the 20 minutes we were there.

Robert Amell

Very good desserts, breads and treats. Favorites include their famous cheesey spaghetti bread, Strawberry cream cake, and cream puffs.

Jay Worth

Expected just cupcakes. The selection was almost overwhelming, and the baked goods were EXCEPTIONAL. I will absolutely be going back. Often.

Mike Owen

Top notch bakery. Lots of tasty treats here of all kinds for every taste. Recommend!

kevin clancy

Delicious dessert for my parents anniversary and wonderful service! All around top notch experience!! Thank you.

Rachel Limas

You looking for heaven on earth? I found it for you! Great selection, heavenly tastes, and always something for everyone! It's a true Bakery, therefore a little pricey compared to your local grocery. But, it's oh so worth it!

watt fry Fry

Baked goods are kept too long, the last few times I've been there, things are not fresh.

shelly louise

Wow! What delicious pastries and baked goods! I ate at the eat-in mini cafe inside the bakery. It has Wi-Fi, and it's so cute! Just allow yourself five extra minutes if you're on your way to work in the morning, due to others also stopping in before work. The workers are speedy and do very well. But the bakery gets busy, so just allow yourself five extra minutes in the morning or during a lunch break.

Jack Burton

We come here for specialty cakes & pies, as well as just for the occasional sweet snack. They carry traditional favorites as well as unique creations.

Tomeka Stewart

Strawberry shortcake is yummy! And the cookies are good too. My first time here. Will order one of their custom cakes for my son's bday in Nov!

Nancy Palovitz

Best bakery around. My favorite is the fruit torte and the chocolate eclairs. Has a nice area to sit and enjoy a coffee and pastry too.

dimas Figueroa

Staff is rude impatient and the deserts taste like they were originally frozen. Looking for alternatives.

Holly Kreiner

Some bakeries are all show and no substance. This is not one of those bakeries. The intricacy and breadth of the cake and cupcake decorations is astounding! It’s even more impressive when you try a cupcake, maybe a yellow cake with fancy flower icing, and it’s moist and sweet (but not overly sweet)! If you’re a person who loves icing with some cupcake on the side- they totally have that. If you like the icing ratio to be a little less- they’ve got you covered there too. Not a cupcake person (A. How do you live your life? And B.) they have delicious pastries and donuts as well! The Pennsylvania Bakery has been a favorite of my family for many years. I’ve moved away but it is always such a treat to stop by and select an exciting item to take home in a pink bag.

Cheryl Walker

Excellent pastries

Victoria Slobodian

I love this place. They have a good gluten free selection that tastes better than I have found anywhere else including making it myself.

Margaret Arnold

If I had lots of money, I could go crazy in this bakery! I have yet to get anything I didn't like! I love to get their strawberry shortcake style cake for my birthday!

G. Harrison

Truly spectacular pastries! It's visible from the street, has fair prices, and a wonderful staff!

liz vicarious

Overall I'm not over the moon with this bakery. The molasses cookies are good. Everything looks delicious but most things aren't. The donuts are completely passable. The gluten free options are hiding under icing that is double the volume of the item but that gets a pass because the icing didn't make my boyfriend sick. The new years cheese pretzel I got was pretty good. Hit or miss. Haven't tried any of the breads. I live a block from the place but only visit maybe twice a year, which is a good thing!

Alesia Grider

I've had their delicious pastries before. This was the first I've been to the site. WOW!!! So nice. A very nice employee helped me She went above and beyond.

Jim Michaels

Ordered online, paid online, fast pick up, tasty babka.


Always way above all the rest! I always come out with more than I went into purchase.

Vincent Meisinger

A sweet tooth paradise. Huge selection of homemade cakes, pies, donuts, etc.


Love this place wish I could pick the building up and the bakers and take them home with me... food was very fresh very tasteful and a great variety of baked goods.

sandra sanchez

My favorite Bakery did that my 55th birthday cake I love that place

Denis Noonan

Great cakes and service

Catherine Salcedo

Amazing Bakery, they have all type of good sweets.. But I wasn't to happy with the Tres leche cake.. To be honest it wasn't close to what a real Tres leche taste like. You guys have an amazing hands I know ya can make a really good one.. No fruits inside.. pour more of the 3 milk, no extra flavors and it's better when is in a pan sheet.

Rich Thornton

The baked goods are just that, GOOD! Actually they are GREAT so maybe they should be called Baked Greats. Delicious for sure. The staff there is very helpful and everything on display looks excellent.

Anita Payne

Their is not a bakery anywhere. That top Pennsylvania Bakery. It's worth ever penny.

Stephanie Kenning

Had a great experience earlier today at this awesome bakery!! Dealt with Hillary who was very nice and professional... and the baked goods were exceptional!! Defiantly going to be a regular stop!!

Merrilee Plessinger

This is what I would describe as a dessert lovers paradise. Everything I would ever want in dessert is here. So delicious. Their spaghetti bread is also fantastic!

sovi ly

One of the best bakeries in the area

Ginger Pchinow

Excellent! Everything you ask for.

Gretchen Pierce

They have everything you can imagine and it's all delicious. I was not expecting something so professional in a small town.

Elizabeth Gigi

What could you possibly not like about the PA bakery?! They have cakes, fancy cookies, pasties, brownies, cinnamon rolls, breads, cup cakes, you name it. They usually have sample trays to try out their delicious treats. They are a bit pricey as other bakeries go but their baked goods are well worth it! Umm ,umm

Terri Dougan

Lots of choices But $18+ per pound for cookies is very high. Cookies are beautiful but was not that impressed with them.

Chris Donovan

Awesome people work here. The cakes are just brilliant and the customer service is great.

Jacqueline SmithHarmon

Bakery items are so good. Only giving 4 stars because it's a little pricy. The desserts are always fresh and good. They do always have free samples.

kristin schad

I asked for a chocolate cake with bright colors for writing and flowers for my Moms 90th birthday. They did DARK RED writing and flowers on a DARK BROWN cake instead of white or pink or yellow. You could hardly read it. It was the ugliest cake I’ve ever seen.


Someone bought me some cookies they were hard, not very tasteful, and crumbly.

Tyler Sexton

Best bakery in PA

Angie J

Nice bakery for the area. Its expanded within past years. Prices are fairly high, like big city downtown ritzy prices. In my opinion. Deserts are plentiful. Can't try them all but looking good through the glass. Don't know what else to say. Gave 4 stars but 5 could be doable if pricing was more reasonable. Employees behind counter very helpful today. Update: apple dumpling was not up to par in my opinion. Apple was not sweet and had sour taste. Little to no sweet syrupy glaze. Just apple and dough bake were only 2 noticeable ingredients. Wouldn't get this item again. Final update: spaghetti bread was not what it used to be years past. Had asked for lightly baked and extra cream cheese within. Not much could be found and was over baked. I'm in the unique position of having a family member that worked here several years ago. I'm sure our expectations aren't too different from anyone else that says things aren't what they used to be... Great place for many customers but we'll be going elsewhere. In the end, changed to 3 stars. R/S

Madison Oeler

Cute bakery with delicious baked goods. The staff is quick and friendly, the items are fresh, and there are plenty of options to pick from. Enjoy!

Savy Simpson

Great bakery with cute atmosphere and treats!

Aaron Fry

I have been coming to the bakery for over 10 years. They have a great assortment of mostly any bakery item you can think of. I have ordered cakes, and cupcakes from here and they never disappoint. Always delicious. I stop in here about once a week to try their delicious assortment of cupcakes. Always fresh and so great! However, sometimes the girls behind the counter get distracted and I don't get waited on right away. I've been the only other person on the bakery side and it took someone about 2 minutes to even acknowledge me. That would be my only critique. I realize they tend to get busy behind the scenes but customer service in the bakery is essential also. But overall, it's one of the best bakeries around!!

Miranda Felty

The single best bakery I've ever been to. The prices are reasonable for the quality and variety of sweet treats!


Awesome cakes and cookies. I also like their pastries.

Sunil Kumar Singh

Great cake great taste

Josephine Henry

This place is MAGICAL! Sights, sounds, smells come together to put you in a very good place. Try'll love it!

David Antle

My favorite bakery. Period.

SL Brown

Always fresh! Can never go wrong inside the PA Bakery. There selection is enormous, and you can place special orders as well! My face is the moose cake & strawberry shortcake! A must visit if you like sweet treats.

Robert Walters

Best bakery in central pa!

Melissa Guziewicz

Oh my word, you must visit this bakery if you're in town. They have everything under the sun, and it's all delicious!

Donnie Shaffer

Amazing! Always enjoy a visit for kreme puffs and the staff is always friendly.

Zee Bee

Oh wow! That's the first thing you think then you look at the options! Everything seems equally delicious and tempting! I sampled a bunch of different kind of biscuits small pastries cannoli and coffee and mini tarts! Everything was awesome! The macaroons looked good too but I haven't had a chance to try them! If you go there in the morning they have samples of whole mini tarts and everything that shows that they only sell fresh baked goods although the samples are also delicious that are probably from yesterday.

William Marshall

Great family business run by great family people. Their food is of the upmost quality, as are the baker's themselves. Not only do they make incredible treats, but they're also very supportive of their community, making generous contributions and supporting worthy causes, such as Why at the Well Youth Center. My only regret is that I don't live close enough to justify going every day!

Veronica Eskra

I picked up a vegan cake for my daughter's 21st birthday. It was dry and extremely dense. While I can understand it maybe being dense, the dryness was horrible. That being said, that was the top layer of a 2 layer cake. The bottom layer was soggy because the strawberries (I am guessing the were previously frozen, when thawed, the juice ran. The frosting was very good. I appreciate their attempt to please my vegan daughter, but if you can't doing something that you know will be done very well, charging $42.70 for a 7 inch round cake is a bit much. That was not the worse part of the experience however. While waiting in line (and being the next person in line) walked to the register to the girl that was finishing up and told her I was there to pick up a cake. With a very rude attitude, she said that they take person in order, and proceeded to walk off before I had the chance to tell her I was next in line. So the some of the people could use some training in customer service. A suggestion, have a designated person to help those picking up orders so that people do not have to wait for the 3 year old to take 20 minutes to figure out what cupcake or cookie they want!! First time I have had such poor product and service there, and will probably be the last since I doubt I will go back.

Cheryl George

Best bakery around

Yomaira Coca Leyba

I had heard so many amazing things and decided to try them out. I was so upset when I actually took the cake home and cut into it. The colors were not what I had described when I initially placed the order. And the icing work was very sloppy and pretty much looked like a child just piped and slapped on the icing. When I got home and actually cut the cake 90% of the entire cake was completely butter cream. And very thin cake with literally a spread of strawberry. And they had really convinced me when I placed the order and they really know how to sell you a sweet deal. The worst part is that this was actually a surprise birthday cake for my mom. I will never order from this place again. They charge for every detail too. I was told $50 and they actually charged a total of $93 for a hot mess.

Sara Kline

Way over priced but well worth it

Ursula Schneider

I was looking for "something different" and a friend of mine recommended your bakery, saying that most things were just okay, but that I would find flavors different from what I would find elsewhere. I went into your establishment and immediately fell in love. The place is gorgeous. But then I had to deal with your employees. I was taken care of by an older lady who acted as if she didn't want to be there, and who clearly didn't want to be taking care of me. When I asked about the different flavors of cakes that were in front of me, she very rudely said "the little signs tell you everything," when what I wanted was more specific detail. She was rude, but when someone who I assume was a regular came in, she stopped talking to me in order to say hello to him. I was the customer in there first, and I should have never been treated that way. While she spoke to him, I watched through a door to the right employees pulling items out of what looked like giant freezers, and through the door right in front of me where customers were standing around eating and chit-chatting, while I stood there waiting for this older lady to come back and finish my order. I was there for a lady who came in with a complaint about her cake, and watched the way blame was everyone but the cake decorators, listened to how another employee talked to someone on the phone, and saw a man come out of the back and select a box full of items without putting on gloves. After five minutes of waiting for that lady to come back and finish my order - and seeing her get something out of the case for the man who came in after me - I decided to just walk out without any of my selections. When I got home, I looked at all the 1* reviews and I was especially annoyed at your responses to people (you come across very rude), most specifically on the one that you claim is a disgruntled ex-employee. How do you know? They had a lot of details about situations that happened, and, well, because I stood there all that time waiting for the lady to come back and finish helping me, I noticed a lot of things as well. With that review, the other 1* reviews, and the way I was treated when I went in there, I will never go in there again, and I will make sure that all my friends know to stay away. It doesn't matter how pretty you place is when you have employees that act like that, including who ever is responding to these messages. I would do better to just take the time and make my own.

Judith Martin

Was so cute! Bought macaroons and they're scrumptious!

J Lingle

I’ve only had a few of the big cakes and they’re “alright”. But I think all their little desserts - mini cakes, stickies, eclairs, etc are the absolute best.

Alexis Bechtel

Delightful. Big shop w/great selection.

Elissa Matos

This bakery is by far, the BEST!! They have such an assortment of treats from, cookies to Danish and breads to pies and more! The staff is literally always happy and they're so helpful and accommodating. It smells incredible as soon as you walk in.

Tyler Vaupel

Overpriced and they got our order wrong. Asked for a simple design on the cake and it was not printed, as well as having the wrong flavor. For the amount paid, you at least should get what you ordered.

Dee Person

I am an adult that feels like a kid in a candy store when I go here. Everyone is so polite an I never feel rushed. I also and love the decor here.

Richard Phelan


Andrea LeDonne

There isn't anything here that isn't wellmade and tastes yummy. The staff is knowledgeable & helpful when placing a special order.

Jimmy Spits

If God himself wanted to give someone baked goods, he would order from PA Bakery.

Ronda Martens

Yum.... That's all I need to say!!

Vivian Blessings

The best cakes and desserts

Ethan Nicholson

best bakery around! must check it out!

Judy Leeti

Did a cake testing for my daughter's wedding. Delicious and very relaxed. Looking forward to seeing the cake we designed with their help. Thanks to Diana for her help.

Michael Byrd

I can't believe we've lived in this area for two years and never found our way to the PA Bakery until today. Amazing place! So many great things to choose from; cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, cream puffs, tiramisu, pastries, bagels, donuts, and on and on. Oh! They even have a good selection of gluten free goodies. Take your goodies home or simply enjoy them with a cup of coffee or tea in their comfy cafe. Love this bakery! I'm sure I couldn't possibly list all of their services in one review. So check out their website for a list of everything they offer. We'll be back!

Ananth CA

Really good cakes but the beverages were pretty ordinary.

Katelin Krick

Love love love there lemon cupcakes! My favorite! There strawberry shortcake cake is ALWAYS a hit!!!! Cupcakes are $2.50+ and the strawberry shortcake is like $29- but Soo worth it.. only thing is there is no line,numbers... So just wave down the next person behind the counter..

Alex P

Their desserts and coffee are always excellent. We celebrate every special occasion with something special from The Pennsylvania Bakery! It is also a great place to stop if you just need to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Rhonda Jo

Love love love this bakery!! They have every baked good you could ever crave. Most cakes are also available in individual slices. Sticky buns are divine and so is their fresh bread filled with cheese and pepperoni; goes great with spaghetti. Give this bakery a try, you wont be disappointed.

Annette Guss

Best bakery in the area... Beautiful wedding cakes beautiful special occasion cakes and amazing fresh baked goods

Benita Corbin

Your tastebuds will thank you!! Pastries, cupcakes, cookies and more! The displays are mouth watering. The samples are amazing and their products are simply the best! Just be careful with transporting them. I purchased some Easter cupcakes with toppers & they fell over in the car because they were top heavy. Yet, they were still delicious!!

Lititia Lawrence

My first time there, I bought several different items and they were all fantastic!!! Their whoopie pies are amazing and huge!!!

Dale Colyer

Tasty baked goods

Lee H

So, if you are keto ...not the place for you! That would be like Dracula hanging out at a tanning salon! Nope! But, if you like pastries, cookies, all types of unhealthy great tasting gain 20 pounds of high carb, high fat yumminess...come on down!

DH PSU-2016

Excellent tasty treats and friendly courteous staff. Big selection of single serving items in the morning but somewhat limited after 3pm. Very good gluten free cakes but you have to pre-order them. Often have gluten free cupcakes in the display case, just chocolate or yellow.

Deborah McPartlan

Outstanding bakery! Really fantastic selection of baked goods that are scrumptious. Great personnel to assist you.

Mary B

I was in awe of this bakery. the bakery was clean, well organized, n had a wonderful variety. The workers are friendly n always willing to get u what u need.

Sheila Lynch

Delicious baked goods, but high prices

Jeanette Eleuteri

Amazing selection, absolutely delicious treats, and friendly helpful service. Top notch!

Robin Lukacs

Delicious, beautiful baked goods with a huge variety. A little pricey but expected. Only turn off for this business was the political sign in the yard during the last presidential election. Certainly their right, but some of us didn't visit there, seeing that. Just a suggestion. Overall, nice bakery!

harry long

Great for your sweet tooth

Amber Rabiega

Thank you for having allergy free options. Your gluten free, dairy free cupcakes are delightful. I was able to enjoy a little treat for my birthday!

sharon sipe

As DELICIOUS as always! Always have a LARGE selection of yummy treats!

Russ Stewart

Mind-numbing variety! They packed our to-go pastries like Fort Knox!

Adam Bergenstock

The strawberry cake is fantastic.

J Londono

Unbelievable pastries. Great service. Unique treats.

Breanna Farner

A wide variety of fresh homemade and absoluetly delicious snacks and pastries. Fair prices and decadence at every shelf. I am a huge fan

Melinda H

I found this bakery after performing a Google search and reading reviews. A lot of variety and smiling faces. The bakery is very visible from the street with character. Parking is offered on the perimeter of the building. The baked goods are well organized, priced appropriately and many different options. They also offered samples of their baked goods. I would return to this location.

Tunya Kimmel

Always excellent service and bakery items!

Kavia Williamson

Always great service!! My nephew loves their Fruit Flan. They even had them heart-shaped for Valentine's day.

Israel Portillo

Just amazing place to indulge your sweet tooth.

Kat Knapp

Amazing cupcakes! I did have to sign a cupcake agreement staying that my cupcakes were in perfect condition when I picked them up and that I would drive carefully. I found this hilarious. Best cupcakes in Central PA!!

Princess Chelsea

A sweet and kind friend of mine was racially profiled at this establishment. An older female employee thought it was appropriate to interrupt the kind younger employee who was working with my friend to imply that she shouldn’t bother selling to my friend as she couldn’t afford the cake she wanted due to her race. My friend left a review, but rather than reach out to get the details of the situation beyond what was stated in her review, they deleted it. Sketchy management at best if they refuse to investigate instances of racism and discrimination among their staff members and conveniently remove the negative review. I’m disappointed in the PA Bakery.

Mike T

Overhyped and over priced. Desserts look amazing and the place was packed but the cookies I had just tasted average, no way does the quality match the sky high prices. The cost of a pound of simple cookies, like peanut butter blossoms, is jaw dropping.

Michael Goldstein

Best cake I've ever had. Excellent service and an amazing variety of pastries.

Terry Enck

Pastries are delicious and expensive.

Thomas Boyd

They have a tremendous selection of sweets here custom and ordinary. I ordered a Keylime pie custom from here and they had it ready the next day. A customer service here is very good.

Reza Chowdhury, MSEE, EIT

First time I went there was about 3 years ago, based on a high recommendation from a colleague. So the bar was already set high. I wasn't much impressed with my first order, may be due to the fact that the cake was on stock. Went there second time, a month later. Cake was better that time. Now it's my daughter's first birthday and my son's 3rd birthday so I needed something special. My colleagues keep recommending this place, but I was looking for alternative. Hesitantly, I picked up the phone and placed two orders: a sheet cake and a round cake. Price was above average. I went there earlier than scheduled time, but to my surprise the cakes were ready! Drove them back to Philly. Everyone loved the cake, even my super picky wife! The cakes were super soft, exact filling as ordered, low suger whipped cream icing..they couldn't be better!! Thank you Pennsylvania Bakery for making the perfect cake for us. We highly appreciate it. We will be back for more orders on our anniversary.

Jeff Sowers

Purchased a carrot cake and it was wonderful. The cake was moist and not too dense while the frosting was creamy and not overly sweet.

Twisted Coyote

Awesome baked goods. Everything you can imagine, they got it

Lisa Shopf

Awesome display of goodies. Wide selection to choose from. I always stop in when I am in town.

Dana Franklin

Great bakery wide variety. Always a great place for fantastic pastry.

David Evans

Good selection of baked goods, friendly staff, easy to find

Kevin Lansberry

Just awesome, if your near stop in and even if you aren't near, make it a point to stop in, you won't be disappointed. Huge selection, nice people, great baked goods. So many different flavors and options to choose from. They usually, if not always, have something to sample for free. There is a nice parking area with a couple handicapped spots.

Joyce Baker

I love to deliver boxes of your assorted pasties, brownies and sticky buns to our client when I have meeting on site. The Pa Bakery packages them nicely. I can count on the quality and the clients rave over how wonderful they taste. Thanks for making me look good and my visits anticipated :)


Great for special occasions like birthdays, holidays and novelty baked goods. Great selection of items. Everything there tastes as good as it looks!


I ordered cake for my engagement party, I paid 190$ for it , the cake taste was horrible, the design was different from the picture that I chose , they told me this design is complicated so I paid what I paid, then I received something very simple , then the cake was dry ( Not fresh at all ) and My family said if you bought cake from Walmart for 16$ will taste better than this cheap quality cake , I will never order anything from them again, they lose their customers with this bad service, this is my first and for sure my last order from this place

Stephen Zwierzyna

Amazing food. Friendly service. Clean atmosphere. Well known throughout the area.

Chris Stauffer

One word. Yummy

Steve snyder

The best around.

Sang Raal

Always the best pastries and fresh

samantha toth

rude staff members. unable to transport cupcakes properly because they sit to far down in the carrying box. its not there problem when it leaves the bakery...however that's the product you want to represent. I'd never go back to a worthless bakery that shows no respect. Thanks for ruining another birthday! Great Job!

Chelle H

Omgoodness!!! Best of the best.

Amanda Hank

Great work on my daughter birthday cake She loved it

Ben Hebdon

I'm glad I don't live closer otherwise I would be here every day! There is a dizzying selection of baked goods and the staff is super helpful and friendly. Everything I tried has been awesome.

Laura Steigerwalt

They did the cake for my wedding, it was SO delicious. I had many people ask me who made the cake because it was the best they ever had. I have come here from time to time when I'm craving something sweet and I've always had a good experience. I love PA Bakery, I literally don't go anywhere else for my desserts.

Salvatore Leone

Great food, little pricy.

Derek Bicksler

Sooooo many tasty treats! And you gotta try their signature Spaghetti Bread, it's the bomb! (and ALL their mouth watering baked goods!) And beyond the deliciousness, the ladies that run this long standing 2nd generation family owned business are really great. They truly care about honoring their high standards, pride of work, and quality that is being taught to them by their parents. Awesome people and bangin' treats!

Jeffrey Swanson

I had a slice of strawberry cheesecake man it was good

Jaclyn Mahoney

We wanted two things from our baker for our wedding - a simple yet elegant, delicious cake for our guests and a fun, colorful, over-the-top cupcake for my uncle whose birthday was the same day. The Pennsylvania Bakery exceeded our expectations for both! I could not recommend them more highly! The service was fantastic (both in the design and delivery processes), the prices were reasonable, and the cakes were delicious!

Kelsey Ramsey

I got a few slices of cake and peanut butter blossom cookies. The cake was great but the cookies were as hard as a rock and crumbled apart.

Anayelis & Ojani

Awesome ! Omg the store is beautiful and the treats are amazing!

Doria Rogers

Awesome taste texture and the staff was very friendly but I think it's a little pricey :-)

Irish Creme

Fantabulous baked goods with a cute little cafe to sit and nosh and chill.

Scott W.

Always awesome, whether its a specialty item(think chocolate mousse bomb☺) or sticky buns and donuts. Prices are commensurate with the quality, but not excessive.

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