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REVIEWS OF The Original Pie Shoppe IN Pennsylvania

Matt M

Very good if you don't mind overpricing.

Aubree Roberts


Joyce Norris

Awesome fresh baked pies, pastries and desserts. It always smalls so yummy!!

Dustin Murray

if you've had them at their boots at street fairs you definitely need to make a journey to their store in Lockland Town Pennsylvania and explore the many things you can get here there's more than baked goods and pizza there is Deli and everything else too and it's really good, by the way if you're a naturist you can stop here on your way to the Forbes state forest district office just up the road and and further up the mountain to the state parks of Laurel Mountain Laurel Summit and Linn Run plus the mini-trails including beam Rock and the P W & S trail system

Pat Jackson

What can I say...delicious and great staff a fun environment for a bakery and deli...the food is phenomenal...

Justin Vestrand

Some people go for the pizza...I like everything else. Must stop.

Michelle Sinsabaugh

Very nice store. Plenty of delicious bake goods to choose from. Pies, cookies, cakes, sweet rolls and much more.

Brandon Little

Recommended stop if you are driving through. Good stuff!

Dorian Murray

Amazing food.

Heaven Fondelier

Love the pie shop. Good prices great yums!

Kristine Hiwiller

Extra-ordinary. Life changing.

Tricia Braniff

Awesome baked goods. I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased.

Joseph Gill

Oh my the best peanut butter pie (of your lucky to get one) many states around. Check out the pizza best around the area, friendly staff and just a fun place. It's more than great pies!

Mary Anne Bell

Clean with helpful people. Baked goods are GOOD.

Andy McClaine

The Pie Shoppe made pies for our wedding and everyone raved about them! They were amazing to work with, flexible with our schedule and even delivered the pies to our wedding location. I would highly suggest them to anyone looking for great quality pies, and wanting something other than cake at their wedding.

G Kent

Nice folks and the pie was wonderful.

Zach Garia

This is the first time I had been here. Our school gets pies for fundraising through here. Definitely wish I would have come sooner. Great food, everything from pizza to pepperoni rolls to pies. We left with a little bit of everything. Definitely didn't need to eat anymore for lunch that day. Picture of pepperoni roll added just because.....

Marc Daniels, Sr.

Absolutley everything here is delicious! Friendly staff, good prices (about the same as places that aren't nearly as good) and a great selection!

DJWildBill Corson

This place is awesome!! If you want the best pies visit here they make way more then pies too,like sandwiches.cookies etc.. outdoor dining.very relaxing.

Ryan Lucas

It's the Pie Shoppe. Great pastries and quick service. A must-stop of you're on Rt. 30. Glazed donuts are the best.

Dann Steffey

Always a treat to be in the neighborhood. Homemade everything in my opinion. Love everything from pastries to pizza. Great place and people.

Melissa Johnson

Homemade sweets and foods. Great staff. Delicious cakes, cookies, donuts. Salads are fresh and large. Big thumbs up.

Dave Davies

Great product slow service

Michael Costeline

Who doesn’t love the pie Shoppe!! Try the snails they’re awesome but everything is awesome!!

Mark Spangler

Great bakery shop!!

kimberly miller

I cannot say enough good things about this place. The pizza is to die for, the mac n cheese heavenly and do not get me started on the maple Bacon donuts. I wish I had found this place sooner!!!

chris nemanic

Some of the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had!

Robert Sipel

Chocolate chip cookies were great on the other hand chocolate pie had weird taste


Great homemade pastries and baked goods. Excellent and reasonably priced!

Larry Harper

This is a very nice shop. It had also sells pizza. The pizza is excellent. It's in the mountains a very nice area. The people are friendly. And it smells great inside.

shane mcgraw

It's legendary locally for a reason. I defy anybody to find a better "gob" anywhere.

Richard Gindlesperger


Kali Andrews

Excellent pies and pastries. Stop in early to get the best selection. Staff are all very friendly and helpful. Very popular.

Jay Court

Yummy!! They have breakfast sandwich's and pizza as well!!! Just yummy!!!

Joseph Pecoraro

Excellent selections

George Critchfield

Cinnamon rolls can't be beat!!

Rachel Wiggins

Two words: gourmet donuts.

Michael Trenga

Really good pastries

Ken Maurer

If you have a sweet tooth like me this is the place for you. The sweet rolls are absolutely the best. I remember getting them as a kid with my parents on our Sunday after church excursions. The pizza is awesome and we can't forget about all of the other sweets. However do bring your wallet cuz you will not stop at just one item

Keith Vogelsang

A tasty collection of baked goodies. Way more than just pies

Jacinda Fondelier

You can't find a better bakery in western Pennsylvania. When you go in, you will want one of everything and you won't be disappointed it you do. Try the pizza and the subs as well.

Bryan Heilmann

Donuts are great, but the snails are heaven!

Amber Brocato

Great GOBS! Had a good piece of pizza - Husband loved the pineapple upside down cupcake!!!!!

lacey weston

They have so many delicious treats.

Marian Pusateri

The sweets here are amazing, it's very busy even near closing only problem I had was the person who waited on me wasn't very friendly. I decided to think it was because it was near closing since I had never had this happen before

Joseph Flory

Always great. Everything hear is great from the pizzas to the pies. I stop all the time just for the doughnuts

Michael Riffle

Typically the baked goods here are incredible but this time it seemed as if it wasn't very fresh at all. Dunno. It was a chocolate cream pie but the chocolate and custard was old and seemed as thought is was almost past its date.

David Greenawalt

Too many tasty things to pass up

Melissa Fisher

Great sweets

Jessica Neiderhiser

You can get a bag full of goodies for less than $20. Oh my goodness is it worth it! I will go out of my way for their pepperoni rolls. I have never been disappointed. The staff are great. Come early for the best selection.

Robert Tunstall

I've had the veggie pizza here for years. It is delicious, not to mention the sweets!

Jim P

This place never fails to astound me! You can't go wrong with anything in the Shoppe. My favorites -- raisin pies and raisin cookies. I drive 53 miles one way and it's totally worth it!

Sophira Savage

Frigen amazing

Bezimienny 1

Never had a bad pie there. Harvest oie is a must. Have to get them early morning; they go fast. Wife says cookies were dry. Pictured are some of the other things they have

Joanne Morelli

A stop we have to make when visiting Somerset PA. Great bakery and it looks like pretty good lunch menu. But if you like deserts, make this a stop on your next trip.

Terri Pitkins

Always awesome baked goods! Don't make it past this way a lot, but when we do, we are sure to stop! Don't pass this place up.

Jean Brieck

1st time at the pie shop...everything we tried was excellent.

Ron Shoup

Best treats around

Bonita Denzel

Food is excellent, people are courteous and service is good.

heidi marshall

Excellent baked goods! Their pizza is wonderful, fresh baked and served by the slice. We had a very friendly and pleasant server.

Jody Kessler

Very busy but moved thru fast. Great goodies at this place !!

Kim Mehin

Fantastic baked goods and selection.

Michael Russo

I love the this place! My dad and I used to ride motorcycles together when he was alive and well. He's the one who Introduced me to the Pie Shoppe. That was back in the early 90's and he passed in 2005 but I still ride and have stopped every time I pass through the area. Love the home made pizza too! Of course along with all the sweets

Karen Delancey

Love their baked goods. Pies are delicious. The best around. People are very pleasant and helpful.

Steven Reviews

Food was good, but the long line was managed poorly, with there being one line for 2 different products

Jeff N Jess Raley

I love that most things are homemade. Best place to get pastries!

Melinda Stepanek

Cute. Great pies

Alexia Grace

Everything here is absolutely amazing! The pizza rolls are a guilty pleasure... Stuffed cookies are out of this world and gobs are an all time favorite. My family lives in PA and I live in NH the pie shop is always a stop when we visit family!

Marge Rinker

Did not hate this bakery. I bought cinnamon rolls that were to die for.

Judith Kirsch

Laughlinton, PA the Ligonier Country Inn, Mellon Estate... What's not to love!

Ed Berkey

Good baked goods getting pricey though

Jason Marr

My favorite bakery. Everytime we are in the area we are stopping. I've even stopped twice in one day

Sue DiBattista

That was the first time that I was at the pie store, and I bought their pot pies they were delicious awesome and their pizza was very good

James Stangroom

BAKED GOODS!!! Fresh pies, doughnuts, cookies and breads. Lunch meats and cheeses. Coffee and cold soft drinks. Great place.

Lindsay Queer Japalucci

Usually make my husband stop for pepperoni rolls every it's passed. New donuts are good too.

Nate Moore

Best donuts I've ever had (and I am a donut fan). Their cinnamon rolls are also incredible. Veggie pizza is also recommended.

Gail H

The best sticky buns ever!

Jenna Riffer

Best pie shop in all of PA. Has great homemade goods for everyone.

sublime seeker

Everyone in my family loves this place. I used to drive my great grandmother here once a week for her cookies. She always got me a pizza roll

Deborah Settlemire

Costumer service was horrible.

Todd Kenyon

No one makes food like this anymore. Those ladies have pastries and pies figured out....

Em SéHammer

If you go, (especially for breakfast!) You MUST get the maple/bacon donut! We drove 20 miles just to get one for a mid-day snack! We got 2 of those delectable donuts and 2 iced tea cartons and our total was only $3.50!! We were so delighted as we sat and enjoyed our snack in our car and watched the massive amount of people going in and out! The staff is very energetic, friendly, and very happy to serve you. So be sure to tip them! This has been a Saturday tradition since I was a small child... to drive here for some baked goods, THE BEST PIZZA in the world (vegetable is best!), and of course to view the gorgeous scenery the town has to offer. A+++++

Anita Bynum

Wonderful desserts! Sometimes a little confusing to figure out what is what, as none of the desserts are labeled. Great place to stop, if you have the time!

Thomas Vidnovic

Always great baked goods here, always stop when in town. The pumpkin gobs are my favorite or anything with lots of sugar

Rosanna Rosella

Love this bakery,never disappointed!

Lou Chandrus

Everyone raves about this place. Baked goods are so so. Everyone has a different taste. You may love it

missie chamberlin

Excellent service, very friendly and helpful when we ordered. It smells amazing when you walk in the door, it is so hard to choose what you want to eat. We will definitely stop again when we are in the area.

windy stringer

Very nice bakery and deli.Many cakes , pies, pastries to choose from even late in the day

Pat Aleci

Home made goodies

Barry Sutton

Wonderful pies, breads, pastries, and donuts. Since 1947. A small town classic.

David Keys

Best pies around.

Lynn Eash

Love everything about this place! Apple fritters are delish!

David Fish

Best doughnuts and baked goods around the staff is always super nice and fast.


Highly recommended by everyone I know. Lots of great baked goods, meats and cheese. You'll need to stop in and see for yourself!

Elisabeth Carlson-Scott

Great baked goods and more. Lovely outside seating area we make use of very often as well.

Walter Little

A must stop. Fresh Bakery goods daily. You cant go wrong with anything you choose..

Jamie Price

Best place for sweet treats

Angela Saylor

Great baked goods. So sweet goodness. Your body absorbs the calories just looking at the delicious treats. Haha

Chris Bosko

Absolutely the best baked goods in the tri state area. The cinnamon rolls are to die for.

Thudster X

Busy place. Very tasty products. Everything from homemade pastries to pizza and sandwiches. Deli section & drinks.

Shannon Macken

Had a tasty little pastry made of extra pie dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar that was then rolled up and baked. My husband loved the mini egg custard pie and the mini lemon meringue pie was decent.

Darlene Loftus

Great staff!! Wonderful pastries! Cant get enough of the Snails

Melissa Kreutzberger

OMG everything was SO good! Too hard to choose so just get 1 or 2 of everything!

Mary Jane Kiehl

Great baked goods

Justin Titel

Great food and prices

Ryan Ward

Everything is delicious!

Henry Dyson

Big selection

Toni Stabile

Oh my God the BEST pumpkin cookies I have ever had. Pizza yummy too.

Richard Hugo

Best donuts!

David Johns

There isn't enough praise that can be said about the Pie Shoppe. Been enjoying their delicious treats for about 40 years and it hasn't changed one bit. Enjoy!!!!

Tracey Wertz

Best pizza an pies serve salads. Outside dining.


I'm not a fan of the pies but the rest of their baked goods are great, especially the snails.

Scott Mckeever



Tried a hot dog there that was baked in a bun and it was delicious! I'm glad they aren't too close because between those & cinnamon snails, I'd be broke!

Ellie Kerr

Fantastic pies, as well as other baked goods! Definitely a place to stop after a hike to get something tasty. Everyone is always friendly and helpful.

Nichol Nolf

I can't get enough of this place!!! Their food is amazing! I especially love the apple fritters. If u get a chance to go, do it!

Dora Packowski

Best glazed donuts ever

Paco Bird

Go there and you'll give it 5 stars too.

mike berg

Cinnamon rolls, Maple bacon donuts and all the pastries are fantastic. Good hot food and fast, friendly service. Surprisingly I'm not a big fan of the pies. They're okay, just don't have that homemade taste to them.

Beth Mayer

Their food and baked goods are all amazing. The pizza and BlackBerry pie are my favorites but never had anything not yummy! Also, the staff are usually pretty nice and helpful.

Dana Rukse

Awesome place for pastries. Their bacon maple donut is the best!

Anne Laret

Quality ... Best pie shoppe in SW PA!!

Brian Deemer

Best place around,love the food. Clean and always well supplied

Miles Webb

Best in town! Yummy

Maryjane Firment

Great baked goods. My husband loves their pumpkin cookies and I love their cinnamon rolls.

Candy Morgan

Scrumptious pies! Wide variety! Great service!

No Respect

Glazed doughnuts are excellent

Julia Lipinski

Lady fingers, oh wow. Everything is fresh. Perfect place to grab a cake or pie or donut ir...yum!!! They also have great pizza and sandwiches. Really nice stop!

Keith Mathias

If you like baked goods and etc... , you have found the place. Egg custard pies, raspberry cookies, raisin filled cookies, caramel tarts, macaroni salad, potato salad, broccoli salad, pizza, and subs. Tried them all and loved them all. The majority of the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I live in Latrobe and have been going there for years. A+++++++++++++

Edgardo Velez

Excellent pastries

jacob Sheeler

I always over buy. The goodies are so yummy!!

Emily Losier

Amazing food. Great prices!!

Christina Emerick

Always delicious

William Kaseler

Always the best pastries, cookies, and pies. You also need to get the snails.

Amy Henry

Pizza and gobs are amazing! I've been going here for years!


Used to be decent , but now if you order cinnamon rolls they have no cinnamon! I ordered their snails and guess what ?! No cinnamon! This place sucks! Zero stars is what they deserve ! When tasty cakes are better you definitely are doing something wrong! You’ve been warned!! Stay away!!

Carol Zorzi

Excellent pies, pastries , cookies and even good pizza. Been there since 1947, so they must be doing something right. The best pie crust I've ever had.

Winifred J Ankney

Out of this world!!! You have to go there to believe it. Outside of Ligoneir Pa

Fred Hartley

Best pies

Nikki Marie

Bought a egg custard and BlackBerry pies. These were some of the worst tasting pies we have ever tasted. Egg custard was super thin and the crust was thick plus they put nutmeg or some other spice on top. BlackBerry was bitter and was thin on the berries more crust than berries. Will buy elsewhere in the future.

Jeffrey Robert

Awesome! Great pies, cookies, cakes. Not much lunch selection, but why would you go better looking for a vast selection of lunch items. If your looking for lunch, try right the sandwiches or the pizza. Both are satisfying, but not filling. Leave that to the cookies, pies donuts and cakes. Best orange cookies this side of what mom used to make. Go early. By even mid morning many items are sold out and selection is limited.

Jake Terek

Great place for pies, haven't ever had a bad one. Always good

Brian Panichelle

Lots of great pies and other baked goods. I enjoy stopping and ordering from the deli countering hot foods for lunch. Giant pepperoni rolspls and pizza by the slice. They have a variety of lunch features in addition to the sandwich deli counter. Love their peanut butter filled chocolate cookies.

Tom Allen



Hot food for lunch and the pastries are all good

Jon Black

Great baked good and some local specialties that reminded me of my nana.

Skye Starr

I go to Ligonier Pa every fall and without hesitation go to The Original Pie Shop and buy out the bakery. Everything is great for anyone's sweet tooth. Their Pizza is also out of this world!!

Matthew Doebler

This place was cute! We found a geocache in the parking lot and the description suggested we go into the Pie Shoppe for a donut, which we did. We really enjoyed it.

Patrick Blucas

Excellent ..... Excellent people there and excellent pastries , that should say all anyone needs to know about The Pie Shoppe ..

Christopher Trachsel

An amazing section of delectable baked goods.

Dawn Walko

We got there late so there weren't many baked goods left but what we did get was amazing

Angela Supranowicz

Best treats around. Suggest the pizza, donuts, and snails. You wont ne disappointed

David Wisniewski

Awrsome place .luv bacon maple donuts.

Holli Hadley

Awesome, tasty, friendly!

Josh Cornman

Best hoagies/ sandwiches an backed goods around defenetly worth the trip.

Derek Edwards

This place is a classic!! Delicious pastries such as donuts, cookies, pies, and the classic SNAILS! Definitely try the snails, they are folded pie crust with cinnamon. They also have lunch items such as pizza, sandwiches, and soup. If you get the pizza, it's delicious but don't get it heated when they ask you, they just throw it in the microwave. Great place to stop for breakfast or lunch!!

Mark Kubecki

Great pastries but a little pricey.

Tom Hunts

My wife has been going there for 50 plus years and she just says it's just not the same as it used to be sorry guys

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