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REVIEWS OF Stocks Bakery IN Pennsylvania

Catherine Park

Amazing pound cake. You cant get any better!!


Best pond cake

Craig Thompson

Everything here is amazing, but they're pound cake is the best. Period.

Ivy Brummer

The pound cake... Famous!

Robyn Robinson



Great pound cake

Roberta Korsak

The most wonderful pound cake

Cindy Romsteadt

The first time we ever been, we felt rushed, the girl taking care of us either was not knowledgeable or just rushing us along. $11.00 for a pound cake is a little crazy, attitude for free. First and last time..

Gerry Huges

Best pound cake and cookies in the United States

Raymond Williams

Outstanding, speedy service. Pound cake is the best in Philadelphia. Pastries are very good!! Order early and reserve for the holidays.

Gerri Mcadams

Great baked goods. Best customer service! Their pound cake is a traditional part of Every Celebration! So very lucky to have them right in the neighborhood. But, like tons of other customers....I'd travel to get a hold of the best baked goods in the state...if not country!!!!

Elizabeth Rogers

They keep it simple and their pound cakes are the best. Cash only.

Harold Bissonette

Best Butter Cake!!

Alexandra Zirari

Never actually went here but local stores in south philly sell their pound cake and it lives up to the hype! Very good and moist.

Donna Martin

Always pleasant staff, love coming home for treats from my childhood!!

Lynn Harris

Best pound cake in the city n they have awesome cookies everything is delicous

Tajamah Pippen

The very best in pound cake. Nobody else can compare.

M Hubbard

Well worth the trip from central Delaware. Everything is delish no bad or wrong choices but you gotta get the world famous pound cake!

Nicole Hawthorne

The food is amazing, the only thing that sucks is on holidays the lines are so long. So many people get stocks pound cakes


Amazing! Everything is fresh and delish.... I have nothing more to add as I'm at as loss for words because there are none that can describe how EXCELLENTLY AMAZING on every level this place is. Its been around forever, I grew up eating their pound cakes and tuened my kids onto them, still to this day, 36 years later I'm eating a pound cake or 2 weekly - all alone, all by myself, hiding it from everyone, not sharing a crumb with anyone! If youve nevwr been here please make it a point to go sometime at sompoint before you die and get yourself a pound cake!!!!

Victoria W

The best.

Mikal Harden

Believe the hype - we are so lucky to have this little bakery in our ‘hood. No bells, no whistles - just the best poundcake you’ll ever eat in your life. The pies are also amazing, as are the cookies. Bring cash and your sweet tooth.

Denise Montgomery

Stocks closes every year for the month of July. While driving home, my friend and I were approaching Lehigh Ave on Richmond. We both said oooh, Stocks. So we turned. Stocks is iconic Philadelphia. Cash only, same girls working there for years. The line moves fast. Go for a pound cake. Get some cookies for the ride home.

Rick Nelson

As usual pound cake spectacular. Unfortunately parking can be a problem.

Albert Weitzmann

Best cheesecakes anywhere.

Bill Donley

Best pound cakes ever!!

Patricia Bliven

Stock's Bakery is a little bakery in Port Richmond, there buttercake is so good, if you don't get there early, or order it and pick it up later, you're out of luck. But that's not all, the pound cake is one of the best around. They have cookies, donuts, rolls, pies and beautiful cakes. Wander in early on a Saturday morning and it is buzzing, I guarantee you'll find something else you want to try besides what you went in there to buy in the first place. The staff is always professional and very friendly and they have great hours, especially since it's a real bakery. It's a true neighborhood treasure.

Mary Righter

Excellent pond cake and cookies! Immaculately clean. Very efficient staff!

Jennifer Rupp

Whoever doesn’t give this place 5 stars is a MONSTER

Michelle Alullo

I got the pound cake without icing. Very expensive & dry. They only take cash.

Rick Moessner

Known for their Pound Cake..either loaf- style or round. Butter,lard,flour,sugar,etc. Doesn't get any better than that..for40+ yrs!

Berni Hennegan

No one makes a better pound cake than Stock's.

Christine Rivera

I've been going here for years. Still the best pound cake and cookies I've ever had.

Nancy Lanni

Yummy. I was looking everywhere for hot cross buns. Stocks has them. Love the place.

Susan Reichardt

Excellent pound cake

Lauren M

Great cakes. Always very very fresh. I ordered two custom cakes from here lately and the customer service was great. The woman helping me was so kind and took her time with my order and making sure my cake would be perfect. Thanks!

sacha wallace

Delicious Cake and great prices. Staff is friendly. Been in Philadelphia and had no idea that this gem was here until an out of towner gave me a piece of their cake.

toni sexton

Nothing special. But its good

Meg Graham

Love this bakery! Grew up with this place and it's family. Cash only but an ATM is nearby. Lines during peak times but it's controlled chaos and the line moves faster than you'd think. And ultimately, their goods are always worth the wait !!

Kim Shetz

Why does everyone love it, their pound cakes are the best ever!!! My family always go there for every birthday, wedding etc

Lydia Borges

Best pound cake hands down!

Mike Mooney

Best pound cake in the city


I'm from Japan. I've never had pound cake before, This was my first pound cake. IT'S AMAZING!!

Prosperity Lyfe

Best molasses crispers cookies ever..

Christopher Lichtman

Best pound cake in the East!

Lourdes Fernandez

Flawless. Consistent. Buttery. Always flaky on the outside and fluffy like a piece cloud in your mouth is their chocolate croissant. Definitely makes B patisserie looks terrible with their stuffed chocolate banana croissant. I wish the bakers smile a little more but, hey, they are French!

Molly Ray

Affordable bakery with sweet treats. Famous for the pound cake but also has yummy cookies! Cash only but with such great prices, you can walk away with your sweet treats for less than $20, even less than $10!

Dana Pohl

Their pound cakes are the best.

Marshieta Walker

Poubd cake is out of this world

Michael Giamboy

Best bakery ever. Never find a better pound cake

Gabbi McHenry

My dad is from Philly & moved to SC 2 years ago. I pick up bars for him & myself & mail him pound cakes often so he has a taste of home

Neidalina Ortiz

Bought my daughter Birthday cake from them and always the best pound cake in Philly.

Linda Czechowski

Wish they were open on Sunday!!!

Harry Cash

Great snacks pound cake is the best

Mike Bela

Thee Best pound cake and pastries,cookies.

Scott Timmons

The best pound cake anywhere.. cash only so be prepared. Also try the cheese Danish pie..its amazing.

Jimmy Zarenkiewicz

The only place to go for great tasting pound cake.

Joseph Gruss

Everything there is the best.

Joseph Macias

Travel from ny to get there pound cake ,

Adrian toro

Love there pound cakes

Diana Diaz

Have never had a bad experience at Stocks. Best pound cake in Philly.


It would have been a five- but the people that work there are unfriendly & more than a bit rude. I explained I had just moved to Philly ,and I had walked my dog down to the bakery. A teacher friend of mine told me how great their poundcake was. She drives up from Green Lane (montg co). The 2 women didnt want to hear anything, seems iritated so I made my purchase then scurried out.I really wish they would be kind to people coming to buy baked goods from their store. CK Herb.

Tracey Cowan

Best pound cake ever! Butter cake and cookies are delicious also. Highly recommend it.

AuStistic gaming

Didn't get to spend alot of time there. But I loved what I saw. Wish I went more often now

Margaret Peterkin

Great pound cake, only takes cash

Mary McElroy

Best pound cake in Philly and maybe the tri state area.

Lorie M.

Really good cakes, though slightly less good than before. More sweet, a little less moist but good nevertheless. I appreciate their products but they lack in taking care of customers in certain respects. They STILL don't take credit/debit cards. Today some lady paying for her order whipped out a giant wad of cash to pay for her large order. Also, this year, they're closing June 30th - Aug 3rd for the summer. That might be helpful to the owner but customers are shafted. These may work for the bakery but it doesn't work for customers, esp if you're from out of town. The owner(s) may be taking some liberties they earned but customers get the short end of the stick. I'm questioning whether to remain loyal to a business that's not exactly loyal to me.

j m

This is THE place for the best pound cake in Philadelphia. They charge by the pound, and the cake is very dense, but that's what makes it the perfect cake.

Catherine Corson

cookies and pound cake

Bryce Carr

Pound cake is definitely worth the travel. Have to choose to have icing or no icing. They have plenty of other baked goods. They aren't exactly well labeled and you have to ask for a rundown of everything on the shelves.

Anders M

Best cakes in the area for sure. Long wait but totally worth it.

Rosana Biebel

The pound cake does not taste the same anymore. Not as good.

Richard Burke

Best butter cake and poind cake. Prices are good.

Anne Walsh

Very good place. Pound cakes, cookies are great. Always crowded when I'm there. Alittle pricy, but great quality.

Charlie Crompton


Michael Grassey

The best pound cake around you will not taste a better pound cake then stocks.

Michael Mcallister

Great cakes, donuts, friendly and helpful service people! They also have breads, rolls, and other treats!

BigEddie 1968

Multi generational bakery, has been serving Port Richmond and Philadelphia for decades, pound cake is the go to here, and don't forget the butter cake and cookies. Wedding, Birthday Cakes or Cakes for a special occasion. My Grandmother, Mother were patrons for many, many years. And now I'am too. The doughnuts are delicious too. *They close for the month of July for vacation.*

Mackenzie Walker

This is the best pound cake in the whole world if anyone tells you any different punch them in the face.

franknberry 63

I dont get it. Been here 2 times and got pound cake. Whats all the fuss. Long ride for nothing .

Carole Wagner

The best pound cake anywhere! Just picked up my order. Always organized and friendly. Cash Only! 5/18 went on my pilgrimage to Stocks! 12/24/18 back again for the holidays! Just the best!

theresa cabeza

Wonderful pound cake bars. My family loves them and would be a great hostess gift. Visiting the store before holidays, don't be afraid of line outside bakery store. They have plenty of help and very organized lines inside. The wait was not long at all and so worth it!

David Specca

Best Pound Cake Ever

Joseph brown

Best pound cake in the United States

Lou Carsello

The best pound cake anywhere..

harry andrews

This is the place to go for your bakery needs !!

Art by Christine Hamilton

Delicious baked goods, friendly service.

Wadiya Cody

Best 50cent donut ever ..

Sharinea Hoyle

Best Butter Pound Cakes Ever!!

ross losco jr

My family has need getting pound cakes from their . Some 1920s or before . Love their pound cake and much of their pastries !!!! Do yourself a favor and go their !!°

Tony Furfari

Absolutely the best around Cake ever made!

Elissa Williams

Great prices for delicious baked goods

Barbara Perri

Went to Philadelphia to see my daughter ,I stopped in stock's bakery and they were so wonderful and friendly. I suggest everyone to go it's a wonderful place.

robert richie

I usually love everything that Stocks has made for me in the past, but was very dissapointed with their Apple Crumb Pie. There is no Crumb on their Apple Crumb, not good.

Retro Oreo

Amazing cakes that are super sweet and last forEVER. My family has been going there for generations!

terry Berkery

Best pound cake

Phil Cooper

Words can't say how good this cake is

Saleem Lewis

Amazing choices and donuts are very cheap. This is also the first time I have seen peanutbutter donuts. If you love pastries then please give this place a try!

Christian Ryan

Pound cake really is advertised. Best I've ever had. We'll run place with friendly staff. I'll never go anywhere else for pound cake

Glenn Colville

Best pound cake hands down.

Steven Salzman

Come on, its Stocks!!!!! Grew up with the place and no one touches their pound cakes. My favorite Danish they have is called the chop suei, is all the leftovers from the week thrown into a pastry!!! So good

Tim Murphy

Great home made bakery, best pound cake ever!!

E S Walkling

Cash only....Family run Very Best Pound Cake....

Jaclyn Bonsera

Best cookies and pound cake ever!!!! I literally willgo and buy two pounds of their cookies and eat them myself !!!....been going here my whole life and will continue to as long as they are around!!!

Mary Noel Whelan

Picked up pound cake and butter cake! Yum!

Mike Green

Great place

JoAnna Saville

Everyone knows how amazing Stock's pound cake is, if not they must live on Mars!!!

Rocco Naccarella

Great experience and great tasting cakes and pastries

joseph kendra

Great selection of cakes and excellent pound cake

joanne Romanelli

Best pound cake nd butter cake

Ronald Fries

The only pound cake that my family likes to eat. All others are not even close in comparison.

John Mach

All hail... King of the Pound cake

Noreen Finn

The only thing to say is Stock's is great

Carol Glass

Best pound cake ever

Veronica Martin

Not as good as it used to be

Julia Uchniat

Their pound cakes are the best.


Best. Poundcake. Ever!


A Riverwards Holiday staple, they may not have a large variety of baked goods as some bakerys but what they have definitely sets a standard others try to emulate. Pic in front of Bakery looking East at I-95 as a reference to non-locals of how close to I-95 Bakery is.

Bill Hier

Pound cake. Get some. Enough said

Tammy Sautner

love there buttercake

Morgan S

Great pound cake , great service! Rating a 4 because they don't accept debit or credit which is kind of an inconvenience.

Marisol Pabon Santiago

Stock cakes, cookies & lemon merran pies are delicious.

Mike Mcdermott

Best buttercake ever


Best pound cake in the city. Sticky buns are delicious and cookies are excellent. Great place and better service.

Ben Kranefeld

The pound cake is truly one of a kind! My favorite is with vanilla icing. The store made sugar cookies are also delicious! The bakery is not real big and can get cramped at times, but the friendly girls working there and selection of treats make the experience worth it!

Julia Trongone

Bought 14 poundcakes for the Holidays. I can't attest to any other goods here but the poundcake never disappoints.

edward mcgrath

It's the place to go, their reputation speaks for itself.

Bob Thompson

Best pound cake, hands down.

Edward Kadelski

The best pound cake in the city.hands down

Chris Shellenberger

Best pound cake. Family run business. They do birthday cakes, and wedding cakes. They also have other bakery items. Their butter cakes are yummy. I love their tea biscuits.

chris Darcy

Outstanding! ! Had my first pound cake about two months ago, went back to purchase two more It's a perfect snack at the end of the day with a cup a milk.

Bill ODonnell

Nothing like a Stock's pound cake.

Stadan branigan

The only place to buy pound cake cookies and birthday cake . yummy I know people out of state who travel up every so often for the pound. Cake.

David Scott

Best pound cake I've ever eaten.

Dave Slevenski

NEVER EVER EAT ANY kind of cakes FROM anywhere else.THERE butter cake is to die for.

Jack Gill

Best pound cake in the city and beyond

Lorraine McManus

The best bakery in Philadelphia why is around the corner on Sundays but it's well worth the wait

C Kelley

Great place. Friendly staff and worth the drive. Best pound cake ever.

Ron Castille

Best pound cakes in Phila. Great cookies too. Slice toasted with vanilla ice cream is fabulous

Kim Davis

This is absolutely the best bakery! I have been a customer for years, had many celebrations with their cakes, including our wedding! Moved to suburbs, but still try to get here 1 or 2x a year. They have specialty pound cakes, I like the vanilla w vanilla icing. Holidays, be sure to get the Easter egg shape. Also have great pies and butter cake is a must! Bring cash as they don't take credit cards!

Janine Seif

The only place in the world to go for pound cake. Vanilla or chocolate does not matter it will knock your MF socks off.

Demetrius Green

Good Good good ben going .for 18yr

joseph gallo

Best pound cake in the city!!!

Christi Lamberti

Find me a person that doesn't love Stocks pound cake....never! Trust me! If you haven't tried Stock's, drop everything, and get there, now! And... try the Cheese Pie! Yumm!

Kinaya Walker

I love family owned businesses. This place was small but not at all lacking in quality. I had the chance to taste some of thier pound cake, cheese cake and a sugar cookie. All of which were pleasing to look at and very yummy.

Mary Anderson

Best pound cake ever!

Amneris Ali

What else I can said about this place? That is perfect that I love each of everything that they bake there the MOST DELICIOUS POUNDCAKE in the world! Love the place love the owner!

Cathy Jo Barnsbaw

Love the pound cake

N Kasthhxhxjx

Horrible customer service!!! Make u wait in line out in freezing cold weather bc u can't pick up holiday pies Christmas eve

Mary DeLeon

Absolutely my favorite bakery! I love their cakes and they have the best icing.

Rich K.

Decent pastries, buttercake, etc. , prices in line with Philly.

Caitlin Dalik

When it came time to choose our wedding cake, it was a no-brainer that we would order cake from Stock’s. We wanted our guests to experience the famous Stock’s pound cake and knew that taste was the most important aspect. The staff was so helpful in helping us decide what size cake we needed and the cake was so reasonably priced.

Victoria Andrina Rodriguez

Ordered my wedding cake from here. The pound cake is famous and after trying it I can understand why! Thick, dense, buttery and yummy!

Jackie Gallante

Delicious pound cake

Chris Meier

Stock's Bakery supplied the cake for our reunion, and it was absolutely delicious. Always a treat, and easily the best pound cake around. Thank you!

Deborah Gleiter

Went here to order a wedding cake and felt rushed . The girl acted like she was doing us a favor even speaking to us. It wasnt busy. The designs arent much to choose from. Found a pound cake very comparable in taste, and the staff was much friendlier at deserts by design in Richboro. Cheaper prices too.

Robert Zwicharowski

Still the best pound cake in the world.

Maddy Mikayla Emma

Tea biscuits hot cross buns from stocks for our seniors they were a bunch of happy campers

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