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REVIEWS OF Sanders Cookie Jar Bakery IN Pennsylvania

Kathy A

Kelly Llewellyn

I have been a faithful customer over the years at Sanders..until today. I went to pickup my husbands birthday cake, in a rush I paid for it and left. When I got home I realized, it was not at all what I had asked for, Dave, the owner and Perrie will recall, a deer playing hockey. I called the store and the girl who answered the phone told Perrie who was baking that I there was a lady on the phone who wasn't happy with her cake (yes, I could here you and you were rude as well), he told Dave to take the call. Dave offered no apology or compensation or offer to make it right, just tha the would tell Josh...big whoop! I have never seen such poor customer service in all my life! You are rude and do not care about good customer service. I loved the food at Sanders Cookie Jar but I will never again order a cake from then ever again. You should be ashamed of yourself!! How dare you be rude to customers and offer apology for a botched cake.

derrick mcguire

Eric Jones

Elizabeth Dugan

Amazing donuts. pastries, pies and cakes.

Sandy Johnson

Overall food is good , but I’ve revently went in one afternoon and had to wait several minutes for the lady with glasses and a big bun on top of her head to take my order, she seemed to have more interest on playing with her phone. Also was disappointed to not see the blonde clerk whom waited on me for many years now. After asking where she was I was told she was no longer there.

Kelly Ganoe

Great service & excellent food

Shelly Miller

michelle covert

Virginia Fink

I love their donuts and cinnamon rolls! Coconut frosted is my favorite! Truly a wonderful and delicious bakery!

Joshua Hornbaker

Robert Wagner

Best place in the area

Teresa Stoneberger

Everything you want and more.

Thomas Weitzel

Bogdan Marinoiu

My daughter win a contest at school and the prize was half dozen of cookies from Sanders. We arrived last night there with couple of minutes before the close time. I parked in front and when the lady from inside saw us she run to lock the door. Was verry rude because my both daughters remains looking on the window to inside. Was my first time there and for sure my last time. And if anybody will ask me I will not recommend that place. Was not about free cookies because anyway I will buy more than those free cookies but how you will feel like a parent when you child will ask you why the lady don't want to open the door.

Diane Popp

karen scott

First of all I wouldn't even give it one star. I had a birthday cake made for my granddaughter there and the cake itself was dry. The decorating of the cake was terrible. It was suppose to be the galaxy and there was a big crack in it. If I had the time to get another cake I would have do to the decorating of the cake. Also the lady says oh thats the crack in the galaxy. People are not customer oriented

Payne Monroe

lupo lupo

This bakery is really good

Debbi Hardy

Debbie Reeser

Always awesome! Don't go anywhere else for my special baked goods!

Abigail Rohrer

Joyce Kentner

Great. First time there.


They are the best cakes I've ever had, I order from them any time I need a cake. I recently ordered one for a work picnic and told them to do a farm theme and what they produced was beyond my expectations! If you've never had a cake from here you are really missing out!

alexis hull

Lynn Gammell

Delicious chocolate eclairs, powder sugar dusted cream puffs, caramel frosted donuts.

Frank Duncan

Good variety, some items are better than others, reasonable prices, a few grouchy employees but I just try to be pleasant enough for both of us! Overall good bakery that I frequent.

Toni Bitner

I purchase all of my kids birthday cakes here every year. Wonderful service and awesome goodies. Never had anything that didn't taste amazing!

Madeline Statton

Great bakery. It does get very busy around the holidays so be sure to bring some patience! Their cookies and cupcakes are delicious.

Bethany H

Judy Eakle

Best pies in the area.

Dean Smallwood

Jamie Jean Smith

Jeff Haines

Jodi McKenzie

First time I stopped by was years ago, when they had first opened here. Almost completely empty then. They stuck around, though, so I assumed they’d done well and would be a fully-stocked bakery. Stopped by on 11/30/17, just before 10am. More stock now, but surprisingly limited variety. I was hoping for the decadent sights, and smells of all the confections you’d expect to find in a bakery. They had little more variety and stock than you can find at a grocery store and much less than our Pennsylvania Dutch Market. It’s a bakery... yet nothing to drool over. I decided to buy what I came for, only I couldn’t. I chose some cupcakes and asked to have pink decoration (icing or other) on top, as I was visiting someone in the hospital who had just delivered a baby girl. The woman behind the counter said I could get something like that... if I special ordered them and came back at a later date to pick them up. What??? This is BAKERY. Why aren’t people employed here who can get you what you’d like... who can throw some decorations on your cupcakes and put a smile on your face? The only thing they seemed to do is sell standard, retail baked items. There is no baker/decorator to fill your order. Where the product comes from - who knows? I simply walked out, and went to Martins grocery. There, extremely helpful employees offered to get fresh cupcakes of my choosing from the back, piped white icing (I chose whipped) on them and then piped a thick pink swirl on top. They were adorable and it took all of 5 minutes. (They were tasty too.) Why a grocery store employee quickly and easily did this for a customer, yet a BAKERY employee refused, I do not understand.

Vichuda Wachs

Emily Metcalf

Jen Kuhn

I had previously purchased a king cake here, which was excellent. I placed an order for a half a sheet cake for a graduation party. I went in 2 weeks in advance with a picture of the cake I wanted. A simple design of stars, a grad cap, and the words Congratulations and Name, which is obviously nothing too difficult. I drive by here every day in the morning at the same time, and the lights are always on. I told them I would be picking the cake up at 7:30, and was surprised that unlike previous mornings the lights were off up front. Even after going in, and 2 other customers coming in the lights remained off. The lady flashed me the cake quickly, and then taped up the box. When I got home I was appalled at the quality of this cake. I’m sure she realized what poor quality this was, hence the lights off and hurried pace. IT WAS HORRIBLE! Everything. Not one good thing could be said about anything on the cake. First the cake wasn’t even cut down to even it out. They iced it with the left side being significantly higher than the right. The writing, stars, and lines were horrendous. The stars were poorly drawn, and were all cracked in the filling. The lines were not straight, and the icing pipe was repeatedly broken up as if someone had stopped and started the lines multiple times. Then the graduation cap drawn on was absolutely the worst. It is misshapen, crooked, and the icing was again all broken up. It is a wonder this place has even stayed in business. This quality of cake I would expect from a tenth grade tech student, not a professional bakery. I honestly don’t think the cake could have come out any worse. If you pay for a professional cake, then it should LOOK like a bakery made it. DO NOT BUY CAKES HERE!

Jessica Terry

Ladies are always pleasant. My daughter loves the sugar cookies. Go in the morning to get the best options.

Barb Hansen

I love this bakery, it is cheap, excellent sweets, and good service.

Tina DiSilvestri

Adam Rowan

They have pretzels now and a new flavor of cupcakes which is a nice addition. I have never had a bad treat here! The donuts are always fresh and prices are very good too! The cookies have a nice crunch and not too overpowering with the chocolate which I love!

Nolan Oliver

Absolutely everything I've ever gotten from here over the course of a year has been fantastic. They have the best jelly donuts I've had in my life. If you're looking for donuts or pastries, you need to try this place out. You won't regret it and you won't want to go anywhere else.

Zach Mcmillan

Hello, my husband went there today to get 3 donuts since you only take cash under $5.00 I went to ATM to get a $20.00 bill to pay. When he went to pay the Lady was waiting on him and another customer. My husband gave a lady a $20 she took it had him wait for his change so she could tend to the other customer. When she went to give him his change she only gave him money back for a $10 bill . Of course he spoke up and said he handed her a $20 bill she said he did not that he gave her a $10 bill and the other lady customer gave her a 20. She eventually gave him the correct change after basically accusing him of trying to rip them off . What upsets me is that she should not be waiting on two customers with money apparently she cannot handle that kind of responsibility . First of all you do not accuse a customer of something that is false she should've counted her register or like a smart associate leave the money on top of the register until the change was given back. My husband said she was really rude and what upsets me is that I know that I gave him a $20 bill . I don't know how she messed up the other customer hopefully she got that one right . Normally the ladies in the bakery are very nice but you don't accuse a customer of something that is completely false and just stand there and do that in the store is wrong . I would recommend that if you go there to be very cautious with cash money . I personally feel that my husband deserves an apology but I'm sure that no action will be done or anything like that. And I truly hope that Sanders gets a chance to read this so that maybe they can correct the situation and that it doesn't happen to somebody else . It was the blonde hair lady who wears glasses. I do hope that the manager teaches this lady how to not only handle money but how to handle customers. It was ridiculous that I had to use my sons Google account just to leave a review . My husband works for the sheriffs department I don't see him trying to rip off a bakery for 3 donuts . Just be cautious with your money there.

marc mason

Always friendly, and fresh bakery goods

sandy miller

People were friendly, and price was good but I ordered 1dozen yellow cupcakes with peanut butter icing I personally didn't like them they were really dry and had no flavor the icing didn't even really taste that well. I will not be going back.

Sheri Enderle

Della Newlin

The greatest pastry donut cookie cake and more. And great customer service

Stephen Clark

Ed Bass

Great alternative to the doughnut chains.

David Lewis II

Great food, great style and all out great service!

Minnie Hull

Love it wish I could eat their baked goods every day soooooooo good

Chris Smigelski

Love this place. I'm usually there every Monday to pick up pastries.

Gina Hott

Not much in stock. Sticky buns and pie were acceptable but not amazing. :(

Kate Moughan

Lynne Smith

I stopped in to get holiday cupcakes for a party I was attending. I picked out over a dozen very nicely decorated cupcakes and the lady put them in the box. When I opened the box the decorations on the top of the cupcakes had been smashed down by the lid. Disappointed I paid extra for the decorated cupcakes only to have the decoration smashed. The icing tasted good but the cake part of the cupcake was flavorless.

Chrystie Skipski

Liana Fili

Excellent baked goods at excellent prices. Every time I bring them to work they disappear. Very friendly staff too.

Wayne Wetzel

Pleasant service,quality baked goods, reasonable prices.

Broc Pickett

Been a customer for almost 10 years living very close to the store, theres a lady has longer dark hair and glases usually there in the morning who has been constantly rude and made remarks to me. Apparently the place aint all it used to be, we used to walk in and get greeted. Occasionally get a free doughnut or two. Not anymore

james yates

Love this place

Gary Carter

Jason Brier

Best donuts in town, just awesome!

Rob Grimsley

Great tasting Donuts. A Hagerstown Staple!!!

Daniel Krocker

Great selection, just the smells in that place will.ake your mouth water

Weslie Johnson

The cookie jar employees are always nice but today they went above and beyond. I have gotten a few birthday cakes there in the past but always kept my options open. After today I will likely get all cakes there from now on. Upon picking up my cake it had slightly fallen apart. The decorator quickly fixed it. I took it home very slowly but before leaving for the party I checked on it to find it a disaster. So I called the cookie jar to ask for help. They called their decorator back in and promised to fix it. Not only did she do an amazing job fixing it she then delivered it to the party on her way home. Sometimes it seems that people have forgotten about simple things that make great customer service and experience. But I can say those at the cookie jar still appreciate it and haven’t forgotten. So if you have tried them check them out. Not only do the great customer service and are always donating to the community but their bakery selection is extremely yummy.

Beth Demith

Old time bakery. Great prices. Love the breads and pastries.

Debbie Manzanares


Annette Embly

Lots Baking Goods Mm Good.

Nina Corleone

Charlie Rubis

Wonderful place. Everyone has been so nice when we go. Great selection and we have never had anything that tasted bad.

Mary Shumaker

Jeff Renner

Clair Kercheval

Corey Monroe

Angie S

Rose Nichols

Simple and homemade! Love everything about the baked goodies!!

Norma Sappington

I make a visit almost every week. Great pastries and prices are fair. Especially compared to the city.

Gary Bartles

Timothy Walters

Jesse Schuyler

Best donuts in town!

Ashley Holden Hammond

Great selection of fresh pastries and breads. The baklava is one of my favorites! Thank you for the great service and wide-variety of specialty items.

Admiral Kirk

The service is great and there is a broad selection of baked goods.

Michelle Lewis

Our family has ordered several cakes a year from them for a long time. They are really great with customer service every time we either call in or go in. The desserts are terrific!!! I always get compliments from people at parties or get togethers about the food. Everyone thinks it's homemade. Then I tell them it's not made by me, but by The Cookie Jar. Several have started checking them out and love it! If you haven't stopped in, you need to! Your tastebuds will love you for it, maybe not your scale.

Eric Talbert

Large selection of great desserts. Friendly helpful staff.

Kathie Hults

Best bakery around! Love the cannolis!

Rhonda Bitner

Been getting my cakes from here for years. Dixie is an.amazing cake decorator.and the service is always great I highly reccomend

russell smith

Smells good walking in the door nice friendly place

Deanna Weaver

Peanut butter Donuts, cannoli, tea cookies, cinnamon buns, cheese Danish.

Tyler Tubbs

friendly staff that are helpful in deciding what treats to buy, prices were fair for the quality of product! would recomend

Hannah Wilhide

I will never go here again. Went in last week when website said they were open. No one was there. No note, nothing. Went in yesterday and staff was completely rude. Saying I had to buy the cookie cutter for the shape I wanted AND they couldn't get them done in time anyway. Very unprofessional.

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