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REVIEWS OF Prantl's Bakery IN Pennsylvania

Ryan Novosel

Daniel Clay


colleen miller

Burnt almond torte is the most amazing anything anywhere!!!!

Alisha Martz

Used to be my absolutely favorite place to get burnt almond torte, not so much anymore. But still a decent bakery!

Landon Henline

We ordered a cake for a birthday for $55 and it was not worth it the icing was great but the cake was SUPER dry. The cake was prepaid and when we went to pick it up the man behind the counter tried to get us to pay again and we told him several times that it was already paid for.

Harry B.

Bakery is satisfactory. They use shortening instead of butter in almost everything they make and it shows in the taste.

William Corley III

The baked goods are great, but the the customer service is absolutely atrocious. I've been here multiple times, because I wanted to support a local business. However the employees were always rude, flippant, and acted like I was inconveniencing them. Definitely won't be returning!

Steven Angelo

Great local bakery. Their creativity is as excellent as their classics are

Madeline Alt

My friend and I had a wonderful experience here! The staff was so helpful, as we were transparent that we were there from out of town. The almond torte way exceeded my expectations! We also got some little truffle things that were equally delicious, but the almond torte was really something special. The staff also recommended a great spot for a meal when we asked. If I’m ever in Pittsburgh again I’ll happily return!

April Drap

Scott St. Clair

Burnt almond torte is all that it is cracked up to be! Very sad that Mancini’s is no longer at this location, but it is still worth a go for pastries at a very reasonable price.

Natalie G

Great burnt almond torte

Renee Breese

Almond torte is amazing


Cake has no flavor whatsoever except for tasting like pure sugar

Eric Beres Jr.

Nick Brown

Renee P

Viva la Burnt Almond Torte!

Zahida Imran

I buy two brownies on friday arond in night when I eat it they are burn and hard. It is first time it happen like that she should inform me that are burn and old.

Aditya Pratap Singh Chauhan

Number 1 bakery in pittsburgh.

B. Deneris

I purchased a cinnamon scone and a spinach & feta wrap. The scone looked like it would be great with what looked like lots of cinnamon morsels throughout, but there was virtually no cinnamon flavor or taste in it whatsoever...very disappointing. Whenever possible I like to to shop at local independent stores. But for cinnamon scones, I’d recommend getting Trader Joe’s instead of this Bakery - u can actually taste cinnamon at half the price! The spinach and feta wrap was really bad and my husband, who loves feta cheese and spinach, agreed. Perhaps other items there are good, but 0 for 2 and I won’t be back.

Matt Metrovich

Lovely Blu

What's not to love about cakes and pies

Susan Kraus

Very good cake!! Very nice people! To the women who cried racist...they didn't greet me right away either, and I am a white woman. I appreciated this. It gave me time to decide.

Mike Toth

Sean Smith

Have had issues picking up past two orders. Was given someone else's cake first time and second time was told I had to drive to the Shady Side location to pick up my cake, wasting my time and parking money without any apology. Shame because their cakes taste great.

Dylan Seats

I have to agree with peggy, they gave us a free almond cupcake thing for patiently waiting and it was a amazing and I don't like almonds. Amazing.....

Sarah Baverso

Delicious pastries, clean store, friendly employees. Best New year's pretzel I've ever had.

Shania Day

Baked goods hmmm Lol. The place does not really have to be that special to sell baked goods Lol, the baked goods just need to be GOOD


Ronald DiBiase

Juli Marhefka

Kerry Oberst

Most likely the best cinnamon roll in Pittsburgh!

Kenneth Kahn

Nice little spot. Good quality products

Sergey Opanasenko

Love their cakes

Gurucharan Prabhu

Famous bakery in Pittsburgh and lot of variety in Cakes and pastries.. Hood value for the quality they offer and it’s the famous cake house in town. Hope they will have some eggless options in future for Vegetarians.. Currently they don’t seem to have it..Also Vegan options should be encouraged..

Jason Walker

We love the burnt almond torte. Other places have it, but this is the original and best.

David Walker

Decadent beyond words. Get something. Anything. You won’t regret it.

Brock Aura

Classic old school bakery. Staff could be friendlier.

Christopher Martinez

My go-to for any occasion. Their burnt almond torte absolutely lives up to it's reputation!

Marlene M

The mini cupcakes are amazing

Sangyeon Cho

이탈리안 스타일의 제과점입니다. 항상 사람들로 붐비는 곳인데, 가격은 부담이 없습니다.

sek three

Absolutely LOVE the almond tort! A must try when downtown.

Joseph Warren

So fresh, and so good!

john barkus

nice little shop baked goods were phenomenal

meghan white

If you’re looking for dry cake you’ve come to the right place!

Chris Stairs

Per Blue

Lady locks hardly are filled with any cream, extra dough/crunch. The cheese danish is also constructed with more dough since it's not open top and lacks much filling. I wouldn't recommend Prantl's for either of my two favorite items. The taste is good, but the ratio is way off. If you prefer this ratio, may be the place for you.

Amy Philpot

Burnt almond torte are amazing!!!

Hadi Wiputra

All hail to almond torte, we are you great believer! Seriously, it deserves all the hype. It is a combination of soft sponge cake, coated with icing sugar glaze, dusted with burnt almond, rock sugar and salt. Dotted with a custard on top... Damn delicious! The sponge cake is so soft, it just cave in on my fingers.

Peggy Frey

Their almond tort is so amazing that I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being the cure for cancer. If we air dropped it into other countries, there would be world peace. Seriously, if you're in town and love almonds and cakes, get yourself one. Even if you hate almonds and cake, one bite of this heavenly goodness will change your life forever. Buy this cake. Now.

Olivia Donnan

David Mayer

Excellent cake. We ordered ahead for our daughter's first birthday. Had no issues placing the order online. Also had no issues when picking up the order. All the employees were very kind. The cake was very good and the design was better than we were expecting. A little on the pricier side but not outrageous, well worth the cost for quality product.

Emma Blumer

The burnt almond torte is really delightful.

April Rowan

Absolutely DELICIOUS! !! Great service!!!!

Tara Sherman

I ordered two cakes for a birthday party and they were not only delicious, they were beautifully decorated. I gave somewhat simple and vague directions, but they nailed it!

John Crowley

Eric Corbin

Thomas Blackwell

I was overly whelmed last Friday with trying to come up with arrangements at the last second. An associate of mine told me about this place before, but I had not been familiar with the hours of operation. I must have gotten there after hours because the lights had been turned off and a the doors were locked. As I turned back to call it a failure of the day for my great grandmother's party that evening, a gentleman noticed the look of sadness upon my face and came to my rescue. Lets just say Leroy made it a smashing success that night and I would recommend this bakery to Jesus Christ himself. Again thank you for the warm first of many to come experiences from Mr. Grace at Prantl's Bakery in market Square.

Brian Seklecki

Same building/space as Mancini's Bread.

Jack O'Reilly-Tanner

Jeremy Fresh

LeAnne S

Delicious as always. Almond Torte is a must.

Tommy Martinez

Everything is delicious!

Jeff Lemon

Best all-around bakery I've ever been to. The almond tort. The apple strudel. The cherry and cheese danish.

ricardo garcia

Bakery with no coffee!!! Its like a burger placevwith no fries...

Rocky Hughes

Two cakes all love will continue to get my money

michelle dong

Everything here is amazing. Especially the almond tort cake

Kelly Monroe

Always a favorite stop when in Market Square or Shadyside! Love the Toasted Almond Torte but everything is yummy there. Staff is always friendly.

Teea Sechrist

Love Prantl's, I come here all the time. Everything is fantastic! If there's a line it usually moves quick!

Maya M

This bakery was absolutely worth the hype. Quaint shop, with friendly staff. The smell of freshly baked deliciousness will greet you at the door. Burnt almond cupcake was recommended to me, but the burnt almond torte (a bigger version of the yummy treat) was well worth it for my first visit. 6/5 stars, if it was possible

Amy Teresa Comperatore

Great bakery! Oh my the cookies are delish. Service could have been faster, all in all, good people & good food.

Austin Laird

Bobby Cherry

Absolutely amazing bakery. While known for their burnt almond torte, you’ll never go wrong with anything here: cake, iconic thumbprint cookies, other treats. Everything is great.

Yogesh Kauntia

5-stars and I am yet to taste their tortes!

Nathaniel Franklin

Spent a day in Pittsburgh and wanted to stop by a bakery. We ordered a couple small cakes and treats and went to pay. Just as we got to the register, the credit card system went down and we waited patiently for it to come back up. After about 5 or so minutes, a woman came up, handed us our goods, thanked us for waiting, and said the cakes/treats were on them. Great customer service AND the treats were excellent!

JoAnn Froimzon

The woman who attended my out of state call was extremely kind, helpful and accommodating! Wanted to surprise my college son for his birthday-so they prepared a beautiful and delicious mini cupcake platter the he and his friends devoured. Thank you! Highly recommend!

Amelia Deacon

Ash Zin

The staff takes utter care of their customers, even while being short staffed. Chocolate cake was delicious wish I had gotten 2 pieces.

David Kiehl

The BEST bakery EVER............. Can't stay away. Sinfully sweet.

Jeffrey Vandeveer

10 days ago I placed and order for 6 simple cupcakes to be picked up at the Market Square location. I had to give up my lunch hour to walk down to Market Square from my office in the Strip to pick up my order. When I got there, 4 of the 6 cupcakes were out of stock, and I was informed that no efforts would be made to ensure that my order (to be picked up at 1:00PM) would be ready by the end of the day. What is the purpose of placing an online order in advance if the bakers don't even look at the order beforehand? The LEAST they could have done is tell me my order would not be filled on time before I gave up an hour of my time to pick the order up. This service is inexcusable. I will never again order from Prantl's. Pathetic!

Michael Shaheen

Eric Coy

I finally decided to try the famous almond torte after many years and it certainly lived up to the hype. The salted almond and moist cake really make this stand out from imitations in other bakeries. The pumpkin gob and thumb prints were good too. The staff were helpful and willing to make recommendations.

drew ford

Ben Parker

This place has the best pastries and cakes.

Quinn Favo

One of a kind cakes and pastries

Emily Flynn

Barb Piekarski

I got my son's birthday cake here. It is very tasty and the cake looks like the picture I sent it looks better in person! The girl at the counter was very friendly. My parents got me a cupcake from here it was very good. My son loved his own little cupcake and his cake. I want to get more goodies from here!

Eva Frankovic

I had cupcakes for my son's birthday party. The cake was good, but the icing or frosting was as hard as a rock.

Sara Sisco

Christine Marino

Purchased a 10 inch birthday cake. Was stale and had a raunchy taste to it. White cake was so dry it crumbled as soon as you touched it. Very disappointed and was out a good bit of pocket change for it. Now I know why the salesperson was trying to get me to purchase the torte instead...........

Kelsey Cunningham

An absolute must-try in Pittsburgh! I'm thoroughly addicted. The burnt almond cakes are AMAZING, and I also LOVE the heavily iced sugar cookies! When I first discovered Prantls, I was stopping there weekly... I've regained a small bit of self control, but I never regret these calories! Ha

Nancy Foltz

Our “go to” place whenever we visit Pittsburgh. Love their pastries!!!

Patrick McKenzie

Great food and great service!

Tony Dear

The almond torte was pretty unique--the way that the creamy texture of the inside meshed with the flaky almonds outside is not to be found anywhere else on any other pastry. It was almost perfect; personally, I think it was just a tad too sweet for my own tastes, but I can see why it has its fans.

Angie D'Aloiso

Just tasted the brunt almond torte for the first time

Max Grosel

A must when visiting Pittsburgh. The cakes here are out of this world. Highly recommend.

Nora Elizabeth

horrible customer service for ordering ahead ... was told I was able to order 2 weeks out because it was a simple 5" cake.. almond torte too so in their wheel house... went in today 2 months prior to event and was told "no" by the same lady thay told me I could order 2 weeks out? Makes me not want to go there again......

Diana Fox

Drew Ringeling

Faithlynn Spano

This is one of the top bakeries in Pittsburgh, with a nationally recognized almond torte. Today they have a WALKING TORTE! This location has a very friendly staff and convenient location. I was pleased during my visit to see that they now offer Klavon’s Ice Cream!

VALERIE Wallace Collier

My favorite bakery

Bob Eberhardt

Fantastic quality baked goods

Matt Chapon

Jeff Kretzer

They have the best and fresh and not expensive at all

John Ricky

Kameron Goulding

Good brownies, but slow service.

Kathy Lewis

We are Pittsburghers transplanted in Mississippi. Were in town for the weekend and my cousin told us to try the almond butter cake. Never has there been a cake that tastes this Good!

Lynette Rosenberger

randy zotter

Just bought a danish, when they opened this morning. It was without question stale. I asked the person behind the counter, did you make this fresh today, she looked at me and said yes. Double check and be certain before you buy anything first thing in the morning. My experience was a big disappointment

Russell Redpath


Almond torte cakes are frozen , then thaw out and sold

Lisa Bowlin

Santoshi Tanikella

maria damico


Ingdao C


Christopher Gardner

Nice to get a treat after lunch in Market Square. I'd do it more often if my waist could take it.

Kaitlin Russell

The almond torte is delicious!!

Hannah Walden

Cute little place, really good pastries and sweets

Chris Watkins

Very tasty. The almond torte is the dish. Not quite Dick's Bakery, but if you can't get to San Jose, this'll do nicely.

Sandra Palmer

Sahara Bey

Kathy Hurd

María Cristina Reina M

Run down business, half of the showcases where empty, no place to sit and they didn’t give us napkins. The only thing is that they sell small bites in case you want to eat something sweet but not too much, the sugar in the red velvet could be less, though.

Jeffrey Cohen

Burnt almond torte.

Krystal Pinero

Well done! Loved the strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. Been craving a good strawberry cake for the last 4 years for my birthday, & i finally got it. Thank you!

lakisha harp

It's a good bakery but over priced. They never have enough brownies, the staff should take less of them home.

Kelsey Horvath

It's a nice little bakery with good prices and great treats.

Tom Colaizzi

A little pricey, but really awesome!


Delicious bakery! Stopped in for a delicious piece of red velvet cake on the way back from lunch today! Amazing!

Damien Shaner

Burnt Almond Torte was delicious

Jon Mason

Only a Prantls now. Was sharing the location with another bakery but they left.

Dawn Haller

Yum! Read about the burnt almond cake and couldn't wait to try it when I got to Pittsburgh. I was not disappointed.

Brittany Simmons

Linda Grier

By far, this is the best bakery in Pittsburgh.

Tara Pendleton

Best burnt almond torte ever.

Kristen Schell

I had their apple strudel. It was delicious! I will come back again!

Kevin Ihrig

Excellent bakery. I had a pepperoni roll ($2.50) & the burnt almond cake ($5) for lunch. Fantastic, both of them. Very rich cake, and that's what I wanted. Quaint, cute, but lots of choices. Come in for a bite. Decent prices.

Dana A

I don’t understand the hype of the burnt almond torte. The icing came apart in chunks. The cake itself was average but not amazing.

crystal delancey

The apple pie is Soo good

Amara Davis

Nachiket Anklesaria

Excellent breads and brownies and pastries must visit when in Pittsburgh

Denise Lohr

Outstanding baked goods ~ best bakery in town!

John Cindrich

Steve McMahan

Great pastries and outstanding customer service

Jennifer Butler

Planned a visit to this bakery after finding it on a few “must-do” lists for a trip to Pittsburgh. I arrived with my daughter shortly after they opened at 7am on a weekday and, fortunately, there wasn’t much of a crowd because we both stood there frozen for quite a while just staring at all the delicious-looking choices. The counter staff was helpful and we finally settled on the burnt almond tort and some rum tea cookies - both just outstanding.

gary emerson

The Best Carrot Cake we have ever had, anywhere, period! Available by the slice too.

Eric Elton

I made sixty people happy at once... Yes, while I deserve absolutely zero credit for doing so, I did at least get you to click on this review. :-) In all honesty, I've been partnering with Prantl's for a number of years now in helping me make very low-volume events very special for my teammates at an organization quite nearby. Obviously, and for those outside of the city who may not fully know, Prantl's is, truly, legendary. (Go ahead and try to tell me that the Burnt Almond Tort is NOT equal to the pearly sheen of Heaven's own gates. EDITOR'S NOTE: They partnered locally to make a beer out of it too. That might replace those very pearly gates. Just sayin'.) A mere few weeks ago, I worked with an instructor from our North Carolina office - she was born and raised there. As soon as I told her where all of the coffee cakes and pastries came from on the first day of the corporate class, she said, "Oh my goodness! I know that I need to get that burnt nut thingie." LOL! Alright, close enough indeed. I was thoroughly impressed that she even remotely knew about it. That should speak volumes within itself as to how indescribably delicious are all things Prantl's More Pumpkin Roll availability in the Fall, Prantl's.

Noah Torrieri

Brad Hicks

I had some kind of pizza bread pocket thing. Don’t remember for sure but it was tasty.

Rachel L

The burnt almond torte is truly wonderful. The store is clean, service is quick and efficient, and the treats are delicious. Never had a bad experience.

Nicole Sands

I had a terrible experience in this store. When i first entered, i was the only customer in there and both young, clerks just starred at me. After 2 or 3 minutes of waiting, i asked if they are going to greet me and in a nasty tone, one clerk said they were waiting for me. As a young black woman, i felt discriminated against. I will never go to that store again and will tell others about my experience.


Best almond torte in the burgh!

mjane morre

Boxed brownies and boxed chocolate chip cookies are better than what I got here in September 2017

Darcella Cross

You most get the apple strudel

Kristen Turner

Melissa Mongelli

Three words.. Toasted Almond Torte!

David Snyder

The burnt almond tort is fantastic. It is worth the trip but a little pricey at $24 for an 8x8.

Brian Geller

Burnt almond torte made me cry. The cheese Danish also made me cry. If good pastries make you cry, you'll come here.

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