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REVIEWS OF La Gourmandine IN Pennsylvania

Joseph horowitz

Croissants and goodies and very tasty sandwiches. Best baguette anywhere

Joshua Cragan

Worked there cleaning, 1st the place is spotless, 2nd everyone there is a fantastic chef and they work their butts off to make everything perfect. 3rd the food is incredible. Seriously super clean, super good food and super friendly staff. They work really hard to make a good product. Coffee is also delicious.

Barbara Irvin

Made my first visit Sunday morning- be prepared for a line on the weekends! Waited about 15 minutes but well worth it. Both baguettes and almond croissants were outstanding. Prices are reasonable for the high quality of everything they make.Coming back soon for savory croissants and sandwiches!

Alexander Locke

This place is excellent. The breads and pastries are so fresh. It's nice to have an authentic French bakery around. The staff is very friendly and the prices are reasonable.

Timothy Wright

While I enjoy desserts, I don’t have too much of a sweet tooth. With that said this bakery has DELICIOUS pastries. The “La Gourmandine” pastry is my all time favorite.

D. Hackel

Love love love La Gourmandine! I have had cakes, baguettes, tartes and croissants etc here, everything is amazing, like no other desserts I've tried. My favorite bakery in the city.

Dave Wyman

Great pastries! Not a sit-down place. Definitely going back.

Christian Young

All the pastries are extremely delicious. Pricing is a little high but they taste rich enough that most fill you up. The gourmandine pastry and almond croissant are my favorites. Make sure you get there early because they get busy really quickly.

Guneet Kohli

The pear amandine pastry was delicious and impeccably made! The pastry crust, the tart creme, the crumble, the pear bake, each aspect was very well done. (I should know, I'm a master at watching baking shows.) The pastry cost about $3.50. The other pastries and bread looked amazing too. I regretted not buying more items when I was there. I wish they had any seating area and a real coffee bar to go with the pastries, it'd make it perfect! This is more of a take out place though now. Free street parking was available when I went on Easter Sunday.

Jenn Klinsky

A lovely little French bakery in the heart of Lawrenceville. Quality pastries, breads, and sandwiches.

Alex Khammari

As a french student in Pittsburgh, I was delighted when I came across this wonderful bakery! This is by far the closest place to an authentic french bakery I have found in the US so far. Perfect place for Americans to educate their palate to French delicacies.

Daniel Falabella

Just want to buy everything. Reeeeeally good stuff.

Clarence Darrow

Excellent French bakery with a wonderful selection of breads and pastries. We obtained the traditional baguette and several chocolate croissants that were very tasty. Our only complaint was slow service and a dwindling inventory, but perhaps that’s because of the crowds who come for the quality, respectively. Budget your time and you will have a fine experience.

Shelby Sigrist

Everything I got here was absolutely delectable! Very friendly staff and wonderful presentation on all of their selections.

Nachiket Anklesaria

Excellent French bakery Must visit for their breads

Anne Bratetich

Consistantly delicious and beautiful, quality baked goods.

Michael Danehower

Amazing food. You can't get anything bad.

Michael Palumbo

Perfect pastries without the sugar overload.

Jesse Brauning

An almond croissant to die for. I really enjoyed the quiche as well. A total of four patio chairs in front is all the seating though.

Joshua Schreiber

Great food

Marc Di Benedetto

I have never been to France, but this MUST be the next best thing. Had a chocolate croissant, chocolate creme filled puff pastry thing, small pistachio tart and they were magnificent. Saved the croissant until the next day and it tasted like it was just made. I visit Pittsburgh often, and next time, I'm bringing a cooler and going home loaded for bear!! A+. I wish I lived closer.

Duane Williams


Sof B

Favorite bakery EVER

Tom Yenk

Stopped by to grab a variety of pastries as we heard alot of good reviews. We were not disappointed! Get there early for a better selection as they sell out early especially on weekends.

Michelle B

This place offers a variety of authentic french pastries and foods. Everything I've tried thus far has been amazing. Staff is very friendly and always happy to explain what each item is.

Maria Caligiuri

The desserts are always amazing. The ham and butter sandwich is the best, definitely try it!

Robert Porter

My favorite French bakery in town. This place is delicious!

PW Mallory

Pastries to die for!!

Alex Sherbuck

It's worth being late for work every day if I get a coffee and chocolate bread from La Gourmandine

Maralynn Jacoby

Delicious treats from La Gourmandine and a quiet stroll through the Allegheny Cemetery across the street—one of our favorite versions of a Saturday.

Trevor John

The macrons at this place are unbelievable! Eat them slowly because when they're gone, you'll be sad. They people who work there are also very nice. Great experience. We like to go there on sat & sun mornings - great happy start to the day.

Akul Swami

Really great authentic pastries.

Stephanie Reinhardt

Fantastic, authentic French bakery. I can get any of the pastries, breads, and sandwiches that I used to pick up when I lived in Belgium. There's pretty much always a wait on weekends, but it's worth it. And on a nice day, taking the pastries/sandwiches on an impromptu picnic in the beautiful old cemetery across the street is a delightful way to spend a morning.

Joshua Juda

Fantastic gourmet French bakery! Excellent baked good, breads and quiche. Everything I've ever had is always fresh, of the upmost quality and gorgeous to look at as well as delicious. Very reasonable prices for the high quality products offered. Very friendly staff also. A few high tables to enjoy your delicious treat there or take out. Would highly recommend.

Harry Edgos

Stepped inside and walked into France!!

Erica Creighton

Everything is delicious, you can't go wrong. There can be a line but they are excellent at getting people in and out quickly

Sarah Carson

The only bakery cafe I've found that has combination almond and chocolate croissants (and they are DELICIOUS)

Jason White-Wiedow

Long line, but it moved quickly. Pastries always excellent.

Mirko Gutić

Real European style bakery, everything is delicious!

Alexis Smith

Great prices and great authentic quality. Really is a 5 star bakery. Although be warned there isn't anywhere to sit down in the bakery.

Frank Barrack

Authentic and delicious French pastries and food.

Lashawnna Aikens

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Heather Collins

I love this place! It smells like heaven when you walk in and the people working there are so nice and helpful. They have reasonable prices, and their food is amazing.

Cayla Tulick

Everything I have ever had here was delicious!!

Camilo Vélez Cuervo

Delicious... A bake for my boss's birthday and all the office was amazed by the flavors

Fritz Post

Delicious pastries and bread. Arrive before 1pm to drool over the large selection. By 4 pm the daily selection is diminished. We bought a large assortment and were delighted with every item. Their lardon baguette sprinkled with bacon was so tasty toasted. A pistachio cream puff was heavenly. I could sing their praises forever; you can't go wrong.

Donni nadeja

Amazing little French bakery. Fast and friendly service. Went in on a Sunday morning and they were busy. The line goes quick and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

michelle page

Excellent service, clean, delicious authentic French treats and breads. The price is excellent for the value!

T. McNaug

Amazing bakery. Everything they make is incredibly. I hate to say this (only because I don't want others to buy them out every time!) but their sandwiches deserve awards. Simply delicious.

Steve Turkall

Great French bakery. Their baguettes are phenomenal. Their pastries are very good too. Easy to find on Google maps. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for authentic French baked goods.

Christian Armocida

Lovely little shop. Definitely stop by if you're in the area and have a sweet tooth. Very authentic French baking. And the service is very efficient.

Jiqi Yang

The green Macaron is good!

Trang Nguyen

Very delicious bakery for really reasonable price!

Josh Giesy

Great place to try some pastries you don't normally encounter.

Marcia Brissstt

The quality of the pastry and other baked goods is consistently the best, and the service is outstanding.

Rachael Davenport

Fabulous, friendly, fast, and incredibly delicious treats.

Katy Allen

Very likely the best tasting bakery in the USA if not the world. I’ve never had better of anything they sell anywhere. Every single thing I’ve had exceeded my expectations. Also their cakes and pastries are really beautiful and impress guests. I highly recommend the pistachio pastry. I’ve never been a pistachio person but I bought one to try when putting together a box of various thing- and it’s my favorite. Their lunch items are also excellent. The tuna salad sandwich/sub is the best I’ve ever had.

Judith Brands

Delicious!! Best bakery in town.

Shaina Mack

A delicious and authentic French bakery in Pittsburgh! I was so excited when I saw a pistachio eclair in the case because I haven’t had one since my trip to Paris. The eclair took me right back and was as authentic as being in actual France. You must visit this bakery if you have a sweet tooth or a heart for France! It’s delicious and you won’t regret it.

Jay Silverman

Great sandwiches and bread. Definitely would recommend the vegetarian sandwich. The coffee and pastries are delicious as well. The place gets pretty crowded so try to get there early.

Anthony Cray

5 for food, 3 for speed. It's just so slow. Not just because of the line, they just move at a slow speed prepping orders and even taking payment. Most of it is already prepared so wyh should it take 10 minutes to move food into a bag and checkout? They use a mobile reader. Get another person to take paymentS since they don't need a register.

Bianka Guerra-Naranjo

Fresh, beautiful and delicious!

Roberto Cantillo

Best bakery in Pittsburgh

Evan Warner

Absolutely delicious pastries and the cutest little shop. The staff was all knowledgeable, patient, polite and competent. This is a must if you are in Pittsburgh.

Amy Teresa Comperatore

The breads are FANTASTIC here!

HaiPei Liao

Absolutely my favorite bakery in Pittsburgh! Authentic french bread with reasonable price. Not too sweet, which is so hard to find in the US. Adequate sweetness is awesome. Unlike other bakery usually made me disgusting after few bites. Will come back soon.

Daniel Jacko

Best almond crescent rolls in the city

Kelly Downing

I love, love, love the pastries and sandwiches here They could upgrade the coffee (seriously) to make the experience even better. That is my only suggestion.

Jaysen Roth

I'm so happy to have a place like La Gourmandine to go to I wish every little part of Pittsburgh had one of these delightful gourmet shops to experience such a treat to have and to injoy definitely will be talking this shop up!

Sondra P

Everything is delicious!

Chris Hall

The best in Pittsburgh and always will be.

Christopher Beam

Favorite bakery and sandwich shop in the city. I'm addicted to their Citron tarte and their Parisian sandwich (ham and butter on a baguette), but really you can't go wrong with anything they make.

Steve Bartlett

Best French pastry this side of Paris. Usually a long line on Saturday morning but the staff is efficient and the customers are patient.

polar Bryn

I work at the Lawrenceville location, so I know first hand that the products are phenomenal! The staff members are even better, and if you love authenticity and French delights, I suggest coming here (or one of our other 3 locations)!

Troy Wallace

A family favorite. Super yummy, authentic french bakery. The prices seem to have gone up and up to the point that it doesn't feel like an amazing deal anymore. Still very tasty and worth trying!

Justin Miller

Legit quality stuff. The chocolate croissant is my go-to item on weekend mornings, and the lardons baguette is a must. The pastries, in addition to being delicious, are beautiful!

Sangwon Hyun

Every item they have is great.

Julien Delange

Being french, I can testify this is probably the best experience you can get in Pittsburgh (and a lot of US cities). This place is probably even way better than many french bakeries. The bread is definitively not the best but the pastries and cake are to die for. Sincerely, go there and you will not regret it!

Shannon Kelsh

Truly deserving of 5 stars. They were taking almond croissants out of the oven when we walked in so we had one warm. It was SO good. If I lived in Lawrenceville I would come here every day.

Carlos Trigo

Best Quiche Lorraine I've had.

Inez W

Lemon tart!!! I’ve been to a few Parisian patisseries and this place is treat to have close-by. Make sure you show up while they have your favorites... mega macarons are something to behold.

Benjamin Adams

Great food and staff

Breeann Spack

Very clean French bakery that's starting up on Butler, there's a chain if at least three more elsewhere. I had a bacon and onion quiche... Was delicious. The prices weree reasonable. The workers were very friendly.

Alexis Miller

This is one of Pittsburgh's best bakeries. The smell that greets you tells you everything you need to know. Real ingredients. Real skill. And friendly staff! A real gem.

Brett Burkholder

Absolutely delicious.

Tufan Karalar

Great bakery, I loved the almond croissants. Highly recommended.

Melanie Mcdonough

Amazing pastries. And even good lunch sandwiches for a great price.

moon jewelz1

Pure Homemade Tasty Real French Bakery items made by a Real Frenchman. Delicious!!

Sam Sutton

I have never had anything bad here.

Rudolph Santarromana

Amazing bakery

S Rutkowski

Hate the line but am addicted to the bread pudding! Go early so you dont miss out on your favs!

Jessica Zimo

Next level delicious


Soooo good. The people are friendly and the prices are reasonable on top of how delicious the pastries were.


One of the most popular bakeries in Pittsburgh. All bread is tasty, and especially hard type bread, such as baguette, is excellent.

Mitchell Maly

Best croissant I've had in the past few years — definitely the best I've had in the Midwest. Their almond croissants are to *die* for, and their quiche was lovely too! If I lived in Pittsburgh, my wallet would definitely be upset with me for how much I'd spend at La Gourmandine, but by god would my stomach be happy. Will be back for sure!!

Noah Chang

So delicious! I’ve been to Paris just two weeks ago and had plenty of breads and desserts and this bakery taste better than some boulangeries in Paris!

Jazmin Rosenberger

All I can say is... WOW. I can see why they were able to open several locations. I ordered an almond croissant and it was THE BEST almond croissant I’ve EVER had. My compliments to your bakers!

Conrad Schroeder

Most delicious brioche I've ever had!

Emily Rowe

Delicious pastries! I was visiting the area, and stayed within walking distance... so glad we found it. We definitely went back a few times. I tried the quiche and a few different pastries, and all were amazing! It's definitely worth checking out if you're in the area!

James Samonsky

Wonderful pastries and friendly service.

Tamala Johnson-Oncea

Best French Bakery around!

Rick Nesbitt

This place is amazing. Deliciously decadent desserts and so much more. Staff is very friendly and attentive. I highly recommend this place.


So buttery, and flaky, and chocolatey, and affordable! Plus, they have really good cheap coffee! Definitely must stop in and try this small, delicious bakery if you're in the area.

andrew polaski

Absolutely incredible. I had the Quiche and the chiquettes and brought home a baguette, everything was absolutely delicious, and very well priced! I would definitely recommend for anybody wondering where to get some fresh French food in Pittsburgh.

D Puorro

The best French bakery in Lawrenceville! The prices are reasonable for the quality. Be ready to wait in line, but it's worth it. I enjoy the prosciutto sandwiches. The French bread is excellent. All of the pastries are amazing. The establishment is very small and tends to attract people that have a sense of entitlement. On more than one occasion, the line became dicey (there's no ticketing system) and instructions to other patrons cutting in line were required.

Matthew Scott

I cannot drive past without stopping. The sandwiches are great. The pastries are amazing. The staff is friendly and helpful. This is my favorite bakery.

Randa Ruge

I found the croissant and coffee to be lackluster. Maybe the other menu items are tasty? Go to Madeline’s in Wilkinsburg instead.

Gary Scott

Very good desserts

David Cheung

They serve up great pastries. Any choice you make here will not go wrong. It was crowded when we arrived around 10:30 am on a Sunday morning. The line was already out the door but moved quickly. There are a standing table inside and two tables with chairs outside.

Michael Marks

Best in Pittsburgh! Could eat there every day (if only I could afford it).

John Brescia

The best I’ve found since Paris. Actually better than many in Paris.

Kristine Jus

This place is 25 stars. It's beyond words or explanation.

Fiorella Escorihuela

I have to say that La gourmandine is AMAZING!! Best pastries and attention, I am so happy that I found that gem in this little town, I will told all my friends about their delicious chocolate volcano!! Yesterday, I had dessert for my Anniversary picnic from la gourmandine and it was amazing but last time I had a cake and I couldn’t stop eating, it is an amazing option for a party!


One of the best bakeries in the city. Their croissants are to die for! The store is very small and the lines get pretty ridiculous, but it is worth the wait.

nighthawks246 Zavolta

Finally a snowstorm gave me an opportunity to not stand in a huge line and find a close parking spot and had the joint fully stocked all to myself. I let it loose 2 of these 3 of those and 60 plus dollars later I had a bit of everything from sweet to savory and there wasn't a dud in it all. Will always go back I pass it at least 3 times a week and will try better to be there much more often. Must try.

Alaap Anklesaria

Best bakers in Pittsburgh. Must try the almond croissant


It's a French bakery. It's lovely.

Crystal Tumolo

The staff here is very friendly & welcoming! It was our first time in and they allowed us to try a few small bites of their best sellers. We loved our items that we took home and next time we return to Pittsburgh, we will be back!

Alexis A

The almond croissants here are unbelievably good. Truly, unbelievable. The crispy outer part, the gooey almond-y center. I mean, wow! The standard croissants and chocolate croissants are also far above average. I also had the sandwich served on a baguette once and it was the perfect sandwich. I cannot recommend this place enough. I'm typically an italian bakery kind of girl, but there's room in my heart for this french one.

Kara Osborne

Best chocolate croissants

Thomas Franich

By far the best bakery in the city! Be sure you bring your appetite because one tasty bite is never enough! You'll love anything you get but the croissants may be the star of the show. You'll never find flaker, larger-celled, more buttery confections in all your life. If you've got a sweet tooth like me you'll want to get one of everything and you'll be satisfied with every single taste. The lemon tartes are especially tempting. Overall the prices make one wonder how the shop makes any money at all.

King Teats

Don't expect a quick or full-service experience. However, what you can expect is good vegan food made with care. I've been here twice, and both times have been great. I definitely recommend trying a smoothie - packed with healthy and tasty ingredients, thick, and refreshing. On my last visit, I tried a smoothie bowl that was beautifully plated and very filling. 4/5 stars because service/ordering was a slow, but not unpleasant, experience. Also my friend got the breakfast tacos and, while the filling was hearty and delicious, the tortillas were on the bland and dry side.

Susan Predis

Everything is good here. Go early

Valerie Reeves

Unless you're packing will power by the tonne, don't go here super hungry. Everything is amazingly delicious. Buy it all! Don't share. No shame. Order for the holidays - all of them.

Colleen Neuendorffer

Food is delicious. The macaroons are out of this world. It gets really busy though and it's a tiny place so it quickly gets claustrophobic.

Julia M

One of my most favorite places of all times. Out of this world pastries and

Corwin Parker

Nice bakery in Lawrenceville

Timothy Cook

Best bakery in Pittsburgh?

Angel Selis

This place has everything "pastries" you may want to eat. I was here on Sunday around noon. It seemed like the busiest store in town, but we were cordially attended and did not have to wait. I only give them 4 stars because there were only a couple of tables - no space for chairs which at the end does not matter if you are just making a quick stop for fresh pastries to take home.

Matt K

A great place to grab a small meal for breakfast. Pastry's and sandwiches were excellent.

R. Grey Toft

You can't go wrong with the almond croissant. The coffee is good. There are always different desserts in the glass case, and they're always good. The staff are sweet and helpful. A line forms for Saturday breakfast, but it's worth the wait. (Or try to come early.)

Mike K

Every pastry is pretty good! Mostly very authentic pastry.

rebekah rosenblatt

Who doesn't like bread? Especially homemade gourmet french bread?? This place is always busy and people are coming and going everytime I pass it, I was wonder why? May be because they're awesome. Decent prices and their coffee is good too!

Samuel Hinterlang

Very good French bakery. Got a mix of things on our first visit. It was not sugar sweet like you typically find, which actually makes it taste better. Everything was quite good. They had sandwiches, which I didn't try, but will have to go back for. I guess they sell out quickly, as we were there at 12:15 and some of the sandwiches were already sold out.

Andrew Thompson

Only French bakery in the city. Fantastic bread and sandwiches, even better dessert and cakes.

Aaron Tyler Anderson

Best croissant I've found in Pittsburgh!

Meg A. Watt

Holy moly, this place is incredible! The pastries are beyond compare, the quiche delectable. Grab a loaf of bread or a sleeve of macarons, or just about anything. You won't be disappointed.

Kim Wertz

I love everything i bought made perfectly not too sweet !!

Ron Williams

The pastries look great, taste great

D Zonneveld

Good but I prefer Jean-Marc in Millvale

Rishab Gaba

Loved it. Never had such a tasty eclair. Gourmet french breads and other treats. All fresh and yummy.

Terry Shields

Greatest almond croissants

Haley Colaizzi

Delicious pastries! Will return 100%!

David Sadd

There are certain places where the food is just better than you expect. Having eaten her several dozen times over the last few years, I am never disappointed. The sandwiches are delicious and very reasonably priced, the quiche is delicious and the deserts are to die for. But, the foundation of it all lies in the bread. It is nothing short of perfect. Flavor, smell and texture are all so good I can just eat it plain without feeling like I am in need of anything on it. The service and the accents top it all off to be a remarkable place. Try it out!

Deborah Coen

I MUST stop here during every trip to Pittsburgh/Lawrenceville. Have tried almost everything and love everything they offer. I shared my goodies with family and friends and now take orders before every trip.

Tracy James

I've only ever come in to buy from the counter. But these are my favorite pastries! Omg other bakerys cannot compare, they have affordable prices and amazing treats. Plus now they have a rewards program that can't be beat.

Ariel Darrah

Wonderful, and pretty authentic. I'll be going back often to try everything the have. The 'big mac' was amazing.

Mike Mast

Authentic french pastries made fresh each day. If you're in town it's a must.

Zsuzsanna Sziveri

Had the second most famous pastry and a regular croissant, which was delicious. We went late, the most famous almond croissants were all gone. Cute little store, stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

Alireza Samadian

I wanted a cake, I called them, they said they cannot reserve it for me but they have it. I went there 1 hour later and it was sold. It has happened 3 times for me for that particular cake. While it's very easy to predict which cake has more demand and which one does not!

Kara Wiltrout

The almond croissant (w/ or w/o chocolate) is amazing! I also had the apricot croissant - good, but if you're only getting one, go with almond!

Kiera Poling

This bakery is hands down my favorite one to visit. The goods are always fresh, even when we manage to show up at the end of the day. The staff there are always so polite and friendly, and the food is downright delicious! I highly recommend the molleneux if you're in the mood for some decadence. Even when my SO and I go wild buying a bunch of goodies, the prices are still reasonable and we don't end up spending that much. Definitely worth a visit if you're in Lawrenceville! Also, icing on the cake- if you can manage to snag it, parking in front of the building is free! (no kiosk, no sign!)

Crystal Lee Morgan

I lived down the street from this location and experienced friendly, professional service. Had a wonderful experience during my pregnancy. I was craving French toast with their Brioche. When I arrived they were sold out, but an employee gave me half of a loaf that she had purchased earlier in the day. I will always remember her kindness!

Boony Haddow

Very good French pastries and selections, it definitely beats the ones in the Washington DC area ! I also found Teisseire French Grenadine Syrup there and should have bought more!

Dean Bursic

Absolutely great. Very nice staff. Best baguettes around. Wish I would have tried this place years ago.

Jan Lowry

Love this place the food is magnificent.

Greg Russak

If you want the very best French pastries in the city, this is the place. The staff are the friendliest and hardest working people you'll meet anywhere, and they truly care about creating an authentic and pleasant experience for you! The food and the people are so great, in fact, that customers in the know actually queue up on the weekends. Make no mistake about it. The customers who know La Gourmandine know what they like and they what they're doing. What little wait there is is absolutely worth it!

Marigrace Ambrosia

One of my favorite places! The pastries are so delicious, prices are better than reasonable, and service is fast and friendly! If you haven't been, o highly recommend!

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