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219 E Main St, Lititz, PA 17543, United States

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Where is Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery?

REVIEWS OF Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery IN Pennsylvania

James Ochat

This was such a great place to visit. Very family friendly and great history background of this place. We even got to roll out pretzels on the tour!!! How cool is that!!!! The pretzels are the best by the way.... I loaded up before we left. The staff and tour guide were A+.

timothy santiago

They gave a tour and I loved the tour and the pretzel are delicious

john oliveri

I would advise take the tour the 1st time you go we did that a couple years ago we come back once a year and stuck up on our pretzels. Great little place people are easy to talk to glad to help.

Avril Hanley

The staff at Julius Sturgis were very friendly. The tour guide was well-informed and presented the information in an interactive manner. 30 mins went by very quickly! Plus the gift shop was not pricey at all.

N Gomez

The tour was awesome and very educational. Dan was funny and very friendly while he guided us through our tour. My friends and I had a lovely time and enjoyed the delicious pretzels that were available at the bakery.

Glenn Duffield

John Sturgis Pretzel Bakery is located right in the heart of historic Lititz, Pennsylvania in a quaint old building that's easily observed from the street. There is a storefront where you can choose to purchase one of their many low-fat pretzel offerings that come in different shapes and sizes. For a small fee you can take a short tour of the facility which I didn't have time to do.

Stefanie Williams

The Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery is a cute little shop. It is difficult to spot as it is small and on a busy street so keep your eyes peeled. It has a small parking lot adjacent to the building and spots fill up on the weekend. Out front is a life-sized salted pretzel statue which is the perfect spot for a photo. Inside is pretty small. On the left is the tour area and on the right is the pretzel shop. It can be cramped with a lot of people in it but they sell a wide variety of flavored pretzels and other snacks as well as some decorative items. The prices are really good and some of the regular-sized bags were only $1.00 each. The tour was interesting for both kids and adults, providing a history of the business and showing the old-fashioned ovens that were used it bake the pretzels. Kids would like the crafty part where they practice rolling pretzels out of clay. Don't expect anything super exciting because you don't watch pretzels being mass-produced in a modern factory setting. It was a nice place to stop for a quick-ish trip - and we have gone more than once - but due to it's small size, busy atmosphere, and there being not much to do here, I gave it 3 stars.

Susan Grubman

Cute and super quick tour of a Pennsylvania pretzel making shoppe from yesteryear. Was fun to learn about the meaning behind the shape, why it was created, and how it was manufactured. Shaping one with the dough provided was enjoyed by all in the group (note: you don't get to keep it, it's just for creating the hand knot). Unfortunately lye is no longer used in the process so the soft pretzels are not as authentic tasting. The "experimentals" hard pretzels were rather tasty. Everything was reasonably priced. Don't forget to sample a selection found in glass jars along the window sil by the main entrance to the store.

Luann Weisenburg

Wheelchair accessible. I didn't like that we had to park so far was very busy the day we visited! Yummy pretzel selections!

Palma Shrum

Another educational experience and very tasty pretzels. Great little stop while in PA.

Rosa Cruz

Very impressive place. Wonderful pretzels and great service. Really worth taking the tour.

Jonathan Heberling

Interesting little place.

Daniel S

Nice quick family stop. 30 minute tour. Hands on pretzel demonstration. Delicious soft pretzels. Cheap. A+

jama rose

Rolled a pretzel. You get a certificate. Tour takes about 20 min. Ship sells tshirts, socks, drinks and of course

Belinda Albright

A lovely little shop with a good selection of their pretzels as well as souvenirs and soft pretzels. There is also a short tour of the old brick hearths where their pretzels were originally made. Everyone is given a ball of dough and they teach you how to twist a pretzel. A great tour for the family!

Angela Wagner

Loved the history lesson on how pretzels got their start and work that went into it. And how over time as technology and demand grew so did the equipment and the process. My favorite part was handmaking your own pretzel and receiving a certificate.

David Edwards

Fun. Learned the history of pretzels. Got to twist them and a sample.

Alex Sellers

Very fun , educational and simple experience. Definitely would recommend if you're in the are with some time to spare. Bring the kids!

Cyndi Sestok

I can't give any stars. Terrible service. Only 1 register to buy tickets, bags of pretzels and homemade soft pretzels. The line wrapped around the inside and out the door. We left. With it being a weekend in addition a festival they should have prepared.

marti Cibella

Nice tour.

Sharlene Baker

Went with my daughter on the tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the history and working conditions people in those days had to endure. They gave everyone samples of the dough and showed us how to form our pretzels. Then they showed us the older ovens. They also gave a complimentary small bag of hard pretzels to everyone. I think we would have enjoyed it more if we actually made our own dough from scratch and made our own pretzels to take home.

Bz Nutz

Took the tour. It's not something I would do again, but once was cool. Check it out if you're in the area.

Ashley Miller

This was a great tour. Went with my husband and kids ages 4 and 1. Just enough for their short attention spans. My son loved learning his to twist pretzel dough! The price is perfect and you can buy tons of delicious pretzels in the gift shop at good prices to bring home to everyone!

Andrew McDonough

Delicious pretzels with incredible history. Next time we will be sure to save time for the tour!

Steve Edwards

Quaint. Doesn't have the highly commercialized feel of some other big branded tours. And for that, it was far better off. The entire experience was relaxed, with tours being every 30 minutes (and lasting about as long). You'll get some history. There was plenty of street parking out front in addition to a small lot.


There's a pretzel tour and a gift shop. Very cool place to go to. You won't regret it!

Christopher Wilson

Whether you're a lover of pretzels or not, this historic bakery is worth your time. I visited when I was seven and was thrilled to return years later with my own family. The tour is very inexpensive and lasts about 25 minutes. Our guide, Kevin, was very informative and friendly. They sell a wide variety of products and souvenirs related to pretzels. Be sure to try the samples and buy a fresh soft pretzel before you leave.

Barb Hauck-Mah

Amazed to discover this was the 1st commercial pretzel bakery in the New World. Started in Sturgis's house in 1861, and still going strong today. Our family had mixed success as pretzel twisters. Enjoyed the tour and getting paid in pretzel samples. Loved their specialty pretzels: horse & buggy shaped, cheese-flavored and the best: chocolate-dipped.

Catas Trophe

You make a pretzel, it is actually pretty fun

Matt Guay

Fun little tour. They give you the history of the place and the life of the family who runs it. The warm soft pretzels were good.

Robert Nulton

This was a fun place to take the family to learn. So neat to get to know more about such a historical and yummy place.

Jason Missmer

Such an interesting experience.

Denise Keegan Frawley

Fun interactive tour about pretzels. Our tour guide was very friendly and he made the tour interesting. We even got to make our own pretzel shapes and got rewarded with a certificate and paid with a bag of pretzels too!

Janell A.

Definitely recommend! Pretzels are great, people are friendly.

Kenneth Weaver

Great place for good pretzels and you can sign up to learn to make your own with your kids or grandkids.

Kelly Powell

We walked in on a rainy weekday & treated ourselves to a tour. Wait was short as tours run often. Meanwhile there's a shop & plenty of displays to keep you busy before & after the tour. Mary was a great tour guide! She told us some fun facts, taught us the how & why of pretzel twisting, & answered questions. Tour is short, so great for quick visits. We loaded up on giftshop pretzels (many cheaper than in grocery stores!). Love the free samples and Horse & Buggy shaped hard pretzels!

Amanda Lombardi-Foss

Amazing! Our tour guide was very enthusiastic which made it more enjoyable! Loved that she "picked" on my kiddo to help demonstrate!!

Kim Wechsler

They have a great tour you can take. In the store, they offer samples and a great variety of pretzels you can buy. Try the soft pretzel....yum! Associates very friendly. A great family activity.

M. B.

We took the tour while visiting Julius Sturgis pretzel, and it was fun and informative, and very reasonably priced so that's great if you have a good-sized family. They teach you to make a soft pretzel (not for eating) though.

John Matousek

They had a quick half-hour tour to the original starting of the pretzels which was very good. If I remember correctly it was around $7 per person for the tour. There's also a little store there that you can buy their pretzel products.

Candy Newcomb

Fun visit. Enjoyed! Everyone for very knowledgeable about the history. Very friendly

Dot Heffron

Good family fun. Perfect way to spend an hour in Lititz. Be sure to pick up a bag of twists and a jar of sweet mustard on your way out!

Jacklyn C.

Neat little piece of history. Kids loved the pretzel tour and yummy pretzels! Thanks for the hospitality and history lesson

Rosanna Tucker

Loved getting to know about the history or the pretzel!

Samantha Carmona

The family enjoyed it so much. Very nice people working there.

Anne Allshouse

Great place to learn the history of pretzels and you can get a fresh hot soft pretzel to eat here too.

Michael Armstrong

Pretzels not greasy enough for me!

Rita Sweisford

Amazing store. The pretzels are really good and you can have a tour to see how they used to make them.

Laurel Longnecker

Wonderful lesson on the history of pretzels and fun making them, too. There is also a gift shop for traditional Tom Sturgis pretzels and chocolate covered one's, as well. Kid friendly.

Ruth Peirick

Very reasonable price for the tour. $3.75. Our tour guide was great. My favorite pretzels!

John Dean

Cute tour and delicious pretzels

Cory Sussman

This is a fun experience and the pretzel store after the tour is great. We did the tour, which was $3.75 for Adults and 2$.75 for kids 5-12, and free for those younger. You learn and see part of the history of the Sturgis pretzel. You get to learn how to roll a pretzel (you don't get to make a pretzel anymore due to board of health rules) and you get a sample bag at the end. It was HOT in the summer as there is no air conditioning in the old factory portion. The prices of the pretzels in the shop were fair and you can only get their pretzels within 150 miles of the factory, so if you live father than 150 miles away, stock up!


I recommend visiting. They have the best pretzels

gregory stevens

Tour guide Lilian was great. Very informative. Kept the attention of my 5yr old, which was a challenge since he wanted to get back to Christmas toys at home.

chuckling charlie

This lil shop is unique & has so much more than pretzel's. I loved the pretzels but the history of their shop was amazing.

Vincent Fox

This is the perfect place to start Second Friday. They have a little store with all kinds of pretzels. I also did their tour.

James DiLeo

Great pretzels and a fun tour.

Tamara Osborn

Michelle gave a great tour, she was funny and had lots of energy. The place is small but very busy inside as they give timed tours throughout the day. The price was reasonable at $3.75 per adult for a 20ish minute history lesson and demonstration on the making of the pretzel and a free snack sized bag of pretzels on the way out. Inside the gift shop you'll be sure to spend more as they have chocolate covered everything and kitchy t-shirts and magnets. And yes, we bought all of those things too!

Scott Graeff

Family, sturgis relatives, always bring our grandchildren to experience the place.

Karen Shogren

Great place to stroll in while visiting Lititz! It's small, friendly, informative, with a local feel. I even found a pretzel-shaped necklace to remind me of my heritage!

Steve Flickinger

Very informative tour. Liked being able to make a pretzel.

Will Turner

Definitely worth a side trip. See how pretzels are made. Also, you get a certificate showing that you’ve accomplished something. It’s a thing you can rub in your detracting family’s faces when they say that you’ll never amount to anything.

robert miller

Our family loved it. The staff was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. We did the tour, simple but fun. We live the historical value of the tour. Very cute shop for snacks and other gifts. We recommend this visit.

gilroys !

Great afternoon activity. The soft pretzels are excellent. There are a few places closed on Sunday though, so check hours first.

Nicole Snow

I love this place. We stop everytime we make our way out to Lititz. We do the pretzel tour everytime too.

Rick Murphree

I'm not much of a pretzel guy but the tour was fun. Great soft pretzels.

Liz Clayton

Nice atmosohere

Ashlee Zotter

This was such a cool little place! It was the first pretzel place in the 'new world'. The building is old and neat, the pretzels (so many kinds) were dangerously delicious, and they even offered tours where you could make your own pretzels.

Angie or David Daniel

Wonderful pretzels and interesting tour. We had a great guide that was informative and funny. We learned a lot about the history of pretzels. It was amazing to see how many years they used the same equipment and facility to bake pretzels. At the end of the tour we bought a fresh hot pretzel made on site. It was yummy. The free sample bag of hard pretzels was some of the best I have ever had. Later we bought a bag of Sturgis Cinnamon Sugar Stiks. They were fantastic. A great combination of salty and sweet on a fine textured pretzel stick. I wish we could buy them where I live. We loved our visit.

Taryn Greener

Totally neat experience. My kids all enjoyed it and they range in age from 13-2.


This was very interesting. We enjoyed it a lot. Staff was very friendly.

Hannah Buckwalter

Cute tour where you get to twist your own "pretzel"

Judy Ubelhoer

Very interesting. The pretzels are very good!

Dianne Wynkoop Vevasis

Business was fun and the tour woman was fabulous. Will go back here.

Deborah Beam

Great Tour! Great Pretzels!

ahh ahh

Great Fresh Pretzels, I Recommend Getting Their Honey Mustard.

Bernie Kratz

This was my first visit to Lititz, PA. The pretzel outlet offered a tour of the factory but I wasn't able to do it. They also had a great variety of products for much less than retail.

Wilson P

Great experience! Very friendly staff! And lots of pretzels!

James Walker

what a great place to visit and learn about pretzels. had fun. learning to do the pretzel twist

Joanne Graves

Great little tour. Very informative and fun. Loved the variety of pretzels available for purchase!

Dan & Beth Brosius

Great place to take the family. Very informative!

Julie Yehl

Love the cinnamon sticks!

Tammie Futreal

The tour was excellent and informative. Enjoyed the pretzels!

Annette Cytryn-Smith

Great history lesson and pretzel making experience. The pretzels are great too. Prices are very reasonable.

Katie Mariani

Inexpensive way to spend time with family and learn something new. Yummy pretzels

Kevin Ronald

Presenter was very energetic and passionate about pretzels made for a good tour. Prices for the pretzels sold in the gift shop were great far below what you would pay in the super market.

Martin Canning

Great little history tour

bros 17 1987

tour staff exceptional.

void reviews and gameplay

Fun establishment. Haven't gone on the tour but plan to. Usually drop by for a pretzel. Ok ok! I admit it, they are so good I usually get 4. The prices are very inexpensive. When I first moved to Lititz. I only bought Annie Anne's. The prices were 3... 4... even 5.50 for a pretzel twice as small as Sturgis Pretzel. When I discovered this little gem nestled in a quaint 1800 style home I always came here. One Sunday I came over and discovered they weren't open. I cried for 30 minutes. Always puts a smile on my face when I come here.

Jon Bailey

True Americana that brings the flavors of pretzels from our beginning of a country to today. One bite and I was in awe.

Suzanne Castañeda

Awesome! Loved learning the history of the pretzel and making one.

Pamela Gomez

Nice place to visit and see history

Tony Genco

Went on the tour and learned the history of pretzels. Worth the price of admission. I'd recommend for any family with kids that like pretzels.

Amanda Pokrop

The soft pretzels are great. One of my favorite pretzels are the cinnamon sticks ones!!!!

Charles Tew jr

Yummy pretzels made every way you can imagine

Arthur Shatz

What a great surprise! Wonderful guided tour with all manner of interesting information. You get to roll your own pretzels, and you can appreciate how hard it was working in front of the ovens at 550 degrees. The town of Liditz is beautiful and very historic. Well worth the trip.

Backpackerwdogs 1

Neat place to stop and learn some history and learn to make a pretzel. $3.75 fee to take tour. Pretzels are good.

Tammy White

Wonderful informative little tour. The fresh soft pretzels were delicious.

Judy Hillbeck-Weimer

Awesome tour! Delicious soft pretzels and regular pretzels. Staff was super nice to our bus group!

Mark Scanel

A lot of fun for the kids and adults. I couldn’t stop ordering the fresh pretzels while we wait for our tour. They did a great job explaining how hard the work was

Bob Hoagland

Fun facts and history. Great fun to learn how to make a pretzel and then do it. They give you a certificate of training

Patrick Corcoran

Really fun tour!

Sarah Caudill

Fun and interesting tour! Great for kids and adults

Charles Smith

The tour was interactive cheap informative and very well done

Rick Hutchison

Learn how pretzels were made the old way. Great place to take the kids.

Kathy Possinger

Super fun and informative (and yummy)

Kimo's Catfish and Carp fishing tips. Tips

Awesome tour and Will the tour guide knows his stuff.

the kubats

Awsome experience short tour but informative

Carol Marden

Really enjoyed this tour. Lots of information. Pretzels are excellent and only sold locally. We had to find more before we left town.

kim cubbage

This was a fun and awesome learning tour!

Debra Young

Pretzels were warm and delicious.

Marcus Webb

Very get to learn about the history of the hard pretzel will have a great time as well

Domenick Lombardo

Pretzels ok, store area stocked well with lots of goodies.

Theresa Keller

This is a fun hidden little gem! Little ones and the young at heart will enjoy this. The tour is not long so it's perfect for a quick fun stop. Guarantee you will learn at least one cool fact about pretzels...and that is well worth the $3.50 admission...and the pretzels are pretty darn tasty too!

carmine venezia

Excellent tour , amazing how much information you Learn about pretzel making. The tour does feature a small hands on experience of pretzel making. Prices are very fair. Free samples are available to taste test. Recommend buying a fresh soft pretzel , one Of the best I ever had. Plenty of free street parking. Great for all ages. The tours run every 30 mins. Definitely a must go when in the area

Tom Chan

Great selections of pretzels that you seldom find in supermarket or stores. Prices are reasonable and staffs are friendly. The store is rather small because it's part of the Museum/gift shop.

M Oelke

Definitely a must do for those wanting a quaint experience. The farm my family and I were staying at were given the suggestion of stopping by this pretzel bakery and we are happy we did. It is a small building, but very clean and well kept. It was low-key, budget friendly, and we each got to try twisting pretzel dough ourselves! It was a quick tour and the pretzels are delicious.

Jan Treloar

Arrived at 2:45 and board says 3:00 next tour ..Petfect! Go to cashier for tickets and she informs it us 4:00 , not 3:00 and runs to erase board. Informs us that they are WAITING FOR A BUS THAT IS LATE and they have reservations and we have to wait 75 minutes. I think the bus that was late should have had their tour at 4 and not disappointed us and another family with children behind us! Mind you their site advertises no reservations needed Will not be back ,, took 3 hours to get there and very dissatisfied

Jeni Evans

America's first pretzel bakery offers tasty treats and tours. A definite stop when visiting Lititz PA

Harvey Tillipman

What fun!! Learned about the history of pretzel making and the fact that the Sturgis pretzel factory is the oldest in the country.We made pretzels although we didn't cook them we did get a chance to see the cooking ovens. And the town of Lititz was fun to walk around.

Lisa Jones

We wanted a fresh baked soft pretzel. Drove from Lancaster to Lititz, PA to get one at this famous place. They open at noon on Sunday. There is a tour you can take. We didnt have tome for the tour. They said the pretzels would not be ready until at least 12:30. I think their advertising should explain that. We ended up at Philly Pretzel. We didnt want to go to a chain--but their soft pretzels were very tasty.


The tour was excellent and the pretzels were even better. The staff was outstanding and very friendly.

Christian Baratto

Great piece of history and fun family experience. The pretzels are the star and taste great!

dody & bob matthias

We didn't go there. Why did we get this email?

Fanty Em

My family enjoyed the tour! It was informational, interesting, interactive and humorous!

Ira Wilsker

One of our favorite places to take kids and grandkids. Oldest pretzel bakery in the country. Cute tour with historical trivia. Kids loved rolling dough and twisting and tying pretzels. Some good deals on "overstocks" in the gift shop. Tour tickets are nominally priced.

Cecelia H

Fun tour learning about the history of soft pretzels

Christine Donlon

A fun little museum my family took me to as a kid and now I brought my own kids. The tour is just the right length, very educational and fun for everyone. A great stop in Lititz!

Jim Nelson

Took the tour and the young lady tour guide made making soft pretzels VERY interesting and entertaining.

Matt Gibbons

This was a diamond in the rough. We cancelled our earlier plans and had some time so we found this little tour. This was a great hands on experience to fit in our day. It was a bonus to be able to look at the shops in this cute town.

D Butler

Fun place, great pretzels!

Eduardo Troche

Great pretzels historic place. I love it here.

Keith Bowers

Great place to visit while in Lititz Pa. Friendly staff and FRESH pretzels!

fern rucci

This is truly an outstanding company I had a problem the the crew there fixed it so quick it was Amazing. Mr. Kurt J. Van Gilder and . Ms. Mack are the BEST Thank you Peter

Mike james

Awesome tour to take your young kids with

Keith Loving

Very enjoyable.

Glen Crowell

The tour is fantastic with a witty, funny, but very nice tour guide. The preztels here are best I've ever tasted, both hard and soft. My family, taste buds, and tummy are very glad we came here!!!!!!

cher Su

Great informative, hands on little tour. My 15 yr old son loved it.

Stacey Richardson

I went here as a child and enjoyed the tour then and enjoyed it more as an adult! Great pretzel history and delicious pretzels!

Sheryl Hubbard

Loved seeing how a pretzel is made. And than making one. Great pretzel!

Jim Baker

It was good. Take the tour and you'll learn how to make pretzels. You'll also learn about the history of pretzels. They give you free bag of pretzels at the end.

Bridget Wallin

Small but quant one of the first pretzel factories in the United States. Cute tour that show the history and how to make pretzels. A must-see in Lancaster area

William Brewer

Found a ad in a guide paper to do a tour here. The ad said nothing about having to pay for it so we drove 35 min. From our hotel to go to it. Upon arrival they told us the tour was $3.75 AND it was supposed to start every 30 min. But they told us an hour. We decided to buy a "SOFT" pretzel and just head back to the hotel. When we got outside and started to eat our "SOFT" pretzel it was hard as a rock and the worst I ever had! What a waste of time and money to go to this place. If you want a "GREAT" pretzel then go over to countryside road stand on stumptown rd.cause they are amazing!

Brian Skuzinski

This place is fun. This is not where the actual pretzels are made unless you're buying the soft pretzels at the front of the store. This is the original house for the whole factory and company started. They give tours every once in awhile during the day. There is no parking, however, it is on a very quaint part of Main Street in Lititz Pennsylvania. You will enjoy making us a stop here during your trip to the town.

christina moyer

We were last tour of the day. Only the 4 of us.

Tracy Reber

Nice place for a field trip

Todd Hahn

Great your and making your own pretzel. Very knowledgeable your guides!!

Louise Cunningham

Learned much about the history of pretzels. Was able to practice making a pretzel. Also tasted different types of pretzels. An excellent your.

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