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Where is Dutch Haven Shoo-Fly Pie Bakery?

REVIEWS OF Dutch Haven Shoo-Fly Pie Bakery IN Pennsylvania

Peggy Kimes-Hayward

Great souvenirs, employees very helpful, will stop back again


There's very few "Amish" items. A very tiny section compared to the rest of the store. The gift shop was more of one you'd find in a city than in a small Amish town. Haven't tried the pies yet purchased $60 worth of pies and jams to bring home down south. The woman working the register was very impersonal, not very friendly, or welcoming. Was just like a robot. Oh my husband got the root beer and she said "I suggest you read this paper before buying" and pointed to the counter. She was just very rude. Giving 2 stars because I didn't have to ask her for pies they were sitting in boxes already waiting to be taken

john oliveri

This place is great for just hanging out and looking around. They got pies. They got chairs. Got back scratches. They got shirts sweaters blankets they got all kinds of stuff think I even got some furniture. Go and have some fun.

Wendy Carter Peters

They gave me a sample of the pie and I bought a whole 1 to take home. They say it travels well. Friendly people, easy access

Jami Miller

Good products, great pie samples, ONE rude bearded male employee (the others were great). I was enjoying a set of rocking chairs, considering a way to get one home if we purchased it when he made me move mine over twice because it wasn't exactly center on a narrow, non-traffic area between the male bathroom and a small room showing products (hint: if you don't want the customers sampling your chair there, don't put it there.) Later that same employee would not admit to fermentation process of the root beer on the counter. Yes, the alcohol content is miniscule but when my husband and I were talking about it, he butted into our conversation. I decided not to buy that either even though I wanted to try it (I hate alcohol taste anyway).

Nicole McDonald

The pie was great, but the shop was a bit of a Hodge podge. I would definitely go back for the shoo-fly pie.

Eric Pyra

Its needs some updates. Feels old.

Yenma Herb

If you haven't had the shoofly or blueberry pies from here, you're missing out!

Aaron Rowe

Great pie! Make sure you get the right one cause you have to wait a day to let it harden up to cut and eat it. The employees will tell you. The other stuff is the same thing you'd find at any other tourist locale. Mostly made in China products. Has another store in back with wood built stuff like outdoor furniture and cedar chests. Whether they're locally made or not I'm not sure. I think "Amish Built" is now just a buzzword for wooden built items and quilts. Although you may have better luck finding local made quilts however i don't know or care enough about them to give you much advice.

Nick R

Love their antiques and especially their homemade freshly baked shoo fly pie, can't miss out on that!!

John parrish

They sell baked goods

Ima Awesome

I actually thought this place was a restaurant. But when walking in it was a gift shop. Which was really nice. Lots to choose from!! Amazing Shoo-fly pie. I will totally be making my spot for this when i am in the area. Staff was nice and friendly!!

Michael Pfister

Good pie, the guy behind the counter was unfriendly, rude

Jan Croon

Touristy but what one would expect. The pie is great!

John Diroll

Little something for everybody

Tara Warren

Don't waste your time or money. This is a tourist trap. They sell junk and I would not eat anything from here. The place is old, run down, and not clean.

Darlene Keasley-Livingston

Friendly great customer service

Uncle Rudy

The nicest folks with the finest Shoo Fly Pie on Earth. Lots of Amish Kitsch and a wonderful store full of Amish Furniture too!

Kelly Merrell

The absolute best shoo-fly pie in the universe. $13.99 a pie. We always get a box of pies to take to family and friends.

Mike Capone

Amazing shoo fly pie!

Molly Moore

Love love this place! Been going there since I was a child and will continue to go every time I visit the Lancaster Area!

Ginny Lyon

Stopped in to see what they had. They offered a variety of merchandise. Also had pies and other desserts for sale. Their shoofly pie is very good. They offer samples of it. I've tried shoofly pie before and never cared for it but this wasn't bad. One thing I did notice is that they seem to be a little on the expensive side for their pies.

Ann Murphy

Our 1 place to stop regardless of any plans. For years we have come here for peanutbutter pies to take home and never leave without a few. Good food, buffet or sit down breakfast choices.

Steven Dillon

The sweet people that work here gave us samples of the shoo fly pie.


Not having had shoo-fly pie in years due to being out of state, I wanted to get a piece of the best for my birthday. So, I drove from York all the way to Dutch Haven just for the pie. I was thinking the whole way their pie had better be as good as they claimed. I've had a lot of shoo fly pie in my life, it's my favorite. I've had good ones and not so good ones so I had a pretty decent frame of reference when I got this pie. I was slightly worried when I walked in to the place because it smells a bit musty... but so do many places in PA. I ordered my piece of pie to go, they tried really hard to give me a free sample, they also offered to warm up my pie and add whipped cream which I declined because I wasn't going to eat it until later in the day. Everyone was super nice and the piece of pie was reasonably priced. So later comes, I eat the pie and OMG This is the greatest shoo fly pie I have ever had. It had a perfect sweet and salty balance which is important because most shoo fly pie is just a mass of gooey sugar and way too sweet. It was so good, I would absolutely drive over an hour in Lancaster traffic again to get it.

Joann Ames

Cute little shop with a lot of items for tourists. They are comparable to others in the area. The wonderful amish sho-fly pie is great. If you are used to the dark molasses sho-fly pie, this one ls not. It is the light sweeter molasses. Some t-shirts, some wood pieces, nick nacks and more. If my review was helpful please hit like.

Cathy Chavarria

Best shoo-fly pie ever.

Surya Narayana Murthi Duggirala

It is a must see for kids and adults alike.

Vincent E Johnson

Great selection of Amish jams, honey, sauces and baked goods. Beautiful selection of Amish crafted furniture. Plenty of crafts, souvenirs, unusual and unique items as well as many little nic knacks. Best Shoe Fly Pie in Lancaster!

Jennifer Haas

Oh. My. Goodness. They give you free tastes if the pie. I can't even express how yummy all their pies are. They also have a really cute gift shop with Interesting items. If you are in the area its definitely worth your time to stop in.


Sweet place awesome ppl

Tom Lynch

Best shoo fly pie I've ever had. They will even give you a sample piece

Jody Smith

Chocolate pecan pie was delicious and the sample of their regular shoo fly pie was good. I decided to buy the chocolate shoo fly pie and was disappointed by top being all crumbs that it would all fall off of the wet part.

Mike Carpenter

Good place to visit in Amish County

Diahann De Ruggerio

Shoo Fly Pie! Nuff said.

Enrique Blanco

The ladies here were so nice. Helped us get the right press and doling out samples. Love my shoo fly pie.

Zeshan Haider

Very good staff and offered excellent pie

Michael W

Fun tourist trap! I mean that in a good way! They offer samples of the famous shoo fly pie and boy is it sweet! A diabetic coma awaits! The sell a mix of everything, some good some ya gotta wonder... I found my Intercourse PA hat so I was good!

Alisa Smith

What can I say...outstanding place to visit in Lancaster while you're shopping the outlets! The pie is just as I remembered it when I was a kid...delightful!

Theresa Breton

Been loving this since the 1960's

Jesus Garcia

Great service and attention to details.

Frank Wells

Nice store filled with Amish things. Great pies they have

Bwn1157 Naumann

Many thing to purchase at a low cost. We always stop here on our many trips to the Lancaster area.

Michele Leader

I'm in total love with their whoopie pies. They're whoopie pies, no matter what flavor, are So Delicious!!! I'm Addicted to them.

Karen McClure

Loved this store! Has everything you could want.

Joshua Morgan

Not sure how the pies keep getting rave reviews, the one I bought was salty, & the whoopie pies were only average. Giving 1 star because my wife did find something in the clothing she liked & bought, but the gift shop seemed loaded with items that just didn't fit the area. I'll be back to Lancaster, but not to this place.

Garth Briner

Love this place since ai was a kid

Thomas McFee

Very interesting place to visit. Unique to say the least!

Steve Meitzler

This place is an important historical landmark for the Pennsylvania Dutch culture. Their shoofly pie is hands down the best you will ever find. Unfortunately, the rest of the establishment has become a poor reflection of what it once was not too long ago. Perhaps the demand for PA Dutch items has declined but it’s shocking to enter the store and see the type of cheap tacky merchandise you would see at the boardwalk. Surely there must be another way to make money while remaining faithful to their roots. Thankfully the quality of their pie has endured despite the gift shop.

Trey Andrew

Slightly disappointing given all the PA Dutch shoo fly pie hype. Maybe my expectations were too high but the pie wasn’t anything to write home about. That being said, there’s a lot of other baked goods and knick knacks in Dutch Haven which are probably better then the pie (I wouldn’t know I only tried the pie).

Seashell Girl

Tourist trap! When the signs read "Amish Stuff" and "Amish crafted gifts & furniture"..... The last things I'd want to find here are the following: Skulls, weed leaf pics on bracelets, fairies, dragons and tie dye name a few. To me..... These items do NOT represent the Amish. My husband and I left empty handed. I felt like I was in a store at the beach.

Roberta Zuccarini

Best pecan pie I ever had. Have driven two hours just to get one. Friendly service. An you'll always find something cute to buy.

Stephanie Szelagowski

The pie was great but very unfriendly staff towards children.

Karen Bond

The BEST pecan pie anywhere!

Adrian Johnson

Excellent shop fly pie.

David Weaver

I like the free shoo_fly pie and the windmill us really cool.

Alissa H

The shoo-fly pie is amazing! But the merchandise is underwhelming. A lot of it is mass produced trinkets. But if you want to stop just for the pie, it's worth it!

Brenda Miller

Used to be the best shoo fly pies you could buy. I was disappointed with the one I just purchased. It just wasn't as good as they used to be.

Donald R Drumheller

Good ice cream at good price

crs2014@gmail. com Shultz

Always free samples of yumminess.

Terry OBrien

Cute store to browse in and first time for Shoo-Fly Pie. It was pretty good.

Charles Simpkins

Been going here since a lil kids now I bring mine to enjoy the best ever shoo-fly pie


Sample of gooey shoe fly pie.

Andre Wyche

The pie was so good. A place to go if you are in the area.

Barbara Ford

Food from buffet was very good and price was as well.

Jym McCready

Awesome shoo-fly pie. Great gift store

Jayden Kitai-Sangero

I strongly recommend the shoo fly pie and the root beer. They offer a free taste and offer a variety of pastries and drinks.

Mick Krug

Great Sho-fly Pie

Johnny Miller

Was in the area on vacation and this was one of two places recommended to get shoe fly pie. We got our pie and it was delicious.

Michael Marcum

Dutch haven was not on our list of places to visit but it was open on a Sunday so we gave it a shot. The bakery located in the gift shop was a nice little find. The staff was very friendly. One of the staff members gave us Shoo-Fly pie to try. We had never had, never heard of it. Glad we stopped because it was very good. Several customers in line were buying multiple pies up to 4 at a time. Stop in say hi and give the Shoo-Fly pie a try.

Rachel Patten

Everything you could possibly want to pick up and amazing

Robert Jackson

The best Shoo Fly pies on the planet. And all kinds of Amish and PA Dutch goodies. If you are in the Lancaster, PA area make sure you stop in.


We were in PA visiting family and stumbled on this place! We bought the shoofly pie since they were giving samples and we liked it. It's a very nice shop loaded with goodies and memorabilia. The people there are nice as well. WE LOVE THE SHOOFLY PIE! I shared it with neighbors and they loved it too! So delicious!

Silver Bullet

Great shop. Delicious pies (and 25% less) than nearby.

Cherryll Daoud

Friendly people and Lancaster's finest products.

S j

They don't have just shoo-fly pies, they have a lot of cool little things. Everything from little trinkets to furniture. If you want to try their pies, they do give free samples. They also have homemade root beer. The prices are a bit expensive probably because some things are handmade. It's definitely worth checking out if you're looking to buy a souvenir.

Natalie Thorn

If I could rate as -4 stars I would. Was stopped going in with my service dog by a very rude man as I offered to show him his ID and registration. Interrupted me asking what does he do for you. I told him he takes care of me . He asked again and I said it was private but I could show his credentials. He rudely said I have to tell him. Then said we couldn't come in and if I didn't like it I could call the police and then went inside. I had my dog stay as I opened the door called to my mother to leave what she had we weren't purchasing anything from the store. Rude old guy. Will not recommend to anyone.

Loretta Milner

Awesome store

Dan Blank

Best pies. I drive an hour to get them.

T0m England

Nice stuff! Love the baked goods!

Marie Milicic

They were awesome we brought a pie home yummy.

Faith Smith

Best shoe fly pie in Lancaster County! No comparison! I tried the chocolate pecan pie and it's dreamy! I actually buy these for my own restaraunt and that chocolate pecan pie gets snatched up immediately. People will come in and buy the entire pie. I cannot keep them in stock. This place has so much to offer outside of pies. Amish furniture, clothing and other gift items. It's just a cool place! The staff is very sweet and always helpful. They clearly love what they do because it shows! Thank you Dutch haven and please keep up the good work! Your pies are truly a slice of heaven!

Ryan Carroll

Excellent treats and trinkets from Amish country. They even give you a sample of Shoo Fly Pie...which is phenomenal

Isabella Bagley

Best shoefly pie ever!! Must see place

Andrew Mencher

Love this place. The staff are great. The pies and pretzels were outstanding. And the homemade root beer was the boom

Tony Berdux

One stop shopping for all things Amish. Free samples of warm pie while your in line. Local products available on Sunday (Kauffman's applebutter!!) Friendly and knowledgeable staff. If your only passing through this is a great place to get your goodies.

Jack Searfoss

Best shoe fly pie in lancaster

Cheryl Arndt

A great bakery and gift shop.

Jane Bryan

This place has been around for years. They truly have the best pie. Great gift shop for children to explore


Great food and great prices on antiques.

John Brannigan

Best shoo-fly pie in Lancaster

John Skinger

That's some good shoo-fly pie. When we walked in we were looking at the stuff on the shelves and we were handed samples. In fairness we did stop for the pie

Mark Hancock

We were driving by and saw signs for shoo fly pie. Never heard of it before so we stopped to try it. We weren't disappointed. The pie was delicious! The store was very busy but service was excellent and quick.

Melissa Bunch

Very nice place to shop. Very nice people. Liked the hand made chairs they had inside and the gliders they had outside. Great assortment of breads and baked goods. Very good coconut cake, it was sooo very good

Kristen Nicoletti

If you're in the area and looking for a sweet treat stop here. Their pies are delicious. They have regular shoofly pie and pecan pie, as well as chocolate shoofly pie and pecan pie. They also have whoopie pies and homemade root beer which I definitely suggest bringing some home with you. There's also a large gift shop here as well as a few other shops in the same general area full of Amish things. Be sure to check it out.

Helene Barone

Witnessed a person behind the counter be very rude to a sweet woman asking a question

A L Mummart

Drove passed here for years, on the way to the beach, etc. Today, July 21, 2018 had the chance to stop! Awesome store/gift shop! Even better Shoo-Fly Pie! The best i've had since long ago when my Mother made it (Since passed)! It has a very light flaky crust, not wet bottom, but tastes the same as if it were! Most wet bottom pies you find are way too dry and have little taste! These are Heaven! They offer fresh baked, they advise let stand until next day or it will be too runny! Or day old (ready to eat)! Heat 15 seconds in microwave + vanilla ice cream, WOW

Mike McCusker

First time for shoo-fly pie:) An it was excellent!!

Ryan McCauley

Shoofly pie is the absolute best here! The people who run it are super super friendly and nice! I'd check six stars if I could!!!!!

Albert Romano

Very nice place... And they give you a free sample...shoo fly pie with wip cream


Beware... it's a tourist trap. You can get much better prices at local markets.

Muhammad Khan

Arguably the best pie I’ve purchased in my life (shoofly)

Lynn Crouch

Nice people

Jacob Yorgey

My wife says this is the BEST Shoo-Fly pie she has EVER had.

Tina Temple

1st, the pie is super. I was inclined to only give 4 stars because the name says "Dutch", however, there was Buddhist items in the store. Dutch is a far cry from Buddhism. Also, its pretty cluttered and hard to find things. Nice people though.

Ross McKinnon

My go-to place for Shoo-Fly-Pie and home made Root Beer !

George Maybe

Has a wide variety of stuff. And the Shoo-Fly pie is the best I ever tasted.

Dale Kroh

Good Shoo-fly pie.

Crawford Mackey

Great place!

Lisa Kozlowski

Shoo-fly pie slice was delicious!

Sandra Carlisle

Great little shop to walk around and look at stuff and my niece liked their pie so much she bought 2 to take home

Phyllis Todaro

Great place for shoo fly pie and other goods

Deborah Almoney

Their single-serve warm shoo-fly pie is awesome!!

Aaron Henrich

Amazing stuff and pies!

Daywalker392 Hemi

Love going there and buying a bunch of pies, pecan is my favorite lol

Lawrence Rubin

A place to which I have returned again and again. Wonderful welcoming staff always handing out shoefly pie samples. Great pretzels and attractive and useful handmade Amish furniture. A large assortment of Pennsylvania Dutch spices and pickled Goods. A Gift Shop full a Pennsylvania Dutch souvenirs and textiles including t-shirts sweatshirts and jackets. All the goods are reasonably priced and the staff is very very helpful. Kids will have a great time exploring the shop. A destination in and of itself. This shop has been an institution in the Lancaster area for quite a while. Pay it's a visit.

Cory McGuffin

Free samples of the pies were good. Fair pricing on everything too. Lots of tourist trap stuff there. Definitely worth a stop for some homemade pies, lemonade, and root beer.

chad keesee

Great staff and tasty samples

Lisa Haythe

Best shoo fly pies in the world !

BX Committee

More than just a bakery. Cool place to look around and shop if you are in the area.

Diana Dejesus

is the best pie ever.

Matthew Milicic

The best Shoo Fly pie I ever tasted


Hands down the BEST Shoo Fly Pie i have ever tasted. We came here to do a little shopping. Plenty of parking. We went inside to find a pretty big store with many items. They handed us free samples of the pie. I was hooked. They make whoopi pies also. We did a little shopping. Prices were right. Just as we began to order the pies, a bus came in with so many people. They didnt have enough people working there and there was only one cash register. We got home and had the pie and it was so amazing. They will ship you a pie if you want. Check them out. You won't be disappointed.

Happy Cows

I love to stop here anytime I visit Lancaster. Don't forget to ask for your sample of shoo fly pie.

Alan Mann

As soon as you walk in the door you are greated with a sample of the shoofly pie. They have a variety of Amish goods at reasonable prices.

Derrick Elliott

Tons of cool stuff and best Shoo-Fly Pie I have ever tasted.

James Haug


Aaron Cortright

Not at all impressed with the place. We stopped in for a shop fly pie and can't say it was my favorite, but to each their own. Additionally, I saw employees arguing with a woman about how good their pie is...ay least they are passionate. The entire place felt a bit old too... My 3 year old had to use the bathroom while we were here. I've seen better portable potties that were in better shape.

Rich Rasimowicz

I always have to stop in when visiting and bring home some of those delicious pies. I can't find a better shoo fly pie anywhere!

Fallon Dozier

I am a local and as multiple others have said, the staff are RUDE, especially to kids. One man in particular was very rude to my toddler. We were going to make purchases until this incident, but now we will not be back. Since we are locals, they lost my business for life. You can go here if you are elderly (like I said they hate kids and anyone child bearing age) and want to buy overpriced tourist JUNK, but don’t bring your kiddos here. If you want GOOD baked goods go to either Bird-in-hand Bakery or Strasburg Market. Also, this place smells like mildew. I tolerated it for my son because he loved going to the “windmill”. Not anymore.

Josh Lewis-Sandy

It seems more like a tourist trap than an authentic piece of Amish culture

Eric Carroll

Insanely crowded. Nice people. Great pie. Weird kitchy merch.


Lots of nick naks and Amish furniture

Kristofor Nelson

The shoofly pie is so good. The store is pretty big and has lots of Amish items. They are opened on Sundays also. They give you a free sample of the pie. The price is right. Just watch out for the tour buses. They come in and take over. Overall its a good place and they will ship you a pie if you want.

Jermal Fevrier

So many selections. There is something for everyone. We loved it!

Jean Southcott

The best....and I mean THE best ShooFlyPie! The shop is chock full of Pa. Dutch themed merchandise to buy. Reasonable prices. Friendly people. You will get a little piece of pie with whipped cream while you are in there!! And they will ship your pie, too, if you need to. I have done that and it arrives in perfect shape. Treat yourself! If going to the area, stopping is a must!

Crystal Kutteh

Best Shoo Fly Pie around! Been getting them at Dutch Haven since I was a little kid.

Stephen Decker

Good for junk type purcases.

blanca velez

great place to socialize and eat.

leandro santiago

Best shoo fly pie ever and lost of great furniture

Kevin Reith

Great place to buy genuine amish madr furniture and shoo fly pie

Lisa Katz

Shoofly Pie is the best! The store has many things to look at. Furniture, hex signs, souvenirs, etc. It is a must stop if you are in the area. We traveled over an hour to taste their pies and brought some home for entertaining. Yummy!

Betsy Murphy

This was one of the few places that was open when we passed through on a Sunday afternoon. We didn't pick the best time to explore the area, but we got lucky with this place. The whoopie pies and shoo-fly pies were delicious, and the store next to the bakery with all the random souvenirs and furniture added another fun area to explore. We left with two pies and some whoopie pies, and they were all lovely. The people handing out pie samples as guests walk in the door definitely do their part to help sales, and even if people don't leave with a pie, at least they feel welcomed with food.

Rick Short

A must stop. Great Shoo Fly pie. They gave me a warm sample.

Erin Hunter

Very friendly staff, fair pricing on their goods as well as having a huge selection of souvenirs. Plus you get free samples of pie which is always a plus

Arthur Badger

I recommend Dutch Haven it has all kinds of souvenirs.

Andy Bilodeau

Kitschy, touristy and totally awesome. Excellent Shoofly pie and good Whoopie Pies.

Teresia Johnson

Very helpful and friendly employees, well located, enjoyed my time much to see and food was delicious...

Chad Kuciara

Best shoofly pie around!

Jennifer B

The shoo-fly pie melts in your mouth! A must try when in the area

Amanda LeBon

The 2 people who were running the counter were genuine, engaging, and provided great customer service. I was afraid to ever try shoo-fly pie, but they let us sample a piece and I was very surprised. Bought one and a jar of no sugar-added jelly.

Saanvi Reddy

Extremely delicious Shoo-Fly pie.Many dessert options to try .Fresh pies,buns,bread .

Elaine Bowers

You just want to get it all. They have such a large variety of wonderful treats to eat, it's hard to decide. We wanted to get it all, but didn't have room.

Ken E

Great shop-fly pie! Free samples are given too... always a stop when in town. You can’t miss the rotating, lit-up windmill!

Casey Dolan

Talk about knick-knacks and tourist traps.Walking in the door was like using a time machine and going back to my childhood. The family would stop at a roadside diner or rest stop. Everything you could imagine from the area was there to be sold. Just a little freshing up could be used.

Linda Holobovich

Best shoo-fly pie ever!

Sandra DeSantis

Wonderful shoofly pie and rootbeer!!!! The staff is more than happy to give you a sample of pie, knowing you will be buying some as soon as you taste it!

Vincent Leung

Tried the free sample and threw it in the garbage can.

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