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REVIEWS OF Colangelo's IN Pennsylvania

DreyCole Hair Studio

Best food hand down! The best freshest ingredients perfect put together!

Matt Coalmer

Amazing food! Perfect for lunch! Very friendly staff!

Derek Antonucci

Toni Kuester

This is the place for great pizza

Cathy Dolezal

Their pastries are delicious.


Cindy Manza

Mirella Vercillo

Dave Wyman

Their food is great and the employees are very friendly.

A Cartier

Off to a smaller street in the Strip, you'll find the amazing Colangelo's Bakery and La Prima Espresso side by side. If you think you have a hard time finding it, look for the tables of elderly distinguished Italian men just shouting passionately. Trust... it cant be missed. I happen to stumble into Colangelo's because I was in dire need for a caffeine fix. Imagine my pleasant surprise to find a great bakery attached to La Prima ... there's a gate that opens between their shared wall where you can go from one place to the next. A caffeine fix AND tasty sugar high... what can possibly be better. Great thing about this place, it is open very early (7 am). So for me, I was always tempted to come here each morning to start my day. They have lots of variety here at the break of dawn. They didnt have all the savouries available but they had rows and rows of their famed mele. They also have cannoli, croissants, danish, cinnamon twists, cinnamon rolls, sfogitalle ... etc. A lot of sweet pastries at 7 am! For me, I asked them what they're best known for... Mele all the way. On their savoury menu, you have lots of options and it seem to have their pan pizza is the top in addition to their panini and pasta. I remember coming here shortly after a brunch and saw them just getting ready with many pans being placed into their display area. So lots of options for those who are looking for a heartier Italian meal. Before rating the actual food, quick note on the service... it's pleasant and welcoming. They're constantly having fun conversation and quips with some of the older patrons who must have been coming for years. It definitely feels like a 2nd home or at least a showcase depending on the day. It think one day we came here a middle aged looking Jersey Shore extra came up with his Maserati and all the Italian eldery men couldnt stop looking or crowding it. Just another fun moment of the Colangelo's and La Prima Strip. All Mele ... think of it as a smushed but still layered croissant filled with jammy fruits and doused with a helping of sugar. Tip to anyone choosing, get the ones that have the fruit spilling out and creating a caramelized crust on the pastry... the best! Cherry Mele - They tend to sell out of this one first as they make less of them. This was the best mele out of all of them. It had lots of big pieces of cherries and was balanced between being sweet and tart. The pastry was wonderfully layered and flakey while still giving that nice crunch from the sugaring on the outside. I would have loved the fruit filling to be less jammy and more fruit but thats a small little note. 4.5/5 Raspberry Mele - This was the second favourite of the ones we tried. Definitely more tart than the cherry and a little more feeling artificially flavoured. The pastry was very good though and similar to the cherry mele. 4/5 Almond Mele - The filling was the least liked... it didnt taste like anything nut like unfortunately. It was just a very dense sweet paste that had an odd flavour. Not quite bitter nor quite sugary. Just an odd flavour combination. Pastry was good but the filling did take away from it. 3/5 Cannoli - I have a soft spot for Cannoli ever since I ate my first great one in the NYC suburbs. I usually shy away from them when I see them prefilled as they pastry would be a sad floppy wet cardboard. I still ordered this one as I was curious. I was pleasantly surprised how this cannoli still had a nice crunch and shatter a bit to give way to the creamy ricotta filling. This one had chocolate chips and a vanilla flavour. The ricotta filling was sweet but not terribly sweet where it felt overkill. I tend to like more chocolate shavings with candied citrus because I find chocolate chips the regular waxy Chip-Its default most of the time. 4/5 Awesome little find that I wasn't expecting and would be definitely coming back if I find myself in this city again!

S Gaugler

Grab lunch or a homemade pastry and sit outside on the sidewalk. With coffee from neighboring shop, it's like being in Italy.

Andrew Moss

One of the best spots in town for take-out Italian pastries and lunch. Try the beans & greens!

Zeina Livanos

Best Italian bakery in Pittsburgh

Kodi Mikiewicz

Gladys Ferguson

We got a slice of pizza, almond croissant and 2 mele. The lady who helped us was really friendly. We wanted the pastries to go, but wanted to eat the pizza there. She offered to heat up the pizza for us.The pizza was delicious. It had a wonderful focaccia crust and everything just tasted right together. We ate the croissant and mele the next day.

Raphael Goins

Great place

Jim Snider

Excellent service and menu. Parking can be problematic, but worth the effort and search. Linguini and clams with sausage option. Greens and beans for my friend.

John McGowan

Great pastries and organic coffee. European vibe!

Niki Grimm

Mike. Botteicher

Leslie Meeks

Authentic itialian food that's prepared fresh, while you wait. A wide variety menu and they even offer catering services! The staff goes above and beyond to make sure your order is prepared perfectly. I highly recommend Colangelos to anyone. If authentic delicious itialian food is what you want, Colangelos is the place to go. And don't forget to try the sweets!

Denise Ellis

Always great!! Best food and pastries in the strip.


Everything is delicious. Try the chocolate croissant

raulfau .

Every Wednesday I order "to go" their lunch special. Today I did the same but, once back at my office, I was very disappointed they not only changed the type of pasta but also they changed the size of the box to go for a much smaller one. The price stays the same for a way smaller portion. Just for that, I would give one star to this place but decided on 3 stars because the food is amazing, pricey though.

Dan Rossino

Awesome pizza!

Adriana Cupelli

I love going and picking up my breakfast sandwiches lunch and sometimes something later on for dinner they're very courteous very friendly great customer service

Tracy Starr


Shivesh Patel

Delicious baked good at a very affordable price

georgie ismydog

Monica Gray

Great garlic feta cheese fresh spinach pizza; tasty flaky crust!!! Great customer service.

Olivia Donnan

Edgar Um Bucholtz

Nicole Novak

This is quite the hidden gem of the strip district. It has become a common lunch spot for me because of the quality ingredients that they use. I do not particularly enjoy salads unless they are from Colangelo's. The lettuce is fresh and the dressing is all homemade. If you are looking for quality over quantity than this is your place. The prices are a little on the steep side for what you get but totally worth it.

Quenton King

I was impressed with this place. I stopped by on a day in Pittsburgh. The locals seem to love it, so many people came in and out. We got their most famous dish and loved it

Kathy Celestino

One of my favorite quick stops in the Strip District for a snack. Amazing pizza

Ryan Lantzy

Cherry Danish was simply amazing.

Renee Russell

Natasha Wierzbicki

Fantastic authentic Italian eats. The bakery is known for their Meles and the restaurant has daily specials. The pasta sauce is made fresh daily and is truely made with love.

Bob Shields


Lindsay Phillips

Scott Nadelson

Nice people, fresh flavor filled food and pastries, boom

Saurin Parikh

Freshly baked goods and very friendly staff! Doesn't hurt that La Prima coffee is right next door.

Rhonda Campanella

We just got home from Italy and were missing the incredible food and extremely friendly people. After espresso and freshly squeezed oj from La Prima, we had an al fresco lunch at the attached Colangelos’s where we felt like we were still on holiday. Everything was delicious! From the Porchino Mushroom Pasta, Greens and Beans, and a tuna pasta dish (we forget the name) to the meatballs and freshly made Ciabatta. They even brought out a small pastry with a candle in it when they found it is was my birthday.

Elizabeth Godusky

Great food and friendly staff. I love their pizza and pastries!

Douglas Patterson

Visited this place with my younger son and the pizza was excellent. I had the spaghetti with mushroom sauce and Italian sausage and would recommend it.

C Clark

I love coming to Colangelo's! I work nearby and love frequenting the display case trying to work my way through the many goodies and delicious pizzas! From the nut horns, to the different flavored Danish pastries and stuffed meles! Colangelo's has pasta, croissants and so much more! Hopefully I can taste it all eventually!

Matthew Sandler

This is hands down the very best Italian pasta in Pittsburgh. There is no seating really, a few tables outside that are hard to get, and they dont have a huge menu, often serving just a few pastas at a time, but believe me, it is worth it. I have eaten and made a lot of pasta in my life, this stuff is the real deal, totally fresh and just out of this world. There's a reason everyone around this restaurant is speaking Italian, they know where the good pasta is. You wouldnt even know this place was technically a restaurant by looking at it, it looks like they only are a bakery, attached to a coffee shop, make no mistake, you are at the right place.

Christina Grady

M Fochs

Easy to miss in the hectic space of the strip district, but a really nice walk up pizza place that also sells some great dishes and pastries.

Mina Ak

James Amato

Great pizza!

Christopher Caresani

Great food and service. Pastries and Italian fare are of equal excellence


Lauren Schmitt

Maureen Bertonaschi

Joe Ellis

A must stop for us every time on the Strip. It's all great.

Austin Graff

This bakery is attached to La Prima, a really good coffee shop in the Strip District. Once you have your latte, just walk next door to this bakery for a variety of pastries, cookies, and cakes. If you go in the morning, they have croissants. My wife ordered the almond croissant and I a chocolate croissant. The almond one was disappointing and the bread on the chocolate one was too much and odd, BUT the chocolate filling was good. Despite this, I'd save your calories and just get coffee at La Prima.

Alex J. Lau

I've never had a bad bite to eat here. Ranging from the freshly made pasta (it's not packaged) to the pizza to the baked goods, do yourself a favor and stop in here. I don't say that often.

John Hitchman

Everything on the menu is delicious . Beans & Greens are LEGENDARY ! Pastries galore. Can't be beat.

jeffrey edson

Mitchell Turkheimer

Awesome Italian bakery!

Amy Korb

Allen Booth

Cindy Maleychik

Great food. Great service.

Tony Keser

Brian Goodman

Best cannoli in Pittsburgh! And everything else I've had has been awesome. Try it you won't be disappointed.

James Zelenka

Charles Schuchat

Melanie Dennis

kelly velez

Pizza was great and so were all the pastries. Will definitely be back and recommend for genuine Italian yum!

marz martain

Holy Canoli I cant express into words how much I love this guys are pastry masters! Thank you for gracing me with you amazing treats!!

Matt Reese

james washington

Simply amazing!! Love amy

Lisa Minetti

We enjoyed our sandwiches here. The bread was fresh and the portions were generous enough for two meals. The sfogliatelle pastry looked good, but was a big disappointment. They were neither as crispy nor as light as the ones in Naples. Perhaps the summertime humidity did them in?

Micheala Jennifer

No public restroom. They have outside seating and sell coffee, drinks, food etc. But will send you to a restaurant around the corner to use the restroom.

Eric Stubna

A must stop in The Strip. Every item has been fantastic. Some regular items for us are the mele, scones, egg sandwich croissants, and breakfast pizza.

Lee Dao

Jeffrey Morgan

I just enjoyed a delectable couple slices of Sicilian cheese pizza. Very light and airy crust with the right amount of sauce and cheese. For dessert, a cannoli and slice of ricotta cheese pie... MOLTO BENE!!

Dovecote April Buckwalter

I just had a giant tiramisu from this place for my Birthday... it was so incredibly good. I want one every year from now on.

Taylor Leturgey

Cat in a garden

Awesome customer service and if you go there-try the almond mele(soooo good). Clean and friendly.


Best pizza in the Strip! Awesome full Italian menu

Ben Howard

khalid Abohind

بيتزا لذيذة وخفيفة والنَّاس هناك رائعين

Claudette DeClemente

Everything is so delicious!! Friendly staff too


I'm addicted to the square pizza! So good!

Raynah Fandozzi

this was a great easy stop there was pizza,salad and desserts. perfect stop for a short lunch break

Brendan Conley

ralph m

Justin Chismar

Fantastic little bakery!!

george scott

I love the greens and beans and the mafasola sandwich. I'll be back. And the coffee ON MY LANDS

Christopher Ream

May be the best pizza in the city that you don't know about. Great cookies, too!

Peg Sherwood

Absolutely the best Italian food in Pgh. Beans and Greens are amazing.

Teresa Teague

Light & delicious pastries, great service and right next door a wonderful Cappuccino! Will be back tomorrow morning!

Doug Goodman

First time visit! Bought an assortment of pastries, ciabatta bread (which was the best we'd ever had), a few slices of pizza (also crusty and very good), and a few cannoli's (my son had informed us, they were the best he'd ever had, the reason we came there)! We WILL be going back! Definitely worth a trip!

Matthew Nichols

If you have not had the pizza get here to's fantastic. Best cannoli in the Burgh as well.

Mechele HHayes

Richard A. Mazzocca

Everything is fantastic and can't beat having the best coffee shop in Pittsburgh next door.

Rachel Franklin


Kenny Dorsey

Great chocolate cake!

Crystal Lee Morgan

When food is made with love you can taste it in every bite. I have been eating here for about 2 years now and have tried close to everything on the menu. My meal is always served hot, well paired and with a level of personal service that from my first visit I felt like a long time customer. The bakery items are amazing, fresh and if you have not tried the Meles... do yourself a favor and go get a dozen. Yes a dozen.

Francis Gigantic

Authentic Italian coffee and pastries, pizza, and sandwiches. Nice spot to hang or ride your bike to.

Tomas Garcia

I love this place. Perfect.


Daniel S. Fleegle

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