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REVIEWS OF Carlo's Bakery IN Pennsylvania

Fatma Yousuf

on the 7/27/2019 i visited this branch and was treated with total disrespect and discrimination, even though i arrived first the lady working there served everyone else before me. When she finally cleared the customers she looked at me like i was wasting her time and wouldn’t give me a chance to order. Then when i picked my order: a total of 6 slices and a large cake she was smashing my cake around like its cake toys messing up my order ... If I wasn’t expecting people that day I would’ve canceled the order and walked out of the shop.

Jay Smith

Had the carrot cake and red velvet cake and they were okay, but for $7 a slice I think it should have been better. Everything looks very nice and the store is clean. Parking is almost impossible.

Cristiane Tagawa

Google User

Staff is rude. My friend asked to use restroom and they said "can't find key". They were lying. They spent a lot of money making the appearance look fancy and nice but the food quality is not what it should be. Better off buying donuts and cakes at a grocery store. Stay far away from this place.

Draco XD

Yvonne Bowersox

As some lobster rolls!

Abby Ferguson

Great pastries and great people!! Definitely a fav place!! Totally recommend for anything pastry related or cake related!

Diane Read

Just stopped in ask for red white blue cake girl behind counter rude like an effort unhelpful

Corinne Cruz

Really get customer service!! Can't wait to get home to eat my treat!! Great variety to choose from!

Angeliqué Israel

The staff was very extremely friendly and helpful! I will definitely be back.

Martin Zugiña

great service. 1st time here. the cashier explained menu options. (easy to read menu but we asked for suggestions).

Philly Worker

This is a beautiful bakery. However, more emphasis on looks then quality. Prices are high and food looks better than it tastes.

Tony Real

Don’t believe the hype!

Nivia Marrero

Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Erin Bailey

This place is awesome. The pastrys are SO good. The lobster tails are to die for.

Eboney Bernard

I loved it

Danielle Wright

I bought 3 items. A regular vanilla cupcake, a sprinkle sugar cookie, and a cream puff. The cream puff was tasty. Worth the $2. The cupcake wasn't the best. It didn't have much flavor. The cookie was by far the worst out of the 3. It had no flavor. I had one bite and couldn't finish it. Idk what was missing. Maybe sugar. I would not recommend getting that cookie or cupcake.

Alexander Paiz

Overpriced. I can’t believe the Tiramizu from Walmart is so much tastier than here. Cannellonis are delicious.

belinda lacoste

Desserts looked good. Coffee was amazing!! Italian. Yum

George Hardwick

Good deserts not spectacular but good and pricy.

Anna Villa

Very limited variety of cakes. For all the advertising I heard about, I was expecting more. Drove more than 30 mins for nothing relevant

Jim Marnell

Web Reviewer1

All their money is spent decorating the bakery to look like a million bucks, better food can be had elsewhere.

Mohit Tiwari

Josep Valls

A little too sugary and pricey. The selection is hit or miss.

Amy Boren

Me and my little girl and my mom came on the grand opening we got there at 6 AM we got to meet buddy at 4:45 we were so exhausted for waiting in line. Everything was so good but only one request is is that we waited all day long in the cold and sun one of the girls was rushing me to order if I wait out line for eight or nine hours I don't want to be rushed. Other than that everything was worth it the lobster tails were the best buddy was so nice and friendly to everyone I'm ready to come back.

Brett Costa

My wife had an idea for our sons birthday cake with only a week to prepare. Carlo's stepped up and helped design a cake under $100. When other bakery shops took days to respond to our internet inquiry, the staff at Carlo's were hard at work creating a well thought out and delicious cake. The only critique is to have more cake and less filling as the end result was a little too sweet. Thank you for the wonderful cake!

Eileen Moore

Too long a wait and the pastries and cakes we all purchased were below average. Could of bought better at Walmart

Joe Dailey

Absolutely no line. Cannoli was good but shell was to thick. Cheesecake was spot on.

robella naldo

Great tasting cakes! With just enough sweetness.

Agnes Parentis

Tried the lobster tails they are definitely a treat that I will order the next time I go. They come in four different fillings. All are wonderful. Looking forward to buying again

Shamayel G

A lot to choice from. Loved their cheesecake a lot, good tiramisu too.

Rajiv Sinha

Visiting Philadelphia and on our walk stumbled on Carlos bakery. Thought why not give it a try as my wife is a big fan of the show. Had a chocolate covered cheesecake and wife had a cheesecake. Very, very disappointing. Have had better cheesecake from grocery stores. Price is ridiculously expensive for poor quality desserts. Almost $16.00 for two small round pieces. Will never go back. Just because you have a show, doesn’t mean you can pass off sub par desserts as something special. Perhaps family members should spend some time at their satellite locations to keep a handle on quality. Or maybe this is what you serve in Hoboken?

juan luma

So i decided to go treat my family,but instead we went there to find everything empty. I was real dissappointed i drove over an hour. How can a so called prestigious bake shop be out of everything? People there were not generous and did not even know the flavors in some of there pastries. Also some what disrespectful is that everything looks old and left over so instead of refilling and making more they expect customers to eat left overs,when your supposed to be paying for something fresh. I DO not recommend this place is just making money of a name because quality and service is non existent please save your money ,youll be glad you did

Elizabeth Engler

Delicious lobster tail, Quick Service!

dlewis11380 L

First time here and trust me I will be back for more. There is so much to chose from. Awesome customer service, the carrot

Terri L

I've never had a problem here before until the last two months. I drive from out of the area to visit family. I visited just before Christmas spending 80.00 on pastries for family. Normally we love the lobster claws but the pastry itself was not right at all (rubbery)we bought 5 of them. Yesterday 2/25 I returned nervous about getting a lober claw so I decided to try something new. The Carrot cake was good and moist. Unfortunately the skinny young lady with long brown hair was so rude for no reason. I ended up leaving without the hot tea I wanted for my two hour drive home.

Staci Grayson

Heather Michaels

Sincerely just a novelty. If you love the show, stop in. Otherwise, it’s really not that great. A grocery could provide better tasting pastries.

Lynda Zuniga

Waited so long to go and it was worth the wait got a little bit of everything and eat it all the way home to Michigan mmmmmm....mmm The lady that helped us was awesome thank you

yvonne davenport

Naomi Ballesteros

Everything was so delicious. Was so worth the 12 hr wait my family ordered more than $100 worth of food and it was all totally worth it. Everything was so delicious!!!

Marcella Oliveira

Disappointed about the selection they had. Went there and didn’t feel like trying anything. Other Carlo’s bakery around US are way better and offer more attractive variety.

Isla Arroyo

it was so savory. quick, helpful, and friendly service.

Vincenza Colon

Sorry, no rainbow cake... (it’s on display just for teasing) Horrible customer service. Cold coffee. Hard pastries. We ask for a rainbow cake only to be told they didn’t have any. If you want to use the bathroom, make sure you ask for s key... cause they won’t tell you need one.


You have to go to carlo's bakery.. good deserve

Yanemi Sarabia

The customer service was great! The oreo cookie cake I bought was amazing! Their pastries are delicious! The lines are not so bad and they always have a great variety of options!

Anastasia Rodgers

I needed a last minute cake for my wedding (a week before) and decided to just go to Carlos' Bakery on Preston because I figured it would be an easy, guaranteed satisfactory experience- esp. since the cake I wanted was so simple. 1st, the woman who helped us had zero personality and was quite a turn off to the entire shop, but I needed to get this over with so I continued to hope for the best. My simple, two tiered vanilla/vanilla cake to feed 40 people cost $400. My mom insisted that was a cheap $$$ for a wedding cake, whatever. I sent them a photo of what I wanted, and the woman even made notes on the direction slip. Needless to say, I was quite disappointed with my cake. Sure, the primary visual flaw was that the blueberries were not candied (though specifically noted on my invoice), and I was willing to let that go- until I tasted it... until my guests tasted it. I truly have had better $25.00 birthday cake from KROGER'S than this $400.00 cake!!!! The cake I made for my husband (pictured to the left of the Carlos' cake) was far better and was confirmed by every one of my guests (and that was my first time baking a cake!). The worst part about all this is, Carlos' has NO refund policy. I was very nervous having to pay upfront for a cake knowing that I couldn't get a refund if anything happened.. but this is Carlos' Bakery... I trusted it would be okay. I suppose now I understand why they have a zero refund policy. I mean, I get it can be tricky giving refunds and could very well hurt the place in the long run... but really? What about your honest customers who feel pretty jipped in the end? It's a good thing I decided to make my own groom's cake. Now I know I can just bake my own cake next time. And if not, for whatever reason, I'm sure as heck not going back to Carlos'. OH! And let me mention, ONE reason why the cake tasted so bad- the frosting layers were thicker than the cake layers!!!!! The whole point of me ordering the cake I did was to cut back on the frosting. I read one review that suggested the cakes may come frozen from NY... I wouldn't be surprised at all. One more thing, you can only choose from three flavors: Chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet. Really? How basic.

Teran Tadal

Good baked goods and much more.

Julie McKinney

Its a young lady in there, that looked short and thin. Her attitude was the worst! She never smiled, wasnt dressed properly, had a weird odor, and then messed up on my order! I dont know how she got a job there. Oh well not coming back. I think she went by the name of Neisha or Nasha.

Rodney Hughes

Staff Is Nice

Queen M D

A lot of good stuff

Mollie Jeffrey

Love to see you there

Aline Martins

Erika ‘

Good place but poor morals from a certain employee. Came in earlier today and had a great experience from a Hispanic/Latin young lady who had great customer service but man the Caucasian Baker in the back was so horrible you can tell that lady only likes a certain race. She was so nice and lovely to all the Caucasian families that came in. When I asked her questions she would ignore me and when I asked her for a drink she made a face and if I hadn’t caught the drink it would have fell on the counter. She should try to at least act professional since she’s working under someone well known.


This is my second visit. One customer in front of me but wait time 10minutes. Service remains horrible.

Alvaro Garcia

David Valls

Best cheesecake in the city. Their cheesecake is AMAZING as well as all their dessert. Must go if you are a fan of sweets like me. Their coffee is the most disappointing coffee I have ever had. I ordered an iced americano and I got glorified dirty water. I complained saying that it was not good and they said that they make their americanos half coffee and half water. (The picture I added is their famous "iced Americano"). I explained that "Americano" is espresso and coffee and the girl working gave me a very hard time about this. Finally I got my coffee with a LOT of attitude, rudeness and unkind service. She also was eating while serving food and drinks which was kind of gross to look at for the person serving my dessert and coffee.


Honestly does not live up to the hype. Below average taste and really bad service .

Zumba by Nelly

Delicious bakery, high prices but amazing taste.

Desiree Joy Frias

Good cake and available on short notice.

Michael Harakaly


Honestly we grabbed about 4 or 5 different items 1 lobster tail cookies and cream one small chocolate moose cake, and 2 other items. And they all tasted pretty plan like it was missing flavor. I don’t know if they make the items in house or some factory somewhere. But it taste store bought.

Home Inspector

Soooooooo yummy!!!

Josue Melendez

Bought a birthday cake for my daughter and the cake was very very dry. This is the second time. I don't think I'll be buying a cake there anymore. Shoprite's cake is much better and moist. Very disappointed.

Krystal Hightower

Not what I was expecting after paying $15 for strawberry parfait, chocolate cupcake, red velvet cupcake and sugar cookie. My two year hated the sugar cookie and that was before we even ate ours. My husband had the parfait, he said was pretty decent but lack flavor. My red velvet cupcake was ok, but mainly dry. Now, this chocolate cupcake was disappointing and disgusting. The icing was perfect, the cupcake was bitter! I had to throw it away. Talk about mad. If I had to do it all over again I would definitely save my coins. I would rather visit the original site and get the real deal. Bakery was beautiful and loved the family pictures since I am fan of the show. Was not greeted when I came in but another party was. Nothing new, if you know what I mean. Cashier seemed not engaged and dry but also working by herself and was basically doing everything by herself with manager in the back area. They look delicious, but looks are deceiving...

Eric Machac

Delicious carrot cake! Probably some if the best I have had, and liberal portions.

Josephine Downey

Good pastries but the quality has decreased . The staff is not as friendly as you would expect.

Sally Hayes

I went to the empty Dallas store to try few things to see if they're as great as what they seem to be on TV. First off there's no napkins anywhere in their place. Secondly I selected my choices and the server behind the counter comes up to me and says did you want something? Just thought that was kind of abrupt but okay I selected my items that I wanted when was a cherry Danish which was great the other was chocolate covered strawberries. They were disgusting they put a candy drizzle on them because it was Easter and all I could taste was the candy drizzle I couldn't taste strawberry I couldn't taste chocolate it was just awful. Then I thought I'll try one of their signatures...the lobster tail. It was horrible. Tough, chewy, tasted yucky. I only ate one bite and was done. There were a couple more items I might have choosen but you could see the we're over bake. So I decided to send an email to customer service. I got a generic email back saying someone would get back to me in a day. One day response back. I tried to email them back but surprisingly their mailbox is full and they are not accepting emails. I normally don't post bad reviews on places like this but they really left me no choice

Holly Bowman

Got there about three, it wasn't crowded. There was fast, efficient, and courteous service. The place has a good atmosphere.

Jenna Santana

Wish it was closer to my house, I would come every week.

Gabriela Casillas

I grew up on the show 'Cake boss's so when they moved to Dallas I was super excited! I had their lobster tails and they are delicious!

Amanda Barker

Every time we go we try something different and it's always so good.

John Malone

Very good bakery. A slice of Hoboken in Center city Philadelphia.

stephen annis

I have bought cakes and cookies cupcakes everything was excellent.

Paulo Hopper

Basavaraj Patil

The Tres Leches cake was not the best that we have had. The chocolate chip cookie was nothing to write home either. Nice place though.

Alice Foster

it has a good interior.

Jason Conway

Very average. Had the carrot cake and the flavor was mild. If someone else had ordered the cake I would have never know it was a carrot cake. There was barely any carrots or walnuts in this cake. Paying $7 for a carrot cake like that is very sad when I had a much better one at susie’s cakes. Watching the TV show I was expecting the cannolis to be amazing very lackluster in my opinion. Had better else we’re. Never been to the original Carlos bakery but maybe they are better there. Brownie was good but it’s very Rich and the Chocolate covered Strawberries my wife and daughter loved.

Jorge De Leon

No tienen Biscochos de cumpleaños y los dulces son fríos y viejos.Qué decepción!

marcheta cervantez

It's Carlo's bakery need I say more? Everything was great. Spent way too much money but had to try some new things

Tonya Buchanan

i like it here always quality food & service. prices are appropriate.

Elizabeth Ruckelshaus

Cute little rendition of the original Carlo’s bakery. Definitely commercial and chain-like but a decent place nonetheless. Clean and a good atmosphere. Their selection changes. Only thing I would say is that it is over priced, but being that it has the Carlos name on it, it is to be expected.

ShaQuala McCright

The chocolate moose cake is super cute for small birthday gatherings like 6 people! This cake needs to be kept leveled otherwise you get small chunks attached to the box. This cake is served best when it’s refrigerated or just from a cool environment otherwise the writing on the fondant tag will look a bit melted and cold cake is the best type of cake

Erik Cofield

Overpriced. Donut was awful, watery glaze, no flavor. But the Italian pastry (horn shaped) was good, but expensive. Lavazza coffee is good, box of cookies at $22 is absurd. No need to go back

Amanda Velez

Delicious pastries cupcakes too!! Cannoli creamy and delicious!!! Prices are very reasonable no different than any other bakery. Very clean n friendly staff.

Nallely Vergara

Was very disappointed. We tried different types of pastries and they were hard and did not taste fresh. One last had the same complaint and the guy said there wasn't anything he could do about it.

Rachelle Martins

I realize that the place may be overpriced but given that I live near the original shop in Hoboken that is always crowded and out of the one dessert I love, i was delighted to find this shop almost empty. They had the dark chocolate mousse I adore so had a nice sit-down to enjoy my dessert!

Bryan Ramos

The cannolis are delicious the lobster tails are to die for the carrot cake is the best I've ever had. Only one complain I've come here a lot. The lobster tails have gotten more expensive and smaller at the same time other than that great place.

nina castro

Purchased the birthday cake and tres leches cake slices and loved both of them. Highly recommend this place. It's hard not to buy everything when you walk in and see the desserts displayed.


Awesome pastries to die for.

Anastasia Danavath

This place is all hype. I would NEVER recommend this place for a special occasion cake (or even a snack- the bakery at La Madeline is better than this place). In fact, my wedding was 9 months ago and I was so disappointed with the cake we ordered that I came back to check on my review. To start, the red-headed woman who was standing at the counter when my mother and I walked in had absolutely no personality. She would stare at us blankly if asked a question, moved very slowly, and did not smile once the entire time we were there. I tried to be friendly, but after getting nothing from her I just stopped bothering. It really put a damper on the excitement of ordering my wedding cake. I mean, I get that you do this all day- but at least look welcoming when you're dealing with a customer. Anyways, I showed her a picture of what I wanted, a very simple 3 tiered, white, naked cake, with blueberries lining each tier- simple enough, right? You'd think so. The woman told us there was no guarantee that our cake would look like the photo. Yikes... well, you guys are "professionals" so alright, I trusted them. On top of that they required us to pay for the cake in advance, in full, with absolutely no refund policy. So you can't guarantee that my cake will look like what you're telling me you can accommodate, you want me to pay for it up front, and if I hate it then I'm stuck with it? I was very uncomfortable with this but I was desperate for a cake with only a week before my date. The cost of my cake for 100 people was $400!!!! In actuality I only needed a cake for 35 people- but this was the smallest option they gave me for the cake I had showed them (which was even half the size of the one they made me!)- and when everything was finished it looked like a terrible interpretation of the photo I provided. I can't find the photo of what I wanted from online, but it was so simple I could've just made it myself ( I actually did consider making it myself, but decided not to because I didn't want to have to worry my cake). In the end, the cake they gave me was two tiered because 3 tiered was just not possible for the size cake they were willing to make. Additionally, there was supposed to be blueberries lining each tier, plus a circle of them on the top tier, They didn't even bother adding the simple line of blueberries on the top. Carlos Bakery is lucky I don't still have pictures of the inside of the cake from after we sliced into it- the frosting layers were thicker than the actual cake layers and they were uneven. I wouldn't be surprised if these cakes were frozen and then thawed for use because the flavor was terrible- I guess something you'd expect from a franchise. The grooms cake I decided to make for my husband (the cake on the left with blueberries + blackberries) not only looked more attractive than the cake I paid $400 for, but it tasted so much better. My best friend confirmed my suspicion when she came up to me and told me how the Carlos Bakery cake was the worst cake she'd ever had (I think she saw my face when the restaurant brought it out and I saw it for the first time- my mother picked it up for me the day of). The worst part is that I've had better $20 birthday sheet-cake from the Kroger's bakery than this. If you feel that you simply MUST get a cake from THIS place for a special occasion, try to negotiate terms with these people because you're S.O.O.L if you end up hating it. If they aren't willing to negotiate terms with you, or guarantee that your cake will look a certain way- just go somewhere else that's cheaper because the taste alone isn't worth any money you're going to pay. Not to mention their options to customize cakes for such a simple design seem so limited it's just a waste of time coming here. The cookies at Carlos Bakery are just as basic and tasteless. The only pro I walked away with from my experience with Carlos Bakery is that I should've trusted my instincts. Now I know I can bake a cake myself for literally 1/10 of the cost and 10x's the flavor and appeal.

Anika Met

This place is SO expensive, I get it the dude had a show so they up the prices, and that would be OK if it were actually good. I have gone to Carlos Bakery twice & was disappointed both times. The cookies taste & smell like PLAY DOUGH, the cupcakes taste like the cupcakes you get at the supermarket. Extremely hard and dry and the icing tastes like nothing. The strawberries were frozen in the strawberry mouse I got. Literally disgusting. I bought some cupcakes and cookies for my sister on Valentine’s Day for an expensive $20 and she took one bite and spit it out. I’m never going back.

Shona Jones

Came to the Dallas location on today to order a birthday cake for my friend 50th birthday. We had to walk in here because a order was placed online last week and a response was just sent out today with my party being on Saturday the 21st. Their is only one employee that works here that has no knowledge of how to place a cake order. There is NO ONE SUPERVISOR ON SITE TO PLACE MY ORDER. what the hell!!! I need for someone to address this issue. Thank you

Beth B

Tasty treats to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Molly Tuckerson

Brought a cake from here for my son's birthday and it was the most dry and tasteless cake that I have ever had in my 45 years of life. And to top it off the woman who took my order was super duper rude. Like I don't even know how she still has a job. Like customer service sucks big time. Will not spend any more of our hard earned money at this place. Won't watch the show any more either!

ermes carbonera

Pasticceria stupenda peccato che nn c'era per fare la foto assieme xk é di origine italiana

Paul Trevi

Honestly the family and I were expecting a friendlier atmosphere. The sweets were wonderful and outstanding, but the employees didn't greet us when we first got there and we all agreed no one was smiling. The cases were also a little bare. We went in at 7 long before closing and didn't have very many choices. I wish I could have had a better experience.

Lisa Farley

Don't waist your time or money. Took my daughter there because she loves the show. Pretty sad when a 13 year old says, "Guess we'll have to go to New Jersey to get the good stuff." Ordered lobster tails and 6 cupcakes. Lobster tails were chewy and cream filling was subpar. Peanut butter cupcake was salty. Cream cheese icing on red velvet and carrot cake tasted too cheesy. All of the cakes lacked flavor. Not worth the time or money spent just for pretty packaging and a name. Not to mention the service is slow and counter help isn't friendly. Better off going to Sam's or Kroger. More flavor, better prices, service, and wait time.

Junior Adrian

Cupcakes was ok but cheesecake was delicious...

Robin Flahaven

So good! Very clean! Counter staff was sweet and smiling and it was pretty busy, even at 6pm!

Deborah Halvorson

Fantastic desserts and friendly staff and they are helpful!

Razvan Chiriac

Evolution Payroll Services

Jessica Sepulveda

The outside decor is a sweet homage to the old fashioned bakeries you find in the Northeast. Although it was fairly empty when I last visited, we were treated kindly and I was able to make a purchase smoothly to take a cake back to San Antonio. My family loved it!

Karen Cyr

My friend bought me Carrot Cake Cupcakes for my birthday. Best gift they were awesome. Now I just drove 57 miles to be told we don't make those here anymore but we have slices. The slices in the display case were approximately 2×3 in and are Only?? $5.95 each. Needless to say I walked out telling them they are nuts. Guess that's why they located in the rich neighborhood. I'm just regular people and can make a hell of a carrot cake for the price of 2 slices. I must be in the wrong business.

Brianne Louvierre

Only two stars because the cannoli was pretty good. But the cupcake was super dry and salty. The frosting had been sitting for a long time. Will not be coming back.

Monique Mays

It's so delicious. I'll return with my friends. This place has a nice feel to it.

Blarg Blarg

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. We happens across this place by accident after visiting lalobe for an ear piercing. We thought that it would be neat to try a place we've seen on TV since you rarely get to do stuff like that. First off, the selection is rather sparse. The shop is tiny and thus they don't have much to choose from. The place is also very ratty and dingy. It looks like they haven't really given the place a proper cleaning in months. Add to this the fact that it is cramped and the general atmosphere is quite bad. The baked goods were a huge disappointment. We had a cupcake, a chocolate mousse, and a lobster tail. The cupcake tastes as if it had been frozen and shipped. The mousse was tasty enough but not worth what they charged. The lobster tail, one of my favorite pastries, was horrible. The shell was so tough I had to rip it with my teeth like a tough steak. The cream was flavorless. I'd recommend avoiding this place and finding a local baker instead. You don't get the name but you'll probably get better pastries for your money. Me? I'll stick with Pastry Paradise in Arlington. Their lobster tails, if you are lucky enough to snag one before they sell out, are flaky, rich, and have a to die for cream filling. TL;DR Not worth the hype or the money

Robert Prescott

Genesis Rodriguez

Tyrone Barr

great location to meet with friends. definitely worth going back to. the place has a good feel to it.

Ryan Snell

Meg Butler

Delicious! But damn.....almost $7/slice of cake? Jeepers creepers!?

Rebecca Ward

The cake was amazing! I will definitely be getting more cakes here... The pricing is comparable to other chain places but much better quality and they're beautiful cakes

Dan Coleman

Very cool place with tons of options. The cannoli's were very good.

Maria Ponce

The best Icing i ever tried

Angel Fischer

This location is absolutely outstanding. Bring your appetite because portions are generous.

Anthony Pearce

Was definitely nice. I had some dark chocolate mousse that was amazing. The woman running the counter was really nice and willing to help. Prices where a little steep, but the food felt worth it.

Murad Fisher

The cake was nasty and the staff needs customer service training.

Ldbug L

By the time I get to the bakery, they only have like 4 donuts left. So this is my second time here. The first it wasn't bad. I got a cannoli and 4 donuts and it was about $12. Yesterday I went and got a slice of cake and 4 donuts. The price was like $18. The strawberry cake had a chemical like taste. It was not a good slice of cake. Would not recommend. The donuts, I was told by my family were not bad.

Ronniee DLT

Ive been eating cheesecake for the longest, i do not remember a cheesecake with out the graham cracker crust this definitely made me unhappy. #ILiveForCheeseCakes

Katherine Jackson

Good service! Cake looks lovely! The handwriting on it wasn’t the best, but you could tell what it said.

Debbs C

Nothing unique here, well, not that anyone would know... nothing is labeled. I was not impressed. I didn't really see anything that I couldn't get from the grocery store for less.

Tyler Lynnwood

The cake looked great, but it might have been the worst tasting cake I’ve ever eaten.

Nikki Ladeana

Staff could be a little bit friendlier

Lizzy Stowe

Great place to go for sweets!

Bruce Segal

Excellent home baked butter cookies. Wide selection of baked goods beyond cookies. Okay coffee. Might be worth a return visit. Definitely a good choice if it’s on your walk. Not sure, yet, if it’s worth traveling out of your way, as are la Gran Cafe L’Aquila, and Swiss Bake Haus.

According to Dana

I was excited to discover that Carlo’s had a satellite location in Philly, especially having watched “Cake Boss” (and its spin-off show, “Next Great Baker”) since it first premiered on TLC. That being said, I had always wondered how the baked goods themselves measured up to how hyped they were on TV, and what better day than my birthday to find out? After eyeing the selections in the case, I settled on a piece of rainbow cake frosted with buttercream and topped with a candied maraschino cherry and a coffee. While enjoying my cake and coffee I was delighted by the music that played and found the atmosphere to be at just the right balance—it was a weekday morning verging on afternoon so it was relatively quiet. After I finished my cake and coffee, I came to the conclusion that, yes, Carlo’s Bakery DOES live up to the hype from the TV show. Looking forward to trying more of their treats!

Janette Espino

The cake is mediocre at best. My child liked the donut. Overall it was Meh!!

Rolando Rodriguez

Great service considering she was the only one working on a busy Sunday afternoon. Great service and great tasting pastries. You gotta visit.

Madison Floyd

Stopped in on a Tuesday. Looking forward to coming back with my relatives. Prices are reasonable I would say.

Hector Diaz

Experience was good. We went on a rainy Saturday around 10AM. We were the only ones there and didn't haven't a long wait. The service was fine, nothing above and beyond. Got cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip m&m cookies, and cannolis.

Emily Czudak

I always love coming here! Amazing pastries.

Drew Sifuentes

Not what I expected it to be even from when it first opened. Stuff taste like it's been sitting in the fridge awhile. Rather go to a local bakery or the original store in NY.

Christy Sexton

I can say this place does it for me. The service was very friendly and kind. Prices are reasonable. Like a restaurant in Washington I liked.

Silvana Martinez

Was looking forward to trying something yummy and I bought a crumb cake that was decent but the velvet cupcake was dry and no taste..bland. paid 10.00 for both never again and I traveled 20 plus miles just to try it.


Not worth the 35 minute drive. Why? It’s Expensive. I got 8 things and it came out to be almost $40 bucks. The only thing that was really good was the strawberry & cream sandwich. Everything else was okay.

Angela West

Nice customer service

Kristina Wall Kersey

I brought my visiting mom here as a special treat, and had high hopes because the shop was super cute and it's in a great neighborhood. We were so disappointed. As we asked questions about the various products they offered the service ranged from surly, and dismissive to downright rude. The pastries we're tough, didn't taste fresh, and extremely bland. The prices for all of this were ridiculously high considering the poor taste and atrocious service. I'll never come back, and look forward to telling others how impossibly bad Carlo's Bakery is. I wonder what Buddy would think considering he is so proud of this store? I felt so bad I suggested this to my mom.

Dulces Encantados

(Translated by Google) the most famous pastry shop of Buddy Valastro, I love it !!!

Katherine Kramer

The cupcakes were good and they were open late.

Laura Levitan

The pastries are ok, the coffee is actually pretty good except that the coffee bar is limited - you have to ask for creamer. The staff was friendly. But what ruined the experience was the fact that the bathroom is locked and you have to ask a staff member to unlock it. It completely baffles the mind that the restroom is not accessible to customers at all times. What on earth? Keep the bathroom unlocked like a normal place.

Brianna Lavez

My go to place to buy birthday cakes or special occasion dessert cakes.

tumbler colie

Awesome place! Great service and amazing pastries and sweets!! Very friendly service!

Sean Alewine

Michael Allegretta

Can never say anything bad about this place, always amazing. Many years ago his Sister's and Mom sang Happy Birthday to me and I can still remember the day in that NJ shop. Love ya guys

Maikon Borba

It's an awesome place and the pastries are really delicious. Too bad Buddy wasn't there, hehehe!

Robert Evans

On 12/26/15 I got a chocolate/chocolate birthday cake for my sons 19th before he left for USMC boot camp. The cake was dry, flaky , and fell apart. No one like it and I had to trash it. So much for doing something special. Never again will I go there

Yolanda Armendariz

I ordered my mothers 50 Birthday cake with a great customer service success. I got everything, and email receipt. When I got there all I had to do was go to the front to show my paid receipt and I was checked out. My mother loved the cake. IT WAS PERFECTION!!!!!!! The cake was delicious tasted so different from any other cake we've ever tried. I love love love it. I am ordering one right now for my mother in law. Thank you Buddy! It was so delightful.

Matt Pavelle

Well, the donuts are ok - not good but just ok. Definitely not worth the $2.50-$3.00 price per donut. A little better than Dunkin' Donuts but not much. Unfortunately you can't take these donuts out of the store. They pile them on top of each other in the box and they all get flattened and the icing gets smeared everywhere. Even Dunkin' Donuts doesn't do that. They also don't reply to ANY customer service inquiries which leads me to believe they are getting too many to handle - and that's a really bad sign. Avoid this and get a better product elsewhere - anywhere - as there are lots of good bakeries in Philly.

Will Ruffu

Good but pricy. Good for a date.

victoria anne

This place was horrible and if I could give zero stars I would. Employees were extremely annoyed that we came in the store and they had to stop talking to each other and take our order. Didn’t greet us. Were even more annoyed that we had never been there and reviewed the menu for a few mins to decide what we wanted. When we finally received our overpriced everything it all tasted as though it had been frozen then thawed out. Nothing truly had any flavor and was completely inedible. The cannolis were disgusting and had a freezer taste. Needless to say this trip was a waste of time. My daughter had been a huge fan of his show and was so excited to visit his shop to only be severely disappointed. He should probably invest in the quality of his product and employees because I’m sure based on the reviews I’m reading and the experience I had his reputation is taking a big hit. Needless to say we will never return. Waste of money.

Shardae Cobb

I normally go to the Carlos Bake Shop in Marlton, NJ (which is excellent), but since this particular location happens to be across the street from my favorite nail salon I stopped in after my appointment to grab a slice of their strawberry short cake. The experience was sub-par. I walked into the shop and was basically ignored for 10minutes while the female employee with brown hair who was supposed to be manning the cash register helped another couple, which is not the problem. The problem is that while she helped this couple she looked directly at me, did not greet me, did not let me know that she would assist me in a moment, and then the icing on the cake (no pun intended) was when she walked the couple past me and sat them at a table and continued to assist them with their order. It was so blantant that even the couple appeared slightly uncomfortable. Ultimately I left without buying anything and still not one employee spoke to me. Ultimately I do enjoy the sweets in the Marlton, NJ location but this Walnut Street location really needs to work on their customer service. Needless to say I will not be back.

Stephanie Jennings

Great place to meet and catch up with friends. The staff was very helpful and observant. It has a good feel to it.

Katherine Johnson

We went in to visit while we were on vacation and it was horrible. I've watched cake boss forever and felt like it completely let me and my family down when we went to it. First off we we're never greeted when we came in, in fact no one was even up front. The girl came out from the back and said, "hi do you know what you want?" Then when I said no we're visiting and not really sure what we're looking at she just walked off with no help. I waited until she came out again and told her since we had never been in I'd love some help with what things were. She then started telling me what things were but in a low tone and super quick. I finally just picked something simple, paid, and left. Needless to say I was super sad with the treatment we received and will likely never go to a carlos again. On TV it seems so cool but I just left disappointed.

Joshua Wood

Great bakery. One of my two pastriess was a little sweet for me, but they're pastries. Expect a really tasty pastry shop. Prices are reasonable, too.

Stephanie Anthony

Lobster tails were old.....Carlos Bakery in NJ is better

Sarah Gomez

I love eating here. Fast and courteous service. This place has a cool feel to it.

Christie McIntyre

Yummy sweets!

Tony Bool

This place makes the best canolis. I get a box of cookies to go with it.

Guzzi Fabrication

unfriendly staff, first time I went pastries came in boxes tied with string very nice! now down to paper sacks for over priced pastries.......Staff low end.... other than cannoli, supermarket cupcakes and cookies in my kids opinion are better than this place...... GOOD BYE carlos bakery!

Patty Holland

A MUST VISIT when in Dallas! EXCELLENT staff, very attentive and courteous! Store always clean!

Dianna Galanos

Josh Armstrong

Pretty good. i think we had this too built up in our mind. It was good, but not explosive, phenomenal good. For the money, I could buy more elsewhere for the same quality. I am glad they are here in Dallas, but I don't care if I return. I might return if I lived closer.

Ingrid Spangler

Terribly dry red velvet cupcake - even the icing was dry. Even more awful was that it was $3.00. Will not go back.

Raymond Island

carlos monroy valdez

Ummmm is just a good pastry shop.

Dale Frank

Historic bakery. A must visit to say you have been there. And bakery items are delicious. Handicap accommodations

michele redmond

The pastries were very good but could not get over how dirty the seating area was. Every table was dirty and the floor had a spill on it waiting to be slipped on. The restroom was out of order as well. So disappointed in the store. Such a shame. I will not be going back :(

Charlie Newbie

Incredible place and food! I've only tried a few cakes and cookies I bought for a birthday party, and it has been the best I've ever had! No lie, no joke, you have to give it a try! The decorations and ambience are so great.!

Kourtnie Harper

We went on 8-23-19 and the customer service was amazing. The pastries where very delicious. Of course the prices are a little high but so worth it we bought 5 items for $20 and we were satisfied.

Lin V.

Cupcakes are OK. I’ve had better. Not as moist as I like my cupcakes. Kinda overrated.

Rosemarie Montgomery

My daughter purchased my birthday cake from them. Very disappointed. The icing was way to thick and to much of it. There was more of it then cake. The cake was ok probably because there was not enough to enjoy. The price of the cake was way over priced.

salvador corona

Just yesterday August 26 I bought a Red Velvet and a Strawberry Cheesecake. Everything was goin fine the flavor of both are good but we noticed something odd in the strawberries of the cheesecake. They ALL were way too ripped and they even had white mold on them. It made everyone loose they’re appetite and there for we didn’t even enjoy nothing anymore. Really embarrassing that a bakery this type will give their customers such bad quality, I have pictures for evidence.

LaTeona Boyce

The doughnuts are pretty good. The cakes are a tad bit pricey but delicious.

Sonnygee's BBQ

Awesome Gum

Danish was amazing, cupcakes were a big disappointment, they tasted like they've been sitting in the display case for a week, a big let down. Presentation was great, did not have the flavor we expected.

Eva Jaramillo

Went the day it opened just to meet Buddy!! So glad Carlos bakery made it's way to Dallas they have good pastries also bought my dad his birthday cake from there the year it opened love coming back each time.

Mark Fletcher

Awesome treats

Athena Mack

Super place to meet and chat with coworkers. The bill was fair.

San Beasley

Tim Gutierrez

Pastries are amazing...hands down, the best I've had.

J Palmer

My daughter watches the show on TV and wanted to stop by. The doughnuts were just OK, definitely not the best I've had. Cake was okay, but I have made many myself that I believe to be better & more flavorful. $2 doughnut - $7 a slice of cake

Amy Boda

Friendly staff, wonderful selection!

DeVona Johnson

I picked up my cake which I paid $75.00 for (although cost was not a factor). First the cake was far from what I expected. It was too small for my party and the bottle design was much smaller than I imagined. I choose to go with Carlos Bakery because it is known for its infamous designs not an image laid on top of a cake (disappointing). The cake was two layers of cake (which I think they just used one cake and cut it in half) with a thick layer of fudge in the middle. Some pieces had more fudge then cake (thats how thick it was).Needless to say I was not impressed. I addressed my concerns with the representative who placed my order and advised him that I think we may have had 2 different visions. The response was we will take 15% off your next custom cake order. Are you kidding me there will be no next order. If I knew how to post pictures I would post so that customers judge my review themselves.


I guess I just don't understand the hype on this place. I actually found the staff to be very friendly but the prices are high and some of the items we had tasted like they had been previously frozen. Wasn't horrible but there are other bakeries in town that are much better.


Lots of yummies. Fresh cannoli.

Joaquin Herrera

Not as fresh tasting as I expected. Didn't taste bad but wasn't over the top amazing and maybe expectations were to high for a Thursday afternoon visit. Service was friendly but I asked for 4 items and when I got home was missing 1. Not a big deal but these items are already pricey as it is, so feel a little ripped off but oh well.

Letice Adams

I love everything they make I'm getting my kids birthday cakes from here


Loved the desserts and selection here. I ordered the strawberry cheesecake, a chocolate covered strawberry, and 2 cookies. Everything was very tasty. Service was fast and efficient. Would definitely go back. The only downfall is that everything is pricey, which is expected. This is a spot for special occasions. Location is pretty good, there is parking on the street.

Kendall Kelly

Visited on Fri I believe. I'll return family next time. This place has a cool atmosphere.

Esperanza Roman

Rhonda Withrow

Wonderful visit to celebrate a 10 year olds birthday. She is an ultimate fan.

Sonakshi Kochar

Bought a chocolate mousse cake for my husband's birthday, it looked great and tasted amazing too !

Francisco Lopez

Great desserts, easy to order. A little over priced but so worth it. Only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because there was limited seating, hard to really enjoy you food when you have to eat it standing up.

alina zarate

Good quick service. Not much seating inside or out. No vegan options.


Am I the only one that can taste the frozen quality of some of the pastries? This place is okay but, unfortunately, doesn't live up to the hype.. Just had a lobster tail last week in NY and tried one today at Carlo's in Dallas. Big difference. Be prepared to spend a lot more Money for pastries just as good as the next spot..

M Shoe

Cupcakes taste like flour. Cookies taste like nothing. I've had better pastries at Kroger.

Manel García

Los cafés fríos, los pasteles empalagosos, las galletas duras y muy azucaradas. Lo único que vale la pena es el servicio, atentos y amables. Pésimo, no recomendable.

Alejandro Soifer

Ok, so this is a franchised cafe but who cares? It has good cheap cofee and some of the best donuts I have eaten in Philadelphia.

Nicki Dobkin

This place is a family favorite!! We love getting a mix of mini cakes for family birthdays.

Kendrick Wee

Interesting selection of cakes and pastries but on the pricier side.

Karla Molins


Candace Myers

The place has an awesome atmosphere. I see why this place has a lot of great reviews.

Jennifer Sanoguel

I like the carrots cake. kids like the

John Tinsley

so I went to the dallas location at 3:15 PM today to buy items for my wife as today was our anniversary... the young man finished waiting on a customer before me and then got on the landline phone and there he stayed for about 12-15 minutes at which point I left and not to return... if he had taken a minute to let me know it was an important call or an emergency or how much longer he was going to be - I would have been more understanding... no interest in my cash so I took it elsewhere and purchased what I am sure was a lesser priduct... but got treated like they were interested in my business... might want to check this location out Cake Boss...

Robin Wells

I can say this place does it for me. The service was very friendly and kind.

Cornelia Herring


totally overrated!!! cookies look ugly!!! Taste horrible!!! I could have baked my own cookies out of a frozen package better!!! I will never go back and suggest that no one visit that horrible nasty tasting Bakery! What a waste of gas and money!!! I hope the bakery that's in New York is better because if its not this is really fake baking!!!! So nasty!!! Horrible customer service as well... They need to take the cake boss picture off of the building. This is false advertising. I spent $32.00 on cookies my dog want even eat!!!!

Reem Hassan

التراميسو لذييييييذ جدا

Katherine Echeverri

J Cooper

Ordered a cake with 2hrs notice, they had it ready and it was perfect

Desi La Chingona

Was so hyped up to try this place when it opened, i went specifically for Italian creme cake and sadly they didn't have any at the time so i went with a classic strawberry cheese cake mighty expensive not really worth it taste like a reg ol cheese cake strawberries were big and delicious though. Line was long as usual an confusing they need a better system when it comes to ordering and calling out orders, but other than that the cheese cake a delicious all that matters in the end.

Toti Sindi

The best Napolin cake I have ever had in Texas. I wish if they could provided some samples to try a new kind of desserts before we buy them.

Mary Lopez

It hit the sweet spot I was craving. Definitely try the cannolis, you won’t regret it!

Victor Madora

I was very disappointed due to the fact that when they first opened the bakery everything was bigger and definitely worth the price, but now I feel like the prices are a bit much since they started making their stuff half their original size. Also the employees seem to always have an attitude!

Giselle Rodriguez

This place is just a disappointment. Carlos should be disappointed as to what this store is. I went in today in the afternoon, I got 2 vanilla cupcakes, 2 chocolate mousse cake. The chocolate mousse cakes came out okay. You can tastes the part where is frozen. The vanilla cupcakes were stale. The frosting was completely hard as a rock. I cannot believe this store serves pastries that are stale or that are frozen! This is just not worth it. I would rather spend my money at Sprinkle cupcakes!

Jose Rivera

Over priced pastries and rude employees. Bought a lobster tail there because a lot of bakeries don't make them and it was horrible and extremely small. Very disappointed. Seems that the bigger he gets the importance of making a quality product goes down hill.

Takai Shingo

too sweet


Good pastries and baked goods. But as soon as i walked in a worker looked at us as we could not afford anything in the store. Maybe cause I'm a latina, and the some of customers there also looked their noses down at us. Not worth going if you not treated as they are happy to have you there. But if you get passed that the baked goods are finger licking good :)

Allison Raznikov

Unlike a lot of people, I have had a great experience. I went plenty of times, The lobster tail both original and oreo is amazing and crunchy. I liked the cheesecake and the cookies. The prices are a bit steep, yes but then again, this is a label.

Emily Gr

Absolutely delicious strawberry shortcake, and sold by the piece!


I hate this bakery so much. It’s so sad because I thought everything would be amazing since it’s famous. I’ve been several times with friends and family visiting Philly. Every time I go, the pastry is super dry, nothing taste flavorful. I’ve tried almost everything because I keep hoping something would change my mind but nope. Cupcakes, chocolate strawberries, cookies, cannoli, and several other pastries - all disappointing. I stopped taking my family here.

Vanne M

Let's start with the good stuff... very clean bakery and yummy treats. I'm disappointed that we waited 20 minutes to get 1 cupcake (very dry) and 1 lobster tail. The place was almost empty. Sadly, the employees are clearly not happy. Not a single smile from anyone. Sort of depressing. :( We saw the lobster tail we wanted and by the time it was time to pay, they ran out. No restrooms, no places to sit with our family and enjoy the atmosphere. Sorry to say, this place isn't customer friendly. I really had high hopes. I'm leaving this review so something can be done about it. This place could be so much better... cmon!! we love you guys!!

Henry Brown

I love this place so much. The staff was very helpful and welcoming. Bring your appetite because portions are generous. Feels like a place in Los Angeles I loved.

Kris Kline

Good pastries

Lou C

Decided we needed a couple of canolis' so we gave Carlo's a try. They were excellent, the center filling was a soft, tasty cream Nestled inside of a crunchy, flakey shell. A very good combination of taste, texture and crunch. We only had the canolis but the choice of other sweets was tempting. A very good experience and I recieved a Veterans Discount too. Definitely will be back again. By the way, I gave it 4 stars because we only had the canolis' which are truly 5 stars. Next time we'll try a more varied tasting and I'm sure it'll be a total 5 star post.

anyolin tobar

jose tellez

Got a chocolate cake. INSANLEY DRY. A slice of the cake got me a headache (not an exaggeration). I dont think its the company,its the employees.

Fergie Arias

If I lived in Dallas I would got to this place to get desserts. The bread is so soft and perfect temperature to eat. I got a dark chocolate mousse and it was the best.

Eli g

I had been wanting to visit for a long time. There was no line when we arrived, a major plus for me! Everything looked so delicious! We purchased 5 different items and they all tasted amazing! I'm glad I don't live close by because I'd be there everyday.

Richard Meyers

Wayne Richardson

Food is pricy but good. Is what you would expect here. However the seem to be understaffed both times I’ve been here.

Caleb Vieth

Asked for milk chocolate covered strawberries, looked away while they put them in the box, paid and left to realize they gave us white chocolate covered strawberries. Took them back to get the correct ones and they wouldn’t make it right. Told me we’d have to pay for the additional strawberries even if we gave them the white chocolate ones back. I understand they won’t be able to resell the ones we returned, but I feel that they should’ve at least given us a discount since it was a mistake on their part. Nice people, terrible customer service.

Miguel Martinez

Was a bit underwhelmed by this place. By no means was it terrible but I was not as impressed as I thought I was going to be before going in. When you first walk in the first thing you notice is how dirty the carpet is. The staff was nice but a little scattered. They didn’t seem like they had any type of flow, which is strange since we were the only customers standing there at the time. I used to watch this show religiously and always thought, wow everything looks so delicious. In my opinion is was pretty standard. The selection was minimal and a few things we ordered were very dry. Nothing was out of this world except for the prices. I ordered 4 small items and paid $30! We asked for it to go but decided to eat it there. The presentation was slightly ruined by wax paper she placed on top of the dessert. We had to carefully peel it off so it wouldn’t take all of the Nutella with it. I think it’s a cool place to check out if you like the show and want to experience the food for yourself.

Miodrag Torlakovic

Carlos Bakery isnt what one would expect for such a brand. It's overpriced and the experience isn't so enjoyable! The place itself is clean and well spaced. It has several tables around. However, there is no like a water fountain where one could drink it after eating super sweet sweets. Employees are just a okay. Nothing special about the customer service. She asked if we are going to eat there and still packed our desserts in a paper container. Plastic spoons to use, for a dessert that is like $9 a piece.

Jacquie Walters

This place was conveniently located just a block away from our air bnb, so we stopped in for breakfast one day, not even realizing that this was a Cake Boss bakery! Haha Everything was very good. Tried the strawberry shortcake donut and eclair, rainbow cake, chocolate croissants, and iced coffee. So good! We came back two more times in the morning to fuel up before a busy day.

Anteneh Tsegaye

I thought the chocolate fudge and the cookies and cream cake slices were too sweet. Since some of the cake slices are not refrigerated, they did not taste as refreshing as they could have. However, the strawberry shortcake slice was very good. Although most of the cakes slices weren’t as tasty as I would have like them to be, I’m giving 3 stars because of the excellent customer service from the young black man who served us.

Ramyarao Cheemalamudi

So many cakes and pastries. Place is pretty expensive for a bakery and I found everything is a little too sweet. But everything is so colorful and beautiful. Just a one time visit.

Armando Palacios

The customer service was great and the pastries were awesome. The gentleman that helped us was very attentive very friendly and also very informative. It was a little pricey but well worth it. Definitely coming back.

Carol Mozier

Nothing really there to pick from... Also, no one was at the front of the store... did not see any workers

Jennifer Limon

Just like the Carlo's Bakery in Manhattan. The quality is great and you can't beat the price! We got a chocolate cake that was AMAZING!

Ana G

So, I placed a last minute order for a birthday cake. I also added very peculiar and specific instructions. So, not only did they call to confirm that they could provide the exact cake (saw it on Instagram) but it was ready on time and it exceeded all of our expectations. I’m not really sure where all the negative reviews are coming from but I’ve had a great experience overall and would definitely order again because the cake was phenomenal!

Rachael Braun

food was so tasty.

Candice Cogill

Went here after my birthday dinner to grab a piece of cake. Shouldve went elsewhere. The counter person seemed rushed and wasn't the friendliest. Went for a slice of $7 carrot cake... Either it was stale or a bad batch, no matter it was dry, not very flavorful and just a giant disappointment for my birthday. Wouldn't come here again.

Jesus Diaz

Delicious, high quality bakery goods. They have a wide selection of cakes, cookies, cupcakes. If you like nutella and chocolate then this is the place for you.

john finn

Canollies, eclairs and cream puffs if you are into those things, I am! Fantastic pastry, creams and taste. I would highly recommend these items. Cakes and other offerings looked good, but no tasting for me of those items.

Hania Hamwi

Stopped by on Friday night to try to this place out. Staff was nice and the store was clean. First of all, the glass case whoch holds all desserts does not have the name of the items, nor the prices, so you're on your own. We got three pieces: a $4.50 cannoli, which was okay. A hazelnut $4.50 loster tail, which was delicious; perfectly crispy and stuffed with a good amount of filling. Last, was a $7.95 blueberry cheesecake which was horrible. We couldnt eat it at all. Tasted like sweet cream and canned blueberries. You expect more from a place that's famous all accross the nation and ridiculously priced. Glad i tried it, but definitely wont go back.

Lauren Rohr

We have been wanting to come here since they opened. So happy we did. My family loved, loved the cannoli's. We got original and chocolate. Both very good. Very inviting staff and helpful. Great experience for us.

Ian Walker

It's the best ever

Raissa Leyla

Look. I'm a big fan of Buddy on TV and I enjoy watching his shows. Therefore, I was very excited when I finally got to visit one of his locations (the one in Dallas). I got in and was amazed by the cheerful smell of the place, mouth watering and eyes glittering with excitement. However, I lost most of my excitement a few moments later once I got greeted by the cashier. She was not rude, but she just looked indifferent, bored, I-just-want-this-shift-to-end type of look. The store was not busy, and I was the only customer. From that point I just felt like I was in any other bakery, not Carlo's bakeshop. My order was fairly large and I wanted some items in separate bags (they were gifts) but she seemed annoyed by my requests. Two teenage girls walked in moments later, and they clearly stated it was their first time and were really excited too, but the lady working there still seemed not to care at all. However, the guy at the back in the kitchen was pretty welcoming! It was quite expensive as expected, but I definitely loved their lobster tails and strawberry donut. The cupcake could have been better.


I used to come all the time ALL THE TIME. I was obsessed with their brownies. I went in today and got a brownie and ended with a nasty budge square. Disappointed for sure. I’m not sure if the person who made them just didn’t know how to follow the recipe or i they changed it to this but they suck. Waste of 5$.

Michael Russo

I have bought 4 to 7 cakes from this bakery... It's like a long wait to get any real help.. I just left there trying to get a cake for tomorrow nbefore I can even describe what I want the orderr I guess the baker says no special orders by tomorrow.. didn't even want to work with me... The prices are outragous n then u have to put up with attitude too.. never again n I own a businessi right around the corner...I will blast this place n make sure no one goes there... Horrible experience... I do not recommend... No wonder he is closing stores!!!!! Proper training and basic customer service makes a special and profitable business... Not getting it here...

Anjali K.

I hate this place. Dont even go there. We bought a strawberry covered cake and no one told us there were strawberries inside. So we bought it without any assistance and when we came home it was FILLED with strawberry covered fungi. I called them up and they said "Not our problem. You should have asked" I HATE this place! I spent about 50 dollars on that cake!! >:I NEVER COMING AGAIN!!!!!!!

Adri Tr

3 stars just because they all look very nice but they taste so plain my second time going since they opened. Walmart or Sam's taste way better. Really your just buying the name.

Vanessa Giordano

It was ok, nothing like the Hoboken one

Naeem riaz


Delicious Cannolis! Great espresso too!

Mia Craig

The service here is better than most. Not so close to my office, unfortunately.

Anna Liberio

I have come this this location 5 times and enjoyed everything. But on Saturday, February 9th, 2019 at about noon, I brought my husband and my neice that is here visiting from Colombia. Had the worst experience. We had. friendly man serving us, but not sure if this woman was a Baker or what, was not hospitable! Not smiling, almost did not want to be their. I ordered 3 Lobster Tails and 1 napolean. I come back because of my favorite pastry, the Lobster Tails, always great. This time, NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!. I purchased 1 caramelized, 1 nutella and 1 original! None of them tasted the way it should. Could not tell if nutella or caramel..and the original was filling was so watery, that as soon as you bit into it, everything spreaded out. Cost me $30.00 and will not return..Not sure if Carlos bakery is living up to it standards anymore.

Jennifer Robinson

Delicious pastries that really hit the spot.

Charita Coleman

Everything that I have purchased has been amazing!

Laylo Rangel

Ordered a strawberry shortcake slice and was very soft and moist and delicious. Line was a little long but went fast.

Ian Wells

Sara Almammari

Ben Hillman

Not sure it is worth the celebrity driven hype, but everything I had here was delicious. The lobster tail pastries were particularly good, no wonder it is what they are known for. I also like the large window looking into where they prep everything. Fun to get to see the action.

Ana Mata

Too expensive for one pastry!

Britney Perez

The girls working did not seem to want to be working. It wasn't busy. They were doing their own thing. 2 groups walked in after us and nobody was greeted. I placed a pretty large order; multiple food items and souvenirs. That seemed to annoy 2 of the associates. They had enough cannolis for my order so they get 3 stars. It was clean. Parking was a little hard to come by.

Alyssa Marie Gillon

Ooookay pastries. Not the nicest service, but that wouldn't bother me if the goods were good.

Galib Najaf

Took my family to Dallas store at 05.25.2019. Store was clean, but pretty empty. Purchased cheesecake, a slice of chocolate cake for my son, and couple of eclairs. Quality of the pastry is pretty good, prices a bit high though. In addition ,on check out cashier said that because our purchase exceed $25 we are eligible to get free sandwich cookies. Which we didn't get, because they were out. My excited son got upset. Then I asked if he can substitute the cookie they don't have with something else and got answer "No...". What is the point to announce something you don't have? Then not be able to replace with something else?

Tiffany H

It was ok. The brownie was super dry and the chocolate cannoli was ok. But the strawberry cream donut was really good.

Shameika La'Shawn

I was ok with the high prices because the bakery was open late. I was not okay with the rude young brown haired woman who “helped” us tonight. She was rude, short tempered and seemed annoyed at our questions. For us to spend $19 dollars on sweets that we didn’t need in there..... I expect better customer service. Never going back. There are too many other bakeries around Philly that serve great sweets and WAY less attitude.

Bret Lafty

a nice fresh bakery in town

John Disston

A bit pricy. The cakes look very pretty and there are always seasonal specials. The cake is good, the icing is not. There are better places around for cupcakes and cookies.

Jovace Nelson

Good cupcakes but I don't think I'll experiment with cakes. The bakers stick to the script

Eric Berg

Not a "bakery." Should be called a confectionery or some such thing. A bakery bakes bread. This establishment does not bake bread.

Alex Guzman

Nice bakery.

Ashley Mitchell

Its a long drive for me but its worth it. My and my mom love the cheese danish that they have there. I recently tried the apple danish and its just as good. I've always gone on Saturdays and I recommend going early because they do run out of the popular items. I also recommend buying one of each kind and finding what you love.

Denise Erickson

Great place to relax, people watch, eat good food or all the above. The staff was very friendly and attentive. Prices were average for the menu.

Kevin Green

Pastries are delicious. Came here with my SO wanting something sweet and was not disappointed. High priced though so be prepared.

sadia karani

Tiramisu was just whipped cream stacked on stale bread. Cream puff was similarly disrespectful.

Queen Bee

The cashier was very polite and very helping... Excellent customer service... A lot of variation..

Victor Vidana

they have no cheesecake, I ate a strawberry cake filled with cream, it was ok, the chocolate was very strong, I asked the lady to give me some milk to thinned it, not too much variety of cakes, not worth the price, too expensive.

Nyaira Allen

I got two cookies and cream cupcakes and to be honest i could have went to the market and got better cupcakes the whipped cream tastes like fat and oil the cupcake itself was dry and to top it off the Service was poor I walked in and the cashier was on her phone until I was ready to place my order

Scott w

Waaaaay overpriced. $5 canole wasn’t that good. Was gonna get a coffee but no a cream. Makes me wonder if they bake anything there. I’m guessing the kitchen is for show and it all comes frozen from New York or something. Save your money.

Jerry Christal

The sfogliatella is amazing! Along with everything else

Bob Eshleman

Rob Smith

Not impressed with it, small and I've had much better don't be fooled just beacuse it's owned by Buddy Carlo

Brett Besaw

Overpriced and dry. Disappointed after being a longtime fan of Cake Boss.

Faith Chebet

Not what I expected. Stopped in here for a small treat after dinner with some friends, it was a very clean store but the pastries were not up to par. I got a cannoli which was so dry and tasteless and my friend got an Oreo cupcake that tasted nothing like Oreo! The prices were also quite expensive.


Perfect B-Day cakes~

Marcelle Alfonso

Lidia Macias

The very best and elegant place

Meliesha Palmer

Have you tried the red velvet yum...the cheese cake is to die for. Pricey but worth every dollar.

Mariana Carrillo

Gavin Taggart

The food was great, but the service was very bad and the floors/bathrooms were extremely dirty.

Riccardo Gottardi

Daniel Salinas

Very expensive pastries. Pastries were nothing extraordinary. The local donut shop where we're from has better pastries, and it's a ghost town. The girl serving us was quite rude and impatient, especially for us being the only customers in the store. The store was also dirty and the floor was covered in leaves.

shannon fink

Had a rude lady who didn't even want to wrap the boxes with string... attitude. Drove 2 hours to go there while in town. The bakery needs to get nicer employees.

Fabricio Quimi Espinosa

Los cannolis son excelentes, recomendado

Huy Ngo

I love it and it look nice

Chris Hein

Ridiculous service. We asked a question about allergy information and with attitude were told no one know what is included. Go to the website and find out. Horrible place. Dont go!

Jeff Skelton

Absolutely delicious pastries.

Nathan Thomas

Candace S.

I normally do not like cannoli shells, the ones from here are the exception! They are crispy & amazing! The lobster tails?? Wow! Everything I've had has been great!

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