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51 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, United States Located in: Reading Terminal Market

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REVIEWS OF Beiler's Bakery IN Pennsylvania

Law J.

I bought a dozen doughnuts last week after bragging to my coworkers (we work in Jersey) how good they are. To our surprise the donuts were not cooked all the way. It was a waste of money and such a bummer :(

Michele Fuscellaro

These donuts are so light and airy, not sugary. Worth the trip to the Terminal.

Marg Dooley

Best donuts ever. Fresh you can watch them being made. No preservatives. Love them

Sean C

There's always something special about their donuts, the fresh ingredients and amazing quality. I don't travel to Philly as often as I use to, but I always make the effort to stop here and pick up half a dozen to bring home when I do.

maxwell smith

My girlfriend and I heard many good things about Beilers and made sure to grab a donut on our way out of the market. As I took my third bite, I distinctly recall saying to myself, "I think this donut has too much cream filling." Then I came to my senses, realizing that would be IMPOSSIBLE, and gladly finished it off. Well worth a stop, regardless of the line.

Muhammad Ali

Fresh , balanced , soft and extremely tasty donuts..


Best money I've ever spent anywhere on any thing

Fountain Channel

Donut. Heaven. Although crowded, this place has the best donuts you’ll ever taste. Countless flavors to choose from, all made right there in front of you. They’re light, buttery and sweet. The prices aren’t bad either, only $1.50 for one donut. Try it out if you stop at Reading Terminal Market.


Wow! Handmade, warm and original donuts. They're absolutely delicious! There will be a line on the weekends but it is worth the wait. Only 99¢ a donut!

Kira M.

The donuts are new and interesting flavors but they aren't any better than other donuts I've tried & not worth waiting in the long line.

Jack Dwyer

Wow these donuts are good. Very reasonably priced, too. The line moves pretty fast and the workers are super helpful.

Joseph Convery

Definitely worth a visit to satiate a sweet tooth. The donut booth may require a little bit of a wait, but it is worth watching the donuts be made fresh & getting a nice warm fritter... Or whatever else strikes your fancy. They have loads of choices, both traditional and novel. The Bakery/Pastry booth doesn't quite provide the same spectacle, but still comes with high quality goods. However, if you have the self-control to leave unfinished portions for a later day... Don't. Fresh-made with simple ingredients is not a recipe that yields a long shelf life, as they go stale relatively quickly.

william bowdren

Best donuts in the city

Paola Vaca

Oh my god delicious donuts! Will definitely return! Try the blueberry fritter or the Elvis!!

Lydie Miller

OMG. Once I had the revelation that we could serve Beiler's donuts as our wedding dessert, there was no turning back. Via Facebook, we corresponded with Beiler's a few times, and they accommodated our every request. They found someone to deliver 20 dozen donuts to our venue in Old City. Our guests were over-the-moon about their choices (salty caramel is still my all-time favorite!) And we saved hundreds of dollars by going with Beiler's, (which really is our first choice in dessert), over a cake or cupcakes. Best wedding decision I made!

Robin Esak

I didn't try any of the unusual flavors and maybe that was my mistake. The apple fritter was fresh and soft but I couldn't find a single apple nor any apple flavor. The glazed chocolate was good but not great. Tasted mildly of chocolate but not so much that I'd order another. This one was the only one I finished. The Boston cream was most disappointing because it was so close to the mark - the doughnut was soft and fresh and the filling was delicious but the "chocolate" frosting made it inedibly sweet. It tasted like nothing but sugar. Maybe you'd have more success with the oreo or fruity pebble but the standards aren't worth going out of your way for.

Carlie Lauria

Really yummy cake every time! This is the 3rd time we've used Whipped for a special occasion in our family and it's always delicious. So far we've had the carrot, red velvet, s'mores & funfetti cakes. I think the carrot and funfetti were the biggest hits! The cakes are just so moist and not too sweet.

Mini Kim

Trust me on this. The best donuts I have ever had in my life. Lightly crunchy outside and very soft inside. It looks it so pretty but it is very delicious. No need for more words.

Sharon Blackmore

Not to be missed when in Philadelphia! So soft and delicious! Best donut I've ever had!

Keith Blackwell

The bacon bit donuts are the best

Amanda Dobbs

One of my FAVORITE places in the Ternninal.

Bob Hill

Well worth the wait!! Don't let the long line stop ya!! Get it .....

Karen Hargrove

Beiler's has been my favorite bakery in Philadelphia for a very long time now.

dana carter

Authentic homemade deliciousness. Clean, friendly & prompt customer service.

Marquita Keller

Freshest donut EVER! And don't trip about the long line it moves fast!

Charles Malley

Don't know what you guys are talking about. The best things at Beiler's are the pecan sticky buns. Ate them every day we were in Philly on vacation. Now that we are home, don't know what we're going to do. Please say you can ship!!!

Reginald Haywood

Crazy!!! Their donuts are in my 10 ten best! Absolutely tasty, as well as the service! Check them out!

Emily Boring

These were great donuts with decent coffee! I was really impressed with their handmade donuts. Some of their donuts are much sweeter than others like the maple bacon. Maple bacon is great, I would prefer a much less sweeter feeling, but that's my taste. I also loved the original glazed and apple donut.

David Myers

AWESOME. I love donuts even more than Culver's Concrete Mixers but I am very picky. This place delivered. I grew up with a small town bakery that made the best donuts I have ever had (or ever will). This did not overtake it, but it got into the same league. Don't be fooled. I have eaten a lot of donuts and it takes something special to even get in the league. Eat and enjoy.

Justin Kwiatkowski

Absolutely delicious doughnuts. Some of the best I have ever had. Good price, friendly staff. Highly recommend it.

Brett H

My god these are tasty donuts... coffee was good as well.

Cori Frede

Always stopping here when I need something nice to treat people with. Best donuts in Philly. The line may look long but they're really fast and and it normally doesn't take a long time.

Sheneda Byrd

They have delicious donuts

razel nicdao

Every time, we visit Philadelphia we try to stop by and buy their donuts! it's soon good!

Sherry Carrero

We've visited them more than once on our vacation. Loved the fritters, the Elvis, the maple bacon, the lemon cream. The flavors were sweet, but not too sweet, and the strong flavors like peanut butter or lemon did not overwhelm. Yes, I stood in a long line, but it was worth it!

Adam Dakin

Just the best donuts in the universe. Apple fritter is off the hook.

Ali Shahbaz

There is a reason the line stretches so long. Do not worry though, they are fast.

Tanya Anderson

My good to for apple pies


The lady was very nice and the doughnuts were absolutely delicious. I definitely would come back here it in many ways it is the heart of philly

Tymoteusz Siwy

Donuts are second to none in Philly

Kevin Daily

Sooo good

Adam Mendonca

Purchased a half dozen (blueberry fritter, maple bacon, Apple, glazed, salted Carmel, Boston creme, and something else delicious). Incredible donuts. Among the best I've had. Very fresh. I'll come back.

Lee Jian Han

Best donuts you’ll ever eat in your life!

T. Rick

Travel + Leisure magazine jus' voted Beiler's has de bes' donut inna whole state o PA

Jeremy Simms

Fantastic doughnuts. The only sad moment is when you reach into the bag for another and find it empty. The blueberry fritters are outstanding. They are a bit firmer than other fritters I've had and they seem more substantial. One of the busier places in Reading for good reason.

David Robinson

Best doughnuts EVER!!!!!

Bonnie Toughill

Donuts are the absolute best.

According to Dana

Move over, Dunkin' Donuts! Beiler's does NOT mess around when it comes to donuts. Every so often a former co-worker at one of my previous jobs would bring in a box of Beiler's donuts for all the employees to share, so I became more excited and eager to discover what they had to offer on my own time. While I more frequently visit their location in University City at 39th and Chestnut, their location in Reading Terminal Market has its own unique selections, includes an additional bakery portion that produces delicious pastries, breads, and much more on the daily, and even features combo deals! 2 donuts and a coffee for just $3.25? Sign me up! Don't be deterred by the long line that often wraps around the kiosk; Beiler's is most definitely worth the wait, and you will not regret it, nor will you find donuts as delicious as theirs anywhere else!

Jenny Gao

The donuts are ridiculously reasonably priced, especially for everything being homemade and made in front of you while you're waiting in line. It's 1/2 dozen for $6 and ever flavor I got was delicious and true to what it was supposed to taste.

J Dubz

Glazed and apple fritters are the best. Any of the cream stuffed one are overly sweet

Mahad Abedin

Their glazed donut is to die for. Perfectly flavored and the texture was out of this world. Definitely coming back again.

Luis Robledo

The donuts tasted like they looked..amazing there was sorta a long line but the amazing staff got it moving quickly

Samantha Meader

The three of us got a full dozen, and before even finishing the 15 minute walk home, we had eaten at least half of each one. The rest were devoured very shortly thereafter. ~4 donuts in half an hour? 100% worth the sugar rush, crash, and stomach ache.

Upendra Purohit

Very good

Colleen McAllister

The doughnuts are amazing

Linda M

I bought a dozen Boston Creme for my 27th birthday party while living in Philly and now go out of my way for bday donuts every year. Best in the world. I don’t bother with any other donuts now. This location is very busy- expect to stand in a long line, but it’s worth it and you can assure people from across the country waiting in line that it’s well worth it!

Eric Mao

Very good donuts, but very sugary! One donut probably has as much sugar as in a sweet meal... But they are delicious. I would definitely recommend the Harvest Apple ... I think that one's the best. Staff was very nice and said "Happy New Year!" to every customer in line.

Kevin Sun

It's a good bakery that's more famous due to its location. Original glazed and fritters are pretty good. High turnover so they are pretty fresh, even if not at peak hours. You can probably find more local places that are better, but these are still really good donuts.

Ella Lawrence


Sarah Hawn

Do yourself a favor but not your waistline and visit. Their baked goods are on point

Michael Viliardos

Great donuts! Get there early as the lines can be long.

Robert Handzus

A friend gave me one single donut that he brought to work presumably as many as ten hours earlier. He gave me the weakest looking donut of the bunch; a simple frosted with sprinkles. That single donut may very well be the best donut I've had in all of my days. I can't wait to go and get my picks together.

Alain Costa

Great donuts!! So fresh.. A must have for dessert or breakfast. The line up in the morning is well worth it.

oliver fehlandt

My girlfriend got me a dozen donuts from this place because she lives in Philly and I love donuts so much so when I saw these I freaked out! I haven’t tried them all but I’ve tried the PBJ, the Keylime, caramel apple, mocha, and pumpkin spice. Each one has been delicious and besides the Keylime all of these I’ve tried cold because I put them in the refrigerator and they’re actually very very good cold. It’s like if you put a cake in the refrigerator and then you eat it later, and if you’re someone that likes that then definitely put them in the refrigerator and eat them for later. I highly recommend this place if you’re visiting Philadelphia or if you’re just looking for some delicious donuts and you’ve never had them at the Reading terminal.

Dani Rubinstein

This is what donuts would be like in heaven. I've been making the distinction between donuts that are more cakey, vs. the ones like krispy kreme glazed that are lighter and melt in your mouth, but these were somewhere in between, but better than either type. I dunno, just go get one.

j k

best donut i ever had in my life.. whenever i see a donut or see the word donut or hear the word donut or even see dunkin donuts driving by....i automatically think about donuts from this place. fresh made in front of you. delicious

Marco Rivas

I don't think these donuts are that great. They don't taste amazing and I think they are too sweet to the point where if you want more than 1 you feel sick.

Keith Bradford

You have not had a donut til you had a Beiler's donut! Salted Caramel, Maple Bacon, Key Lime, are just three of up to 30 different varieties of donuts you can get. Don't let the line discourage you.....the staff is friendly and great about getting you served quickly!

jbeautiful7 m

The best donuts....a support group is needed for days you can't get one.

Fauzul Azim

Best donuts ever at reasonable prices.

Candy Turner


Kavya Chandrika

Must eat when you're around this area. Freshly made and just melts in your mouth.


I don't have any pictures of the doughnuts because they did not last too long. I bought two dozen and it turned out everyone loved them, my only regret is that I did not purchase 3 dozens. The line was long but moved really fast. Next time in town I will definitely stop by again.

Martha Bacon

There is nothing like a fresh, warm donut!!! They have a huge variety and the true test, a plain glazed, was DELICIOUS!. I was amazed that they were able to serve the long line of people so quickly. They were very efficient the short time I was in line I enjoyed watching the donut preparation. It's a good thing I love no where near this place!

Jeremy Yorwarth

Best bakery ever.

Steven Rickman

The line was wrapped around the corner but moved really fast! Very good prices for delicious donuts! Always love the fritters and got the last two on this visit!

Charlie Shay

Cash only! Closed on Sundays. Lots of creative donuts - apple cider donut is a must try! Lines can also get a bit long, but they move the crowds quite quickly.


Best bakery i get them for my class

Bushra Ibrahim

They have best doughnuts around! They're absolutely delicious

Ed Klopfenstein

Real homemade donuts created right in the heart of Philly. We went there several times and especially liked their triple chocolate donuts and their strawberry filled. And the people who work there are always so very nice, even as they get packed with orders. Great place for breakfast.

Jefe Le Fran

A friend requests donuts from here whenever we have our monthly meeting. I tried the Apple Fritter. It was like a childhood nostalgic moment a flashback to my first reaction of eating a fritter. for me I'll give it the green light! Go there

Elizabeth Lizotte-Brown

A wide variety of doughnuts: cake, raised, fritters and filled. They are very fresh. Some are too sweet. I had a blueberry fritter and it was very good.

Katie Spears

certainly worth a return visit. it has a good atmosphere.

Jennifer Dyck-Sprout

Super rude, didn’t let us order a donut because the server wanted to go home, even though there were plenty of donuts left. I guess going in the garbage.

Ayanime Wrath

Lines are long but the donuts are amazing

Ronnie Byrd

LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!! Banana Cream is the best. Handmade doughnuts all day. Maple Bacon! First stop in Philly - Reading Terminal Beiler’s!!

Barbara Jackson

I go everyday

Simone Sullivan

The best donuts that i ever had!

Madeline Long

So good,best donut i ever ate. Can't stop thinking about all them donutes. I got a vanilla iced one.

Jonathan Oh

Fruity Pebbles donuts are amazing!

D Wan

Wonderful donuts. Worth the wait

Hannah Kronenberg

The line for Beiler's is no joke but you should get on it. Every yeast doughnut is a knock out. Cake doughnuts are more hit or miss. The stand out above everything is the apple fritter - if you can snag a hot one you're in for a treat. Best doughnuts in Philly!

Courtney Muhammad

Fresh baked donuts, always a must do treat for the office or home when at the Reading Terminal.

Benjamin Flammang

Holy Donuts!! These things are truly amazing, and made right in front if your eyes. I had low expectations because of the hype of NYC donut places like donut plant and dough ($4 donuts anyone?). But Beiler’s donuts blew those NYC fancy donuts away. Salted caramel stuffed with cream was like eating a cloud. And at $5.99 per half dozen, I will make the trip back to Philly just for the donuts.

Gordon Dahl

Great place at the reading terminal market.

Robert Rudick

Excellent Customer Service! and Delicious food. The Best. The Staff is quick and very kind. Very reasonable prices. A must have to eat. Philly Finest.

Mccauley Rocha

Beiler's has some of the best donuts! Although there is almost always a line, the line goes by fast and while you wait, you can watch them make the donuts fresh. The fillings of each donut are also very soft and fluffy compared to most places which feel very dense. If there's frosting on top, it's usually pretty thick. Sometimes the frosting might be a bit too much and the filling might be a bit too sweet but overall, their donuts are fresh and fluffy so I like them! I really liked the mocha creme, oreo creme, and sour dough. They have a good cake donut texture as well! The blueberry fritter was actually not one of the best fritters I had. It was too doughy for me and didn't have as nice of a crunch as most fritters do. Prices are also affordable so I do recommend getting their donuts if you're in The Reading Terminal area.

Cory Dissinger

If you show up at the wrong time you'll get destroyed by the line. Regardless it's just worth it. A plethora of types. More than you've probably ever seen before. The only shop that's ever come close is in the farmers market in Columbus - quite the tall order.

Jesse White

Fresh baked donuts in a variety of flavors for any sugar addict or someone wanting to come off keto and really toss away all progress. The line can be long, but it moves quickly with very efficient counter folks and cooks. I would have given them a 5-star rating except that nobody was wearing hair nets or hats which I believe is a health code violation in a commercial kitchen and an easy fix. A big pile of coconut on your donut is a lovely exclamation point on a bunch of fried goodness. But so is a long black hair.

Ben Lambert

The donuts here are amazing. I can't think of a better donut! The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is lively.

Victoria Wu

Incredible old fashioned (plain) donut. It was like eating a cloud - delightfully soft and fluffy, almost slightly chewy and springy. A very unique donut, highly recommend!

Elizabeth A

Best doughnuts ever made. Seriously, we were so happy to find this place. Single doughnuts were $1.20ish, I think. The key lime was tangy and perfect, the apple tasted like Fall, and the Chocolate Mousse...yum. Highly recommended.

Billy Dana

I've been told about this place and how good it was so my expectations were really high. There was a line but it wasn't too bad. It moved quickly. The area where you pick your donuts is right next to the register so if you don't know what you want you'll quickly start feeling like you're holding up the line. The service was ok. I ordered 2 donuts and a coffee and wanted another half dozen to go but the lady behind the counter walked away after she gave me my 2 donuts in a bag. Someone else came back and asked me if I needed anything else and they were able to get me my half dozen. The only good thing about the meh service is it gave me more time to choose the donuts for the half dozen. I got an old fashioned and a maple bacon with my coffee. Had half the old fashioned and it was ridiculously sweet. So much so that I only ate half of it. The maple and bacon was better but nothing to rave about. The maple frosting was bland in the maple department and the bacon was soft and chewy. Unfortunately for this place I've had the maple and bacon donuts at Oink in Tuscon AZ and they've set the bar and what that donut should be....this wasn't it. The coffee was surprisingly good. It was a Mexican blend and I really enjoyed it. I also liked the interesting variety of donuts they had behind the display. The price was down to earth for the crazy good review score this place has. Obviously they make a good donut, it just wasn't either of the ones I ate. Hopefully the magic 5

luz jimenez

Omg,delicious, go early,doesn't open Sunday.

Michele Lam-Fortes

Oh. My. Goodness. What can I say about how amazingly fresh and delicious these doughnuts are?! You can watch them being freshly made as you wait in line (yes most of the time there is a line but it's so worth the wait). A dozen doughnuts comes out to be $11. You. Can't. Beat. It. My favorites are the apple filled one and the salted caramel. All of them are great and are big hits when you bring them to a party, gathering, etc. You have to try them!

Michelle Liu

Went in on a super busy Saturday noon. While they have a long line, the wait is worth and it moves relatively quickly (as long as you're not indecisive and hold off the line). I got a half dozen donuts, Elvis, maple bacon, Boston creme, coconut custard, chocolate mouse, and Nutella. All of them are delicious, would definitely go back again. Also, price for donuts is awesome!

Gwenn Mitchell

First of all, these donuts will make you cheat on any diet you are on! Secondly, you will not want any other donut but these for the rest of your life! Thirdly, if you need them in your life, you have to stand in a long line with the rest of the foodies to get them! Lastly, you will never regret it! You're welcome!

Andrea Joyner Josiah

Best donuts ever! They did not last long at my son’s Frat House at UPENN!!

Rachel Baldi - Carter

Best donuts ever!!! Super fresh, light, fluffy and delicious. We tried the banana creme, chocolate glazed, the coconut and the blueberry..of course not all at one time. However, fresh is truly best!!

Kevin J.A. Johnson

Best. Dohnuts. In. The. World.

Mike Burns

Was going to grab an apple fritter during a break from a conference nearby and then saw they had a blueberry fritter. It was just the thing to keep me going the second half of the day.

Dave k

This is a must stop on your tour of this Market. The apple fritters are awesome. Lots of donuts to choose from. I wish I could go here regularly.

Brittany Harrison

These donuts are amazing AND a steal! The peanut butter cream filled with chocolate icing is unbelievable! Really sweet filling and light fluffy dough. The line was long but moved quickly.

Cassandra Yeh

The Service: This is a very popular vendor at Reading Terminal Market so be prepared for some wait in line. Because of the crowd, the service has to be fast so feeling a little bit rush by the staffs. The Donuts: The donuts are considered "cheap", $1.2 each. However, the decoration on the donuts look sloppy. Maybe I have seen many fancy donuts with cute decoration. Beiler's Donuts doesn't have that kind of appeal. The taste.... the frosting taste artificial (not fresh natural ingredients). And it is definitely overly sweet. They do give good portion of fillings; however, so sweet that hard to finish the whole donuts.

Amber Knauss

Wide variety of flavors. Super fresh. Don't want to know how many calories is in each...

John S

Awesome donuts! They even have a bacon one! The line may look long but it doesn't take too much time to get through. Definitely worth the stop if you are in the area and need to feed your sweet tooth.

Ryhine Bennett

I love this place got the best donuts and the city

Foodlover Girl

When we visited the Reading Terminal Market, we found this doughnut spot with a long line. They have been making the doughnuts the Amish way for 30 years, each one hand rolled, and of course, made from scratch. They so many kinds of doughnuts, and all of them looked sooooo good, it was not going to be easy to choose... But then again, you don't have the luxury of time to look carefully at each item, while there is a long line of eager customers waiting behind you. We somehow managed to pick half-dozen doughnuts quickly. At this point, we figured any choice is a good choice from this popular spot. We went with Mocha Crème, Coconut Custard, Key Lime, Oreo Crème, Maple Nut Crème, and Boston Crème. What we purchased happened to be all crème-filled kinds, and they were filled with a generous amount of crème. Most of them had the same crème on the top, making them extra creamy. The dough is super duper fluffy and light, amazing! It was so good, I understand the reason why it was so popular. The line was long but it moved quickly with efficient staffs. And, the doughnuts were so good, it was worth waiting in line for sure! Loved the fluffy, doughy, airy and light doughnuts with creamy and velvety fillings. I am glad we got to taste the popular doughnuts!

Fred Eyrich

Not sure what everyone is raving about?? At one time, these were the best donuts in Philly, but not anymore. The last 3 times I got donuts from them (including today), they were under done and doughy. The apple fritters were crunchy on the outside, but doughy and almost wet on the inside. I think they crank them out to keep up with the lines, but they need some quality control!! Sorry, won't be getting anymore of my money!

Kaycee Lucky

Ahhh bakery paradise - a $5 slice of cake is worth t!


One of my favorite bakeries in the Reading Terminal Market

David Kane

AWESOME Bakery. Flesh goodies everyday more than you can ever imagine. "News Flash" Why are you waiting go and fill your sweet tooth today you won't be disappointed. Soooooo good.

Yaz Al

You'll lick your fingers after you have them

Junior Prapawiwat

GREAT DONUTS! Fresh and delicious! Their blueberry and apple fritters are out of this world!

Darren Fava

The best Amish-made donuts this side of Lancaster County! Freshly filled...and by filled, I mean STUFFED! The peanut butter creme is incredible.

Jeremy Foote

So good! A friend recommended Beiler's and they were incredible. The apple and blueberry fritters were great, the salted caramel was amazing - every single one that we got was so good.

John C

Always amazing.

Brooke Guckin

Donuts are delicious!!! Salted caramel is my fav!

Alene Levin

Its too good. U gotta ho there.

Mary DeLeon

This place is the devil's playground. I swear all their pastries, cakes, donuts, cinnamon rolls & breads are so darn good no matter how hard I try I can't stay away.

Neroshan Thevakumaran

A must visit bakery. Their doughnuts are so good. The apple fritter is godly. If you're not into sweets, I'd steer clear of the filled donuts - they're good flavours but very heavy

Mitsue Roldan

This place is a gem! The line for donuts was so long, we wanted to get some, but had a lot more sightseeing tomdo afterwards and sisn’t want to carry them around with us otherwise we would have gotten a couple dozen lol we did buy some of the packaged Apple Bread, and chocolate chip cookies to being home with us. Everything lookd delicious and the portions were huge! My husband also bought some Pumpkin Pie Pudding, he loved it!! The blueberry was delicious too, they let us sample whatever flavor we wanted and to top it all off the two young women that helped us were so friendly and sweet! This place is a must!!

Werner Lehner

Superb place for food lovers. There's so much varieties available here. I like their doughnuts, Pastries,cake etc and all the items were mouthwatering. The place was big and the location was awesome. The price was genuine as compare to other's. I thing it's a recommendable place for their yummy stuff and quality services.

Helen L

Fresh donuts made on-site with new ones constantly being brought out. Classic plus unique flavors offered like cereal, M&M chocolate, and maple bacon, but apple fritter, blueberry fritter, and Boston creme are my favorites, especially when eaten hot right after purchase. $1.20 each. Long line moves pretty quickly with fast workers and friendly service. Best to avoid crowds on weekday lunch hour and weekends.

E Allen

One of the best donut shops in Philly. Gotta try them. Sometimes a little too much icing/cream on top takes away from the amazing dough and fluffiness - but still top 5 for sure

Jennifer K.

It doesn't get any fresher than this. I loved watching them fill the doughnuts while waiting on line. The wait wasn't too bad at 8:30am on a Sat morning :)

Michael Kotlyar

This place was so good , I wish we go back because it was so good .

Guang Shi

These are some of the best donuts I've ever had and are soooo cheap! We got a dozen for $10. That's amazing! The line is always super long but it moves really fast. The staff are patient with you even if you take some time to decide from the plethora of flavors. They have seasonal flavors, as well as staples, but you can't go wrong with any of them. They're freshly made on the premises and are so flavorful. Definitely worth going again and again!

Twania Hill

Very good variety of baked goods staff friendly and cake was so good

Holly Boyle

One of the best donuts I've ever had! An Amish style bakery that is to die for- you can't go wrong with anything you get here. Freshly baked goods daily but closed on Sundays. If you visit late on Saturday, a lot of items are discounted because of this. Highly recommend the apple and blueberry fritters. The sticky buns are also really good.

Sruthi Vaylay

Best donuts if you like yeasty instead of cakey

Isabelle Tran

Loved the donuts - plenty of flavors to choose from. You can see them making the donuts in front of you. I find them just slightly too sweet.

Jeff Pelurie

Everything is tasty, especially love the sticky buns with pecans and the chocolate whoopie pies.

Rob Heerdink

It has been said that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. I always found that to be an exaggaration with little scientific evidence to back this up. However, since my first caramel-apple doughnut from Beiler’s, I’m not sure anymore. In fact I’m not sure of anything anymore. These are the best and most dangerously delicious donuts I have ever tasted. Beware!! They ARE addictive. They WILL send you in a sugar high!! They WILL have you coming back begging for more! Dangerously good!

Google User

Really good quality cheap donuts. They have many unique flavors and the line may be long but it moves quickly. The people are usually friendly too!

Steve Madden

Homemade hand rolled...incredible! It does not disappoint!

Vanessa Gribbins

Fuggetabout it! Once you experience Beiler's nothing else can even match the quality & taste. You can go to the most expensive place & I guarantee you it will never be the same again!

Miriam Diamant

If you pass Beiler's Bakery inside of Reading Terminal Market, make sure to try their carrot cake!

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