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290 S River St, Plains, PA 18705, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bakery Delite IN Pennsylvania

Mia Ganoe


Nicole Onofrey

Everything is Awesome & the Staff too !!

Charles Dente

Good pastery

Bobb Kurinka


abagail gutierrez

Great variety. The only thing is I think their pricey. And their customer service is slow. I know some places get busy but they messed to be more detail oriented with who was waiting first etc. Some things have more of a factory type taste than home baked which was really what I was looking for in a bakery so not quite for me. But what they did have looked beautiful and well made.

Richard Velazquez

Great bagels wonderful staff

Patricia Urbanas

sarrah fine

The best in the valley

Alexis Saldana

Amazing fresh pastries.

Tia Shafer

This place is my own slice of heaven! I mean seriously....everything is amazing! May I recommend the apple dumplings and the pepperoni cheese bread, we dont ever leave without those two staples!

Susan Suchoski

Jim Derr

mostly good products however ordered a bday cake way overpriced hardly any frosting slow staff

audrey lacina

Omg. Such good breads and desserts. Very good prices. The staff was very friendly . They spoke Spanish and broken english. But never a communication problem. I will be back soon

N. S.

So this rating kind of had to meet in the middle, I have had several items from here and all of the baked goods are 5star, I have yet to have anything that wasn't delicious. . .but the staff service is more 2 star to me. I went in today and was waiting about 2 feet away from another women who was there before me for I don't know how long before the minute I was also there before someone bothered to come over to the counter to assist. I then watched as she checked the first women out, then called for someone at the far end of the counter to come help, then proceed to go straight to the other women who had just stepped up to the counter that moment and let the other person come over to wait on me who she clearly saw waiting there first but never even bothered to look directly at me. I have only been waited on by 1 person there who was genuinely pleasant and polite and she was 1 of the younger members if the staff, probably around my age which is late 20s, the rest of the staff (40s ish) all seem annoyed with me like I'm bothering them and I have seen them be more pleasent with older customers in line ahead of me on other occasions as well. Whether this women was offended by my lip ring or something else about me, which is extremely closed minded these days as well as horrible customer service, either way is ridiculous everyone deserves the same amount of respect regardless if they are 20, 80 or bright freaking green....I think I'll be looking for somewhere else to take me business next time.

Debbie Mc

Pastries are very good but expensive.

Bob Greenfield


lilliann gandia

Not the best experience

Jennifer Willis

Love the poppyseed rolls and the eclairs

Maureen Wright

My Birthday cake had the wrong name, and when they TRIED to fix it it was Sloppy. Thw design was NOTHING like the picture I sent,the cake had no Flabor and it was DRY, and finally the Prices are RIDICULOUS FOR THE SHABBY ART AND THE CAKE. I WAS TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED.

Alex Chickson

Linda Andes

Best bagels ever

LIzzie Boman

Fresh bread baked goods all day. Good service.

Kathy Wheaton

Professional service with a wide variety of baked goods. Delicious pastries!


(Translated by Google) yummmmmy (Original) Yummmmmy

Judi Comisky

Best bakery in the area!!! They definitely know what they're doing. Everything is beautifully presented, always fresh and the staff is knowledgeable. They have the best cream cheese horns around!!! They also offer fresh milk from Hillside Farms Dairy.

Anthony Lanzi

LOVE LOVE LOVE their silver cakes! Well... pretty much ALL of their baked goods! :) their bagels are also very good, and donuts... and....

Umar Shahid

Their pizza is very good, other items are not bad either...

Alicia Mortensen

Love this bakery...always a nice selection of bake goods

James Cassidy

Kim Kolessar

Best bakery in the Wyoming Valley.

Joe Shock

Becky Wimmer

Great selection!

Jamie Keller

Great homemade baked goods

Chris Varzaly

albert martino

Always something fresh and delicious in the display case!

Bryan Reinhart

Needs more cookies

susan o'holla

Bakery delight isnt that good and expensive.

Deborah Kalinoski

No doubt about it. You get what you pay for. Yes, it is expensive but the quality, freshness and taste are beyond compare. Love it!

Bob Stab

Good food

Nicole Palmitessa

In love with this bakery!

Kevin Van Why


Expensive but very good baked goods

Karen Shedlock

Karen Kopec

Best bagels in the valley. Great variety of items and delicious birthday cakes.

Linda Hyzenski

Love everything they have !!!

Victor Munett

Nicole Shields

Best bakery going they need to up their cup cakes though thats the big thing now a days!! Think more outside the box!

Lynn Bartz

Best place for bagels

denise cotillo

Excellent Baked Goods!

Jolyn Dudick

Ordered a custom cake from here due to the good reputation.. NEVER AGAIN. Over priced, pulled a hair out of it with no apology, and the best part .. They made it wrong! Not what I asked for at all! After sharing with friends I heard numerous other custom cake horror stories from here.

Joe Gandia

Had an appointment with the cake maker he wasn't there, he went to dinner instead. We went home without a cake.


Wonderful Bakery

Eric McDermott

One of the best local bakeries

Joeseph Wysocki

is a little pricey

donald irace

Very happy for them get birthday cake done will I waited. Put wifey name on cake, plus added two Snoopy shapes.

Bernie Boyer

Yes they have and make diabetic food

Kennard Johnston

Always a Delite to get good Bakery

Jim Borino Jr

Great bakery. Top notch bagels. Excellent pastries. And a convenient drive-thru, if needed. I recommend parking and going inside, though. You need to breath in the wonderful aroma. Yum!

Michael Adams

Birthday cake price was REDICULOUS

Anita D

great selection of baked goods. haven't been disappointed yet!

jaime stauffer

LOVE THIS PLACE!!! Good food, great staff!!!!

Glen Cole

Had nothing on the shelf didn't really feel like a bakery

Joan Heilbron

Bread was wonderful, bagels nice and chewy, muffins dense and dry with hardly any blueberries.

Joe Kyttle

Cinnamon sugar Bagels are Amazing

Marilyn Pasqualichio

The most AMAZING bagels on the face of the earth!!!! Great Customer Service

Mary Anne Pritchard

Large bakery. Somewhat high in price . Tasty cinnamon buns.

Michael Feigum

Best bakery ever. Options are incredible.

Frank Stieler

Love this placr

Ed Feist

Incredible bake goods, and their pizza is terrific too!

Silverback Kettlebell

Incredible variety of baked goods. Each selection is better than the last one.. Don't worry about the price, just enjoy..

Debra McCann

My favorite bakery. One of my 1st stops when I visit home.

Astro Face

Nice selection of cookies, breads, doughnuts, rolls, & bagels. I didn't buy everything, but what I bought was tasty.

Marissa McKenna

Their baked goods are beyond delicious and amazingly decorated, but they're pricey.

James Thomas

Excellent pastries

Patrick Pachuilo

All bakery is very good.

Sylvia Gruber

I couldn't choose one thing my senses were overwhelmed. Everything I got was delicious!

Robert Boeding

My friend Loves there Home Made Cookies I try and stop once a week in the Morning when they are Fresh . Love the Place . Everything thing Awesome



Denis Bartuska

Great selection, excellent quality, and reasonable prices!

Dave F

5 stars on the baked goods, but most of the counter help seems miserable.

J Schreck

Can't beat the fresh baked breads or the prices

Maryrose Kopinski

Very doughy on all products and way over priced.

Michael Langan

Amazing Eclairs

Jim Daugherty

I really like this place everything is oppression good best thing to do is get there first thing in the morning I think she said they open up at 5 a.m. so if you get there about 6 or 7 maybe you'll get what you're looking for you waiting till 10 like I did slim Pickens but this is a very nice place to go very friendly and very Queen I highly recommend it

Mary Anne Mikulka

We live in Lancaster Pa and our son brought us a nut roll from Bakery Delight for Easter. It was so we ever had. 5 stars...would have made it 6 stars if we could.

Al Faymore

An amazing place! Love their cinnamon buns! A local favorite for generations. Plenty of parking. Many items on spacious shelves. Easy to find what you need. Great selections of cookies, pies, cakes, and breads. Polite staff doesn't make you feel like they're trying to rush you out the door. A nice friendly family feeling.

Loraine Reed

A little expensive

Don Fiorucci

Idna Santana

Mary Templeton

Love this place. Their bake items are so good and prices are good. If your in the area stop by, you will be happy you did.

Melissa Guziewicz

Delicious and addicting.

fastede III52

A place to take the kids to pick out cookies and bakery delites. Great food and service..

Jim Gurzler

Lodi Modern hard rolls and bread in PA. Enough said for those who knew Losi Modern. For those who dont know Lodi Modeen it is a great bakery.

Kimberly Rugletic

Bread fresh and delicious. Cookies, and donut3 YUMMY

Kristen McCarroll

Amazing bagels!!! Best I've ever had.

John Dale

Always the best baked goods

Brenda Wychock

Great food,friendly service

Caylyn Hall

Great place, enjoyed their selection

Wendy Young

Amazing desserts, the couple items we tried were so yummy. Very busy

Charlotte Mead

Our Wedding cake looked fabulous, and the 4th of July cupcakes were THE best cupcakes I've ever had! So light, so fluffy, and so full of flavor; and the Icing! Mmm! They are my new go to. Bakery Delight is proof that there is a God, AND loves me

Marlene Leonard

Quite a variety

stephen yaros

A great variety of pastry and some pizza. Be prepared for sticker shock on the prices. Tasty pastry but bordering on commercial tasting as opposed to homemade.

debbie molchan

Tastes great

Erin Reilly

Best in the valley.


Excellent Bread and pastries......Just like Jersey!!

Krys Neary

Great selection of baked goods. Usually always a bit busy and employees aren't always in a good mood. Great treats tho!!!

William Fauntleroy

Heather Winters

Best bakery in the local area

Jim Lane

Great bakery, even better staff

Joseph Krokoski

OMG!..."they must put some kind of ingredient in their baked goods that put me to sleep. They are so good I feel like I swallowed a crescendo."

Francis Brennan


Cindy Mahaney

Nice bakery. Somewhat over priced, but good taste. Mostly friendly staff.

paul wetherill jr


Kevin Smith

Excellent bagels and cookies. Plus the have milk and ice cream from Hillside Farms.

Serena Bozek

The parking lot was packed but the service was super fast so we only waited 5 minutes to get our Mardi Gras treats!

Cassie Bell

Their bagels are THE best, and their other sweet selections are just as amazing

Elizabeth Hydrusko

Best bakery love this place

Best Songs of 2015 I rock

It's great


They have the best bagels!! Super fresh!!

Lynn Orbin

Great baked goods but expensive.

Bob Kalinoski

not much not much filling in nut roll or poppy seed

CAROL Carroll

I love this bakery. The dinner knot rolls are delicious and the baked goods are freshly made each day. The best seeded rye bread ever. Now I'm hungry.

Mark Traver

Great job

Kelly A Roberts

Best bagels made fresh daily

Rosie Posie

Good baked goods high prices

Brian McDermott

Love the Ricotta Cookies!


Love all their food. Theu make excellent custom cakes.

Nicole Harvey

Victoria Rosario

John Kattner

Delicious baked goods

Patrick Kinney

They'll make any kind of cookie you want any time of year. Christmas cookies in July!

Denise Cedeira

My first visit today and totally worth the trip!! Friendly staff and very helpful!! Can’t wait to visit again!

Weavre Cooper

Locally known as one of the best. Friendly staff, good products. They have some milk and juice available as well as baked goods, presumably for people who want to pick up breakfast there. Professional cake decorators, and they can accept designs, photos, etc, via email. They will adjust recipes to accommodate food allergies, for an additional fee. Not cheap, but good.

Diane Burton

Always have the Freshest, Tastiest Baked Goods!!!!!

Chris Edwards

Seriously overpriced, doughy in the middle, and could do without the hair in my brownie,, staff not friendly at all ...

Jennie Arent

Nancy Banik

Fantastic bakery great bagels and baked goods

Thomas E. Lisofsky

Great bakery

Joan Pauley

I was sorely disappointed in the quality of the baked goods I purchased here. Donuts and Danish were heavy. Icing was frosting and too heavy.

robbie dudeck

Expensive but good product

Joe McDaniels

They supplied the pasteries for our wedding, everything was ready on time and for reasonable prices. Not the best tasting I have ever had though.

james grivner

. N

Thomas Begoss

Love this place. The best rolls. And the bread with horns, both like what I got with my grandfather fifty years ago, at Rastagno's. All kinds of cookies, cakes, pastries, ect. I come from New Jersey and we have nothing like this place.

Lisa Booth

Ordered graduation cake and cupcakes and just know they will be perfect!

Maryann Jones

Best Bakery

Jerry Storz

Lots of options.

William Sebia

William millham

Omg. The best

Jamie Okane

Always fresh

Jim Lord

Joe McDonald


Lin L

Go out of your way to get there. So worth it.

Adele Brelsford

Everything I've ever had from the bakery is delicious from the bagels, pies and my most favorite the cream cheese horns. AND don't forget the Hillside farms chocolate milk.

Marsha Riley

Best baked goods in the Wilkes-Barre and surrounding areas.

Susana Dejong

Love the fresh bagels. Great variety!

Jennifer Smith

very good cookies and pizza two k and bangles

Anna Montes

Best bakery in 3 Counties!

Ann Marie O'Meara

Love this family owned bakery. Great selection of cookies, cakes, breads and other pastries... all delicious.

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