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Super Shopper

Yummy. We loved them. A little pricey. But for a special treat ok. We tried the seasonal bubble gum. Yum. We also had carrot cake and cheesecake. Just one question,where is the one that looks like a toadstool. Just saying, ha.

Allison Bailey

These are the best cupcakes my husband and I have ever tasted! Absolutely worth every penny. The portions are perfect, too. We will definitely be back!

Stacey Sherfield

This was in my summer bucket list for my kids and I. It was by far the best cupcake I have had! Just enough sweetness and the flavors are delicious. We all found something we liked and now plan to try each and every flavor.

Gene Shrock

Purchased 24 cupcakes for an employee appreciation event and everyone said they were the BEST cupcakes ever...big hit!

Edwin Manjarrez

Good Cupcakes but way too expensive for the size. A batch of 6 will cost you around $16.

Tyson Higham

The best cupcakes I've ever had! A hidden gem!

Keith Tupper

Always a cute little date idea and always gourmet cupcakes!

Savannah James

Happen to stumble across this place and was so happy. They are absolutely delicious AND they have gluten free options. Its been almost 4 years since I've been able to have a decent cupcake! They were so nice and laughed at my excitement, I will be going back for sure.

Kris Aguero

Wow, these cupcakes are sooooooo good. They were consumed rapidly after returned home. Photos do not do the flavors justice. I recommend the snickers, key lime pie, heck try them all.

Jessika Fitzgerald

Small, cute cupcakes!

Lex J

Okay so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm not a big cupcake or even really a sweets person to begin with so I didn't have high hopes that I would enjoy this too but it was the wife's birthday and she had been DYING to check this place out for about two years now, so we finally went. Right off the bat I thought $2.50 for a cupcake was a little too rich for my blood. Then I saw the size of them and thought they were really crazy! But I was already here so eff it, I'll try to find one I'll like. When reviewing the menu I actually ended up finding like four or five that sound really appealing. I end up pulling the trigger on the maple bourbon Apple one. Bourbon and Apple??? I had to pick this one. I forget which one the wife got but it was like a chocolate something one. I tried her's first and we discover this mousse like stuff on the top of the cupcake but underneath this harder frosting looking stuff that made the top and was how it held its perfect shape. WOOOW!!! That mousse stuff was BOMB!! And the cake so moist!! AND just the right amount of sweet, which I found hard to believe they could get results like this in a frickin cupcake!!! Time for mine and I was excited! Mine was AMAZING!!! The mousse had Apple chunks in it, the maple and bourbon was the perfect balance. Okay...I get it! These are the sh!T!!! Mildly expensive but worth every penny!! I have a feeling well be back sooner than later. Hey but 11 and your 12th to make the dozen is free!!

Nathalie Hutchison

The cupcakes here are unique and delicious! They have a variety of new flavors hitting the menu every time I visit. The cupcakes are moist and the ganache frosting is decadent!

Red Dolan

One of the best places to get cupcakes in Portland. It's tough to only eat one

Ben Abbott

Best cupcakes I've ever had.

Tori Multon

Yum! Amazing tiny treats and options for everyone.

Tahnee Anders

Fun cupcakes

Kelsey Nelson

Great cupcakes that are bite size!

Brandon Michael Scarth


Amy Coleman

This place is super cute!!! All the toadstool cupcakes are amazing!! We couldn't leave with just one!!!

Jade West

I'm not a cake eater and these cupcakes....literally to die for.

Colleen Wright

The cupcakes are pretty cool they have a lot of flavors but overrated

Janell Eckes

Unique, yummy cupcakes

Josh Hamplton

Clearly Portland is already highly stocked with amazing food everywhere you turn. Like it needs another amazing cupcake shop! Well, need it or not - this is another AMAZING cupcake shop!

Misty R

Delicious cute little cupcakes! Sweet, creamy and moist! Love them, so happy they moved to Portland!

Calico Whispers

Can't describe them, it's the way they oddly pop in the mouth. Today got 5 for a special H.S. graduation treat for my two girls. If you have a sweet tooth and you want to impress someone bring them here.

Tasmanian Hippopotamus Studios

This is by far the best Cupcake I have ever consumed. If I could I would rate this six stars. I honestly have nothing else to say.

Steven Lohmann

Fun little cupcakes

Alisa Conner

$2.75 for a tiny cupcake. Its like a little tiny cupcake topped with a mound of cake filling then coated in a hard chocolate shell. The flavor is fine but didn't blow my hair back or anything. Mostly I found it annoying that I had to fill out a sheet of paper to get my cupcake. Doughnut shops have been filling orders of a variety of a dozen or more pastries for decades without having customers fill out forms. Why is it so hard to talk to a customer? May as well be a vending machine. Didn't taste fantastic, tiny cake, impersonal experience, overpriced, not worth it.

Elisha Rudy

Amazing cupcakes. Super cute and very tasty.

Ryan Corcilius

Simply the best


Perfectly sized cupcakes for those that don’t want to be too decadent. Many varying flavors to choose from. If you’re walking by drop in but it’s not a destination kinda cupcake.

Hannah A

Great cupcakes

john allard

Delicious 1/2 size cupcakes with double-sized flavor


A bit spend, but AWESOME mini cupcakes with so many unique flavors to choose from!

thomas zink

Super delicious

Chris Freeland

The most amazing cupcakes I have ever had!

Kimberly Poling

Discover what you never knew you were missing! The absolute most amazing thing you'll ever put in your mouth. Just one and you'll be hooked. Like me.

Madeleine Morris

Delicious & affordable. Friendly, fast atmosphere. I was so happy to find this place!

Rhyann Bennett

Amazing cupcakes. They aren’t like normal cupcakes. Instead they have a super moist cake bottom, a creamy topping (kind of icing like) and then a shell. There are a ton of flavors available for purchase at the shop. We tried the Rose, Key Lime (my favorite), Mocha (close second!), Peanut butter and chocolate, Carrot Cake, and Almond Marzipan.

Jennifer Cunningham

These cupcakes are amazing! They are very unique in how they are made, not a generic cupcake by any means. I would definitely recommend this place for people looking for a different experience.

Jessica Bailey

Excellent cupcake selection of flavors and seasonal variations. Friendly staff and clean store front. Worth your every craving for the most delicious small morsel of goodness. Yum...

Ann Huynh

Their cupcakes are both super cute and delicious. I recommend tiramisu, mango lassi and red red velvet.

Sydney Meza

Super cute and unique cupcakes

Jamaica Sutton

Delicious cupcakes! Fast service

claressa burel

Best Cupcakes in pdx gluten free options available which makes this place extra sweet

Sara Rabuck

Best cupcakes in Portland and potentially the world. My husband and I are obsessed and are lifetime customers. ISmall family business who works so hard and really cares about their customers. I wish you guys delivered across country, everyone who visits us can't stop talking about them!!!

Jymmi Sparkz

Excellent cupcakes, mini, filled with creamy yum, dipped in a variety of toppings. Fun and different idea for birthdays!

Richard Syracuse

These aren't your ordinary everyday cupcakes, they're amazing creamfilled cupcakes! Kept nice and cold and delicious! Tons of flavors to choose from too!

Bruce Walton

Really tasty cupcakes in a variety of flavors. The whole family was able to find things they enjoyed. Will definitely return next time we are in town.

darren osburn

Great cupcakes. My favorite was the boysenberry, but the snickerdoodle, tres leche, chocolate and pepper... all good actually.

mara kaiser

I had never liked a cupcake before I tried these. Amazing flavor, awesome texture. Try that chai

robert risinger

The Best!!

Kirsten Mills

Super yummy, will definitely go again!!

Ashley Barber

Best cup cakes I've ever had....

Amanda - Bible Journaling at Move the Mountains

Super kind staff and amazing cupcakes! I highly recommend the tiramisu!

Sylvia Lee

I was trying to pick up donuts from Blue Star for a client of mine and they had a note saying BRB in 15.... I unfortunately didn't have the time to wait. However, as I was leaving to get back to my car I noticed Toadstool Cupcakes.. Super cute design and all the bakers are wearing Toad hats. I didn't know what to expect. I believe the cupcakes were about 2.75 each... They are super adorable so I didn't know if they were just "cute". I got about 12 different cupcakes but only had the chance to taste 3 or 4. Every single one I had was amazing. They were deliciously moist and has a sweet cream filling in the middle but the middle is not overpowering in sweetness and adds just the right amount of fluff. YUM.

Cyndi Sanders

Crazy that I crave these.... then figure out it's Monday and they are closed.... was the hit item at large superbowl party

Rachel Hickey

Bought my boyfriend a box of these when we first started dating. I'm pretty sure it influenced his decision to commit! Haha! Fantastic cupcakes you guys. Keep it up!


Best cupcakes ever! Well worth it, full of amazing flavor!

April Allen

Yummy and unique!

Rosalyn Barbour

I Love Love Love Toadstool Cupcakes! I have my faves, but try a new one from time to time. It is a mandatory tour stop when my friends come to visit PDX!

Christina Beebe

Such a cool little place! So incredibly unique! If you aren't a cupcake person, this is your cupcake place! Haha, if that makes any sense. These cupcakes are smaller, like the name, cute little Toadstool sizes.☺️ They have a lot of flavors and charge around $3 per cupcake. They are filled with cream at the top and topped with the...I want to say chocolate....topping to seal it in. I had the fudge chocolate and the mint chocolate. packed with sweetness and all the right flavors. Biting into it is an experience ❤️ the cake itself is soft, perfectly moist, and flavored to perfection. Must try!! There's parking outside, so no excise.

T. Edwards

Went here for desert after a lunch outting and ate some cupcakes outside in the beautiful sunshine! Service was great! People were nice, had a tiramisu cupcake and it was AMAZING!!! HIGHLY RECCOMEND coming here!!! Took 3 more to go! Cant wait to try the rest!


They are great. A must try. (I secretly prefer a traditional cupcake though.)

Teressa Biggerstaff

Best cupcakes ever

Lisa Veach

First time there but will be going back again in the future. Split a dozen cupcakes with my daughter and so far based on the one I have eaten they are very tasty. They have a unique presentation where there is cupcake and a frosting type and then it is covered in a hardened ganache. They look like little toadstools. Cake was most and frosting was very flavorful.

Oscar Avila

Some very good flavors!

Linda Holloway


Taylor Lange

These have been my favorite gluten free (not certified gluten free) treat for months. I have been to toadstool cupcakes many times when they only have one gluten free left or just all the way sold out. But I was very disappointed to hear that they are “fading out the gluten free cupcakes”. It shocks me that they would get rid of the gluten free option especially in Portland, which is known to be gluten free friendly.

Sam Justice

Not only are these cupcakes adorable, they are delicious. If you're a fan of cake, or frosting, this place is a must.

Tiffany Melby

The cupcakes are delicious. However, at $3 a cupcake, it is more of a splurge or special occasion than visiting regularly. They are smaller than a traditional cupcake but the filling and ganache on top is amazing. Again, great cupcake but definitely expensive.


These cupcakes are amazing. The store is clean and ordering is easy and organized. I totally recommend!

Dustin Brown

Great selection of 2 bite cupcakes. Nothing to specialty just amazing cupcakes that make you want more. I highly recommend!!! We will be using for our wedding.

Mercedes Elizalde

Cupcakes are small and very Delicious. And the variety they have come up with is fun to look through even if you don't buy anything.


They're cupcakes are so good! I especially enjoy the red velvet, but it is hard to choose sometimes.

nikki ganata

The only reason im giving them a 4 star is because of their price otherwise the cupcakes are delicious and the customer's service is wonderful and very friendly. The cupcakes are a little bit small for their price. $2.75 for small cupcakes and its the only size.

Josh Kern

Super unique and delicious! This is a necessary stop every time we drive through Portland.

Krystal Tonks

BEST CUPCAKES I’VE EVER HAD! Only downside is that there is only one location.

Susan Nordstrom

These cupcakes are amamzing! This was our first time here and we will be back soon. The staff was friendly and helpful. There is plenty to free parking.

Michelle Hershberger

great place and super nice people that own the place! one of a kind gem

Sarah Harlow

Dear Toadstool, I am obsessed with you. I would give almost anything for you to expand to wherever I live. I have raved about you for years and go hard on the cupcakes when I go back to visit. Also please bring back the m&m cupcake it's like magic in my mouth. Everyone go support Toadstool so they get more money and can afford to come out to Florida so i can eat them everyday. I love these cupcakes more than most of my family members.

Priscilla Jimenez

I love cupcakes, these cupcakes in particular. I love the flavor choices but oh man, they are moist. If you're not afraid to get messy these cupcakes are FIRE! Chocolate w/frosting?! Genius and fittingly stylish

Kelli Thompson

Do yourself a favor and get these cupcakes in your mouth. Delicious!

Wendy Hansen

Lots of choices. Tasted good.

Pat Wingeier

Pretty to look at and tasty to eat! They seem to have all the flavors covered but I'm sure they'll keep coming up with more. . I only wish their website listed all of the cupcakes or that their business cards listed them instead if the few it does describe.

Jennifer Quijada

I'm not sure how to put into words how amazing this place is. From the adorable store front to the ease of ordering to the AMAZING cupcakes. This was wonderful. Absolutely amazing.

Delight Sierra

Tiny but amazing! So moist and delicious. Even have vegan and gluten free options.

Ronald Goings

Girlfriend loves this place. Getting dangerous as they do prime.

Ann Styrvoky

Delightful spot, with a whimsical and delicious take on bite sized cupcakes: topping them with marvelously flavored whipped cream. Pay special attention to the seasonal flavors, they do some really neat flavor combinations that seem to be gone in a flash.

April Cubic

Fun place to get cute cupcakes.

Gil T Rodello

Delicious cupcakes, the lies that cannot be found anywhere else. Decadent and must try!

Benedict samson

Unique and delicious. Cupcakes with ganache like topping in a shell.

Rose B

These are the best cupcakes, period. The are topped with a shell of ganache filled with a fluffy, creamy topping. It is not frosting, and not overpowering, just light and delicious. They are not cheap ($30/dozen) but you absolutely get what you pay for! I miss having them in Eugene but look forward to continuing to visit their portland shop.

ward campbell

Great product. And what could have been an overwhelming and difficult buying experience has been made simple with a DIY checklist of choices, that are promptly filled in order with a guide.

Rhiannon Jaye Schwisow

These cupcakes.....they’re phenomenal. Out of this world delicious. The cupcake is moist and delicious, and the ganache filled chocolate shell on top.....oh. My. God. It’s spectacular. The flavors are balanced and well thought out, and the texture is amazing. I HIGHLY recommend these regardless of what they cost. They’re so amazing.

Ingrid Deleon

Full of yummy cupcakes!

Dixon Cider

Stop reading this review, just stop right now. Close your laptop, put down your phone and go get one. Every second you are wasting is time that could be better spent eating these. Imagine not even knowing about donuts or pie and then having it for the first time. That's what this is. It's NOT a cupcake! It's whateverthisis in the form a cupcake. Just as much as Truckasaurus isn't a dinosaur.

Dave Pori

Come here, do it, seriously it's so good

Beverly Morton

Bought 100 of them for a large birthday party. Everyone raved about the great taste and selection. Wonderful flavors. I live you can pick and choose your flavors. I will return next year for the next birthday!

Brian Cremeans

Tasty sweet little treats.

mollie p

The best cupcakes ever!!!

Todd F

Not bad. Though the Mango Lassi was great, the rest fell into the "good, not bad" category.

Michelle Colbath

These are just fonominal.

Elizabeth Hardardt

Counted the days down after finding out they were reopening in Portland. Worth every minute of the wait. Peachy Keen is not to be missed!

David Slick

Most delicious vegan chocolate cupcake I've ever had...and I've had quite a few. So many options. Delightful.


Don’t expect an ordinary cupcake. These are actually more like high quality truffles on a cupcake base. Incredibly rich.

Frank Ortiz

Dude . They are filled with cheese cake . What more can I say . ...? Twaz amazing and unforgettable.

Veronica Bravo

Love this place!

Spencer Still

Absolutely delicious!!!!

Beki Winchel

The toadstools overall are delicious. The filling is decadent (even if some of the flavors are intense). I was not impressed with the bottom of the toadstools, though it is pretty astounding that they hold up the heavy tops. It just tasted like a cake mix, which was a disappointment compared to the rest.

Caroline P

So cute and so yummy! Glad they are not big ( Kyra bakeshop are big and at 4.75 each, not worth it) I liked these better than kyra. Cream tops melt in your mouth. So pretty and cute. We tried 3 types and they were all good. Really hard to see when walking. Next to good will. Only saw because of street sign.

Kayla Uyeno

I honestly disagree with people that said these are overpriced. In my opinion, they are well worth the money. Each cupcake from this shop is perfectly balanced and you have to remember that you’re not paying for crappy grocery cupcakes, these are truly professional. We didn’t even know cupcakes could be this good without feeling too heavy and now we stop to buy a dozen every time we’re in the area. Everyone should have these cupcakes at some point in their lives. They bring cupcakes to a whole new level!

Kevin Atherton

Amazing, awesome

Melissa Lim

I'm not a cupcake person, but I like to try new places around town, so I stopped in here and got some tiny cupcakes. The minis have over 40 flavors to choose from and the giant ones are combinations of two flavors. The cake was good, but I prefer less frosting.

Evan Simper

Fun and delicious.

r w

Original concept for cupcakes. Tried a few flavors and all were exceptionally good.

Sapphire Sunflower

Very tasty! So many options!!!

Jaz Pisciotti

Best. Cupcakes. Ever.

Arthur Graber

Cute gift idea. Small solidly baked and slightly sweet cream topped cakes with a dipped hard shell of white chocolate. I would use these for special occasions but don’t see this as a day to day dessert.

Sarah Charters

The cupcakes are teeny tiny. However, they are absolutely delicious! Each and every bite was true to their flavor description. The cupcakes were not too sweet. One bite and you will be hooked. Perhaps if you could buy 3 get 1 free, I would visit on a regular basis!

Collin Edwards

Fantastic boutique cupcakes. So delicious

Karthik Mahadevan

My kids love these cupcakes

Suzanne Hendrix

Love everything about this place and their cupcakes are delish! I love all the different flavors, everything was super fresh and they aren't huge, but instead just the right now. Seriously, check them out!

chris oliver

Let me just say I think you should not put too much frosting on a cupcake. But what they do at toadstool is awesome you should at least try it once

Matthew Allen

Easily some of the best decorated cupcakes I've even had, they very cute and can be eaten in a few bites. When it comes to flavor, I was blown away. The sweet tart cupcake taste like a Flintstones pushpop. This place is the definition of a hidden gem.


Originally came to go to the Blue Star Donuts they were sold out as we were leaving found toadstool cupcakes those cupcakes were amazing I really wish they were in a more central location they might be a little small but they are well worth the price

Rich Te

Needs more recognition. These cupcakes are delicious and a great gift.

Candice Trent

Cupcake connoisseur's DREAM!

Jennifer Dahlenburg

Had a friend visiting town bring me one of these once and I dreamed about them ever since. Picked up a couple dozen for a coworkers birthday celebration at work and they were a hit. Glad I grabbed some tiny, adorable menus to bring with, as everybody wanted to know where to buy more. On the spendy side, but worth every penny.

Amy Hammond

Cupcakes are amazing! The flower power is my favorite. The flavors are so pure and real!!

Ryan Hall

Wow. Amazing cupcakes! Smores and snickerdoodles were legit!

Diep Nguyen

Cupcakes are tiny and overpriced. HOWEVER, these are the BEST cupcakes I’ve ever had in my life. Am I exaggerating? Nope. They are so good and delicious and perfect that I don’t feel bad about spending the money. They should be refrigerated before serving, so you can’t pack boxes and boxes and bring them back on a plane. I guess that’s a good thing for those without self control. Lol. But seriously, you gotta try more than one flavor if you’re in Portland. They also cater weddings. Got the big bucks? Can’t go wrong with these. Your guests will love you.

Suanne Boyd

I was very sad to be visiting my all time favorite cupcake place only to have them closed the few days I was there. They are worth another drive to Portland for sure, I love their cupcakes.

Jeanne Ehlinger

These cupcakes are incredible. Small in statue...huge in quality. Unbelievable. Perfect unique gift that will make an awesome impression.

Ryan Thomas

Interesting place to visit. Offers all kinds of unique cupcakes in different flavors.


So much more then just a cupcake.

Jenny Thompson

Super delicious, so many choices, if you or your loved ones have a sweet tooth, you must try this place!

Donald Dixon

The tastiest cupcakes around! I miss having them in Eugene.

Michael W

Rocking! Awesome! Yummy! Love this place.

Kristina Davis

The ganache coating over the frosting is delicious. The cake is soft and moist too. Only 4 stars as they are quite small for $2.75 each. Pic of cupcake on a drink coaster for size.

Abby Quintero

Delicious cupcakes!

Anna K

Stop by here every time we are in Portland. I'm gluten free but one time I tried a regular one and actually liked the gluten free more! Rare if you know gf baked goods.

LisaAmy Botteron

amazing as always

Kristen Bateson

They make the cutest little cupcakes I have ever seen and they are incredibly tasty! I brought a box to an office party and everyone loved them. You can even get them delivered through Postmates!

Lisa L

Other than the people smoking in the seating area it was great. Delish!

Ryan Schneider

Some of the best cupcakes you will ever have

Anastasia Hannam

Always sweet and kind service! Best cupcakes ever. Only reason I go to Hawthorne!

Ralph Chilton

Super cute shop, delicious cupcakes. You really should try the strawberry cheesecake.

Joshua Wilson

Amazing little cupcakes

Ken Campbell


Vanessa lopez

These cupcakes are not only delicious, but they're so cute! Best cupcakes ever! They're unique and the flavors are

George T.

I usually don’t rave about cupcakes but this place has the best cupcakes I’ve ever had!!

Tracy Childress

Wish I lived here so I could get them every day.


awesome Cupcakes with ganache filling, they are so glad they left EUG as downtown EUG has become a dump

Morgan Patton

So, so very delicious. I really hope their terrible location doesn't keep them from being discovered by the masses.

Sugar Sugar

My sister loves these cupcakes. She orders couple dozen & takes them back with her to Saipan.

Julie Lewis

Food allergy alert! Please do not go to Toadstool cupcakes if you have food allergies, the type that causes anaphylactic shock and lands you in the emergency room. The gentleman that sold me my cupcakes did not seem too sure about an allergy issue I inquired about...and sure enough after eating a cupcake the ingredient that he assured me was not present was indeed present.

Cicely Castilliano

Best cute cupcakes ever

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