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REVIEWS OF St. Honoré Bakery IN Oregon

kaleesa thanasouk

The food is great but their customer service worse than McDonald's. Don't bother going here if your getting food to-go for more than 1 person. My boss was treating the office, a total of 4 people, for my birthday. We all ordered pastries as an extra special treat. When we unpacked our to-go bag and sorted out the order, none of the pastries were present. And our lunches were packed in random packaging as if someone didn't have the time to bother with the order.

Maulsri Jha

I think the true test of a bakery is trying their basic breads and rolls instead of the fancier pastries and desserts, and St Honore nailed it. It had a vast array of pies, croissants, pastries and treats, but I tried the raisin and fennel roll with coffee and it was absolutely amazing. At 1.85 $ a roll, it was a steal, they also gave me butter with it. The ambience was full of french paintings, and music, and the seating took me back to my trips to Paris. The location is quite classy too, next to the fancy Broadway hotels. The next time I go there, i am definitely trying some of the fancier pastries, eclairs and macarons.


Coffee is TRULLY great tasting, pastries are a bit dry for some reason not sure if it's fresh. Overall good experience, recommend to try

Emily Wynn

Amazing! Black Currant macaron was incredible.

Bryan Pilien

Great food, super friendly/helpful staff. Clean place with ample seating. Right across the street from the Marriott City Center.

David Kafrissen

Excellent pastries and service with a sourire

Steve Maze

Great French bakery in Portland. We were in 3 of their stores and all had great pastry and great service. The Orange Cake with Candied Ginger is to die for

Andrey K

Good coffee, deserts are delicious but feel dry

Walli Carranza

Just off the Seine! .The Crossants are flaky and the macaroons are perfect....having made them I always appreciate how.difficult this is to accomplish!

Tyler Koenig

Yesterday some friends and I decided to give this place a try. Before actually coming in I heard great things about this Place. Quickly after paying and getting my food and pastry I was served my meal. However, my bread was hard as a rock! After throwing away my sandwich that I didn’t eat I decided to try my little macaron tart dessert, but, the tart crust was hard as well. I ended up spending money to just throw my food and desserts away. I will never return!!!!! Worst food, dessert, and dining experience ever!

Kika B.

They heat up my breakfast in a microwave and toaster!? 2 quiche cafe au lait and 3 mini pastries $35+. Nah it is unjustified price for the quality of the food served.

Raisa Lerin

While on my lunch break, I stopped by for a simple, easy and quick-to-make latte. After 10 minutes waiting, I asked the cashier about my coffee, the blonde barista/cashier kindly apologized and offered to reimburse me for the coffee, which I appreciated, however, when she came back with my coffee ready, she did mention "It was actually 7 minutes". Very professional. Well, guess what? 7 minutes is a waste of time for someone on a lunch break (as you can tell by my uniform?) and specially for the item ordered. And even if it was 7 minutes, you KEEP IT for yourself, because in this case, it made a difference: I won't be back and will no longer recommend this place at my hotel.

Jason C

Expensive for the pastry selection.. But very yummy.

Sean Rice

Love the food and the staff. The macarons are amazing and the establishment is clean and hip.

Dj Campos

Not at all impressed. They have menus, but was told they only have what food is already made in the display case. So why a menu. Asked for a roll and side of brie. They couldn't do that because they didn't know how to charge for the brie. They could charge for goat cheese which I said was fine, but couldn't find how to serve it?! How about butter? They were happy I agreed to butter. Will not be going back. They premake some items from menu and that's it. At 3pm they weren't sure there was any soup left. They are open until 9pm. How are they still in business? Cannot recommend this place.

Keenan Roylance

Like walking into a Paris bakery. Pastries are marvelous.

Cheryl I Zentz

Servers were super nice. Mini berry croissant is good, as was the coffee. A little too much onion in the quiche for me, but it was nice and fluffy. Rather expensive for what you get.

Anna Skoglund

Serves delious gluten free items! And excellent customer service!

kerime Harper

I visited there on November 18th and just had a chance to leave a review. Great location. The sandwiches were great. I especially like the macarons. Earl grey and raspberry flavors were very very tasty the best macarons I ever had. The staff were not very friendly but maybe it was just a wrong moment for them. I like the place and will give another chance because of good food.

Dan Bolton

A sweet treat on a rainy Portland day.

Gunnar Forland

Delicious, varied, authentic - the proprietor won the national competition in France (MOF Pastries). Thus is where I indulge.

Jessica Schnell

Delicious bread and latte

abraham angeles

Good food, not a cheap place.

Nicholas Olsen

Always a favorite. Staff are pleasant and the coffee and pastries are delicious. Can't say enough good thing about this place!

Matt V.D.

Authentic french bakery with a good selection of savory and sweet.

William Pickett

Most people know this place for it's delicious desserts and coffee but honestly on a cold wet day there is nothing better than their soup. They have different kinds and I don't have a favorite but you can tell these are professional chefs who spent many hours preparing your meal. So order a hot bowl and pair it with one of the many rolls (onion is my favorite) and order the coffee to go. You will thank me.


Their pastries are pretty good but if you get there late the selection isn't great.

David Lantz

It's a good place, it's a good place to meet. The salad was good quality and reasonably priced.

penny wells

They have a small selection of gluten free baked goods

Maryus Martsyalis

If you like that ear piercing crunch of trying to bite into a pastry with a density of dried clay, you just found your new favorite spot! On the other hand, coffee is decent and atmosphere is really nice.

Melinda mcgill

Lovely and delicious

Paul Song

I will always make a spot at this bakery whenever I’m in Portland. Their pastry is really good and can be “too sweet,” so be careful. They also have sandwiches that look very good in case you stop by for lunch. I would highly recommend this spot to anyone visiting Portland!


Great restaurant but this specific location is horrible. Not the same quality pastries like other locations. A butter tart crust should not resemble a sweet cracker. Please hire a new pastry chef and manager. Avoid this location.

Erika LaCarney

Great coffee and such delicious and indulgent treats! Yum!

Thomas Peters


Winston Saunders

Real croissants and pains au chocolat. Need I say more? Oh. And Miche banal is great for taking home.

BRcoco coco

All I wanted when I walked in was a egg(scrambled) and cheese croissant and a tea, but they don't even serve that. Staff was okay and they forgot to serve me my tea. The food was okay but not worth the money spent. Won't be coming back.

Tawny Whyte

Back to normal. But come on man. Stop raising the prices.

Lori D.

Delicious and authentic if rather spendy

Allen Mahan

Love this joint!

Jerry Grassi

Wonderful place to sit down and watch people go by, all the while enjoying some hot coffee and a delightful pastry.

Robert Cheney

Great sandwich stop

Fritz Post

C'est tres bon. Had takeout pastries which were delicious, light, flaky, buttery and airy. Could have eaten a dozen all by myself, and I wasn't even that hungry!

Stephanie Boivin

Overrated overpriced. My father in law loves this place. My husband who has been to France many times wasn’t impressed at all. I got a vegan soup. I’ve had better canned soups. The sandwich I got wasn’t good either. I got an overpriced pastry that was good but it was tiny and expensive. Go to Petite Provence !cheaper and much better.

Sara Ann

Amazing tarts..the best I ever had!

Olga Cherchenko

Loved this place! coming back again soon...

Marland Kaplan

Amazing pastries!!! Definitely grabbing some before i hit the road.

Kurt Sussman

Expensive but very authentic.

Dee Zee

Friendly staff, great location, and very tasty food, but extremely and obnoxiously expensive for what you are buying. Asking for a monetary tip for just taking an order at the counter is insulting.

Zachary Maxwell

My second trip here. Smooth coffee and great pastries. First trip I grabbed a dozen Chouquettes and a croissant to try later... which turned into three hours later sitting in a car. Still wonderful. Second trip I came back to get that super smooth coffee again. While in line a watched a rather demanding customer give them a challenge. Even asking to have his French cake pastry microwaved, which they attempted. When it went 9 seconds instead of 8, some minor bubbles formed in the icing and the employee insisted on replacing it with a fresh one, without hesitation. And totally reasonable prices for great quality stuff. Highly recommend.

Chris Lazarus

Expensive but worth it. Delicious!

Annia Labrador

Great pastry, too expensive though

Eke Dubois

Very nice! It's just that the croissants are not up to it. Please revisit. We'll be back anyway as your chaussons aux pommes are the best in the USA! I mean it. Thank you for all you do.

Suzanne I

The other main locations are much better.

Amy Collins

Fine. Not great. But quick and easy

Jonathan Willden

Raw vegetables in microwaved paninis. Microwaved bacon. Poached eggs are boiled and flavorless. The lettuce was wilting the salad was very underwhelming

Mat G

There is little in your way as life brings you to a place unknown, where satiety is to be slapped and know its time is up. There are many places like this, but Honoré is mine. I cry only in joy, as the beautiful treats flow past my uvula to its staycation in Stomachland. Be the cool cat, stop half steppin, fool. Don't bring a dozen Chouquette to work, bring four score. (like...a lot)

Jennifer Barona

Simply delicious, staff sort of unwelcoming

Deirdra Hepler

Yummy eclairs!

Katherine Stout

incredible pastries! not usually one for macarons but these are divine

Anne C.

Today, I bought a panini with brie, two bacon rolls and a chausson aux pommes. As a French person, I sometimes crave for a food item which reminds me of my country. As per usual, the staff is okay, the food is either burnt, stale or mushy, and the chausson aux pommes was mediocre at best. Delicious food doesn't have to be costly! I go there once in a blue moon, but I don't recommend this place to my students. I refer them to the Pearl Bakery or Ken's Artisan Bakery. Unfortunately, you need to go to France to taste a good sandwich and/ or desert. A grillé aux pommes costs around 2€ in France. These prices are outrageous for the lack of food quality. I am not a " mouton" yet.

Jeff Downing

This place hit the mark on a sweltering day in the city. We had a salad and a quiche. Both were delicious. The service was friendly and fast.

S rais

Super duper geniune award winning parisian chef love the coffee love everything with excellent service . Highly recommended .

Amanda McCavitt

Yummy pastries and really great espresso.

Lupita Sosa De Alba

They have delicious macaroons.

Kathy Engle-Dulac

Beautiful selection of French pastries, savories, and beverages. Simple interior, great quick stop to grab something delectable to eat.


Ordered strawberry millefeuille and chai latte. For the strawberry millefeuille, the combination of strawberries and cream was fantastic but the cookie was quite a bit hard. Chai latte was too bland for me but it was okay to eat with strawberry millefeuille. Overall, cozy atmosphere and great deserts :)

Geneva Perez

You can choose any treat you like.

Susi Lantz

Found the cakes overly sweet and they did not seem fresh. Environment struck us as dirty. Towel on floor that was not picked up. The only thing good are the rolls. Will not come again.

Daphna Oyserman

Great vegan butternut squash soup and cereal roll.

Amy Homer

I was exceptionally pleased to discover that St. Honore has gluten free pastry/dessert options. Some are flourless and some are made with almond meal/flour based on the descriptions of each item. I've had the GF almond cake and the black forest cake. Both very delicious.

Pezhman Lali

cozy place we had fun there .

Ryan Ralston

Amazing pastry, friendly staff, cozy, and well priced for a Pearl establishment!!!

Samantha Hurst

Loved this cute little cafe. Grabbed breakfast here. Tried London fog for the first time, Not my cup of tea. The sandwich was great as was the macaron.

Matthias Schwab

Very French experience in very downtown of Portland. Good latte. Nice danishs. But also fresh salads, sandwiches, etc.

Alpia Ainiwaer

Love the food! Affordable price.

Taha Belkhouja

French pastry is simply the best. Wide choices for breakfast and coffee.

Jeff Carpenter

Delicious croissants, especially Maple Bacon!

Matt Falber

Absurdly high prices. I didn't order pastry because it didn't look very good so I can't accurately describes the food but a quiche was $11. Robbery. The coffee program also seems a bit dated but again, I walked in and walked out because it didn't appeal to me at all so I'm judging based on my first impression.

Rick Dorbolo

Nice coffee and treats but charmless location.

Anne Garwig

On a vacation to pdx, had to visit the downtown location twice. Wonderful everything.

Heather Goble

Pastries are always amazing at this location but the lattes I've bought the last few times have been watered down.

Patricia Cates

If I'm downtown shopping I sometimes indulge in St honore on SW Broadway. Usually choose the brie Bartlett sandwich with it's delicious little mixed greens salad. The other day I ordered this at the end of my day . After paying I was informed they were out of the sandwich I ordered. Wish I had gotten a refund instead of substituting another sandwich. It was less than satisfying. I will definitely still go here but won't pay until I know they have what I'm paying for! It was my only disappointment at St honore, but with a very small budget, it was a big one for me. Will be a while now before I can eat there again

Rachel Rothberg


Matt Bradley

Great bread and pastries. Mediocre cappuccino

Drew Hanft

Love the croissants

Mary Hunger

First time going there, was great. The pastry that I got I couldn't pronounced the name so I asked if" I could get a dozen of those". They are delicious, definitely going back there again.

Jeff Wooden

Been a while since I'd been downtown. I was so happy to find that st. Honore had opened on Broadway. Love their pastries and lunch items.

Alex Brown

About as good as you will get outside of Paris. Plus the nicest employees ever. ❤️❤️

Cinzia Corio-Holman

I was disappointed with this location of St. Honoré. It was a little grimy and the pastries tasted old although it was about 10 am. The staff was very friendly.

Rob Stoltz

The finest in French pastries and wonderful coffee. Other things on the menu that I haven't even gotten to.

Midian Lee

Terrible service , constantly lied too about quality and freshness. You'll spend 5$+ minimum on every item just to be stale or old. I'm extremely disappointed in the "high and French bakery" definitely a shame.

Will Richards

Not nearly as much personality as the original but does the job.

Shiraz Siddiqui

Good selection and ample seating. Perfect place for a snack and a sit.

Derivitiv De-spair

Customer service is really poor. When I provided my order, I was told that they were out of eggs and then the cashier just moved on to the next customer. Also, we had to ask for the salads that were supposed to be included with our order. If we hadn't noticed them missing, we wouldn't have gotten them. The person fulfilling the order seemed put off by the fact that we wanted our salads and a bag to carry all of our food in.

Paul Sérougne

Very good but expensive. Very painful as a french person to pay that much for a baguette

John Hubbs

Fantastic pastries, excellent service

Dominic D'Souza

I have heard great things, but alas, after 1:30pm, perhaps the pastries get a bit old. The canale was very stale. The espresso was definitely not full of fresh flavor. A shame because it clearly could be great.

chichi gates

Right in front of the Marriott City Center downtown so, very convenient location for visitors. First visit, got this pastry that was melt-in-your-mouth goodness! So, we were back another day for more. Unfortunately, do not have the receipt to reference what it was. Update : Oct. 20, 2017 Kouign Amann - name of the very delicious pastry.

Pat Jesson

Popular place with some nice baked goods but the prices are unreasonable.

Regina P

Best macaroons here !!

Shandalla Rigby

Jesse offered awesome customer service. He went above and beyond going over multiple foods to make sure they didn’t have egg or almonds in them bc of an allergy. Great food too!

Clyde McQueen

Authentic French bakery with real food.

Paul Stanislaw

Best baguette outside of France I have ever had. Also everything else I have had here is amazing.


Nice quiche.

Miss Pineapples

Pastries were excellent. My soup and salad not so much. I was hoping to get a taste of France and recall my time there. It was a nice meal, but didn't compare. The staff was okay. The lady who took my order was great, everyone else nice, but not helpful. I probably wouldn't go back.

Chris Chu

Indeed a great layered croissant that's hard to find in America. Crispy layered and not overly sweet! Wish I had the chance to try other pastry ...But I can stay in here all morning on a raining day, lovely!

Jeff Lantz

Dirty floors with dirty towel laying near counter. Good coffee, over sweet cakes. For prices, too trashy for me to return. Okay but I think there are better choices.

Liz Dennis-Pavlich

Great paninis!!! Get the Brie Bartlett, they grill it and the cheese just melts wonderfully in your mouth. The maple bacon croissant is amazing, and the bacon is wrapped around nice and artistry. They are very accommodating, if you don’t like something they’ll do whatever they can to help. The food and drinks take longer, but usually they only have 1-2 people working the bar so I understand the wait. Everyone looks like they care and do their best. They are always busy in the morning.

Kareema B

Just stopped by as my friend and I were walking past and saw the goodies in the window. Michael......I sure hope that is his name.....was nice AND gave us a few extra goodies since they would be closing. Awesome customer service

Lu Ming Hsuan

Terrible customer service by 3 members of the crew. What happened: We were excited have the Strawberry Millefeuille (really good!) at St Honore. We discovered that the Ritual app was publicized at the counter and wanted to order using credits. However, it wasn’t on the app. Not a big deal, so we asked the cashier (X) while ordering why it wasn’t and X replied cluelessly that she’s not sure. We then offered to choose items available on Ritual which will add up to the same cost as the Strawberry Millefeuille. X wasn’t sure how to respond, stumbles then said she’d look for someone who knows. We obliged and sat down waiting for her to have someone else assist us. However, X didn’t do it right away (there were 5 others around) and instead helped other clients for 10 minutes and had us wait until she was done. X did not approach us and we had to ask her, but as we moved towards the counter she tried to go to the back to avoid our questions. Subsequently, she had a colleague (Y) attend to us but failed to fill her colleague in, so we had to explain the whole situation again. Y replied and said that the app is outside of their control and that it’s maintained by someone who wasn’t there. No apologies were offered for this oversight, and she looked at us condescendingly as if we were troublemakers. We weren’t happy of course, but offered our solution again. Y repeated her answer as if we did not understand instead of providing a reason why our solution wouldn’t work. X & Y then discussed for a bit, with Y returning by stating that they wouldn’t want to use different items as it may affect inventory. Understandable, though at this point it has been 20+ minutes with nothing done so we wanted to reflect our experience to their supervisor (Z). Z came to us and repeated that the app is outside their control. We explained that this issue isn’t the point. Here was our feedback: 1. Having issues with a new POS system is completely fine. The crew would need time to get used to it. However, when there are issues with the app, there should be training on what can or cannot be done by the crew, so the customer knows what the options are. 2. It’s always best to deliver the bad news quickly (and effectively) to not waste customers’ time. Also, a “sorry” goes a long way, customers are generally understanding. 3. Don’t try hide and avoid the client, or even leave them waiting. 4. Be confident, customers get confused/worried if it seems like you are uncertain of how to move things forward. It’s ok not to know, say it with confidence and try to think of alternative solutions/find someone who might know. 5. Communicate to colleagues about the situation to avoid repetition. This unexpected situation was a failure on all counts to resolve a simple situation. Z eventually apologized and offered to give us the Strawberry Millefeuille but we declined. It didn’t seem like it would taste good anymore. What’s sad is that all the hardwork and love which came together to make such a masterpiece of a pastry all came to a waste at the end: the customer experience. We want your team improve on their service standards, so we can one they all happily enjoy a beautiful Strawberry Millefeuille. Sincerely, Leo Lu

Kathleen - gmail Gentile

Great coffee and french pastries. I felt like I was in Paris

Kevin Hodges

Delicious food and friendly, casual vibe. Try the rosemary currant scones!

Dante Marrocco

Everything here is great as far as food & drink. I wish I could say the same for service. Perhaps the owners should consider better training.

craig walker

Good croissant, fine coffee conveniently located in downtown Portland.

Trevor Miles

Great coffee and pastries. Very pleasant staff. So good we came back for lunch.

Michael Whyte

Awesome coffee. Friendly staff. Great food and baked goods. Love stopping in before and after work. Clean bathroom. They dont allow panhandles to bother you either.unlike peets across the dtreet. Best choice i ever made was to leave peets coffee shop. Love this place......

Eston Melton

Yummy sandwich and pastry, and very polite staff.

Clyde Drex

Excellent pastries and the first decent cup of coffee i had in the US. felt like i was in Paris.

Erik Normansen

My favorite traditional bakery downtown. They do a wide variety of delicious French pastries, breakfasts, and coffee. The people here are super helpful as well. If you seek an authentic Parisian breakfast, there's nowhere better to look.


Won't make egg and cheese croissant, lady was very rude when we asked if they could do this for us. Then forgot our order and took 10 minutes until I had to remind them we had ordered two entrees and a tea. Would not recommend, plenty of other bakerys and bistros around here.

Gabriel Brewer

Great pastries but service was lacking.

Aaron Innes

Pastries are sub-par, often overly dry or mushy and stale. Hot beverages taste far too sweet like they have too much fake sweetener in them. Hot chocolate shouldn't taste like a cup of hot milk with 2 cups of sugar. Overall, this place is not worth the money. They try to be hip and cool, but miss big time on quality. Much better places just up the street like Fresh Pot, or Peets right next door.

morgan greer

The pastries are declious but overpriced. The bread is insultingly overpriced. Fred Meyers baker makes a better loaf.

Going2 Lawson

Excellent French pastries.

Casey Daley

Cute little bakery downtown, their Maple Bacon Croissants are a must try- the perfect combination of savory, sweet, and melt in your mouth pastry!

Lepetit Sailor

I have seen better croissants in my lifetime

Maria Mcclean

Always delicious

Jeannie Covell

Good but overpriced

Jiashuen Stewart

Best staff

Ms. L

Excellent French Bakery! Breakfast with my Love!

Emily Colstrich

Loved the croissants!!

Steffen Vickman

Nice little cozy spot. Not to packed around the time we came. I had the Saint honore pastry and it was delicious!

Erin Doll

Delicious french pastries! Didn't try any of their quiche or sandwiches this visit but they looked amazing! Definitely coming back to try a few!

Harish Pillay

Had coffee and bites with old friends. Good enough ambience.

Alex Banks-Watson

Coffee and croissant. Was 7:15a but the croissant tasted like it had been in the case overnight.

Paul Jones

The strawberry rhubarb tart I had was a little over done. They didn’t have any fresh orange juice. The atmosphere is nice. I had a great window seat looking out to the street. Very comfortable and peaceful.

Sean B.

Excellent customer service, tasty bite, desserts, and great location, walking distance to all major hotel in downtown.

Sean McCleary

Just took a bite of a burnt almond croissant from this place. All the almond croissants, in the case, looked the same color. If you're selling food, don't sell burnt food. Throw the bad batch out, and bake another. I have had good stuff from this place before, but I hung up on them selling burnt food.

R. Lee Donaldson

This is a great place to get a quick quality coffee and a pastry that is of the highest quality from this wonderful French bakery. Their well lit street corner location with large windows allows you to sip your coffee and eat your bakery delight while people watching in downtown Portland. Just order, pay at the counter, and find a seat. They'll bring your order right to you. The pastries are all very fresh and well made with homemade perfection. Lots of classics. No cheap donuts here, just to good stuff. My apple tart was made with sliced apple just like mom would do. Defiantly no cutting corners at this bakery. There was other wonderfully baked delights that temped me, but I only have one stomach unfortunately.

Alan Pierson

Great coffee and baked goods

Ricky J Moriel

The bread is excellent.

Nicole Bertsch

Waited in line for about 10 minutes while my husband sat and saved me a seat because they were so busy. Got through the line as I looked at the menu to be told they didn’t have any of the food we wanted...because it hadn’t me made? It was 9:30am and they had been open since 6:30. The only items they had in their case were a bunch of sandwiches including egg salad and turkey. It just felt so odd and we needed up leaving and not paying for anything. I just don’t understand why there is a menu but they can’t make any of the food ordered? It was just a confusing experience and we won’t be back.

darrell graham

Love everything about this place. Wish I could eat here for breakfast every day!

John Dietrich

Delicious baked goods.

Nancy Kennedy

I visited today. The service was unfriendly and unprofessional. We have to ask multiple times for our drinks to be prepared, beside their attitude was discusting. They only smile to white customers.

Risa B

Pricey bakery, nice ambience.

Christopher Elliott

Almost like being there but I was disappointed in the eclairs.

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