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1800 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211, United States

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REVIEWS OF Random Order Pie Bar IN Oregon

Grace Song

A great small spot to grab pies with a drink. They have variety of pie selections for you to choose from. Both savory and dessert pies! Super delicious and well-made. Friendly atmosphere and good services. I would recommend this place to my friends.

Shelley Pappas

Highly recommend. The chicken pot pie was very good. Crust was crispy, and the filling was thick and tasty. I loved that the veggies were cut into big chunks. Service was friendly. Only down side was that the WiFi wasn't great and I was eating alone, so had no conversation option! Being from out of country, free and fast data would have been nice.

Candice Lee

I am a huge pie fan ! And this place blew me out of the water- better than most that I've had in LA. My favorite is their chocolate pie which comes in layers of thick whipped cream on top and a light airy chocolatey deliciousness on the bottom layer. The crust is also buttery and smooth.. I wish I can have it over and over again. The banana cream is also amazingly delicious.

Lucas Atencio

This was a great find. After dinner pie and coffee is a fun way to spend a Friday night in Portland. We we're just visiting for the evening and stopped in for a quick treat. The pie was very tasty and the ice was great.

Rocky Kev

Friends ordered a bunch of pies. My meat pie, I asked if I can just get it heated for 5 minutes. I waited for my name to be called. After my whole party gobbled all of their pies, I noticed it's been like 20 minutes, so I waited at the pie waiting spot to see what happened. I was ignored for a while. Then, when the pie was ready, they called out someone else's name and again... Ignored me. No apology, no admission of fault. Just a "Yeah we were pretty busy." I asked for a refund. Probably great pies. Just the 'meh' of their mess up really made me not want to go there again.

Ryan Arnold

So good I couldn't wait to snap a photo and had to eat my muffin! Coffee is good, people are nice, environment/ambience is great, the way a coffee shop should be. Love that they have vegan and other dietary options.

Atha Mansoory

Used to be good. Pies lack depth of flavor. Crust is just thick, not flaky.

Diana Backinoff

Incredibly expensive and worth every single penny!

Jon Pauletto

This place is like going to my grandmother's house on holiday! Amazing rotating selection and it's difficult not to crave it! Fair price for a gourmet slice and drink or grab a whole pie!

Breon Gardner

Hands down the most delicious sweet or savory pies in Ptown! The crust is perfectly buttery and pairing a slice of pie with a warm cup is pure bliss!

Georgia Courtney

Friendly staff.. Quality! I loved the tartness pop of the cherry pie. Just know that the crust is the dense type. Sometimes I prefer lighter crispier, but that's totallly a personal preference thing. Loved it.

Jon Goetz

I was so happy to find this place. The pie selection and quality were both wonderful. Fruit pies and others can be enjoyed warmed (in the oven) if desired. Warm pie and ice cream is a true treat! It was "randomly" very very crowded on a Wednesday night, with one employee working and about 8 orders behind. However, he was working so hard and was apologetic for the wait. Have to give 5 stars for the hustle.

shannon buchanan

We ordered the cherry pie and the apple pie, the crust was amazing. French press coffee was very good. You have to order at the counter. The bill was 16.00. It was the best pie I've ever had in my mouth, and I love pie. Again; the crust alone was worth the trip. Delicious. I'm not sure if they have ice cream, I usually order ice cream with pie but we were having a fat day I guess and didn't ask.

Kevin Guinn

I'm eating perhaps the best blueberry muffin ever baked. Wow.

Richelle GB

5 stars if you stick to the cream pies!

Kepfram Cauley

My favorite salted caramel apple pie. Also the best chicken pot pie I've ever had, but I have a deep love for that apple pie.

Bethany Amsler

It's pie. What else is there to say...besides that it's amazing...and they bake really good crusts...

Garrett Lage

Honestly nothing special. Spent $70+ on two pies for Thanksgiving, and it was not worth the expense. A Costco pie tastes just as good for a third the price. Nothing against a local business, it’s just overpriced for what it is.

Sam Schrader

Great pie, great coffee, great staff!

Sharon Zielinski

Good food, slow service

Robin Perez

The Emperors New Cloths-this seems to be a place which has built up a facade of reputation on novelty and not quality. Our first and last experience with them was phenomenally disappointing. I actually wouldn't have minded paying the exorbitant price for the 2 pies we purchased, if they were actually good; but the unfriendliness of the staff and the poor quality of the pies were beyond disappointing. Save yourself the frustration and cost and go to Shari's. At least you know you you're getting mediocre quality at a decent price.

deb dibona

Love the vibe. More coconut needed in coconut cream pie

jessica chow

Amazing savory and sweet pie

Angela Arnold

I'm done going here. I only gave them one star because I like their breakfast sandwich. I have went several times, and it takes forever to order a sandwich and coffee, even when they are not busy. The employees screw around making coffee drinks for themselves, and playing on their cell phones while customers patiently wait and get ignored. I have went several times recently, and they have forgotten to put my order in- usually the same employee. When you ask if your order is almost ready he just shrugs, asks what you ordered and takes his time getting it to you. No I'm sorry, no offer of something for the unnecessary wait....they just don't care. They know you've already paid, and tipped so no hurry on their part. In the times I have been sitting waiting for my order, I see so many people walk out because they wait so long for anyone to even take their order. I wonder how much money this place has lost because the employees are constantly screwing around. There are many places on Alberta for me to spend my money, and I will definitely be taking my money elsewhere. Too bad, because I would go there about 3 times a week, and spend around $15 each time- a little over $2k a year. That doesn't include what the rest of my household spends, or the people I've seen walk out.

Andy B

Random Order Pie Bar has excellent pies, but it doesn't stop there.. I also ordered a couple shots of espresso and was equally impressed with the quality. Not often you find a shop with this deadly combo! They also had a nice selection of games if you're interested in hanging out.

Vanessa Dudley

I love the pie here. I make it a point to stop in and get the Oregon Cherry every time I'm in town.

Roger Corbett

Occasionally get a slice of quiche to take to work for my lunch. Different one every day. Always absolutely delicious. Perfect pastry. Deep, heartwarming, yummy, yellow goodness. This is no skimpy pie. When you go back for more, and you will, give a good tip and hope that the cook never leaves.

Austin Eisert

Tried the Kentucky Pecan Burbon and the chocolate cream pie. Crust was pretty tough, chocolate cream had great flavor but had a very grainy texture. Service was great and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Victor Panza

Bside breakfast sando is great. Pies are awesome too.

Andy Thies

BlackBerry apple pie. That's all I have to say.

Adam Michaels

Large, tasty selection of homemade pies. Savory and sweet pies are offered, as well as a selection of egg sandwiches and beverages. Awesome location, and big window seating areas make this a perfect place for a slice of pie and some people watching.

A Brady

So many choices, and a so much fresh variety. Get it with a scoop of ice cream a or even a mixed drink. Delicious!

Tom Sollitt

The first time I came in my order I placed my order and had to leave for a bit. It looked like my order had been pushed to the bottom of the priority list by the time I had returned. The second time however, I ordered a latte to go and I think I met the owner this time. Service was with a smile but was largely ignored by the woman at the counter. This cafe is close to a place I frequent and was hoping for a more consistent experience going here. I think I will likely grab Starbucks in the future when I head to that neighborhood.

Wendy Hull

Pie is alright, but maybe cooked at too high of a temperature. Crust was very done on the outside but under done inside giving it a chewy texture rather than flaky. Filling tasted fine though.

greg gordon

It's a little spendy, but the pies are pretty spectacular

Eric Schrepel

Fantastic place, pie is always top notch, but on Pi day, they could hire one more person :)

Dave Adams

Meh. Had the brandied peach. Peaches were not ripe, very tart and tough. Couldn't detect any Brandy. Bottom crust soggy,. Rim crust was thick, tough and over baked.

Erica Hunsberger

This is some of the worst pie I have had in Portland. Texture like it had been sitting out for days. Had to walk through a swarm of flies a couple times that were hanging out in the middle of the place. Extremely over-priced.

Dennis Noyes

As always great pie!

Eisen Laucik

Yummy quiche, pies, bloody Mary's and great service by Jacob the barista.

Aysha Hyland

Love this place. My mother in law loves the chocolate cream pie. Brought it to her the first time I met her and its still a hit. Its delicious! Also the $5 pie plate deposit isnt too bad because the quality is good if you wind up stuck with it.

Christian Craig

Is nice that I get to get a pie by random order that was fun your pie and coffee are wonderful you should come by fairway coffee sometime and try out some of are coffee

Thoughtless Thought

The peach pie was peachy jiji but where they shine is that yummy super flakey buttery crust you put that on my plate with just a little honey and hunny I'm yours! The staff was super attentive and went out of there way to make sure I got what I wanted.

penguin rick

Best pie I've had outside of home made! I had the bourbon pecan, which was phenomenal. I also tried the chocolate cream, which was incredibly rich. Staff was friendly, and it was open relatively late, which was much appreciated.

Edith Burmaster

Quiche was great. Cherry pie was out of this world. Very friendly worker, too.

Karen Maria Capo

Absolutely amazing flavors & the best, flakiest pie crust ever!

Dionisio Morales

Very lovely food.

erica saltzgaber

Laid back place with good hot chocolate and a great slice of pie. We tried Bourbon Pecan, very tasty.

Elijah Hasan

I like the chocolate cream pie. Decent summer beverages

Alex Ferguson

Great place to get pie. Banana cream pie is highly recommended. That and a cappuccino really hits the spot on a rainy day.

James Wood

No stress coffee shop atmosphere that serves pie too. Good for leaving the house and hanging out or working from laptop. Decently kid friendly. Have also had good conversations here, feels like a locals hangout (I am a local).

Hannah Sezer

This place is great! There's a wide variety of pies to choose from and they're always good. 5 stars!

Jordan Matthiass

Pretty much my ideal coffeeshop / bakery / bar combo. Amazingly cozy and homey; a great place to hang out for an evening or during a cold day.

darren osburn

Made the mistake of going on national pie day. Crazy busy. Glad for them as I love seeing local places do well. The problems were based on the line going out the door the whole time we were there. Pie reviews- the apple salted caramel pie was as good as advertised. My piece was a little skimpy. (They also forgot to put the ice cream on it, then told me I didn't order it and they didn't ring it up. Darn those emailed detailed receipts.

Josh K

They have the best espresso in Portland hands down. So good. Say hi to Flipper when you're in there. He'll probably have a crazy apron on.

Benjamin Haas

Disappointing service at Random Order. I have been here a few times and enjoyed the food, coffee and their pies. I purchased two pies a few weeks ago - one for a gift and one for our family. The one we tried was a Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie, which I have had by the slice at this location before and thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, this time the pie tasted overwhelmingly of molasses (or a molasses-like flavor) and was not at all enjoyable. I returned the pie plate today and they asked how the pies were. I told them that my friend thoroughly enjoyed their Caramel Apple pie, but that our pecan pie was not good and explained why. The person behind the counter said something about it possibly being a bad batch. I thought he was going to give me the opportunity to get a new pie, but instead offered me a slice of pie. At $30 a pie, I would have expected them to stand behind the quality of their pies and offer either a refund or a new pie. I've given them two stars rather than one as I've enjoyed their food previously, but won't be back after today.

Geoff Oliver

Awesome service. Good pie. Amazing logo. Please make shirts so I can show everyone I frequent the Pie Bar

Jerry F

The pie here is delicious. I would especially recommend the coconut cream!

Indie Coastie

Had the blackberry apple pie and tasted the banana cream. Top notch delicious pies.

Kaveh Mehrabani

Marvelous yummy pies! wow!

Patricia Anda

Cons: Seemed a bit spendy. I appreciate their pies are hand made and that is a very labor-intense affair, but I have had pies that cost less than half and are just as delicious. I had the cherry pie, pumpkin pie and a slice of chicken pot pie. I did not like the chicken pot pie. I enjoy a creamier and heartier pie and this one was 90% vegetables and not creamy at all. Coffee was also on the pricey side with refills $1.00. Pros: The staff. They are very friendly.

Ryan Strutin

There are really no places around Portland that does pie well, until you go to Random Order. Their pies are so good, we even ordered one for our wedding. The salted caramel apple pie is amazing! I especially love the crust, because it's buttery and flaky, with a little crispness. Oh and it's nice to wash that pie down with a delicious coffee too!

Douglas Marlow

Delicious and delightful...authentic Portland experience. Their coconut cream pie melts in your mouth and is currently the best I've ever eaten.

Hope Bender

Nice selection of pie, the two we tried were tasty.


I had a piece of Oregon Cherry pie and a decaf latte. They were both amazing. I bought a piece of salted caramel pecan pie to bring home and accidentally ate it on the way. A+++

Javier Nova Rosa

Lovely and low key. I had a slice of cherry pie with a nice flakey crust and my partner had the seasonal brandied pear with dark chocolate and candied ginger. It might sound like too much--but trust me, it was just enough. The drip coffee was surprisingly chocolate-y and tannin-y, like a crisp black tea. Hope to return next time I'm in Portland. So long and thanks for all the pie!

Karvari Ellingson

I love this spot to meet up with folks. The coffee is good, the pies are fantastic! It's small, but there always seems to be seating available.

Jesse Davis

Have you ever wanted a slice of pie with your cocktail? Then this is the spot. Do you need a pie to bring to a party or family meal? This is the spot? Got a hangover and need some good spiked coffee with your morning muffin? The spot... I highly recommend this bakery, and having met the owner, can personally say, this place is worth supporting.

J.C. Arzaga

Thus place has one if the best pie selections in the history of pie!

Nick Toda

This place has amazing pies, baked good and coffees. It also has a unique interior atmosphere. At night you can get cocktails and beers. Can't beat that!

Dan Vega

Great selection of pies to choose from!

Emily Bateman

Oh my goodness. The chicken pot pie is to die for!!

Jeffrey Keddie

The pies are very pretty and tasty. The apple salted caramel pie is rich with a flaky crust. The chocolate pie is fluffy and light. The price per slice is a bit high, but we still like to go there occasionally.


Love this place

Greer Martin

The chocolate cream pie made me cream my pants. So good!

Mike Matrone

Random Order serves pie. Savory pies. Sweet pies. You name it. They all look delicious. They also serve alcohol, so you honestly can't go wrong. While waiting for a table down the street, my friend and I stopped in for a mimosa and a Bloody Mary. Both excellent. The space is comfortable and quirky (their ostrich logo is well-represented). Outdoor seating is available, too, making for excellent Alberta Street people watching.

Mike O'Mahoney

Just love the pies ... every last one of them! I could spend the whole day here eating slices of pie and drinking their awesome lattes, but I don't think it's prescribed by my health insurance! At least once a week though, for sure!

Ariel Shaw

Good pie. Kinda loved the triple chocolate cream pie. Peach bourbon pie wasn't too sweet. I like to eat pie with coffee.

Scott G

Fantastic pies as always! Love it!

chris becker

The pies are so delicious. Not cheap, but worth it!

Sean Travis

The pie was nothing special... The place is very small it's elbow to elbow......I had pecon pie it was horrible and my lady had the chocolate cream....not good....but try it for yourself you may understand

Nolan Johnson

Food? Awesome. Ambiance? Quaint and welcoming. But today the staff must be having a bad day. Service less than cheerful, though hard working. All the ladies behind the counter are 'up in their heads', communication with customers is less than the minimum, and way off from creating an atmosphere that matches the ambiance and the product....unless sullenness is a requirement for making good pie... Expect great food but don't be expecting to feel valued or special when you leave.

Devon Abblitt

Random order is a fun little neighborhood pie shop in the heart of a trendy Portland neighborhood. This is a great place to come for pie, coffee, tea, or any other number of tasty treats. There are periodicals and board games to keep you entertained, and the staff is very friendly. I had the apple pie, and my wife had the chocolate cream pie . I would say the the chocolate cream pie was better than the apple, and I love apple pie. I felt like the apple pie was lacking in apple filling. The crest of both pies was very good. The cost of pie and coffee here is a little higher then you might expect, but it is of a higher quantity than most greasy spoon dinners.

Jim Wampach

Great place for after dinner desert and coffee or drink . Casual yet friendly staff were very helpful

Chris Davison

A decent selection of pies - both sweet and savory in a funky Alberta neighborhood shop. We had a Tahitian vanilla sugar salted caramel apple and blackberry apple with a scoop of homemade ice cream. All were delicious!

M Tuchel

Coffee bar and bakery, homestyle sweet and savory pies with local ingredients. Friendly baristas who know you after a short while, ideal for a quiet Sunday crossword or catching up on a book.

Sari Peterson

Best. London Fog. Ever!!! Good enough to go out of my way for. Right now.

Janet Van Wess

I don't know which was better... The coffee or the pie... Who cares? Both great. I'll be back!

Xaul Zan

Some good solid pie.

Karina Colotl

The pie was okay and the whipped cream tasted like air. The service was good and the people were friendly.

Genie Young

Had been here a couple of times before and the pie was great. Service here has always been less than stellar. Decided to order my Thanksgiving pie from here. Ordered in person, a couple of weeks in adavance. Showed up to get my pie and waited a few minutes while the barista and the manager talked about their dating lives. After a few minutes, the barista finally turned around to me (I was the only person at the counter) and said it would be a few minutes before she could help me. No hello, no how are you, but I have never gotten that here. When she does finally help me, she can't locate the pie I ordered. She gets the manager and she doesn't seem to care one way or the other but goes to the back and finds my pie. Again, no sorry for the wait or for the confusion. She comes out hands me the pie and turns around and walks off. Fine, I have the pie. Except, It's not the pie I ordered. On top of all of that, it wasn't even good. The crust was hard, like it had been baked more than a few days ago. The filling was runny. I will not be going back. I love small business and quirky people. I also love quality products and genuinely good service. This place has neither.

Hely B-L

Really nice place ! Cozy, owner is so nice and caring! Coffee ❤️ and pie made with time and love ! YOU HAVE TO GO!!!

Haileigh Garoutte

A little pricey for a slice of pie but it was very good and the drinks were amazing. The window seats were the best to watch the town while we ate. I got a vegan slice of pie that was really good.

Ross McCrorie

Wicked good quiche.

Julia C

The Blackberry apple pie was amazing, tasted like fresh picked blackberries with a crumble top. The cherry pie and chicken pie were also very good!

Barbara Clay

This place is AMAZING. The coffee tender was the sweetest guy. He made us feel at home. The pie and hot chocolate was also amazing. I would highly recommend this place to everyone.

B Levie

Great pie

Jen L

We were in the area for a completely different restaurant but due to the “sign” it caused us to come back and stop before heading back over the bridge to Vancouver...Super chic environment...pie selection was awesome...My group had the Three Chocolate Cream Pie & Banana Cream Pie...I requested mine in a to go box because I knew I was not going to finish it...The homemade vanilla ice cream was good but properly better suited for one of their “fruit” pies...We were extremely impressed and will definitely recommend this place to family & friends

Tor Bieker

I really like most of the pies here. The seasonal vegetable pot pie has been outstanding, but they are best known for their dessert pies. The standouts for me are the pecan pie, the triple chocolate cream pie, and the coconut cream pie. I've tried most of the others, which I find to be good but not excellent. The pecan pie has just the precisely right amount of carmelization and crunch and it's pecans all the way down - none of that cheap, freaky, green goo that some places make their pecan pie with. The creme pies just nail it as well: smooth, rich without being sickly, and with delicious whipped cream. While the crusts aren't the best I've ever had, they are quite good. Interestingly (perhaps), I think the savory pie crusts are different and superior. Random Order loses a star for a few reasons. First, it isn't a great place to hang out and eat your pie. It's very cold in the winter and generally not cozy or comfortable. To go is your best option. Second, it's almost as if the employees have made a pact to behave indifferently (best case) or mildly surly and dismissive. I think it comes down to management's hiring practices, as I've been coming here for years and have yet to be helped by anyone with genuine enthusiasm or warmth. Another reason to get your order to go, I suppose. These quibbles won't prevent me from getting a great slice of pie, however.

Kim S

Dive pie and small coffee bar. Decent prices--crusty, crunchy pecan pie was my favorite.

Jon Armani

Good coffee, stays open later than other coffee places in the area, and the chicken pot pie was the best I've ever had

Becca Hodgson

Small coffee house with great pie. Busy place right on Alberta. The long line of hangry pie-, coffee- and alcohol-ophiles brush against you as you stare at your phone. Or, if you must, you can have an actual conversation with the person you came with.

Brian Black

So good! Fun place.

Dawn Mendenhall

Just eat the chicken pot pie.

Julie A

Fair selection. Sweet pies have no flavor. Not very impressive.

Hannah Awaida

My coconut cream pie and latte were great but seating is very cramped and my husband waited an unusual length of time to have his pecan pie warmed up. I would get pie here again but probably only to-go. Not a kid friendly place for me to be with my baby and 3 year old

Bill Bauman

I really like Random Order. They have a good, baked in house, pie selection. The coconut cream is my favorite, and I don't like coconut desserts or cream pies. They have breakfast sandwiches, coffee, as well as a fun selection of alcoholic beverages.

Lucinda Boyd

So delicious. Everything is made from scratch. Try the quiche!

Emilia Brasier

My daughter and I are here. The staff was not very friendly and the pie was disappointing. I got a blackberry apple pie which lacked any real defined flavor and my daughter got a carmel apple pie that she didn't like. I tried her's and thought it was a little better than mine, but it was definitely not as good as any pie I make myself, which maybe just par for the course. I wouldn't recommend it or go again personally. It may just be personal preference.

Jackie Kauble

Yes please killer pie & mimosas

Yuko Solbach

Oh My God. Their Pies are the yummiest pies ever! I really love the chocolate pie. The chocolate cream is not too sweet but I can taste sweet gracefully... The location is good. I don't have a car but easy to get there by bus. Thank you!!!

Kealani Iglesias

Their almost savory blackberry Apple pie with walnut crumble pairs well with their vanilla bean ice cream. Water Ave coffee is well brewed. Shaker lemon pie is like marmalade meets lemon drop explosion. Courteous servers.

Jeffrey Stump

Quaint little shop to get pie. If you like pie, you'll love it.

Magdalyn Elizabeth

Regular shop, sweet staff and affordable prices (around $5-$6).

Hailey Baker

The brandied peach pie was delicious, but service was definitely on the slow side.

Ian Tornay

Great pie. Great coffee. Easy atmosphere.

Sara Troy

Done hot Pilates? You can eat whatever they serve you. Lemon Meringue was not spectacular...would want to compare to Fred Meyers to see. Veggie pot pie was edible. Heavy on the curry. Prolly didn't order right.

Gavin Jamieson

We enjoyed our visit to this restaurant. I got a seasonal vegetable pie and it was excellent. Good prices and wifi.

Devan Nichole

I like this place a lot! The food is great and drinks. A couple times I've had a little tude from a couple of the workers, but not a big deal. They are usually pretty busy, and they have great stuff!

Danielle Winson

Love this place. Hot pies take a while though, but worth the wait!

Joseph Cunin

Highly recommend the cherry pie. Flaky, flavorful crust, tart, fresh tasting cherries. This is the standard that all cherry pies should be judged against.

Olive Baldwin

This is my go-to coffee spot! The pie slices are massive and the coffee is great. The lemonade they make is also wonderful - super tart. I removed one star because some employees have been rude to my friends while I’m there on multiple occasions - nothing awful but certainly unpleasant. For instance, the manager will hassle folks who sit outside if she *thinks* they haven’t purchased anything, even if those folks are everyday customers. We buy coffee there nearly every day, often multiple times, and sometimes we just want to sit for a little while before we buy another coffee.

Steven Jones

The lady working today needs to check her attitude. I was so excited to show my parents this place that I’ve loved for years and we were greeted with the meanest lady and just a terrible attitude today. Thanks for your horrible customer service and cold quiche. I hope you find happiness at some point I guess.

Colten Tidwell

A hip pie bar with a wide variety of pies. I ordered the banana cream and was not disappointed one bit. It’s a great atmosphere in very fun area of Portland.

Dallas Dickerson

This place is worth a stop! The pie is delicious and paired with the ice cream is well worth the extra money. Theres a nice bar off to the side to enjoy the pie, tables in the front, or you could just take it to go.

Alex W

Amazing pie, cute coffeeshop emu.

Tia Sharp

LOVED this little cocktail cafe/bakery. For lunch I had coffee and Salted Caramel Apple pie. It was nothing less than amazing. The coffee was so good that I decided to have a second cup and take an extra long lunch break. I will definitely be going back. The teeniest tiniest complaint I might have is that the music was a tad louder than I'd have preferred. But there is cozy outside seating too to avoid that.

Victor Prince


Raina Schwarze

Everything is delicious. Always leave feeling quite satisfied and enthused to return. Great cocktails.

Benjamin Klevit

This place is great! Friendly staff in a welcoming atmosphere. Pies and egg sandwiches are a ten! Looking forward to coming back and ordering about 20 pies for a party!

Rhonda Graham

Fun little cafe to enjoy a cup of joe!!

Terra Brett

Amazing pie of all kinds and good coffee too! Irish coffee available too.

The Construction guy

When I first moved here it was my go to. Now anyone new to Portland it's the first place I take them. I love having a coffee eating pie and quiche while sitting at the window seats people watching.


Give them your money...all of it! As a coffee addict, this place is the greatest indulgence!

alexis bauer

What a fabulous shop! It was such a joy to be so well cared for by kind and intelligent people. The chicken pot pie was spot on, really nice flakey crust with a lovely salty dusting of spices on top. We ordered americanos and they were delicious! And they have sassand great tunes! Very comfy interior. Really happy to have eaten there this trip.

Kim Crawshaw

Delicious pie, great coffee. Super nice staff.

Amber Z.

Best pies and crust around! Muffins are great too. Quiche are the BEST!

Ash M

All of the pie is incredible, but the vanilla bean apple with ice cream is the kind of thing you will dream about for years to come.

Elena Faye

When we first saw this place we were scared it was just a cutely named pizza place. But we went in and were happy to learn that it was indeed a pie shop. I got the strawberry rhubarb and I was not disappointed. Serving sizes are generous and the pie itself was delicious. They have tons of flavors, both sweet and savory, and include gluten-free options as well.

Kevin Zemeckis

Best chicken pot pie I've had in a LONG while, great Strawberry Rhubarb pie and lemonade as well! I'm gonna be coming back here many more times.

Jonathan Rogers

Great pie, both sweet and savory. Been for breakfast and dessert. Never left disappointed.

Jay Combs

Best banana cream pie ever... Service is funky but friendly.... Delicious coffee is well.

Rae Read

Ordered 3 pies for my boyfriend's birthday and they were DELICIOUS! It was a huge hit and we were all impressed with how good the pies are! Random Order made it super easy to order and added a last-minute additional pie when I called them in a panic the day before I needed my pies. Will definitely be a repeat customer and highly recommend for anyone wanting pie! (I got the Kentucky Bourbon Pecan, Brandied Peach and Lemon Meringue)

Michael Gauche

I don't even like cherries and the cherry pie I got from here was possibly my favorite pie I've ever had!


The Bourbon Pecan pie was soooo good!! I've been thinking about this pie for over a year. I can't wait to get back to have another slice. Yes, it's that good!

Kelly Ragan

Awesome pie bar and coffeehouse. Homemade pies like your Aunt Betty Jo used to make. And they serve Water Avenue coffee. Open till midnight Wed-Sat. Love me some Water Avenue coffee. Yum!

Jonathan Hart

We love to walk over to Random Order and get a piece of pie. Swing by for bite.

Cuong Tran

Great cherry pie. For national cherry pie day I was surprised more people weren't in there to celebrate the day.

Mike Kenning

This is my favorite pie house in Portland. I have yet to find it's equal. I love the other pies I get, but this place is special. The Curry Potato pie is great for vegetarians, and the desert pies are absolutely top shelf.

McKinley Allen

Great for a quick and quiet stopover, I've been with my friends a few times and there's always an open area for us to sit in and chat without being too crowded.

Rachel Amaro

Super good, lots of options, but I have yet to eat one reheated properly. But, I am super picky so this place is super great! Everyone should try! Lots of options for Pie by the slice, or order whole... genius!

Daniel Vivanco

The place is cool, but Lemon meringue, one of the worst Lemon Pie I've ever tried.


Ordered the french press and the Tahitian Vanilla Sugar Salted Caramel Apple Pie. The coffee was great but the pie was just okay. The crust was very chewy. Expected much more for the price!

Barry Wooffitt

My third weekend in a row here and my third great Strawberry and Rhubarb pie. It's been constantly great. Iced coffee also pretty good on this hot day. Nice place to just hangout in the afternoon.

David Silver

A great local pie and coffee shop. They have cocktails for late night too. I would say they make the best pie crust in Portland. Good people good prices and there has never been much of a wait for anything.

Kylie McMullen

Pie was F***ing amazing!!! I havent had better banana cream pie ever. The chocolate cream pie was also so rich and creamy. Not really much parking and wish there was a little better way of making flies not bother you so much. But... Pie was delicious!

Mark Gardner

Simple, unpretentious, delicious, caring. What more do you want from a dessert place. Loved the coconut creme pie with chocolate flakes. Health food at its best!

John Rater

Flaky crusts; friendly service. I can highly recommend the coconut cream...

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