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REVIEWS OF Posies Bakery & Cafe IN Oregon

Disa Dimmitt

I love having this place in the neighborhood. Local bakery. Amazing, cheap bagels. Above average coffee. You can buy yesterdays leftover baked goods for $1. Lots of tables, family friendly. What's not to like?

Star Witness

Cool, unpretentious people in a setting that could easily attract the opposite. High quality baked goods produced right on the spot and the best coffee in Kenton.

Lucie Shook

If possible I would give the baker at Posies a “10”! Ordered 2 dozen cup cakes and a vanilla cake with raspberry filling for grandsons 1st Birthday and ALL were beyond our expectations! I would highly recommend Posies for completing your special meal or celebration! They will be our go to Bakery for all future needs and I will be singing their praises by word of mouth recommendations to all family and friends. Thank You for making our family’s celebration so exceptional! Added bonus the entire staff are so sweet and Posies coffee/breakfast bar offerings are all Amazing!❤️

Jennifer Haliewicz

Great coffee beverages and food.

Melissa Escamilla

Amazing food, amazing coffee, swift service, & able to keep up with the incoming traffic. Truly, a nice experience.

Lydia Slugen

Me and my Dad both got the breakfast sandwiches. I got it with bacon and he got it with turkey. Both were very good. I got a mocha which was very well made and had a good amount of chocolate. We also got a side biscuit and the are the best I've ever had! :D If you are lucky enough you can get some day old sweets like I did for 1$!

Nicholas Nelson

Tanya Crenshaw

Low key, great croissants, fun for the kids, and close to other cool stuff -- library, salvage, florist, scrapbooking supply, and post-office. Thanks to Posie's and others, Kenton is becoming a great place to spend a morning.

Raw Obsidian

Brianna Worden

Has a small playroom in the back which is super convenient if you have kids. Coffee is good. Bagel had great flavor but was incredibly dense and hard to chew.

Kathryn Hoffberg

Cute cafe with good pastries and decently priced avocado toast

Ariana B

Delicious pastries and breakfast. Friendly staff.

Dennis Sandstrom

Great cafe and bakery. Both of those previously mentioned items are amazing, but so is there little play room for the kids!

Amy Boucher

They are so accommodating to families and the frosted sugar cookies are heavenly.

Maria Meyner

I liked the vegan options. It's well decorated as well.

Jennifer Kane

Love the gluten free and healthy sandwich options! Good pastries. Great old building with big windows for people watching. Crew is hit and miss. The occasional 10-13 year old after school crowd can me annoying.

Devon Snider

Great coffee, great atmosphere, delicious pastries

Jason Watts

Baked goods off da hook yo!

Jenna F

This is a great neighborhood coffee shop. Coffee is good, staff is friendly and the variety and quality of baked goods is amazing.


Friendly service and reasonably priced drinks and food.

Taylor Wygal

Great local coffee shop. The staff are friendly and very tolerant of my toddler's antics.

Lauren Sinclair

Pros: atmosphere, coffee, cake. Cons: our pulled pork tasted spoiled, worst avocado toast (mushy and thin), overcooked rubbery eggs, floppy bacon... Couldn't even finish our meal. And I always finish my food. Ended up with a stomach ache.

R.J. Tomlinson

Best place to eat in Kenton.

catlin cresswell

Thanks for the great mocha!

Michael U.

EXCELLENT place for children. Often has daytime shows for kids, while you can enjoy a latte and pastry.

Judy Farmer

Delicious pastries and convenient to reach on public transportation.

William Seeley

Wonderful local bakery in Kenton Park area. Quick service, with delicious offering of breakfast sandwiches and baked goods, plus large selection of coffee drinks.

Taylor Lawson

Astounding atmosphere. Delicious pastries. Fantastic service!

Tascha Kastner

My favorite spot in North Portland! They make the best pistachio cake! I love the atmosphere and the play area for littles.

Jesus Martinez

Great place to hang out with my kid

Roselyn Rodriguez

Came in early morning to grab breakfast for my husband and I. Loved my breakfast and every bite taste better. I tried the poached eggs with toast and spinach delicious I say. Anna has amazing customer service skills and very professional. Glad to come again and I’ll tell some friends.

Kate Arsenault

To die for breakfast pastries and coffee. Great stop if you are headed to the Expo Center and are in need of breakfast or lunch.

Mesafint Awraris

Good coffee and wonderful customers service. Very friendly.

Mary Chilton

Their pastries are delicious

Chris Halleck

Veggie, Caprese and kiddos PB&J are all fantastic! My daughter absolutely devoured her sandwich, which is a rare occasion. Well done! Will definitely be returning next time we're in Portland!

Kristopher Trimble

Stopped in for a quick oat cappuccino and pastry. Delightfully surprised at the selection of gluten free & vegan pastries that were made in house. Sadly, I realized that they are still serving Ristretto Roasters' coffee after one of the owners publicly made statements that invalidate survivors of sexual assault. Please consider supporting other local coffee roasters in town.

Brandon R

Fun little cafe for light eats and refreshing drinks

Trevor DePender

Gluten free pumpkin bread

Gavin Clement

Super chill vibe with local feel. Staff is super friendly. Great place to work on laptop. Pretty good chai latte and Reuben sandwich too.

Ashley Dietz

Very friendly, delicious GF blueberry muffins and yummy coffee. All around great place to pop into!

1RadiantNature .

Great coffee, golden milk n pastries. Like the old original wood decor. Lends a nice atmosphere. Kid friendly

Shelly Garteiz

After two bad experiences with a cake order, I won't be returning. I ordered a cake for my mother's birthday earlier this year- something I thought would be doable for a bakery. I asked for a natural texture, white and blue with gold details. The cake arrived, and it ended up being a smorgasbord of all the colors mixed together, a flat cake that looked like it had been painted with unicorn vomit (see photo attached, I added my own flowers). Also asked for the year 1956 to be incorporated (the year of my mother's birth), and the lettering was incredibly inappropriate in style for the occasion and style of the cake. Understanding that perhaps my artistic vision might have been too difficult to interpret, I decided to go with something simpler for my sister's baby shower. I placed the online order a week ahead of the event and asked for a single-layer carrot cake, and provided a photo (as requested by the form). I called two days later to find that they were confused by the photo, so I clarified that all I was asking for is a white frosted, simple, single-layer cake and did not have to look exactly like the photo. I was told they would check with the baker to see if this was possible. After I received no call in return, I checked on the order later only to find that no, they hadn't bothered to make the cake or communicate with me, and I wouldn't be able to have a cake ready for the shower. Literally go anywhere else if you want a cake made. Literally.

Marty D

nice ambiance, friendly service, great location and they have a couple GF items. (unfortunately they're the kind from ten years ago that taste like they were made without a recipe or someone accidentally added too much baking soda--please try another vendor, there's no reason now to put up with poor quality GF pastries)

Mia Dea d

My drink was absolutely mediocre. Wanted zucchini bread, they said it was too frozen; even though there were 2 loaves in the display?? Bummer!!

Ben Cain

Going on the weekends is heaven!

Gregory Cunningham

Excellent food and coffee, not always excellent service.

Ray Lister

The zucchini bread was great, the mocha was great, the service was very Portland.

Sithat Chayanam

Nice Cafe with Industrial looking interior. Great breakfast and lunch sandwhiches for those wanting to avoid deep fried foods. Great drinks selection. They even have a small childs play room.

Cheree Peterkin

Very trendy looking great pastry love it

Siege Savage

worst "coffee" of my life!!!! even worse service! six costomers were served while our food sat on the counter getting cold. my husband spent $30 most of our food was tasteless my sons grilled cheese wad cold and soggy. we won't our money back!!!!! who owns this place? they should be ashamed!

Cole Marfise

Delicious pastries and a good selection of drinks, both coffee and tea based. They have WiFi and lots of tables near outlets, so it’s not a bad place to get some work done either. It’s a pretty large coffee shop so it can be somewhat noisy, not a bad thing at all just know before you go.

Bill Weepie

Friendly staff and great ambiance.

Ian Applegate

Great cafe - really good coffee, snacks, cakes, cookies and lunch/breakfast. Great staff and really laid back.


Love the food, but the ginger bearded dude is a grump butt

Mehira Lozano

Sweet local coffee spot, nestled inthe Kenton area. It's a nice place for grabbing a morning pastry and coffee on your way to work, or spending quality time catching up with a friend. I love their mochas. Every now and then I'll try their green tea. If you're in the area, come check them out.

Bat Rabbit & Flat Ribbon's Treasures LLC

The best coffee in town!!!

Peter Newell

Delicious coffee in a great, kid friendly atmosphere. I <3 Posies.

Dan Rubado

Posies is a great neighborhood cafe with good coffee and pastries and a few strong options for breakfast, including an excellent breakfast sandwich. The pastries rotate, but they always have some delicious options, including coffee cakes, fruit Danishes, muffins, and bagels, of course. It also has a nice play room to entertain and contain young children, which is awesome for those of us with kids.

Lynn Kimbrough

Pleasant staff, near the library, good pastries, interesting menu and reasonable prices

Benjamin Kirkpatrick

First official coffee shop visit in PDX and absolutely blown away. Service was expeditious and efficient, barista and cashier were friendly and upbeat, and atmosphere in the cafe is super chill. Not to mention the java is just phenomenal.....and ,the bathrooms are heated! ;-)

James Perkins

The hipsters love this place but it's overpriced and the staff are kind of airheads. Coffee isn't bad.

Judy Corona

Amazing baked goods. Coffee drinks are always decent, but sometimes they're so sublime you wish they could always be that good. Very friendly staff. Good vibes. High hipster quotient, which can be extremely entertaining.

Laurel Jones

Chill environment, quick service, good food.

Jordan Silk

Great coffee and great food. The kid play area makes it convenient.

Parker Marshall

Super close by and a great place for coffee and morning snacks. We love coming here before the Kenton garage sale to stock on some caffeine and goodies. Family friendly and near many other amenities of the Kenton area.

Suzanne I

Great spot!

Andrea Wood

An entire wall of windows keeps this adorable shop bright and sunny. Posies is located in the super cute and walk-able Kenton neighborhood. The breakfast sandwich was hearty enough to be shared (although on a hungry day you may want to keep it all to yourself). There has been plenty of seating every time I have gone in. Be aware that they have a children's playroom which attracts a lot of little ones. This often results in a lot of noise.

Mary Dailey

Amazing! Get the almond croissant

Arielle Puuri

Had a negative first experience but gave it another shot and really enjoyed my food, the atmosphere, and kids area

Mj Mj

Great little cafe. Delicious coffee and little breakfasts. Atmosphere is a definite plus.

Bertha Ramos

(Translated by Google) Excellent coffee and breakfast. (Original) Excelente café y breakfast.

Aubrey Stacy

Great coffee

Eva Yousfi

Coffee and family friendly.

Craig Leto

Great coffee and food plus the best kids play area in town.

Molly Cameron

Small coffee mugs and being charged for a refill makes for a rather expensive cup of joe.

Phillip Bourke

Great place to sit back and read the New York Times. Croissant with almond paste and powdered sugar and little slivers of toasted almonds on top, well done.

Bradley Kenyon

The place is clean the staff is friendly and the food is excellent what more can you ask for

Amy Ableidinger

Food is great! Atmosphere is hit and miss. As a middle age adult without a kid, this place is WAY too much on the weekend. Place echos and with 10 kids under the age of two in there it was very loud!

Megan Amort

Variety of baked goods (including house-made gf stuff) and perfectly crafted espresso and other cafe drinks. Good for solo work, casual meet-ups, and families with kids.

Righter Arellano

Come Sundays to get get a cinnamon roll.

Justin Samuelsen

They have really good baked goodies. Coffee is always a good selection.

Dick Foreman

Nice place for breakfast, brinch, lunch - cry accommodating

Elaine Tronic

Love this cafe! They serve Ristretto coffee, which is delicious. They have a good selection of bagels, pastries, and sweet breads. Also a good sandwich menu. There is plenty of seating and a friendly atmosphere. There is also a kids play room with chalk, dress up clothes, a play kitchen, and toys.

Garrett Geisendorfer

Best Chai I've had the pleasure of in years. Hummus toast was a splendid snack for the morning. Our order was mixed up - maybe our fault - and they gave us the wrong drink for free, including the correct order. Great customer service!

Roy Conklin

Love the coffee

Crystal White

Love this place love the coffee friendly barista's yummy food

Leslie Montgomery

I love spending time here either by myself or with a friend. The space, food and drinks keep me coming back.

Heather I

Adorable little coffee shop in the delightful Kenton neighborhood. I came here because I was meeting a friend with a couple of pre-k kids, and I remembered that they have a play room. My friend and I ended up staying there for 2 hours, and the kids had a ton of fun in the play room! Posie's has a nice selection of non-dairy milks, and several basic vegan menu options like avocado toast and hummus with veggies. I'll be back.

Phil Gordon

For 10 years this café has been contributing to the vitality of the Kenton community. Delicious pastries and great coffee from a family business that has been investing in the neighborhood.

Jessica Hart

Perfect. Great coffee, tea and treats. I go there to meet with a tutor and everyone is so nice. It's all the way across town from me, but I make the trip happily.

elizabeth jones

Very interesting menu, knowledgeable staff, enjoyable dinner in downtown location. We got there early and was seated in the balcony & watched the place fill up below, nice show. Food was different, loved it.

Amy Scott

Great coffee, food and custom cakes. A lovely neighborhood shop!

Dena Whipple

I really do want to love Posies. Good: + If you've got kids, the fact that there's a play room and children's activities, as well as a changing table in the bathroom is priceless.. + The place is really well laid out and the furniture and decor are pretty cool. + They have soft serve ice cream! + Bagels! + Great location (on two bus lines, near a library, lots of shops nearby--including a kids consignment shop and several other shops). Not So Good: - In my experience, the coffee coffee drinks are usually okay, occasionally good, but never great. - When the staff has downtime, it'd be cool if they'd take the initiative to clean the place up a bit. - The two girls who are most often working there when I'm there consistently seem pretty aloof. I mean, they're never rude, but they're certainly not welcoming. I am rather particular, though, about customer service. I'll keep going because I have a kid, but one more mediocre latte and I'll avoid the place unless there's kids stuff going on. I really hope things get better there. I want to love it there!

James T Wood

The coffee and tea are great, the pastries are delicious, and the location is nice. The only drawback is that both coffee shop workers and parents with young kids try to share the space. Usually the balance is fine, but sometimes it'll shift towards one side or the other.

Shona Dudley

Friendly people, good food, vegan options

Emily Farley

Used to love it, but over the years it has become overcrowded. It used to be the small little coffee shop I visited every morning, but now it's full of people all the time.

Matt Geiger

Been gong here for a long time. Good people and great environment to hang out.

Ryan Castro

I like the atmosphere and the pastries are delicious.

Torey Mundt

Pretentious but tasty. Higher side prices but fresh food.

AJ Simmons

Good food. Great coffee. Friendly staff. Play area for kids.

Johnson Gloria

I and my husband stopped by to get a slice of pizza and some pastries for lunch. The pizza of the day was mushrooms, red onions, Fontina cheese with Rosemary olive oil. The dough was crisp and delicious. We tried the berry & apricot scone and sour dough chocolate croissant. Scone was one of the best we had. The fruit tasted very fresh.

Barbara Clay

The coffee tenders was really nice and helpful and the coffee was great. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Tyler MacBeth

Nice and cozy coffee shop

Erin Rainsmyth

Good coffee, and a small play area! With dress up clothes!

P van Veen

Nice place am a new regular. I would prefer 24 hours open but it is close to MAX so perhaps not .... 3LOL. Coffee is great, good bites too. GF/V items exist and all made inhouse. Only one bathroom,it is a nice one. Got a glass windowed room for little kiddos so they can keep an eye on parent/s.Not lots of parking

Eric Sayre

Delicious food and perfect communal atmosphere

Michael Ninen

My personal favorite cafe in Portland. It has great alternative music, good food, nice drinks, cool and collected staff, and great service overall. Go if you have a chance!

paul owen

Hipster service doesn't care. Mediocre overpriced coffee.

Marilyn Acosta

My go-to Saturday morning stop for coffee and a pastry. Great coffee and delicious food. It's a great place for an afternoon beverage and snack with a group. There is plenty of seating indoors and it's always a comfortable temperature. It's family friendly so you decide whether that means you get your items to go.

Terri Blaylock

I wish they just had regular pure green tea. It's a nice place to talk with your friends. They have a area for children to play that's really nice they have breakfast foods the service seems to be really nice but they need to have pure green tea

Jelle Böhm

Schönes Cafe mit gutem Frühstück und Kaffee.

Tamara Young

One of the best coffee shops in Portland. The menu has changed where there are so many good options! Vegan, GF, Kids -- whatever - there is something delicious for you. The pastries are all to die for and the bakery that also makes cupcakes and cakes in my opinion is the best in town. I love their set up for seating. some is spacious some is cafe style.

Jordan Swetnam

One offering for espresso. RR Colombian coffee. Mildly sweet, and not very acidic. Seltzer water is offered as a pallet cleanser. Nice upgrade, from the tap water offered access the street at Prince (though prince has more espresso offerings, from smaller roasters). The blueberry and cream cheese danish is light and fluffy with several mouth watering layers. Yum. Will be back to try some of their baked breads. There’s a small kids room. The bathrooms could use a little work... other than that great! This is a historic building with lots of character.

Stephan Morris

Excellent coffee, great food, wonderful atmosphere. Yea, there are usually a few kids, but only the morning, and it gives the place an active vibe. And as a NY transplant, I can safely say they have the best lox bagels in PDX.

Veronica Nordeen

As a resident of Kenton for over 16 years, I know what the neighborhood was like back in the day. There were no places to gather in "downtown" Kenton except for bars. Posies was, and still is, a lovely neighborhood cafe and a welcome addition. The variety of pastries are shop-made and my drinks are made as requested. If you want scorched coffee, bland food, and no interaction with other humans, go to Starbucks; free wifi and quiet, go to the library. If you want to be part of a community, Posies is the place for you.

Kealani Iglesias

Playroom for the toddler and breakfast & cold brew for the Mama equals brunchtime bliss.

TTV Baconz

Ryan E

Any place with sour cream coffee cake is aok in my books

Marshall Steeves

Gorgeous space, fantastic people, and delicious Ristretto Roasters beans!

Rob L

I ordered eggs, bacon, and a chai. All three were great. They peppered my eggs and the bacon was crispy. The chai tea was also phenomenal, sweet and spicy.

Bill Prichard

Fine place to stop for a good coffee and tasty breakfast treat.

Meghan Coil

Great food and drinks, friendly atmosphere, especially for families

Andrew Rhodes

If you like cozy coffee shops that serve tasty food, you should go here. If you love biscuits, you *must* go here. Easily makes my Top 10 list of "Portland Places I'd go out of my way to visit" Friendly, inviting, a lovely place to spend an afternoon.

Zach Wagner

Been to Posies a few times now, as we live close. Overall the staff have always been quite friendly, and the food and coffee good. It's a cute space that can tend to get crowded, especially at the expected times of day. But in general it's usually possible to find a spot to sit. Good menu options, and some of the best baked goods around. The vegan pumpkin bread is delicious.

Adam Argento

Good coffee and excellent baked goods. Try the breakfast biscuit.

Margaret Wilson

Delicious sandwiches and pastries!

Tabitha Lee

Good food, friendly people, nice drinks

Danielray Morgan

The two stars are for the pastries. The service is mediocre and the coffee is dark roasted to near burnt. I do not mind someone's unique delicate snowflake spawn running around, but with rude and pretentious service it makes the atmosphere harder to accept. Thanks for reading.

Samuel Adams

i love this coffee shop; great coffee, incredible shop-made pasteries, smart service

Caroline Golden

Coffee is okay, and the French toast is great. I was surprised that it didn't come with syrup, and asked for some, and then was especially surprised to be charged extra for syrup when I got the check. It was not expensive, but felt a little cheap to be charged for it when I've never had French toast come out without syrup before. Maybe the cost for syrup can just be incorporated in so it feels a little less nickel and dime.

Nate Young

As long as you aren't in a hurry it's spectacular.

Bryna Sampey

Great place. Good coffee. Good sandwiches. Live kid's music (Mo Phillips on Tuesday mornings! He's our favorite!!) They're a friendly Kenton business. I love this district. Everyone pitches in to create a very strong community. Excellent place to meet for a playdate. Yum!

Caitlin Forinash

I have been to Posie's twice. The first time, it was not particularly busy, and it still took over 10 minutes for my tea to come out. This weekend, my friend and I had a much more disappointing experience. My friend mistakenly took the wrong coffee and was blatantly and loudly shamed by the barista. Not to mention we ordered at the same time and I'd had my coffee for 5 minutes at that point. An honest mistake that could have been easily remedied was instead turned into an embarrassing experience for my friend. I will be trying out the other coffee shops in Kenton in the future.

S Cearley

The pastries here -especially the gluten free pumpkin bread- are outstanding. Be prepared for a short wait in line and seating is at a premium. Poesies is popular for a reason!

Siobhan McGrath

I am a fairly regular customer of Posies, and every time I'm always in love. Excellent food, wonderful drinks, relaxed environment, and the staff is always super friendly and remembers you. My only qualm is their hot chocolate. For some reason, that seems to be their one fault. The mochas are excellent, but the hot chocolates almost taste like glorified hot water. Seriously though, that is like their only problem that I've experienced.


I luv this place

Jim Brule

Great coffee and baked goodness; laid back, kid friendly room off the main area.

Rick Baumgartle

Good coffee. Didn't try the food. Relaxing atmosphere

Cesar Cainelli

Posies is always great. Even when they're busy, the staff is cordial and never feels rushed. Sometimes it means waiting a little longer, but I'd rather have the quality service.

Brian Altenhofen

Glad to hear your working towards building an ADA approved ramp so that everyone can enjoy your delish treats. Keep working.

Caroline Harwood

Best pistachio cake ever! Great café, truly a neighborhood gem!

Ron Warnecke

Great place to meet friends to have coffee.

Zaid Dark

It's an overpriced hipster cafe, the employees were too quiet for my buddy to hear them call out his drink, the breakfast sandwiches we had were bland and felt like chewing on glass.

Drake Riot

Kid friendly, yummy stuff.

Danielle Smith

PLEASE switch to reusable cups for patrons enjoying their drinks in the cafe. Such a waste to use plastic and paper for people who are not taking away.

Ben Mund

Incridibly nice, funny and kind staff. I love the apple fritters and breakfast choices. BUT incredibly slow service. This place takes longer to make a drink than most places so be prepared to wait.

Jim Poole

Great stuff love this place

Tae Pedersen

As a Kenton resident, I've been into Posies several times. Not once have I felt welcomed by the staff.

Lucas Hunt

Was in town and needed a stop for breakfast, this place was amazing. Great breakfast sandwiches.

Daniel Slightam

Great baked goods. Incredibly slow baristas

Simon Williams-Im

Great atmosphere and friendly staff. I love the interior and style - awesomeness


You have to try the breakfast sandwiches!!

Jared Johnson

Awesome customer service. Employees are really friendly.

Graham Marks

Great staff, coffee and food.

Ryan Murry

$6 hummus toast. Not bad but will probably go with no oil next time.

R York Funston

Great breakfast biscuits on the weekend.

J Smith

Interesting place for a traditionalist to hang out at. Most of the clientele turn left on a consistent basis and most of the employees are cordial to the likes of me. The one's who aren't, come across as ambivalent. I'd recommend an almond croissant and a cup of ethiopia coffee.

barbara moore


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