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610 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205, United States

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REVIEWS OF Petunia's Pies & Pastries IN Oregon

Kasey Rude

So yummy and everything is vegan. My hubby and I had the turtle cheesecake and devoured every bite. My hubby isn’t vegan and he said it was just a good as traditional cheesecake. The staff was also so friendly and the atmosphere is charming. We will absolutely be back!

Cara Hatlen

This place is amazing! Everything is gluten free and better than most regular pastries we've tried. Breakfast and lunch served as well! Definitely recommend for all!

Jill Giles

Best food, great options for people that don't eat dairy or gluten. Biscuits and gravy are great, so are the sandwich cookies, cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls. Those things are my favorite. Everything else is good, too

roger frazier

Gluten free bakery that serves breakfast and lunch in addition to take away pastries. Donuts, mocha almond brownies, and savory scone were delicious. Still have berry crumble bar to try. Staff is friendly and helpful. Street parking is limited but there is a public parking garage across the street. Will definitely be back.

Scott M. Stolpp

Wonderful selection of vegan and gluten free options. Sticky bun was amazing.

Lindsay Haygood

These tasty treats are wonderful for all. My visit to this bakery was such a delight. The staff were friendly, patient, and eager to please. The set-up is just the cutest and the deserts are mouth watering. Do yourself a favor and get a chocolate chipper sandwich cookie with bourbon vanilla ganache. They are to die for! The cookies were divine and the baby cakes were moist and in my humble opinion, too good to be vegan! Simply sinful! The coffee is delicious and the baristas are knowledgeable and fast. I had a coconut milk caramel macchiato and it was so lush. Just a wonderful little spot that offers a sweet experience both in flavor and in ambiance. I was in love as soon as I walked in!


Delicious! I was ashamed to eat all my pie

Petra Knapp

Sugary but amazing

Emily R

Petunias never fails to impress me. I have tried everything from their cookies and cakes to lunch menu and although their goodies can be a bit sweet I’m always pleased!

Cassidy Hoover

Still dreaming about the vegan sausage breakfast sandwich and pecan sticky bun...this place is heaven

Kip Ching

Had the black and white cake & cherry raspberry pie. Delicious.

Danielle Harel

The whole place is gluten free and vegan. Delicious heaven.

Sergiy Shulik

Great place to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Alesita Flowers

Good good and pastries, but pricey

Jennifer Earl

Tasty treats and a cute, pleasant atmosphere

Irina Leonov

The tea was delicious... but the bundt cake I got was dry and seemed like it was a couple days old. Before i left, i saw them put the rest of the bundt cake on sale as a day old desert... after i paid full price for it 15 before!!!.. kind of annoying..

Diane Price

Clean and friendly atmosphere. So hard to decide with all the vegan gf desserts...but the cinnamon bun and chocolate mint bar are fantastic!

Veronica Fincher

This place is awesome! I don't know how they do what they do. I live on the coast but every time I'm in Portland I try to make make a pit stop. Their food, cakes, muffins, cookies and donuts are magic. My only criticism is the mushrooms in the biscuits and gravy, I would suggest switching that out for vegan breakfast sausage.

Jorge Antunes

This is an amazing Gluten-Free and Vegan bakery and restaurant. Every single item is Gluten-Free and Vegan!! They even serve great coconut ice cream made right on site. The baked goods are the best I have ever had. I definitely recommend this place!!

Martha Bowes

Really good gluten free and dairy free, what a great find especially when you are Coeliac from the UK. Love it.

Rick K

Solid home style food. I keep forgetting to take a photo before I eat my food, but better late than never. I had the vegetable pot pie. It was pretty good home comfort food. We also had the marionberry pie which was also pretty good. It's a great choice for comfort food or a dessert. I will most likely be by again.

Patrick Donovan

All gluten free! Great customer service. Great selection.

Suzy Frey

We just stopped here for the 1st time on our way to WA, and then on our way home. The staff is so incredibly friendly and the food is delicious! We will definitely be back.

Brian Levenhagen

To be clear, I visited this bakery because they were open at 9:30 at night, not because they are gluten free or vegan. It is possible that compared to other vegan and gluten free bakeries, this place is a gem. However, if you are not limited by dietary restrictions, avoid this place at all costs. I spent $16 plus tip on a slice of birthday cake and chocolate cream pie that is completely inedible. Dry. Flavorless. Other adjectives. Again, if you have dietary restrictions this place may be a great place to get a treat. If not, try elsewhere. Also, to the server on duty. . . I saw you accidently dump this pie upside down in the to-go container, try to surreptitiously fix it, then close the box with a sticker when you were unable, and I didn't say anything because it would still taste the same. I did not expect that tasting the same would be so bad.

Emily Anderson

Sweet little bakery shop with many delicious options. My kids loved the holiday donuts, and the cinnamon bun with cream cheese frosting was excellent.

Paul Yazzolino

We got the banana carrot zuchini mini cake and a buster bar. Both were super delicious. We also got a slice of sour cherry peach pie. My wife loved the pie. Might have to go back and try some of the other goodies.

Aaron Milano

Love their simple birthday is the best birthday cake, but I've been here a few times and there's been quite a long line.

James Seechurn

Great all-vegan selection. Breakfast sandwich and gravy with a side of mac'n'cheese was very tasty. Very good coffee and a wide selection of sweet items.

Marissa Sweeney

Delicious food but very rude staff. Seems that this business has forgotten that for vegan/gluten free in Portland you DO have a choice.

jeremy miller

Great pie and coffee!

Chris Angdahl

Our first and last time going there. Friendly staff, but deserts where horrible. Pumpkin ginger cheesecake whad no fkavor. Had an weird aftertaste. Lemon cheesecake was the same, just a hint of lemon, but not very good tasting. Pumpkin chocalate chip cupcakes had no pumpkin flavor. We spent 20 dollars, and ate 1 bite out of each, then threw it away.

Shiro-Oni fushiryuten

Absolutely my favorite gluten free bakery! The best cakes ever and it doesn't matter if you're gluten free or vegan or not, it'll blow your mind! I stop in every time I come into town. They also have a great breakfast and lunch menu too. Staff is incredibly friendly.

Jean Milano

Amazing selection of GF foods and treats! Worth the trip to Portland just for this! Definitely going back!

Kacey Cornell

In love with this place. The food is high quality and delicious. It's amazing to have such a wonderful vegan AND gluten-free option for donuts and breakfast food and the people are great.


This place is next-level for celiac wares. The best GF treats I’ve eaten, ever.

deedee ringer

Nice little vegan bakery with many tasty cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, coffee and cocktails.

Jeanne Paul

Gluten free that's actually delicious! I had a peanut butter bar that was so yummy I ate the entire thing when I intended just to taste it. It's rare to find amazing gluten free treats! Yay!!

Rachel Bussert

I cannot say enough nice things about the folks here. Everything I've ever ordered from them is delicious, the shop itself is completely adorable, and I've never met an employee there that wasn't helpful and kind. :) As someone who mostly can't do dairy, I cannot express how excited I was for their vegan cheesecake. Whether you're vegan or not, they are absolutely worth a visit!

Miki Demeter

Amazing vegan donuts.. OMG I will be back.

breen masciotra

Delicious lunch and dessert. Friendly staff. Great!

Paul Song

Great spot to satisfy your sweet tooth. I would recommend the cookie sandwich or the cupcakes. I haven’t tried their cakes but heard they’re a must!


I am absolutely in love with this place. They have the world's best vegan cake. Def will have to come back again

Samuel Lapeyre

breakfast sandwich was crazy good. cute shop overall, it was hard not to try everything.

Andrew Haefner

They were busy but the service was quick. Food was delicious and the building was very nice!

Charisse G

I love this place. A great place for a date, or take your mother. I just LOVE this place so much, beautiful and everything is perfectly delicious & scrumptious. They play 80s music on Saturday mornings too.

Phi D

Dropped in here for some dessert. Got a berry pie with a scoop of ice cream. A bit more expensive than I am used to but the pie was good (not too sweet) and it hit the spot. Service was good (heat up my pie for me) and they were super friendly. The cakes and other sweets looked tasty but we didn't have room to put anything more than the pie away. The shop is clean and has cute decorations and flowers which is nice.

Joe Hillenbrand

My kids and I enjoyed the cupcakes and they were totally delicious. My daughter and I are lactose intolerant and she loved having so many options to choose from. It was a real treat for us as a family. My wife had a raspberry pie with coconut ice cream that was also very good.

Forge Stone

Perfect pastries for peculiar people. It's always hard to find a good place for treats for people who are vegan and gluten free. This is my go to place for sweets when I'm in downtown Portland. I don't have to worry about the ingredients. I can order anything that looks good and feel confident that I no animals were killed to provide my food.

Esther Thompson

Vegan, gluten free and delicious! I'm vegan and gluten free. Portland is a great place to live if you have diet restrictions! But, at most places I usually only have a couple of choices. I can have everything in the menu here and so far anything had been absolutely delicious!!!

NgocChan Nguyen

A little disappointed with their overall selection. I found this place on Yelp and my sister was craving for sweet pastries due to pregnancy, so I looked up this place; pictures and reviews were great, seemed like a lot of things to choose from, but nope. The interior decoration was adorable though. I ordered 2 items to go, turtle cheesecake and coconut dulce. The coconut dulce had a nice hint of coconut, but too sweet for my taste. My sister also ordered some latte, and found out this place only serves vegan ingredients. So anyone who has vegan diet, this would be the place to go. Overall it is not bad, but not special either.

Michael Patti

Great selection of gluten free treats

Thomas Almeida

My son has celiac and eating out is a chore. This place was excellent ! I recommend the desert and ice cream. The ice cream was creamy and great. I also had the grilled cheese and the chili. The vegetable pot pé was also tasty. The only dish that i thought could be improvedwas the mac and cheese.


Man! Dm good eats. This is a must go. Clean, quick and fair pricing. Several options and presented on a cute plate.


The only thing I have had here is the cookie bar and I have had it three times. Every time I am so happy with my choice. I wish this place was closer to my home. It is reasonably priced for the quality and has a cute look and feel.

Samin Yasar

Good selection of desserts to choose from, a bit in the expensive side but probably worth trying if you’re in Portland.

Amir Kliner

Delicious cakes and patisseries - everything is gf (gluten free)!

Laurel T

So, I heard of Petunia's from a couple vegan friends. They raved about this vegan, gluten free bakery in downtown Portland. And in response, I silently discounted their recommendations, given that most vegan, gluten free baked goods harbor a vintage cardboard quality that I avoid as a general rule. But alas, kiddo has gone vegan, and I decided to try this place as I was passing by. This way I could decide if it was worth going out of our way for it next time we ventured out that direction. And I've gotta say, WOW! I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie sandwich (with a vanilla bean cream in the middle) and a mocha brownie. I would never have guessed either one was gluten free or vegan. The cream filling was sweet, smooth and creamy, and the brownie was perfectly rich and moist. Heck, even the cookies were moist, but in a cookie-appropriate, not cake-y way. The prices are a little high, but that's to be expected with specialty items. There is a regular food menu, too. But let's be real. I was there for the sweets. And maybe you should be, too. I'll definitely be back

Monica Hofstetter

I cannot believe I stumbled into this little slice of heaven! For all the gluten intolerance peeps out there this place is a must! The staff are very friendly and helpful, the food is absolutely wonderful! This is a must even if you do not have a GF need.

Min V

Great dessert all around. Added bonus is everything is vegan!!! CupcAkes were light and frosting was creamy

Peggy Klemp

Nice variety of delicious treats and darling little place to enjoy them.

A Romero

Big deception. Overpriced pies cookies and cupcakes. The pies taste was not that good. Specially the crust. Cupcake frost was hard to eat. Cookie... just ok but for the price, I won't think of coming back.

Robby Prochnow

Amazing food and great service

Melissa Thorpe

Good vegan and gluten free desserts. Had the Lemon Cheesecake.

Michael Goldstein

Expensive, but it's an amazing feeling to be able to walk into a dessert place and be able to order anything on the menu.

Nick Keys

Customer service was great. Everything was pretty. And the food was amazing.

Ashley Sundquist

Wow. My husband (GF) and me (vegan) were absolutely spellbound by their salted caramel bar topped with vanilla bean ice cream. Petunia's is definitely among the best desserts either of us have ever had! There are so many options at their lovely little countertop and it was fun to figure out which to order. Honestly, I considered buying new pants just so I could keep trying every little morsel there forever and ever and ever. We were just visiting Portland for a few days, but I so wished I could take Petunia's Pies & Pastries home with us! Pro Tips: - They SHIP. I'll be calling them next time we have a big party! - Definitely read about how the store came to be and the owner's inspiration behind touching!

Matthew Eckl

Excellent chili, and the best cornbread I think I've ever eaten.

space cadet

The service was a little strange, the space is too crowded with furniture to maneuver, they serve you cake at the table but don’t bring you a fork which you must wade through an obstacle course of chairs to reach. The samoa cake, though, was good enough to try the pace again.

Santosh Dulam

With friends, we have bought and tried 4 different kind of pastries & other on a Friday night. They are too sweet and dry and so appetizing after a bite.

Danielle Carvalho

All Gluten free and it looks like something out of Willy Wonka. I took my son there for his birthday as he is celiac and we enjoyed our meal tremendously!

Rich Mills

Too sweet, they could reduce the sugar a bit. Cute little place. The espresso was great.

John Adkison

If it wasn't for the great food and that it's extremely difficult to find another place to get food like what they have, I would not recommend this place due to the poor service.

James JC Hinsley

Wow! An all Vegan and Gluten Free Bakery?! How is that possible with the amazing breakfast and delicious cakes that are moist and exploding with flavour. Coffee was good and the service was great. Breakfast sandwich was the best. Simple and delicious (Not pictured) The man at the counter was super friendly and attentive to us and all other guests. The cocktails looked delicious as well. Highly recommend to everyone, vegan or not.

DeeDee Ringer

Great vegan bakery

Amy Homer

This was my first time at Petunia's. There are so many delicious dessert and pastry options, and a nice savoury menu as well! It's so great to grab a quick bite or a treat and not have to worry about gluten or dairy. They do label all their items with other allergens (nuts, soy, etc) in their display box, which is great too. And, of course, what I had was quite delish! I also grabbed a slice if double chocolate cream pie to go which was great :)

Todd Mowen

Soooo Goooood! I was in Portland for 4 days and found Petunia's the second day and each additional day. I had their mac and cheese which was great and many of their different pastries. It was wonderful to find a great bakery that was all gluten free. I highly recommend them!

Ronnie Taylor

Petunia’s has an assortment of vegan and gluten-free baked goods. The bakery space is airy and elegant with lots of natural light. I had a slice of cake with cheesecake filling, and it was divine. I also had a cookie bar for later. 5/5 stars - I’ll come back. ☺️


Their coffee cake was better than Back To Eden but not as good as Gluten Free Gem. The best by far is New Cascadia

Evan Horback

Gluten free is a blessing and curse. Not everything is as good as it looks. But still, nice vegan option.

Missy Villa

I’m so bummed I didn’t take any photos of our cupcakes, but they were SO good!! I’m allergic to wheat and eggs, so I don’t get cupcakes very often. And when I do, they’re usually “meh”. This place is phenomenal!! The best vegan, GF desserts I’ve ever had.

M Yo

Yummmm. Strawberry champagne cake slice was delish. Cute space too: petite yet airy.

Alina M.

I absolutely love how pink and cute this place is inside. We came in less than an hour before closing time so there wasn't much of a variety left but there were still a few pies to choose from. We opted for the Strawberry Rhubarb which I thought to be a great combo of sweet and sour (though it's more on the sour side so if you're not into that, I recommend getting something else). It's such a nice environment and I would imagine that it's a lot of fun for brunch. I found it pretty interesting that they serve alcohol here too because I definitely would not have expected that coming in. They have really pretty picturesque cocktails if you're so inclined.

Nick Keaty

Food was great. Experience, on the other hand, was hard. I was taken by surprise, and embarrassment when my legal name (the name on my credit card) was called out very loudly when my food was ready. As a trans/non-binary person I do not use my legal name, but rather my preferred name, Nick. I felt very exposed and violated when I heard my legal name called multiple times. I suggest asking customers their names, rather than using the one you read on a card as this will make it a more LGBTQ+ friendly environment.

Arista Lovewell

Oh my what to say!!! First off if you are Vegan you must give them a try!! They were amazing to talk to and very helpful! We ordered a pie and it was TDF!!! Oh my it was amazing!! I'm excited to order my daughters birthday cake and give another review!!

Lindsay Stafford

Such a quaint little place right in downtown. Beautiful church stained glasses windows across the street to look at and the decor inside is so springy and adorable. The menu isn’t overwhelming but offers vegan&gluten free comfort food. I had the pot pie with salad (the dressing is delicious) and chili. My son got the Mac and cheese which he didn’t like, but I thought it was good- he is going to try the grilled cheese next time. Loose leaf tea is served in a little tea pot and they have an array of flavors. The pastries were killer! We got the sugar cookie, double chocolate cupcake and lemon poppyseed blackberry cupcake (omg! Get this!!) The only thing I was disappointed in was the cherry/raspberry pie I got. The filling was good but the crust was too thick and didn’t have much taste besides sugar. I had a bite of the cinnamon roll and it was good. My partner isn’t huge on vegan food yet but he liked the pot pie. The staff was nice. Our experience was great and we will be back.

Genevieve Judge

This place is super cute inside. Cool they have wine and drinks as well as coffee. I'm sure that would be a plus for parents. We just got a slice of pie and a cookie to go. Both were just okay. The pie filling was good, but the crust and topping seemed like pure brown sugar. The cookie was soft but kind of tasteless. Maybe it's just what we ordered, but I wasn't impressed.

Amanda Alvarado

Delicious Vegan Food, friendly staff and awesome cocktails. Great for a snack, a date with friends or great desserts!!

Shalandra Vogt

It had great friendly service and gluten free cupcakes and hot cocoa.

Giora Meyerowitz

Great food, all vegan & gluten free. A bit pricey, but that's to be expected around here.

Becky Jo Baker

Mocha cake was so good!! A must to stop by if u want a good dessert, very good selection!!

Seth T

I am in disbelief, this place is all vegan and their stuff is incredible!!! We just stopped in and got a few deserts but I was in awe at how delicious they were. I wish I had another excuse to buy deserts here. I'm sure I will be back for more and I cannot reccommend this place enough. Come try some of these and just try to tell anyone they are not as good or better than the non vegan counterparts. Awesome place!

Niladri Banerjee

Beautiful little place. Great brownies and cakes.

Leili Hendrickson

Delicious Gluten free and vegan treats. I’ve yet to try anything other than the donuts and cookie sandwiches. I’d love to try their breakfast one day. Edit: I came for breakfast and had biscuits & gravy AND the waffles with whipped cream & fruit compote. They were both amazing. I went home with a to go order of the sticky buns and that may be my new favorite. I also snuck a bite of my sister’s cake and it was so delicious, I was jealous I didn’t get it also. Everything here is amazing.

Monica Kvas

I have been eating gf for over 15 years and this is by far the most elegant and delectable pastry shop I have ever been to! The selection is out of this world and the desserts are not only beautifully made but absolutely delicious! I wish I could take this shop back with me to Victoria, Canada where I live! Will be returning on every trip back to Portland ! Thank you Petunia's!

Nate Kirsch

Quaint joint for desserts, even if you don't need to eat gluten free/vegan. Just be aware that the cupcakes are not as moist as you everyday cupcake!

Sarah Carr

There's really no reason to tell your friends this is a GF/vegan bakery. Everything is so delicious, the textures SO perfect, that they'll never know! The breakfast sandwich was so good that I came back every morning of our visit (4 days) to get it. The cake was light and moist-- a rare combination in a GF & vegan baked good. The prices are also good. Most treats are $3.99. In a Boston, Philadelphia, or Seattle GF & V bakery, they would be over $5 each.

Matthew Anvik

If you are vegan and on the west side over the river you must go here. I would have ordered every pastry in the case if we had time or did not eat anything else. The Mac and cheese was stellar, soup of the day was on point. It is rare to have a wonderful selection of pastries that are vegan and all so good as well. You would never know it though so highly recommend everyone stop by for a treat.

Ken Barclay

I love this place. Best vegan pastries in Portland. Just had a delicious biscuits and gravy for my birthday...very satisfying.

Paul Bergman

Delicious peach and cherry pie.

Kelly Kinzer

Awesome Gluten free and Vegan bakery. I bet you could serve to non GF and vegan people and they wouldn’t know and would think it was delicious!!

Michelle Danner

Their food is amazing. I didn't even realize it was gluten free. Wow!

Jonathan Gomez

Like heaven if you are gluten free and vegan. Tried there baked goods, ice cream, and coffee. I recommend the cheesecake.

Dominik Sacher

Nice cafe with homemade pies cakes cookies and so on. All vegan, all perfect. Breakfast available.

Amy Walton

Took my family of 5 there, we all had something different from their bakery. Our thoughts - Meh. Overpriced and not any more impressive than grocery store pies, cakes, or cookies.

Toni Floyd

Delicious breakfast scramble and brownies. Everything 100% gluten free.

Karla Morton

The best vegan bakery I've been to.


I just ate a coconut passionberry cupcake, and it was probably the best cupcake/cake I've ever had, hands down. I mean wow. Not exaggerating at all, it was incredible. Super moist cake, and the passionfruit buttercream was tart and delicious. I will be ordering these for my birthday.

Alexandra Mann

Amazing amazing amazing gf and vegan options. Couldn’t believe this cake of the day they had! It was perfectly moist and I at first was worried it actually had gluten or milk in it - it was that delicious! A go to if you’re gf or vegan in Portland.

Julie Ward

Totally gluten-free and vegan! Friendly & helpful staff, super clean with cute decor, delicious food & treats! Definitely will be back. Yumm-O!!

LL pierce

Not sure about this place, I’ve never had food as disgusting but the breakfast muffin we had? Disgusting. Tasted like sand and flavor essence. Many other ways to make vegan food, but that ain’t it chief. Yuck.

Samantha Boulden

Delicious. Had the peanut butter bomb cake. Peanut butter filling and frosting was definitely the best part. Could tell the cake was gluten free but still tasted good just more dense than a gluten equivalent.

Cheyenne La Vallee

I really enjoyed my visit here. The counter person was really friendly and attentive. I got an espresso and a breakfast sandwich. I'm not vegan but dairy free and gluten free. This sandwich was delicious! I was craving eggs and a little hesitant but the tofu egg really satisfied that craving. I wish I lived here! I'd come back often. I highly recommend.

paul snyder

Always an amazing experience. Must try the Brulee banana split!

Genesis Hoyt

Amazing to find truly delicious gluten and dairy free food that my family can eat!

Clara Edvi

The absolute BEST vegan & gluten free bakery I’ve EVER been to!!!! Ordered a few different treats and everything was amazing!!! Friendly staff and a super cute shop. A must go to while in Portland even if you’re not vegan or GF.

Rebecca Fox

Delicious and 100% gluten free/vegan. A little pricey but it’s all worth it. The pies are a personal favorite, and a great treat for college students with specialized diets.

Levi Beavani

A great cute little bakery, perfect for your dietary restrictions

Dominic Ricchetti

Caramel apple gluten free pie was great. Vegan cheesecakes are tofu based.

Kimberley Moenich

The salted caramel bar is a MUST! They have homemade cookie dough that you can add to your ice cream! We got the pumpkin gingerbread and it was amazing! Loved this place!

Steven Hauptmann

This place is amazing

yaron kasavi

Yum yum yum Can't believe this place is vegan. Came over looking for veggie options and was surprised it was all veggie and more! It had the chilli bowl and it was one of the best I eaten.

Ryan Bass

Tasty dairy/gluten free options, but it’s frustrating that you have to call 5 days in advance to order a whole cake. I missed that window and came in day of, feeling lucky to find a the cake I wanted in the display. But then I was told I couldn’t buy the whole thing...I was allowed to purchase half of the cake in six pieces.

Elise Gibson

This bakery is amazing. There are so many options for gfv cuisine, and everything has additional allergen labels. The employees are incredibly nice, too!

Paul Van Sickle

Amazing gluten-free pastries, cupcakes and even donuts! I am so lucky to live in the same city Petunias calls home.

Helena Lucia

Petunia's provides yet another amazing option for gluten-free and/or vegan people. It has a cute little 50's dinner style and the mouth-watering desserts line the window. They serve lunch and dinner and cocktails.

S. West

Excellent Food; I couldn't believe that it's dairy free! The service and ambiance is always great. I stop here whenever I'm in Portland.

George Churchill

We only ate here once, unfortunately, but the food was amazing and the staff friendly and welcoming. Everything is vegan and everything is gluten free!

Laura Mahan

Not good! I had turtle cheesecake and I couldn't eat the crust, my daughter had a lemon cheesecake that was so sour it was inedible and we had a lemonade that was tolerable after we diluted it with water. The girl that served us stopped to change the trash and then went back and served more pie (touching it with her fingers to put on plate) without washing her hands. When I reminded her she became very angry. Please be cautious about eating here, they have 5 violations with the food inspectors.

Chris Spurlock

We chose this place because of the vegan options. We got the biscuits and gravy and the breakfast sandwich. They also had a bunch of baked goods but we didn't get a chance to try and of those. Would definitely recommend the biscuits and gravy, it was very good and a barely noticed it was vegan. Sausage breakfast sandwich was a little try, but the flavor was good.

Jonathan Rogers

Don't be afraid of the gluten free and vegan. They do some of the best cake in Portland.

Jay Combs

Excellent small collection of great pies cakes and pastries. The service is satisfactory but this place is not for the budget conscious. A piece of pie and a cup of coffee will set you back $10.

Steven Brewster

We definitely tried a few offerings. They were all good.

Eric Tygenhof

Breakfast items are excellent and is definitely easy to over order since everything sounds so good. The pastry case is ridiculously loaded with incredible vegan sweets from cookies to cakes.

Darshini Mehta

The cup cakes were way to sweet and the peach pie was over done

Benji Kauth

As good as pastry and cake gets.

Matty McCaslin

I went in on a semi- busy morning. Everyone seemed to be waiting on orders though. I perused the baked goods, decided what I wanted. I was ready to order along with some coffee... I was standing there for 6 minutes (3 of them directly in front of the ORDER HERE sign.) No one, and I mean none of the 4 employees even said hello or acknowledged that I was there. They had a sign indicating that cash was preferred, so I grabbed cash from my pocket. It was clear i was ready to order. But no. No one stepped up. So I walked out. I know you were busy, but at least dreet people and let them know you'll be right with them.

Elizabeth Duncan

Very Cute pastry Shop... We had the Black and White Cake which was Devine. And the Cherry Raspberry pie... Paired with a full glass of almond milk made this a satisfying no guilt dessert... The community bathroom was pleasantly Clean..

Becky Jesse

Petunia's is one of the few places I can go with my kids and tell them to order anything on the menu and not have to worry about getting "glutened". The food is amazing and the portion sizes are great!

Eric Boothe

$4 cupcake had an incredibly dry sponge. Very disappointing. Cute decor and friendly staff.

Kamala Melzack

What a treat for a gluten free, plant based shop. I had the Turtle Cheesecake and it was delicious, not too sweet for the cheesecake, but a little sweet for the base. So many options, I wish I could have tried them all.

Pamela Riahi

Delicious vegan pastries, short but good tea selection. Food menu looks quite appealing and has a couple healthy options, but I haven't eaten there yet. Definitely not a low carb-friendly place, but worth stopping by for a sweet treat.


Yummy treats and nice atmosphere! A good date night!

Lesa Miller

This place serves divine vegan desserts!! I can’t express enough how much I loved their selection when visiting there!

Andrew Villa

Wow. This place is amazing. I had a slice of the Chocolate mint cake. It was a bit pricey but it was a massive slice. Definitely leave room for this.

Dani Gutierrez

Gluten free & vegan; I almost cried when I had so many options!

Andrea Banks

Totally made myself sock off of this place. Cant wait til the weekend so i can try there GF/V donuts #glutenfreedoesnthavetosuck

Darcy&Kyla Schonek

Truly a treasure, how have you not experience this place??? one of the best palaces to ear in downtown!!

Stephanie Sackos

I love the atmosphere, food, and desserts. The service is friendly, too. I live in Vancouver and wish I could live closer to eat here more often!

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