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REVIEWS OF Pearl Bakery IN Oregon

Bethany Amsler

Got an amazing sandwich here, Apple, Arugala, Walnut and Cheddar, yuuuumm... Great service, cute atmosphere

Jim Blandy

I had a gibassier, and it was amazing. Fluffy with just a light touch of anise. They also sell at Portland's Saturday and Wednesday farmers markets.

Maulsri Jha

Cute bakery with a vast selection of scrumptious pastries, artisanal breads and cakes. The coffee and tea are good as well. The place always smells awesome as you walk by it. I had the seeded kaiser rolls and the chocolate panini along with the medium roast coffee and everything was delish. Jam and butter are kept on the counter top and you can help yourself to as much as you like. Overall, the vibe is very chill and cosy and I think I am going to be a regular here from now on.

Mary Lohnes

Consistently delicious. Good service.

George Leyva

Mediocre bread, coffee, pastries and service. Cherry on top? Overpriced. Will not return. If you like quality, go elsewhere.

Josh Winicki

Quality food, nice ambiance, a little spendy.

Sonia C

awesome tasty French pastry. love their matches latte.

Kelly Kenoyer

No wifi, but great coffee and excellent sandwiches for a fair price. You can get a good sized half sandwich for $4-$5.

Matthew Schmaltz

They don't heat up anything, or even offer you the option. Had a cold ham filled croissant.. If you could call it filled... Barely anything inside of this "breakfast" pastry. I understand that a microwave can dry some things out, but let me tell you, this cold croissant could not have been any more dry and hard to swallow. Put a microwave in you coffee area, even the lame bakery giant panera does this. Stop dictating the temperature that I like my breakfast at because some ignorant sense of preserving your "quality"

Elissa Benjamin

Delicious! Good service, and great baked goods. The sandwiches are very tasty (loved the focaccia for the Pearl sandwich, and the baguette for the Cubano). I liked the pain au raisin, though it could use pastry cream. The gibassier was light and really well spiced, not overwhelming on the anise or candied orange. The lemon almond bundt was amazing! The chocolate chip cookie was really satisfying - loved the pecans in there!


Try their croissants and any type of bread. I promise, you will return to this place. Just try to come early in the morning (before 9-30am)

Doug Gross

Cozy atmosphere, very relaxed. Great coffer.

Ollie Caron-Noble

Amazing sandwiches, bread and pastry! Also kind of incredible that a literal building is being constructed across the street but none of the construction noise leaks in? Great spot for lunch or studying :)

Gavin Lees

The best macarons are found here - you might think vanilla is boring until you try theirs. Beautiful pastries and a fine selection of teas, too.

Ana Cita

Horrible service. They forgot my boyfriends order and were super rude. Food is good but the selection is very limited.

Andrew Rzepka

Nice place. The morning I got there though, no sandwiches!?

Kalli M

This is my bread...if I lived closer I would weigh 1000 pounds. Staff is efficient and friendly even when busy. Have not had any food item I would not get again!

Stuart Wainstock

The smells from the street are what brought me in. The food didn't let me down either. There was a variety of fresh baked breads, as well as sandwiches and deserts. If you are in the area, Pearl Bakery is top notch.

Dennis Puetz

Love it, great bakery, where I had first date with my wife

daniel shoshan

Everything is so goooood! And they are also so nice! Love this place..

Prosenjit Sinha

I tried wall nut bread, olive bread and many other type of bread it was just excellent. I ordered breakfast croissant with egg bacon avacado but unfortunately they where not having enough croissant so i have to go with ciabatta but i liked it. I have to go again to eat there croissant. But did i tell you they have some good coffees too.

Fred Rosa

A nice bakery and sandwich shop

Rick Petri

Really good baked goods and the breakfast sandwich was good but overpriced for what it is. Good coffee but slow table service.

Vi Swiftcloud

Love the golden fire tea


Gotta love the ham croissant

Isa Vitalis

Pasteries are Divine. My Love for Chocolate was delisciously fulfilled!

Tim McGarry

I love Pearl Bakery. They don't put nasty disgusting tomatoes on their pre made sandwiches and that's all I ever ask in a pre made sandwich.

Kayla Van Riper

I had to order some cookies for a work event. Everyone I interacted with at this bakery was incredibly kind and helpful. Oh yeah, and the cookies were a major hit! Thank you so much!!

Luis Estevam

A must have if you like bakery

Veronica Baldwin

There's an old school feel to this place. Amazing bread and tasty sandwiches. The prices are higher than average but what you are getting is fresh and good quality

Elliot Lisac

Heavenly breads and great cookies. Everything is super fresh and expertly executed. They've got a limited selection of premade sandwiches and deserts as well. You really can't go wrong with anything you pick up here.

Glenna Rhodes

Sometimes I bike or bus over from the eastside just to have their croissant - well worth it! They also make a tasty mocha. I was disappointed in their split pea soup. Under cooked and bland. I'm sticking to the croissant!

Tracey G.

Frustrating. This place is consistently out of lunch items before 11:30am. You would think that they would catch on and make more but I guess they would rather turn customers away. I am sick of making the trip down there and won't be going there anymore. There are other bakeries in town that are better run and whose breads are just as good.

JongYoon Jun

Great sandwiches

Jason Ross

The challah is amazing and cookies are good but the pastries are pretty bad, especially the croissants which are not crispy at all. That and everything feeling overpriced for what it is dragged my rating down to 3. I'm happy to pay $4.50 for croissant but it's gotta be good! I came at 9am on a Friday, was that not a good time to get a relatively fresh one?

Emily Ling

YES to the bread. Could be more impressed on the pastry side (tempting me to stop in more for a sweet treat), but I can’t resist the bread! UPDATE: breakfast sandwiches are fantastic! Thick crispy bacon, egg, arugula, and avocado

Ans van Gent

Nice place, goid coffee, mediocre biscotti.

John Conway

I chose to break my diet with a croissant. I yearned for an amazing croissant with butter and jam. Pearl Bakery is my choice. Consistently amazing breads and pastries. I went in, asked for the croissant. The gentleman dropped the croissant on the plate and asked if I'd like coffee."No thanks don't drink it." Then I presented my card. The iPad was switched my way where I was asked what percentage of a tip I wanted to add to this transaction. I remember "15" and "20" being options. For many years, I was a server. Fifteen and twenty percent seemed appropriate. I dealt with the table for quite a while. In this context, I gathered my own food, bussed my plate and cleaned the table afterwards. Id've paid for jam and butter. Love your products, Pearl Bakery, don't love your tip policy.


Good pastries, good bread, nice spot

Roch Naleway

Stopped by this morning at 6:25am. First customer of the day. Nice and fresh baked items in the display case. The smell of pastries, rolls, and bread lies in the air. Ordered a nice roll & coffee. This is a friendly place to stop by, gently wake up, and start the day. It's not too busy early in the morning. It gives you space and warmth to power up all your systems.

Lisa Hamilton

Great bread, cookies, scones, coffee, sandwiches. You just can't go wrong here. And if it is a sunny day, sit out front along the side walk.

Emery Olson

I love this place! Their almond croissants are worth crossing the city for, but they do sell out often. They are also at the Saturday market on the PSU campus and I've had many a delicious pastry from them. They are quick to recommend alternatives if your favourite is out of stock, too.

Shawn Denley

The pastries are great the coffee is not my favorite. Good atmosphere great employees.


If you're visiting, start of your day at this bakery cannot go wrong with its wonderful coffee, sandwiches, and pastries. Just don't expect to be able to order breakfast too late in the morning because they are most than likely to be sold out already.

Chris Stone

Great and popular local bakery. My only problem is the hours. Why can't Portland's bakeries stay open later? However, the baked goods are well made. Make sure to come early so you can have your pick of baked goods.

Marn-Yee Lee

Fantastic breads - many kinds to choose from. Awesome lunch sandwiches to pack for picnicking. Great prices for the quality and location.

Shivon Van Allen

Best bakery in Portland! Prices are very reasonable considering the quality of ingredients and artisan offerings. If you spend $20, you receive a complimentary loaf of fresh baked bread with your order!

Nolan Morris

Super nice staff and great bread, Oprah would approve. As I write this I'm eating a turkey pesto sandwich and it isn't disappointing!

Andrew Nelson

Pretty good bakery downtown, but not as great as others. I like their selection and wild yeast offerings, and they use the slightly less common Batdorf & Bronson roasts. Their prices aren't as competitive to other bakers just blocks away, and I don't like that ordering coffee defaults to a paper cup that I can't refill for free.

Donna Milrany

Enduring among top six PDX bakeries, low-key and excellent coffee, breads, pastries.

Kendra Marzec

Amazing bakery. Always fresh!

Danny Archer

Really nice people, most people can be real jerks !! I found these people to be very kind, considerate, and just really nice people with good value's ?!

Alaska Thayer

Always delicious

Irene Harrington

Wonderful pastries and excellent coffee. We're weekly visitors.

George Cranshaw

Great sandwich and baked goods. Cinnamon crown was fantastic.

benedetta sarno

I had a small individual pie and coffee, and it was amazingly rich and delicious without being heavy! So good!

Thad Hughes

Great mocha. Gibassier (pastry with essence of orange and anise) and berry pastry were awesome!!!

Jody Hurley

Selection was okay not wasn't impressed with what we got.

Damon Kupper

One if the best in America

carlos sanchez

Mediocre croissant, OK coffee and terribly rude service. Do yourself a favor and go to St. Honoré Bakery in Broadway instead.

Michael Mathison

The best pastries and breads in the city. I will walk over broken glass to get to their pain au raisin. I've had a lot of pastry in my life--a lot--Pearl is still my favorite.

Paul Roach

Notable Portland bakery. Can be busy - high quality bread and pastries.

Patrick Kennedy

The subtlety of the flavors here really stands out to me. Even items that sound candy sweet (e.g. Vanilla Raspberry) were -just- sweet enough and no more.

Adam Mamrak

Ginger cookies. Ginger. Cookies.

Glenn Traeger

Very good food and service. I'll be back.

brian king

I ordered the roast beef for $4. Very poor value to food ratio. It was small with one meager slice of thin roast beef, a few pieces of greens, and a tiny piece of cheese. No dressings or other flavors. I would not return. This is a nice place with good atmosphere and quality ingredients. The weak sandwich and poor value is the reason I'd not return.

Melissa K

I hesitate to share my favorite bakery where if I don't get there early enough, I run the risk of their being sold out of my favorites. However you deserve to know! I've been coming here regularly for nearly 8 years. My absolute favorite almond croissant or ham & gruyere croissant is here. Made the traditional French way, every flakey layer is melt in your mouth goodness. Another of my favorites is the pistachio shortbread--and I normally dislike shortbread. Over the years I've tried various breads, cookies, sandwiches, and teas and all have been quite good. There's often a kind man selling Street Roots outside so you can grab a good read while you enjoy your treats.

Geneva Perez

Warm baguette. Courteous staff.

Susi Lantz

Good coffee and pastries, not a lot of tables unfortunately.

Stephanie Scott

Great pastries, OK teas. Go for coffee instead :)

Daisy Rucker

Pearl has been a great place to pick up coffee in the past. However in the last few months, the atmosphere has degraded, the employees look like they hate their lives, and are short with customers. Food and drink is good, but due to the customer service i wont be going as frequently.

Jordan Malokofsky

Nice selection of delicious pastries and other breads. Also serve a variety of herbal teas. My wife and I both enjoyed our selections for breakfast.

Leandrea Brou

I traveled from Seattle to Portland with my family today and I saw that this bakery had croissants so I decided to try this place out. The chocolate and the pain croissant were very delicious and very crispy! Just like the ones from Paris ☺️ I will definitely return here when I go back to Portland!

John Tallent

Quaint bakery with small selection. Good product at an average price.

Robert Murphey

Easily some of the best baked goods you'll ever eat and the cheapest 16oz. locally roasted drip coffee you'll find around town. Food and Wine magazine put them in their top ten bakeries in the country!

Rabid Raccoon

Dry pastries with almost no flake. Almost the toughness of a bread with none of the moist layered butter inside and no crack of the crust

Alisa Mutlu

Love their almond/vanilla cake. The almond croissants are the best!

Linda Grigorik

Another great bakery to check out in Portland. The ham and cheese croissant is very fresh and tasty! If you like fig then you definitely want to give the fig cookie a try!

christopher blair

If your looking for bakeries this is one of my favs chocolate croissant is to die for.

Barry Wainstock

Your typical Portland bakery. They've got all sorts of freshly baked loaves waiting for you to devour. Around lunch time they've got prepared sandwiches. Coffee and a croissant is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

Jack Harvey

Efficient service, great food.

Kris Ho

Nice place. We went on a Monday at 945am and it wasn't crowded at all. Ordered yhe avocado bacon breakfast sandwich which was really excellent. Wish their croissants were bigger though. $11 is a little steep for a small sando. We ordered a mocha and cheese danish. Both were very good. Would visit here again.

Jordan Hueseman

The standard breakfast sandwich was fantastic, a great way to start the day as it was raining outside while we explored Portland

Jim Luce

Best PBJ in town and wonderful dark roast coffee. Free parking! And Powell's Books is only one block away.

Sadna Kassan

Very cute and cozy bakery/cafe. I didn't try the baked goods but they looked delish and the soy latte I had was well prepared. Staff is friendly.

Joseph Ady

All the girls that work here are as sweet as the pastries.

Jose Maria Leon

Best coffee ever

Kathleen Anson

I have only had their breads, but everything from their simple baguettes, to their wonderful olive ciabatta is lovely. Just try to walk by this place, and not be drawn in by the smell!

justin comfort

I love that the products are made fresh and local! The baked goods are second to none! Great atmosphere, great location, easy parking, awesome customer service. I love that they stay true to the portland spirit without being overly pretentious. This spot is great for a quick date or a meetup with a colleague.

Jeffrey Roller

Pretty tasty... Needs wifi though

Miranda Ririe

Pearl Bakery is a hidden gem in an otherwise busy and highly touristy area of Portland (ie: behind Powells). This place is a full-on working bakery with amazing goodies/pastries/bread/sandwiches offered, plus delicious lattes. Very Parisian.

Trenton Erker

They this olive bread that is out of this world

Jen Bloom

Stopped here for breakfast on our first day in town. I got the ham and gruyere croissant and my mom got a cinnamon crown. Both were delicious! The view from the order line is the kitchen where you can see them making all of the breads and pastries fresh. Looking forward to going back before we leave.

Mark Stumbris

Location is fantastic, coffee and baked goods as well!

Jodi Webster

The golden fire hot tea is amazing there! And the staff is very friendly too! Great place for breakfast and lunch.

Kenyan Simmons

Very fresh good bakery

Chuck Rush

Food was good but dark haired guy who waited on us was unfriendly. Seemed annoyed and bothered that we were there. If he worked for me he would be looking fir another job.

Eric Suter

This was my go-to place when I worked downtown I frequented about every morning. My go-to was a coffee and a cina-crown (not 100% if that's the correct name) but they are amazing buttery, flaky and something worth going there for. This place is a great way to start a good day.

Nicole Pyles

This probably isn't the best lunch place and if you have a gluten allergy, this is definitely not a bakery for you. They MAY have gluten free options, they just don't seem to announce it. However, they do have excellent coffee, so if you are walking past and need a jolt of caffeine (yet, don't want to head to the nearest Starbucks chain), walk into Pearl Bakery and order there. They order all day dark roast and I've never had a bad cup of coffee with them. (On a side note, they do have excellent pastries, but I just can't have any of them because of my allergy!)

Can Inci

Centrally located, cool and comfortable coffee shop. They have a lot of different desserts. I had the gibassier and I had an espresso. The pastry was very good, the espresso felt a bit too bitter. If you are in the area, worth to stop by.

sushi oconnor

Fairly typical Pearl coffeeshop, but with great crossaint sandwhiches. Had coffee with friend and got two breakfast sandwhiches. The line was 10 people deep when I arrived at 0830AM and slowly got shorter over the next two hours. We actually managed to get a two top, but there is a large window facing coffee bar. Coffee seems high quality (but I usually like most things) and breakfast sandwiches were very good. A little on the pricey side but not expensive considering you are right in the Pearl District.

Julie Klein

Excellent coffee. Pastry delicious! Prompt, friendly service.

Virginia Smith

Staff member seemed put out because we ordered decaf. Said we would have to wait because he had none made. When it was served it was unusually weak. We were told it was because it was brewed as a pour over.

Nathan Dailey

Paid $11.00 for the saddest tuna melt I’ve ever had. They are always out of most things and are over priced. Not impressed.

H Tran

Good bread.

Samuel Haffey

Good spot for a coffee and a little work

Mee Cha

Nicely staffed, great breakfast croissants, and complementary loaf of bread with a $20 purchase! Came on a Saturday morning and there was no line, had a good amount of seating, and plenty of options from the menu available.

J Kenney

Had a lot of tasty pastries and a very laid-back give to it. Some of the pastries were a little pricey for the size, but they didn't disappoint in the flavor department!

Hi Ny

Walking around middle of the afternoon, stopped by for a sandwich and coffee before boarding the train. Ordered 3 sandwiches, 2 coffees and a diet coke. Server told me since my bill was over $20 we could choose a loaf of bread..... ( this is an important fact as it resulted in me not giving a 5 stars!)...we'll come to the reason in nanoseconds! Sandwiches were great, we did threthey were delivered to the table, but the coffee was 'announced' so we could get up and get it? Odd? Okay maybe a little.... but back to the free loaf of bread... we chose a nice baguette.... it remained wrapped in its bag till we made it back hone to Seattle... I took it out was so so so looking forward to an end piece slathered in butter.... I took one bite, and had to put it was ROCK HARD! so I tried a piece on the middle... hey I live alone it's okay.... the inside portion was fine, great texture but the crust...same damn thing... like a rock! So now it sits on the side....until.i can figure out something to do with it....

Ilya Grigorik

Try the Gibassier! It's a brioche with anise and orange zest - unique and so tasty!

Andy Wu

Love everything they offer. The chocolate cookie is like no other, delectable big chunk of chocolate and fragrant pecans

Alan Card

Very great establishment with great owners. Recommend this place highly. Will be going this summer and add more photos!

Andrew Rhodes

I've searched high and low, far and wide... and Pearl Bakery has the best chocolate chip cookies in all of Portland. Not to mention delicious sandwiches, breads, and pastries. Quiet, cozy ambiance, my girlfriend and I once spent a lovely rainy morning here writing postcards before dashing up the street to get lost in the stacks at Powell's. A perfect Portland day. If you only have a day in Portland, promise me you'll come to Pearl Bakery.

Bob Zambarano

Coffee, cinnamon crown. Sublime.

Matthew Gast

Reviews don't lie. This is one of the best bakeries in the country.

André Martinez

My number two spot for baked goods in Portland. This bakery has a cafe feel and it can get a bit noisy. Selection of baked goods is impressive and they have the best shortbread cookies. Paid street parking is typical Pearl — available if you can find some. Great place to check out if you want to see what Portland used to be like before all the new modern condos and yuppie shops in the area – I highly recommend.

Adrian Dalca

Excellent pastry and coffee!

Sara Bernson

Outrageously delicious!!! best mocha I’ve had in my life?! Staff is great!!!!

Stephen Flanagan

Ambient morning jazz, regulars, short walk from downtown that's well worth the effort for artisan breads & a latte

Paul Sposato

Ugh - hold me back. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g is fabulous.

David Langsner


Suzi Boyle, NMLS #37810

Great quick lunches in the Pearl

Erik Normansen

One of the best bakeries in town, with a wide selection of pastries, desserts, and all kinds of bread. They make great sandwiches and other lunches.

Jessica Reaves

The pasteries!!!

Kimberly Johnson

Decent pastries and nice tea selection. Cappuccino wasn't quite what I expected (available in 3 sizes?)

Todd Rom

This place has the BEST bread in Portland. Amazing and highly recommended.

Carl from Chicago

Fantastic pastries and baked goods. Great place to people watch.

Karen Knauerhase

Still, always my favorite!

Kyle M

Love the Gibassies! Get them before they're sold out! They usually sell out every day :(

T Grange

Most of the time I visit this bakery for lunch, they haven't made enough sandwiches to last through the lunch hour and have very limited selection. This bakery is great for grabbing a quick pastry, but not a very good option for lunch.

Noel Blake

Delicious French bread, sourdough loaves, focaccia and old world (not too sweet) pastries. The Gibassier is an elegant bun with brioche dough, anise and orange peel with sugar sprinkled on top. Tasty sanwiches and good coffee, too. Tranquil tiled interior is a respite from the downtown / Pearl hurly-burly.

Shane Lillie

The breads and pastries here are AMAZING, but if you're wanting to get some coffee with it, be prepared for a wait.

Zulay Perez de tudela

Delicious sandwiches, pastries, etc.. with an amazing service (describing you how fresh the ingredients and food are) Capuchino and mocha are excelent!

Mark Druffel

The egg sandwich with avocado is amazing. The cresant it comes on is so flaky and delicious.

Aaron C

The ginger cookies are delicious! Wish I was hungry enough to try the sandwiches. They look amazing.

Joshua Keihl

Great location, though the parking around it sucks. Some pretty tasty treats.

Robert Lowe

Some of the best coffee ☕ around.

Lauren Grey

I wasn't blown away by this bakery, but it had a pleasant atmosphere and knowledgable workers. You could see them making the bread and it seemed to be a popular spot among locals. I went with a classic ham and cheese croissant and it was pretty good, very flaky.


Super friendly and knowledgeable guy working the counter. Haven't tried bread yet, but it looks and smells great.

Alex Banks-Watson

Excellent bread. Lasted well and super tasty. Also enjoyed a ham and cheese croissant. This place is the real deal.

morris yuen

Comes here regularly to send wife off to bolt bus. Highly recommend their Gibassier with a cup of joe.

Jonathan Chicas

The most delicious grilled cheese i have ever had was here at the Pearl Bakery. The employees were kind and curtious. I recommend visiting this great establishment.

Gabriel Pascuzzi

Great family run business with fantastic bread and pastries, not only do I personally go here, but my business Stacked Sandwich Shoo uses their bread too!

Heather Skeehan

This bakery just off the Park Blocks has some of the best bread in NW Portland. The coffee is also spectacular.

Alan Bates

Really enjoyed. Great coffee

matthew utting

Great food and great service

Karen Rhein

Superb food

Charlene Forslund

Warm, bright, inviting space. Great espresso/coffee offerings. Beautiful and delicious baked goods and food!

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