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REVIEWS OF Noisette Pastry Kitchen IN Oregon

Kristi Cramer

Just popped in for some tea. Ordered a chai latte and it was okay. Not as sweet and frothy as I like. Food looked awesome, though. Made me sad I'm watching my carbs and calories. Was also clean, though rather industrial... Not a lot of cozy ambience. Nice that it has sidewalk seating.

Brett Gottfried

Great pastries and the coffee was also tasty. My iced Americano was creamy without adding any creamer. You can tell they use decent coffee because it isn't super hash or acidic.

Dave Robison

Distinct fishy smell as I walked in the door. They were serving dinner, but smelling fish as you walk into a pastry shop is a little off-putting. Of the available pastries, only a couple even looked and sounded good, but not good enough for what they charged. I left without ordering anything. I'd go to Sweet Life before visiting Noisette again.

Zed Star

NICE PLACE ! We had lunch here while staying in Eugene recently. Excellent lattes, very enjoyable meals and friendly service...just what we like !

Gary York

This place is a gem! Lovely dinner and amazing wine selection! Pastries to die for!

Jonas Parker

Fun atmosphere. Works for family outings and business meetings alike. Sweet and savory baked goods - all homemade and fresh. Nice selection of teas.

Hana Marino

Great food, excellent service!

Abhishek Yenpure

This place was really quiet, laid back and served some really good pastry and coffee. The staff was really good and the whole place had a really happy vibe. I specially liked the open kitchen.

Karen Esquivel

Wonderful pastries, sandwiches, quiche and even gluten free options!

Frankie Marie

This place has a cute little selection of baked treats, breakfast-type items, breads, coffee drinks and even some prepared sandwiches and small salads. They offer several gluten-free items, including the brownie and savory tart I ordered, both of which were delicious. The lady behind the the counter helping us was very friendly and professional. Prices on some things (Savory Tart $5) were a little steep, but overall the quality of the food was very good, and the atmosphere was relaxed with an eclectic array of different types of people, both young and old. They also offer wine and dinner plates (on weekends I believe), which could be a fun date night idea. I'd definitely stop in again if I was in the area.

M ganti

Love it, so cozy and kind

Kristofer Thompson

The pastries and other baked goods at Noisette are delicious. I used to enjoy hand pies here frequently when studying (they're just the right size for a small meal or filling snack).

Kelly Kenoyer

I love this place! Good coffee, local art, and friendly staff. I love their baked goods — you've got to try the goat cheese biscuit!

Monique Kirby

Gorgeous treats for dessert or coffee.

John Tollerud

If you like unique food and interesting desserts freshly cooked in an exceptionally interesting building with excellent service wine and dinner options check this place out highly recommended highly recommend

Michael Wright

Exquisite food & beverages, at reasonable prices.

allyson P

Yummy! Good for lunch and a nice sweet treat!

Joy Abbey

Good coffee, super nice staff and delicious dessert. Also like the atmosphere.

Tracy Nguyen

Small but bright open space to sit and enjoy coffee and light pastry/lunch items. Enjoyed the window seating to people watch. Was a bit loud for a place to study but if you're good at drowning out background noise, would be a nice place to get some work done. I ordered cafe au lait and was so confused because they had just steamed up the milk but didn't tell me to get the brewed coffee that is placed elsewhere away from the counter so for the first of sips I was just drinking plain steamed milk until i looked around and saw the thermos.

Jean McKenzie

Simply the best french patisserie outside of Paris!

Daemon Sims

It looked good was a little expensive

Melanie Ryan Griffin

The Bostock is my favorite pastry and their borgia is the best in town.

alexa hackett

Always wonderful.

tary piesher

This January, well past the holiday season, Noisette was the only pastry home in town willing to construct a Bûche de Noël for our delayed family celebration. What they provided was a delight to both the eye and the tastebuds, "woodily" decorated in the best of French design. We so appreciate their quality and customer service. Thank you all.

The Davis Restaurant

Great place where you always know that everything that is offered is perfectly made with quality ingredients and an attention to detail not found in most places. This place is full of heart and soul!

David Saul

Serious bakers making many unique and excellent treats. Good coffee and espresso.

Chase Williams

Great lazy place to hang out in the morning. I hope you like tasty treats!

Marissa Howe

Love this place

Lesa Henson

Delish and high end

Chelsea Wood

Cute pastry cafe

D Vii

We are addicted to everything Noisette! The last 2 times we've visited Noisette's, they've just put out the BOSTOCK! It is over the top! I've also purchased, when it's available. their homemade pate. Excruciating. What's not to like about Noisette's?

John Flournoy

Great coffee, amazing French pastries (the real deal, seriously), and delicious savory food as well.

lynn stevens

Great dessert, good coffee, fine service, ok atmosphere. Definitely be back

Jen Woodring

Nice range of sweet and savory. Well crafted. Worth returning often.

D Feher

Love the vibe and size, great staff and selection. Can get a little noisy but still able to chat comfortably. One of my favs in Eugene

Rocklin L. Redinger

For lunch or a little nibble, great place to be.

Virginia Parker

Reminiscent of a European cafe and pastry shop. Delicious pastries, baked fresh daily. Also serve coffee and a variety of teas and has some outdoor seating available. Friendly service--Also a PokeStop.

Jessika Beyette

Go to hideaway bakery instead. Noisette’s pastries are usually really good, but on occasion have been stale or poorly made for the price they charge. More importantly, in my most recent experience there, I was informed they had changed the firewall setting in their network and suddenly I couldn’t access 75% of the websites I needed to do my work. These were all websites I’d been able to access in noisette just a week before, including my colleges web page, conjugation websites for language learning, the common app, and more. I feel like I wasted my money on a run of the mill latte I could have gotten for less at a place with better WiFi and better customer service. If it weren’t for this I may have given a better review. Will not be returning.

Thomas Kamis

Wow! The food is great! Great place for a quick sandwich for lunch at your desk, or a getaway from the office for a proper cup of coffee!

Joe Sterling

A favorite downtown spot for coffee and baked goods. I always feel smarter when I'm there.

Julie Faden

Tiny, but had different pasteries. Tried the chocolate banana tart. Yummy!

Casey Casey

Really a very cute, tasty, friendly little pastry shop. This was my first visit and I was not disappointed. Seating is an little scarce...but the atmosphere isv relaxing, the food tasty and the coffee delicious. Very highly recommend you visit at least ounce:)

Stephanie Risbrough

Yummy cheesecake and red velvet cupcakes! Ambiance was quiet and nice

Nickolas Hersrud

Try the hand pies so savory and delicious. Great space to enjoy as well!

Mae Zen

Oh my goodness!! Just the cutest little shop with the sweetest little pastries ever! I will definitely be back. All kinds of different sweets to choose from, and I'm a huge sweets fan, I tried a few things, the french macaroons are fantastic, the tarts are stunning and scrumptious. I can't imagine anything here being anything other than fantastic. Nice place to take someone if you want to treat them to a very special sweet treat. The staff were also sweet too, you can tell they love doing what they do.

Katie McInnis

Lovely place for coffee and delicious breakfast pastries. The Brioches are the best!

Damon Kaswell

Noisette is a jewel in the heart of downtown Eugene. The food is always excellent (especially the pastries, both sweet and savory), and the bustling college-town coffeeshop atmosphere is perfect for spending a few hours writing that term paper or thesis.

Joseph Culbertson

Just one of the best places in town. The pastries, the sandwiches and desserts are incredible. They have a spicy chai (not sweet) which is hard to find around here. I add just a little honey to it which they keep on the counter.

Iquo Inyang

That chocolate salted caramel tart OMG

Nona Bara

Excellent food, pleasant atmosphere.

Ashleigh Martins

I hate giving businesses lower ratings. I really *want* to like this place, I do. But after multiple visits within the last 12 ish months and trying new things as well as certain personal favorites (like cookies) a few times, I am still consistently disappointed. The cookies are always pretty hard and dry... on a couple of occasions they were so dark they were just shy of being burned. Last time I was in, I got a piece of cake and the top frosting layer had basically no flavor. It was like eating plain lard, so I didn't finish it. The cake itself was mediocre; nothing extraordinary, that's for sure. I got some macarons on another visit, and those were *okay* though still not enough to wow me and make me want to return to eat more of them. With the exception of a friend who loves coming here, I probably won't return any time soon. :(

Christine Isabell

Very nice place

Jove Lachman-Curl

Good service, nice airy atmosphere, probably the best espresso and French style baguettes in Eugene. Decent prices. Very pleased to have found this place.

Tim Rogers

Our favorite bakery for sweet treats. Always delicious.

Mark Alexander

It’s so rare to give a five star for a coffee joint. I’m a recovering coffee shop/bakery owner. I am beyond impressed with Noisette. Location, ambience, and selection of pastries are epic. I took the liberty of having the chocolate blood orange tea cake and an americano. I don’t remember the last time I had an americano black. The roast and bean are so smooth that cream would have stolen the moment. Coupled with the cake, I couldn’t imagine a better combination. I know this is a locals place, but it’s sonworth it to come off I-5 and drive into town for some comfort. Kudos!!

brandess sorrels

My favorite Bakery in all of Eugene! Beautiful and Gourmet. Wandering Goat and Noisette bakery make the best Borgias available. Wonderful sandwiches here too.


Delicious pastries and drinks! Lovely place

Catlow Shipek

Tasty savory tarts with an open air setting and a fun variety of foods makes this a fun euro style food experience.

Sarah Wright

Went to their Sweet and Spicy wine bar on a Friday evening and I wasn't blown away. It felt like they weren't quite sure how to be a wine bar yet. They were trying to do table service but also counter service for ordering desserts, but staff in neither place took the lead in making sure I was able to order, instead just walking around me awkwardly and avoiding eye contact. It wasn't that bad at all, just a little awkward and uncertain. In spite of this, the people were very nice. The ambience was a little cold and bright for me as a wine bar, but I imagine during the day it would be very welcoming. I ordered a glass of tawny port and a glass of a dessert white. Both were great but so, so expensive for the one-ounce serving we got. There were very few options for wine that you could order by the glass, but lots that you could order a full bottle of. Even if the wine weren't typically over $35 (which is a lot for me unless I know the wine, or at least the vineyard well), the two of us are not going to split a full bottle of wine so it just wasn't practical to order the full thing. That was a little disappointing to find at a wine bar. The desserts were delicious though. We had the chocolate later cake with malt and caramel frosting, which was a great balance of flavor and richness. The frangipane tart had a great flavor and texture. There were other great options in the case, too, and they were reasonably priced from $3-6 typically.

Leisha Wharfield

Great food and wine, perfect for an intimate lunch gathering.

Miriam the Alchemist

Went here on a Saturday around 10am, they weren't busy (no one else was waiting ) but it took almost 5 minutes for someone to come over and take our pastry order, after making eye contact several times. I got a chocolate crossaint and my partner got a sticky bun. We also ordered two mochas. We had the pastries warmed up, but when they came out they were super dry and not very good. They were also small and seemed like they had not been made fresh that day. Our mochas took forever to get done, and were served in disposable cups even though we didn't order togo.the woman who brought them out was very dismissive, saying "here are your hot chocolates or mochas or whatever ". Super rude and bad customer service. The mochas were also lukewarm instead of hot. We had already finished our pastries by the time our drinks came out. Pastries look nice but both were dry and didn't taste fresh. Also quite expensive for the size. Overall experience was disappointing and underwhelming. Save your time and money and go to Sweet Life instead, pastries, drinks, and customer service are way better and its less expensive. I tried noisette before going to sweet life for the first time, I won't be going back to noisette.

Matthew Flood

This is a lovely little French pastry shop! The savory tart was fantastic as well as their eclairs. If you need a smaal sweet, this is the spot!

jeronimo terrazas


jeff robson

Best pastries in town.

Dave Chase

Great baked goods, great coffee and tea, my favorite lazy morning place to go

Sarah Talbot

Great atmosphere! Very friendly staff and delicious food. I had an Americano and oatmeal. Lots of great nuts and fruit in the oatmeal.

Anne Starke

I only got a latte here, but it was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect for a one-to-one meetup.

Félix Cormier

The staff was very friendly, but unfortunately the macarons were very dry/stale. I've never had macarons this dry, some of the flavors felt like they'd been out for days. We brought some to a friend's house for dessert and it was kind of embarassing!

Crystal Owens

Cafe setting. Yummy goodies, healthy juices, water, tea....etc. Friendly and polite staff.

Sarah Petersen

Great bakery with good coffee and wonderful staff

Danika Zahorik

Lovely little pastry kitchen on the corner of Broadway and Charnelton! Each item is hand made with love from scratch in an open kitchen. Selection varies daily but if you can get your hands on their bostoc which is pure heaven or their perfectly delicate palmiers then you're sure to return for more. High quality coffee, kombucha and tea make it a perfect one stop shop for breakfast or lunch on the go.

John Walker

Disappointing. Hazelnut cheesecake was the only acceptable thing, although it didn't taste like hazelnuts. Chocolate mousse would have been better on it's own, as the cake on the bottom was incredibly dry. Coffee was sub par, weak and bitter. And the peak (or bottom) of the experience was the lemon bar, a simple lemon bar. Taking an anticipatory bite I was slammed tongue first into a wall of egg; very little lemon could be discerned over the waves of eggy flavor crashing into my mouth and there was no tartness to be found. It was honestly so bad that I, someone who has happily eaten bugs both cooked and raw, spat it out. It was honestly disgusting, and I do not use that word lightly.

Kelley M

If you want bread or anything you have to go during the week I wish that would have been stated on the website but I had their little vegetarian breakfast pies very very good

Laura Scrimenti

Everyone here is so friendly and helpful; the food is fresh and delicious, and the coffee rich. My new favorite cafe!

Emma Peara

Noisette is my all time favorite bakery in Eugene. They have delicious, traditional French style pastries, cakes, tarts, confections and baguette sandwiches. I adore how light and fluffy all of their desserts are and the diversity in options, as they have both delicious lunch options, such as the scrumptious hand pies and sandwiches, as well as a wide array of delectable desserts. The staff is very friendly and the bakery has a very chill and chic atmosphere, with hanging lanterns and rotating local art on sale. This is one of my favorite places to treat myself to some tea and a cookie while I study or to get lunch and a treat with friends. Definitely recommend!

Katheryn Sullivan

Wow their pastries are amazing. Got the broccoli cheese soup and it was pretty good!!

Samuel Rutledge

Everything they do is art, but my personal favorite is a Bostock and a cup of coffee. Truly the breakfast of champions.

sadie farmer

Cute lil pastries shop. I had this thing (don't remember the name) but it was wonderful and tasted just like creme brulee if it was a pastry. It is a bit on the pricey side but when pastries taste that good it's probably worth it

Camila Morales

Good pastry salty and sweet options. Good for have a coffee.

Deniz Chavez


1 1

Deserves More Stars ! Absolutely Delicious Pastries and treats . Quality Ingredients you can taste and wonderful service you cant beat.

Brian Miller

We all ways love it there.

Cindy Breaux

Great Food, Coffee and venue!!:)

Simon Luedtke

Really pricey, really really pricey.



Barb Harris

Really good baked goods and pastries, coffee

Todd Wanchic

Filthy hippies and stoned people every 5 feet. Worst fair ever.

Emily Pilger

HIGHLY recommend! I'm a college student who was wandering downtown in search of a nice place to grab a snack and read my book. There are lots of coffee shop-type places in Eugene, but as far as actual bakeries go, Noisette is as good as anywhere I've had. Their baguette is outstanding, perfectly crispy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside. Not only that, but their food tastes fresh and homemade (I had the soup of the day, a smoked salmon chowder that was fantastic). The service is friendly, and prices are reasonable. I will definitely be going there more often!

Traci Crimmins

Nice gluten free options

Dániel Hatás

Nice place, kind staff, good cafe thanks god, the bakery is fresh, using fresh ingredients too. Perfect for working with laptops. There are internet and some plugs.

Emily Garrett

Bright ambience and great food options.

Matt Brown

Great place!

Cynthia Ramsey

I love this little restaurant. Please don't ask for dairy free as they may laugh. Butter is in everything most likely and why it tastes so good. Great coffee and a good location to sit and watch people go by. Fabulous pastries, creative sandwiches and other dishes and the selection of wine. You can come with a larger party for a bigger price, or wine tasting with dinner, or friends in the afternoon or morning and sit at a big table and paint. Very popular in Eugene!

corey jackson

Feels like I was transported to Europe for delicious pastries and coffee. Great food and beautiful simple downtown patio space.

Brian C

If you're a foodie and really love well-prepared wonderfulness, go here - and if you go in for dinner, be ready for an extraordinary experience. Enjoy!

lisa hammack

The carrot cake is spot on!

Alexandria Nichols

One of my favorite places in Eugene. Glorious handpies and all other pastries. The lamb sandwich is also out of this world.

David Prechtel

Vg fresh food but somewhat limited choices

Jane Guerber

Wonderful food and incredibly beautiful and luscious cakes at our friend's party here. Great service and friendly staff.

marie leroux

I had the passion fruit tart and it was delicious. My only complaints would be the tables are very small and the location is noisy with traffic.

Mike H

Best sweets in eugene

Brian Hughes

Tasty pastries and lovely ambiance. What's not to like?

Marianne Senhouse

Delicious pastries, sweet and savory.

Ray Fleming

Wonderful and very good ART


Their food was delicious

Paul Rinaldi

We love this place! It's our necessary breakfast stop before starting our weekly shopping trip in town.

Michelle Byrne

Great lattes, nice atmosphere, good place to get some work done

Brennan Randel

All that needs said is, Yummy!

Richie Eran

Good lattes and pastry! I like the warehouse looking inside!

Rebekah Milani

I absolutely love this place, they have some of the best pastries in town, both sweet and savory, plus a great drink selection and fantastic staff. It's conveniently located, but also just enough outside of downtown to avoid a lot of the foot traffic. I can't say enough good stuff about it!

Bryant Everett

Wondering where to go for cute baked goods and coffee? Look no further. The tart (pictured) was great, my only complaint is that they charge for coffee refills

Black Widow

Some of the best pastries and coffee in town. I'm here at least once a week..

Jordan Lewis

A cute little cafe with plenty of seating. Great pastries and coffee. A little on the expensive side, though.

Zac Bond

Great coffee shop and excellent bakery. Top notch bread and cakes.

Tony Kaperick

Excellent choice for drinks, healthy informal breakfast and lunch, and amazing dinners!

Tara Whitsitt

Cafe and pastry shop and at mid-day a luncheonette. Everything they make is creative and fresh and they value quality ingredients. It's spacious with lots of natural light, making it a great cafe to work at your computer or sit and write or draw.

Loreen Heneghan

Some of the most delicious baked goods in eugene

Jim Graue

Just, wonderful. The more savory pastries are treasures. Staff is outstanding, helpful, and cheerful. Good coffee.

Stormie Ehret

Great selection of pastries and always delicious. This is one of the only places in Eugene I can find macarons. Good pricing for the quality of the treats.

Skyeanna Malito

The perfect place for a birthday treat.

Barbara Schouweiler

Wonderful mocha and raspberry frangipane. The customer service was great!

Alice Aline

The Canelé was heavenly. That browned to caramelized base with, the eggy fluffy creamy sweet insides; it was gone before we realized there would be no photo. The Caprese Sandwich was ok. The baked tomatoes and fresh basil leaves all mixed wonderfully with the Mozzarella, but the baguette was chewy, not a crispy outside soft inside, like we hoped. The little bunny brioche, although cute, was dry, a bit salty, in spite of the sugar grains, and was almost passable later at home, after buttering and in the wave for a few seconds… not what was expected of a brioche. Improvements could come from the wind tunnel cold ductwork being toned down, way down… and two of us had pain au chocolate, and both were stale, and not buttery, or flaky. The Chocolate was nice and there was a hint of something, raspberry maybe? Lastly, Happy, Friendly, Welcoming Service! Apple Pay.

Mey Lita

Good food

Ervin Burch


Sassy mcgillicutty

I love this place. Perfect vibe. Perfect size. Good coffee and gluten free treats. The people are friendly and the current "girl from ipanenema" style music has me smiling. Come here instead of Starbucks down the street for a local experience. Nice in summer with outdoor seating.

Rash Khaldi

Amazing place. One of the best here in Eugene.

April Fleck

this place has the most delicious pastries and such a cute space. there is sometimes live music as well and the coffee is good.

Anonymous Turtle

Wonderful, I may not have much experience with nice sweets but everyone was nice.

Autumn Coleman

I went here after work for the macarons. After reading a review stating that this was one of the best places to get them in Eugene, I decided to try them out. I got the Rose, Lavender, Caramel, and Vanilla. When I say that every single macaron was hard as hell. I mean just that and tasted extremely stale. THAT IS NOT HOW A MACARON IS SUPPOSED TO BE. I’m so disappointed. There were flies all around the place, but I can’t complain about that too much because I still bought the macarons. In my defense of that they were in jars with the tops over them. The place was a bit crowded with STUFF not people but stuff. I will never be going to this place again

Mike Naylor

Love this place, really cozy and great artisan food

Linda Leach

Everything looked amazing. The taste and texture of the items I tried was delicious and perfect. It reminded me of being in Paris.

Walt Norblad

Noisette is my favorite coffee shop in Eugene and the staff is amazing! The cappuccinos taste great, the pastries are amazing, and the tomato-mozzarella sandwich is an incredible sandwich!

Ilya V

Nice place for coffee/tea and a small bite.

Marilyn Kerins

Noisette is a lovely bakery with lunnch offerings as well. They also have a large selection of gluten free desserts which is great for me. Highly recommended!

Matthew Bliss

Fantastic food and coffee, and great service. I always try their recommendations, and am not disappointed. Grab a loaf of bread, too, if they still have one.

luca kline

Food and coffie is good, but the hand paistry was still cold inside

MJ Bandong

Friendly staff good food, desserts and chai teas

Edward Silva

Had a meat pie pastry. Good, fresh, and nice setting. Can't go wrong.

Max Rinaldi

Delicious food and friendly staff. Highly recommended for a light breakfast and coffee.

Ben Dorsch

What a great selection of fine pastries! Very wholesome and delicious. Best deserts in Eugene.

Jake Dinneen

A wonderful local French bakery that is always coming up with new treats both savory and sweet. Never too busy but always a good vibe.

Gary Johnson

Great pastries, excellent service. And macarons!

Anass Ayed

Simply marvelous place and people are amazing

Milo Miro

A very inviting place to come sip teas or coffees while enjoying a variety of freshly baked pastries ,healthy and tasty sandwhiches to unique quiche .Everything is made from excellent quality products you can taste the difference!!! Prices are equal to the quality of food. Ya pay for what you get. Indoor outdoor seating a bright sunny place with a corner view of Broadway .Pay for street parking.wheelchair accessible.Causal atmosphere with a twist.

Bridget Gavin

One of my favorite places in eugene. The coffee is phenomenal and the pastries are unreal delicious. I could write a sonnet to their mozzarella and sundried tomatoe sandwich.

Michele Postal

Love everything about Noisette! Food, ambiance, staff, food...

Shelley G

House made delights, homey atmosphere, but only one outlet for devices.

Jade Utecht

The best place in downtown to get fresh pastries and delightful bread !

Kaya Reimche

So delicious and inexpensive

Deryk Espina

I normally don't like gluten free desserts but man, their GF "brownies" are so good! Today was my first, so I bought a few things to bring home with me. Everything was a pleasure to eat, this is quality food made with quality ingredients by a very talented kitchen. Prices are not pretentious at all, you get very good food for a fair price. I really have nothing negative to say about this place, I will be back surely.

Rhys Williams

I had the rotating sandwich of the day. Delicious pastrami, cabbage arugula and stone ground mustard. The service is friendly. The cold brew is delicious and the atmosphere is great. Will return and try their sweet collection.

Josiah Gandara

Delicious dessert options! So good!

Michael Kruzich

Great atmosphere & great customer service. It even better that this place has WiFi.

Cody Stovall

It's the best bakery with the best desserts in town. Hands down. On Friday and Saturday nights there is a limited dinner service. Wonderful food every time.

Timothy Pelkey

Delicious brioche, coffee and hot chocolate. Quiet and clean seating area. Looking forward to trying more pastries and cakes!

Brenda Batista

Their hand pie was absolutely delicious! Absolutely loved this place.

Ducnan McGladrey

Hands down the best bakery I in town.

Luke W

Great food and wine and a nice atmosphere.

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