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René Schwietzke

Lovely place with a large selection of items and friendly staff. Two things I would like to see improved. When I want a large Latte for here, please point out that you don't have large mugs instead of just giving out paper cups. The Mable Syrup should come in reusable small cups or pots instead of plastic containers. Just would improve to overall bakery and cafe culture.

Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez

Cute place with lots of food options and seating! My friend and I both ordered their quiche and cheesecake, and both were absolutely delicious! Conveniently located in downtown with a small parking lot across the street. I will be coming here again! I really liked it.

Maria Meyner

The food is SO GOOD. The atmosphere is relaxing and homey. And the staff was super friendly. Five stars!

Echo Alexzander

This is such a great downtown business for many reasons. Great food, lots of food and drink options, and large dining area (some outdoor seating available seasonally as well). I enjoy going here for business breakfast or lunch meetings. And these cakes and pies are incredible!

Cyol Paglia

Worst organization for counter sevice. slow service, 3 out of 5 visits the staff is unfriendly, and makes you feel like you are an inconvenience to them. Reheated food should not take as long as it does at this place. I dont normally review so harshly but the last few visits have been so bad with rude, slow staff that I do not see myself coming back. I really felt the need to tell people what a pain it is to get overpriced coffee and pastry.

Kevin Kelly

Very excellent food at slightly expensive prices, nice counter service and a great area for eating and meeting with your friends.

C. Kent

Generally good. I think the soups are not as good as years ago. Upset my stomach.

Raelyn McCarthy

I've been coming to new morning bakery for 10 years now. I used to live in the Corvallis arms hotel above them while I was pregnant with my son, so I could smell the bakery down below every day. It's no wonder I gained so much weight because new morning bakery has the most delicious desserts! The cheesecakes are always super yummy and I can't get enough of their frosted butter cookies (the butterfly and dragon flies are my favorite). Their sour dough bread is amazing with their soup of the day, it's crusty but so soft and spongy on the inside. Really though the chicken salad with almonds is hands down my favorite item on their menu. Every time I stop in Corvallis with some spare time I always make sure to swing by.

Chris Johnson

Nice place but the pace of staff is extremely slow!! There isn't a sense of urgency when lines are long, too much gabbing, and taking breaks. I've been coming here for years and my patrontage has severly declined. The owners don't seem to care as they have steady stream of customers. To wait in line for 10 minutes for a muffin or cookie is absurd!! Sad to say all this and give this rating but customer experience is not a practice this place cares about.

Marie Murphy

Excellent breakfast and lunches. A sandwich with your favorite brew or try a new brew. Desserts are plentiful, many choices and always fresh. Take a table, a booth or a cozy couch while reading the local news. Pizza and quiches change daily, there hasn't been one I disliked. Clean restrooms, a great place to meet for coffee or chai too! If you are in Corvallis stop by for a healthy meal, or just hook up over a beverage.

erik haunold

If you like pastries this is your place. If you want something more substantial the food is pretty mediocre. The back restroom stinks of mildew so use the first one if you can

Brian Simard

No gluten free option. Went in for breakfast while at the farmer's market. There is a 30 minute wait for all breakfasts "made to order". This is absurd. Eggs, hashbrowns, bacon = 30 minute wait. These things literally take less than 10 minutes to cook. Maybe they just don't want people to order breakfast. I won't be back.

Frank Webster

Tasteless, poor food, good desserts. Quiche undercooked. Chicken pot pie - yuck. All mashed potatoes and bad chicken.

matthew woods

Food is pretty good and reasonably priced. The seating area is charming and inviting. The ordering system is very chaotic and greatly reduces my desire to return. I'm sure once you've been a few times it seems normal but for a first time it was hard to know what was available and how to make your request.

Ben Frost

Amazing bakery! I've gone here several times, never disappointed. I recommend the breakfast burrito heated up and the mint nainamo bars.

Antonio o Villasenor

I order the biscuits and gravy, the gray had no flavor thank goodness for Tabasco sauce. We also order a breakfast sandwich it too had no flavor. My 2 year was also making faces as she ate off our plates. While in line waiting to order we were watching flies flying around inside their pastry cases. Pretty disappointed.

Sarah Erskine

quiche crust is soft like partially cooked pizza dough

Evelyn Gunardi

I ordered the half biscuit and gravy. I finished the gravy first

Keith Hagstrom

Want to wait an hour for eggs and sausage? This is the place to go! Go to ask where the order is and , you'll be met with indifference. Nice really nice...

Stephany Brandt

OMG...The catering!!! I would like to counter a couple of the posts saying they had trouble finding allergy-friendly options. I have severe allergies and just ate a dinner catered by Tristan and Keara-with no reactions! This is the first time in a long while that I've been able to eat out and not get sick. They had gluten free and vegan meal options, as well as desserts I could finally eat! I am literally so grateful I could cry, and am now planning to visit the restaurant...seriously amazing eats!!!

Maureen Barber

Delicious breakfast offerings, both savory and sweet. Clean. Helpful staff.

Hazel Lorane

Wonderful bakery and coffee shop. Baked goods are among the best in town. Deli goods are great and a good selection. On-street parking and a public parking lot across the street.

Michael Eastman

We stop here often on our way to and from the Willamette Valley. It's always delicious.

Arian Kulp

Good food, decent atmosphere. Large and open space, with lots of tables and booths. They have amazing baked goods including a number of labeled gluten-free sweet and savory items. Hot coffee (including espresso drinks), teas (hot and cold), juices, and bottled items like Izzie's. Prices are fair, service relatively quick. They serve a few alcoholic beverages including hard cider. Also a great place for ordering cakes for events. I love their chicken salad and usually get a chocolate-dipped coconut macaroon, not gluten-free. Worth checking out!

Rissa Lam

Soup/salad/sandwich combo for lunch was fantastic. Staff were friendly and helpful. Love the cozy seating.

Tasnia Kabir

I love the daily soup options and veggie foccacia! Also, if you're a college student, you can download the Student Survival Kit app and get a free cookie :)

Hans Luh

They make good food and beautiful cakes

A Larsen

Still haven’t received my food after 30 minutes. All I ordered were some pancakes. Should’ve gone to Sharis. UPDATE: They ran out of maple syrup and they forgot my friend’s hash browns. Driest pancakes ever. UPDATE: The “hash browns” have arrived and they are just diced roasted potatoes that taste like dirt and soil. Perhaps they just pulled them out of the ground.

Andy Van Brocklin

Had an African peanut soup with salad. Great, tasty with chunks of yam in it. Quality salad as well.

penguin rick

I've been happy with everything I've eaten there, which has been quite a few years, now.


They are really nice, food is ok, but this is the second time I've ordered eggs over medium hard and they were runny! That is over easy! My daughter's favorite place to study. Pay for refills ahead of time and get all you want on coffee. Bus your own table. Put your recyclables in the bottom bin.

Tamara Noell

Delicious food & nice staff! Choice paralyses because of so many amazing options. LOVED the chicken and fruit salad and pumpkin bread! Yumo!

Erana Jae Loveless

The coffee was strong and well-roasted. The marionberry pie was nice and not at all acidic. You have to really try to get attention from the servers at the counter, but so long as you know to actively try to get someone's help rather than stand there staring at them, it's a good place.

Stephen Suckow

New Morning Bakery is somewhat of a fixture in downtown Corvallis. Bakery fare as well as soups, salads, sandwiches (hot and cold), and quiche are offered at a counter/display case along one wall. You order at the counter and generally get your food when you pay. If an item will take longer to prepare, they bring it out to your table. The bakery goods are generally very good. The other selections can be a little uneven. Sometimes they're very good; sometimes they're a little boring. New Mornings is a popular place for groups. Everyone can buy their own food, they have a little something for everyone, and the food is reasonably priced. It's also a pretty good place if you just want to get something quickly since the counter service is generally pretty fast, especially for something like a bowl of soup.

Susan Barnett-Kiengsiri

Loved it, very fresh and friendly seevice

Madeline Metten

I usually really like this place but had to leave a review to mention the experience I had today. Was on the receiving end of an excessive amount of eye rolling attitude from one of the young female employees this morning that seemed pretty out of character for this place. Hope to have a better experience next time.

Chris Librie

The New Morning Bakery is highly overrated. The food is mediocre and the service is poor. I ordered the breakfast combo - scrambled eggs, bacon and toast - and had to wait 25 minutes for it to come to my table. Spoke to someone during the wait, and she said some people were waiting longer. When it was finally delivered, the eggs were over cooked and cold. All this on a sleepy Monday morning in Corvallis. So much for patronizing a local restaurant instead of simply eating at my hotel.

Sandy Renfrow

I visited today to get a hearty raisin Bran muffin. This bakery has some amazing choices for a baked treat or a healthy lunch. I'll definitely be going back to New Morning Bakery.

M Shamalamadingdong

This place needs Gordon Ramsey or something. It's kitchy in the more of the wrong ways than the right ways. For example, to order esspresso drinks you need to walk through the line, to the register to order/pay and then walk back through the same line to pick up your mochalatte. Espresso service is really slow so this can result in a crowd of people standing right inside the entrance like they're waiting in line to order coffee or food, but they're actually back at the beginning waiting for their esspresso drink. They're also slow about making the drinks and don't use names causing confusion about whose tall latte the barista is shouting about... The umbrellas are so dusty. They are cute, but they need to come down every decade or so for cleaning... Foods hit or miss, it can be really hard to tell which pastries are going to be really dry and hard and which are tasty by looking through the glass cabinet. Don't buy the discounted pastries for sure, they're always a miss by the morning the baked good gets new priced.

Geoffrey Hazelton

Good food, good coffee, and low prices are why we have gone here for years. Much of the food and baked goodies are displayed behind glass at the counter and there are additional items shown on the wall menu. Orders are taken quickly by young people behind the counter and they also handle payment so you get the food promtly. Later you do bus your own dishes. The place is popular with students but there are lots of tables so we have never had trouble finding a place to sit. Free parking is on the street or in a large lot across from the restaurant but still sometimes it's hard to find a spot .

Morgen Belshee

Good food but it's a little spendy. Pretty quiet and a great place to meet with friends.

Brenda Mcelroy

I loved them they did just what I wanted and the staff was great they made the perfect cake for my husband's 60th birthday

Nancy Greiff

We stopped here on our way from Portland to Newport, Oregon. A great place to eat lunch. The food is very good (not great or excellent), service is friendly and quick (it is counter service, with tables at which to eat), prices are reasonable, and there is a huge selection of breakfast and lunch items and baked goods. I had a spinach calzone, which was good, and a corn-blueberry muffin, which was delicious. The coffee was fine as well.

Starlin Grimes

Great food just warm the calizone different the edges are hard. Really clean, polite staff and customers.

Laurie Fifield

Tbe food & dessert options are always delicious, great service and owners are personable!

Samantha Van Allen

One of my favorite spots to go to for a quick pick me up in Corvallis. Their quiche is absolutely delishes and I highly recommend their desserts as well!

Jennifer Thomas

DO NOT recommend this place. I give this place a ZERO star! Very slow service, waited for a LONG time for our order and kept being told different things about our order and waited for over 40++minutes. Didnt even get to eat or get our correct order. Plus still got charged for it!!!! Very disappointed with this place

Richard Kroten

The deli/bakery has a good selection and they have espresso. It’s basically self service for breakfast - order at the counter. Food was just average, thick cut bacon was not very thick and sausages were small and of cheap quality.

Anette Davis

Quaint little place. Love the seating outside. Counter service was speedy, with many selections to choice from. I had the spinach quiche. It was good but it needed a little flavor so I spiced it up with some salsa.

Vikas Pathak

My favorite is crossiant and lemonade. What I love the most about this place is that it is spacious and wonderful place to have some relaxed conversation.

Jan Garver

Good food and sweets. Sweets are mildly sweet instead of toothache sweet.

Chris Wiley

This is a fun little place to meet for lunch. Great variety of soups, salads and sandwiches and loads of desserts. In a good location for downtown walks and shopping.

Nancy Markus

Yummy! Good sized portions, friendly service and easy atmosphere ❤

Janette Eichler

Good selection and nice desserts. I'm not in love with the coffee, but the sandwiches and salads are still very good.

Alan Faulkner

Love the food and friendly service

michael buster

Always friendly, great food and good deals.

Barb Sufficool

Best desserts Excellent lunches

Jeri Hurff

Delicious array of pastry, quiches and other quick meal selections but really short on gluten-free choices.

Chris Kneifl

Not a bad place to go if you like microwaved bread. I walked in the other day to order a piece of their focaccia, and without even asking, the guy behind the counter grabbed a piece and started to microwave it. I stopped him and informed him that I would prefer to have my bread heated in an oven (or not at all), and he informed me that they didn't have any ovens. What?!? Indeed, when I took a closer look behind the counter, I saw 3 or 4 microwaves in a row and no ovens, which seems bizarre for a place like Corvallis. They're pretty friendly, though, and some of their sweets look really good. Still, I would love to see them replace their microwaves with ovens (even Starbucks has figured this out). Who wants focaccia that tastes like rubber?

Luke meiners

It was ok

Kay Marikos

Lots of choices. Even for food allergy eaters. Busy but not rushed.

Seth Infilbadarden

Tasty keesh man sheesh! How do you spell leash haha. Good coffee, great little bakery.

Diana Finkenaur

I've been here several times. The food is tasty, and the service has been friendly every time. They have lots of seating and plenty of high chairs, which is really nice. The selection of sweet treats is vast, and I've never repeated or regretted my choice. They have great lunch and breakfast options, too. It is counter service, and they offer coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine.

john scherpelz

Great variety of not-so-good-for-you pastries!

Stuart Young

Extremely slow service. Don't order anything from the kitchen.

Hazel Daniels

There's always something wonderful coming out of the oven at New Morning Bakery. I've only ever been for breakfast or lunch, but each time I was greeted with delicious-looking quiches, sandwiches, breakfast pastries, and of course desserts! I always have a good experience here.

Stacey Cummings

Good fresh food. Great for lunch. Very busy on sat and sun morning

Its_Cove _

New morning has been here for years and isn't going anywhere. A popular breakfast spot for locals and anyone who wants made to order breakfast food that's to die for. Cakes are made in house and they're elaborate and delicious. The display cases are always full with pastries, cookies, and more. I I would highly recommend this place to anyone, and there's very good seating with lots of room.

Star R. W.

Go there with people who you love.

Jessica Hampton

They have always been amazing. I've been coming here since I was a little kid and now take my son here. Wonderful place to sit and have a quiet lunch and superb baked goods! Try the turkey croissant sandwich & add cream cheese, it's a hit!

Charis Hadi

Quick, cheap food, fine taste, clean facilities, cute art on the wall. Just wondering when it'll be the ye Ole Morning Bakery

Steven Demonnin

Tasty food and treats. Heavy on the baked goods, but they have a good selection of cheesy backed goods like quiches sandwiches, and lasagnas.

Philip Teague

Wonderful food great service really cozy intimate atmosphere

Jon Stratton

The food is great. I recommend the pecan roll and the cinnamon roll. But those are just my favorites. Good coffee, good food. The owners are great people and the employees are always friendly.

maddy jo

Great place for any time of day! Better lasagna than my Mom's.

Victoria Robinson

Friendly, fast service, fresh food. They have a nice variety of breakfast items to please a group. Quiche, pasteries to breakfast burritos. They also have nice wholesome treats like a walnut, date bran muffins that is moist and dense. You can get caffeine of your choice with a self service additive area including honey so not just your sugar and cream. They are popular but also have plenty if seating and really try to get customers served. They have cakes too! I only wish parking was easier but it is fine enough, particularly for a downtown location.

Mark Pyke

Perfect place for breakfast and very nice staff!

Warren Hanson

Everything I've ever had there has been great. Their bread is amazing, as are their cakes and baked goods. We went for supper this time and had a panini as well as chicken and wild rice soup. Both were good decisions.

William Hostman

A bit expensive, but tasty and quick.

Malloy Barb

The Vegan Muffin was delicious and I first came for the coffee. Service is great! Love the new dark food cases.

Haloalaunuiakea ELC

Baked goods and menu items are plentiful. Everything was so delicious. Cute place, friendly service.

Marnie Juana

The pastries are fantastic. Too bad their service has gone down hill. The girls at the counter we're rude and ignored the customers last time I was in. I used to love this place!

Jessie Hookland

Delicious pastries, sandwiches, bagels and soup. You can get coffee, cookies, salads and cakes as well. It's one of my favorite places to visit for breakfast or lunch in Corvallis.

Gabriel Acosta

Everything is delicious, made with love, and reasonably priced! Yum!

Maggie Rikard

The food here is incredible I little tricky finding parking. I was picking up food for a catered party. Would have been nice if someone had offered to help me take it out and load it Bit will use again Amazing food.

Cindy Parker

Excellent cakes, pies and all the other treats that you can dream of. The peanut butter pie is absolutely awesome and you have to try the carrot cake. Sandwiches are decent and they have coffee and an espresso machine to boot! Recommend+++++ Oh... And to add don't come here hungry - you will up spending 50 dollars or more on cake that will last you for days.

Amethyst Ames

Very cute spot. Very kid friendly.

Andy French

I started going to this place over 25 years ago every time my parents visited me at OSU. The food has been consistently great over the years, and now it is practically a must every time I visit Corvallis. Highly recommended!

Elizabeth Gaily

This place is still good. It's not what it used to be.. But still

Mike O

Good food and treats. Nice variety. Prices good for most items. Sandwiches, desserts, salads, coffee

Amy Dill

Lots of seating and lots of food options. Many are delicious. The line can be confusing and several times the staff had messed up my order. One was rude to me about it but the rest of the time they're nice and just fix the mistake.

Michelle Garrette

We love this place and stop here every time we’re in Corvallis. We always order a cinnamon roll, warmed up, and have never been disappointed. Our 4 year old loves the play area and the bathrooms are always clean. Water is complementary and staff is friendly and talkative.

Susan Johnson

Wonderfully varied, tasty spread & bread, take or stay. A bit pricy on some things, but good gooollly molly, they serve a delish dish.


Everything I’ve tried has been amazing!

Bracelet Blonde

Food excellent, service average. Bakery items to go make excellent gifts!

Shari Botermans

My family was very disappointed with our recent visit. Upon arrival we were immediately informed that if we wanted to order something off the menu it would take an hour for preparation. We understand you are looking for a cook but discouraging your customers from ordering food is disgraceful. I saw very few meals coming out from the kitchen. We directed our attention to the food and pastries at the counter and again was very disappointed. The pastries looked like they missed the last 10 minutes of baking because everything looked pale and under cooked - no flaking brown or crispy tops. We went ahead and tried a few things and they were awful! We doubt very much we will return.

Jon Allen

Excellent breakfast at a fair price. Plus, I ordered a birthday cake to be delivered a few days later. Highly recommend.

Michelle Wutzke

I literally NEVER take the time to give a review unless the service is superior because I think it’s more important to point out the positive, but today I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been coming here since I was a kid & even though we now live in Portland, we always make an effort to come in when we’re in town & even make a special trip every year for the holiday shortbread - today I brought my daughter here for the summer shortbread and our experience was extremely lacking - the customer service was subpar and after telling me the cookies were not fresh because they stopped making them as they transition to the fall menu, they also couldn’t explain why I was paying more for buying more? I LOVE these cookies & if you love shortbread, I’m sure you will too - unfortunately, in order to experience more than one, you may have to pay extra even if they can’t tell you when they were made. Wish the staff had been friendlier & more accommodating, even if they’re not in charge of pricing, there is ALWAYS a way to ensure a customer leaves happy & we most certainly did not. It makes me sad to leave this review :(

Jamie Crutsinger

Had the strawberry almond tort. Was good, but shortbread crust on edge of crust was too think and a bit underbaked. And even tho was told there was not rhubard in it, i could taste it! Which made it delicious!! Customer service was lacking in attitude. Curt and unfriendly. Tho the lunch items looked amazing :)

Dina Soltow

It's desserts range from pretty good to absolutely scrumptious, but my last day in town I tried their hashbrown thickcut bacon egg scramble breakfast with a caramel iced chai to go. The hashbrowns were overcooked country fried potatoes, the bacon was disappointing and the iced caramel chai was basically iced milk. Not enough spice for my taste.

Grinsn Glows

Great. Good price for coffee.

Alexa Battrick

Used to go here all the time but they don't have any gluten free items so we usually skip going here... great variety of salads, breads and very pretty cakes. Would love to see gluten free bakery items!

Austin Wilmoth

Better breakfast than Broken Yoke.

Aly A

The hazelnut pancakes with marionberry syrup are to die for!

Brittany Kemper

Good food, great atmosphere, one of our favorite stops in Corvallis.

Martin Karl

The food isn't spectacular, but a very good deal for the inexpensive cost. Hot weekend breakfasts are a big draw. And they certainly have a wonderful and big selection of tasty desserts. Corvallis has plenty of coffee shops, but not many of them have a cozy atmosphere with comfortable chairs where you can chill out with a book or work on a computer for a long time. With comfortable booths and a couch by the window, New Morning Bakery is one of the better options for filling this need.

Tuan Vu

I like the atmosphere in this place - lots of paintings and a warm little lamp at every table. I like sitting here to eat, drink, read, and do some light work on my laptop.

Craig Berdie

Very good prepared food from scratch. Bakery goods very good. Nice setting.

Bethany Henscheid

Great place, their service counter is something to be desired and feels a lot like driving in Portland (you see what you want and where you want to go and you don't wait for an opportunity to present itself to get where you want)

kyle ramirez

The food is alright but the service is terrible. Even at non busy hours orders are forgotten and food takes forever to arrive at your table.

roman guenther

wide variety of food. delicious desserts. large dining area w/ laid back atmosphere. kids play area

Diane Shane

Arrived at the bakery at 11:19. Just a few tables occupied. Ordered breakfast at approximately 11:23. Our food finally arrived 38 minutes later. Upon inquiring about when our food would arrive after about 25 minutes we were told there was a big rush on food, however hardly any orders were coming out of the kitchen. The food was okay, not great. Portion sizes adequate, but pretty expensive considering its cafeteria style. I wouldn't eat here if I was on a schedule.

Ashley May

Friendly but bland. We had the biscuits and gravy and while it looked great, it was probably the most bland gravy we've ever had. We also had scrambled eggs that didn't have any seasoning and bacon that was in between crisp and burnt. Their french toast and buttermilk pancakes were cooked well but nothing special. Service was friendly and restaurant was clean.

Dale Brown

Fun place for date night, it would be nice if their coffee was stronger.

Katharine Kreidler

The set up of the store itself was a little confusing. But it smelled wonderful in there and everything I had was prepared wonderfully.

Jeff Davis

One of my favorite cafes in downtown. Cinnamon rolls are to die for!

Kristina Jansen

Staff rude, place disorganized, no gluten free options, the only dairy alternative was soy. The food looked good, so if you don't have allergies go ahead, but we really felt unwelcome. In response to the restaurant: we specifically asked one of the women behind the counter about gluten free items and she said there were none. So, yellow stars are great (we didn't notice them but didn't know to look) but you ALSO need to train your staff.

Matthew Kwak

I had their croissant sandwich and it was great

Stephanie Lunceford

Everything here is so good! Highly recommend desserts and sandwiches. Coffee is good too. Service is a little slow but it's worth the wait.

Tom Giles

Good ambiance, good food, good people

Scott Peterson

Decent sized bakery with a good variety of sweets to choose from. I tried the snicker doodle cookies and I really liked them.


Fantastic selection! Everything I tried was tasty

Roman Kolesnikov

We had awesome waffles, pancakes and coffee. The bread there is superb. We had a bowl of soup with the sourdough bread. Loved it all.

Marielena Blanca

I don't remember why I gave only one star in my previous review, but I would give 3 stars this time, because I like the 3 things I purchased. I LOVE the maple butterhorns and the spanikopita which thankfully have not changed since the original owners sold New Morning. HOWEVER, the service has been so abysmal lately, that I now HATE coming here! I have rarely experienced as surly a counter-person as I did today. No smile, no thankyou, and they serve only two selections of soup a day, but he did not even know what the soups were. Where are the nice, friendly people who used to work here? I doubt I will be returning any time soon!

John Hood-Fysh

Great place, excellent espresso

Susie Foster

This is the place for the best bread! Stop in and they give a slice to sample. The desert breads are amazing.

Tess Cersovski

Best Backery in the area.

Sim Card

Great local bakery with sandwiches and side dishes along with an extensive selection of wonderful baked goods.

Alexandra Boris

Local fave for soup, salad, cake, pastry, or just a beer or coffee.

Denise Dillon

Excellent food and a fun restaurant. Quiche was wonderful and so many yummy desserts to choose from.

Isabella Simer

Love their food! Never had anything that wasn't excellent. I suggest the halo cups if you have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Richard Ortega

Good food and great service. This place is amazing. I didn't try the desserts, I will have to return several times to try them all.

Raeann Briceno

Great customer service but the desserts were not what I expected. I am used to having top quality sweets and was disappointed in the chocolate croissant I ordered. Went back up to order the Tiramisu and was also disappointed. I did like the chai tea and I loved how I was helped right away. Wouldnt reccomend for the picky person.

Glen Jones

OMG what can I say the blueberry cream cheese almond tart is to die for.

Jane Stoltz

Love it. A go-to for breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and pastry. They have lots of choices and you pretty much can't miss. A relaxing place to linger. People play board games here. Pictured is a hot cross bunny I make sure to have every year. They have regular hot cross buns too.


I love this place, if you haven’t been here, it’s a must go! Always pleasant, always good food and coffee, just a great place!

Forrest L

I so much love to play go here.

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