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REVIEWS OF Little T American Baker IN Oregon


One of my absolute FAVORITE places to grab coffee and a snack. Little T has a great menu with something for everyone. It is located on a hip street and this place just has a great vibe.

Daphne Browne


Eli Dapolonia

Little T is one of those places that seems to be fundamentally in conflict with itself. One one hand they have the only authentic french croissant in the city. Delicate flaky crust that explodes into unctuous buttery perfection. When Little T's opened there hadn't been a proper croissant available anywhere in Portland for nearly twenty years. For those of us that care about such things it was akin to a revolution. Truly, they have a gifted and brilliant baker. Unfortunately this singular perfection is counterbalanced by some of the worst service in the city. The bakery is always overstaffed, and they are in no hurry to serve. Surly unhurried attitudes are supplemented with some of the most appalling coffee to ever come out of an espresso machine. Clearly proper barista training was not part of the hiring process. It doesn't have to be this way. Teach your staff good customer service skills. Encourage them to work briskly, and with purpose. Don't staff more than three people ever. Bring in Stumptown reps to teach basic barista skills. And give your baker a raise - good baking is what makes your business.

Matthew Raske

Amazing breads.

Jenna Hart

Best cappuccino I’ve ever had!

Nell Hardcastle

Anand Shah

Evan Trimble

Hit and miss baked goods, but some outstanding breads, including the baguette. Some of the sandwiches are excellent.

Joseph C Rossi

expensive yes , delicious yes

rod mason

Gingerbread men, sandwiches, rye bread, powered by gluten.

Allison Campbell

Jeremy Newell

Wish they had a place like this in Montana great food great service and very enjoyable place to

Douglas Dillingham

This place is going to make me go broke. Their croissants are the best in town. Their brioche is the best in town. Their banana walnut bread is the best in town. Their turnovers ARE THE BEST IN TOWN. I love this place.

Andrew Kothen

Great sandwiches and desserts

Christopher Lenzini

Stasia Bliss

Delicious. Clean. Staff could be friendlier and music was a bit on the "wild side" considering I needed to write. Not super comfy chairs, more designed to "feed you and move you along" but still enjoyed the food.

Haiying Kuang

Good but overpriced

Jim Blandy

We got their Buche de Noël and Christmas Stolletone this year. Their stuff is always great.

Whit Breeden

No doubt one of the best bakeries in all of Portland. From their pasteries to their exceptional bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, this place has it all.

john esswein

Great pastries,well done

Michael Patterson

My favorite neighborhood bakery. Everything is good, their house loaf is my favorite bread in Portland! Coava coffee also!

Larry McVicker

Pretzel bread sandwich is to die for!!

Alfredo Sosa

(Translated by Google) Excellent!!! (Original) Excelente!!!

Reid Ten Kley

I called to place an order. Left a voicemail per the instructions. Called the next day and was told they couldn't bake my order because they need 48 hours notice. News flash- that's why I called two days before and no one answered or returned my phone call.

Betty Joe Armstrong

I had a piece of a wonderful fruit cake from Little T at Christmas and wanted more, so I ordered one of their Easter cakes, and some dinner rolls. I was called back a few days before Christmas and the rolls were confirmed. On Easter I drove 20 miles to pick up my order and was told that there was a mix-up and the rolls weren't baked. They offered baguettes free of charge as a replacement. The cake was not what I expected, but I paid my $18 for the 8-9" round 1 layer. The upshot is - the baguettes just didn't cut it as dinner rolls, though they tasted great. The cake was so dry and crumbly I didn't serve it. I'm going to pour brandy over it and let it soak in, see what happens. A disappointing experience when I expected something *really special*. But the staff was very nice.

Selin Yılmaz

Ryan Wright

Will Loker

Wonderful bread and sandwiches for breakfast or lunch

david Delany

Excellent customer service and vibe for me. I forgot my wallet and they let me have the coffee without returning. Also, they played DEVO... "Are we not men"...that is unusual.

Chris Buja

Ned Bowring

Decent coffee and yum breakfast. Reasonably priced too.

Alan Bork

Great place.

Nils Tillstrom

Hey guys. I didn't spend $17 on pastries to have them crammed together in a tiny box and come completely ruined. Get your act together.

Zach Sadoff

Max Davis

The chicken sandwich had very, very good bread. And the sandwich itself was quite good though not mind-blowing. (sorry, I have to be sparing with my 5-star ratings :)

Jeffrey Anthony

I walked in and looked at the menu it was my 1st time here. I went to the register and a rude employee barked at me to say that register is closed go to the other one. Now on the menu for the sandwiches it listed every single ingredient including any special sauce. I ordered a salami sandwich which they said the salami was provided by Olympic Provisions. (I love Olympic Provisions) When I ordered this I asked if this sandwich came with anything, to which the employee looked at me and said "what do you mean?" Are you kidding me? Seriously, are you kidding me? So when the sandwich arrived it was completely smothered in mayo. No where on the menu did it say it had mayo. No where. If you list every single ingredient for every sandwich on your menu and then you deliver the sandwich drenched in mayo, you fail at your job. I ate one half the sandwich and threw it out. It didn't matter where the salami came from, it might as well had been 3 month old rotting raccoon meat, it would taste the same since the sandwich was smothered with mayo, which again, was not listed on the very detailed menu. I won't be going back.

Nick Boswell

The baked goods here are so amazing. Their house-made granola is also quite tasty if you are looking for something light. They stop serving regular food fairly early, but other than that, this is great place!

Jessy Brown

Yummy food, really nice building!

Sean Lai

One of the best baguettes in town, which, as not much of a desert person, is unfortunately all I can say about this place with any conviction. Seriously good baguette though.

Joni Yates

One of my favorite places in Portland! Love the Avo Smash (avocado on warm homemade bread)! Service is friendly! Bakery goods are outstanding!

Barry R.

Great bakery with really good sandwiches and light fare.

space cadet

your average slightly better-than-frozen pastries. cookies are decent though expen$ive and are more hyper sweet than complex.

Suzy Choate

Elegant but comfortable little bakery, accommodating to all. Mouthwatering pastries and the best bread in town! (Seriously.) The coffee is top-notch too. Graceful and smooth service. Our barista Patrick was kind and patient with me and my 4-year-old, while simultaneously serving lunch to a table of nine. Everything was spotless, including the bathrooms. We'll definitely be back!


Good food. Slow service, and not open very early for a breakfast/bakery spot.

Bonnie Anderson

Very excellent baked fresh bread, the sandwiches also good, its good to come back here again.

Thomas Devaux

No doubt, Little T makes the best baguette in town. The one that is delicious and crusty on day 1, and still edible on day 2! It became our go-to breakfast place, we probably tried most items on the menu. Very simple pastries and menu items, but they got everything right. The Continental (baguette, butter and jam) is a great way to try their delicious bread. "One croissant a day keeps the doctor away", right?

Sarah Butler

Tess Yamamoto

Erin Cox

that salt slab though...

Krystal Espiritu

Sally Lund bread toasted with butter and jam... Latte to seal the deal... Been coming here since opened... The service is at best... The people are very wonderful highly recommended..

Denise Marshall

Holly Ramos

One of the best breakfast sandwiches I've ever had.

Tim Donner

The spelt loaf! Try it!

Kate Tornay

Melanie Carroll

Delicious treats....slightly long line and coffee bar needed attention. Good morning place.

Brandon Roach

So good, must pick up a slab while you're hear. Unique pastry you won't find anywhere else.

Chris Stone

This place is a great spot to grab a pastry and a cup of coffee. Try their scones. Their berry scones are out of this world.

Bob Davee

Spot on with croissants and all manner of breads. Excellent coffee and low attitude quotient.

mara kaiser

very pretty, too pricey

Rick Hunter

Mckenzie Schreiner

Timothy Jackson

The bakery is second to none !!!! The best in Oregon period . Everything is high quality and made in house . Coffee is exceptional too.

Catherine Cohen

Beautiful assortment and delicious daily bread! Got the seeded Mesquite and dreamed about cutting into it the whole way home. Super flavorful crust and and beautiful crumb. Not too many lunch / breakfast options for vegetarians and essentially none for vegans but the bread is worth the trip.

Shawn Ingersoll


Fantastic spot nice, open, and bright.

David Dixon

The coffee drinks were very good and the pastries were divine. Little T has a modern country chic feel to it, which makes for a fun location to meet people and have coffee. It is bright, well lit, but has major draw. There could be a line and no place to sit if you come at the wrong time. With that said, they have some great doughnuts.

Linda Chase

The most amazing tomato, ginger, coconut soup I've ever had.

Christopher Popov

Good food but expensive for what you get. I will be back though


Fantastic quality.

Manuela Murillo

Great place for coffee, and lox for only $7 which is a steal of a deal. They are super nice, ask for a coffee punch card cause I didn't know till like 7 visits in that they had them. They have splenda which is a plus as most places opt for a generic version. I wish they sold the lox which is a breakfast item all day, if they did I would be there just about every other day.

Jerry Hanson

James Clark

They need to be open longer. They are missing a lot of business. They close at 5, and the three times I have been there I have walked out as they locked the door, only to trip over people criss-crossing the sidewalk - a quick count estimated at least 12 people.

Nic Kilkenny

Lael Easton

Can't beat their treats!

Shelly Coghill

Gene Rappe

I have been here four times. But I shall not likely visit for another year. The place lacks charm. It has a sterile looking, clinical feel to the general ambience. The use of herbs like basil or lavender in traditional pastry combined with the occasional brusqueness of staff leaves me no choice but to say this place occupies the space that should be occupied by a bakery.

Matthew Pahs

Best muffins in the u.s.

Porter Bishop

Michael Sheldon

Croissants? Yes! Scones? Yes! Breads and Baguettes? Yes! We'll come back for treats again.

Wyatt Freda-Cowie

Pretzel bread is great

Colleen Lines

The food was really delicious. However the barista was unfriendly and downright rude. She made our dining experience not so good. If you want fresh baked bread sandwiches, they are very good.

Fred Parnon

Just back from lunch. Excellent open-faced sandwich of sliced salmon (lox), capers, fresh dill, cream cheese, and baked-on-site dark bread. Proportion of ingredients was just right (featuring a generous amount of salmon, and lots of dill and capers). A small but high quality selection of baked-on-site pastries and cookies, too. Clean, cheerful place for a Saturday afternoon lunch.

Greg Coheras


Esthee Wong

The mark of a good croissant is the buttery smell and texture. Theirs had none of that.

Lenny Parrott

Everything is so fresh and tasty! I love the bacon & egg croissant breakfast sandwich and the fresh-baked cookies...SO GOOD! It's a little pricey but high quality. Worth it!

Jordan Prentice

Max Weisenbloom

Erik Brown

Best bread, baked goods, and coffee

Asa Weiss

Austin Rufener

Andrew Boes

Excellent baked goods (bread, muffins, pastries) and coffee!

Elon S

Awesome bread, great food and drinks

sam travis

Over-rated and over-priced. Better than a Starbucks or a safeway bakery but certainly not worth the prices they charge for what are just pretty standard bakery goods.

Rebecca Vestal

Wow. I did not know that a croissant could change my perception of every other croissant I've ever tasted. So buttery. Crispy on the outside, tender lamination on the inside. A touch of heaven. Their house loaf is incredible too. I almost don't want to post this review out of selfishness- more croissants for me!

Josh Floyd

Amazing breads, amazing pastries, amazing staff. It was a slow day and I called to see if they had something. They only had one, but they held it for me. They don't usually do that and it was awesome that they did. Made my day!

Erwin Chung

Jamie Hoover

Wonderful bread and pastries and so reasonably priced!

Andrew Jones

Cold brew and a berry danish gets me right in the morning

Theresa Schultz

I don't live in the Portland area. But I do visit frequently. And when I do (every damn time), I find this place absolutely irresistible. Absurdly good coffee and the most fresh, delicious, baked goods available. It's good that I don't live in the city because I would definitively need some blood sugar medication if I did.

Sue Gentry

Wow! Such a fine sandwich!! Salami on a short and skinny. The flavor just kept coming. The combination of meat, greens, cheese, peppers, bread with pickle on the side made this one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten. Thanks for making my day!

Paul Schaffer

Excellent sandwiches on fresh baked bread, what's not to love? They also sell a variety of loaves to go and their pastries are amazing.

Chris Fillingham

Loreen Nichols

Love their product. But they need to change their service model Fifteen minutes in line on Saturday morning at Division location. Several people left. Maybe they are thinking they are just too cool to step up the service.

Joey Dodds

Good coffee and pastries. Ordered to go and are at the small park nearby.

J Wethington

Love this place. Great ambience and friendly staff

Mark Condon

Paul T

Best French bouquet in town.

Joseph Murphy

Best baguettes in Portland.really good food.great menus but excellent quality.

Neil B

Nice people yummy nosh.

aleena seattlegrl

Great place for breakfast place.

Lachlan Glenn

Robin Hiebler

They changed the French Toast Not nearly as!

holland murphy

So delicious!!!

ethan blaser

Andrew Wyse

Ryan E

Awesome bakery with artisan breads, only reason I didn’t rate 5 stars is they’re pretty spendy, second most expensive bakery in town behind Tabor Breads.


The best baguette in town at Little T's. I was at Lovejoy bakery a few days ago and decided to purchase their baguette, big mistake, had to throw it away - it was as hard as a rock. Stick with what you know, I will only buy baguettes from Little T's.

Lauren Hunter

You guys, this is the BEST bakery and there are a LOT of good bakeries in PDX. I love the brioche donuts, olive slab, ham and cheese pretzel croissant and matcha latte. ❤️

Melissa Lim

Really great baked goods: bread, pastries, cookies and more.

Risa Kesselman

Wow. I have no idea how I've lived less than a mile from this place for 2 years and never been in here...but I'm sure glad I stopped in! Of course they have great coffee...but then you get to the breads and pastries and breakfast. I had the house cured salmon on spelt bread. Simply divine. The bread was perfectly crusty on the edge, and soft and fluffy inside. Some of the best lox I've ever had (and I'm a nice Jewish girl who has been eating lox for nearly 40 years, so that's saying something)! Simple. Clean. Perfect. I will be back again and again...

Azsa West

I came here with my little boy to get a rainbow cookie for pride. It was really tasty! All of the other pastries look delicious and from prior experience I can say they are all very yummy. The cash register was super lovely and kind. However, again, and almost every time we come in we get the same barista who always seems to be in a really foul mood. We love little t but want to feel good when we are paying for things. Please check in with your baristas and see what they need to be happier so it’s not effecting attitude at work. We’ll still return though. Hopefully next time they will be kinder to us :)

Denise Kelsch

This bakery is awesome! From the handmade breads -pastries to the variety of sandwiches and more it is worth the trip. The staff members are great. I visit at least once a week. Definitely a Portland place! ! Service Dog friendly.

Christopher Daniel

Extraordinary pastries

Silas Boren

Prices up, quality down. Last time I went there it was around 8:30am to grab couple pretzel rolls but they didn't have any. They told me it was because they got a late start. Today they didn't have any croissants for their breakfast sandwich, but couldn't be bothered to erase it from the chalkboard menu. I opted for the gravlax on spelt and was disappointed to see the price has gone up by over 20% sometime in the last couple months. Now it's $12 for two pieces of bread and a little fish. Then they were out of coffee. I don't understand how service can decline so much when there's more staff on hand then there are customers in the shop. With all the other bakeries that are now open along Division St. I would think that they'd be trying harder.

Kevin Ricks

Great choices and flavours!

koichi kurisu

Terrific bakery! Lovely bright space and good coffee. Too bad the staff is totally unconcerned whether their wifi works or not.

Claire Russell

We had the bread pudding and toffeedoodle cookie. Both were just okay, not worth finishing. I think the cookie would be a lot better with some salt

Anna Laparra

I went for the purpose of buying a glazed croissant....I ended up buying a delicious meal with a chunky potatoes soup.. Everything was sublime.

Paul Diener

Good coffee, sandwiches and baked goods!

Sarah Mcpherson

Absolutely awful service. We ordered 3 hot coco and waited nearly 30 mins. 3 other orders were prepared before ours and they ordered after us. Barista who was preparing our orders was disrespectful and rude. He gave us multiple dirty looks and ignored me when i came to ask why is was taking so long to make hot coco. I had to ask the lady who was standing next to him! It was very obvious he was discriminating against my husband and myself who are from out of town. Barista was a tall skinny/lanky white man with his ear pierced. Despicable.

Aaron Rowell

Baked goods are out of this world. If you love chocolate their brownies are amazing. If you prefer something delicious but less sweet, their date bars are also great.


Great pasteries- always. But their breakfast food quality has gone downhill in recent months. Customer service slipping also.

Whyte Tien

Good lunch place!

A Trewqitty

Favorite bakery in town, their items are consistently well-crafted. My current go-to is the tomato tart but the brownies are pretty amazing as well.

Martin Pagel

Great bread and pastry

Nicole Emery

Paula Winchel

I had a scrumptious fig pastry and a delicious tasty Caprese sandwich on crusty bread. Very friendly staff.

Randy Stratton

Amazing coffee and pastries

Michael Holland

Nice little bakery cafe with some rather distinctive offerings. The peanut butter cookies are definitely different.

ethan frager

The best bread in all of Portland.

Adam Tillotson

This place is awesome! I've bought bread from them a few times now and there is nothing that compares. The spelt whole grain bread, the house bread, the baguettes, it's all next level stuff. I had a ham & cheddar sammy on a pretzel roll the other day that was so deliciously simple it was elegant. Definitely worth going out of your way for. ProTip: Check their website as they offer different breads every day.

Hector Lopez

Great espresso. The baguettes, financier and cookies were a let down. I'll stick to providore for their baguette since it's closer than this location.

Nicki Muhawi

Jonathan Nagar

Some of the best pastries and breads in town. Love it

Lady Von Barber

Great coffee. Cute store.

Dennis Cao

Still some of the best croissants I've ever tasted even after their move over from the west side.

Chase Thomas

Amanda Van Ostenbridge

Chad DelMain

I assume all the locations are similar in style and quality. That being said, this review is based on their new location off Barbur Blvd in SW Portland, OR. Went with the Double Frack Burger for $5 and made it Frack Style (Bacon, extra cheese, & sauteed mushrooms) for and additional $2. I'd say the highlight of this super messy burger is the homemade bun that the charred tasteless burgers patty's sat on. The two people working were very nice and helpful when ordering. The lady informed me Frack Burger is... "just like 5 Guys but Better!" Sorry, but no - and I don't even like 5 guys


If it's busy, then the service goes down. Not sure if it's because a lack of planning or time management, or what. Ordered a BEC to go, waited 20 minutes and then discovered there was no bacon, which should've been there. I was really hungry so I just ate it as I walked home. They also ran out of the bread that typically comes on the sandwich. Pretty frustrating. I've been here 3 times. 2/3 times they've ran out of the bread that belongs on the BEC. 1/3 times they forgot the bacon. Their food is good, but the service is not consistent. Unfortunately, I'd rather cook my own breakfast now.

George Blikas

Great bakery. A little on the spendie side, but totally worth it. Their coffee is also excellent, and the ham and brie pretzel sandwich is bomb.

Boaz Frankel

I'm always on the lookout for rockin' cookies and this place did not dissapoint. Crispy on the edges and soft in the middle with great chocolate!

Alison Cole

Great bakery but don't go if you are in a hurry! Staff has 3 speeds, slow, slower, and snails pace

Henry Kim

Very nice atmosphere and great bread. Drip coffee is from Coava and unlimited refills. Perfect place to study.

Elizabeth Elbel

Tonino Pacifico

It is good

Dick Thompson

Great bakery. Knocking on the door of the best European shops.

Jessica Krstanovic

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