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Where is Liberated Baking, Gluten Free?

REVIEWS OF Liberated Baking, Gluten Free IN Oregon

Jennifer Hansen

The owners are rude and make you feel like you are wasting their is good. Too bad

Nathan Sipes

Amazing food! Great service (with a side of snarky-ness). First biscuits and gravy that my wife has been able to eat is YEARS!!!

Adam Orton

Good food, wildly overpriced.

Bridget McBride

I am a celiac who cannot eat soy, dairy or gluten. I used to not do well with rice flour either, but I have eaten here several times and had absolutely no problems (their flour blends all have some form of rice flour). They have vegan options and the only products that have soy is the dairy-free chocolate they use. The dairy-free butter they use is Earth Balance and it contains no soy. This is a fantastic place and the food is wonderful, I highly recommend it to anyone, whether you can have gluten or not. I have gone there with friends and family who do not have problems with gluten and they enjoyed it as well. They also make birthday cakes, and they aren't terribly pricey. The employees are all very nice and accommodating. Overall a great place to eat.

Amy Rominger

Staff and products were amazing. I so appreciate a dedicated place to go. It's hard to say in words how grateful I am.

Karen Long

Jen Carreiro

A fellow GF friend suggested Liberated Bakery and I was delighted to find another diet-friendly cafe. The cafe has a modern feel to it with dark red walls, plenty of table seating and an open feel to the space. Their bagels are great toasted and although I've only tried one pastry, I know I'd enjoy the others. This is a great place to feed your diet-restrictive belly if you have a gluten allergy/intolerance, but not the place for coffee or coffee drinks. On different occasions I had a drip coffee which was not that great and because they have Mocha Mondays (at 50%) I gave it a go another time. I specifically asked the lady to make it NOT SWEET. It turned out tasting like syrup! I should have said that I wanted it more bitter instead. I'd continue to go here but not for the beverages, only the pastries and bread. Keep up the good work with baking! Thanks!

Zach Snethen

Great food! But comes with an attitude that I didn’t order staff is kinda rude

Phillip Morgan

Had a great sandwich and cookie. Wonderful to have someplace nice to go where I don't have to be concerned about contamination. Hope the community supports it.

Julia M

I wasn't looking for gluten free, I was just looking for a good non chain restaurant for lunch! And then, they let me get a breakfast sandwich after 1pm. Yum!

Diane Price

Clean and friendly bakery. The vegan desserts are fantastic.. the oat coconut raspberry bar super delicious! Loved the chocolate chop cookies too...moist and chewy! Just wish they had more v, gf....but thank you

lei mahoney

Snotty? really?? I had quite the opposite experience. It was a Saturday afternoon and my allergic family and I were on our way home from the market. I yelped allergy free bakeries and restaurants and this one stood out to me and it was on the way home so we stopped by. There were a few customers waiting for their orders inside the clean shop. It was a relaxed vibe and the lady greeted me cheerfully as I studied the ingredients on the flags of their cupcakes and cookies. I had a list of avoids so I asked her what I could get for soy free, wheat free, egg free, and dairy free. it is dang near impossible for me to find anything in a store that are free of the top 8 allergy offenders. She told me they usually they have a variety of cupcakes that would be ok for me, but today they had a few things with soy lecithin at best. I picked up a chocolate chip vegan cookie for my three year old to see how she likes their taste. She scarfed half of it down… she loved it! she only ate half because it is a big cookie. I had a little crumb that did not have choco chips (it has soy lecithin) and it was good!! it was really hard to find a piece without chocolate… they are not stingy with it! the lady behind the counter was really nice and we got to talking about our kids with food allergies. She suggested i come back wednesday when they have the most vegan products. i had to call back later because my husband had a bite of the other half and said he tasted peanut butter. Chris answered the phone and reassured me his facility is peanut free. Whew. three year old has a severe peanut allergy! He was very nice and polite :) definitely going back wednesday! they also have savory items too… hope they have lunch for me as well as dessert when i get there wednesday!!

Tara Tennimon


So excited this place exists! I hope they make it. Excellent food, friendly service, and good coffee. All I wanted was a gluten free breakfast bagel, and I found a whole lot more. So awesome.

K Salinas

The best place to go for gluten free options. My wife can’t have gluten and we were fortunate that they loved from Gresham to clackamas. Much closer for us in Oregon city. Nice folks and the food is tasty. I don’t require gluten free but I love their breakfast sandwiches. Very moist bread and flavorful. The place is nice and clean too. Hands down a hit for those who want the best. Oh- and get a cinnamon roll- wow!!!

stacy brickert

Food is great! All gluten free. Nice to have a safe place to eat.

Shawn Mackey

Clean. Friendly.Like Home

Diana Erwin

Huge selection of gf treats. Yum.

Ruth Classen

We have been there at least a dozens times over the past couple of months. Everyone is friendly and the establishment is very clean. Food is very good. Really nice place to go.

Nariek W

Diane Stephenson

When my son turned 1 in 2017, I had to get him a vegan cake. My guy has a severe dairy protein allergy. I used the former Gresham location. They did such an amazing job. I noticed that my boy was NOT missing out on anything, his cake was one of the best cakes I have ever tried; vegan or non. I will be using the Clackamas location in 2019 for my girls 1st birthday!

Connie Reineccius

When I was told to not eat gluten, I was very sad because I love bread and sweets. But then Liberated Baking opened and I this place! The staff is excellent and I love them all! And the food...oh my gosh...OUT OF THIS WORLD! The sandwiches, pot pies, soup, breads, and all the fantastic treats are to die for! I can't recommend them enough. You must go there, even if you can eat gluten.


Ginger Puett-Zeppetella

Good cupcakes

Gabrielle Jones

Not bad but you take a chance at getting stale bakery items from time to time. Prices are high.

Chip McNally

I love their scones.

The Illustrious Mr. Panda

I don't know what this is but they're filling market need. 5 STARS

Jamie Marshall

My friend told me about this place because I was sad at not being able to ever have decent sweet treats without compromising flavor. Wow!! This place is worth a try. And the gluten free bread has awesome texture and flavor. Just don’t go crazy the first time like I did. Take your time and go back often. The frosted sugar cookies are great and so are the red velvet cupcakes. The chocolate chip cookies are better than regular cookies with gluten.

Raina Mills

Great spot for quality gluten free baked goods. Amazing sandwiches and soups, everything made with care. Efficient, friendly staff and a clean and well maintained environment. Highly recommended!

Eliza C

Dedicated gluten-free facility with dairy-free, low FODMAP, and vegan choices as well. I am working my way through the menu at this point. Everything is delicious and incredible quality. This place is a gem and haven for people with auto-immune, allergies, or intolerances.

Alex Wilfong

Best place to find allergen free food, coffee, and baked goods!

Jus Josef

Stopped in on a whim to purchase some sweets for a client, one of the owners was curt almost to the point of being insulting. I don't know if he was having a bad day, but I definitely will take my business elsewhere, and recommend others to do so as well.

Megan Richardson

Amazing! I love weiner wrap Wednesdays!!!

Cyleste Farnsworth

MOST. DELICIOUS. CUPCAKE. I'VE. HAD. IN. YEARS!!!!! Plus - I had a yummy breakfast bagel! My husband demolished a custom sandwich and he's not used to eating gluten free. I immediately got a cake order form because my birthday is in 30 days and I want to be ready. I also bought cupcakes in every flavor they had available so I can start taste testing ahead of time. Sure, I know it's an excuse, but with the food is this good, I have no problem admitting that!

Patti Cheatham

I did a google search for Gluten Free "near me". Liberated Baking popped up and it was only 1/2 mile away from where I was working that day. That was two months ago...they now know me by first name when I call and order or when I pop in the door! Their yeast dough breads and quick/sweet breads are hands down the best in the US! I've been to many across the US, yes even the Food Network champion establishments but none of them come as close to the gluten bread textures and tastes as what they are doing here. Seriously, if you don't try one of their dinner rolls you have not begun to live again after removing gluten. Yes, it can be done, you can eat real bread again or least feel like you are eating the bread you ate before the diagnosis! Try their take home and bake Chicken Pot Pies! I am able to eat dairy so I order the should smell the aroma coming from the kitchen as they bake...OMG!! I've gained 10 pounds since finding this little piece of food nirvana ! :)

Jeannine Hokanson


Really good food and friendly people. Definitely recommend Liberated!

Alax Henderson

Awesome food and friendly staff I'd go more frequently if they were open later or earlier.

Delores Davis

Eryn Pugh

I buy all my bread from this bakery! I love that they have vegan options as well as completely gluten free. it makes having food restrictions a little easier!


A nice gluten free option. Big open space. Appreciated that their bathrooms were gender neutral with cute and inclusive signs. Would have liked some more vegetarian/vegan options on the food menu but they were accommodating offering to sub avocado for bacon.

Shelly Kemp

Not good

Ray Dunn

This place a hidden gem! Amazing food and great tasting bread for those of us that have gluten issues. If you get in the area this is the place for lunch or breakfast!

Brannen Guthrie

Place is great, good atmosphere. The food is excellent and support small business. This place is a MUST

Meg Sears

Our entire family loves their lunches and treats. Friendly staff. Clean facility.

Dawn Mathis

Reesey Campbell

Loved visiting the ladies at Liberated! It's so nice to be treated like a regular diner for once!

Steve Clark

Vegan options for people with allergies.

Patti Brewer

Best gluten free dinner rolls on the planet!! Best dinner rolls period!!

KVN Construction

This place is great especially if you have a food allergy. Over the years I’ve developed some health issues with my stomach and am now working with a naturopath to straighten things out. Liberated baking helps me maintain the diet I need. I mostly go their in the mornings for breakfast on a daily basis. Food is great and service is fantastic. They save my order by my name and I just simply call it inn For pick up! I recommend this place to everyone.

Kitty Santiago

The breads were delicious!

Shannon Strand

Best GF/DF dinner rolls and flat bread, I actually enjoy eating them plain. Everything I've tried, I like. Great flavor and texture (if it's weird, I won't eat it, never have that problem here). This is a newer lifestyle change for me, so it has been really nice to have such a great resource for my bread cravings. ;) and the folks there are very helpful and polite.

Caitey Andersen

Really good pastries!


Its pretty good. Too expensive for my taste. Weird people come in but that isnt their fault.

Wick Wicked

ben mcdermott

There dinner rolls taste like normal bread.

Chuck Taylor

Caleb Pugh

Great place for a quick bite! Love the food and I don't have any food allergies!

John Lyon

So many good options!

Garagon Draconi

Love this place. Great customer service and great selection of gluten free foods.

Nan Huber

Misty Dawn Light

Always great choices and tastes great too.

Joseph Nichols

Karen M

Sadly not my favourite. Been there 3 times recently. Staff seemed bothered to serve me & the place was empty. Breads are very low salt, extremely bland. Someone told me, their baked goods are high in sugar and they are proud of it. Amen! Last visit I just got a coffee to go. No more ... I don't like leaving such negative feedback, but I've not experienced much positive

Kathy Fredrickson

Love their biscuit and gravy. They are the best I've ever had and being gluten free makes it better. Friendly staff and nice environment. I love all the choices they have. Highly recommended

Keto Lady Melissa Gergen

Friendly, recognize their regular's. The dinner rolls I swear taste like normal bread. Totally worth trying out. You will be hooked :)

Sarah Nade

Best gluten free bakery I've been to, plus some amazing coffee too.

Granny Bud

Friendly sweet people who are baking delicious gluten free yummies. Stopped in, just looking... owner treated me to his favorite cookie. A coconut chocolate macaroon, it was good. However it is the carrot cake cupcake that will have me coming back over and over! Wow ♥

Mac Pennington

Whitney Zeigler

Tasty, seeded bread baked in house, mouth-watering GF chocolate chip cookies, vegan tomato and basil soup...everything I tried was delicious! The staff were also very friendly and knowledgeable about allergens. Also loved the sign on the bathroom door and the Dr. Seuess quote in the bathroom.

moose ms

Great gluten free foods. But really obnoxious music. It's a lovely atmosphere that could be improved with more mellow music.

Fran Kammerer

Amazing pastry, cookies, sandwiches. Did not try the soup but it looked good. Taking some of their GF bread home to try. The people here are very .friendly also. Most definitely recommend it!

Bob Adam

The of us had sandwiches for lunch today. They were really good and the staff seemed really nice. I will definitely be going back for more.

Pamela Miller

Wonderful food. Need to greet customers if there


Great service. Coffee was good. Coffee cake average

Patricia Loftesness

Not worth it

Brian Keechle

Top notch service and food, we will be making this our local go-to for all of our baked goodies!

Jonica Enderson

Had the snooze alarm with spinich and tomatoes it was delicious!

Kiersten Banke

jason kendall

Not only are their treats amazing, they are incredibly nice. Their customer service has always been exceptional.

jil dominguez

Absolute Heaven. Can never go wrong. Something for everybody. Owners, staff totally rock. My son's favorite place to pick up quick meal for our constant on the go lives. live there. Lol..Love you guys! Thank you! Sammy & Jil Dominguez

Cindy Clemens

Laikynn Johnston

I love their cupcakes. It's very gluten free safe and the service is fabulous

Tomas Baggio

Amazing food and friendly staff! Prices very good for a gluten free restaurant!!!

Tiffany Pruit

The staff is always helpful and friendly and the sandwiches, cookies and, cupcakes are the best! You won't even know that they are gluten free :)

Naiya M

Everything I've tried so far is great! Love the pot pies. Dedicated Gf bakery with dairy free and vegan options as well. Very nice people. Layed back deli atmosphere. A bit spendy but the quality is worth it and allergy free ingredients aren't cheap. definitely recommend. :)

Naomi Knight

Julie Schmale

This place is awesome! Friendly staff, good selection of desserts...liberating!

lyman hiter

Helvegr Suttungr

Delicious food and always with a variety. The owners/staff is always very nice and generous. Even given the expensive nature of gluten free products their prices are very decent. Anyone that eats specialty food should always expect to pay more anyway, that aside they are less expensive than other places I've been.

Debbie Franks


Lesley Barbeau

Elizabeth P.

This is one of my favorite places to go for a snack or for lunch. Their pastries are to die for and they always have a great variety. Their sandwiches are wonderful and they serve soup daily as well. Not only are they entirely gluten free, but they're great about handling other allergies as well. It's a full service bakery with a great atmosphere, lots of seating available, and even wi-fi. They do custom orders as well. If this sounds like an advertisement, I guess it kind of is. I want everyone to go there and make this place succeed because I'd be so sad if they didn't get enough business here and decided to change locations or something. This is the only gluten-free bakery in the east county area.

Stephanie Hardin

Very expensive snooty staff for a new place that should appreciate the business

Foxy Porter

Sidonia Webb

Trish LaDish

Bryan Jacobson

Unbelievably good gluten free baked goods. Love their Dutch cocoa cookies, flat breads, and so much more!

Gaile M

There are a LOT of gluten free bakeries in the Portland area. So with that much competition I expected more from Liberated Baking. Just had a sandwich and bag of chips for almost 12 bucks. For that I'd at least expect a sandwich bigger than a child size grilled cheese, and with more fillings. But I was sadly mistaken. The tiny thin offering that was placed in front of me embodied all of the disappointment we have all experienced ordering gluten free food. Small. Overpriced. Sad. Seriously, it was barely larger than an English muffin! And It took nearly 30 minutes to make and there was only one other table in the place? Not sure how a place like this can stay in business in a town where there are at least ten other places to get a gf sandwich. Sorry. Won't be going back. I think places who make gf options think they can charge an arm and a leg for mediocre food and small portions, and we will pay out of gratitude? Nope. Overpriced and tiny just aren't my bag.

Angie Hibbard

I love this place. There are so few options for me due to allergens but I'm always able to find something I live here. And their gluten freewaffle mix is the best! Always happy and helpful customer service people too!

Isaac Benson

Wide selection of scrumptious pastries, sandwiches, & salads w/ full coffee bar. Friendly staff & comfy seating

Kaylie Ragsdale

Jim Brown

Being in the area on business travel, this place was first to pop up in my google maps search. I am SO GLAD it did!! Absolutely fantastic sandwich, soup, treats... all of us gluten-free folks can rejoice! Great food, nice people... give it a go and you won’t be disappointed (unless you’re ridiculous...)

Greg Damitz

My favorite bakery in the world! Everything here is amazing and delicious with a tremendous staff serving incredible customer service as well. Cinnamon rolls, breads and sweet breads of all kinds, cookies and other assorted pastries, everything is first rate. Then there are a variety of wonderful sandwiches and always, always get the soup of the day.

Nancy Howland

Love, love, love this place. Best rolls and breads ! Best sweets, and some are also dairy free. Got my wedding cake here a few years ago. I only wish they still made cakes.

Vic Hoch

Angi Vandenbos

Yeah, someplace I can get a gluten free sandwich! Spacious. Helpful staff.

Lauren Sattler

This place is wonderful! Not only do they have amazing food, but the owners and staff are friendly as well. Try the biscuits and gravy on Sundays, you won't be disappointed.

Kim Mcrobbie

My fav new GF place!!

Evan Olson

Great menu options, perfectly clean, and beautiful food. I was hoping that, for the price, the sandwiches would come with chips. My (huge) sandwich also could have used more mayo and mustard than what it came with. These are small complaints though. Buy a loaf of their bread while you're there!

Florence Dehen


Cynthia Wimberly

Jessica Gemmill

Delicious gluten-free food

Nelson Helland

Fantastic food! Beats a lot of places that aren't gluten free!

Rich Cettel

Brenda Peck

I tried Liberated for the first time today. What a great place! They have so many options to choose from. I went in for bread but wasn't sure what kind would be good. The people behind the counter were wonderful. They gave me a sample of each bread type, which saved me a lot of money that could have been wasted on something I didn't enjoy. All of the breads were good. They even make their own graham crackers. I will definitely be back!!!

Ray Tesch

I ate there and got food poisoning

Amy R

Great sandwich bread

Shalee Hunter

Calm as a Tornado

Went today for my birthday cupcake, amazed at the variety and ended up with so many things that looked delicious! It's so hard to find baked goods close to my house that are gluten free, fred meyer runs out quickly, it was nice to be able to know that everything in tgis little bakery is something I can have. The message on the door is great too, cross contamination is definitely a concern and the fact that they state no outside items is reassuring. Friendly staff!

Joan Young

Wonderful staff and great food! Sunday morning biscuits and gravy -- YUM!

Jonathan West

Feather Hoote

Such great food. Cozy atmosphere. Yummy treats.

Linda Christiano

Drea Edwards

Absolutely gluten free and so yummy!! More than just cookies and bagels!! Biscuits and gravy and crepes!!!

Arabela Bross

I've been here a few times now. It's genuinely amazing. I happily drive 45 minutes to eat at Liberated Baking.

A. Bacharach

Tory Thompson

Excellent variety of gluten free treats. Also sandwiches and salads. Delicious!

Nate Camp

Douglas Greer

The Lasagna soup was so very delicious.

Becca Millott

Best GF sandwich I've had!!!


NO vegan, NO sugar-free, NO dairy-free, and very pricey too. Not very liberated at all to me :-(

Kim Castling

Best bakery and food

Kass Tenbe

Joel Bruner

Five stars for great tasting GF baked goods, but they lose a star for each of these: poor service, high prices, and bad hours. I have been in there several times when the owner is there and she is surly and rude, but the one time I went in and she wasn't around, everyone was all smiles and cheer. The prices for individual servings of their cakes and other goodies are fine, but if you want them to bake a GF cake for an even, be prepared to take out a second mortgage. Finally, they are only open when I am at work, so I have only been able to go in when I have a day off or am on vacation - try being open when most of the community isn't also at work and you might see more business.

jessy Godfrey

Sally c

Wonderful food, great staff. Never had anything to eat I didn't love. Dinner rolls, cookies, cheesecake, brownies all delicious. No matter whether you are gluten free or not. My husband loves their food and can't tell its gluten free.

Brian Walls

Great food

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