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REVIEWS OF Larson's Bakery IN Oregon

Madeleine Bowman

Larson's has been the 'go to' bakery of the East Vancouver area for decades. Euro style, baked with real ingredients, you can taste the difference. Visually appealing as well. And take a deep breath when you walk in the door for the old fashioned bakery aroma that fills the air. From their Honey Pecan Danish, Chocolate Eclair's, Napoleon's, many cookies & breads to their 'to die for' famed Marilyn Cake, it's all good! They serve coffees & have a dining area too. You can't go to Larson's & not find something you'll like!!!

jerry harness

Good pastries reasonable prices. I almost didn't notice the bakery there they need to put more displays outside but all in all I had a really good experience the people were really friendly and nice and polite I ordered a Apple filled pastry it was very very good and they gave me a sample of big free meringue which was heavenly! I will go there again definitely

Carole Bean

A little pricey, but worth it. Great selection, wonderful baked goods, and great soups and sandwiches. I've only had lunch there one time, but it was very good.

Thierry Poquet

The apple pie was absolutely delicious

Debra Parkinson

Excellent choices and pleasant staff

K Caldwell

Pastries are great, but they lose a couple of stars for customer service. Most of the older ladies there act so put out to have to do their job. They'll scoff and sigh and act like you're just inconveniencing them so much by giving your business. Emma is great though. She is smiling every time I come in and super friendly. The older ladies seem to have a stick up their butts. This is your job ladies. Stop acting like people frequenting your business if an annoyance to you.

Jessica Wilson

Beautiful and delicious cakes....pies....treats etc

Timothy Ruge

Great place to buy cakes and desserts.

DeeDee Campbell

Larson's has been around for so many years and always had top notch food!

riki colin

I love love love their cherry cheese cake. It makes me so happy

michael martin

great coffee cake!

Claudia Fuentes

The desserts are good. A little too buttery and heavy for my taste, but everyone swears by this place. A coworker even scarred up her face to save a Larson cake from falling out of her hands. I would have let the cake fall.

George Panagos

What isn’t great there?

Adriana Drennan

Great sweets. Awesome cakes.

wendi ross

Plain Jane bakery with top shelf baked items.

Paul T

Heaven on Earth! Best bakery in Vancouver, WA!

Ann Twelves

Always a great place. Excellent service.

Joe Ezetta

Real food. High quality. Family recipes.

Tanya Oleynick

Good cakes, pies, cookies. They add on personal touches such as welcome wishes, candles, etc. Eveyone is sweet, just like the sweets they sell.

Nick Hernandez

Ray Cox

I love their pastries. There Napoleon's are amazing!

micheal hawk

Recently pre-ordered a cake from here and one of the employees sold it to someone else. On the day the cake was to be picked up, we were informed that they didn't have it and wouldn't be able to get one for 2 days. This isn't helpful as the party is the night that the cake was to be picked up. NOT IMPRESSED!

Tianna Soucy

The best desserts!

Jennifer Hibbs

Larson's bakery saved the day for my son's birthday! I tried going to another bakery and they never called back or responded to me. Thank you!!

Tamara Potwora

Fantastic cakes. On

alnabaa alazem

Cheshire X-Grin

I ordered a specific cake in which would be almond cake (similar to Norwegian almond cake). Apparently, they didn’t make what I requested as it didn’t taste like a real almond cake. Unfortunately, some of my friends, who joined the birthday party, got “food poisoned” after eating the cake. I wouldn’t recommend this.

James Heller

Bree Cassidy

Over-Inflated prices for mediocre cakes. Bought a baby shower cake here as it was our last baby and I wanted a yummy, super fancy cake. The staff was polite but had a ton of things they weren't willing or able to do. No fondant, extremely limited flavors, and the frosting and filings were also limiting. I bought anyway because my best friend raves about this place. Was completely unimpressed with the taste though! Especially for the exorbitant price!! Costco cakes taste HEAPS better for a fraction of the cost! And the 1/4 sheet size is NOT the same as one you'd pick up at Fred Meyer bakery, much smaller. Despite the nice ladies, I will not be returning for my wedding, or any other big event.

John Colby

I've been shopping Larson's for 12 years. Wonderful staff, smiling faces and the best vanilla and chocolate marble cake on Earth! If you don't stop by you are doing our state a disservice.

Richard Brown

Great pastries!

ugautha utha

Love the Bear Claw...yummy..


Great place!

Joseph Cannarozzi

Everything is scrumptious! The Napoleons are out of this world.


A Lovely classic pecan pie with a flaky crust made with lard, lard!! I love it.

Melissa Joyner

This is the best Bakery. Basic and delicious!

Jason Garwood

Their cakes are the best in town.

Marcelo Vergara

Mostly merengue, hardly any bread. You will get a better piece bread at your local supermarket.

Ali Cromwell

One of the best bakery's I've ever been to. Only place we buy birthday cakes every year now. Always fresh & delicious!

Kathy H

It's been a few years since I have placed in order at Larson's and here is why they have a very rude staff member. I went in to place an order for my son's first birthday. I was showing a random picture from my phone of what I wanted as in example to a very friendly staff member who was taking my order. Another woman who has been incredibly rude to me in the past starts in on how they are not going to do that, and just kept going on and on about it. PS there website states they can decorate a cake for you apparently not as this was the big issue with this woman. I am not an unreasonable person I understand that some things cannot be done( a random cartoon monster out of frosting!), but learn how to speak with people in a respectful way. I asked the lady to please cancel my order as it appeared that I was making an unreasonable request!

Alan Graham

Best independent bakery in the area. They were very helpful with us when we ordered our wedding cakes. The other treats and sandwiches are very good also.

Lawrence Anderson

Amazing sweet creations.


I love this place, you can’t go wrong with the cakes either. They have other parties too, I usually Stop here Saturday mornings.


Friendly staff, huge selection. I had an apple critter. Take a chance on Larson's.

Mary H

Larsons never disappoints. My kiddo and I got 2 delicious cupcakes for less than $4. Mine was a banana cupcake with cream cheese frosting - so good! I hope Larsons stays around for my grandkids and great grandkids <3

W Webb

Their cakes taste good for the most part but decoration wise you don't have many options and many ideas are just shot down unless you want to fork out more money. Even for something simple such as writing. There's no creativity what so ever. We picked up a cake for my husbands birthday and I'm pretty disappointed. After discussing what I was looking for, my husbands cake looked nothing like we discussed. It was also very salty and uneven. We decided to place another ordered for a cake for my birthday and when we cut into it, it was not the same cake that we ordered. The offered us an in store credit for their screw up but what good is that after your special event is done and over with. They even screwed up the order of cookies when we were telling them which ones we wanted. This place is going down hill. Time to start looking for new bakeries.

James Lugo


Jill Ridgley

If you have never been to Larson's Bakery you're not getting it they have the most delicious pastries I have ever tasted in my life and the accompanying you to whatever you want they help you say suggest items are very friendly clean store great employees and wonderful wonderful cakes and cupcakes and cookies and pies and pastries and special pastries and I'm not going to tell you which one I love because I wanted there when I go there sorry folks just have to go find out for yourself

Wayne Brittain

Great bakery, when my parents come to town my dad has to go.

BigPhat Stack

If you ever come to Vancouver ,Wa. , it is a must you go and get the Banana Cake it will be a life changing experience !!

Jan Russell

Debbie Austin

When I go to the Craft Warehouse I just gotta stop at the Larson Bakery! The gals have always been nice & helpful. I bring my friends with me and they love it too!

Ken Golden

Great bakery with lots of options.

Gleenobly Butterworth

I love the cozy cafe inside. Nice and usually quiet. Good place to eat a sandwich at lunch time. Friendly staff too.


english toffee cake, holy moly!!

pegi payne

Best bakery ever with lots of customer service

Erin Kash

The Banana and white chocolate cake is a beloved cake in our household. We have kept the bakeries name a secret from my husband for 8 years for two reasons: 1. Its usually for his birthday that we buy the cake 2. If he knew where it was he would buy it more often, LOL

Victoria Radford

Did not enjoy my experience at Larsons bakery. The cake I received was not what I ordered or wanted. When I expressed my dislike of the cake to the manager she did nothing to help or accommodate. The flowers on the cake were not evenly placed and did not look professionaly done. The work was sloppy and the cake shape was not what I asked for. I would not recommend going to this bakery.

Sharon Nauta

This place is a gem!

chivon waller

They have some really good home made pastries

Lara Ryan

Get all the things


Amazing people and delicious baked goods! Thank you so much Lenna!

Mark DeForest

Jennifer Hervey-Langley

Best pies and cakes in clark county!

Vanessa Livingston

I will Never recommend Larsens... they messed up my cake, against my better judgement I didn't look at the cake before I left!!! The decorating was hideous, it looked like it had been done in 5 minutes (BTW: which was done by the owner) I put in my order 2 1/2 weeks in advance they called me 2 weeks prior to pick up my cake on the WRONG day, I believe while heartedly they forgot about my cake, whipped it out in a hurry and weren't willing to take responsibility!!! When I asked to be compensated The response I got after paying $55 for this aweful tasting cake was they could refund me $10!!! I took my cake to BG Bakery!! I will always to business with them! Their decorater used to decorate for Disney Land she is amazing

Mack Pines

Best bakery in town! I always love getting birthday cakes here and they have the best ham and cheese croissants. Well worth the price ($4.00)

Janice Meredith

Apple critters and lemon cupcakes! Delish!

Mary Valicenti

Excellent french buttercream icing. Very friendly & accommodating staff. Google maps directions took us unnecessarily around a building when they could have had us turn right in the parking lot. (We were looking @ the shops on the left not the right.)

Adrian Boatman

Terri J


Marjie Van Der Laan

A great small bakery that has been in business for years and years. Friendly, personable staff. When I first moved here Larson's Bakery was recommended to me because they have a loyal following and people supposedly drive from the coast to get their custom birthday cakes made there. Over the years, I have enjoyed their apple turnovers, Boyd's Coffee, tasters/samples, marionberry coffee cakes, pecan buns, butter cookies and birthday cakes. I used to get a huge array bi-weekly for my real estate company meetings and everyone loved the goodies! I also really enjoy their chopped salad - the salads are HUGE and will make them to go. The pricing is good - they are on a busy street in Vancouver, Washington - these aren't Lake Oswego prices, they're Vancouver prices. I have brought friends here and they were amazed at how good the prices and the value was. 2 restrooms to use and a seating area inside and out.

Richard Weigel

shelly leonard

We have been loyal customers since my husband and I were in high school 35 year s ago. We would drive the fourty miles to get raspberry bars!! All our birthday and holiday yummies come from Larson's. My daughter in law and I stop there regularly for a nice light lunch.

sham Da

Jake Nikora

Pastries are great!

Evan Montoya

The best baked goods anywhere.

joel perez

Brighid Hackett

Great cakes, cookies, treats, and staff!

Cooky 933

Wonderful walnut brownies and almond raspberry bars. Good sandwiches, too.

Wendy Hibbert

I can't really testify to the quality of a purchase. I sampled a 3 layer chocolate cake that had a chocolate casing over the icing. The cake was okay, nothing particularly special. Once the icing hit my tongue, I spat it out. It had to be vegetable shortening. The chocolate coating was particularly waxy. The staff was super friendly and helpful, but after that cake experience, I had no appetite for anything else in the store... sorry :/

Nick Wiliamson

Tastes good. Looks like you are walking back into 70s bakery, nothing modern, looks same as it did 15 years ago when I was there last. Decent taste is why 2 stars not 1, employees made some under breath comments about my glasses

Madilina Erion

Always very homey. And good pastries

Kelsey Delashaw

The cheesecake here is so good with awesome whipping cream!

Irene Woodland

Lovely bakery with so many options. They also made my 50th b-day cake and it was AMAZING!! So glad we had them do it. English Toffee Cake, yum!!!

Bellamy Woodside

Little Farmer Girl

The pastries I had were ok. Not much flavor or pizzaz

Brittany Warren

Rude customer service. I will not buy here

Wendy Martocci

Yum! Great sandwiches, salads and soups!

Junebug 824

I ordered their fresh banana cake to be decorated with a pirate theme. There were some special requests for the order and everyone did a fantastic job! Customer service was AMAZING. The cake was perfect and was the most delicious cake ever made! Do yourself a favor and order this cake. It's the only place to get it. Thanks to everyone involved in making my husband's birthday great. YOU ROCK!!

Heather McDonald

Yummy birthday cake!

Steve L

We googled best cinnamon rolls in Vancouver. We drove out and let me tell you, this place did not disappoint. Their bakery is everything! The service was so good! You need to go here and try it all. I know we will.

Nick Schmidt

Nice Bakery little overpriced I think they think their products are a lot better than what they are but all in all I'll go back just don't spend a lot there

Sheila Boenish

I ordered cake from here for my son's birthday and the person named Patti seemed annoyed in answering questions from a customer, poor customer service and I will be taking my business somewhere else!

Anthony Livingston

I jest got a strawberry single layer cake today 8-2-2018 this is the best cake I ever had

Jason V Brock

Always excellent. Emma is a jewel.

Jen Coghill

I ordered a cake today at Larson's Bakery. Did not look at it before I left. It was a simple German chocolate. I live less then 5 minutes from this bakery and though I would support a local business for my husbands birthday. I revived zero instructions on how to "properly" transport the cake. It sat on my passenger seat. I get home and open it to display it nicely and the top layer half way through the cake and the filling has fallen of and into the box. I call the bakery to ask what I can do and the snotty lady says... We ALWAYS tell the customer to transport it on the floor. Will guess what. That was NOT told to me and I have never had issues transporting cakes on the passenger seat. Especially less than five minutes. It looks like the top layer was cracked and they just Doctored it together slapped some frosting on it and hoped it would hold.

OGCN Gaming

Pretty damn pricey but these cakes are so delicious! I love their banana cake. Its my favorite.

John Goode

Only place to go for treats and birthday cakes

Michael-Tommy De Rita

I ate my wifes cannoli, I couldn't resist. Mmmmmmmmm, don't tell her.

Df Roush

Wonderful staff and service! Excellent baked goods!

Mr. SlyFox

Went here when I was younger, went back recently and I just had the best pastries ever,

Maria Mendez

Will Watkins

Always a pleasant delicious experience friendly staff fantastic baked goods.

Veronica Martinez

Delicious cakes! I called the day before I needed a Boston cream pie and they had no problem making it for me. It was a huge hit!

Theresa Ridge

But the best Bakery is located in Cannon Beach! Highly recommended!

Diane Golovin

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! Especially their banana cake. Am planning to have it as my wedding cake. Pretty spendy but so worth it.

Erica Joy

Mattie Vik

I've been coming here for years! They're baked goods are so delicious that I refuse to eat cake anywhere else.


So rude called to try and get a simple cake delivered for my niece since I'm from out of town and nope didnt want to work with me didnt even try.....

Dan Jacobs

Always great bakery items and helpful staff

Danielle Smithson

Lindsey Streitz

Nataliya Khmelnytska

We spent $25 for 3 pastries. Found hair in one of our pastries . The experience was far from pleasant . Would never reccomebd

Paul Alfano

very expensive for what you get

Tom a

Excellent bakery

Milf Hunters

Kimber Giordano

Get an apple critter. Or don't. I'm not the boss of you. But it's really worth every bite. And the coffee is always very very good. I get espresso, but you don't have to. I said I'm not the boss of you! Think for yourself, would you? Not everybody treats coffee the way it deserves to be treated, but the Larson's pretty ladies do.

Christopher Brinkly

Best bakery in town by far!

Paul Willenberg

Just like grandma! Old school depression era sandwiches

Tim Buller

Gourmet pastries and desserts! They're unmatched in the area.

Justin H

The Marion Berry wreath was fantastic, but the 12 "Easter" cookies assortment was very disappointing. All 12 were "rabbits" that didn't look like rabbits. My son thought they were turtles. For $1.75 each, I expected more.

David Deibert

Lakaela Olszanski

Stopped in last minute today after my google search led me here for coffee. I arrived 10mins before closing and they were still upbeat and happy to take my order. I ordered a drip coffee which the lady informed me she just poueed the last cup and offered me an americano. I normally do not drink americanos because I think they are terrible. However I took the offer because I wasn’t resulting to drinking Starbucks or Dutch bros which were the only by options near by. To my surprise the americano was REALLY GOOD! I most definitely will be back for coffee and the pastries I missed out on. Thank you Larsen’s Bakery, I will definitely be visiting you again soon!

Terri Blaylock

Thier cakes are fabulous. Larson's Bakery have been baking our cakes for our anniversary since our 5th anniversary. The cakes and other baked goods have been absolutely fabulous. I gave them a 4star because sometimes the service could be a little bit better. However, there's a lady named Robyn that is absolutely amazing. She is knowledgeable, professional, helpful etc. so if you go in and she helps you then I suppose if that's the case I have to give them 5 stars. So this is based on 4 year average.

Cyndi Heis

Ron Sheely

Darlene Pedersen

I love this place. They have delicious deli sandwiches, soups and salads in addition to cookies, pastries, eclairs, cakes and many other baked goods. I've tried almost everything over the years and have never been disappointed. Best lunch and bakery in Vancouver.

Loraine Foerstel

Awesome...fresh pies, cakes, pastries, deli sandwiches looked amazing!!

Eboney Owens

Shiela Osheroff

Great pies, cakes, cookies, and cheesecakes!

J Gi

It only gets a 2 because of the flavor being delicious. The rest was ALL wrong. I ordered a 1/4 sheet banana cake this last week for my daughters birthday.. I had explained to the lady taking my order that the white chocolate shavings was my daughters favorite part of the cake.. and asked if she could make them blue. She said she could have the decorator color the top shavings blue with their spray. Awesome.. I also asked to make sure their was no whipped cream on top, that I was making a cake topper to go on the cake. When I went to pick it up on our way out to the party, there were no white chocolate shavings on the top at all, and there was a blue top fully lined with whipped cream. 2 things completely wrong. I expressed (in a nice manner) that there were supposed to be shavings on top and no whipped cream. She said, "well I think maybe the color would bead off the shavings.." I had a green to spray around the sides that I picked up at michaels (my daughters request) and it didn't bead in one spot. So that was a lie. I also said there wasn't supposed to be whipped cream. And she just stated, "well, I don't see it on the order?" Charged me my 61.00, and sent me on my way. Not even an I'm sorry", not even a discount.. I guess I will continue making my own cakes, at least then I know it will turn out right.

Rick Candee

Birthday this weekend all my family's birthday cakes mermaids excellent service oh yeah the cake taste good too

Tony Lol

28$ for like 7 doughnuts sized treats and they didn't taste like they are worth the money. At all.

Dawn D

The lady who helped me was so helpful and very considerate

Scott Peterson

You can't go wrong with whatever you choose at Larson's! The pastries and cookies are always fresh and flavorful. My absolute favorite is the marionberry cheesecake.

Brady MacDonald

My favorite bakery in Vancouver. I like the old style charm.

Angelique Ortega

I love this place. They are so friendly. I have ordered cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, coffee, and sandwiches from here. They have all been amazing. My co-workers workers always love the treats I bring from here.

Garey Docksteader

Adam Baxter

Best place to get a white mocha in the city.

Robin Park


lynn faller

Banana cake is the best. We get this every year for birthday celebrations. This time vicky rocked the writing as it looked 3D. Pricey but good.

CJ Flores

David Baird

Always exceptional

Sabrina Bartholomew

Great place for delish pastries and cookies. They have a small deli too.

Kimberly Giordano

Yum, so good!

Rebecca L

This place is amazing!!! You can’t go wrong with anything that is ordered here. Their cheesecakes are amazing and their banana cake is my moms favorite.

Josh Wittrock

Larson's is the best. The staff are friendly and always have a smile on their face. All their pies,cookies and cakes are some of the best in Washington.

Libby Wentz

Friendly employees, delicious pastries. I wish it wasn't so far away!

Jessica Ahrens

prices are high but quality is still as good as is always been

Mary Wildey

Got Napoleons, cream horns, breakfast pastries and several different kinds of cookies. All delicious. Wonderful staff. Will definitely be back.

Beau Stearns

Delicious pastries and great service! Very well priced.

Glenn Wisegarver

Wonderful cakes and easy to work with. Two weeks before the event (a milestone birthday) I ordered two half sheet cakes by telephone: Carrot Cake & Lemon Daisy. The staff taking the order was extremely helpful in helping me figure out size of cake, decorations, etc. On the day of pick-up, the cakes were ready as promised and nicely boxed. The decorating was excellent. Both cakes were wonderfully moist and with excellent taste - which is not easy with carrot cake in particular. I highly recommend Larson's and will use them again in the future.

Roger Smithhart

The name is a little misleading for my wife and I. Don't expect a wide selection of breads (loaf style or rolls). However, their selection of pastries are fantastic. They are always fresh when we go and are definitely made with love. Expect to pay more than a donut shop, but they are a delectable treat.

Mo Hart

I had a sandwich and purchased dinner rolls and a cookie. They don't make their bread in house. The sandwich was terrible. My son loved the cookie. The dinner rolls were made in house and they are alright. The staff was really friendly, though. I probably will not be returning.

Dashara McPherson

Love the service and the food!

Travis H

Great service and delicious cupcakes.

Kathy Thayer

Friendly staff, delicious sandwiches, and beautiful cakes,pastries and rolls. Highly recommended.

Lena Davidson

Best bakery in town! Absolutely to die for pastries and desserts.

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