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REVIEWS OF Helen Bernhard Bakery IN Oregon

Monique Williams

I recently had one of their cinnamon rolls. It was moist and full of flavor. It's definitely one of the best I've ever had. The owners are nice, down to earth hard working people as well. I recommend it.

Logan S

One of the better bakeries I’ve ever been to. The donuts seem to be the best; apple fritters the best among those. Prices are better than much of the rest of this price-inflated town.

Donna Morton

Do yourself a favor and give this place a try. Had a sister come into town and asked me to take her here again. This place has a cool atmosphere. Food is similar to a cafe in Portland I loved.

Svetlana N

I stopped by this place on a whim to grab a few things to bring home for a birthday party. The selection here was excellent! Fresh donuts, pastries, cakes, and cupcakes. I tried several flavors of cupcake, donuts, and a chocolate croissant, and was very impressed. Definitely a good option for either a quick stop in for a pastry or two, or cake for a special occasion.

Gray Lange

The quality of the cake was disappointing, and customer service was poor. After being falsely promised a free anniversary cake, we went ahead and bought one anyway despite our disappointment. That cake ended up being dry with gritty frosting. What a bummer!

Dk Ayres

When people see the box, they know the treats are gonna be excellent

Nick Stumbo

So good! A quaint, old fashioned place in the heart of Portland. If my grandma had opened a bakery it would feel like this. And I would come every day. And weigh 300 pounds.

Savannah Sanders

The cakes, donuts, and cookies here are to die for!

Deanna Hill

Very nice locally owned bakery in Portland. We go here often.

Amy Z

Got a white cake with lemon French cream filling and cherry French cream icing. Tasted amazing, like cherry lemonade! Also the T-Rex they drew was incredible

Duane Aragon

Nice variety of pastries and a friendly staff keep people coming back. Not sure what happened to the sugar cookies, they used to be larger, soft and airy - they're now smaller, much more dense and harder. A definite negative in my opinion.

Kay Klaver

I've been going there since 1969. It still prepares everything with the same traditional ingredients. Delicious!!

Just Kelly

Ive been a big supporter of this Bakery for years. Ive been living out of town for a few years and came back to visit. First thing on my list was to get a custard filled bismark. My alltime favorite vice. I was for the first time disappointed. The usually moist raised bread texture was dried out and the custard filling was a fraction of what used to be in them. The normally smooth chocolate glazing was cracked and broken and looked like it had been run over by a lawn thatcher. Not appealing and absolutely not up to the normally exceptional quality control from recent past. Sooo disappointed especially after the anticipation. I hope they do better. I need at least one place in Portland to shine and not slide into mediocrity as the entire city has done.

Bryan Hudnall

I LOVE Helen Bernhards, everything they make is awsome!!

Clayton Janes

Everything here is amazing. Even the donuts.

Kyle Kemenyes

Great bakery with wonderful pastries. I would like to see more bread options but the pastries will always bring me in

Jade E

A huge variety of sweets! They look delicious!

Mia Soliven

The cake that I ordered was superb. It's my place every time I need a cake for someone.

Isabel Kalestiantz

they did a really wonderful job on my birthday cake last year! was expecting something so pretty to not taste as great, but the cake was amazing.

Doug Kinoshita

Excellent LOCAL bakery. Had to pick up for a client and couldn't have been happier. Great selection and very fresh baked goods for everyone. Keep it local Portland!

Mark Pierce

High quality good selection and fair price. Get commuter special

Alexis Harrington

What happened to the gorgeous cake decorating? My birthday cake came from HB (as always) but this year the flowers were gritty, like sugar paste, and overall it lacked the fabulous taste and artistry I've come to depend upon. I hope it was just one off year.

Pam Powell

Absolutely the best bakery around. Often, day-old at greatly reduced price. Everything from homemade bread to Madelines. Quite a selection

Ann Massey

Fast and friendly service and good prices. It was my first time here and it definitely won't be my last!

Tabitha Whitefoot

Great custom cakes

Chelsea Yost

Everything we had was delicious. So much so that we went back and got more! Try the Florentines, whatever you do. It's no wonder they have been in business so long! Yum!!

Connor Rolstad

This is a very good bakery, I helped paint the outside, so go in and tell them that it looks real nice :). Also very good donuts.

Spencer Hubble

A perfect place to sit down and have a coffee and pastry. I have never had one of their cakes but they always look delicious.

Brittany Kaiser

Brought home some bread today and all three of my boys ate grilled cheese and loved it; even my three year old that always refuses to eat sandwiches! THANK YOU

Sandra Healy

I went in for bread and donuts for a party. The products are excellent and have been shopping there for many years. The young girl only asked me if I needed help because I kept trying to get her attention. She got an attitude when I asked for a box for the dozen donuts. Wouldn't you? She was having an awkward time. Their boxes do not shut (or stay shut) easily. The top kept falling open and I asked her to tape it. I kid you not. She gave me a look like, "Come on, do I really have to do this?" Owners: Please stop hiring teenagers and 20-somethings.

Jill Thomas

Couldn't be happier with my experience here! Originally, my Fiance and I went to go taste cakes for our wedding at a different bakery...turns out their office was closed that day, after we had driven an hour and taken the day off work we were pretty upset. Luckily, I called the Helen Bernhard Bakery and even though it was last minute they were able to fit us into their schedule right away even when they had a full day of cake tasting appointments booked already. Let me just say their cake is AMAZING! I am not a cake person but their cake is so delicious...I can't WAIT for our wedding day so we can eat some of their cake again! Outstanding customer service and delicious cake...doesn't get better than that!

Kristin Wishon

This Bakery is probably one of the best things on Broadway. Everything I've had here has been amazing. If you go early on Sunday morning you can snag a sweet (haha) deal on day-olds with a 50% discount. It's always worth it.

Brandon Allen

Always get our birthday and event cakes here. Always delicious and always exactly what we order. 15 years and counting of using them.

Charles Rice

Great baked goods. I stop for donuts for the office a couple times a month and I have never been disappointed. The fruit rings are great as well. We almost always get birthday cakes here even though it seems silly to buy something we could make, but they are extremely good cakes.

Ray Brown

We stopped in for a dozen doughnuts this morning. Excellent service and they were 1/2 price...what a deal!!

Clark D

Do yourself a favor and buy one if their cakes for every occasion! Fist date...cake, quitting your job? Give them a cake to remember how sweet it was having you around. The pink champagne with strawberry is by far the best cake around.

Holly Howard

The best local bakery in NE Portland. I love their cakes and rye bread.

Lefroy Jones

My first time ordering a cake with them. Pink Champagne. It looked beautiful on pickup. When went to eat it, it tastes like fake strawberries and looks like hot pink cotton candy. Not pleased with it. Called them and spoke to manager and they declined to remedy it. So much for customer service.

Kurosh Aghazadeh

Such a great experience to see the pastry and cake. They do look delicious.

Colleen Garrett

I want so badly to give this bakery five stars because their products are amazing. But the service... the service is terrible. I've been here multiple times and the communication is horrible. There's no real line of any kind, so people mill about and you only get service if you speak up and flag someone down before they help the person closest to them. Basically, they make you feel like they don't want you there. Multiple times I've asked what was in something and the young girl helping me didn't know. Instead of finding out, she just said "I don't know" and stared at me. All that being said, the cakes here are so delicious and beautiful. Favorite cake I've ever had (and I went to pastry school and worked as a cake decorator so I've eaten a lot of cake!) comes from this bakery! White cake with orange white chocolate buttercream and topped with more white chocolate. I'll keep going here because of the quality but I dread actually going in because of the horrible service!

john locke

Went in, was out in less than 5 minutes box in hand. I really like that they have premade boxes, was grabbing a box for a meeting and the variety + speed was greatly noticed. Nice donuts, tasted nice, I personally had a chocolate bar out of the box and it was pretty good, had that ever so slight crisp outer layer biting into a sweet soft inside. The other people raiding the box said good things as well. The only downer would be parking, but that's about the only thing stopping a perfect score. I was very satisfied and I plan to go back.

Sadie Perman

Ladies behind the counter are always very nice. We get cakes from here at least once a year. Tried the macarons and they're kind of disappointing. Excellent shell and chewy crunch, but I can't differentiate the strawberry from lemon and they're both very distinct flavors. I'll stick to my regular filled florentine cookies. They're always amazing.

Leslie Madison

Best bakery I know


great tasting, good looking.

Nicholina O'Donnell

The doughnuts are my favorite in town and are inexpensive. Go on Sundays for half price day!

Cheree Peterkin

Love this bakery. One of the best in and around Portland

Cori Beachler

LOOOOOVE the cookies. I'm always hunting for iced cookies and there's are great. Donuts are superb as well.

Maria Sanchez

Ordered a birthday cake for my dad. Had a white 7" cake, buttercream frosting, with apple buttercream filling. My biggest fear when ordering a cake is that it will not be sweet enough. Especially hip and trendy places that try to promote healthy cakes. Why is that a thing?? I made a good choice as you could taste the sugar hands down. I kind of want to go and get another one just for myself..

Lori D.

They are our go-to for our family birthday cakes. Unbelievable and authentic Black Forest Kirsche Torte. Layers of chocolate cake filled with ganache and dark cherries, whipped cream frosting and dark chocolate shavings. I grew up in a German family and had hunted high and low for something this good outside of my home town, now my grown kids ask for that cake without fail.

vicki Cordier

This is the best bakery Ever.Yummmmmmm......cant recommend it enough

Andrea Leech

Great cakes. Went here for our wedding cake years ago and still great.

Paula W ood

A good basic bakery with lots of choice and reasonable prices. Not much seating but does offer regular and espresso coffee drinks. Sundays, many items are half-price.

Rick Hunter

Some of the best baked goods in Portland!

Wes Metz

The stollen from Germany at Barbur International Foods is much better

Andrea T

Ordered a cake and it was a little dry and the filling wasn't all that good. Makes me wonder if they made it days before I picked it up (on the scheduled day I requested) and it just sat in the refrigerator. I purchased a German chocolate cake a year earlier and it wasn't all that great either but I thought I'd give the bakery a try again. I haven't tried their other sweets but needless to say, I won't be ordering a cake from them again.

Michelle Reeves

This bakery has been a favorite in my family for 3 generations! My grandma and aunt worked here, and my parents, my sister and me have all gotten our wedding cakes here. We love visiting when we are in town.


It felt like going back in time, and the product is out of this world delicious!

Denise Brown

all I can say is - YUMMMMMMYYY! I have only a couple of places that I will go from now on to get my cakes - and this is one of them. The cakes I have gotten were beautiful and sooo delicious.

Lila Obeng

My family has been going to Helen's for custom birthday cakes since I was a child and now I go for my children. Also used Helen's for my wedding cake which turned out amazing. Most of the staff are very friendly and helpful. It's always a busy place. Delicious cakes and pastries!

Jacob Loeb

I do not eat cakes and sweets but my house is full of ladies who love them. They can not stop talking about how great the cake is from this place. This is we're you want to get a cake for the people you love. It is not Portland pretentious or over priced, just excellent baked goods.

Nicole Black

Beautiful cake but the taste was not worth the price unfortunately... really disappointed.

Carolyn Harr

One of my co-workers brought in different flavors this morning and seriously, BEST croissants! Although it does get a little sweet if you eat it by itself, but the filling? Buttery perfection! High recommend this place!

Yvonne Chen

Wow! Feels like you are sitting in a small bakery in Germany. What a cute place! The muffins and Danish are great! Love the coffee!!! Surprisingly cheap! We'll come back on a regular basis for a weekend breakfast.

Mary Young

Best bakery around.

Nathanael Makowski

Very disappointed in the croissants here! They tasted to us exactly like the croissants at our local supermarket chain that I often shop at (but at more than double the price.) the cakes and treats all looked professional but I didn't taste them (and likely never will)

OTB Auctions

Love this bakery. Staff is always helpful. And who doesnt enjoy half priced Sundays!!!

Misty Petersen

I love this Bakery! It's an old-school Bakery with familiar and wonderful pastries that are price fairly.

Yến Lê

Traditional American bakery with all cakes and pies. I often buy cake here for Birthday, Thanksgiving, Xmas. Delicious cakes with beautiful decoration

Richard Samuels

Nice cake. Ready when promised. Not cheap.

Steve Long

The best of the good old-fashioned bakeries! Don't go in when you're hungry! The best!

Steve Keeney

Picking out a wedding cake was made very easy with their expertise.

Leslie Smith

Beautiful cakes. A little spendy, but worth it. Our chocolate choclate cake was delicious and addictive. My only criticism would be that the crumb was slightly dry.

Jon Turino

Great donuts and pastries. Wide variety and all delicious.

Marissa Alexander

I've been going since I was a kid and have so many memories there. Great service and a great bakery!!

Stephen Stetzer

Best bakery east of I-5. Best everything real butter cream frosting, tasty cookies, fantastic donuts. If u haven't tried it, go for it

Amanda McCavitt

Beautiful and great tasting cake.

James Tolson

It is rather easy to miss, due to location, but it is worth the parking fustrations. This bakery hits the taste mark on their baked goods. Definitely would recommend!

Bob May

There was a time, not long ago, that early in the am it was a must to swing by Helen Bernhard's for some fresh doughnuts, warm and fresh in the boxes they woould make up for many, many bakery loving people. They were the gold standard for fresh baked goods, but my last FOUR trips there resulted in my work group voting to stop Helen and get our doughnuts from Annies Donuts further up Sandy. The product from Helen's is not the same. If it's due to increased costs to make killer doughnuts, the price for a pre-picked box is $10, plus tip. But the issue is the donuts are not the same. They are small, kinda dry, and the maple bars looked like they were in a car accident. The frosting/topping is sloppy, the Fritters, when they even put them in the box are really small and sometimes not fully done in the center. Twice I never even got a fritter.....I was told I was early.....And you used to get more doughnuts with glaze, filled donuts, but now you get six or seven cake doughnuts and I am not a fan of tiny donuts. In the past you could roll in at 545am and there would be twenty booxes on the counter. Now you have to wait because the doughnuts are not even done. I am so sad. It is the end of an era.............

Cheri H

Ordered my granddaughter a doll cake with wings to look like a fairy. We had the small party at a restaurant. When they brought out the doll cake my granddaughter just couldn't believe how beautiful it was. The pictures I took couldn't compare to all the beautiful decorations. The staff and customers at the restaurant were all coming to our table and saying they had never seen such a beautiful cake. Thanks for a wonderful job! We will certainly be back, so will all our family.

JR Portland

This is the best tasting bakery, by far, where my own Grandmother bought my Birthday cakes, Every Year! I really had no idea how deliciously unique this place was until I found myself, on my own and buying my own family's birthday cakes and boy was I disappointed, nothing tastes like my Grammys cakes that she ordered from Helen Bernhard Bakery! There is no comparison to the look and perfection or mouth watering taste of this A+ establishment. Pastries, cakes, pies, speciality orders, consultations and creations for events or something personal, I give this a four paws up and My Favorite! Picture is the one of a kind cake! The result of a creation made by the professional bakers after brainstorming a cake idea my daughter had for her baby shower! This cake was huge, enough to feed 50, every part edible and melted in your mouth. It was amazing and well worth it.


Best Banana Cake there is with Whipped Cream frosting and Custard/Banana filling. Excellent. Try and keep it cold/cool but don't worry it won't last long enough without getting consumed.

Seth Dryden

Friendly staff and very service oriented. They're always happy to make a custom order even if it means digging into their archives to get the details of my wedding cake ten years ago.

Aabra Jaggard

Best bakery in NE Portland. Challah, rolls, doughnuts, wedding cakes.

Hailey DeMarre

We absolutely LOVE it here. We got our wedding cake here and continue to order an anniversary cake every year. The designs are flawless, the pricing is amazing, and the cakes taste incredible. They have great pastries, too! I’m really loving their current Halloween-themed macarons. It really deserves five stars. HOWEVER... one star removed due to the following: What I do NOT love is the way the owner treated another local business employee. After purchasing a cake and half a dozen other pastries today, we walked across the street to grab a chocolate bar from the new chocolate place. The owner came in and immediately started telling the girl behind the counter that the was going to have all of her customers towed. He pointed at us and told he angrily that we were taking up space in HIS parking lot and that only his customers could park there (fair, since it is his building and lot). But if he had actually been watching, he would have known that we ARE his customers and that we had just walked out with nearly $50 of goodies from his business. Don’t misunderstand my frustration and disappointment. He absolutely has the right to tow customers that are not his but that park in his lot. My problem is how he immediately started off in an abrasive and confrontational manner by threatening her customers. His entire attitude was threatening and his tone was extremely condescending. As much as we love his bakery, we’re going to have to think twice before returning. Nobody deserves to be treated that way.

Robyn Steyger

I've been going here for all baked goods since I was in Elementary School and my gosh... Their dense chocolate cakes, cookie assortment and other baked yums have only gotten better while still staying true to their original homemade taste that I remember from my childhood.

Samantha Smith

Bakeries as they used to be and as they still should be. Lots of amazing and delectable treats with a great neighborhood feel.

Holly Wall

Great wedding cakes!

Keith Hutchinson

Best bakery in Portland. Love there Maple bars

erika s

They did a PHENOMENAL job interpreting exactly what I wanted for our wedding cake - awesome job cake designers!! Im so sorry - Google wont seem to attach the photo to this review, but I was the one that requested the base look like it was watercolor painted, and it was just gorgeous! Also, the flowers were from Joanne's :)


My wife and I looked on their website and saw cake pops listed under Pastries & under Treats. We drove to the bakery to place an order in person and were told by one employee "I don't think we do those" I mentioned we saw them online, she asked another employee who told us "We don't make cake pops or cupcakes regardless of how many you order" They employees were very curt and unapologetic. I won't spend any money there or recommend this bakery to any friends based on my experience. I called once home requesing to speak with the owner and was told he wouldn't be in for over a week...

Timothy Nagy

An excellent pastry bakery, however in most cases overpriced for the average wage earner. The servers are mostly polite and respectful, but there is always the one that doesn't have a clue. Overall highly recommend if you can afford it.

Dawn Peterson

I have always chosen this bakery as an easy go to bakery for cakes but after being treated rudely the last few times we won’t be going back. It’s unfortunate to stop going to a place because of poor costumes service.

Mandy Olson

This bakery is quite the experience. My family has been coming to Helen Bernhard Bakery for over 20 years. I have moved out of state, and this is a must stop every time I come home. My all time favorite is how the peak the topping on the Lemon Meringue pies. Hands down all time fav it the Pecan Pie. Love this place.

Laura Bundich

This last time when I went with my son for his Birthday and my daughter. Well to my surprise I didn't know that a restaurant could run out of clean dishes we waited for approximately 20 minutes for silverware this meant our milkshake melted and food was cold. Several times I got up to get silverware but I was told it was in the dishwasher. The server we had was terrible tried to explain the not having silverware, but he didn't get it.

Shemayah Yisrael

So, for the first time in 3 years I was able as a working mother to finally treat my oldest almost 4 year old child to a cake of his dream for his birthday. I have heard so much about this place so, I figured I give it a shot. Well, one day after speaking with the cake decors I somehow lost my emails that was sent to this cake shop. I was extremely devastated because there was no time to find a replacement cake decor. I called the shop and informed them of that unfortunate mishap and they got to work on my sons cake immediately!! It was ready THAT weekend. I told the cake decor I was desperate and to make anything as long as it hot wheel themed and this is what we got !!!!! I couldn’t have been any more pleased at all! It tasted DELICIOUS and lasted 2 days in my house it did not last at all it was THAT delicious. It was a red velvet and vanilla flavored with cream cheese butter cream it was just to die for. Everyone loved it and asked where I got it. Due to short notice they could not incorporate fondant but fondant is gross in my opinion so, we didn’t mind. The cake was not only appealing to the eyes but it was quite filling and tasty. This is now the place I will be going to get ALL cakes. Thank you for making a mother’s dream come true; to give their child what they deserve.

Heather Nolin

I love this place!! Great pastries and the people are so sweet!

Dahlia G

With only 2 months to prepare for the wedding, finding that perfect wedding cake was not easy. I was so glad that I found Helen Bernhard Bakery. The cake selection was all so delicious and when I finally had the actual cake, it was perfect and the guests loved it! Delicious cakes with reasonable prices. Thank you so much and Keep up the good work!

Harry Jameson

Best cookies yummy

Chris Price

I do like their donuts but have noticed in the last couple of years they are skimping more and more on the maple topping for the maple bars. They are still everyone's favorite at my place of work but I do hate seeing companies start skimping after something becomes popular.

Jonathan Bean

Totally traditional bakery. I only wish they had a portrait of their founder. A sad note.


I purchased my wedding cake through this bakery. The tasting experience was very fun, although I think no one was on the same page that was working there. For example, we tried to pay for our cake while we were there, and they told us to call and pay over the phone when wedding cake people were working (?!), and then when we called them to pay over the phone, they said that they couldn't take payments over the phone and that we had to set up an appointment and come back in(?). At first, I wanted a "naked cake," which is one without outer frosting, but they don't do that because they get too dry. Fair enough. I found a frosted one I liked so I sent them a picture and style-wise they nailed it! It was a beautiful, simple cake. Our big layer was red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Our middle layer was white with raspberry buttercream and our top layer was chocolate cake with a mocha-type frosting. The cake was dry, dry, dry-- especially the white layer. The caterers could barely make slices out of it because it just crumbled under the knives. People are still coming to me and telling me the cake was almost inedible/way too dry. For a $400+ cake, this is disappointing. That being said, it was a beautiful cake and they delivered it on a Sunday (for a small fee). Not sure I would recommend this place for a wedding cake, even though the samples were incredible.

Jim Curtis

Excellent pasties and tools. The best in Portland!

Patrick Genna

Better than most, but lack innovation for baked goods that were common some 40 years ago. Computerised data determine market. No sheet cakes, cheese, gooey butter, etc. JPG. Pdx

Cassandra Schultz-King

Alwaya been my favourite bakery. The cakes r the best, cupcakes r the best, cookies r the best, pies r the best.

Jeff Snavely

Friendly, helpful staff. Tasty sweets. I do not make it by often since I try to avoid carbs, but when my will power fails me HB always has a good variety of options. I do wish they had prices in the case, but prices seem reasonable.

Tom York

MMMMmmm MMMMmmm Good. The best bakery EVER

Bryan Jacobson

Amazing assortment of pastries, cookies and bread. Fun seasonal treats. Friendly informative staff.

Emily Williams

My family has been using Helen Bernhard's for our birthday cakes and party treats for over 20 years, it's our go to place for anything sweet or baked!

Natalie Figueroa

Yummy bakery eats and upbeat customer service. There was a line but mercifully it moves along. I only wish they were bigger and had more selection in baked sweets (love the blondies though).

Barbara Bernardi

Good service, good selection of baked goods. Has been there since 1924.

Karla Robinson

Asked about something on their own website, they rudely said they didn't make it. As if I made it up. It's still on the sute(cake pops)

Arabelle and Jim Cash

Very good but also very expensive.

Corrine Salinas

Love Helen Berdhards! Every place I work at, I always suggest we get treats from here. Always tasty, always quick, friendly service. Love you guys!

Maya G Kaller

The last real, great bakery in Portland. My faves are their banana cake and their chocolate peanut butter cake, but their coconut cream pie is amazing, too.

Greg Lehman

Great bread, pastry and scrumptious stuff. Reasonably priced and fast service. And, their own parking lot.

GregoryD Emswiler

Good eats fair prices !

Ozaer Najim

Great donuts & cakes. Also has excellent eclairs. Not a fan of the croissants, or other pastries, but you can't go wrong with the donuts.

Jon Welsh

Great baked goods. Helpful staff. A little pricey at times.

Ozzie Annis

My son lives in Gresham so whenever I come to the greater Portland area my stay isn't complete without a visit to the Helen Bernhard Bakery. Great pastries and a wonderful assortment of doughnuts. This is the kind of bakery I remember as a kid and I hope you folks never change to some stainless steel and glitter theme. Love you guys! Oscar 'Ozzie' Annis Nashua, NH

Brendon Siefert

The cake and other baked goodies are fantastic here! Half price sale every Sunday morning!

Chris Clark

Best donuts and cakes- these guys are pros

Daniel Garcia

This place didn't strike me as too special. It's an average bakery, with an average taste. I wouldn't say it's bad. I can see why it has a good rating. But it didn't do it for me

Katrina D

Yummy bakery goods

Richard McGinnis

Picked up a Birthday cake for my 2 year old son and it was perfect. It tasted so delicious. We will definitely be coming back again.

Karl Peterson

My mother's been buying stuff here for 60 years she absolutely loves it won't buy her bread anywhere else

Jay Combs

Best donuts in town nuff said...

Beth Zulaski

Wonderful quality bakery. It's worth the 45 min drive it takes to get there.

W Delaney

We bought a White cake and it was really dry. We called the Manager and they made us another one and it was so delicious. They stand behind their product, and for this we respect them. Oh their Champagne cake is so delicious also.

Anthony McGee

One of the best shortbread cookies I've ever had!! They have tons of different desserts. Grab one of their little bags of cookies! ;)

Rob Manser

Wonderful people to match their wonderful baked goods. Bouche de Noel was delicious.

Annie Glidden

Stopped by here after eating breakfast next door. SUCH DELICIOUS DONUTS. And they stayed super good even though I ate them at night and bought them around 11am. Very excited to stop by in the future and try some different kinds! Staff was also smiley and welcoming. I was so pleasantly surprised with everything and then boom... get the bill... and it was so inexpensive too! Icing on the cake if you will ;)

Lillian Digiacinto

I have always appreciate their attention to detail when baking their products. They are a skillful set of people that always deliver the most delicious sweets. Every time I go for a birthday cake there write whatever I ask. For example they once wrote “Live long and Prosper” and “He’s dead Jim.” Both Star Trek quotes. So overall Helen Bernhard Bakery is a great place to go when you are looking for a delicate and delicious, handcrafted treat!

Debra Hansen

Always one of the best! Caution: Weekend parking can be a challenge because the neighborhood brunch folks use their parking lot.

Jeremy Bowen

Good, consistent baked goods.

T Marts

Excellent pastries and damn good coffee.

mary Noble

This place has wonderful pastries and cheerful helpful employees.

Erica Findley

The best cookies and doughnuts!

Juriece Edinburgh

Love the bakery have so much to choose from

Daedra Buntin

Dropped by about an hour before closing to pick up a cake for a birthday. There were several cakes to chose from, making it hard to decide which one sounded the best. I ended up with the strawberry pink champagne. The birthday boy approved and we very much enjoyed the cake! I also picked up a beautiful loaf of marbled rye. They had several breads available...and so much more. I'll be going back for donuts, muffins and cookies in the future!

David Maldonado

I bought Red Velvet Cupcakes and 2 donuts; outrageous flavor. The boston cream donut waa a meal; REAL CUSTARD! Old school, THE ONLY SCHOOL! Friendly staff, THANK YOU for your great service.

Matt Donais

Great cakes always

Chris Christensen

Good cake, custom made Hot Wheels sheet cake for 2 year old's birthday....

Emily Neidert

Lots of donuts and cookies to choose from. I was on the hunt for cake, I chose some kind of berry roll cake slice. I think it was strawberry, maybe raspberry? It didn't have a distinct flavor, the cake was dry, and the frosting overly thick, almost the consistency of butter. This was a Saturday, so I don't think it was one of their "day olds" that they serve on Sundays. Just don't go for the cake.

Betty Peters

Great baked deserts!

Adrienne Prevost

Been a customer here for years. Went in for a wedding cake tasting. I can't say how much I love that I will have the same bakery for my wedding cake as my mother did for her wedding in 1980!

jessica martin

I came in needing cookies for a party. I came in with a pictures of exactly what i wanted !!! They told me what could be done, would stick with pink black white and gold theme colors. An for the cookies to resemble as close as possible to the picture. The black and white cookies i got LOOKED NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURE!!! I was beyond disappointed in subpar decorated cookies an the taste was not to be desired either. The 2 stars was only for the nice lady i consulted with. Would nt get cookies again, the cakes are better...i cant upload the picture but very disappointed

Fran Leventhal

I come here once a week Love their coffee rolls with raisins

Jillian Joinson

Delicious baked goods and a wide variety. Fast service even during Christmas rush.

The Life of a Stressed Out Momma!!

I ordered specialty cookies for my sons first birthday party. He had a fishing theme party so I found a picture of some cute cookies online. I called and asked if they did specialty cookies and I was assured that they did. I sent over the picture and was told they could do it no problem. I was asked to come in and pay in advance so I did. That should have been a red flag! When I picked up the cookies, I was extremely disappointed with how they were decorated. I honestly could've made them myself and many of my party guests thought I did and were shocked to know they came from an actual bakery. I would not use this bakery again for anything specialty made such as cookies or cakes.

Kathleen Fast

Love Helen B's! Best blueberry fritters on Fridays!

Emily J. Hibsman

I love stopping here to grab treats on my way to work. The almond rings are delicious, but so far everything else I’ve tried is pretty tasty too.

debbi Covert

I've been going to yhis bakery for almost 50 years. Everything is always so fresh and the staff is always friendly.

MaKayla Kott

My mom used to be a cake decorater here when I was growing up (up until 2003ish), so I have fond memories of the back of the shop and sitting under her work station playing with my toys while she decorated cakes. Because of being surrounded by sweets as a kid, I'm pretty picky about my sugary items and would usually pass. Yesterday I was at a celebration for a professor of mine and another professor had purchased a chocolate cake with some type of creamy berry filling from here (guessing it was the black forest). I'm not a fan of chocolate, but I still ate some and it was so delicious and nostalgic for me. I have an engagement party this Friday and the bride to be has requested a chocolate cake, and I know exactly where I'm going to get it!

Lataya D

We got our parent's 50th Anniversary cake from Helen's. It was beautiful and delicious! Each tier was a different flavor. Amazing! The employees where professional and everything from the tasting to delivery went perfectly.

Carol Tyger

I’ve never had a worse donut or croissant. It’s Sunday so maybe they’re day old? It shocked at how bad the pastries were.

Greg Davis

My family and I were on a weekend trip to Portland and found Helen Bernhard Bakery. The donuts were spectacular. It was the day before Easter and the shop was crowded with people purchasing breads for Easter dinner. The staff were very friendly and so helpful. We've added Helen Bernhard Bakery to our list of "must do's" when we visit Portland.

Kitty Galore

They made my wedding cake and it was perfect. They will make you a cake topper especially for your first anniversary. Our favorite was the red velvet. Photos are of cakes I designed my cake after.

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