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REVIEWS OF Costco Wholesale IN Oregon

Casey Miller

A great Costco location. Employees are always friendly and helpful. Store is well kept. They sometimes run out of rotisserie chicken, but just have to wait for the next batch. The food court is always the best way to end my shopping trip. The friendly food court employees always hustle to get your order ready. Gas lines can really get backed up, but who doesn't like saving on gas? So it's worth the wait.

Audrey Ike

What can I say, I love Costco. It has literally everything you need in one stop shopping

Andrew Portrey

Great deals, easy in and out.

Bergen Ahrens

Love this location. Plenty of parking and friendly employees. It's not too crowded ever and you can get through the aisles without running into people. Its always clean which I like.

Leah Miller

Always a great experience when I shop here


Great place, very clean. Only downside is check out is always super busy, but that's pretty normal. Happy staff. Overall pleasant.

Teresa Hanik

Best time to go is early Sunday morning.

Toni Riedl

I love Costco. Unfortunately I spent too much money there. But, I do save money by buying my Staples for all year round like dishwashing soap and detergent Etc

Lindsy Palisca

Best Costco around. Super friendly staff, fast checkouts, and generally easy to navigate parking lot even when super busy.

Jerry Skene

Great staff and product selection

Leland Anderson MD

Sandy, in the pharmacy is wonderful. She is from Maryland and Georgia and has always been helpful.

Dakota Wilson

Always have what we need. Friendly & helpful employees!

Sonja Lopez

Great place to go every two weeks you really can take time to think

Tonie Bedell

The best Costco in the area, otherwise it's ... well Costco! The employees are wonderful and the store is neat and clean. Easy to find what you are looking for, as the layout makes sense. It is a busy store on weekends, if you can, go mid day during the week. Otherwise, closer to closing time on weekends. Parking is a breeze!!

Gary Martin

This Costco in Vancouver is where I shop when able. It is a bit less crowded than other locations, and I have never had any problems.

C Hoorn

Couple of packages came open, but they replaced them quickly with long lines about.


Super cheap, quick and easy food, and gas too.

Kim Thompson

Very helpful staff in the electronics section, thanks!

Joshua Hunt

Costco is the best... gets better every year with more and more organic and non GMO products. I love going here even though I can't make it out of here without spending $300

Kamila Miller

I almost don't want to say anything about this Costco because it's my favorite and once word gets out, it'll be too crowded. But do stop by if you are in the area. You won't be disappointed.

Robert Stamper

Live in Oregon, go to this Costco because all the washingtonians going to mine. It's always so uncrowded.

Marie Clark-Callen

Costco itself was great, customer that was behind my son who was holding a spot in line for us, had a meltdown when i showed up with the cart. Not so great.

Sylvia Shoell

Costco is a membership requirement establishment. Items range from reasonable to outrageously high. You buy in bulk, which is inconvenient with some items. The store is always crowded and you will not be able to make this a quick in_out stop. There is a deli inside that serves a few items at a low price, and the food is very good. Unfortunately the eating area is not monitored closely so it is trashed always. Sadely, there is only one location for restrooms. There is no help desk. Staff is very friendly to each other, but not any communication to shoppers. So if you need help or have a question, you are on your own.

James Lugo

neat location, Love the hot dog and pizza deal.

Lord Vader

We went to Costco at around 7:30 pm. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't as full of people as I'm used to. I don't know if it was the location or the time. Either way, it was a good visit.

James Walls

I visited this store late in the day so it was not too crowded and everyone was very courteous and friendly. Great service.

Jennifer Peterson

I love costco. Very affordable and has great unique snacks!

Jay Smith

Amazing. Staff was very friendly and the deals were incredible

Plumeria Bodhisattva

Costco always exceeds our expectations. The store have the fastest, efficient cashiers. But the parking lot has panhandlers once in a while, aporoaching us if we can spare change for showers at one time then another time a person asked us if we could spare a few dollars.

Andy M.

I love the return policy

Chez Ochoa

Always a great place to shop. Lunch time samples are great too!

Times Eternal Rhyme

Will never shop here and was recently interested. Was treated like a thief or criminal by a brown haired female manager when I went in with my son for an Gigwalk audit. I wasn't informed I needed a membership to do the Gigwalk task as it was written nowhere on the job description. Is it common at Costco to be made feel like I'm being arrested for theft when I'm here with a 10 year old child to do a job for a reputable company? Costumer service is so important and I cannot let this rest. I was incredibly polite, she had no right to make me feel ashamed in front of my son. I will take action because people like this portly "manager" are a disgrace to the service industry.

Mel Cardon

The clerk at the deli completely ignored me for at least five minutes, then said "I'll be with you in a minute". If Costco doesn't value it's customers enough to wait on them in a timely manner, they will lose them. Too bad!

Amanda Moon

I love Costco. Today it was more of a zoo than normal. Possibly because of it being father's day.

Tony Clark

I can't think of anything bad about shopping at Costco. They have the best meat department in the county. The produce is great. The selection of everything else is great.

Denise Gebhardt

My favorite Costco location. Closest to my house and less busy than other locations. Friendly associates.

Samantha Barner

Love costco buttttt came in to get some pies(pizza) for dinner noticed thay were short handed behind the counter to there deli also the patio as thay call it was gross garbage spilling over and tables and floors were ewwww out of supplies... but i also noticed while standing there waiting thay have 2 people at each checkstand and barely had lines about 5 lanes open just seemed like alot of standing around when clearly the store needed some tending please hire some more staff for you food court or something costco makes bank should not look this way

Frank Dallas

We're there at least two times a year. Good place to stock up on all the basics.

Sue Kilkenny

The secret to Costco is to go 30 minute after it opens. Easy in and out!

Brett Schott

Costco has good prices. My wife and I love the chicken bakes at the snack bar, the pizza is good too.

mike cuffel

It was a zoo, had to park on the back 40 and the gas pumps were lined up out to the street. All checkout lines were open and it only took about 5 minutes to check out, service was good. Good service

Jill Ridgley

Know who in their right mind doesn't love to go to Costco and see all the new products that come out and all the winter stuff that's coming out and of course all the Christmas lights in the paper and bows and a string of lights and all the good holiday candy and holiday meet soon cakes and wine and liquor who doesn't love Costco

Marjie Van Der Laan

Neat, clean, they always have what we want, great Kirkland brand items. Convenient location plus changing array of items. Always an A++

Josh Connell

Hard to beat Costco for 90% of what you need and 62% of what you don't.

Lokahi Messman

LOVE Costco, Love. BUT... since when is the very berry sundae hollow, and since when can you not do it with the swirl?!

Mercredi Benz

I'm in love with this place!! Literally going tomorrow :D

Trooper Tanna

Great prices and great quality of meat.. Hassle free returns...

John Elkin

Costco is a conundrum, if you like mass quantities of anything this is your place. And yet, you can always find something unique, or get a cheap lunch and sample all the free samples. Getting out of here for under $100 is a big challenge.

Crystal Traver

One of the best Costco's I've been to.

Mike L

Best Costco in the area! Clean, great parking, exceptionally friendly staff, and less Riff Raff that the Portland store!

Robin Morris

The best part of this Costco location is the fast easy checkout lines. I know right!? It’s the fastest checkout out of all Costco’s I’ve ever had. The food from the cafe is great and member gas pumps are a bonus.

Kit Ligand

Well stocked and not overcrowded. Good variety, including local boutique brands as well as national brands. The staff are great, friendly, personable, helpful and patient. They make a shopping trip enjoyable and even errors were treated kindly. Stock ranges from groceries to electronics and furniture. They take cash, credit and debit. Parking is free. Easy to spot from traffic. They also have gas. The goods are bulk so a bit too much for a single but perfect for families, buying clubs, any bulk buyer or household with abundant storage space.

Greg mcconville

Always good service here sometimes the lines get really long and it would be nice to see more cashier's

Tim Brown

Best place ever but need membership

Barbara ____

Found everything we wanted

Paul Lindelien

My favorite Costco in the area. The parking lot is massive and with wide stalls. The people are very friendly and helpful.

Pixel 2

Best hot dogs......

Pattie Ball

Costco is a good place to shop and get good quality things. This day I got new tires for my car. They had a good special on the tires. The service was quick and critias

M Robinson

Great prices and smart buyers, love the merchandise!

Carl Wickstrom

A great place for deals and gigantic packages of everything. This is the place where you can buy a gallon of ranch dressing

Shawn Roberts

Busy but great service. Can never get out of there without something from the bakery!

Heather Fowler

Great clean organized friendly place

Roberta Jindra

Renewed membership - quick & easy - pleasant, friendly personnel.

James Alwes

Bought a set of tires life is good

James Worthy

You know you're a busy store and you known your busy times. Checkout needs to be MUCH faster at this store during peak shopping times. 15 mins wait when there are 5 lanes unoccupied with checkers, and spare employees standing around, is unacceptable to me. You're cost cutting at the expense of your customers time. Not a good tradeoff.

Oscar James III

Great pkace to stick up on all you need

Nichole Acheson

I always hate shopping at big stores like this. Huge parking lots, tons of people. But, the prices are good and even when the lines are long they move quickly. I like that there are organic choices here SMS there.

Mellissa Aldrich

This Costco has everything I am looking for at those great Costco prices. Friendly staff, clean store and parking lots - 5 stars!

Julie Olson

It was nice when they opened up new lines because it was busy. They always have several new things to try, which is both bad and good. Good because, well...Yum! Bad because there goes my list!

Mission Critical

Awesome Costco! Easy to get shopping done on a Sunday while I have the tires rotated.

Angela Johnson

Best prices for prescriptions! Call around to other Costcos in the area to make sure they have what you need. Different Costcos have different brands/manufacturers in stock.

Angie Fontanilla

You will love this place. They seem to have everything you need and more. They carry brand name products as well as their own brand. Prices are reasonable. They give away samples so you get an idea as to what you are going to buy. They provide good warranty and you get satisfaction with their products.

Barbara Bolich

Membership required, but not for optical. Gas station on NW corner. No driveway on south side of 1st, heading East, so enter via sides or rear. I kept getting it wrong when I first moved here. Clean and neat. Large liquor selection. Local beers and ciders, wine. Almost always has Poke' in deli counter. Might run out of specialty meats and other goods at times. Seems smaller than other Costco stores, but easy to find parking almost always.

Steve Armistead

Great prices, good selection, clean facilities, friendly and helpful staff. Really fast checkout, too. And, the best deli dog around.

f Cheryl Gilliland

Excellent service in the glass Department buying glasses was a real pleasure

Mathew Cobb

Were now new Costco members. Let the bulk savings began.

Amy Barrett

The staff was super helpful and I did find some good deals. I just wish they had a larger selection of feminine products.

Brian Rohan

Always a great experience. If you're a member be sure to check out the travel deals and take advantage of built in extended warranties.

Amanda Hansen

Love Costco! This particular location is pretty great. While they lack diesel fuel, lines at the gas station are only super long on Fridays. Also wish they had more seating for the food area as it's hard to find a seat during lunch. Otherwise, food is great, good selection of local beer, everything awesome about Costco is here.

Kelsey Delashaw

I like this location, it’s smaller than the other one in Vancouver but it’s easier to find things you need here!

Zach Shaver

Busy and great as always!

Chris Parthenay

Great store. Fast-moving cashier lines. Employees at this location are friendlier than other nearby stores. The one thing they are lacking is enough electric carts for disabled customers.

Rita Thipado

I can save here, plus what a great variety of products.

Jesse Portukalian

The nicest employee bunch of any Costco I've been to—very caring, kind and a joy to talk to. This store is also much less busier than the West Vancouver store. I prefer this store!

DeAnna Banks

Had what I wanted, easy in & out!

Kelly Kirk

It's Costco. They are all the same...good gas prices, some well priced items and long lines of stressed out people. Still, the sweet kale salad is twice as much product for the same price as half as much elsewhere and they have some great high protein, limited ingredient bars for when you are on the run at a great price. There arw some good finds here. Some items are not cheaper. They do carry organic chicken at good prices if you can't hold out for a sale or coupon elsewhere. Chucks beats thier price on ground poultry.

Sara Chavez

Best quality of stuff ever! Best king crab legs ever! Love Costco.

Rod Theer

Always great products and services!

Gristly Adams

If you have a family of 4+ that includes teenagers the cart price is worth the membership fee. If you're not in that category, it's likely that you haven't truly comparison shopped. Fred Meyer and Wal Mart and WinCo (which admittedly has less options than the first two) will blow your Costco annual bill, including membership fee and average reimbursement, away. I don't know about you, but when we didn't have kids we couldn't eat 40 bananas and six avocados before they turned. Best bet is to send a family member here, for you, to pick up toilet paper and some bulk batteries from time to time and avoid the fee all together. Who wants to shop at multiple stores for groceries?

Theresa Ridge

I'd say thus far, I have enjoyed 98% of what I purchased there. And a friend returned an expensive watch that he had for several years without a receipt-tgey are able to find that old of a purchase....way cool! Their wine choices are good as is the prices.

Free Demographics

If the corporation could be a pile of feces this would be it. I believe I'm being too hard on Costco it's probably just the people who shop there that are the problem. Please notate that anything is returnable at Costco including their membership

Jeiblue Evan

I like to shop here because of sufficient parking and not crowded. Maybe due to its laid back location. The store is spacious, and not messy. Most of the cashiers are friendly, and they're fast.

Molly Bataluna

Great place to shop for dinners desserts clothes. Enjoy shopping there.

Lucy S.

This Costco is busier than before, but still much better than Andersen store or Airport Way.

LandM Bode

Come on, it's Costco. How could I give it less than 5 stars?!

Sherry Martin Abbott

We got a tank of gas at only $2.79 per gallon. They are always friendly and helpful!

Thomas Brandt

I used to work at Sams Club in Vestal, NY and I must say that Costco is a much better place to go shopping than Sams/WalMart! Especially this location!

Paula Bachand

I have had a good experience at every Costco I've been too.

Roxy Kokkeler

Best store ever!! Always high quality and so many different things to look at. They have the best meat. Fun to go there just to taste the samples. The lines can be quite long but the checkers are efficient and very friendly

Terri Kyte

Can save money if you're careful.

Veronica Richards

Looked like the Costco back home. I could find everything!

Guenever Parsley

Crowded, but the lines moved quickly. Good selections that change with the seasons, but also stable inventory as well.

Norm Sanders

Always a Costco fan... They take care of their customers better than most.

Tracy Muller

I love that this Costco isn't to big.

Sean Lenihan

Great service in top of the great prices

iris finnel

Wonderful as always. Easy in and out cashiers very friendly and helpful. Love this Costco

Timothy Teall

Costco is great. If you need gasoline this is the place to go. Employees are friendly. The samples are delicious. Where else can you go to buy a 27 pound tub of Mac n Cheese? Always a great time at Costco.

Dee Bergy

The Costco at Lacamus Crossing has a better store lay out than the one in Vancouver in my opinion so I usually go there as I find I can get out much quicker. However as far as employee engagement in the operation the Vancouver location has Lacamus beat. Now as to my experience today with the Lacamus location... Everyone was very polite, friendl, and it was over all a good experience. My only issue was they were not properly staffed at 5pm on a Sunday. I actually spent more time waiting in lines after checkout than the whole time I was actually shopping & checking out. There were plenty of checkers for the main checkouts, however the food counter only had one tiller which wasn't adequate for the amount of orders they were receiving. The queue to leave and have your receipt checked only had one person working it and was back logged to the checkout stands the customer service/memeber services lines were the same. Those would have been a non-issue if all employees on the floor were engaged in work. There were 3 male employees near the last checkout lane which was not open talking and joking around as well as at least 5 at one point standing near the employee stand near the food court. I think managers need to reassess their metrics and through put and think about a possible schedule change or be more diligent that employees maintain engagement. I think most consumers know that between 5-7 PM (especially on a Sunday) is one of the busiest shopping hours of the day of the week. I've never seen it this bad before so it could also be an anomaly as far as staffing goes.

Patricia Luebke

I recently moved to this area and this was my first time to shop at this Costco. I was there on a Wednesday around 11:15am and easily found a parking space near the entrance. I found everything on my list plus a lot more. The shelves were well stocked and all the employees I interacted with were friendly. On my way out, I bought one of the $1.50 hot dogs and it was really good. The bun was steamed just right. Today's visit was overall a very pleasant experience.

thomas brundage

Shopped later in the day (3:00 PM) - not crowded. Great checker and assistant.

Becca Lamphier

Clean, well maintained warehouse. Not a ton of people like other locations. Friendly and very helpful staff! I drive across town to shop here even though there is a location closer to my home.

Linda Lee

Clean, well organized, good prices. Gas prices, especially, are consistently lower than anywhere else.

Veronica Chastang

Love this place but always to packed lot's of people but great service tho

Lawrence Jacob

4 months ago, I moved here and totally love this place. This was my first visit to the store. Every type of item is available from groceries to electronic. Food court has great deals. Staff was friendly and always ready to help. My wife love Costco for household shopping.

Michael Ward

Love Costco... So glad when this store was built close to home. The only bad thing is that you can easily spend more than you intend to.

Mike Nielsen

Great trip today. Nice service from the female workers.

Hal Benedict

Costco is the best. Associates, quality of products, value, customer experience. Become a Costco member and you will know. Don't forget great travel deals, eye care center, and their pharmacy. All top notch. Customer for life, Thanks Costco!

Brad Palmer

It's a Costco. Unfortunately a small one where a larger one would meet the demand better. Good deals on most items they have but, they do only large quantity or expensive items. If you have never been in a Costco, you should check it out with a friend who is a member. Members only.

Shane Tubbs

We got what we wanted and it was easy to find. The employees were nice and there were good samples.

Jennifer Jones

Took my puppy inside in a doggie backpack and there was no problem. Nice bakery lady saved a pumpkin pie for me the day before Thanksgiving.

Yassir Albazzaz

It's Costco. This is a good one. Friendly easy going staff. But very busy @ peak

Susan Thompson

Love this location! Great staff!

Truth Seaker

My favorite Costco by far. Super clean and way less traffic

Ted Mach

Has bulk goods at great prices.

Marion Parker

Love cost co

Kelly O'Neill

Great customer service

S. Bronson Caldwell

This place is never busy. I'm always able to get in and out without ever dealing with a crowd.

Jedidiah Parker

It's a standard costco. It's clean, employees are friendly They have all the services you want optometrist, pharmacist, tire center and that dude that stands next to a heating unit that balances a mini beach ball with its air flow. Pro tip go to the check stands at the far left they are always less busy, don't be a right checkstand sheep be a left checkstand wolf!

Debbie Gipe

Monday night no lines?!? Who knew? The said Wednesday was also a great night to shop.

Jim Hoffman

As always, top notch!

Jason Wogaman

Love this place!

dale swanson

Costco is always a great place to shop at. Always new fun things. All produce and meats are super fresh.

Cookie Bexar

Place is amazing staff were great they have everything I needed

Astrida Fuse

Love Costco for my bulk items!

Jim Cornwall

Great prices and selection. I buy most of my clothes at Costco.


This Costco has it all IMO incl a gas station. It is accessible, clean and well stocked. You can get a good deal on a lot of bulk products, but shop wisely since not everything is a the best deal. Also, not diet friendly if looking for low fat products. It is usually quite busy, but the staff are friendly, the aisles are wide and I've not had a bad shopping experience here yet. Also, their pizza is great!

Denise Hood

GREAT service, always willing to help , friendly employees

Jill Wynn

Great Costco, I just had to get used to the layout. There is a lot of parking, just don't expect to get a close spot. For the food court, they have self checkout which is awesome and so fast! There's usually a 2 car wait or so for gas but it isn't bad.

Tom Z

We love Costco. It is absolutely worth the membership and it blows competition away. Access to the food court alone would be worth the membership price. It's great for anyone who has a family to support, there are a few items that aren't the best priced, but that comes with shopping anywhere. We always get our meat from Costco vs other grocery stores that we shop weekly.

Jaime Christ

Coastco is the best! From shopping for your food to housewares. Then to getting your Pharmaceutical needs fill and getting the best price on eyeglasses and contacts any were! They've got it all!

Kim Rease

I love Costco way too much!!

Scott C

Very nice Costco. Well laid out. The shelves were stocked well and everyone was very nice.

Kitty Riley

Great customer service!

Dale Eagar

I'm a single widower so my use of a Costco membership is probably different. I rated Costco three stars because, for what I purchase here, I get what I expect. In my book that is average. Better than expected selection, service or value would earn Costco additional stars. Disappointing me would result in lost stars.

Michelle Sorensen

This Costco is clean and organized!

Waving Tree Farm

As much as I hate coming here there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. I simply hate shopping! It's a convenient location and the staff is friendly.

Wesley Edge

I shop here a ton! I've found weekdays (morning or after 7p) to be the best times to avoid lines.

Yan A Siltan

Its a good place. All staff friendly, area well organized. Only few times i had a same person keep DEEP checking my card at the entrance making sure its my card lol.

Jennifer Edwards

Selection of fresh chicken and Bacon was poor. And after shopping more than a few hundred dollars of groceries I get to check out to find they don't take Mastercard. Sucks because all my debit cards and credit cards are mastercard.

Zelos Tokumoto

Love love love Costco, been a member for a year and my mom has been a member since 1986. Great food, great products, great workers and service. I got a protein powder that tasted absolutely horrible and they had no issue letting me return it for my money back so I could buy a different brand. With every penny.

Atomic Punk

It's costco. Huge warehouse full of everything.

Chris Phillips

I'm barely even sure what I'm reviewing; it's a Costco, not some hole-in-the-wall restaurant. "Carts were 5/5, I highly recommend the 42 pound bags of cat litter and gallon jugs of mayonnaise." That said, I still love this place; the staff are always friendly, it's very clean and well-maintained, and I eat at the lunch counter far more than I'd admit to my doctor. The lines are pretty long sometimes, but the cashiers are always so efficient that even a long line usually blitzes by in less than 10 minutes at worst. It's like the polar opposite of a Walmart. Also beats the pants off the Costco on the other end of Vancouver; if I lived next door to that Costco, I'd still drive out to shop at this one. Oh, and the new lunch counter order kiosk works great, especially right now while everyone's still afraid to try it. Seriously, get in on that action; I used it today and had my food in hand less than a minute later while there were 7 people in the regular line.

Courtney Stevens

It's Costco. What else can I say? Will this is a good one. Always clean. Usually quieter and less crowded than the Vancouver one.

Brandi Rike

Love love love Costco. Parking lot is typically always full, but not bad. Lines at check out, but they move quick. Employees are always nice and helpful. Food court has good deals and good food as well

Brooke Trueblood

Super clean, not as crowded as other Costco Warehouses in the area, employees are helpful and friendly.

John Masoner

Take a motorcycle or you'll break the bank on all the great deals

Keith Suits

Always clean and organized. No matter how busy it is, and it can be extremely busy, there is always parking. Like most Costcos, the staff is friendly and helpful. We shop here 1-2 times per week for pretty much everything we need.

John Parvin

While this is a membership based store, if you happen to get large quantities of groceries per shopping trip, or shop frequently and don't mind getting large amounts of what you shop for then this is the store to go to. And even more... happen to be hungry? They have a food court which serves a very good hot dog combo for 1.50 each... Pizza more your style? They got that too, both by the slice and by the pizza for very good pricing... Want something else? They do serve hot sandwiches, chicken bakes, along with a few other things.. Want something cold? The have frozen yogurt as well. So for a fast lunch for little cash this is definitely the place to go.

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