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REVIEWS OF Cannon Beach Bakery IN Oregon

Susan Weidkamp

Fresh pecan rolls, cinnamon rolls, croissants, donuts, maple bars, almond bear claws, apple fritters, too many choices! All fresh and delicious! Five of us down for the weekend and so we split them up to try them all! Yum!

Joshua Oreskovich

Great baked goods (yum doughnuts!), fair to pricey cost.

G.T. Harris

Cute town, good treats!

Timothy Keller

Brian Brown

Got buy the haystack bread. Pastries are the best

marcie parkins

Great apple fritters!very friendly!what a selection,It took me forever to decide what to get.

Roaming Traveler

Jason Spencer

Such a great bakery with wonderful customer service. We just stopped in and now it will be a must. I had read reviews and was concerned until I saw under new management . I was blown away by the selection of awonderful pastries and and Iand the great customer service. It was wonderful!

Malcolm Dunford

Everything sooo good.nice staff,clean,lunch counter

Michael Montoya

Best bakery in cannon beach

Ashley S

The absolute worst canolli I've ever had in my life. After looking through the limited case offerings (lots of bread, not much else), I settled on a canolli. Horrible. It's as if the person who made it had no idea what actually goes in a canolli. It had some broken, gritty chocolate cream stuff that tasted horribly turned, inside an incredibly stale shell. It should be a smooth ricotta based filling, speckled with solid chocolate chips in a fresh shell. Threw away after 1 bite as it seemed as though it was already rotting. What a waste of $5! Will not return.

Jerry Skene

Good product but it's high priced

Andrea Clark

We were beyond satisfied. Food was amazing, coffee was perfect and the friendliness was welcoming. ❤️ Will definitely be back!

Darby Kelly

Nice place, open at 7am before anybody else!

Liz Bee

If you're a vegan look elsewhere. They had one muffin that tasted vegan AF

Josefina Palacios

Linda Seidel

This bakery is a MUST TRY! Great pastries, sandwiches and just wait until you order one of their custom cakes. Well worth the drive. Great customer service and prices! Put this one on your bucket list.

Ryan Smith

Used to love this place, but staff is now rude and baked goods in major decline. They apparently forgot they used to make cardamom braids and don't even know what they are. My family has been buying them there for generations. Astoria bakery is much better if you have the time to go there instead, plus you can see the Goonies locations and the sea lion docks while there.

Adam Richards

Wouldn't use our clean canteen/hydro flask for coffee (don't like wasting cups), but cute little spot for donuts and coffee in Cannon.

Markku Nieminen

Fresh goods, some room to improve

D Guildner

My favorite are the pecan sticky buns. Friendly and helpful staff, quiche was okay, cappuccino was great.

Jon Harrison

Rude on the phone. Check out their passive aggressive responses to unflattering reviews below. Very unprofessional. Customer service drives a business. Catch a clue. Edit response to sad response below: And you've proven my point.

Brandon Graham

Best maple bars I have ever found in the USA! I love bakeries and this one is the best of the best. Make sure also to check out their coffee as it is just as good as the baked goods they serve.

Debbie Ponder

This is one of our favorite places in Cannon Beach. No trip is complete without a pastry from this bakery. So incredibly good!

Jan Rose

VERY DIISAPPOINTED in the price of the sandwiches. They were $10.95, however, when I asked to sub the avocado for the meat she said “no”. I had to pay an extra $1.50 for the substitution. When did the price of avacado exceed the cost of meat? Won’t be buying sandwiches from there again!


Has great donuts and breads, great service.

brain stormer

Sailor Jacks are or were good, last time I went was final cleanliness straw, as the woman who took my money reached into case without washing her hands and grabbed the cup less sailor jack muffins.

Debra Jones

A delightful selection of bakery items. Excellent pastries and fun staff.

Robert Corwin

This place was amazing! Great pastries! Great breads! AND the DOUGHNUTS.....OMG!!!

Ashley Sears

Had a cheese Danish. It was kind of dry. I almost went with the cinnamon roll....

Glen McHenry

We always stop by here when we are in Oregon in the area to get fresh Bakery items fantastic.

John Ellis

Fantastic sandwich !!!

Jami Ayers

Every year they donate a delicious cake for Relay for Life...pleasant to work with & delicious cake! Worth the drive to South Clatsop County.

Niki Niki

Jeff Wood

Very very good pastries...nice variety.

Melinda Ward

No more day old rack :(

Joanna Bartlett

Two of the three staff members were great and friendly. The third looked quite put out when I asked for milk for my tea, wouldn't make eye contact or acknowledge my thanks. My husband described his ginger cookie with an underwhelming "fine." My tea was good, but it's hard to mess that up! :)

Stacey Holton

Fine if you're just stopping by for a quick coffee or bite. Not as good as other places in CB, but alright. Fair warning though, I'd stay away from special orders. Run! Far far away! We were married on the beach and held our reception a short couple of blocks away at the Cannon Beach Hall. We thought that we'd support a local vendor, rather than having our cake brought out from PDX. The cakes in their window were beautiful...we had a great "tasting"...checked in the week before the wedding with them, and everything seemed to be on track. On the day of our wedding, our cake showed up looking, to say the least, like my flower girl had decorated it. I don't know if they forgot about it until the last minute, or if they were low on staff...or what. I wasn't one of those hormonal brides who burst into tears at the site of it. In fact, we all got a pretty good laugh at how completely awful it looked (and tasted). It was dried out, the frosting was nothing great, and it didn't even have the filling in it that we had ordered. I was just angry that I paid so much (nearly $500 for 100 servings) for such a wreck. We even submitted a photo to the "Cake Wrecks" blog, and made it on! When I contacted the bakery after the wedding, my phone calls and emails weren't returned. I even put a complaint in with the BBB that was ignored. I didn't get so much as a discount. Stop by for coffee or an okay treat if you're in town, but DO NOT rely on this bakery for your special events. You'll be disappointed!

Jocelyn Weaver

Expensive for a few donuts. It's a tourist town though.

Taz Lee

Fun stop at the beach.

Todd Miller

This is one of the places I stop by first in the morning when I stay in Cannon Beach. They open early so you can pick up treats for breakfast. My favorite is the Sailor Jack muffins but the poppy seed muffins and butter slice cookies are excellent too. They have a few tables outside if you want to enjoy your purchase right away.

Matt Ellis

Eric Bryant

My favorite bakery in Oregon. Haystack bread is a must, but cookies and pastries are also delicious.

Jane Wallis

I think the only reason they stay in business is because they're the only "bakery" on the main drag. This place is totally substandard. Their eclairs taste two days old, so does everything else I tried over the course of two days (I really gave it a shot, sorry!). I'm sorry, but if you really baked it this morning, why does it taste incredibly stale? And not to gripe, but a real eclair is not filled with what tastes like Jello-brand vanilla pudding. I'm not super picky, but I do bake and eat baked goods on a regular basis, so I can tell. I guess you can charge what a decent bakery would charge if you sell to tourists.

Kevin Hoover

Wonderful bakery making some great breads & pastries. Stopped by to get some sourdough French bread just out of the oven and my car smelled great all the way back to Seaside (no such bakery here).

Ali Ronan

Hands down the most fabulous almond bear claw I've ever tasted. Prices are definitely on the steeper side - spent about $20 for two drinks, one pastry and one breakfast sandwich. Came back for an eclair which was also pretty good. Would visit again solely for the bear claw but they had plenty of other enticing looking items in the case that I wouldn't mind giving a try.

Shelley and John Ockwell

Delicious pastries and amazing Haystack Bread. Lemon poppyseed muffins to die for!


Butter Slice cookies and the French Waffles are to.die.for!! Also, the horns are fantastic as well as their savory treats.

diane censori

Wonderful bread and cookies

Kiki Chon

The best ham & cheese croissant

Glenn Stump

A wonderful place in a beautiful town.

DJ Sanchez

Much try it all!!!! Very friendly staff, great selection and quality. Elcairs, florentine and sailor jacks were some of our favorites. Haystack bread, apple fritters and croissants are great too.

Raquel Merritt

Very good! I felt a bit rushed to order, but aside from that, great!

Lorrie Seoane

Awesome baked goods. My favorite is the Marion Berry Scone!

Charlotte Alby

Horrendous customer service! I couldn't tell you how the actual baked goods are because while trying to order a cake for my mother's 60th birthday the woman on the phone was rude, belligerent and full of excuses. After trying to figure out if when they could have it done for a while, we asked if they were too busy to accommodate making a small cake and the woman on the phone actually hung up on us. How does a business intend to stay in business with some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced, especially in a tourist town? Their prices seemed high in the first place but with customer service that bad it doesn't matter how good their food is it's just not worth it. I see from other reviews that this is not the first experience with poor customer service. Steer clear of you need anything ordered or special.

Jymmi Sparkz

Famous home of the Haystack Bread, delicious fresh in house made delights.

Sheldon Hatcher

Very good

Lance Shroyer

darren osburn

Great muffins and pastries. Go here every time we're in Cannon Beach

Cory Scott

Everything is good and...moist. Eat fresh!

Stueli Martinez

Girl behind counter acted as if she was bored with me, and I was a complete idiot. Monotone, annoying voice talking down to me is not what I need in the morning. She proceeds to let someone else (nicer) help me and walks around back. They grab my Haystack Bread, and as I walk out the door I can overhear her sternly telling them NOT to sell fresh bread and pastries, and to sell the old stuff. AFTER SHE TOLD ME THEY ARE BAKED FRESH EVERY MORNING? HUH. This explains the many reviews about stale pastries. Do no ever go here. Everything is extremely overpriced except for small rolls for a dollar. Lame and unsanitary seating and facility. Outside benches look to have not been cleaned in 10 years. They are a darker shade of white due to all of the grime. Update: I am adding even more that came to my mind after I wrote this original review. All breakfast items are super expensive, and they are the only place open for breakfast in the morning in town, so they can gouge you $6 for a slice of quiche or $6 for a small biscuit worth only $2 MAX. I am thoroughly appalled. And the owner promises customers with bad experiences store credit? Why, so you can afford half a pastry?! LOL. I am sorry if this is harsh, but someone had to say it. Fix these things, and I'd be happy to return with high expectations

Brenna Engstrand

I wasn’t impressed with this place. I brought in my own thermos for coffee and was told it can’t be used. That’s a weird store policy. So I ordered a 16 oz americano with room in one of their cups and what I was given was a slightly over half full cup? That’s no acceptable for the prices they charge.

Patricia Patten

Great pastries, friendly staff. Outdoor and indoor seating.


Good ginger cookie n coffee. Not much on atmosphere

Heidi T.

I have seen many reviews about C B B that state the pastries are stale, the employees don't wash hands after handling money, and the service is RUDE! Not only that, but after doing a review on this place, the establishment was rude in their reply!! If that doesn't sum this place up; I don't know what will!! What happened to the original bakery up the way?? They were so much better.

Catherine Watson

Love this place... Quiche is very good.

Darrell Bessey

Finally found a local bakery that sells maple bars. they were great! We came back later and had the ginger cookie and it was also very good. 5 stars!

Dave Rosette

Great sandwich and great people

Sonny Ebalo

Karen O'Malley

Very nice place with really large pastries.

Carrie Critzer

We LOVE the Cannon Beach bakery!!! We have been coming 35+ years to Cannon and visit the bakery multiple times. The poppyseed muffins are the best I’ve ever had and you can’t go wrong with a maple bar, or haystack bread. Seriously, one of the very best bakeries!!

Calum Anderson

Came across this beauty on vacation with my lady. Fresh coffee and wicked treats and goodies. Made it my morning routine. Can't wait to come back to Oregon and hit up Cannon Beach for the bakery

David Sherwood

Excellent food.

Thomas Barto

Yum yum yum, yummy?

Ryan Bruce

Fantastic bakery. Delicious pastries, donuts, whatever else you could want from a bakery. Anytime we're in Cannon we go out of our way to stop here and have never been dissatisfied.

Josh Banyard

I went in yesterday to buy coffee and brought a clean reusable travel mug. They refused to put coffee in it saying that the owner requires them to only use the disposable to-go cups. They’ve literally banned re-usable mugs. Why is a business, especially one literally on the beach, actively trying to increase the use of single use plastic? Go next door to the ice cream shop instead. They have great coffee and are happy to not create more trash in the process.

Laura J

Amazing! Everything was amazing! They even have a couple dairy free options- sailor jacks & the sourdough breads. Very impressed.

Ruth Ortiz

Finally some challah

Elizabeth Crow

Busy with a small counter to eat at. Flaky pastries were good.

Adam Meyers

Best coffee

Jeff Slemaker

Great pastries, friendly staff and Apple fritters worth the trip.

Pamela Miller

Yummy. 2 for 1 deals after 3?

Gregg Childs

This bakery is not nearly as good as it used to be when it was located about 2 blocks south of its present location. The quality of the pastries is OK, but the selection is very poor. They advertise their bakery as "the home of the original loaf of Haystack bread." Well, it tastes like the bread was made when Haystack Rock was also made. And the service is very unfriendly. Don't waste your time or money here if you can help it.

Jennifer Shaw

Great place for breakfast

Megan Norman

Friendly staff, almond bear claw was delicious! It would be nice if they had now indoor seating. It was so cold outside today!

Julie Seminara

Ehh waited for forever to try it and then when we did the bread was dry and the croissants we ROCK hard and dry so ehhh

Gary Gee

Decent pastries. Not the best I've had. For instance the cannoli I selected was close to traditional but the cream was not as good as many I've tried. The prices are also a little more than what it would cost elsewhere

Kerwin C

A great selection of goodies. I especially enjoyed their breakfast biscuit made with real cheese and a generous portion of ham

Neal Schroeder

excellent experience

Tim Myers

Great apple cider doughnuts! All the pastries we tried were good and fresh.

Matthew Parrish

A must-have in Cannon Beach, OR! The staff are very kind and the baked goods are heavenly! I've been coming here for years and the quality has always been great. Tillamook Cheese sticks bring me back every time!

Matt F

Jen L

My aunt frequents this bakery when she’s in town & made this our first stop before walking Main Street in Cannon Beach. It’s toward the far end of the street. It is small but the space is used well. The smells are heavenly. It was busy around noon on a Saturday but well worth the wait. So many options but I chose the Marionberry crumble & I didn’t go wrong. The service people behind the counters were quick & efficient once you told them what you wanted. Pricing was not too high (which again was unexpected since it’s Cannon Beach). Will definitely be back to try other options when in town. Highly recommended

Allen Dial

Rude employees, however the haystack bread was worth the hassle.

Stephen Bergstrom

Absolutely delicious

Brittany Hammond

Great place!

Mitchell Armstrong

I love the Oregon coast. This bakery is one of my favorite places.

Brian Olson

The new owners are doing a great job of keeping the classics and adding new items.

Victoria Robinson

Butter slices are the best!! This bakery has several treats to satisfy mixed tastes of a group of people. They have quiche, filled pastries, doughnuts, cookies, bear claws, poppyseed and spice cake muffins (really they have crossed over to cupcake status). They have foccia, baguette, crumb cakes, lemon bars. They also sell custom order sandwiches and cakes.

Yvonne VonHolle

Nice space to eat outdoors, food reasonably priced.


Dear lord, this bakery is amazing. Being a local, I usually just get my coffee and a maple bar. Decided to try something else, and bought the French waffle. I was in my work uniform, trying to cross the street when I started eating the French waffle and literally started drooling....with the crumbs on my face and shirt, the added drooling in public made me look so professional...honey badger don't care...worth every bite.

Shannon Meadows

They had the most delicious donut I've ever tasted!! It was the cinnamon apple cider donut

Ashley Galik

Love this place. Drive here just for the poppyseed muffins!

Jeremy Shaw

Such a cute bakery. Counter staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Amazing buttermilk bars and bear claws! Grab a loaf of haystack bread on you way out for beach time sandwiches.

Sonya Webb

A good cup of coffee. Decent pastries. A bit pricey

Joseph Webb

Many delicious choices. Even Quiche! Great coffee and latte. Great place for a quick breakfast.

Landry Jones

Pastries were too big. You get more mass but they lack substance. I had a scone here and coffee. Filling but nothing too special.

Erin Perkins

Adam Davis

"One of a kind" lemon poppy-seed muffins with a lemon zest glaze -- our favorite bakery in CB!

Jedidah Dinson

Poppyseed muffins are soooo yummy. Cannolli could use more sweetener but all in all everything we tried was pretty good.


Prieses are high.I got a Bismark donut for 2.95 .It was delicious but in the second bit it gave me some Allergy and i used a Benadryl pill.

susan bettac

Great assortment of pastries. But very busy place

Theda Haney

Expensive Bakery ... not what I was expecting

Russ Adams

This is a great bakery. There are many wonderful things from very sweet to moderately sweet. My favorite are the bear claws. Hours are a bit irregular, from 7 AM until they run out of goodies. Well worth poking your head in when in Canon Beach.

Emily Kimes

So me and my boyfriend go to Cannon Beach like 10 times a year, it’s our favorite place. We generally exclusively go any season but summer because we love the winter time seclusion, so consequently every time we have ever gone, this bakery has been closed. This year we went on July 12th, it was a Friday and it was pretty crazy all over town, which we didn’t mind. We saw this bakery was open so we decided to stop by, and barely got s chance to glance at the food, when we were greeted with such disdain by the lady behind the counter who seemed to have no patience at all for us wanting to look at the food and seeing what they had before making a decision. She had dark curly hair and made it so that we did not even spend an entire two minutes in the bakery before decided to leave without buying anything. She impatiently asked if we were ready yet, twice, and we received many eye rolls , heavy sighs, and annoyed staring while we just wanted to decide what we wanted. it was such a lame experience and I will never go back, I want baked goods made and sold with love and friendly people! She was just so incredibly rude it wasn’t worth getting anything and we went somewhere else. Edit: I had a bad experience, and I shared it. I can promise I would not go out of my way to fabricate a fake story about my experience, I want nothing out of this, I was just sharing my experience. I went through and triple checked the dates and the location and I was very correct, maybe the woman’s hair wasn’t that curly, but she was an older woman with dark hair. I have no interest in calling this business or going any further with my experience, thus far the attitude from everyone has been rude, and if you call that an apology it kind of sucked. I am just here sharing my negative experience, and whether they believe me or not is irrelevant to my experience. It is what it is.

Karen Robbins

Great selection of delicious and tempting baked goodies!

Janoo Fernandes

The buttermilk crueller looks deceivingly simple, but was surprisingly flavorful and delicious!

Thea Jordan

I choose Cannon Beach Bakery to make my wedding cake for my small beach wedding, my cake was not ready the morning of my wedding when I arrived to pick it up (I had emailed a photo of the cake and paid in full two weeks prior, and I also paid for a provided the succlents and vine needed for the cakes decoration) After waiting around for an hour I was late to get my hair done and the cake decorator suggested she deliver it to me @ the salon (this was an awesome suggestion wish it was made before I was already late) When she arrived the cake was a sloppy mess as though she decorated it still hott or it fell on the floor during her drive to the salon, completely mortified and unable to deal with the cake situation, I was left taking all the succlents off the cake to try and make the cake look like the image I had sent her two weeks prior... it was then that we realized the cake was lopsided by an entire inch on one side, panicked we tried to move the cake onto the formal cake stand where it then collapsed... here I was an hour before my wedding rushing to fred myer for a cheese cake... Both myself and my husband have made numerous attemps to contact the owners of this establishment and we have recieved no calls back, we spent $47 on a very simple cake, and ended up with a cheese cake on the most important day of our lives this place has terrible customer service and takes no pride in there product... run far far away.

V Nash

This place is exactly what we wanted....a not too hectic place in the middle of a very touristy busy place. Driving by you wouldn't have any idea what a hidden gem this is! We were met immediately by a smiling server who offered us a table inide in the busy bustle or the choice to take the next patio seat. We opted to wait, and we were glad we did. It wasnt more than 10 minutes. The patio was quieter, set back in the shade and extremely: quaint grape vines growing over the pergola roof, Picnic tables... nice and cool on a hot summer day. (From our glance inide the restaurant when we first got there we made the right choice. Inside just seemed a little noisy and too warm. ) You know how you often get ignored when you get put in the patio? Nope. Not this place. The same smiling guy came to us with menus immediately, showed us where we could help ourselves to water and then bam! The waitress was right there for our drink orders. They had quite a few beers and wines to choose from, with their specials right there on a chalkboard when you walked in. We ordered onion rings to start and they were quickly delivered. Lightly breaded in quiness batter. Perfect. I ordered the first of a few Georgetown Sweetie Pales. Delicious, not too heavy. My husband ordered the reuben with cajun tots and I had their famous halibut fish and chips. Our waitress kept my husband's tea glass filled and brought my beers quickly so we weren't feeling left alone at all. She was the best! I wish I'd caught her name. The reuben was more a pastrami sandwich with a lot of pastrami sliced and piled high on the rye bread, but it had a delicious homemade coleslaw on it and of course the dressing which brought home the "reuben" name. The cajun tots that came with his meal though, they were spot on. So yummy! My halibut were three big pieces of fresh white halibut. They weren't too thick so they'd cook too dry. Nor were they so thin that I was left hungry. They have a delicious homemade tartar sauce that came with my fish and chops. I ordered extra to dip fries in.... all in all a very delightful meal. The only thing that this place didnt have for us? Dessert. :) we love loved this place!

Yesenia DLM

This is a small place with delicious pastries. It was a great place for our breakfast since they have a variety of pastries and breads and they also serve coffee.

Rachel Curvin

We came here for a cake tasting. We left knowing this place would make our wedding cake, but also with a bunch of treats! My future husband could not resist the eclairs. This is a place you should definitely check out.

H Udy

Tasted great! Really nice people too.

JohnS in Portland

This is a fantastic bakery with a wonderful selection of pastries. The French waffles are a particular family favorite.

Ed Brame

I paid $7.00 for stale awful tasting chocolate chip cookies. I made my purchase just before closing time and was traveling so I could not return them. This is an old fashioned tourist trap. Buyers Beware!

Katie D

Delicious baked goods we've been visiting for YEARS! Definitely recommend bringing cash as you can get in and out fast when they are busy in the summer tourist rush!

Peter Quintana

We went by early to purchase a loaf of the so called Haystack bread and some pastries . The pastries we're great but we were VERY DISAPPOINTED with the Haystack bread . The bread was tasteless . We don't understand the hype over the bread .

Bill Weitzel

Always the best freshest pastries, donuts, and deli sandwiches on the coast.

Patrick M Mahoney

Amazing selection and fresh

Dennis McCall

Very, very expensive... quality fair only

Laura Solé Codina

Very normal pastries

Michelle Verheyden

Poppy seed cake, nuff said

Aleksiya Williams

Best cannoli and cappuccino I’ve ever had!

Tanya Kayser

Ordered cupcakes for my daughters 5th Birthday. They were beautiful and absolutely delicious. Best cupcakes I've ever had.

BigBuck M

First time ever being there stayed at hotel that was very good great food down there a lot of nice people to help you find what you need around there.

TJ Larison

Love this place.

autumn benthienn

They have giant baked goods for the best price! The coffee is so good, and the costumer service is phenomenal!

Leonard Smith

Haystack toast ever!

Kathy Goodin

Lots of pastry variety

Nimrod Vered

Natalie Ainge

Best in town!


Are you kidding me ? This bakery's the best in the great northwest. Come one, come all.

Sue Grantham

this place is THE BOMB. I would wager that it is the ONLY bakery on the coast (in the State, perhaps) with traditional, AUTHENTIC Danish pastries. Recipes handed down from Grandfather, to father, to son, Dan Christensen the current baker - no mixes where you just add water at THIS place! Phenomenal taste, quality and presentation. You HAVE to stop here for the almond bear claws and coffee cakes. Hands down...THE BEST and ONLY authentic, made-from-scratch with REAL ingredients, Danish Pastries around. I LOVE YOU GUYS! :)

Sierra Hopson

Beautiful outdoor seating, cute little Bakery, tasty food and hot beverages.

Elizabeth Raynor

They have amazing apple cider doughnuts and lemon poppy seed muffins.

Sheri Bawtinheimer

Christopher Cockrum

This is a nice little place to stop in and have a cup of tea or coffee along with a pastry.

Chris Pickle

aden whelan

Decent food.

Vicky Copelton

Cannot tell you how tasty the eclair WAS! We also had their quiche for breakfast. Sooo good. Pastry of cheese danish was great

Jenny Ma

Nice baked goods, sandwiches, and service.

J An

One word says it all...YUMMY

Justin Ford

Employees were rude. They stare at you with contempt. I thought maybe it was me or just the employee I was dealing with. I watched another paying customer with another employee same contempt on her face. Baked goods were good. Customer Service completely lacking. Sea Level Bakery down the road much has more friendly staff and better quality baked goods.

jeffrey bates

Try their haystack cookies

Katie Bruinsma

Best bakery I've ever ate at. Drove 6 hrs just to eat there bear claws... I would do it every weekend if.i could!

raquoise demartin

Called askin for an order for some bread and she said "can you spell that for me" I was like "what" and she hung up on me so I walked up in there to buy it myself and the bread turned out to be stale the whole time

Bryce Cupp

This has been a tried and true tradition for my family going back 3 generations. We come every year and have continued through ownership changes since they remain faithful to the traditions of Haystack Bread, pecan nut rolls and other fresh pasties.

Linda Evans

Not much variety of pastry and not friendly.

Allex Flores

Great food and price

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