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REVIEWS OF Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe IN Oregon

flute happens

Every time I'm in the vicinity of Astoria, I make a point to come into the Blue Scorcher for some fabulous coffee & delicious pastry, bread, or quiche. From the outstandingly friendly employees, to the quirky decor, every bite or sip makes this is a "can't miss" kind of place! It's also very near the Oregon Film Museum and the Flavel House, and directly under the famous Fort George brewery.

Debra Jones

Wide variety of baked goods and meal offerings. Plenty of seating space. Great location on the edge of commercial and neighborhood. Easy to locate. Street parking. Busy place that fills up at times. Hit & miss with cash register staff. Mostly friendly but then a few were not pleasant. Actually told one time that if we just wanted a toasted bagel plain it would be cheaper to go to a grocery store. Our group was not happy. It is front staffing that reduces my stars. Clear your own table. Clean, and easy to chat with friendly diners. The food & ambience is 5+stars.

Scott Ferguson

Great collection of magazines for sale and tasty food.

Mike Criswell

After eating amazing food all weekend, we were pretty excited to eat here on our last day in town. My fiancé and I really wanted this place to keep the good eats rolling. A little vegan snootiness from the staff when ordering but nothing that made us want to leave. Opted for the Scorcheros. Simple and pretty good. I was expecting more with a name like that. Sausage or bacon would do wonders to this dish and tempeh just shouldn’t be a thing. Toast was excellent. Latte was very good. Atmosphere could be cool but it came off as trying really hard to be different but that never works. You might think being in the same building as Ft George (which excels at food, drink & vibe) would rub off. All in all not bad but you can walk 1 block over to the 14th St cafe and be blown away.

Conner Coady

Such goodand fresh bread with a very welcoming feel in the cafe. The 1/2 off deal for the day old pastries is pretty good too if you don't mind it!


Great place

Liam Brown

I always love a good ol' poet's bowl!

Elaine Pandolfi

Yummy. Skyline sourdough is amazing

Georgia Dean

All organic locally grown fruit and vegetables to produce the best tasting food

Michael Leslie

Great breakfast spot! We sat outside with our dog and enjoyed a great meal

Shellyene Winans

I always love The Scorcher, great place for a cuppa coffee or a fantastic latte and they even have a wide variety of decaf tea which makes me very happy! Thier food is beyond good. It's spectacular. A local fav is the cardamom roll, you will never want a regular cinnamon roll ever again after you try this! They also have sandwiches and wraps. I love the yam wrap, I know there is more stuff in it but they know what ya mean if you ask for the yam wrap. It's delicious. Promise. Plus it's big enough to share. It is a local favorite so act like you know what you're doing or you might get stared at ;)

Christina Trautman

Best vegetarian breakfast burrito around!

Matt Harmon

Great pastries and coffee, good vegan options, friendly vibe. The only reason it gets 4 stars is that everything seems consistently overpriced by a couple dollars, but still worth visiting

Jo Creyf

Okay... not great. Expensive for what it is.

Johanna Perkins

Best bread on the west coast. Saturday Sour Dough. What more can I say? Hard crust!

Victoria Bolin

Everything tasted amazing. Everything that can be locally sourced is. Very green friendly. Very welcoming and accepting. Play area for kids and all persons bathroom.

Kevin Cassidy

Do not go to Astoria without hitting the Blue Scorcher! The food is wholesome and filling, organic and fresh, and absolutely delicious. Their fresh baked breads are incredible. If you like sourdough bread, the Blue Scorcher bakes the best I've ever tasted! The ambience is a perfect match to the food, and for a downtown restaurant, it has a great view of Astoria and the Columbia River.

Evelyn Squire

Yummy! Delicious food and bakery items! I enjoyed the perfect latte as well! Lovely people who care about your experience and quality of nourishment. I love the greens with breakfast plates!

Scott Pennington

Charming, delicious bakery co-op with plenty of organic/vegan options.

Heather Weavill

Great way to start the day. Friendly service and nice selection.

kahanu kahoonei

Always stop here when in town. Favorite breakfast spot. Very thoughtful menu, sweet staff.

Greg Krsak

Food is immaculate. You'll wait a little bit, but that'll give you time to relax!

Jana Libby

Can't be beat! Customer service personable & most helpful

Gini Moos

My boyfriend and I came here for breakfast twice also for the coffee and sourdough breads- they are very delicious that keeps you coming back. It's just unfortunate that we live on East coast otherwise we'd come here probably daily!

Kristin Thompson

Great pastries and coffee. Stopped in for breakfast and decided that this place will be on our list of regular places in Astoria. Almond croissant and cinnamon walnut pastry - you're going to love them.

Rodney Merrill

Good vegetarian and vegan food. Top quality bread and a variety of tasty pastry items. Friendly staff. Locally owned.

G M Parks

This place is absolutely fantastic - great balance of flavorful organic ingredients assembled by artists of the heart. The saurkraut and breads are to die for! Highly recommended.

David R

Meh. Hipster food menu and slow at making coffee.

David Tompkins

Excellent food. Comfortable and inviting. Staff is friendly and engaging.

Jon Henri

Great breakfast and bakery

Don McPhail

Great coffee shop that offers good coffee and a space that is just a bit different. There are some nice items available to eat and plenty of good places to sit, including an area for young kids to entertain themselves.

Julien Gluckman-Picard

Most definitely good food but also definitely overpriced, a baguette is 5.25 which is absolutely crazy; I understand that the know how is of value but it's basically flour and water which can't cost more than 50 cents to make. Doesn't seem like this place is accessible to common folk.. Surprised that tempeh sausage patty in their breakfast sandwich could be so good but won't come back, that's for sure.

Jamie Campbell

Amazing food and coffee. Fun and friendly staff. Whenever I'm in Astoria, I'll be going to Blue Scorcher as much as I can, it's the best!

Penelope Noecker

I Googled organic, vegetarian restaurant and Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe popped up. It’s 4/4/18 - off season and chilly. We gave it a whirl. Great burritos and scrupulous scones! Friendly service. Just the tight amount of grit. I even bought a treat for the road and a muffin for tomorrow. Prices a bit steep.

Syrah M

This place is fabulous. Such fresh food. So great to support a co-op. I can’t wait to go back.

Miss Guava

Saying that they make the best bread in all of Oregon may be a bold statement, but I stand by it. The Blue Scorcher has been baking exceptional bread for years and only seem to continuously improve. A vegetarian's dream! Their vegetarian options are excellent - they know what they're doing! My favorites: Pain Rustique, Split-Pea Soup, Grilled cheese w pesto, Cardamom honey almond-milk latte, and the chef's special pizza combination. They also have many delicious pastries/other dessert options. Relaxing and warm atmosphere. A true gem of Astoria.


Best croissants on the North Coast. Sometimes has fresh hamburger buns on summer weekends.

Stephen Early

The best place in Astoria for coffee, breakfast, and lunch. I have even seen a local bluegrass band picking and grinning when I was there once.

Ines S

The best coffee shop I have ever been to. They use compostable lids, paper cups and straws. When I ordered a chai tea latte I was informed that they brew their own batch in house! The bakery section was impressive. I got a “clover cake” which tasted like a biscotti! You can obviously tell their team cares about their customers and what they put out to serve. Completely fell in love with this place. Definitely recommend.

ra padgett

This place is usually pretty good, but the cashier was really rude to me today for no reason. I understand that tourists (I'm not one) can be pretty irritating but there's no reason to be rude and unkind.

Chris Sullivan

Not a good value. Overpriced and slow. It a workers’ collective that seems to cater to the bourgeoisie and other people with an excess of time and money on their hands. It’s an atavistic holdout of a bygone era. Vegetarian and vegan food has moved past tempeh as the only meat substitute. The bread and coffee were fine but the baked goods looked seriously anemic and uninviting.

Greta Bel

Good food but crazy busy!

Colene Brown

over priced and pastries Ok, nothing exceptional. limited choices.

Patricia Anda

My favorite breakfast spot whenever I'm in Astoria. I have wanted to try other items on their menu, but their tempeh toast always wins out, it's so good. I have tried several of their pastries and all are very good.

Ian McCallum

Good food, excellent coffee

Marcus K.

Very good croissants. Fresh and crispy when you get them in the morning. Good coffee and you pay extra if you want refills. Friendly service but yes, you bus yourself. There is no table service. Nice open airy feel when you sit inside. They also have a few tables outside.

Scott Likely

Nice cafe with mostly meat-free fare

Heidi Cowles

My family ate there this morning... Not only was the service absolutely atrocious and the waitresses attitude reprehensible due to the fact that they got my daughter and her friend's $12 grilled cheese sandwich completely wrong and rather than remaking them, scraped off the wrong ingredients off of one side and returned the sandwich. Needless to say, they were both only able to choke down one half of their (let me repeat this) $12 grilled cheese sandwiches. I will NEVER re-enter this establishment. After spending over $60, I certainly expected higher quality of service.

S. Michael Martin

Homemade, gluten free, gmo free, vegan available

Peter Hamilton

Love this place. Great coffee and amazing baked goods. Thankful for so many gluten free options! Kids love playing in the little kids corner with kitchen and toys.


We were in Astoria for the day. A cruise ship was in town, so most restaurants had a long wait. We were able to get seated right away at this place. This café is a worker-owned cooperative. The prices were a little steep but the food was good. The room is a large open area with communal seating. You order at the counter and they bring the food to you.The service was friendly and the food came quickly. You have to bus your own dishes.

Andrew Marshall

Enjoyed the pastries and bread -- staff was educational and willing to share baking tips.

Tammy Lynn Lines

The food is amazing here! The staff is very friendly and efficient. Highly recommend stopping in if you have the chance!!

Jadzia Jula

This bakery cafe is so delicious. Everything is vegetarian and organic and locally sourced. The food is so good I wish I could eat there every day. The partys are the best pastry I've ever had. If you haven't been here you should. The decorations are amazing and make it feel even better. Even the bathroom is awesome. The owners are so cool. The name is so nice and has a amazing backstory. Please go there you'll love it. I cant think of one thing that is bad.

Jared Wallace

Best Mediterranean Food in the Portland area

DeAnn Welch

Great coffee!! Loved the baked goods, especially the different gluten free options. We went there every morning while staying in Astoria. A bit of a wait, but well worth it!

Jenae Meines

I waited for 10 minutes to get my order in, once I placed it I saw the barista chatting with a friend the whole time, took her 15 minutes to make 3 drinks that tasted very mediocre (gas station coffee is better). Save your money and time and go elsewhere.

flux flux

Great cafe with lots of gluten free and vegan options. Free WiFi and easy to park outside.

Dona Kondro

Best bread in the world!

Raini Spring

Real natural vegetation foods and drinks with a long list of alternative milks. Yum! Friendly service staff. Open floor plan. Big windows. Could do a little better on the bathrooms, but everything else was great!

Jeff Spicoli

Delicious baked goods and coffee! Good atmosphere, quick service. Wish I had enough in me for lunch but the chocolate brownie will do! What’s not to like?

Jacob Loeb

I went here because I could not find other Vegan options advertised in the area. The food was good but the bread was over crisped in grilling. It was rough on my mouth and not my favorite flavors. Down the street I found some food carts with better vegan options. There are Vegan options Astoria, this is a good one, but walk around and find the best fit for your tastes.

Doug Thompson

High quality eats made by worker-owned cooperative labor.

Doug Carroll

Great food. Everyone with us agreed 5 stars.

Rebecca Beck

Awesome. So busy...I didn't want to wait in line. **update 1 year later. Have been back in many times now...great organic offerings from breakfast to lunch and dinner (luscious) soups). Impeccable coffee offerings with their own homemade spiced lattes. Location is just a block up from the River so you can look out and see the ships and events on the Columbia. Only downside...they open at 7am. 6:30 would be nice. I have to pass it by sometimes.

Rip Stinger

Great vegetarian and vegan food even if you're not.

Peter LaBelle

This is a cosey place to enjoy hot coffee, chocolate or tea on a cold day.

Richard Hopkins

Akways good food and coffee

CherylbethCarter Carter

This place has one kewl menu. Exciting choices! Homemade salsa for your breakfast burrito was to "DIE FOR" Yum!

jamie willis

Love the food and bread here

Jeff Cohen

The Blue Scorcher is an absolute GEM! The food is clearly lovingly prepared and the gluten free choices are to die for! I can't wait to visit Astoria again...SOON!

Cameron Wanke

So fresh! Lovely little cafe and super yums food!

Gunnar Guttormsen

Great local source food breakfast portions. My wife and I shared two of the breakfast entrees recommended by an exceptionally friendly cashier/server. No meat here and we were satisfied with the egg dishes. Baked goods looked room to try any.

Peaceful One

Fresh and local organic, gluten free and vegan selections too!


Stumbled across this picture lace. Yummy! Loved the beet salad

Briana Stodola

They have terrific fresh, locally sourced dishes and wonderful baked goods. Just about the only place in town with a vegan option, so this is where we go for a hearty breakfast.

Kate Deeks

Great for conscious eating and enjoyment.

Michael Moore

Amazing bakery. Just amazing. And no paper napkins but rolled linen ones. Thank you for such awareness

Alicia McConnell

The menu is great and has many vegan/vegetarian options, the food tasted amazing and the atmosphere was so great

A Green

Can you get any better than a conscientious little co-op bakery? My heart! Beautiful breads, pastries, coffee with plenty of milk alternatives, vegetarian food choices and the loveliest people. Bonus for people obsessed with bread in general (gorgeous sourdough) or croissants. I'm literally ruined for croissants now. I can't even bring myself to purchase "store bought" from the chain stores anymore! I didn't know about the brilliant flakiness and melt-in-your-mouth flavor. Now I do. This is serious. I can't go back to the way things were before. Also, I would recommend the cardamom and honey laite if you're looking for flavor without an overly sweet drink. Oh yeah, the tempe is to die for. Almost forgot to mention that gem. If you find that flavor anywhere else, I need to know.

HK Kahng

Spacious and bright bakery/coffeeshop with a great selection of pastries, savories, and brewed goodies. We stopped by before starting our drive home and enjoyed a fantastic cardamom latte, a gently spiced shot of caffeine for the road. Will definitely visit again the next time we're in Astoria.

Cari Zoebelle

Wonderful vegan/vegetarian food!!!

Dan Nelson

Always wonderful. Great healthy choices, earnest and warm service. Eclectic customers.

George Arnall

Great spot to sit and have coffee and a snack, right next door to Fort George brewery and just a stones throw from the Astoria Maritime Museum.

Jae Young

Great food and friendly service.


Cute cafe with a lot of natural lighting. The coffee was good and the room smelled like cinnamon from whatever was being baked at the time. I wasn't really feeling anything on the menu (mostly eggs, salads, and sandwiches), but I tried a couple gluten-free pastries from the pastry case (thank you for the gf options, Blue Scorcher) and a cup of coffee. The coffee was good, the sourcream strawberry muffin-thing was good, but the chocolate chip cookie was stale and dry. Also, the line was really long and slow and didn't have much room to grow before blocking the front door. The lady working the pastry case was very friendly, but the one at the cash register was not. I would like to give 3.5 stars, but I rounded to 4.

Ben Sitz

Great food and atmosphere, Bear Claw was amazing

Matthew Watson

I live for their Yam and Pesto Burrito. I've always loved this place. Delicious bread, great atmosphere, happy staff. I have lots of wonderful memories from this place and they're all well deserved. It's a great place to be a vegetarian too. Everything I've tried has been delicious. It's a little pricy but if that keeps this place running the way it does, that's fine by me. I love to take home some day-old bread too when I get the chance. Still delicious, at a discount!

i Park

Good but expensive. Coffee was very bitter. Sweet baked items were awesome.

Bill Davis

Excellent, just a little pricey.

A Baguette

Really Nice bakery and cafe. Music is awesomely relaxing, food is really nice and the staff is Perfect. We are enjoying our time here !

Kevin Philpott

Nice place to grab coffee and chat with friends, super chill.

Alexander Toth

Wonderful food and a great ambience. Huevos scorcheros was delicious. Staff were all really nice. Lots of gluten free options too and it’s safe for celiacs.

Truman Grandey

We’ve eaten here and bought baked goods to whenever we were in Astoria, and were never disappointed in the food. In the small , cramped eating area, although benches have been replaced by chairs, it’s difficult to move around and arise with dishes when bussing ones table. I repeat the high quality of the food and especially of the breads and desserts make up for any seating awkwardness. The young people who are the majority customers don’t seem to mind.

Andrew Elegante

Delightfully delicious! Housed in a beautiful, historic building with eclectic interior decorator, ample seating, great big windows for people watching or looking out to the ocean, tasty treats and good coffee. Had the morning glory muffin. It's a bit small but very flavorful. The exterior has an interesting sweet, crunchy texture I'm not sure I've had in a muffin before that gives way to a soft, moist and delicious center. This is how I like my cookies and it works well with the muffin. Mocha was very nice and well crafted. You can tell that they know how to properly foam here. Chocolate flavor is smooth and not so sweet. Coffee is roasted up the street at the Astoria Coffee Company. They have a very nice (and cheap) spiced mocha there that I highly recommend and the owner is very nice. Back to scorchers... On the counter they have these jars of teas that look amazing. One of them was a Ruby cocoa with cardamom and dandelion root in it. I wish I had tried that but alas I "had" to enjoy this mocha instead.

Laura G

Great place! Love the grilled bread they serve with breakfast. The staff were friendly with no attitude and the atmosphere was quiet and calm. A nice change from Portland. Thank you.

Ivan Sultan

This place has delicious vegetarian food, amazing baked goods, and great coffee. The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is nice too. Blue Scorcher is located right down town and next door to Ft. George. Make sure to check it out.

Kathryn Green

Breakfast burrito is extraordinary

Joel Knutzen

Nice little bakery/coffee shop. Has the early morning staples, such as: coffee, espresso, croissants, etc.

Thomas Murphy

What a great place. High quality food/drinks and ingredients. Attention to detail. I would visit often if I lived in Astoria.

mike mcgee

Wonderful bakery. Haven't sat down for a meal here yet, but will someday soon. Great treats, I've tried several. Also they have a doggie treat that our dog really loves! So 7 stars feom Jack the poodle!

Andrew Rediford

Try the Hokey Pokey, I was sold on the sample!

Edward Thomas

Vegan, and I am not. And yet, Sweet and Comfortable, with Excellent Food and Coffee, super nice staff and the views were perfect. I would highly recommend this to any flavor of traveler.

alisa kirk

I am a very simple breakfast person. I don't want any fancy items. I just wanted a plain bagel, but they were out. Or a cinnamon roll without raisins, but they all have raisins. Most of their items are "fancy" style breads and foods. My husband and I, after asking about a few options were told they were out, including burritos, so we got the last 2 regular croissants and 2 boiled eggs, and made do. The egg was boiled perfectly and the croissants were great! The rest of my family had many different items and thoroughly enjoyed them. We, unfortunately, didn't get there until after 9am (on a Wednesday in June). If you are a picky person like me, this might not be the place for you, or maybe just get there much earlier if you want different choices!

Alaina Labak

Perfect weekend family breakfast, and I was delighted that they are reducing needless waste by offering cloth napkins. Setting a great example that other restaurants should follow.

Jaclyn Smith-Moore

I absolutely love this place. I stop in every time I'm in Astoria. They have the best Gluten-Free Blueberry Sour Cream Cake I've ever had. They have gluteneous goodies too. The ambiance is really chill and the staff is very friendly. I highly recommend stopping in here if you make your way to Astoria.

Rob Beard

Good spot with fresh pastries. Good turmeric, orange juice they serve. Spot on for any beginning of a journey

Breana Sylvester

Great kid's play area. Such yummy food, and the staff and atmosphere were delightful.

Karin Sandfort

Good chai latte. Very long line.

Adam Lamer

We stopped in for lunch on our way down the 101. Their kitchen was closed, but they had pizza in the display case. It was straight-up vegetarian deliciousness. I love the vibe here, and would give it 5 stars if their coffee game was on point. I ordered an Americano, and it just tasted burnt. Not sure if it's the beans or the machine (my wife ordered a decaf one later, and it tasted the same), but I would definitely come back for the food alone, and give the coffee another try too.

Sean M

Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Coffee is great with robust flavor. The tables do need to be cleaned more often but other then a few crumbs great place.

Ashley Chicoine

Just moved to the area and tried this place for brunch and were VERY pleased. Definitely will be back again

michael schmidt

Wonderful products. Everything is delicious! Friendly staff, decent prices but be careful when you come, as this place fills up pretty quickly in the weekend morning hours and you'll be hard-pressed to find a place to sit if you get there too late. The Blue Scorcher is a must visit place whenever I visit Astoria.

Niccoli Zalunardo

Honestly the Huevos Scorcheros is my favorite breakfast item pretty much anywhere. Couple with a macchiato it is absolutely insane. Love it.

Jackie Pailthorp

Great atmosphere but we didn’t think our food and beverages were worth what we paid. The coffee cake more resembles a dense muffin than the standard springy, light cake you would expect with coffee cake, and my teapot was so overfilled that when I poured my tea, the leaves flowed into my cup as well. We were still hungry but the food looked overpriced for what you got. My husband said that the coffee was good.

Randy Roper

Great place. We stopped in for some breakfast. Their take on heuvos rancheros is really good. Their breakfast burrito was also outstanding. One of the staff brought out some hot chocolate they had made with leftover chocolate for my kids. That was an awesome surprise. Good job all around.

Mia Johnson

Amazing service and coffee! I loved everything about this place! Very comfortable atmosphere and delicious baked goods!

Kimberly Hartwell

Great desserts, tasty drinks, and yummy entree's.

Wyatt Pace

While traveling for work, I stopped by on a Saturday morning at 7am. Amazing coffee, breakfast foods, and service. Thanks for having us!

Shk yrbti

Interesting place, has a 70's European vibe. Excellent service, really nice staff. Great coffee, even bought the sour dough bread to take home!

Patti Eckstein

Enjoyable! Loved the breakfast burito!

Heather Bagdasarian

Delicious food made with local and organic ingredients. Definitely worth a stop!

Christopher Jones

I like the coffee here. It looks like everything is made from organic ingredients. Super friendly staff.

Lisa Young

I was thrilled to find a bakery that makes pulla... which I call Nissua. I was able to order a loaf and pick up on was delicious! If you've never tried it it's a finish coffee braid made with cardimom.

Thomas Deml

Always our highlight when we are in Astoria. Nice Ambiente, good, coffee, pastries and sandwiches.

Maria H

I love this place. It's conscious. Great and peaceful atmosphere. The food is delicious!! Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful place!


The gal that made the coffee was a true rock star as she had to take a very rude comment from an older female. She kept her composure as she was treated very rudely!!! Very awesome and valuable employee!!! Highly recommend this place for their coffee and pastries!! The chocolates she shared with us were way better than expected!!!

Charles Brolin

Very good food and very friendly staff

Hare Typer

This is one of our favorite stops when visiting Astoria. They have an excellent vegetarian menu and several gluten free items and very good coffee. Staff is accommodating especially with food allergies. They make the best fancy grilled cheese ever. Very good salads and soup and baked goods and truffles(!) with everything tasting like it was home made from grandma's house (If gramma was an excellent comfort food cook!). Atmosphere is awesome with glass windows that make up 2 large floor to ceiling walls and gorgeous custom hand made lighting- look close and you'll see. Cute little children's area for kids to play with provided toys. Cozy in the winter, bright and airy in the summer. Large magazine selection. Large accommodating unisex bathrooms. I wish I lived around the corner.

dave harris

Was ok but bread was dry and food bland

Jennifer Welc

I'll be dreaming about that wild Blackberry Danish for a while

Jennifer Klump

Great baked goods. Cozy place.

Jason B

Straight up the best baked goods you'll find anywhere in any kind of vacinity to Astoria. Some of the best people as well!

Jenn Lawrence

Everything was delicious, very much enjoyed the discounted day-olds too!

Brittany Bacchi

Delicious food and cute restaurant

Zachary Stafford

They were a little picked over in the afternoon when we got there. But they had some discounted day old items that due to their pastry type (fruity and crumbly) they remained moist. Sadly we didn't get to linger in Astoria, but instead used the bathroom and hastily ate our day old pastries and hit the road again. We had come here years ago and remember it vaguely like some falsified dream - there was a truck and a dog in the back, a woman with cowboy boots getting a bagel and some of the best freshest pastries we've ever had. I remember it then as if there was nothing else in Astoria, or within blocks of the cafe. To my memory it stood out as if it were a lighthouse, a beacon in an otherwise desolate and abandoned place.

Mark Stockfisch

This store does have good stuff yeah, in terms of bread or pastries. However, it far too overpriced (100% more than other artisan bakeries on the west coast) and feels pretentious.

Andrew Abraham

Great bread and pastries but the portions are too big.

KrisAnne Hall JD

Very nice staff. Yummy goodies. Tasty coffee. Charming location. The cosmos cookies were my favorite.

Cory Geyer

Not really inpressed with it. The service is slow,and it takes a long time for food to come out and i will not come back.

Ellie Hay

Most amazing tempeh!!! I never liked tempeh until I had it here. Bright and comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff! Wish I lived in Astoria so I could come here regularly.

Josh Evald

Great atmosphere

nick vasilieff

The pastries are amazing. Try the cardamom rolls. To die for.

Sublime Organics

The best bakery ever and they have good coffee too. Don't miss their cardamon latte!

Sam Chilkotowsky

Amazing pastries! Co-op owned and operated, organic just about everything.

Penny Gautreaux

Nice offerings, comfortable furnishing. The high ceilings create a bit of an echo chamber though. I think it is too loud of a place to go and write for instance.

Rachel Sizemore

One star for delicious. But certainly not worth the price.

Matt Read

Great food. Vegetarian friendly. Worker owned co-op. What’s not to love?

Sierra Briano

Love the Blue Scorcher! Go there anytime I'm in Astoria.

Stacey Kiefer

Awesome food in a relaxed cool environment. Can't wait to go back! Loved it!

Josh Hagood

Pretty good vegetarian and vegan options. I was a little disappointed with what I ordered, but unfortunately forgot what it was. The seitan was good though.

Stephen Shumaker

My favorite cafe in town, amazing food, drinks, staff, and great kids play area! I love the art magazines as well. One of the best spots to work and socialize!

Keila Qual

Very unique food ideas that fill you up in a healthy way definitely go there for breakfast!

Allen Barber

Good coffee, comfortable setting, and in a great town. I love this place!

Michael Lalewicz

I love the products, insanely bad service. I think everyone that works there is stoned

Charlie Yates

Good foods... uses local farms. Great place!

Jeremy Ellison

We were traveling down the coast for a few days & found this place. We were spoiled at Blue Scorcher with excellent service and the best mocha I have ever had. I've been trying to avoid dairy (allergies) for about a year and have never found a mocha that tasted any good without. Don't know how they did it, but I almost added 180miles to our trip just so we could get another cup! For reals!

Dick Thompson

Excellent baked goods. Amazing croissants. They require (a lot of) time and attention. We lived in Europe for ten years and these are as good as they get. A surprise in this little, out of the way town

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