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REVIEWS OF Uptown Grocery Co IN Oklahoma

Tim Perry

Great buffet food bar with a lot of healthy choices, as well as an area to sit with tables. Flower shop, butcher, and very clean and friendly staff.

Connie D Franklin

I like this location. The stores nice and open and the food is always fresh. The prices are a little higher than what I pay at Walmart or something but that's to be expected. I like to buy the rotisserie chicken and some veggies for quick meal for my family and I've never been disappointed

Craig Nixon

Such a cool store. Great variety of almost everything. Produce and butcher is awesome. Prices edging towards the high side, thus the 4 stars.

Nicole Hansen

Uptown is clean and has a lot of prepared fresh options but it is expensive and doesn't have the variety I was looking for.

Mia Marquez

A bit pricey, but great quality food. Especially in the deli

Tom McCoy

Nice but a little more expensive than most grocery stores... but their sale prices are good.

Sherry Blose

Went into buy bacon bits and all the pack were molded so we went to the meats and some of there bacon was not looking good at all.


I like there fresh made items they makes and the seafood market but everything else is pretty basic stuff you can find at Walmart but way overpriced.

David Crawford

I went inside and their was two employees just standing there so I asked if they had a sales paper and one of them a tall skinny sweet little princess with a beard said it should be on you iPhone. I said thanks for nothing. My wife shops there, my mother in law shops there and my grown son shops there you just lost three regular customers because of this punks pompous attitude. I suggest you give your employees more training on how to address customers.

Tyronne Sikes

I enjoyed myself there and the employees were very friendly and helpful

Robert Taylor

I love shopping here. Probably the best up scale grocery store I've shopped. Their custom cut steaks, ribeyes have never disappointed my steak loving family. Of course their prices are higher than your average grocery store.

Alinda Paxton

The store was large and has a great selection but my favorite part is the food bar. It’s a great place for lunch.

Abbey Richards

Consistently good experiences. Recently becoming a fan of the online ordering and pick up!

Nicki Young

My favorite grocery /flower shop.

Pamela Stovall

Love the fresh baked bread and deli!


This is a love / hate type of place. I love it for the cleanliness and friendly staff plus good quality produce and self serve to-go cafeteria. But when I check out, I feel like I paid three times more. I think its the meat department. Its an overpriced Buy4Less, people!

Dr. TK

I love this place. Fresh items and the juice bar are my favorite!

Kenneth Harrison

Really come by to pick up a Birthday cake and the Bakery can't wright Happy Birthday on there own cakes. Last time I shop the Bakery.

Traci Johnson

Gorgeous store...clean and well organized. Their bakery and deli options are mind blowing. Selection is great and prices are inline. Super nice employees.

William Hall

Awesome store.

Roy Houston

Great selection in a small store. Get a prime grade New York Strip steak. So good.

Kerry Gabbert

Uptown Grocery is one of my favorite places to do grocery shopping...fresh produce and sushi are always a staple for me so, its very important to be fresh and lots of choices...nice size store...staff is always friendly

Philip Novak

High end grocery with a great bakery and deli. You pay a little more but the quality is worth it.

Bob Green

Very upscale in appearance and service. The prices are not higher than other places. The meat department is best around. A large produce department with a lot of organic vegetables and fruit. The largest cheese department is the most complete of any supermarket I have ever seen. If you are looking for a product from around the world, you most likely will find it here at a fair price.


Nice grocery store with a large selection. It's also a good place to take a lunch break with plenty of prepared food and food made to order.

Kelly Christian

The best cake icing ever!!! Super bakery!

Brian Wilson

What a great store! This store has a awesome food to go. You can eat there, they have table and chairs. They also do a breakfast cook to order on the weekends.

Gary Jefferson

variety of items. very clean and organized.

Lindsey Jacobs

Clean store with friendly staff. The prices are great for an upscale grocery. The food at the cafe is delicious! I highly recommend the burger!

Beth Walker

Good selection....reasonable...attractive didplays

Chef Daphne

This store is always very clean and they have a great selection of most items. It could be a great store if they had a better quality of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Stephenie Hallowell

I love this store they have a variety of products you can't get at other stores and I love their sandwiches and salads bar they also have a hot food area that has great tasting food on the go but their prices are very high!! It's definitely not an everyday shopping store for me but I will still get certain items there.

laura bach

Well maintained grocery store; organic & ready made foods & eatery, cakes, pies, sweets, plethora of cheeses, meats etc. Luv it.

D. Cee

Always superb service and an enjoyable shopping experience at Uptown Grocery Company! One step inside the store and you can see AND feel the difference btwn U.G.C. and the competitors. A refreshing change from the shopping 'madness' of those super centers! UGC's location (across the street from Edmond's Mitch Park) on Covell Rd makes quick shopping trips a breeze! Several new stores (along w an elementary school) in that area can create driving/parking concerns during busier hours. Drive cautiously in that area. At Uptown Grocery Company, you get a 'difference'!

Shannon First

The best grocery store in the whole world! A Feast for the eyes. The bakery was divine! The candies beyond anything I've ever seen. The filet mignon steaks the hand cut beef the never frozen fish, delicious shrimp The beautiful fragrance section right opposite the bathroom. The fresh flowers. This place is amazing. I wish we had one of these stores. I recall this Market grocery art. It's the most colorful beautiful delicious store you'll ever be in in your whole life.


Immaculate store! Clean, flows very well. Easy to find aisles and items. Stay away from the bakery... It's dangerous! The pounds Will jump on you over there lol

HS PSacct

Nice grocery place. Clean. Friendly staff. Open on Thanksgiving day -- smart marketing because the store was very busy on Thanksgiving day.

Mariberta Waing

Everything is super. Buffet sandwiches, salads etc for special events and on time Great !!!!!!

Mcolleen Barker

Enjoy shopping here. So many unique items & the prices are great. Just a great atmosphere to shop!

Allyssa G.

Great place to buy groceries!! Very friendly & knowledgeable cheese department!! :)

Wolfman Proboi

It was okay, not my go to. Too many vegetable isles.

Amanda Robinson

Always a great place

Fred Sr. Sexton

Always nice to come here, friendly staff, clean and well organized.

Lisa Ambrose

Food is good, but way over priced!

Robert McNamara

Great selection of fresh food and seafood, both fresh and frozen. You'll pay a little more here but the location and selection will justify it. Very clean and organized too.


Huge selection for bakery, sushi, and deli side. Priced slightly higher but I love the atmosphere!

James Dillon

Clean, friendly staff and good prices. I went in to pick up free items for a one day sale. Just download the app and boom!

Molly Roberts

I thought the place was too hoity toity for me but I'll admit the freebies they give out on their app are solid. Until April 2nd we get a $0.99 gallon of Homeland milk. Solid deal. Last week I got a free 8oz bag of cheese and 18ct eggs. I look forward to the next deal. The general grocery items are comparable. Within 10-30 cents of what you would pay at Walmart.

Carolyn Barry

I enjoy going there. Staff are nice and I almost always find what I'm looking for.

kathy liew

This is just a fun place period. Lots of different items but still most of the items I was needing.

Dacia Bergeson

Cute and clean! I like getting my fresh produce here.

Kim Lasalata

Great deli and meat department selection.

Chuck Carey

I really liked the lay out and the variety!

Ron and Heather Wallace

Great store. Like the one in the village better but only because of the mezzanine:)

Tabitha Cortney

I really enjoy the overall selection of food and unique items but the fruit selection is always terrible! Every time I’ve went the fruit is either bruised, picked through, or already rotten. If they could keep up with replacing and keeping the fruit fresh I would return shopping here.

Larry Green

I absolutely love this store.

christy piersol

Great grocery store that has pride in its service. Sales are excellent.

Brock Spencer

Only place i can shop without anxiety.

Muscus Domesticus

Great prices, great selection and great employees. Especially love their bakery.

Stephanie Olson-Colvin

Best place for gourmet items. I can spend hours in this place! My kid loves it too because the bakery is wonderful.

Jessica Skinner

I love Uptown. I think they are a great grocery store and have always heard great things about the bakery. I picked up a cake here last week and was a little frustrated. The cake was supposed to be ready at 5 but I didn't receive it until almost 545. They didn't ask for a number to call me when it was ready because they said it would be 10 minutes, which turned into 35 more minutes. I stood around and it was a bit frustrating. The cake was also supposed to be piped with a design that was sent. Specifically asked for. And it was given to us with a printout of the design on fondant or edible paper with piping around us. Not necessarily what we asked for. I will say the cake tasted great though.

Tiffany Wade

Love this store! Lots of good deals and a great shopping experience.

Linda Hainsworth

Upscale grocery shopping. Gourmet deli department, sushi, huge salad fixing station, amazing bakery, easy take out food when you're tired and just need something to warm up. We love their selection of cheeses and fresh veggies.

Kendra Bickham

Top notch market and great food options in their deli.

Kortney Brummel

Absolutely horrible experience today. They almost ruined our foster daughter’s 5th birthday. If you want a cake and you would like it before your party starts- I suggest you order from literally anywhere else. They Lied to us multiple times, were 3 hours late with our $90 cake, and the “lead cake decorator” should be fired for the way she runs things and treated us. Not even a phone call was made to let us know they dropped the ball on our pre paid cake. Don’t tell us you will deliver a cake by 2, when it was supposed to be ready at 1, and not show up until 3:40- when our party is half way over.

M&K Pilkington

Terrible customer service. Justin P. from the meat counter is disrespectful and rude for no reason. Unfortunately, we had a bad experience multiple times at the meat counter. The weirdest deal, since this is a nice place where you would expect friendly service.

Thomas Nail

This is definitely on the upper scale in terms of grocery stores. Yeah fine pastries here and a great deli and also pretty awesome sushi bar. They even have Gourmet chocolates. They also do wedding cakes here at a very reasonable price, they let you do them and custom ways and even allow you to have a tasting before. They have a pretty decent beer selection and they tend to have a healthier food selection.


Great selection. Good service in the meat department. In the hot food portion of the deli I ordered two chicken thighs. When I got to the parking lot and took a bite I realized I had been given a chicken breast. Took it back in the store and they traded for a thigh. Really like the store. And its employees.

Jeanita Papayik

This grocer is a bit pricey although they do have items not found in other stores

John Heitz

Good . No complaints

Pratiksha Kshetri

Very nice customer service. Reasonable price. I highly recommend for grocery.

David Burrack

Great place to buy your groceries. Good variety.

Marette Schooler

Love this store! Great store, awesome staff.

Rex Barrett

Great place to find higher end groceries. Taking a star off because the regular stuff is priced higher than anywhere else in the metro.

Sarah Johnson

The older lady whom is in charge of the floral department is a pathological liar. Do not trust or send any business to Uptown. She is out of control rude. They need to get control of their employees and not allow her to be In any type of management position. Horrible

Bone Lee

Awesome selection and great prices! The produce and meat sections are fantastic and the food/salad bar is amazing!!!


If only other grocery stores were designed this way!!! Natural foods, florist, grocery staples, butcher, bakery, sushi bar (with sushi chefs) and alcohol

Dina VandeBerg

Beautiful store!! Too many tempting things!!

Stephen C. Dayton

I usually shop at Crest as the location is more convenient and it's a bigger store but we do shop at this Uptown Grocery on occasions and I have to say I really like the selection. The flowers tend to be a decent price and the veggies are always fresh. I also love the architecture both inside and out. Beautiful store and kind staff.

Jerusha Myers

Employees were indifferent. Prices were very high. Tried to help another customer to get the price on some Concord grapes since they didn't have a price. Could not get any assistance. They did have some nice smelling candles but $78! Seriously?

Christopher Sinor

Uptown grocery is a great place to get your groceries fresh flowers and even brunch on Sunday. The employees and staff are always friendly. The store is clean and all of their products are amazing.

Nick Clark

Whole Foods its not and certainly not a Central Market or H E B but a good second. With Oklahoma's new liquor laws perhaps we can entice these other great grocery stores .. but until then Uptown Market beats the Homelands etc...

Carla Miles

Excellent service.

Hector E. Hernandez Adorno

Excellent place

Mitch Rogers

We go there for the sushi bar. Staff is always friendly and many suggestions on creative sushi. Healthy portions for a good price

Terry Farson

Wow nice store. Good customer Service

Stephanie Tucker

So I ordered a Cookie Monster cake from uptown grocery on July 31st so they had plenty of time to be sure it was ready for my sons 1st birthday. I’ve even called several times to check to be sure that it’d be ready today by 12pm as promised. I even called Friday to make sure because I like to be on schedule. So today I show up at 11:15 am to check the progress of his cake. They hadn’t EVEN started it. They said come back at 12:30 even though we scheduled to have it done by 12pm. It WASNT ready at 12:30 either. We rented out a gym for a two hour block, so no we couldn’t wait longer. I’m furious my sons first birthday theme of Cookie Monster was thrown of because uptown messed up. We had to drive to crest to just buy a premade cake and smash cake. But really, it’s really upsetting because I called several times because I wanted it to be the best 1st birthday but no the cake nor smash cake was ready.

Robert Martin

I ordered a hamburger at the bar and came back 15 minutes later they still hadn't started it. The two people behind the counter arguing over who is actually going to make it

Cathie Moore

Not really what I expected. Extensive bakery and deli, but the rest of the grocery store is smaller.

Robert Ramsey

One of my favorite grocery stores. Always great service

Annette Cain

Would be less stars if possible. I have had the worst experience twice with this bakery. They lost my daughter's graduation cake order last May. I called or emailed four days in a row to make sure they would have it ready in time and they assured me it would be ready. They sent a pre-made sheet cake to our large family celebration on graduation night. They made up for this by making the original cake for her other graduation party for free and giving us a gift card. Fast forward ten months and they they didn't have the cake ready for my best friend's baby shower. Again, I had called or emailed for four days prior to the party. The morning of the party I talked to a young man who described my cake and said it would be ready at 2:00. When we tried to pick up the cake they had no idea what we were talking about. They found a cake that had been baked but not decorated. They slapped some icing on it (nothing like what I had asked for) and offered to deliver it to the party when they finished. The store manager is sweet but the bakery manager would not speak to me. I.WILL. NEVER. GO. BACK!!! They is a high probability they will ruin your special occasion. The first picture is what is was suppose to look like, and the second picture is what was delivered (I put the topper on to help the look).

K Lashley

One of the best meat counters and butchers in Oklahoma city area. Knowledgeable helpful friendly courteous and kind. Great selection as well of prepared meals

Simply Sophia

Very clean, neat, and had a variety of shopping options! I am definitely coming back here to shop again.

Gene Cowgill

Good as always.

Kathy Velazquez

This store is pleasant. Very clean. The customer service is great. The prices were higher on some items. I like the idea of the salad bar and burgers. I would reccommend.

Patrick Gregston

If this is all sourced sustainable, every other market would be out of business.


They have the Best soups and the grocery has a large variety of cool unique things.The employees are so friendly make you feel welcome and appreciated!!

Sharon Timmerman

What a great grocery store, lot of fun things to choose from over and above your regular groceries. Also the deli area is amazing.

Alex Gambel

Friendly atmosphere and staff

Stacey Brown

This place has a great salad bar, hot food bar, and bakery. I got a free pound of hamburger and 2 liter of soda by downloading their app.

John Ford

Best grocery store in Edmond. Great prices, great selections and always a smile on faces

L. Lamon

Overall great store but they need to work on having correct prices in the system & there's been a problem, for quite awhile now, with out dated dairy items still on the shelves.

Martha Moore

A really nice grocery shopping experience.

Christy Connolly

I just got home from a 2 hour trip to Uptown Grocery!! Fresh and tasty deli meat! Fresh produce and for the most part reasonable prices!!

M. E. Smith

This is a fun place to shop. They have a great selection of specialty foods and the deli has pretty much anything you could want.


Recently got engaged and had researched multiple florists. I liked what I had seen through social media so my fiance and I decided to go in and ask a few questions. I've never planned a wedding so this is all new to me. This is what I will say about my experience... HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. My questions were dismissed as if they were invalid and in general the individuals we dealt with were very snobby and rude. After we left I asked him if maybe I misinterpreted the interaction, but he completely agreed with me. Regardless to say I will not be using this store for my wedding.

John Faria

Probably the best overall grocery store in the area. Cost is at a premium, but they have a great selection of foods, flowers, pastry, and party supplies. Friendly staff. Catering is commendable. Quick serve meal selection is pretty large. Nice sitting area if you intend to stop for lunch or a break. Got my wife the largest eclair I have ever seen!

Matt Ashurst

Garlic bread from the bakery didn't have any garlic. Kid was crying, wife was mad, dinner and a marriage almost ruined. Toilet paper was reasonably priced.

Ryan Hill

If you are looking for a good deli, this is the place.

Jeremy Morgan

The bakery is horrible in taking orders correctly and having them ready at the right time. They have messed up my orders 3 out of the 4 times I have ordered cakes there. (I gave them multiple tries to fix the issue but they are consistent in their failure). They either have the order wrong or for the wrong day or wrong time. When they have messed up, they have also inadequately compensated for their mistakes without me fighting for adequate compensation. The management here cars not about customer satisfaction nor finding a remedy to there failures. I would not order cakes or baked goods from here although they make great cakes. Besides that, it is an upscale grocery, bakery and deli restaurant. More expensive than any other grocery nearby. Very much like a Whole Foods.

Brent Pierce

Store has gone downhill the last year. Produce is subpar and all the carts are in dire need of repair or replacement.

Kelly Cooke

Best grocery store in Edmond!


Love this grocery store!!! Great soups!!! Great bakery!!!

Brittany Thomas

Their donuts are AMAZING. They have a ton of food you can come in and order ready-made by the pound. However, today some of it looked pretty dry. Their prices are definately higher than Crest or Walmart or sprouts. I would return for the donuts for sure. They also have a good deal on NOS but there were no purple ones.

robert ragland

they sell death wish coffee in a 1 lb bag yea!

L. Logan

My. Favorite. Grocery. Healthy snacks, lunches and dinners from the deli. Amazing cheese selection and sushi bar. Bakery is a WOW and there is a coffee bar. Just walking through the aisles is a good time. Check out the seafood and meat departments. Prices are a little more than Walmart maybe, but QUALITY and ORGANIC are worth it. ALSO, the brands from smaller, organic farms and kitchens are refreshing to see and the dressings, sauces, salsa and canned goods aren't just the usual. LOTS OF AMAZING FINDS HERE. Highly recommended!

Joshua Girdner

This is a fantastic place to get organic, high quality groceries. You do pay more for the product, but if organic is important this is the place for you. My wife and I also purchased our wedding cake, and did all of our wedding catering from this location, they did a great job setting up, an attractive buffet with what I was told had great food (my wife and I didn't get the chance to eat much). They also offered a free cake on our anniversary.

Marilyn Kirby

You pay a bit more here! But the selection is excellent!

Marty Harkey

Wonderful selection, clean and friendly staff. Buffet and deli is the best. Handmade sushi too. Great selection of speciality items all around

Brian Fairless

Nice upscale grocery store. Lots of good deli and butcher options with fresh seafood and aged steaks. Prices are way more reasonable than Whole Foods.

Vanezza Terry

Best service in town, the people. I love to work with them... food is delicious !! I fully recommend this place.. I want to thanks Myron so much for the help... this store is blessed having this fabulous person ... he’s customer service and attitude is amazing .!

Michael Hast

The selection is excellent, and the pricing is not outrageous

Candace Murray

Always great service, love the great desserts and deli!!!

N64 GC

Go to grocery store. The amount of cheese, bread and deli meat will keep you sandwich sated for years.


Love the seafood selection. Great ready to eat meals.

Sheneca Blue-Ward

Great store with great quality groceries!

Anne Bonney

We buy our meat there as well as cheeses and other specialty items. Clean & bright store. Friendly staff.

T Mills

This place is a little pricey compared to Crest but they have a good fresh vegetable section and a ready to eat buffet section. The selection of healthy alternatives such as Gluten free and natural remedies are very available. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Sheila Carsins

This place has the best produce and freshest products. You do pay a little more but if you want quality, expect it.

Jim Turner

Great product selection. Impressive bakery, cheese, produce, floral. Folks are friendly here.

Veronica Collins

Everything is so fresh and beautiful. This is where I'd like to think a chef would enjoy shopping! The staff is super nice and helpful. Lisa helped me today with some natural soaps.

Timothy Davis

Bakery stepped it up. A year ago donuts were only fair. Now I’d take uptown over daylight donuts. Bakery prices better than the rest of the store though.


Great selection Overpriced but location is north edmond so that’s why Lots of snobby people but that don’t bother me When I’m in need for something fast I go here When i need full shopping I go somewhere else because uptown prices on a lot of things are way overpriced

Jonathan Teague

Such good food and great selection.

Olevia Freeman

Found all kinds off good stuff you don't get at a regular grocery store

Austin Covey

The lunch was good, it’s not $8.99lb good. Lunch was $10 yesterday, $16.50 today. Proper sit down restaurants cost less. You’ve not only made it more expensive, but further stuck it to your customers by making them self serve. Very simply could have raised prices on the meals by a dollar or two if it wasn’t sustainable. Very disappointed.

Lyndsey McDaniel

Everything is much more expensive here, but that's what happens when you shop at a proper grocery store and not Walmart.

John M.

Great Market! Super selection of nice food and other goodies at reasonable prices.

Josh Hilliard

Easily one of my favorite grocery stores. Not cheap but amazing selection. Highly recommend giving giving this place a shot.

Joyce Masciere

Well, let me say it was memorable. Couldn't find a couple of item was charged for something that was suppose to be free ( or so I thought). Got to the check out everyone was very pleasant and helpful, got ready to pay wallet was gone. Needless to say I was in a tizzy. Went out to the car looked around not in or around it. Went back in the store and trace my wonderings, nope. Call my daughter and she suggested I have them look at the cameras (so smart). Went up front and asked the young lady if they could look at the cameras to see if they could see anything and she says,"what color is your wallet, I said, red. She then says a customer had just turned a red wallet in and she asked is this it and I said, oh glory to God and yes it is. I then went to the young lady that hat checked me out first because she had to recheck everything. So the long and short of it is, always give God the glory no matter what and yes my shopping experience was great.

Greg Holden

Fresh produce, meats and seafood. You can probably find anything you need at this store

Jeremy Fields

Good selection of food and always clean!

Steve Freeman

Nice cross between a standard grocer and a gourmet grocer. I love their extensive deli and bakery the most, however. A wide variety of ready-to-go food. Plus the dining area has wifi.

Eric Beard

Great place love the bakery they make you just about anything you can think of in cakes really great place to get a cake or groceries.

Leslie Wiewel

Uptown Edmond Catering: Excellent! Uptown Edmond provided food for my daughter’s wedding August 2019. We met with Kiki and she was incredibly kind and knowledgeable in helping us choose platters and amounts to fit our needs. I spoke with Kiki a few times after to make inquiries and changes - again kind, helpful, and professional. The food, presentation, and clean up was spectacular and flawless. Thank you! Thank you!

sharon turner

very nice has so much different options. kinda high priced on some things. but I still prefer it to others

PAUL Buckley

Meat counter is great with fresh vegetables in produce

James Roettger

Great grocery store, fresh produce, nice bakery, and friendly staff.

Nicole Taibi

Produce is always old and moldy.

Russ Cullens

Great loyalty program!! They give away food!!

Creig Roberts

Great place. Great service.

Tracy Messineo

If I could I would leave a negative star. My mother and I went to Uptown this afternoon and went to the Deli counter to get some deli meat. The two men behind the counter ignored my mother and I. When a man showed up the one man behind the counter asked him, "How can I help you" the gentleman said these two women were before me. This happened between 1:00 to 1:20 today. I have never been so disrespected. The man behind the counter that decided to help, was rude when I told him the meat that I wanted. No, hi or nothing just what do you want and are you done. When I was done, he told the gentleman hello and how was his day. I use to like Uptown until now.

Sunny Cloud

Clean... employees are hard to find though.

Mandy Musshafen

Very narrow aisles and front areas. If people are lined up to check out, you literally can't get from aisle to aisle. Definitly needs more check outs. They use paper bags with no handles to bag your groceries which makes carrying them a nightmare. Also the first time I came to this store, I went straight to customer service because I had a question. No one was behind the desk, and after standing there for about 5 mins or so, I just walked away with my question unanswered. No one showed up, and none of the employees loitering at the front asked if I needed help!

Michael Roberts

Great store, clean, well stocked. Staff very helpful and friendly.

Jason Williams

Great grocery store. They offer a large amount of fresh food made on site including a bakery and fresh hand rolled sushi. Huge selection of groceries with some great deals. Employees are absolutely amazing and helpful. Very kind and go out of their way to help the customers.

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