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2716 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States

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REVIEWS OF Midwest Bakers Supply IN Oklahoma

Meagan Stewart

Affordable, helpful, and a variety of goods

KimandCasey Campbell

Crystal Hawkins

Super cute and fun place! Great customer service and very helpful. This place is a baker's dream come true!

Beverly Benson

Need anything Bakery wise MUST GO VISIT Love the OWNERS

Patblank58 Katluverof3

A small space with most baking needs. They have a large variety of shapes and sizes in cookie cutters. I had to go there to find a specific ingredient. There is also a big selection of cake decorating needs.

Manuel Resendiz

(Translated by Google) I liked (Original) Megusto

sammie fisher

If you need it they got it

Ronnie Charlton

Went there as a kid. loved it then and years later after culinary school, owning restaurants and making cooking and baking my life, still love it! Great place to go and see what they may have for you, Chef's included... Just a note to those making negative comments.... The shopkeepers at this store are not professional bakers or cake decorators nor do they profess to be.... one thing for sure is that they know the products, keep the shelves stocked and cater to a broad band of clients "small and large" so when you don't think that they have kissed your bottom enough over a small sale just don't forget that they are often trying to fill the orders of larger bakeries and that you should be glad the door doesn't say "wholsale only"

Thomas Conrad

Always willing to help. They carry a great variety of bakery and decorating supplies. Also packaging and ingredients. If they do not have it they will order it for you A great family company with great people working their

LaToya Robinson

therealvegan runner

This place is over a hundred years old it's awesome hopefully the young kids don't run into the ground

Ethan Reynolds

Edward Coyle

This place has an incredible selection. If they don't have it you won't need it. Prices are great.

Tammy T

Wow! They have a lot to choose from and are very knowledgeable! Great place for supplies!

Nhi Nguyen

Wish they woukd open on Saturdays or extend the hours. Hard to get there during work hours.

Mary Johnson

Great place for cake supplies and the ladies are so helpful.

Stephanie Davis

This is the absolute best place to go for any cake or baking supplies. The people that work there are absolutely wonderful and very helpful. They've been in business for years! They can give you any points on decorating, cake making, molding, whatever you can think of they can help you.

Alex Talbot

Really love buying stuff here. They always have food coloring, a nice selection of luster dust and powders, as well as a nice assortment of cutters and basic kitchen utensils. They also have cake dummies in the back. Their prices are competitive and they're always very helpful. Their equipment is usually always cheaper than the Chef Store and nice quality.

Rita O

friendly, knowledgeable, good variety of supplies

Amanda Matney

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. If they don't have it in store they can usually order it for you.

Maria G. Viesca

Love it

Mike Conley

Wonderful shop very friendly great customer service

Rene Ibarra

I was able to pick up what I needed and had help from the friendly staff. Can't find something, ask. She (sales staff) was more than ready to answer any questions and show me where anything was.

Cat Cordingley

Save your time and your money. You can either buy an overpriced package of supplies at a chain store or get exactly what you need at Midwest Baking Supplies. On top of that you'll find a helpful staff full of knowledge and patience.

Charlotte Odum

Just about anything you want for your baking needs you can find here.

Jennifer Hill

Amanda Wilson

slick rescues

Always super friendly and helpful

Jo Owings

I love these people.

LaMaria Williams

Melissa Ford

I love this shop! everytime i make cupcakes, they are my go-to for picks, rings or whatever i need for the tops! sweetest ladies ever working there too!

Thomas Gargrave

Teela Chavedo

I can always find what I need and the ladies here are always so helpful!

Payton Ford IV

They have everything a baker could want.

Leo's Cakery

Cindy Hawkins

No Grace


After reading the reviews on here I was terrified to go to this store. Yet all my friends and the lovely ladies at tinker commissary kept telling me to go. I finally went there today and OMG!!! Im just a hobby baker but this store made me want to open my own bakery = ). The selection was out standing they had everything professional bakeries have. I literally did not even know where to start. The store was a little bit cluttered but not by the employees more by customers. The store was pretty busy so it did take a moment to get some help finding what I needed but when it was my turn they were a big help. the prices were just fine and the staff just busy with customers. I recommend everyone go here they blow michaels and hobby lobby away. Loved it!!!!!!


Dustin Johnson

Stephen Bullington

Mariluz Zambrano

The beat service and products in oklahoma.

Nikki Noa

This place is small, but they have an excellent selection, and the prices are good too. The ladies who own and run the place are always friendly and willing to help, they will even share some tips and knowledge about decorating! This really is my favorite source for caking needs!

Rosa Diaz

(Translated by Google) Very good and good attention (Original) Muy bueno y buena atención

Kathryn Paris

My go to place for all things baking and cake decorating. You won't find a better place. I now live in Texas and still do all of my decorating needs here. Great staff that knows their business. Love em!

shelbi Grimes

I have known this family for so many years. They go out of the way to assist you...personal seldom get anywhere else.

Mikel Ibarra

Family owned and operated! These ladies are very knowledgeable and will really go the extra mile to help if you let them know what you are seeking. The store is filled with everything you could possibly need for baking and if they don't have it, they can probably find it for you. If you are not a professional baker, you might be a bit intimidated by the selection and lack of craft store style instructions, but this is the BEST place in town to buy baking supplies.

JoJo Nothing

Called a few min ago, very rude. I know talking to customers is a pain but it's your job. I didn't need an attitude from the person answerin and definitely not buying from someone who can't do what they're paid for, to deal with people. Want rude service? Perfect place for you.

Michael Neighbors

Great selection on many things. Prices are fair on some items, but high on others!

Latisha Watson

sandi cooksey

Brad Kersey

Kenna Jones

Coolest baking supply place.

Terri Williams

Jacquelyn K

Maria Zambrano

Rachel Castillo

Doug E

Anything you could ever need for baking. Great locally owned business.

Barbara Whitten

Brooke Secoy

This place is wonderful!! Great selection of items- both for the home and the professional baker.

Nishantha Dias Weerasinha

Best place to get what you need. Good prices and friendly service.

Cynthia Nunes

Nice folks

Shelly Bross

Dana Childress

I love this place. I'm not even a baker and I enjoy going in here. Very friendly and helpful

Vanessa Parra

Bill Shipley

All things Bakery. When you cant find it at WalM_ _t or other places. This is the place to get what you need and so much more.

Alisha Bradley

Great place and very helpful!

Leah Conner

Angie Paro

She had exactly what I need and was super helpful too! Prices weren't outrageous either!

Missy Norwood

They have everything any baker needs. The staff are personable and have vast knowledge of the baking world. Love this place!

Jordan d

Amazing place. Love that it's been around so long. The ladies in there are always so sweet and helpful.

Robb Cason

Sherri Randell

Kasi Sample

Ann Lichti

Nic Price

Tyeisha Ruff

Shantel Sullivan

Kathy Whittington

Louise Bess

kgamer 2008


Brenda Johnson

Andrew Boatman

This place is great for all things cake decorating.

winfred graham

Danielle Cuyler

This place is great!! Any person who loves baking should make a visit here

doria franks

Always friendly

Angela Doss

Even though I 90% always find what I need. My OCD tendencies just want to reconfigure the whole store.

Sheila Norwood

This is my favorite store. Excellent inventory and great customer service. Thank you I will be back.

Pamela Cavanaugh

Best place in metro area to get your supplies.

Randall cuthbertson

Leos Cakery

Excellent bakery/cooking store


Lauren Carr

Great place to find what you are looking for.

Jeanette Billings

I've been buying supplies from these ladies for many years. Usually always have what I need. Always friendly and helpful.

Patrick Deaton

Joel Hacker

Christina Deaver

Love this place. They have all the things I need for my cakes that can't be found at other chain stores. Friendly and helpful staff.

Tammy Duncan

Love this place

Amy Meyers

Natashia Mason

I love this place! They have everything under the sun cake and baking related. The owners as so friendly and will answer any questions! I love shopping there and will continue to do so!

Tangie Davis

They have lots of useful things for cooking and baking

Ricardo Velasco

Brenda. good Maldonado

Erika Torres

Debbie Dunn

Awesome place. They have everything at a great price.

Jimmie-Cody Fisher

Tom Nix

Alondra Bella Fuentes

Sydney Brown

Always my go-to when I need supplies! Also, the best prices for cutters in the state!!

Nayeli Amaya

Steven McCrobie

Friendly staff , great place to find items for baking , with fair pricing

Ginger McPherson

Kent Rorick

Friendly knowledge peopke.

Marlene Lara

l love that place!!

Rochelle Ware

Linda Bishop

Love going here for my pro baking needs

Matthew Cavanaugh

Ron Heikes

These ladies know about all your bakery needs. They have everything you need.

maria flores

Great store and friendly service

Quinton Baize

Best place of its kind in OKC.

Peggy Killinger

Dustin Gwin

Very helpful staff and great product selection.

Debra Van Wagner

Susan Asia Matos Thomas

Erick Jay

Sherryl Peters

Very very wonderful place of business

Karen Brian

Love this store. You need different baking equipment or supplies or hard to find items this is the place to go!

Kathi Havron

My go to place for most of my cake decorating needs

Anissa Stuckey

They can been very rude, but do have most everything in one spot. You shouldn't treat customers like that.

Erin Prater Blount

Never been before and it was great! Yeah the building looks a little worse for wear, but they have such an outstanding selection of things to choose from. As a beginner cookie decorator, they were great at answering my questions. Will d finitely be going back!!

Larra Longley

Great little shop, very helpful staff and had everything I needed in one place, will be back!

Mon E

Great place for your baking needs. If you need it they have it

Keshia Frederick

Donna Travis

So many options! Very helpful and friendly!

Jessica Cochran

This really is the best place to go for baking needs. The location is a bit far for North side metro but easy since it's only a couple of miles to Highway. Priced fairly, they have everything one might need for most any situation. Containers, boxes, premade icing, pans, gadgets, piping bags galore and the best part is you can buy from individual small quantities or large amounts. I buy the big sturdy piping bags , and little containers of shimmer, glitter or sprinkles. There is so much to look at in there and the owner is helpful. Cash or card accepted. Check the store hours since they arent open just anytime , and you need to plan in advance.

Shannon Palmer

Janice Brazeal

Everything you need for your baking needs. Lovely friendly people to help you

Sherlee Marrs

regina bradford

Angela Carpenter

Ok, I have read the reviews for the first time ever. I'm really saddened by the bad ones. I'm a loyal customer to Midwest Bakers Supply. I just want to say this store AND staff are both fantastic. I can remember being a new customer and feeling out of place a little but looking back i KNOW that it was because of my lack of knowledge of what I was needing, not knowing what questions to ask exactly. How can someone answer a question if you're not asking the right one. I can see both sides, however, feeling uncomfortable of asking a question about something you're not sure about in the first place hoping for a little insight from the seller and only getting a clear yes or no instead would seem a bit cold. But the question was answered. Help was given. Every time I walk in the store, I holler hello to the lovely ladies behind the counter and get a bright and cheery hello right back and usually a how are you, if they're not hopping like the store normally is when i'm there. I hope that everyone who has had a bad experience give them a second chance and start off kind and in a positive outlook when walking in. Maybe start with I'm not sure what to ask but this is what I'm doing and what would you suggest.. As far as a "discount" on their products- I'm certainly not trying to be rude or hate on anyone.. but put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if someone walked into your store/bakery and asked you if you would take less for that cake or that product. Maybe then you won't be so offended by their answer to your request. They may not make their products but they put the work and effort into locating, ordering, covered shipping costs, found a place for them in the store, priced every one of them individually, put them in their inventory, put money into receipt paper, registers, register paper, ink, sacks, their own personal time and money into getting everything together in one place for you. As one of the little guys, i'll put my money into a little guy business before I spend my hard earned money online or in a big chain store. Anyhow, I hope everyone finds the products they're looking for at the price they're needing! Safe baking to all! :)

Samantha Butler

Olga Calderilla

Love this store if find any for your Baker


Great local resource w great prices

Will Turtle

Great place for all your baking needs

kim mullen

Best place to buy cake boxes in bulk, great prices. Have been going here for many years!

Shelley Chandler

Small store, but good selection; great prices; helpful staff.

Robert Henderson

Love it. Even as a rookie its nice to know this place exists and the ladies there were very helpful. This place has a lot of stuff you cant find at grocery stores, Hobby Lobby, etc. Lots of cookie cutters designs, flavoring oils, cake toppers, small equipment. Sure the place is a little worn looking but it is always worth the trip.

Dawn Nasreldin

Antonia Olguin

Tashana Nesbitt

My second home..I love the family feel.

Agus S G

Linda Grubbs

Very helpful Christian staff

Cherie Leury

Ashley Teeters

I have personally bought my cake supplies from this company since 1992. It is family owed and operated. They have everything from cake toppers, cake stands, boxes, boards, cake pans and tons more stuff. I love this place and the owners.

Madelene Salazar

Always a pleasant experience when I shop here!

Chris Harjo

Dawn S.

I love this place! This is my go to chocolate supply store. They are always very helpful and friendly!

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