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REVIEWS OF La Baguette Bistro IN Oklahoma

Todd Tucker

Atmosphere was pretty good, a very quiet place for a lunch. Tables were spaced enough apart that everyone near didn't hear everything said. Food was typically French and very rich. Staff was helpful and friendly. Overall a good experience.

Jana Lee

They have wonderful pastries... just a bit pricey on the truffles. But beautiful.

Chrisi Williams

They have the absolute friendliest staff. And the desserts are amazing.

Meredith Hall

Always delicious. Whether going for lunch or dinner, you can expect excellent service and consistently delicious food. Their bakery, butcher shop, and wine shop next door are also must visits. One of my favorite places in town.

Rev Debra L Spears

Great variety

Cameron Shurtz

Great restaurant. One of only a handful of places in OKC to get good French food. Service is good. Clean. Nice atmosphere. Highly recommend to others. Also, there bakery and meat shop is pretty awesome. Definitely worth checking out.

Envy Reyes

You find just about everything here and a bit more, beautifully decorated and delicious pastries and coffees

Paul Harris

Love the desserts and chocolates.

Vivek Vijay

Liked the place, very good food and good customer service. There is a table size compromise been done to accommodate more people which made the table to be a little smaller than usual types. Other than the space issue everything is good.

Debbie Morris

Delicious food and awesome server, Olivia!

Bodie Bachelor

Great selection of beautiful bakery and confectionary items!

Jessi W

Great French cuisine and desert. There is a slight dress code. Food is very delicious and the staff and atmosphere are delightful.

Michael Gumbs

Bought some Fruit Tarts for a prospective client two Fridays ago and they went over wonderfully. The Buthions are the best in the business.

Terence McCain

Awesome...always ... We Love the mussells...

Ana Martinez

Only went for the dessert. The individual pieces were so good. The red velvet cake I bought for work was a complete hit!

Alexis Arguello

Awesome awesome awesome restaurant and bakery!! We got my sisters sweet 16 cake here and she loved it!!! They even offered us a special "happy birthday" chocolate cake topper for it!! The cake was delicious and really made her birthday special. Definitely recommend!!

Becky Cook

This German chocolate cake was perfect for 2 people. I savored the taste and memory of the taste for days.

Ben Sprouse

Legacy of amazing French food in okc. Some of the best service, food, wine (including rarities), and desserts in a tasteful setting. One of my highest recommendations in okc.

Timothy Livingston

Pricey, but delicious. The Oysters Rockefeller was amazing.

Marsha Mauck

Always enjoy lunch here.

Sheena Youngers

This place is very quaint and unique. It’s partitioned into sections including a bakery, a dining area/bistro, a bar, and a select market. I attended a wine tasting where hors d'oeuvres were served. It was a delightful experience, and an environment i truly enjoyed.

Nancy Hirsch

The food was delicious. Most everything is made in-house and I would love to go back again

Chona Riley

I’ve heard good things about this bakery so I decided to give it a try. I went August 22, 2018 to order a cake for the upcoming surprise 40th birthday for my husband April 26. Of course too many choices so I decided to tasted some cakes so I got 3 different flavors and one of the staff said she’ll charged only one for it, so that’s nice. I spent literally more than an hour there while tasting because I’m updating my friends which one I like how it looks like. And finally ordered and told the staff I want a writing on the cake and somebody will pick it up for me on the morning of 26th the day of my party. The day of pick up 3 days after, my cake wasn’t ready! Really??? You said it’s gonna be ready. Yes of course you don’t want my friend empty handed and ruined my surprise party with 55-60 guests in a private party room you gave me 2 cakes probably same flavor but not the look of what I ordered. But yeah it’s my first time and last experienced in this bakery and it didn’t impressed me. Thanks for giving me a surprised cake with my surprise party. And thank you for calling me today to follow up my order you totally screwed my order and promised to call me back. You reminded me to leave a review instead. Thanks La Baguette it was a disappointment.

Beth Walker

Excellent baked foods and general menu good

H Mac

Wonderful as always! I had the bloody mary flight which was excellent! The eggs Benedict is amazing and I could not eat it all. Thank you, Lance for another great brunch!

Pamela Newman

Don't miss the fabulous fare! Never disappoints.

jose varela

Great service and food

laura bach

French cuisine, salads, burgers, appetizers etc. I had goat cheese rolls/salad. Cheese was a bit too foreign...could have come with a dip to mask the strong goat flavor.

Tom Kuriakose

The staff as friendly. Came in to buy a cake for my friend's wedding anniversary. Staff was engaged and attentive. Gave me honest opinions and went the extra mile. Only issue was putting two different slices of cake in the same container. It was messy to separate it.

Micah McKinnon

Went there for a lunch meeting. Wonderful food and great service!

Denise McKeever

Only place in town who had escargot. Walked in and couldn't believe I had been missing out on this wonderful place. Everything looked amazing.

Yasmine Diawara

A great Resto with a great menu. If you’re looking for French cuisine, that’s the place to be. I can’t remember what I ordered

lynn porche

Great food and wonderful service.

Seth Stilwell

Great food but a little pricey


Their hollandaise is life changing!

Brooke Lindrud

So yummy and makes you feel fancy lol!!

mauro df

I found it a bit dark, I like well-lit places. The cakes are very good and fresh

julia dalman

I received a beautiful cake for a gift yesterday and I have to say this is the most delicious cake I have ever tasted. It is so beautifully made and I can tell you that I will only purchase my desserts from La baguette in the future.

Roger Speegle

Very Disappointed by N. May location: Food quality was very good but the servings were small and service was slow; surprising as they were not that busy yet and had plenty of servers. The worst part was my wife's food was basically cold! At first, she didn't want to make a fuss but the pancakes were warm only due to the syrup and, without it, the butter would not melt. The potatoes were also cold, as well as the eggs. My son’s and my food were fine. I pointed it out and the server apologized (but not much) and he said he could replace it but wanted to take the plate to see how much to replace! I guess he thought we wanted to steal food!! My wife enjoyed the warm replacement. The manager came by on her usual rounds and, when told, apologized as well and said it should not have happened. She seemed to care a little more than the server. It’s a shame they couldn’t have done a little more to make me think they really cared. Just a trip by the manager as we left apologizing once more would have gone along way. My son took his kids there a week ago and everything was good, especially the server. And my wife and son went to the La Baguette in Norman and it was good. Perhaps we just had a bad server for the day. I really wished they cared more though.

Najika Sama

The location in Moore was much better, beware OKC! So disappointing! Curt staff. Not only did we have to ask for a waiter to seat is, our hot drinks were lukewarm! Plus my friend's hot chocolate barely had any chocolate in it, she said it tasted like warm milk. Overpriced, pretentious and not worth it.

Shelly Landis-Scovill

Cozy oasis, good service and food.

Kevin Banh

The cakes are always good and the pricing is reasonable. Great classic aura around the place.

Brenda Beckloff

My favorite cake is German chocolate. I ordered one from the La Baguette today FOR MY BIRTHDAY. Picked it up, brought it home. It is a chocolate cake with coconut caramel icing. Not German chocolate. Not freshly made in bakery. Made in a facility in Norman who, according to La Baguette staff, "told" the bakery to call it German chocolate. Don't be fooled. Its just your average chocolate cake with coconut caramel icing

Wade Ratliff

This place is pretty much the same as when I first went there several years ago. (I am pretty sure they have changed their fries though.) Really tasty food served by a guy who sounded like Vin Diesel to me. Great bread as appetizer! Really great place to eat and shop!

Sheri Westover

Always a great place for noshing at the bar!!

Md. Sharif Uddin Khan

We ordered one and get different one. The day after I went there manager said he cannot do anything just say sorry. Other than cake taste was really good.

Raquael Roland

Every holiday and birthday my husband order me a fresh strawberry cake for the last 4 year from this place because he know how much I love them and we have always had a great experience. Well he ordered me one for my birthday Sunday and had a bad experience, not only did the lady hang up in his face and pretended it hung up but the cake or the strawberries on and in the cake wasn’t fresh. I called to speak to a manager and the said the manager would be out for 2 weeks and the asst. wouldn’t be in today. I’m very unhappy about the situation. I love that place but I don’t think I’ll be back. Well I keep thinking it may be that we switched locations because we usually go to the one in Norman but we went to the new one on 4th street (downtown).

Jason Taylor

Hands down the best bakery around! Great selection and amazing quality. The price they charge is well worth it!

Rachael Vaughan

Service was not as good as it has been in the past. But overall an excellent experience.

Yasmin A

I've never felt so fancy eating breakfast items.

Ronel Estrada

The cakes, snacks, everything was great about this place. Would recommend you buying your cakes here!!

Vladislav Volkov

Have been here twice. First time I came here the service was horrible and the waitress was rude. Second time I’ve waited for my food for over an hour, while the place wasn’t even busy. Pretty unacceptable for this type of place, definitely won’t be back and won’t recommend it to anyone.


The cakes are really good!

Meredith Sookbang

Loved this place! We ordered the French dip, frog legs, lamb, rainbow trout, gazpacho and creme brulee. The rainbow trout was amazing! The creme brulee was freshly torched and delicious! The lamb was wonderful but it was pretty small. The tiramisu at the bakery was top notch but their macaroons were dried out, out of 9, only 3 were fresh. Will go back to try other dishes.

Michael Peters

Great French inspired cuisine in OKC. Can get crowded weekends, so get there early to beat the crowds.

Tabitha Cortney

Tried this place for the first time for Brunch. I ordered the chicken and waffles and it was really good. Of course I had to get the chocolate cheese cake to go and soooo delicious! It was gone as soon as I got home. Will come back to try the lunch and dinner options!


This place is amazing! The chefs, bartenders, and waitstaff are great. If you make reservations, ask if Lance is available to be your waiter. He does an amazing job at keeping an eye on your table while not being intrusive. I request him every time I go.


Food was great but tiny portions and our waiter was inattentive and messed up our order b/c he did not write anything down.

Tisha Ellis

I absolutely love the Italian Cream Cake and keep coming back for more. Such a cozy place !


Bingeworthy if off a diet


Bad macaroons. Hard and very unpleasant. Ordered a dozen and all but one was hard. Gave me a stomach turn and an experience that will have me not going back.

Roberto Martinez-Parachini

The owners are French. One of the cooks which seem to be the lead cook was French. The food was very tasty however if you expect the level of cuisine that you would see in France it is not that. Service seemed typical to French cuisine – slow. The bakery and desserts are delicious. The portions are also French sized.I was content with my experience but I’m still debating if I will come back.

Jared Hanan

If you are into nostalgia, the type of nostalgia that takes you back to a dark, out-dated French bar decor with an air of stuffiness, then La Baguette is for you. We were seated in a booth covered in dark maroon vinyl with leopard print on the sides. The booth was obviously supposed to be for 4 people, but the table had been haphazardly replaced with a table meant for 2, which made the booth feel awkward. We ordered appetizers and wine before heading out for a date night. The wine list was good but the food was uninspired traditional French cuisine. The one exception was the inclusion of jamon serrano, a salt cured ham from southern Spain which is one of my favorites. I will say that there were a lot of regulars who knew the wait staff by name. The one gem of La Baguette is the bakery. The selection of cakes and desserts is the only reason I would consider going back. Luckily, the bakery is separate from the restaurant and I can pick up a dessert without having to endure the rest.

Jingzhuo Cui

When I was taking my French class. I went there with my professor and classmates to celebrate our first semester. We were planning to go there again at the end of the second semester. However, my professor was told that each of us had to order at leas $25 when she called to make a reservation. We didn’t know why they did that. And of course we didn’t go. That was the first disappointment. Last night, I went to pick up my cake. They could not find my name or my number on their list. So I told them that I came on Thursday night to order that cake. Unfortunately, they didn’t make my cake. I needed it. They tried to make it up with the same cake but different size and 20% off. But I was so disappointed, I didn’t want a bigger cake or 20% off. I just wanted the one I ordered. That’s the second disappointment.

Hannah Hames

We went in for some bakery items. They look so professional but the establishment had a funky smell. Not sure how clean it was

Hardeep Singh

Their cakes are delicious. I have not eaten their food yet.

Garrett Leatherman

Best in west texas. PERIOD

Nancy Fay

I was nervous to eat at La Baguette because we had spent a long day sight-seeing and were very casual. Fortunately, the staff was very down to earth and helpful answering our questions. The food was delicious and kept us full for the rest of the day even though we ate quite an early dinner. This restaurant is best in many courses!

Chris Watson

Great food and great ambience. Modern decor with excellent French cuisine. Also excellent selection of desserts from the bakery. I had the duck which was very tasty.

Riaj Mahamud

The food was delicious in La baguette bistro. The soup was also delicious. The waiter helped us to choose the food as we have not had enough experience with French food. The customer service was excellent. They checked couple of times during dinner whether we might need drinks. We enjoyed our dinner at La Baguette Bistro.

Nehad Bazerbashi

It's the best food

Melvin Auten

We have been a frequent diner for years at the La Baquette Bistro.This restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in the city. We are not able to frequent the restaurant, as we did in the past, for we are retired and live a number of miles away from the restaurant. However, we continue to love Michel and Alain as always, as they are our lifetime friends. I wish I were enjoying their wonderful food right now. We also refer a number of our friends to their restaurants and none have ever been disappointed. Love Melvin & Carol Auten

Obiora Onyilofor

It was really nice.

Emily Friedman

A real sleeper! Service can be a little uneven but in general good and attentive. Food is delightful with many choices. Their occasional wine tastings have been exceptional with good food pairings, and very affordable. You might even meet Michel the owner, who really cares that his restaurant meets expectations. Kudos!

George Rumenapp

Very disappointing experience !!! Ordered a birthday cake 3 days in advance with a sign on the top and even paid for it. But when I arrived to pick it up on the birthday I recognized that they forgot to order the cake. They do not make anything in OKC location just do sales. And sure no one could make the sign for me...(( Thanks a lot for ruining my day and the birthday !!!

Amanda Hoddy

Our 4-person bridal party decided to brunch at La Baguette Bistro before the bachelorette party, and we were treated very well. All of our food and drinks were prepared correctly and in a timely manner. I thought the cocktails were a bit pricey, but otherwise I felt I got what I paid for in terms of quality. I didn't get a chance to peruse the bakery during this visit, but it smelled delicious and had a steady stream of customers coming in just for the baked goods. We had a great time, and the staff was accommodating for our party.

Sunil Salis

Awsome cakes!

Jason Cox

My wife and I would like to to go

Bryan Taylor

Some of the best desserts in town! Great selection and amazing flavor.

Dennis Latham

Great food and the service is phenomenal.


Beautiful pastries very expensive but fresh and delicious

K. Bryn Hull Zaid

Wonderful desserts, and the manager is very attentive of every guest. Highly recommend.

Peter Foree

I have always heard good things about the Bistro & I was not disappointed. The food was delicious & staff were very attentive. Attached to the Bistro is a butcher & a bakery which is nice if you want anything to go, especially a sweet treat.

Andrew Bradford

Great ambiance, service and food Great. We will definitely be coming back.

Daniel Jasmer

Top notch staff and exquisite cuisine. Every Foodie needs to give it a try.

james schmitz

Rich aholes park in front of your house because they have no parking

Jeff Boring

good food friendly bartenders. brunch specials were a good choice. dont forget the basket of bacon.

Nicole Esposito

Perfect!!! The lemon raspberry cake was heaven!!! Very beautiful too

Diana Ogle

Great spot for a quiet late night meal or a romantic date. Great service and excellent food

Bill Williams

Everyone in this area should stop here. Eclectic atmosphere and perfection from the kitchen

Mike McPherson

Only giving three stars (deserved less) because it is generally great. Tonight was my wife’s birthday and she chose La Baguette over Paseo Grill, Cheever’s and Mahogany. What a mistake. Fortunately she said her lamb chops were good. My chicken confit was unbelievably tough and arguably the worst meal I have ever had at La Baguette or anywhere else. Our server, Dillon, never asked how we liked our dinner so I asked him if he would like to know. When I shared my opinion of my meal, he simply replied he was sorry I didn’t like it. The martinis were the high point of a terribly lackluster dinner. A real downer experience for a restaurant that has always been one of our favorites.

Jayan Koshy

One of the best bakery for cakes, specially I like chocolate mousse.

Jon Scolamiero

Perfect service, food, and coffee, as always. One of my go to OKC places.

Sandra De Loera

Best chocolate mousse cake ever!!;

Marshall Sutterfield

The food is good but the staff is rude and snobby for no reason

Johanna Lewis

Great food. Excellent service! Cozy atmosphere!

Randy Miller

Breakfast is great. Service awesome. Coffee cup never empty. Strawberry jam awesome. Took some home. Great atmosphere.

John Fife

Outstanding food and wonderful service. Thanks for a great lunch with our daughter and granddaughter!

Galen Gierman

Expensive, but worth every cent. Attentive staff. Beautiful displays.


Nice place, some interesting food choices.

brid master

Nice place lots of fancy pastries and candies.

David Ingram

Great same as always

Dink Donovan

Mediocrity is the best summation of this place,....La Baguette is over priced, snooty and boring, and well hey now that I think about it, it's a perfect example of any real french dining experience. Decent tho really.

Jeff L

This was our first visit and it was wonderful with a great atmosphere. We had the chicken and mushroom crepe and the french dip. The staff was friendly and professional. We stopped at the store that offered fresh meat, desserts by the whole or by the slice, seasonings, baguettes and more. Next time I will be trying some drinks.

Karen Reyes

So in love with this place, love their food and omg their pastries are the best!!! :)

Tavia Perez

I have never eaten here. But the bakerie is the best. I have never been disappointed by any cake I've gotten here. Carrot cake and the Fudge cake are amazing.

Michael Stayton

Good service, but the food was not exceptional, especially for the price. I've been here several years ago and remember being impressed with their brunch. Came here recently for dinner and was not nearly as impressed. Dessert was still good, so I'd suggest just popping in for a slice of pie to go.

Jesus Duran

Honestly this restaurant experience was like falling in love with French food all over again. The flavor, variety, and atmosphere brought me back to when I was in Paris a few years ago. I'm only disappointed that I had not discovered this gem sooner.

Teresa Mendenhall

I didnt eat the actual food there,just went on recommendation for the desserts. I was not disappointed at all. We sampled the carrot cake which was delicious. The chocolate chip cookies were some of the best I've ever had and also tried the cranberry white chocolate cookie and the snikerdoodle. You can taste the quality of the ingredients in every bite.

Jabbar Chaibainou

This is only second restaurant I have given 5 stars. I have deliciously enjoyed each and every bite. The service is excellent. You have my loyalty.

Ryan Bauer

Staff is always great. Food is good and so are the drinks. The drinks are averaged price but the food is priced good. Try the guacamole, it is good and I do not like guacamole normally.

Tony Wayne

Best bread pudding in OKC

Adam Rubin

Awesome baguettes, that are also vegan. Never eaten at the restaurant, but if you need a Baguette for your soup or sandwich, this is the place to go. They're also less than $3. Also if you want the world's cutest Perrier go here

Aunt Skanlit

Excellent food. My daughter and I recommend the baked brie appetizer. Staff was extremely welcoming and our waitress Julia was the sweetest!. Definitely a place I'll be coming back to! Don't forget to get some amazing baked goods. ....and their unique little grocery store was the cutest! I'll be getting some great gifts there for sure. Two thumbs up!

Doug Copley

Great place with a great staff. Amazing stores attached create a special shopping exlerience. The breakfast was special and we will be back.

Nikat health

Great coffee, great Sunday brunch!

Neil I. Owen

Take a look at the menu, take a taste, wine and other unique beverages, unique French cuisine and deserts the service and the servers the atmosphere the music the deserts! La Baguette is this place where My late beloved Anastasia and I have enjoyed the best of times and love and sweet memories and French cuisine and wine, so beautiful “l miss Anastasia, I will always love her, May her memory be eternal” I love La Baguette right here in Oklahoma City.

Austin Kerr

Pretty meh. Went for anniversary hoping to get a nice lunch, but the food and service were both pretty mediocre. Atmosphere was not very appealing, just dark and outdated. The only saving grace was the chocolate mouse cake. It was really good, except for the weird sour sauce they paired with it. Would not go back.

Elisa Davis

Fantastic Napoleons! Kids like the fruit tarte. Prices are reasonable. Pastries are consistent among the 3 locations I have been to in the OKC area.

Kade McCrea

Great creme brulee!

zach schmitz

Kind of a run down POS that is over priced and the food tasted liked a crayon? Awful French douche bag owner who breaks champagne bottle trying to impresss 70 year olds at dinner

Nilesh K

Great staff, excellent service and delicious food!!

Nikki Schreiber

Food and service is always exceptional! A perfect spot for date night!

Melissa Crozier

La Baguette never fails. It is always great. Went for breakfast and had an omelette filled with mushroom and sausage. Their bakery items are divine!

Hafeez Kadiku

Scenery was quiet as always and the food was simply delicious

Mark McMichael

First time eating French cuisine. Won't be my last. La Baguette Bistro is the very definition of class and quality. The entrees were delicious, prepared and served perfectly. An authentic French faire experience. And the bakery is the proverbial icing on the cake. The glass display cases looked like something out of a fairy tale. Cakes with ribbons of white chocolate running down multiple tiers of cake and icing; trays of truffles and fudges, racks of rolls and pastries and crepes for days. It looked like artwork and pretty much was. Everything I tried Especially the Chocolate Mouse. Yes, mouse with one "s" made entirely of chocolate in various forms. Again--Wow. Or whatever is French for wow.

George Ackerman

Delicious deserts!

Matt Surdick

Best of the best in city!

Steve Gronsky

There is a bakery which is of the style that " you'll gain 5 pounds by looking ". And although I've personally eaten only the cheesecake, it is to die for! The Bistro offers quite a selection of foods. My wife and I enjoyed our choices. They seem to have a wide selection of wines to choose from. They serve "craft beers" and not domestics. It isn't the cheapest place to go, but I would go back again when in that neighborhood.

Claire Kennedy

Very quiet and low-key French cuisine. Something always tasty on the menu and daily special.

Lawrence Ross

One of the best places for French cuisine for three decades now it's certainly got some new competition but Michelle and the owners there are still dedicated to classic French presentation. The market attached when you walk in has a amazing selection of their outstanding pastries as well as some other niche items. Parking can be tight. There are not a lot of tables. I would not consider going after 4 p.m. without reservations.

Ankush Jain

We got 5 dessert items for office holiday party, they were a hit!

jean-baptiste Crepin

Great food. Great service. The chef is creative !!

Dominecia Rudd

We took our mom here for Mother's Day brunch. They did not disappoint. Everything was delicious, and the mimosas were a treat. I love all the desert options available.

Claudia Disney

The service and the quality seemed lower than I usually have there and the decor needs touch ups

Joanie Velles

I'm so grateful we finally found La Baguette! We've been searching for a casual / nice date night place and La Baguette BLEW US AWAY. Their waitstaff is fantastic and always on top of things. Our drinks are never empty. It's so much better than the disappointing French establishment in Nichols Hills (which shall remain unnamed). Plus, I love that they treat us the same as everyone else, even though we aren't dressed to the nines like a lot of other patrons. We've visited a couple of times and I can say that nothing has been disappointing. Even the chicken salad is delicious! My recommendations, if they have it (some of these were specials): the veal, foie gras, the brie appetizer, and the vegetable quiche. Even if you don't get any of the recommendations, I'm sure it'll still be delicious. We'll be returning.

Cristin Handlin

Consistently delicious and the service is always excellent. Still one of my absolute favorite places to eat.

Dave Wilson

Great chocolate divine cake and the truffles are lit

holga huffman

It was very delicious, the service was perfect, and the atmosphere was charming. Thank you for making it a wonderful evening.

Lenny Stiles

Came in late and everything was great. Thank you!

kamson kamara

Best desert menu in the Oklahoma. Best cakes and the best truffles in the state

Greg Milstead

They have a different menu than the other Las Baguettes. The food is top-notch.

Alie Storm

The food and service was absolutely amazing. Cant wait to come back!

Linda Eakers

Amazing food, excellent service!

Laii Rice

The chocolates and raspberry cake were very good.

Bill Carson

This is very authentic French restaurant. Full menu from salads to sandwiches to fine dining steak and seafood dishes.

Rebecca Garmon

La Baguette is now my favorite bistro ever! They have the best bakery ❤ and the workers omg their so kind and funny and they did their job perfectly in every way.

Scary Monster Girl

So disappointed. Used to be an amazing restaurant, but each time we give it a chance lately the food just fails.

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