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REVIEWS OF Cuppies & Joe IN Oklahoma

Matt Scheuber

Yummy! Great environment when it's not completely packed. A bit over priced on baked treats.

C Love

This place is awesome. Very homie and you can tell the cuppies are made daily and the coffee is so amazing. The staff was fast and friendly as well. My godson ordered some hot chocolate and he's eight and they treated him with so much kindness. We will be back! Fans for life.

zachary broekemeier

After a fun night out on 23rd St ended here with a good cup of coffee

William Lefforge

Absolutely the best cupcakes ever

Victoria Mando

Cozy coffee and cupcake shop.

Larry Deere

Can't rate this, haven't been there.

Debbie Morris

Quaint atmosphere, delicious tea

Heather Burke

This is a fun little place to enjoy the artistry of coffee served in a mug. The pastries are enjoyable and everything about this place screams hipster. I really enjoy this place. Parking can be an issue though.

Kevin Knight

Nice place to grab coffee and a cupcake.

Esther Grabow

Love this place for sitting alone to read or get some work done when I'm in OKC or meeting up with old college friends. A really cozy place with various nooks and rooms to get comfortable in. It can get a little crowded during peak hours. If you want a yummy cupcake, a sip of coffee, and a table to chat or work at, this is the place.

Wacko Freak

A great atmosphere. It's very quiet and peaceful with a relaxing homie style and feel. Good place to go read or do some homework if you're a student. The cupcakes are delicious and fresh with many flavors to choose from. This is your Starbucks replacement for a good coffee or tea. Prices are more than reasonable for a coffee drink and a tea plus two cupcakes was less than fifteen dollars.

Justin Hennessey

I ordered the cold brew, and it was very good! Myself and a friend of mine sat in the front room, and we were able to have a nice conversation without yelling over any noise. I would recommend this place to anyone.


Love here, the espresso shake is delicious! The cupcakes are the cherry on top for sure! Nice to study, gossip in my top 5 coffee spots in okc, and Oklahoma for that matter.

Ariel Crosby

Honestly. I love Cuppies and Joe. They have AMAZING cupcakes and pretty good drinks. I tend to get the Italian soda with one of their perfect house flavors (not any chocolate). Their chai is good as well. The atmosphere is very college-like, but it's great to have just wonderful conversations with business associates and Hangouts! I love it as a local place!!

Ava Gates

Maybe it's not the best coffee in town, but it's definitely the coziest environment. I'd take working in Cuppies over working in Clarity any day.

Nancy Lange

Cozy coffee shop with great cupcakes. I had a Neverland (peanut butter with a kiss in the middle). Delish!

Simon Pan

Great little coffee shop, very comfy atmosphere.

maria salazar

very quant atmosphere and coffee is good but sweets are to die for a must go if your downtown

Timothy Livingston

Great atmosphere, good coffee, delicious cupcakes. Still waiting to try the Lemony Snicket, which is always sold out.

Charlotte Odum

Great coffee and desserts!

Zoey K

Nice place to work. Good lighting, lots of tables. Friendly staff.

Allison Reinart

Always friendly staff and soothing drinks. This is my favorite place to cozy up with a good book or get together for a meeting with business associates.

Bethany Thompson

Adorable little coffee and cupcake shop, perfect for ending a date night. Really really WISH they'd offer gluten-free cupcakes, though!!!

James Albert Nannety

I love Cuppies and Joe! Overall a great atmosphere to have coffee and amazing cupcakes! The staff are very friendly and helpful. The prices are reasonable. Parking is a little difficult to find sometimes because it's in a very busy area. I would definitely recommend this place. Great stuff!

Hilda Martinez

Cuppies and Joe have the best cupcakes in town. They are better than homemade, and have unique names. The Bangarang is my favorite!

Connie Dillard

Visting from Amarillo TX - my daughter doesn't own a coffee pot so it was life saving to have a true Breve made to my taste. The cupcakes should be a "last meal" request - they are that good. Thank you.

Andrew Belton

Always a bit busy and strapped for seating, but good espresso drinks and cupcakes, obviously.

Stephanie O'Connell

Good coffee and delicious baked goods in a cozy atmosphere. Great place to do work or just grab something to drink.

Beth Walker

Love the taste and size of the cupcakes...drinks r good as well

Bob Bray

Everyone loves the cupcakes. But they have pseudo antique furniture - tables, chairs - that literally feel like they're falling apart. Coffee shop feel for the coffee shop crowd ... with wobbly thrown in.

Carson Banks

Easily one of the best shops in the city. Right on par with Evoke and Slingers in my opinion. Only, quieter atmosphere than they have. *thumbs up*

Abbey Owens

This is a cute coffee shop with great drinks. They even have decaf options! I just wish they had food other than cupcakes. I always wanted to study here during my masters program but couldn't stay very long because I would get hungry.

Jeff Loftis

One of the best lattes in town.


It's a very good place to hang out and eat good and not expensive cup cakes. You can find a lot of students in this place studying or having a little chat. If you need a very quiet place to study and concentrate you might go somewhere else. When I was there the AC didn't seem to work, so I don't know if it was broken or if it just gets hot in there.

Richard Beam

This is a wonderful, cozy little coffee shop that has great coffee, and other drinks. They also have a selection of delectable cupcakes, and cookies. I love this place because of its dedication to "Keep it Local." The atmosphere in this little coffee shop is very cozy, and intimate. They also have a nice little patio for when the weather is nice.

Chris Martini

Excellent coffee... wish there was more seating though.

Andrew Smith

Had a really good cupcake here, it was a salted caramel one. Kinda cramped and stuffy inside. Had a very old schoolhouse type of feel to the inside. Just not my type of place, not that many coffee shops are though.

Crystal Nguyen

Quaint, cozy little place. Popular among university students as they serve great coffee and baked goods. It can get fairly crowded. Tables are kind of old so they shake a bit and are uneven. Many of the tables have outlets and they have free wifi, so it's easy to understand why it's a popular study spot.

Lensey Fauks

Great selection of drinks and treats!

Brandon Le R

Love this place.. but they need to get their signs right!

Whitney Ochs

I love coffee and trying new coffee shops, and this place didn't disappoint. Prices for a good size coffee and a cupcake are very reasonable. I had the caramel/vanilla latte and 2 (yes, 2!) Sassafrass (red velvet) cupcakes. The staff was very friendly, and the shop, while a tad on the small size is very cozy and relaxing and clean. I will for sure be back!

Katheren Hudgins

Love this place! the coffee is great, all the other drinks are great, the food is great, everything about this place is great.

Anna Staude

One of my favorite OKC spots. Coffee and chai are incredible: for the summer, I order their frozen or iced chai tea latte; you can't go wrong with any of the hot coffee or chais. A warning: it is quite small inside and if you're with a group of 4 or more, you might have trouble finding a spot together. If you have a small event you want to do there, they reserve their back room ahead of time!


If you want an amazing cupcake you found the spot! If you want awesome coffee you have found the spot! If you want great service, a friendly stadf, and a cozy inviting environment I highly suggest you stop by!! We have been going here for years and have never been disappointed. The prices are great, the experience is awesome, and you need to go now if you are reading this! You will not regret it.

Jessica Conaway

Great coffee and cupcakes! No vegan or GF cupcakes. :( Seems weird for a cupcakery in this area of town to not offer GF and Vegan options.

Natalie Price

I came here for some quiet study time on a Friday morning. Employees were super nice and really helpful. I ordered a chai latte and "The Traveler" which were both really delicious! I ended sitting in the back room and managed to finish all my work without getting disturbed or interrupted. Great Environment! I will definitely be coming here again

Chris Rivas

it is such a comfortable place! the staff was very nice and the coffee was BOMB


These guys make a really good coffee! I've only been once and didn't try the cupcakes, so I'll have to try again and update the review then.

Gary West

Fun place good food and atmosphere

Michael Williams

Delicious cupcakes and good strong coffee. I will definitely go back.


I think it's good, but $8-tall-chai-with-almond-milk good? You decide. They were very friendly and the place is very cozy.

Rikki Feightner

Cuppies & Joe is a staple of the Paseo arts district, just down the street from Big Truck Tacos. The eclectic, mismatched and fresh decor inside gives a feeling of home or a favorite reading nook, while the cupcakes (some rotate based on the day, some are always available) are divine. Happiness is a warmed cupcake and a lavender latte here, but you'd better come willing to sit wherever, as it's always (pleasantly) packed in the evenings.

Natalee Frensley

the cozy atmosphere and great coffee and treats make cuppies and joe an ideal place to study or take a date. seating can be a little tricky on weekends though.

Shawn Baker

Quaint neighborhood coffee and cupcake shop with a good feel. Great cupcakes, particularly the Mary Poppins

timothy Berg

Cuppies is the coolest coffee shop in town. Great coffee, awesome pie (if you come on a Friday) and the best cupcakes around. And unbeatable customer service! My go-to spot to hang out, read, or study. You guys are awesome!

Brent Mcdonald

Ive never been here.

Z Davis Robison

The best vanilla cupcake I've ever tasted, and I'm in cupcake recocery. Looks like Day 1 starts tomorrow.

Lem Thompson

Got my complicated drink order done right.. The first try!

Adrianna Dong

The cupcakes here are so amazing that I ended up eating three!

Jedidiah Walker

They make a great latte. The atmosphere is very cool because it's a renovated historical home. It's usually crowded but has plenty of seating including couches.

Dirt Digger

Oh my Goodness!!! Cuppies and Joe did a Phenomenal job hosting the Netflix Gilmore Girl's Luke's Day event!! Staff was super festive!! They were so nice and helpful and made the atmosphere truly feel like we were on Stars Hollow!!! We loves an appreciate everything they did!!

Graycen Mashburn

Local gem! Great coffee. Indulge yourself and try the "Boom-Boom Pow" cuppie. You'll thank me later.

Erik Orozco

Cool vibe and cool service.

Joseph Gallagher

Awesome cupcakes and drinks. The staff are awesome

David Mullikin

Always love coming here! Great atmosphere, delicious coffee and baked goods, and friendly staff

autumn michelle

The family that owns it and all of their employees are always so kind to me and I am always so happy to see them. At this point, I’ve probably tried everything on the drink menu, and have literally never had any complaint about any of it. Their cupcakes are always delicious, and their other breakfast options and occasional special desserts are always a treat as well! This shop has become my second home, and I can not describe in words how much I love the people, the atmosphere, and the treats they provide!

Katie Richard

Every time I come into this quaint little shop, Im welcomed with warm smiles and a cozy setting! Any of their deserts is worth a try and their london fogs are to die for. I love making a trip to this cute little coffee shop any time i’m in OKC!!!

Ryan P

I was waiting behind a large group ordering many sweets to go. They didn't seem to notice I was waiting on them but the man behind the counter did and took my order. Much appreciated. I asked him to make me something decaf and sweet, it was delicious. Comfortable place to hang out by yourself or with a friend.

The House OKC

Almost perfect! The Boom Boom Pow cupcake is amazing! I went with 4 stars here BECUSE I have a hard time with the interior. I both love and dislike that house-like feel. I would give this place an honest 4.75 of that we're an option. Highly recommend this place to all!

Hannah Laymon

It's a nice local place. Pretty busy. Bad part of town..

Trevor Gibbons

My favorite coffee shops in OKC. Good coffee and great atmosphere!

Kristin Harris

Dessert and coffee drinks are so good! Friendly staff, super cozy atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Richard Craite

Great place friendly staff

Stormi Keller

Staff is great and cinnamon rolls are the best I've ever had!!! (Coffee is equally as great)

Monica Zyzak

Friendly staff, cozy environment, great coffee! Cuppies & Joe often has gluten free pastries and they make a phenomenal cortado.

Caleb Williams

My favorite coffee shop in town. Has more character than a lot of the other places around. They also make fresh desserts which are great!

Dara Rinehart

Very yummy and delicious.

Amy Wilson

I didn't go to it Never heard of it just drove by

Tyler Todd

This is the coziest spot in the whole city. It's great for socializing, reading, and studying. I often make new friends when I come by myself with a good book to read.

Rohit Reddy Aguvaveedhi Reddy

Amazing cupcakes and coffee. Very nice and cozy ambience. Friendly staff as well. Fun place to hang out with friends. It is surprisingly quite enough to study by yourself or do a group study as well. The chai there is my favorite.

Eric Lueb

Nice place to meet up with a friend or two. Also a good place to work on some homework. They serve coffee, tea, cupcakes and cookies. There is indoor and outdoor seating. Quiet place, good for conversastion.

Derek S.

Frozen Hot Coffee is to die for. Great deserts and high quality coffee drinks

Jennah Applebaum

Such an adorable shop with delicious drinks and desserts!

Paul James

Cool spot great coffee even better cinnamon rolls

I'moni Okine

Lovely Place To Drink Coffee, The Vibe Is Chill And Relaxing.

Katrina Nutter

I've only been here once before and it was nice! I love the cozy atmosphere it presents. I ordered a vanilla cappuccino and it was delicious. The only concern I had was when I was standing in line to inquire about the shop's Wi-Fi (it was my very first time in there). Two girls were at the register just talking and talking to the guy in front of me, who happened to be a friend of theirs. That's fine, but the girls knew I was standing there but didn't ask me if I needed help with anything. They just need to be a bit more attentive instead of talking to their friends. Other than that, it was great! I'd definitely be back again.

Cacey Wells

Great cupcakes. Good, but not great, coffee.

Dakshesh Shah

Nice chill coffee shop with variety of selection.

Joe Lee

The staff and food are wonderful, but it can get very full during peak times. Standing room only is not unheard of.

Cristina Allen

I always love finding small local coffee shops at me and my family can go to this place is so cute in the middle of Oklahoma City easy to find great tasting items coffee and tea are great

Jonathon Moore

My favorite coffee shop friendly delicious and fairly priced.

Gillian Thompson

Really good coffee and cupcakes. The shop is cute and cozy, but pretty much always crowded with students.

Blake Downs

Great pastries and fantastic espresso! Had an americano that was nice and strong!

Haoshu Li

There are plenty of tables and outlets inside to do some work

Sarah Sanders

The most darling coffee shop I've ever been in! When you walk inside, it's like stepping back in time with their old creaky wood floors and cozy fireplaces. They've done a great job of remodeling what was obviously an old home. The prices are extremely reasonable! The cupcakes and cookies looked amazing. Plenty of seating nestled throughout so you can sit down and enjoy your cupcake and coffee or get it to go. Will be back over and over.

Katie Keegan

Freaking love this place!!

Rosalinda Espinosa

My favorite coffee shop in OKC!


This place has all my money. Everything is delicious. Good place to study too.

Angela Hallett

Their mocha is like Heaven in a cup.

Cristela Carrizales

I enjoy the Lemony Snickett and my husband swears by the Boom Boom Pow. It's a flavorful cupcake, not terribly soft but still very good. Try it with a London Fog hot tea. Other good options: The Don, Ebony & Ivory

H O Donnell

Great coffee, ok service, not much selection of eats.

Josh Gordon

Pros: Good products sold at fair prices. Staff seems friendly. Place feels very laid back and casual. Cons: Seating in the location and the parking. The parking is specifically very little and for brand new customers may be a challenge to find.

Tory Chinn

Cute quite place with good coffee. Perfect for our business meeting.

Brittany Maine

Such a cute little coffee spot. The coffee is amazing and the cupcakes are delicious!!! The only reason I wouldn't give 5 stars is the's almost impossible to get a table for our family of 5...there are maybe 3 tables that fit that many people and sadly there's almost ALWAYS one person sitting at them...they get pretty busy and parking is difficult so just be prepared to look for a parking space and a table.

Nick Jefferson

The menu options are attractive, but I don't receive enough value in relation to the sizes of beverages. The atmosphere is lacking in a lot of departments. I almost gagged the moment I stepped into the men's restroom. The dining room is reminiscent of a refugee camp back in WWII. Unfortunately, I won't be back.

amy briscoe

Great coffee! Great atmosphere!

Mark Tulsa

Really sweet little coffee house. Fast and friendly. Great atmosphere. The salted caramel cookie I had was amazeballs.

Nayauna Braxton

First time being there it was the best and awesome. Me and friends never been there until our other friend took us and it was the best!!! The cupcake and mocha was bom!!! And it was a cool place to hang out.

Jazzmin Garmendia

definitely a cool place to grab a coffee and study, with or without a group. very comfortable area, the staff is very friendly and make really good coffee. I ordered a latte, with a coconut milk, I believe. It was really one of the best lattes I’ve had. great local coffee, will be coming back.

Kelly Kollar

Adorable little coffee shop! Staff was extremely friendly and timely on our orders. I'm glad I stopped in and hope to go back soon

Sebastian Jones

Their cupcakes are incredible and the coffee is delicious. Love that they have a somewhat rotating cupcake menu, and also really like the atmosphere of the old house.

Jared Wende

This is a nice little hole in the wall coffee shop. They aren't too expensive and they are very friendly. Would definitely recommend as a hang out location.


The atmosphere was cozy. Not a lot of seating, and generally pretty busy. The coffee is great and the cupcakes are great. I would recommend this coffee shop, and if it is full inside, there are nice seats outside

Daniel McLaughlin

I love the layout of this place and the coffee is tasty.

Peter Storm

My biggest hit on the place is that the layout of the coffee shop at a busy time takes away from the flow of being a fully functional place. The busyness is an indicator of the quality of the coffee and food. I would highly recommend the cold brew coffee on a warm day.

Carter Mize

Staff was friendly, food and coffee were delicious, and the vibe was bookish but cool.

Lorand Kyler

Cuppies & Joe is a great little coffee house (actually a converted house) in the heart of OKC, their pastries are wonderful and their coffee is always top notch. The decor is eccentric and fun, and the staff is friendly and efficient.

Jenny Watts

My adult daughter and I love coming here for mom/daughtie dates ♡ Mary Poppins, Boom Boom Pow and London Fogs!

Ela Gary

good coffee, amazing lemon cookie!!! The cafe is very pleasing to the eye!!!

Levi D

The flat white was amazing. But it was also very crowded.

Diego Peñafiel

Awesome place to hang out while studying or catching up with people, Their cupcakes are awesome and the menu is always changing. Their lattes are truly flavorful and the baristas make their best effort to deliver latter art that's impeccable Follow their Instagram for promos and events

Vickie Bailey

The variety of cupcakes is good. The coffee is wonderful. A little pricey but all of these places are with their overhead. Overall nice place to go enjoy dessert with friends.

Robert Rosser

So cozy and if you need a place to study then come here! They have plugs!

Mariah Dunn

The hot chocolate, cold brew, and cupcakes were all delicious!

L. Logan

Great coffee and pastries, great ambience. Sit and chat or study. A COOL CRAFTSMAN HOUSE converted to a COOL Coffee House.

MissMocha Mommy

Judy Wallace

Best Best BEST coffee latte I've had since leaving San Francisco! Coffee was so excellent it didn't need any sweetener to smooth-out harshness (unlike that Seattle-started stuff). The cupcakes are divine and I can't wait to try the cold-brewed coffee next time I'm there. They were sold out until this evening, it takes 13 hours to brew a new batch!

Shelley Johnson

Delicious cookies & cupcakes. Great tea & coffee. And the cutest little house/shop!

Sarah Schubarth

Great service and wonderful coffee and cupcakes.

Abby Peek

Hands down my favorite coffee shop in OKC... maybe even in the world. Incredible atmosphere and incredible coffee and cupcakes! Make sure you get a cupcake!!!

Daegon Coale

small, but cozy! very sweet staff with good drink selections and amazing cupcakes!

Paul Lowe

Just wonderful

Dana Blackburn

Amazing cupcakes and atmosphere!

Cassandra Cookson

I took myself on a date here. Very cool, trendy, I love the location and the use of the old 1920s home. Coffee was spot on and the cupcake was delicious. I got the mocha cupcake and a Carmel iced latte. Great atmosphere. Very cute dudes there. Nice college scene. Enjoyed the views. Close to campus and birds are close by too. Birds as in the scooters that are super cool. Also close to other cool dives and bars

Tony Thrailkill

Very cool place. Great staff

Amanda B

Loved this place! Staff was friendly and the cupcake was delicious. I'll definitely visit again soon!

Lawrence Ross

Other cupcake shops have come, and some gone, since they opened. Consistently great stuff since they opened. The lack of the fifth star is simply the parking and occasional long wait.

Clay Baker

Been going here for years and it's still one of my faves. Great place to study if you can grab a seat and don't mind a little noise. The coffee is good and the pastries are tasty!

EDGE Ministries

Great comfy place to enjoy conversations or catch up on responding to emails.

nancy lange

Delish cupcakes! Staff was really nice. The ambience is relaxing. Lots of people there studying.

Andrew Massey

Awesome. Very cozy place to hang out and read or just catch up with friends. Very clean, the coffee is excellent, and they have wifi. What else could you ask for?

Tim Odum

Great place for joe! Home charm. Gluten free items also available.

K L Anderson

Not good at all. Waste of time and money. I am not sure how this place stays in business.

Staci Atkins

Perfect place to sit, relax, and sip on coffee!

kailea rutt

Cupcakes and coffee were both good, I also enjoyed the atmosphere.

Leah D

This place reminds me so much of a place back home in Florida. It's super cozy, the staff members are extremely sweet, and the coffee is the best I've had yet here in OKC. This is my new favorite spot.

Alan Humphreys

Charming American style coffee house. Coffee, drinks and cakes. Nice atmosphere and excellent value for money

Kerri LaVail

Quiet little Vintage coffee shop, love it...

Mary James

Welcoming, quaint, and great coffee. The baked sweets were outstanding! Recommend this place when there are not many coffee shops that I give any kind of high ratings.

sia from-lbc

the cupcakes here are incredible! this is the only place i come to for cupcakes. all the flavors are super yummy! the environment is pretty cool, too; and the people who work here are always really nice and helpful.

Linda Miller

Quaint atmosphere, calm and cozy. Great music and great coffees, teas and sweets. Sit inside at wood antique tables or outside in the sun, enjoy your time and do work on your laptop with a smile. Parking in back, on side, or in the street. Part of the joyous 23rd St. Renaissance happening. Will return often.

Karena Blair

Stop by for great tea or coffee! It’s a small place with chairs and tables for overspill on the front porch. The service is good but slow, the baked goods are always fresh.

Abbey Take

I like the atmosphere of this place but I wish they had more food options then cookies and cupcakes for when I'm there for a long study session. They're espresso can also be a bit on the bitter side, a bonus if you like that and (for me) a deterrent I have to cover with milk. A big bonus is they also serve decaf!

Kyle Gibson

The current market in OKC is Starbucks or bust, Cuppies and Joe establishes a percent in the market. Working with a square terminal it is quite apparent that it is they are challenging old tech with innovate tech. They go along with sizing as the sbux chain. Alicia keys was playing while I visited. Another unique place to visit while in OKC.

Sterling Wilson

This is a quaint little shop. The cupcakes are excellent, and certainly unique. I had a hard time choosing, and eventually found myself settling on the red velvet. I will be going back! The coffee was well made, I had a latte as a bit of an indulgence. I've had Elemental Coffee Roasters' coffee before, and Cuppies & Joe uses it well. The shop is friendly, personable, and fairly quiet. They're one of the few places open until 10pm, which makes it a great spot for a student to work on a paper! There are little nooks and areas away from the front counter that provide space to hide away and still have that helpful public bustle that keeps you going. Kudos to the placement of bike racks as well--can't tell you how many places completely neglect that. Definitely give this shop a try!

Jonathan Scott

This is a quaint little cupcake and coffee shop with exceptional sweets and drink. The atmosphere is really neat and makes the entire experience great. You will really enjoy the artwork and decor as well. This is the perfect stop after a meal on 23rd street or after a night out.

Erik Richison

I’m here at the very least once a month, and I don’t even live in OKC. My wife and I love this place - they have great coffee and their cupcakes (after their namesake) are worth the trip. On certain days they carry a cupcake called the Traveler, and it is scrumptious. If you’re a coffee shop person this is definitely one to stop by in OKC.

Kellina Devine-Williams

Awesome cupcakes and coffee.

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