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REVIEWS OF ButterSweet Cupcakes IN Oklahoma

Michael Thompson


Fabulous cakes and super service. I got assorted cupcakes for an anniversary. Can’t wait to go back again and this time enjoy the lounge

Crystal Reyes

Best place! Love their strawberry cupcakes

MacKenzie Spears

Amelia Adams

The girl that waited on us was extremely friendly. Delicious cupcakes

Heather Leser

Quite possibly some of the best cupcakes I have EVER had! And they all look amazing too!

carlye carlye

Buttersweet is such a great place. Good treats, and good people.

The Watsons

Delicious cupcakes, amazing variety, and the staff are exceedingly nice and helpful. Their GLUTEN FREE cupcakes are even addictingly tasty - call ahead to order these if you want them. A friend even told me they custom made Blue Moon cupcakes for her husband's birthday b/c that is his fav beer! Amazing!

Chelsea Allred

I ordered my boyfriend’s birthday cake from here. He’s a huge Texas Longhorns fan so that was the theme for the cake. They did an amazing job! The detail was amazing and everyone really loved it. If I could change one thing, it would be the amount of icing they used to dirty ice the cake before laying the fondant on top. There was about an inch and a half of icing under the fondant which made it way too sweet. But the cake itself had a great taste and was very moist! Other than that we had a great experience! Thanks Buttersweet for a memorable cake!

Debra Cox

Rebecca Faulconbridge

Fabulous cakes and cupcakes in wonderful flavors. Their custom cakes are beautifully done as well. They also offer additional bakery treats and ice cream. Service is friendly and helpful. Moe waited on me and was helpful to point out special pricing and explain their daily flavors. Great local bakery.


Jessica Holman

This place brought cupcakes to a STEM outreach at my school. The cupcakes were so delicious. Store bought cupcakes are gross and have that greasy frosting. You can tell this company actually uses butter in their frosting. So yummy. :)

lizette jara

They have Worst customer service. Ordered a cake that I paid over $100 and it looked nothing like the picture that I gave to them. It's was my son's first birthday and the cake didn't even have number ONE on top like in the picture and the guy said well I thought it was a baby shower Cake. What! No! Just bad attitude all around. So unless you want them to mess up your very pricey cake on your special day. I wouldn't not have any cake done by them ever again. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS SOME WHERE ELSE.

Sarah Slavens

Willow Sky

I really enjoyed going here and loved the cupcakes, however last weeks experience I was overcharged $7. I sent a☹️ and note and haven't heard from them. Shame on them. Will not go back.

Gage Carson


Vanessa Hawkins

Teresa Wake

I recently puchased a custom cake for our daughter's 13th birthday party. The cake was beautiful and special just as I had envisioned, and it was the best tasting chocolate cake. I'll be using them again!

Urban Curbin'

Matt is a terrific barista.

Meg DeBord

Best baked fresh cupcakes!

Tracy Johns

Amazing cupcakes and the BEST customer service ever!!

Gary Williky

Fantastic and delicious custom cakes.

Havilah Koshy

We ordered our wedding cake here a few weeks ago and it turned out great! We showed a picture of a simple, white 4 tier cake and they made it exactly like it, but they only made it 3 tiers instead of 4. I didn't really care too much if it was a 3 or 4 tiered cake! It was still tall and looked beautiful.

Chaslynn Waters

RaeChelle Ray

I absolutely LoVe Buttersweet!!! The Cupcakes & cookies are always fresh! I'm big on customer service and they have the best ever!!! I'm greeted with a Hello or Welcome, friendly smiling face and they are always willing to help me and I bring in several order when I come in. I also LoVe that they have rewards and give us Free cupcakes and coupons!!!❤❤❤❤❤

Emily Plummer

Y'all. That cookie dough cupcake gives me life. The cream brulee and the salted caramel are also amazing

Lauren Lindsey

These were served at my baby shower and they are some of the best cupcakes I've ever had. We have the chocolate and vanilla. I tried both and they were both fantastic but my favorite was the chocolate.

Amanda V.

We ordered both cakes for our wedding from them and they were beautiful and so delicious. Not long after the cakes arrived the one with fondant began to have issues with bubbling, they were so quick to come back and fix it making it look perfect. Everyone really enjoyed every bite.

Matt Perkins

Call to order a cake for my son's birthday, they said no problem we can have it ready stop by to order it. Well I showed up 15 minutes later and they informed me they weren't taking orders any longer because they got approval to open another location. So much for taking care of the customers you have agreed to make cakes for.


Nice place. Nice cake, not exceptional a few of the details were wrong. Not sure it will feed 35 people. A little on the small side. Quoted $125 but charged $145. Would not change the amount even tho we had her on speaker phone and everyone heard it. We buy a lot of cakes. This was our first time to buy here and unfortunately our last. I have a small business for 30 years and if you quote a price you stick to it. Success is all about integrity.

Terry Duncan

Very delicious cupcakes! Will definitely be back.

Stefania Savoca

Too expensive. Asked if they could make a cake said no opening for cake however they could do cupcakes. Their cupcakes are nothing to write home about. I could have literally gone to Walmart and got the same amount of cupcakes (24) for way less than $71. The one I got from Walmart for a different bday were actually moister. Also the specialty flavor we picked "tiramisu" tasted nothing like tiramisu. Bad place.

d'lyn k

I have loved Buttersweet since they opened. The cupcakes are always on point. I've tried a few of the other offerings and don't like them quite as much, but the cake is legit. This is literally the only local bakery in Oklahoma City that makes good chocolate cake.

Jolene Huff

Service was great. Cupcakes are moist and delicious! The m&m & cream sandwich thing was so so good. Our favorite was a peanut butter bar. Oh my! Could eat that for days!! Will definitely go there again.

Savannah Hulsey

Great cake!!!

Theresa Flannery

Love this shop and love the mini-cupcakes! I appreciate that there are plenty of non-chocolate options. Thank you Moe for the great customer service. The only recommendations I have is to add a Cherry Limeade flavor and make dinky doozies!

Karen Zhao

Very moist cupcakes! You must try the creme brulee.

Victoria Davis

Lea Johnson

ButterSweet Cakes is the place we go to when we want the BEST cupcakes for special occasions or "just because!" We love Buttersweet Cakes much more than some of the other well-known cupcake places around OKC/Yukon area. It is a close to home, small town atmosphere business with top notch quality cupcakes! These are my kid's favorites and we have not found a better place! Meghan at the Mustang/Yukon location provided us with very helpful service right as we walked in! She was a kind smile and very patient with my family as we made selections. She even offered us a sample of the ice cream flavors when my kids noticed this new cool addition to the shop (we politely declined because I told her we would take up all her time otherwise!!). Thank you Buttersweet Cakes for always making our experience so enjoyable and tasty! I also get Facebook updates on the new flavors! We have been fans for a long time!

Tyler Cating

Amazing atmosphere and friendly staff. From their cupcakes to ice cream everything about my visit was a treat!

Mandy Trotter

I feel like a "regular" at this adorable bakery. Everything they make is delicious. Join the rewards program!!

Denisse Diaz

The cupcakes are simply amazing and great atmosphere


It's been almost eight months since I've last been here. I remember it being a single business with friendly staffers, clean and bright atmosphere and cheaper prices. Now they've expanded to another location, prices have increased pretty dramatically. (Used to pay like $12-$13 for six cupcakes if I remember correctly, and now it's like $18-20.) The cupcakes are still delicious and flavorful and moist as ever. But i feel like the business in general has lost some of it's small-town charm, especially the original location. The atmosphere was.. empty.. to say the least, it felt a lot less clean and they removed several of the helpful menus and signs. The employee who assisted me was nice enough, but it felt rushed, terse. No where near the several friendly faces who would've been working several months ago, with a populated and decently busy store. Flat point. Four stars, for damn good cupcakes, a loyalty program, and decent service. I'll be returning but I might be starting my search elsewhere.

Jennie Broadhurst

AMAZING cupcakes! Almost every week they have a theme for their cupcake of the day. For example, this week is Cookie Week! So far they have had M&M Cookie & Cookie Butter flavored cupcakes. You can follow their Instagram page to see what the daily flavor is plus they have beautiful photos of their goods. My favorite thing about Buttersweet is that you can get every cupcake flavor in a mini sized cupcake. This is wonderful for those of us who have trouble deciding on one flavor, but don't want to walk out of there with a dozen full size cupcakes. If cupcakes aren't your thing, they have delightful cookies, cake parfaits, and other baked treats.

Angel M

Natalie Wagner

I feel like I should at least give 2 stars since I never even got to try any cake. But just 1 should do this justice. I contacted them multiple times and when I say multiple I mean more than 5 tries. I first put in for a quote online 3 times. Never a single reply. Then I decided I would call them, I don't know why I called them but I figured I would give them the benefit of the doubt. After a girl answered the phone she told me they never received an online quote thing and that I must be wrong. Me wrong, the customer, HUMMM. Well lets try through the phone. She told me to email them a picture of what I was going for and in mid conversation hangs up the line. So I though fluky, I'll email them and wait for a reply. 2 weeks have passed and I decided I would just make my own cake and they email me. "Were you going to make a deposit or would you like a quote first?" Well humm, yeah I would love a quote first, is this a serious question? How am I suppose to know who or what to pay for. I would love someone to take me seriously. So called "Oklahoma's best custom cakes" falls short on the custom because they have TERRIBLE customer service. Good luck and I am sure they have great cakes but they need to work on their system. I called 2 months in advance trying to get a cake made for my husbands 30th birthday because I heard all about them on the radio and other advertisement. If they are to busy to keep up with customers they need to lay off of the advertisement. Good luck

Jamie English

If you’re looking for the best cupcake you’ll ever have in your life, look no further. This place is the best. Trust me when I say this that I have been to A LOT of cupcake/cake shops. Not only in the US, but all over the world. To have ButterSweet only a few miles away from my house is like a dream come true.

Zani Houston

The best cupcakes

Leons protégé

Best cupcakes ever. Plain and simple. The icing is smooth and the cupcake is moist. No one has beat this place yet.

Eslee Smith

Bittersweet donated two gift certificates for Native Oklahoma Rescues for a fundraiser drive thank you guys so much!!

Hannah M

Paid $3.25 for an awful macaroon. Everything else was just meh. Nothing at all to write home about but definitely charged at a premium price.

Kimari Ranney

Love grabbing cupcakes here after school. They weren't very generous with the scoop of ice cream in a cup which is pretty pricey so that's why 4 stars. It seemed difficult for them to scoop it so you ended up without much.

Shanna Rumburg

We recently moved to Yukon, so I had to give them a try. Really moist and flavorful cakes! The employees were friendly too. I love that they have mini cupcakes, that way you can try more than one flavor at a time. I'll definitely be going back!

Mike M

Best cupcake on the planet earth and probably in the universe!!!!!!!!

Zoe Routh

Very good and very sweet cupcakes, parfaits, and cookies! My favorite place to go for a sweet treat, makes me not mind the 2 hour drive!

Sugar Plum

I have been here several times.I love the cupcakes. It is very delicious I have never been disappointed.

Janet Schweinfurth

Always good, but they almost had a problem today with one person behind the counter at the coffee bar, and 5 customers waiting. I've never seen them not staffed before.


Nice cupcakes. Get there early or the pickings are slim

Jody Bowie

Samantha B

Love Buttersweet!!! The ice cream is off the hook!!! Cupcakes, cookies and customer service is great as well!!! You must try them!❤️

Megan Cline

Moe at bittersweet is so awesome with my kids. I often bring them in after practice or games for a reward with they work really hard. The kids are crazy and she brightens up when she sees them and gets us in and out the door with ease. The creme brulee cupcake is amazing.

Bobbi Bingham

This cupcake alterier (shop) is so incredible. The owner Tiffany & all the employees are sweet, amazing & the cakes are fresh & gorgeous. Very talented bakers assistant and there is so much more excellency, you just gotta try them.

Jessica Schlarb

Loved the help and personal service from the staff, especially Moe! And absolutely the best tasting cupcakes and cookies I've had. I got the cookie dough parfait and peanut butter cookie and both were really good. Will definitely be back to sample other flavors soon.


Absolutely best cupcakes in Canadian County. Moist and the icing is supreme. Great selection for other desert options. The girls are generally nice.

Kim Nordquist

I love this place!! The staff was very helpful and always willing to answer all of my questions, I had a lot to ask at that too. Loved the assortment of sweets ready to taste and can't wait to go back for more! Thank you Moe for all of your help! So excited your in our community!

Divine Frank

samantha r

Great selection when I went into the shop! Staff was friendly, and very clean location. The displays were simple and easy to shop from! When I took the cupcakes to my family's house, they were in disbelief at how great these cupcakes were! The shop even included a Flavor Card to make it easier for everyone to choose from! They were all fresh, they have awesome flavors, and they all tasted so great! I love this shop, and you're crazy not to stop in.

Johnny Bravo

Their cupcakes are crazy delicious. Their cake shakes are a gift from God and they have the best staff ever!!

Rebekah McMillan

Kelcey Keel

Num num num. this place has ahhhmazing ice cream. They don’t skimp you on the candy/flavor. It had the most Reece’s and Oreo that I’d ever seen in ice cream before, without even asking for extra. Diabetes delight! Lol the cake pops are great and the eggless cookie dough is dang good too. I loved the cupcakes and I’m not even a cupcake fan.

Sweet Melissa

Love the cupcakes but the girls that work there are never friendly. Would help with customer service. It doesn't seem like they want to help or even be there.

Mashalla Austin

A great place to go to soothe any sweet tooth. All of their goodies are made fresh daily and very, very good!

Kevin Karasti

False advertisement! I’m no stranger to cupcakes, so when you advertise a “jumbo” cupcake and then hand me a regular sized cupcake that’s disappointing. I love their cupcakes but don’t lie to me and tell me it’s a jumbo when clearly it’s regular size. I suggest updating your menu or actually sell a jumbo sized cupcake.

Justin Phillips

Great environment with even better Cupcakes. This place has never disappointed me.

Bianca Yardley

I ordered a wedding cake through them and on my wedding day they didnt put the flowers on it. the flowers were sitting right beside the cake! Worst thing is when i was cutting the cake in front of everyone, the flavor of the cake was all wrong except the bottom tier!!!! When i called to complain they just said they were sorry for the ordeal as a baker placed the wrong tier on top too. they offered me an anniversary cake( like i would take a cake from them after ruining my wedding day cake-.-). After fighting over and over again with them they finally sent me a check of $100. Now know that my cake cost me $520 and everything but the bottom tier was wrong!! and they only gave me 100 back.. Hold on that's not it. I cashed the check the same day i got it. the next day I see that the check got canceled and I had to pay a fee due to that check being canceled. I called them a million times and they ignored and avoided my calls until i called with a new number and they answered. They said, and I quote, " We will send you a new check only if you remove your bad reviews on facebook, google, yelp etc.. It's hurting our small business". I understand that they are a small business, but if you would treat your customers right then you wouldn't be having bad reviews! They were bribing me!! This business is a lie. DO NOT BUY YOUR CAKES THERE!! FYI Never got my money. I refuse to lie to people looking for a good cake company and I didnt delete my review. I even started filing a lawsuit but it was just too much of a hassle and stress for us newlyweds.

Heather Fravel

Such great staff and amazing tasting cupcakes! Turtle cheesecake is straight from heaven!

Brittany Hatfield

Jordy Pie

Scythin 909

Robin Paetz

One word: Awesome!!!!! I have been hooked on these cupcakes/parfaits for a very long time. They always have my favorite, Vanilla Thrilla, and on the off chance they don't they have a variety of other great flavors to choose from too. The only thing sweeter than the cakes are the ladies that make them! Ms. Megan rocks!!!

Diana S

They have the best tasting cupcakes! Can't wait for their Christmas theme cupcakes.


Joni Caudillo

I don’t live here so every time I come through I have to stop and get some to take home.

Mark Johnson

We were hired to do flowers for a wedding and this included the cake. After setting up flowers for the wedding and reception, we were unable to do the cake, because the cake wasn't there. We called and the customer called to find out where the cake was and received no response at first, then were told it would be just a few minutes. Hours later, they showed up with the cake. No apologies to the customer nor to us for having to wait, so we could keep our commitment to a bride and groom for their special day. They were rude and acted like they were doing us a favor by showing up. If you are looking for a reliable baker, this is not the one. It doesn't matter how great their cakes taste, if they aren't going to deliver them when promised.

Abby Sumner

Highly DO NOT recommend this company to anyone, not even my worst enemy. Eleven months of inappropriate, disrespectful, hateful employees as well as the owner, Tiffany. They made our cake wrong as well as the wrong colors. When we emailed Tiffany to ask to have a consultation with her in regards to the mess up of our wedding cake, she refused to have any further communication and business with me and anyone I know. We should have changed who made our wedding cake from the first time we walked into this business and everything went terrible. All your store and business does is make the one day of your life that's supposed to be perfect, a living hell. Maybe it's time you take on a new career that doesn't mean dealing with people and the public. When you give that commitment and that guarantee that somebody's wedding cake is going to be perfect, that means the right color's and the right size. I want to warn everybody else from having your cake completely messed up on your wedding day, whatever you do, don't use this place!!!!!!

Janet Hulsey

I love this place! They are connected to Motion Coffee, so now you can enjoy your favorite cupcake with a great cup of coffee. I'm in heaven!

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