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REVIEWS OF Brown's Bakery IN Oklahoma

Tiffany Littlejohn

I'm new to the Midtown Okc area and i was wanting some Donuts From Delight Donut but there just wasnt close to my condo so I said to myself well there that one by Saint Anthony's I looked it up to see the reviews and it y'all had pretty good reviews. So I went and well it was way more expensive then I truly think it should have been. I only ordered dozen glazed donuts a cinnamon roll and a canoe Dr.pepper the donut shop in my home town I would have paid 10 dollars and their donuts are amazing. The glazed donuts tasted like they was cooked in old grease some smashed some with just the weirdest shapes I mean.. Im totally not impressed at all.The cinnamon roll was hard tough just nasty I mean who wants a dry ass cinnamon roll... I was just Very disappointed and wanted my $14.00 dollars back. BC at this point I wish I would have just drove to DELIGHT DONUTS!!!!

Jaquita Bruner

Anthony Reed

Anna Ratliff

This is OKCs best old fashioned bakery. The cases every day are filled with the yummiest treats. All fresh made by the Browns themselves. Everyone that works here is helpful and friendly. The place is old and nothing fancy but everything inside is baked happiness. This is a staple in OKC and hopefully will continue to be for many years to come.

Brenda Bailey

Cameron Shurtz

Brown's is awesome. I've been picking up donuts for work here for about a year straight, every week. Service is good, they try real hard to get people moved through since there is usually a line. Donuts are awesome. Consistent. I love the double chocolate that you can get on Fridays. The day-olds are a good deal.

Chealita Brown

I am never disappointed when I come here. They are the nicest people you will ever meet and the sweets are on point.

Joshua Enos

Incredible sausage in blankets!

Fx Cw

Great selection of delicious pastries.

M Walls

If you call in day before, order the pan-sized apple fritter...great crowd pleaser for 12-20 people groups and not seen very often

Corey Russell

Good bakery

Nehemiah Reese

I've only have the donuts here so I can't speak for everything that they make but the donuts are okay. Really nice if the default was to heat them up before they served you them cold but that's partially on me you should probably go there early so that you get them hot. If you're getting them to go that's probably better as the restroom it's kind of sketchy in the place overall is kind of sketchy. Definitely not the best donuts in town but they're okay.

therealvegan runner

Good food nice people good prices I eat there for over 30 years no bs cake are good to

scott bohn

A great local bakery. Enormous donuts.

Janice Bryan

Josh Martin

I'm a second generation Brown's Bakery fan! My Mom always talked about how much she enjoyed going there with my Grand Dad when she was younger. She took me, and my kids this past weekend for the first time. Definitely going back. Super cool place, with a lot of history.

Melody Wegman

I just live this bakery

Ty Carlson

Best daggum donuts in the metro.

Shawn Robinson

Everyone was very nice and cheerful. They have a donut that is as big as your head.

Leslie Travis

Love love love this place! Large selections! Very fresh! Not over priced!

Don Norbury

Friendly service. Good food. Nice prices.

David Onzahwah

Alejandra Martinez

Jeff Aynes

Food is always great

Robyn Affentranger

This place is in Oklahoma City institution for a very good reason. I have never had a bad donut or pastry here. The staff are always friendly and don't mind if you take a couple of extra minutes picking out every thing that you want. Next step, I need to try some of the sandwiches. Also a good note is that, despite being in the heart of downtown, the parking here is plentiful and free.

Robby Fowler

Excellent selection. Walking distance from St. Anthonys

Steven Burton

Elle Bee

I would give zero stars if it was possible. Made an appointment to order a groom's cake. When I got there, the person I had been speaking to was too busy to even speak to us. The sample pieces were dry. We were treated like a huge inconvenience; even though we had an appointment. Huge waste of time and $25 deposit for just okay samples. If someone from Brown's Bakery reads this, please do not treat your future customers this way!!

Richard Beam

I understand that this place is historic, and has been around forever, but the service here is horrible. The people working when I went by convinced me to take my business elsewhere. They do not have the bakery business cornered in Okc, but they sure do act like it. I would not be the least bit saddened if this place went out of business. the only redeeming factor is that their baked goods are, in fact, pretty good.

Ebhoney boo

Lea Jensen

An Oklahoma City tradition. Everything made fresh daily. Their thumbprint cookies are to die for. The best I've ever had. A little pricey on some things, but remember, you get what you pay for. Everything I've ever had there has been absolutely wonderful. Highly recommend.

Kahale Ishikawa

Delicious pastries at great prices. I love the chocolate eclair.

Lonnie Hamman

leanne Dabney

Great selection. A bit pricey but worth it

Marjorie Egert

Cream cheese Danish is my favorite. Very pleasant and attentive counter staff.

Haley Miller

Best pastries ever!! Go there every time I have a dentist appointment

A Boy and His SonShine

Best Donuts ever!

David Blackwood

Love this place

Aslan Maleki

America's Taken

I stopped by today because I was on 10th street and to my delight the cake donuts with chocolate icing are as good as they have ever been in my 30 plus years as a customer of Brown's Bakery. This Oklahoma Treasure serves up the very best in bakery goods.

Adrienne Pitcock

Brown’s made me a really beautiful and delicious cake on short notice. Other places needed the order placed two weeks in advance. Brown’s delivered perfection in 5 days. I’m a customer for life!

Abdulhafiz Lawal

Brian Zortman

We liked it. Customer service was good, the Apple fritter had no Apple in it though.

Isreal Davis

Great bakery

Claudia Disney

ross davis

Great donuts.

Mike Cave

They did an awesome job on a Moana birthday cake for us. Will order from them again. Thank you

Minerva Green

Does Brown's Bakery make donut cakes?? If not, does anyone know who does?

juicer lane

Jim Underway

Excellent products!

Matt McNeil - McNeil Liquidations

An Oklahoma City institution -- no doubts about it!


The best everything.

Paul Heeg

Heard good things about their donuts, we went there on a Saturday afternoon to take a break from being in the hospital with our mom who was in the ICU... their google hours and actual open hours are different. They are not open until 3pm like Google says on Saturdays. So we walked to a burger place down the road, when we came back, they had towed our car!!! Very poor way to run a business!!!

Susan B

My children and I love to come here after story time at Commonplace on saturdays! They are so friendly and welcoming and we always make a mess (no eye rolls!) thank you!!!!

Tammy Stampley

Friendly atmosphere and good pastries.

Lorena Sustaita

Penny Howell

Love this place! So many choices & so many things! So wonderfully delicious.

jimmi Evey

Best place in town to buy fresh baked goods

Robert Reed

The Brown's Bakery is the best around town. I have dependably visited this present Brown's Bakery to eat bread and isolating engineered stock. I genuinely love on a very fundamental measurement hanging in here drinking some espresso with a bread as a dash of knowing the past. Darker's Bakery have for each condition new and hot breads and warmed stock typical. They are outstanding and I revere them. Best bakeshop around the zone. They keep the espresso normal and clear yet paying little regard to all that I like it. The place is in addition stunning. The scene and the smell. It truly cleanses up you when you go there. The place is in like way reasonable and smooth. The staffs were surprising. They were reasonable and fulfilling. As anybody may expect for a bakeshop. 5 stars for Brown's Bakery. Will really prescribe this bakeshop to my lace.

L Clark

Amazing sugar filled delights. Great variety

Kitty Smith

This is one of OKC's oldest baker's. They are one that has been faithful thru the years. Give them a try for fresh bread ,rolls,pastrys,sandwichs. You can sit and enjoy watching the trolleys run by!

Barbara Burrows

Jana Wyont

Rachel Crofford

Michael Brem

Had a nice breakfast here while picking up a birthday cake.

Bill Shipley

Stop in for baked goods, cakes and wedding cakes. Browns Bakery is older than me.....great old established bakery here in OKC. They will bring a bit of heaven and are sure to warm your heart. At least 3 he stations that I know of that work in the bakery. I have enjoyed this bakery since I was very little and my mother bought treats for the family there every Saturday morning. Wonderful!!!

Ryan Young


Karen Shurley

I can rarely find maple cake doughnuts, Brown's Bakery has them :)

Eric Morehouse

Best donuts ever!

Bobby Reed

Really amazing offerings amd a decent atmosphere. Local legend for standard donut shop offerings.

Malea Morris

Absolutely love bringing my grandson here. Everything is delicious!

Peter Breninger

There are plenty of great options for breakfast here.

Kevin Stokes

We stop in Browns at least three times a week! They are probably the best donut shop I've ever had. I often buy donuts for people out of town and take them to them because I love Brown so much... We have had numerous birthday cakes made rounds and can honestly say "that is the best cake ever!" Everybody seems to be happy even though they are having to run around to get people in and out so there's no line. I would definitely try stopping in sometime and getting some of their donuts or even their cupcakes. Once you have a cupcake you'll understand how amazing the cakes are.

Marilyn Buchanan

Glen Kessler

Highly recommended!!!

Matthew Chellew

Robert Watkins

Shelonda Cobb

I've. Been coming to browns ever sense elementry to high school

Toby Rodgers

Lovely people great bakery

Denny Vanderburg

Jared Morgan

My mother used to own a donut shop... So I know donuts! In my opinion, this is the best donut shop in Oklahoma!! The sour cream cake donuts are to die for!

Dennis Derry

Joseph Hughes

There's donuts made at a donut shop and then donuts made at a bakery. These are a cut above everything else in town.

Bob Hartley

I haven't been to Browns in some time. I was in the neighborhood and stopped in for some treats. I walked around for about 4 minutes and immediately walked out. The prices are ridiculously high. I dont see them being a g around much longer. Bye Browns Bakery!

Rick Piz

The cinnamon rolls are great...

Bobbie Darland

Been really wanting a cinnamon roll. Well my husband went to browns bakery and brought my home three kinds. Truly awful! If you want a thick bread with a bit of icing, this is your place. All three kinds of cinnamon rolls he bought had like no cinnamon...they were hard. Like eating a nasty thick bread with a tad bit of icing. I will never go to this place after trying their cinnamon rolls!

Aimee Varela

Can't say enough good thibgs about Brown's Bakery... I will not eat cake doughnuts anywhere else in America.

Kiltren Anonymous

John Giammona

Went there twice pastries were very dry and very expensive and the workers did not act like they knew what they were doing

Toni Hicks

Best bakery in OKC, hands down, no wonder they are celebrating their 70th anniversary!

Kenneth Kordis

Good sausage cheese rolls and they have practically any kind of dessert that your sweet tooth may be looking for! :-D

Lynda O'coigligh

They got a little bit of everything sweet! Donuts, cookies, muffins. They have small tables to sit and enjoy. They offer various drinks. They had some kind of breakfast offering. I think they close early maybe 1 p.m.

Jeff Amos

OKC fixture. Brought my daughter to share in the experience and we got the BFD - Big Fat Donut ($3.99). My all time favorite though are the sour cream donuts, do yourself a favor and try one.

George Hennen

Being from Canada I like Tim Hortons this is better than Tim Hortons collector danishes the cheese ones and their donuts are really good and they're home-baked bread is phenomenal

Laura Cifuentes

Wayne Clinton


Jennifer Doan

The decor and interior could use some work but their cookies and donuts are the best in okc!

Nancy L.

Excellent doughnuts and cookies. Friendly, helpful employees.

Jack Wheeler

Went there a few days ago, heard the donuts were good. The owner/manager was rude, a lady named Brenda Bailey. The cookies were stale and donuts were not that good at all. We asked for a replacement and she refused. After we finished we went across the street to grab a hamburger and when we got back 30 min.s later they towed our car! I can't believe they towed our car when we bought food there! The staff said the owners have been doing that for several months now even though the parking lot only had a few cars parked in it. The girl behind the counter even said the employees are asked to write fake reviews to make the place look better online. Never going there again.

Kamille Roth

We are from Lawton and were excited to try this bakery. I spent alot of money on 4 dozen cookies plus I purchased 4 specialty cookies for my kids. When I got home the very same night we tried the cookies I just purchased and they were all stale. My 4 yr old won't even eat the the expensive cookies. Very disappointed!! I will stick with my home town bakers in Lawton!!

Natalie W

They just made my 4 year olds birthday cake and it did not disappoint! The cake looked AWESOME and it tasted even better. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Chris Ala

Love their muffins and donuts. Everything is made fresh and baked fresh.

Phil Donnelly

Awesome home made donuts large in size friendly staff, very reasonable pricing

Jennie Broadhurst

Went by Browns based on a recommendation. I tried the Applesauce donut (upon hearing it's the best donut ever) and the Chocolate Bavarian Creme donut (because these are my favorite). Honestly the Applesauce donut far surpassed my love for the Chocolate Bavarian. The glaze on the outside has a nice sugary crunch to it while the inside is cakey and moist. It is the best donut I have ever had.

Ellen Love

Charles Wright

This place has great Donuts and offers a lot more Cakes pies ex

kara s

I have had donuts from Brown's before, and found myself by the bakery, so I decided to go inside to pick out my own. One customer left smiling as I was entering, so I expected that it would be a grand first-time visit. There were quite a few employees with one sweeping and loudly complaining about how she hates people. Then corrected it to say "I hate stupid people." and after she noticed me, she continued to complain about school. However, the young lady that waited on me was friendly. The donuts I chose were the only ones that looked good to me out of the selection, but they weren't anything exceptional. I ate one and gave the rest away. I don't think I'll be back for the gossip about customers when they leave nor the baked goods. I think I'll stick to Hurts Donuts. I do appreciate the other staff that kept their good attitudes towards their guests.

Tara Williamson

LOVE the Applesauce donuts.....HATE that Postmates is the delivery option.

Jean Dodson


deshonda gaines

Awesome bakery

bubba zardoz

Always the best

Sc Cohran

Best pastries in town. The white wedding cake is to die for. If you are in the mood for donuts get the double twist .

Clifford Berkley

Valerie Cook


Taylor Kramer

I got the sausage rolls- husband got some donuts- both of us loved it! Wonderful service and great prices- easy breakfast option.

Geoffrey Barbour

Michael weber

It's always gooddddd

Bill Culbertson

Got a chocolate bar that was HUGE for $1.77

Abracadabra Shoppe

I love brown's I love the food, but the person behind the counter that keeps insulting me by telling me I am going eat everything all up by myself needs to stop. What happens to the food after it leaves the shop is none of their business. She has done it several times now and it get old. FAST. Keep up the great food, lose the comments....

Emily Moser

I've had better, expensive cookies it was $1.50 for a small cookie, I can get a bigger thicker one at 7-11 for 99c that also taste better. I'm dissatisfied in the selection there was nothing to choose from and they were way over priced. I'm not going back.

Joseph Silva

Awesome is all I can say

Jimmy Hawkins

Good place to eat sweets

Brian Dickinson

Great service...very helpful. Thank you Browns

Gregory Baum

awesome cake doughnuts!

Trevor Hughes

Nice place to have delicious cake and donuts. The location was good and the place was decent with beautiful infrastructure. If i talk about the staff was friendly and hardworking . The price was ok for that much tasty food.



Stacy Diane

I did not know all the drama that was going on at this bakery i will pick some where else for my childs birthday cake on july 11th sad that they would have a car towed away just to be hateful.God Dont Like Ugly.

Anna Bean

I felt a bit ripped off. Read all these reviews that said this place was amazing. Guess my friends and I came on the wrong day. We ordered a little of everything. Donuts, cream puffs,eclairs,cookies. Every single thing we ordered tasted incredibly old/stale. The lady at the counter kept making fat jokes like "I bet you want to eat everything back here now" or when buying "now take your time when eating these. You don't have to eat everything all at once". Maybe it was an attempt to be friendly but I just felt accosted. You're making money because I want to eat like a human dumpster. I'm not coming here because I'm on a diet.

Natasha Nguyen

The donuts and cookies are disgusting at Browns Bakery Customer service is awful. I will never go there again. My favorite place to go is *Best Donuts 2320 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK* They make the donuts fresh everyday. Best donuts have wonderful customer service.

Arlenia Brown

I love browns bakery. The donuts are light and fluffy and all the pastries are amazing. Some of the cookies are stale but everything else is amazing. I go here every morning. Keep it up browns. New recipes please I love them.

Reagan Coates

Best bakery in town, hands down. Come for the donuts!

Joy Something

Yum! Best hidden treasure in town.

Dan Barba

It has a very good homely feeling, prices are what you expect from a local shop and the staff is very polite. It also hepped that the girl behind the counter was very pretty


I'm sure mine is not the most popular opinion, but kind of pricey and not the best available, at least not anymore.

Cody Bass

Sour cream donut. I don't know about anything else.

Karen Wilson

They prepare a variety of HUGE cinnamon rolls and sweet buns. Press are created in house and not created in some factory.

Rosebud Whaley

Always fresh and delicious to eat

Crecencia Hernandez

Von Leonard

Their donuts are really strange. If you just took a bit off the base you wouldn't think "I'm eating a donut" but rather "This tastes like bread." The donuts themselves didn't taste like anything. The chocolate icing that they use tastes the same as regular store-bought ones. All with a premium price tag.

Ryan Waters

Best bakery in town!

Kim Prosser

David Gunter

Definitely the best cheesecake in the world it's a guaranteed hit at any function

Brett Galvin

The yeast donuts I got here were pretty okay, but the cake donuts were the bomb.

Andrew Gottlieb

Excellent food and service

Chris Gray

All hype, absolutely nothing worth writing home about. Its an old bakery. Who cares if its not good. Workers could care less if you were there. The doughnuts were just edible. I'll never stop here again. Even the boy said he'd rather go to Polar Doughnuts on 10th.

eddie reid

Robert Henderson

Always a treat to visit Brown's. I love their sour cream donuts.

Michelle Wilson

I have been dealing with them along time and I'm never disappointed

Tormenta de Lluvia

jason pittman

I enjoy the staff there and the dounuts ate really good

Angee Sorensen

Clean, friendly service, great donuts

Peggy Desk Receptionist

Nice and good price

Susan Hays

This place is way overated. We had the sausage rolls, chocolate doughnuts, and cherry Danish. They tasted dry and stale all of it. The help behind the counter was talking to each other instead of waiting on customers. The trash bins we're overflowing and the coffee canisters were all empty. Dirty rags we're sitting on the counters and the whole bakery seemed to need a good cleaning. Overpriced and unimpressed. Will not be back.

Steven Dennis

I love the donuts here! They are amazing!! The staff is nice and very friendly. The sour cream doughnut is my favorite

Marcia Jimenez

OKC Twister Cab

This place may have been good at one time but it is now a worst place to order cake for my son's first birthday I ordered a cake I didn't care how much it was going to be and I paid whatever they charged me as well but ended up with a ugliest cake ever all my friends and family were so disappointed soon as we brought out the cake whole party went Sour just cause of this cake you know first birthday party doesn't come every time it happens once in lifetime thanks to this people they just made my son's first birthday into worst first birthday ever.

Alaric Serjeant

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