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7509 N May Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, United States

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REVIEWS OF Belle Kitchen Bakery & Cafe IN Oklahoma

Theresa B.

My Husband and I ate here twice during our recent visit to OKC. We had croissants, doughnuts, breakfast sandwiches and a FRESH (right out of the oven) cinnamon roll. Everything was top notch.

Leslie Barnes

Very cute place. Love their square donuts. Love that they do kids parties too.

John Salcido

Hands down best donut I’ve tried in OKC. I would love this place even better if they had a few more vegan donut options. Everyone makes donuts gluten free and vegan. I’m certain a good chef could make a vegan yeast risen donut that would be amazing. Heck it’s fried dough!! How about a sourdough-nut. I’m in

Sarah Nieman

Buddy Cartwright

Interior looks great, menu is easy and fun to read. Looks like they have a wide variety of foods and beverages. We got four macaroons, two drinks and two donuts. The iced dragonfruit latte is delicious. The iced turmeric latte was too sweet for us. The thing we were most excited for and most disappointed by were the macaroons. Three out of the four macaroons (salted caramel, pina colada, peach) were stale and did not taste right, perhaps like soap? It’s hard to describe but all three were like that. When biting down into them, the cookie didn’t give way and felt chalky. We were incredibly bummed to have spent $2 each on these. The one that turned out okay was the orange creamsicle flavor- the flavor wasn’t stale and it had the right texture of cookie where the crust cracks as you bite it and gives way to the soft frosting. We understand that we came an hour before closing today but still we don’t think it’s right to sell stale or over cooked macaroons at $2 each.

Karen Floyd

Great people, great food, great place.

Zac Osborne

Forgot to get pictures of the beautiful doughnuts but found another cutie.

Alison Berger

My friend and I were looking for a bite together after yoga and this place popped up on our radar. So happy it did. We split the Reuben and the french toast, excellent. Wanted more. I got the golden lattee, delicious. Everything was made to order. Even the potato chips. Then they had macaroons, doughnuts, and other treats. I will be back.

Theresa Martin

Jessica Lamar

This was so delicious! Great price, great service, and INCREDIBLE fresh food! Definitely recommend!

Lauren H

This is our favorite donut shop! I love that they use quality ingredients and lots of options without artificial coloring. My kids love the atmosphere...well, and the amazing donuts!

Jeremiah Buckley

I had a glazed donut and a cinnamon donut which were both delicious. The flavors were strong and the sweetness wasn't overpowering. The dough was soft without being insubstantial, sweet without being cake, and exactly what an ideal donut dough should be without being pretentious about it.

Blake B

The owner is so amazing! She's so knowledgeable, friendly, hard working, and nice. Plus, the poutine is super authentic and tasty!

Antonio Hernandez


My favorite coffee/breakfast shop in north OKC!! Very quaint and cozy, great coffee, and great breakfast (I always get the breakfast quesadilla). Definitely worth stopping by for some great local hospitality and treats if you're in the area!!

chaos inc

The doughnuts are just short of horrible. they are tough and had a strange texture. There was very little to chose from.

Sam H

Really good fancy donuts. Lots of options so always something new to try.


These are some of the best doughnuts you can get. They are not like your chain stores, these guys make their doughnuts fresh every day. They have 10 to 15 gourmet doughnuts. My favorites are the hibiscus, vanilla Bean, mango and rhubarb. They even have macaroons that are phenomenal. The staff is really friendly and I like how clean the place is. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

Luke Salazar

Lad E Bug

Steven Yung

Delicious, quality food. Cozy vibe. This place deserves the hype.

Erich Davis

Ethan Hong

By far the best donuts in the state! They even have an award! Cheryl and her team make amazing donuts, macarons, cinnamon rolls, and more!

Noah Nelson

I have eaten there numerous times. Once I felt sick after but didnt say anything because I couldnt be sure if it was from what I ate there, or something else. But yesterday I ordered some food from them through doordash. When it came it was pretty good, but then I opened a cookie and took a bite, it tasted odd. I look and the cookie is REALLY moldy inside. I called and they said they couldnt do anything, and for me to take it up with doordash. The person I talked to was nice enough and offered me a free cookie, but honestly I might not be back. I feel like anything else i get from there I'm going to have to wonder how long it's been sitting around.

Daniel Farris

It doesn’t bill itself out as a coffee place, but its menu claims some cred in the coffee world. Simply put: go for macaroons, and avoid the highly over-milked cappuccino.

Mike Thompson

Angie Arlo

I love their galaxy donuts!

Joey Rose

Great bakery. Good donuts, pastries, and macaroons.

Teresa Lerma

They are sooo sweet there and food is amazing! I love that they have no carb options!

Teresa Fornoff

I tried Belle’s a couple months ago because I had heard so much about it. The inside of the cafe is super cute! I love the eclectic feel. They have a vast array of donuts, macarons, and I love that they have specialty donuts (vegan, etc). They have other sweets and food as well. I went to grab a breakfast sandwich, coffee, and a donut for later. The girl working the cash register seemed really frazzled and seemed annoyed by the questions I had. I got my items and went on my way. None of the food was bad, but I thought it was all a little but bland. Not too exciting for me. I would like to try again sometime though!

Brad Frensley

Judge Radar

Pastries and other bakery treats were displayed on the counter UNCOVERED.

Paul Hostetler

On Sunday morning we stopped in for a quesadilla, donuts and macarons. The quesadilla was excellent. The donuts were good and fresh, but the Boston cream pie donut had a peculiar filling more akin to plain whipped cream than Boston cream pie filling. The donut holes were not very good, they tasted old. The macarons were absolutely dreadful. My family complained about how they were stale, really stale. I, for one, would be embarrassed to serve something so stale. I have seen a similar comment from another reviewer, so this appears to be an ongoing unaddressed problem.

Michael Garretson

Scott Paxton

I didn't like it. Cinnamon roll was hard and just didn't taste good. Donuts weren't very good either.

Jene Horton

Eldon Ngo

Very nice place for tasty looking pastry and baked goods. Never dined in before

daniel marquez

Andreea Strimbu

The raspberry passion fruit donut is heavenly!

Kelly Glass

Food was good, but it seemed as though ordering anything other than donuts comes as a surprise to the staff. Husband and I ordered off the menu and took about 25 minutes to receive our food - quite a while for being the only ones waiting on food.

Jacob Alexander

This place has great potential, but I was disappointed. Service was not impressive, food wasn't well seasoned, but they have great ingredients. I stopped by on my way to work for a breakfast sandwich. They had a cool decor, open kitchen concept. I decided to add a latte and a Cinnamon Cream donut as well. I was rushed (my fault, yes) and it probably wasn't really all that long I waited for food, but there was NO sense of urgency in the kitchen. The positive and negative of an open kitchen is, everyone can see you. The employee making my sandwich was in no kind of hurry. When you have a customer standing at the counter waiting, I would hope you would try to at least look like you're trying to get it out fast. If I had come in with a friend to sit down at the tables, it may have felt different. The donut was good, scratch made, all good flavors. Maybe a little big compared to the glaze (take a bite, get all the yumm, then the glaze is gone and you're still chewing bread). Not incredibly impressed with the latte, however I think its the quality milk they are using; I'm just not used to it. The coffee is good. The eggs in my sandwich were WAY over salted. The bread, eggs, spinach/arugula were all incredibly fresh and it could have been awesome, but all I could taste was salt. I got my food and was ready leave, decided the sandwich was a little big so I would get a knife to cut it in half... They were out of plastic knives. They did offer to cut it for me, but at that point, I no longer wanted to wait. I MAY try it again. but wouldn't recommend based of my experience.

Cheryl Engelaer

These are the best doughnuts I have ever had!!! The store is really welcoming with plenty of space to sit with a large counter of numerous types of doughnuts. The staff is kind and helpful - they made me a fresh doughnut as the kind I wanted had sold out. All their doughnuts are made by hand with all natural ingredients - I liked that all the glazes were also completely natural. The doughnuts are uh-mazing! It's hard to describe - they are light and fluffy but still have a nice chewiness and were not sweet bombs. They also toss their doughnuts away if they are over two hours old. I did not try the ice cream or macarons but I will when I return - I think this is now my Monday tradition. I am so glad they opened - Oklahoma City NEEDS this kind of place that obviously care about their food and their customers.

Brandi H

kellianne counts

It was just ok. I was just coming off a sugar detox and wanted a treat. We got two donuts, a brownie and 6 macarons. I was disappointed. There was nothing special about any of it and we couldnt eat the brownie til it thawed since it was frozen, so obviously not fresh baked. The macarons were inconsistant in size and filling. We paid over $20. I should have went to braums and got a sundae. Live and learn. Next time we'll try la baguette across the street.

Molly Bearshield

First tried the macarons from the osu-okc farmers market before they had a brick and mortar, we have been hooked ever since! The doughnuts are airy and fluffy, passion fruit is my absolute favorite. Honestly you can't go wrong, ever one I have tried is great! I went in tonight and tried the poutine, I'm already planning my next trip to get more!! To top it off the customer service is wonderful had enough had many interactions with workers and the owner and they are wonderful.

Imelda Sandoval

My daughter had the most fun birthday party at Belle Kitchen. Everyone was so nice and friendly. And the kids loved the donuts !!

Aiden Covington

Really good service and delicious food

Melissa Ross

Carla Lyles

Great pastries

Gatlin Dollar

To start, I just want to say that I’m not a picky eater whatsoever. I’ll try just about any food at least once. But the donuts that this place sells, taste awful. Who knows, maybe I just had a bad batch but they had a terrible flavor and the icing was gritty. As for the breakfast sandwich, it’s the only reason I didn’t make this review one star. The sandwich wasn’t bad, but it was highly mediocre and deserving of two stars. I was really expecting more out of a place that has so many good reviews. All this being said, if I choose to try this place out another time and have a more pleasant experience, I will gladly update this review.

Liza Martinez

The brown butter sea salt donut and the lavender macaroons are superb, and everyone is very friendly. Definitely going back.

Rachel Norwood

A very unique and amazing place. People were friendly and very helpful. Sooo many unique it

Colin Strickland

Fresh, not too sweet doughnuts with sweet, soft frosting. The breakfast quesadilla was excellent too.

Jennifer Moseley

We visited Belle Kitchen for the first time today and loved it! Great food and OUTSTANDING service! We will definitely be back!


Donuts were horrifyingly greasy!!!! Brown butter sea salt icing was the best I've ever tasted!! A few tweaks could make a world of difference!

Andre Nunes

Really cool place, very spacious and well lit. The staff is very friendly. Wish there was more options for donuts. They have plenty of seating options and very comfortable.

Jimmy Palmer

Had it delivered, food was great

Jamie Legrand

Everything is so so good

Ladleladlegiraffe Giraffe

I love this place. I have never had anything I did not enjoy. The doughnuts are delicious and original, the macarons are always amazing, they make fantastic cookies, and their cinnamon rolls are huge and covered in icing. I always get too much food because I cannot decide what I want. My husband has eaten and enjoyed their breakfast sandwiches and sausage rolls.

Brandon Clark

Great pastries! I'll have to come back on my cheat day and indulge in some more delicious delectables. Thank you guys!

Haley Mills

This used to be one of my favorite places to go. I end up spending quite a bit of money here each time I come. Today I had the most disappointing experience that I am afraid changes my view of this place. We had three of their loyalty cards, one full, one with two, and one with 4. We thought oh, wouldn't be a big deal to redeem and then combine the other, and to get our stamps for the ones we literally just bought that they did not give us stamps for. We bought three items. Oh we were so, so wrong. We walked up and asked about redemption for the full card, and the lady starts going on with Oh, No, we can't redeem and refund, oh okay. That's not what we asked. Can we redeem this full card and combine these. No, I can't put anymore on this card it's full. Okay, I have two other cards that I've had from before, please put the new stamps on this one and then combine these two. No, I can't cus I just gave you three from today. I said no sweetie these were in my car from weeks ago, you didn't check us out, and the one who did, did not give us stamps. Please, can you give us the stamps we are owed and combine, and she cuts me off to say oh my gosh I won't argue with you, I only work here one day a month, so It's impossible but whatever. I said okay, I mean I've had these for weeks so not impossible. She just throws a bunch of stamps on, in a huff and says fine, here just take them. And walks away. Never got to redeem our full card, and if she would have listened and payed any attention she would have seen that the other combining, giving us the three from when we just bought, Would have left 3 more on the card not a full one. And she just filled it out to full anyway, and then never bothered even getting the other card to take from us cus she was in such a rush to walk away. So now we have a full one for no reason, still have the other with two. And another full. She was so rude for no reason, literally just asked her to combine loyalty cards that every other place does. And get our free pastry from the other card. When calling to ask who it was, they said Rita, whether that is actually her I am not sure. But, when describing her and saying she only worked one day a month, becuase that is what she said. They said no one here only works one day a month. So, she was rude, didn't listen to a word we had to say, and she lied. Why is she working here in customer service? If this is the kind of customer service we can expect from Bells, I am afraid they have lost an otherwise very loyal customer.

Amber Bates


Daryl Stephens

Good place to have something a little different. Tried The Cuban. It was ok. Not nasty, just some different flavors.

Matt Weers

Best donuts in the city.

Andrew Norton

Shannon Mustonen

Raven W.

This is a great little shop for coffee and treats. They have a large selection of different sweets. I like the beet root latte. I liked them and their donuts so much I had them cater my wedding.

Kirby Darbe

I'm certain that I would be leaving a better review if I had received what i had ordered and paid for. Very disappointed, in both order accuracy and assistance in rectifying the issue. Addition: And when it was delivered, it was still not what I had ordered therefore the accuracy in question was still subpar.

Charles Thompson

This bakery has tbe best macaroons this side of New Orleans. Check it out truly an amazing place for pastries.

Rogelio Vega

Good donuts

Life of Claire and Kate

Food was great, atmosphere is really nice. Service was strange. When it was slow they were dismissive, and when it got momentarily busy there was fair to poor multitasking and one of the other employees doing drinks was just standing there and not helping when she had nothing to do. Also it looked family friendly with toys and kid books, but not changing table? I had to change my infant and then my toddlers diapers in the car in the heat. Not a bad place. All this stuff could be easily fixed. Pricing was reasonable for that type of bakery. I'd like to return but come with my kiddos

Kim H

The donuts are amazing, They have real homemade creme in them and real sprinkels Totally awesome donuts I will come back for more donuts in the future So much better then other places I wish i was super rich and donuts had no calories so i could eat them all guilt free lol least the gym is a mile away lols

donna munson

I love Cheryl and her creations at Belle Kitchen. I refer anyone who needs donuts or macarons, her way. I have ordered custom macarons for my Daughter's birthday party, and I have also become hooked on her brown butter donut!!! It is SO good, and unlike any other I have ever had!

Katie Goldbach

Love me some Belle Kitchen macarons. So many flavors to select from! They have all been delicious. They would make a perfect hostess gift. I love to stop here after a bad day and pick up a small packet of them as a treat for myself. I never share!


Reviewing to help support the small business. Everyone was friendly inside and had a good attitude, the most important thing for me. Overall cold brew tasted off, but the glazed donut was something different. Expensive but tasty.

Kari Moroz

We love this place! Delicious donuts, pastries and ice creams. They run a baking camp for kids and my daughter loves it!

Imintolife OTP

Honestly just some of the best pastries and donuts I've ever had. Their heartier menu items are shown the same care as the baked goods. Staff is always friendly, can't recommend them enough.

Sanisi Talanoa

Adorable little spot for sweet treats, coffee and breakfast anytime!!!

John Lehto

While i did enjoy the decorations and general ambiance of the place my enthusiasm dwindled there. My wife and I each had a donut, a cappuccino, and a breakfast item. She had crepes and i chose a waffle. My chocolate covered donut was ok while her butter sea salt donut was well lacking. We each tried it and left it on the table. My waffle was acceptable and her crepe was something not of the crepe world and should not be sold as such. The cappuccinos were terrible. The proprietor of this place should really check their competitors. Also If found it in poor taste that everything is served on the cheapest disposable paper ware available. It has been quite a while since I have been totally engulfed in shortcomings like my experience here offered. I can say the service was good though.

Shawna Vann Traylor

Greg McK

Staff is oblivious and always disorganized. I have been there several times and this has been a recurring theme. Food and coffee above average. Will be amazed if they are able to stay in business for Nother year. Dont they realize that there is a starbucks across the street?!?

Harold Penner

Great croissant sandwich and soda, doughnut was very good too.

Rita Martin

Amazing donuts and the friendliest staff. I love this place.

Ray Podest

I’ve never actually eaten anything here but I pick up for door dash often and the staff is very kind and helpful. I really enjoy the atmosphere here. 100% would recommend.

Lou Graham

Nice gluten free options and a solid breakfast. Varied menu, other items for sale in store. Very nice staff, accommodating

Jacob Wagner

It was okay. Nothing outrageous. The donuts are a little more cake-like and the frosting is very light. The service was just okay. A little slow and soft spoken. Milk I was given was room temperature at best. I'll take Browns Bakery over this place.

Mitchell Thomas

Great place we enjoyed the cooking class and the food

Joel Hacker

Phenomenal restaurant & bakery. If you need gluten free doughnuts, they've got them (and they're tiny and adorable!). Their regular doughnuts come in a panoply of unique and creative flavours, constantly rotating, and in a less common square shape. The doughnut dough itself is uniquely buttery, more like a buttery brioche than a traditional doughnut dough. There's also a massive variety of macaron flavors available at all time. Other treats come and go intermittently, and include but are not limited to such offerings as brightly coloured and flavoured fresh made marshmallows, cinnamon rolls the size of a small child's head, and an array of cookies & brownies. Their sandwiches, breakfast or otherwise, are extremely reasonably priced and more than generous in their portions, and are every bit as delicious and fresh made as their desserts. They also offer Keep It Local discounts, which is always appreciated. They also carry a number of locally made, high end craft goods like knitted objects, soaps, and others. Some weekends they do pop up shops in the cozy and comfortable common room for local artists.

Bianca Nicole

Sebastian Andersson

Insanely good macarons, peerless flavor and originality. Went to Belle kitchen in June and it took a trip to France to realize the level of quality on display in OKC. Enjoy the food Oklahoma, you're not getting better anywhere else!!

Celica Graham

Jaymi Groves

Fantastic doughnuts and baked goods. Plus some of the best poutine you'll find south of Canada.

Hallie Williams

Stop everything you're doing and go to bell kitchen be prepared for a mind blowing experience! These donuts are to die for and I highly suggest the bacon maple bacon and taking home a pack of macaroons!

Michele M

Great customer service! The food here is crazy awesome!

Lauren Hartley

Delicious donuts and macarons!


UPDATE: I can't believe y'all painted over the mural! It's not the same. This place just has a cool vibe. The mural was painted by a friend of the owner's and it is a great representation of Oklahoma. My Brown butter with sea salt doughnut was delicious, light, airy with just the right amount of salt vs sweet. The macaroons were pretty but I didn't try those. I would love for them to offer a strawberry glaze donut, I'd be back for that.

Aiham Yasiry

Good place to have breakfast!

Lori Miller

Kevin Miller

Grant York

Lovely staff, lovely atmosphere, and seriously delicious baked goods. Try the black currant donut, SO GOOD.

Emily McWilliams

I love Belle! They are so friendly and accommodating with their gluten free doughnuts! The staff is always kind and friendly, doing whatever they can to help. I highly recommend stopping by for the blueberry glazed doughnut!

Hannah Dudley

Rita Jo

Staff super friendly. Owner is an amazing lady. I couldn't imagine life without Belle.

Patricia Shaw

Belle kitchen has the most unique looking and tasting donuts! Plus, they always have gluten free donuts! Everything is fresh and they have savory breakfast options, too. They're a great supporter of local artists as well. You can see the unique products around the store.

Diego Peñafiel

Best doughnuts in Oklahoma ( validated by Yelp ) and the other items in the menu are also great

claud riri

Doughnut was good cinnamon frosting but got 4 macaroons for 8.00 and they tasted stale and old was not worth what i paid will not buy again

Steven Nasada

My two/three star review refers to the quality of presentation and coffee. To be fair my wife and I did not try the pastries which the business is known for. When you think cafe you typically associate it with espresso and the like, our coffees weren't quite the cafe quality we expected though. Especially taking into consideration the pictures on display. I ordered a cappuccino and it came without foam and tasting like brewed coffee with milk, although I saw an espresso machine which shows potential to do better. The crepes I got were filling and tasted great, I was given strawberries as a substitute for bananas they didn't have (that's perfectly fine), but I would advise to not use paper plates, styrofoam cups, and plastic cutlery. It doesn't look good, costs more, and I feel bad throwing so much away. I was excited to come here, and felt let down as far as breakfast is concerned. I might try to come again to give the baked goods a chance. The seating area was nice, and I think there is real potential here. To the owner - my bad on the vague 2 star rating, I should have provided the details from the beginning.

Jimmy V. Nguyen

Macarons were delicious, donuts were mediocre

Zac Wheat

Pricey but very good. Don't expect to pick up a dozen doughnuts

frances boldman

Cute place to get bakery yummies! I got donuts today but I'll be back for the cookies, brownies and sandwiches. Everything looked so good! Very nice counter helpers. People gave me suggestions for what to get since it was my first time there! Can't wait to go back!!


I love Belle's fluffy croissant they taste almost the same as the one you get in France or Belgium. The place may need a little more organization but over all it looks great. The person at the cash register looked like she was having a bad day. She did her best to look as friendly as possible. Overall good experience.

Mandy Gray

On a donut quest with my daughter, so we stopped here! Their donuts are fluffy and fresh. I had the blueberry donut and the icing tasted like pureed blueberries! It was wonderful! The donuts were more like a sweet dinner roll. But very good and easy to eat. If you are looking for your traditional, light and yeasty donut, this is not it. We will back!

Stina Marie

I actually don't like macaroons but they are so stinking cute I can't help buying them! Belles Kitchen was a great morning spot to go to, especially since I work from home. LOVED THE VANILLA DOUGHNUTS.....hated the chocolate doughnuts... Must try place

Jeremiah Hicks

Looking for amazing donuts or cinnamon rolls? Belle Kitchen is the best place to go. The staff is extremely friendly and the food is delicious. This is absolutely my favorite local place.

Kayla Stubblefield

Everything I’ve ever ordered from Belle Kitchen has been absolutely delicious! Anytime I ordered from here through Postmates the food is still warm and fresh. I love it!

Zak McBride

Andrew Sheldon

I love the decor of this place and the staff was so nice! I met up with some friends that stopped in here and didn't have any intention of getting anything. The food looked great, though, that I took home half a dozen donuts and a cinnamon roll. Oops! The donuts were okay but not as good as I'd expected for the price. The Reese's and lemon donuts we're outstanding, though. The cinnamon roll had good flavor but the bottom was very hard and required a sharp knife to cut through. This place has a lot of potential and I hope it does well.

Kendall Coley

Bakery style donuts and pastery. Neat bakling classes offered and top quality ingredients. Macaroon case is thorough and consistent!

Hallie McCartney

Natalee Unruh

Melissa Crozier

I have been twice now and loved it both times. Everything is so good.

Toni McIntyre

Good croissant breakfast sandwich. I didn't expect scrambled eggs but it was still good and held together just fine.

Grenda Moss

Love it all!

Brendon Ceballos

Belle Kitchen is an amazing place for any craving you may have. You can tell the staff works extremely hard every day, with passion , to produce beautiful doughnuts and macarons. Everyone is friendly and always willing to help to make your experience a pleasant one! I seriously love the lemon doughnut and macaron, and my girlfriend absolutely loves their coffee! Highly recommend stopping by!


Awesome place! Delicious, local, well-priced, and great staff. What more can you ask for?!

Raymond Griffith

Tiffany V

Lawrence Ross

Awesome donuts and confectionery creations.

Dondi Hunter

VERY GOOD!! gluten free donuts and the home made icing is awesome

Maggie Donohue

While I have not been here personally (yet) my mother recently moved to the area. I called hoping to order her some gluten free items and was delighted to discover they had a ton of gluten free macaroons (which are her favorite!) The lady I spoke with over the phone was so kind! She took the time to list all the flavors and answered all my questions. She even gift wrapped it for me and had it ready for my mom when she came in to pick them up. And my mom said they are delicious! She will definitely be coming back and I cant wait to visit her to try some too!

Evie B.

There is a reason buzzfeed rates this the best donut shop in Oklahoma. Their donuts are amazing and definitely taste homemade. They also have delicious poutine which is a rare find here in the southern states. Always friendly and their customer service is awesome. Plus who doesn't love a restaurant that gives out punch cards to earn free donuts??? Our congregation did do a custom order of donuts for a holiday party and they were amazing. They made them specific to our diet specifications and were happy to decorate them to match our theme. It may have cost a little more than regular donuts but it was worth every penny!

Sonia Yack

B. Dempsey

I was so excited to finally find a place that sells macarons but now I regret ever coming here. On Sunday I bought three macarons straight from the case only to find that they were already long past stale. When I told an employee they didn't even seemed shocked as they told me that those macarons were to be thrown out by the end of that day. They went on to say that fresh macarons are only put out on Tuesdays. I was offered no refund or an apology for this disgusting misrepresentation of food. I dont care if it is voted best in the state, no place is worth coming to just for stail products. Foodies beware! The quality of food here could get you sick.

Claire M

Every time I’m here (which is often) I love it! The atmosphere is fun, people are even better, and food is the best. Belle Kitchen is truly an amazing place!

Joshua Grussendorf

Great place to hang out and talk.

Amy Turner


Macarons are best in OKC, most flavors and best price. After reading the Uncovering Oklahoma article I decided to stop by Belle Kitchen...the doughnuts were amazing with glazes that were unique (Mango Lime) and very flavorful. I bought a box of their lavosh - wow - the crackers were light, crispy and delicious.

Jenni Ingram

Pastries were tasty, however, their prices are high. Macaroons are $1.50 and about the size of a half dollar. For 1 donut, 1 cookie and 4 tiny macaroons, my total was $12!!

Melissa Curtis


It was okay, the latte seemed a bit watery and small for the price, the low carb breakfast bacon could have been cooked a little longer, they could just get rid of the arugula. My wife said her rueben was very good though.

Felicia Miller

Dewan J. H.

Very cozy place, delicious food, saw a young children's party here learning how to make donuts, very cute.

grant nixon

Maria Engles

Michelle Stricklin

This place makes great desserts. I didn’t give it 5 stars because I ordered a lavender latte that was disappointing. The boy working there was very nice but had no idea what a latte was and forgot to add the espresso. My advice would be to make sure that the coffee drinks are made by an actual barista.

Terra Thomas

Really nice and helpful!


I have been looking forward to my first visit and it was fantastic! I ordered: 1) 'The Morning After': the Poutine (fries, brown gravy and melted cheese curds) with a Sunny Side Up egg $6.50 -This dish was good. The gravy, curds and fries were warm but not hot - the egg was cooked perfectly. Overall still good! I think the egg would be a must-have with this for me. 2) Breakfast Sandwich: bacon egg and cheese with dressed Arugula $5.00 -Melt in your mouth fabulousness! While the egg, bacon and bread are wonderful, the dressed arugula is what made it a step above. 3) Croissant $3.00 -I love croissants and this did not disappoint! HUGE in size, fluffy and drizzled with honey, Yumm!! 4) Macarons: Key Lime Pie and Cookies & Cream $2.00 per cookie/sandwich -This was my biggest excitement and fascination! (I've been trying to make these without actually having tried one-Crazy, right?! But how many places make Macarons?) WOW! These left me speechless initially. Especially with the realization of how many flavor combinations they have! Delicate, soft, slightly chewy inside cookies with fluffy, flavor packed cream in the middle. These seem expensive at first glance but it's reasonable and beyond worth it! Thank you for a fantastic experience and intro to macarons :)! *included pics, one not mentioned above was my guests breakfast quesadilla which I also tried and it was nice.

Phil Fox

Pretty decent place for donuts and breakfast eatery. A bit in the expensive side, however.

Jason Redman

Great donuts! Fun atmosphere! Great place to go after a long run in Nichols Hills.

Kimberly Scurfield

Great donuts, and macaroons

Tabitha Marsh

It seemed like a good overall place. We didn't feel very welcome and although it seemed they were trying to be kind friendly it didn't seem successful. If you don't have kids maybe it would be more enjoyable

Briana Dodson

Fantastic little spot! We were going bridal shopping next door and stopped in for some treats. Best decisions we have made all day. Very friendly and fun! Delicious donuts and macarons! Well worth stopping!!

Kathy Manahan

Tim Brody

Hi. Thank you guys for taking care of my Girlfriend yesterday. She said that you guys was extremely nice to her and the food and donuts were amazing. She ordered a strawberry whip cream donut, strawberry milk shake donut, a strawberry lemon donut, and a breakfast donut. Even though it wasn't the day for the strawberry whip cream donut you guys still made it for her. She was so excited and happy about that donut. She said the lady over the phone who helped her was professional, friendly, And took the time to explain each donut. Thank you guys so very much. We will be back again. 2 Thumbs up

Megan Smith

Absolute perfection

Spencer Hicks

Awesome bakery. The donuts are fantastic!

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