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REVIEWS OF Yummy Bakery IN Ohio


Best cake I’ve ever had! Seriously i had to come for more!! I’d recommend this place to anyone interested in buying a cake

Mindy Oyer

Yummy.... Not so much. Worst cake ever. No one liked it. Tryed to return it and they would not give me any type of refund what so ever. Steer clear of this place. Horrible cake.... horrible service!

Kumar K

Marta Hughes

I think the Black Forest cake and the Napoleon style cake are both fabulous. Both received raving reviews at our party. Not too sweet, light and tasty. Cookies not so great.

Dennis Jackson

Omar Taha

I highly recommend this bakery.. all stuff are tasting good

Dhartee Patel

Such a worst customer service.... the lady was shouting and was denying to give us our refund back. She didn't give us receipt and saying she can't refund our money and can not even do store credit.... wosst experience.... DO NOT recommend at all.. rather buy it from Retail stores.

Hitesh Nawani

Stay Away From This Bakery. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CARD NUMBER OVER THE PHONE. We had a bad experience buying from this Bakery. Our cards was charged twice. After a month when we realized this, we contacted the Bakery. They were so impolite, asked us to wait for half an hour, asked for recipts which we didn't had and then refused to give us the refund.

siva cheethirala

Prepare to face arrogant lady. She's of weird attitude. Thought I was wrong at the first time, happened to me multiple times.

Renee Richardson

Yummy bakery is the worst cake I ever tasted. Thought maybe it was mixed up with a sugar free cake. Nope.... it was just that bad. No one liked it. Such a disappointment. They would not even offer any compensation when I went to try ro return the cake.

Cynthia Aguilar Nunez

The cakes are delicious!

majid nosrati

Best cake in town!

ashmi suranse

Little costlier but yummy cakes...

Janowitz Elizabeth

I grew up in NJ where every town had it's own independent, mom&pop bakery. I had not been able to find one in central Ohio until I found Yummy Bakery! They have all of the cookies I remember the bakeries of my youth having. I brought treats home to my kids and they said they were the best they ever had. Prices are reasonable. Owners and staff are friendly and helpful. Located by Trader Joe's in Dublin, Yummy Bakery is definitely worth trying out - you won't be disappointed!

Shaymaa Zeyad

I love them cake and they are nice too

elaine hostetler

Best cakes in Columbus! heavenly! They made a cake for my son's birthday and decorated it as an iPhone. Complete with icons for Minecraft and clash of clans. coolest cake ever. They use a frosting of fresh whipped cream - very light & YUMMY! Lots of cakes with fruit and Napoleon cakes to die for. You won't be disappointed!

Nivedita Batagurki

So arrogant unhappy and very angry bad customer service. Why are they so unhappy? Are they being paid very low or given a bad treatment? You are in a business which involves talking to people, it’s time you invest in teaching your crew some soft skills.

rasheed alsammerai

Yummy Cakes was perfection from beginning to end! Their service and cakes are unparalleled and totally reasonable. We selected Yummy cakes for our Kids birthday., When delivered, the cake did NOT disappoint. Since then we have been back for a selection of their cakes . DELICIOUS !!!

rasoul nowrouzi

Yummy Bakery is the best. If you need cakes for your gathering, this is the place you will find Cakes, Pastry and Fun.Yummy Bakery, makes your happiness sweeter than before.

Ana Karen

Love the cakes here

Pavan Kumar

Cake is awesome - but not the way they treat customers . Most of friends and my family are among the Yummy bakery lovers, but the way they deal with customers is really bad . They charge good amount for the cake , but still they should treat the customers with respect and patience . Even in a dollar store , even if you buy 1$ item they treat us the same way they treat others . But some thing wrong with the treatment here. All of my friends say same , At the time of order or pick up. Same thing . But have to bear because of the taste of cake .

Vinayak Swaminathan

Cakes are indeed yummy, customer service can be improved though..

Susan Pfeffer

Wow, is the only word I have to describe this bakery. They have such great cakes and I absolutely loved BlackForest cake. 5 stars for amazing cakes!

King Master1000


M Becker

One of the best cakes in the area. My wife loves the strawberry cake. They only use real whipped cream frosting, so they are very light, fluffy and not overly sweet. Our 3 year old son love them as well, and he doesn't seem to get that normal sugar rush kids get from store bought cakes. Amazingly they can make really cool colorful designs for kids, like the Thomas cake they did for us, out of just whipped cream. If you like light and fluffy cake, give them a try.

Hussein Majeed

Maksoom Siddiqui

Cakes are goods but customer service really needs improvement. Had bad experience thrice, twice with Mr and once with Miss from this bakery. It would be much better to convey message in a professional manner.

Jaquline Villeda

cakes are always amazing here, my go to place!

Pushpraj Mehta

Nice cake

Jody Austin

Wow! We are trying out several bakeries for a cake for my husband's 50th birthday. We stopped by Yummy's and purchased several cake slices. Wow! They were all amazing. Each cake was incredibly moist and soft. The frostings were so light and fresh. We also purchased some cookies, but haven't trade them yet. The service was great! Our hostess answered our questions and described each selection. They really take their time with their customers. There are some great bakeries in the area, but Yummy's is hands down the best.

Blanca E Nunez

Saikrishna Alladi

Amin Mason

Great cakes, Great experience! Highly recommend the place!

Rishabh Sharma

y t

Absolutely delicious .the best cake I have ever had

Mateo Ramirez

Muthukumaran Devadass

I love this place. Three milk cake is my favorite. And black forest cake is amazing. Little pricey but it is worth paying more for the taste we are getting. Lot of options to choose for designing cake.

Aliraza Rattansi

Owners are very Rude. They think they are the king of the world. You call them to place an order they tell you just come in and pick it up according to the lady and then when you go in the guy tells you we need time to make it. i called two weeks in advance. Really stupid Business practice

Sarah H

We believe that this is one of the best bakeries in town! I absolutely loved their cakes, they were delicious.. and do such a great job at custom cake designs!

Rosa Corona

The cakes are good but that's about it. They're both rude and they just don't seem to care about their customers. Not going there again.

Jackie J

The black forest cake was excellent! I called about 5 days is advance for a 10 inch cake and I'm so glad I did, it was a hit. My customer service experience was very quick, the gentleman was nice and straight to the point. I'd rather review the excellent cake then the 2 minutes of social interaction.

Shannon R

If I could give 2.5 I would. Not Yummy at all! Yuck!!! The decoration was cute, but cake tasted cheap, & frosting was awful. Worst tasting cake I've had in years

Shelly Jackson

My daughter ordered a cake for my grand daughter’s 1st birthday and it was the worst tasting cake I have ever had. We tried to serve it and after serving 5 pieces everybody complained about the taste and threw it away. We stopped serving the cake and returned it to the bakery the next day. They said there was nothing they could do for us. This was an $80 cake and totally not worth the money. I would never recommend this bakery. Horrible product and even worse customer service. It doesn’t even deserve the 1 star I gave it.

Iman Benlemlih

I called in Yummy Bakery and ordered a cake for my son's graduation party. The next day i walked in and paid for the cake and everything was planned & taken for. Overall i thought the place was okay. We had planned for the cake to be freezed as it was a typical warm day and get picked up at 5:30pm (note they close at 6) My son, (the one i was having a party for) had gotten in a car accident a minor factor being the heavy rainfall, thunder, & lightening, so he was unable to get the cake. After making sure he was okay, I knew Yummy Bakery closed at 6pm and had to act fast. (It was around 5:30) Driving on highway 270 there was so much traffic and even more due to the weather. I called Yummy bakery at 6:08pm & told them why i would be late and they had promised me there would be someone to open the door and let me get my cake at 6:15. I got there and the door was locked and no one was there to give me my cake. I called and called and no response. I understood that they closed but after closing there is no clean up needed for the shop? & if you know someone is coming for something they need that exact night are you gonna close you're shop? As i knew that i wouldn't be getting that cake i had to find a second option. Most bakeries in columbus had already been closed so I had to pick up whatever i could find just to pass the night. The following morning I called Yummy bakery and spend an hour arguing w Sonya about how they promised me that someone would be there and no one was. Instead of understanding, she rubbed it in that I was irresponsible and hung up on me in my face. I thought this was very very immature. Working in retail, i know the customer is always right and for her to argue instead of apologizing and trying to help compromise or fix the situation, she called me names and hung up. I just made this for you all to know understand how bad the customer service is. I don't want anyone to go through what I went through. She kept the cake, and my money. Some people are truly in it just for the money and simply don't care about anything else.

Jami Mason

Fabulous taste and unique design. My guests raved about the flavor.

Terri Cox

Must not want my business, no help. :(

Cassandra Hart

Worst experience ever! The "owner" was rude and disrespectful. She does NOT abide by her policy that she POSTED after I spoke to her in the am! The final consultation is when I dropped off the Jungle Animals but instead I changed my mind and asked for a refund due to the 115 dollar cake plus having to purchase animals for a cake to feed 22-26 people. By far the worst person EVER TO RUN A BUSINESS! She lied to an officer telling him I spit at her! She needs to close! She never even washed her hands while she took orders then went back to work on cakes after touching everything including someone's bank card!

abhinav mintu

Madhu Sudhan

What is Strawberry Cake ? The Cake which contains Strawberry fruits in it ...? I don't understand

Amber Pasternak

My husband loves their napoleons. I love the chickpea cookies. We've started making this a stop whenever we hit up Trader Joe's.

lalitha sravanthi

Owners are very rude and do not have basic courtesy of wishing people. Cakes may be tasty and food but customer service should also be taken care.

Darshit Amin

Sonya is by far the worst "owner" you could ever have to deal with! She is rude. Don't ever go there!

Omar Alani

Fast service, good sweets clean, nice & delicious

Asir Isiv

It's my favorite

syed ali

All the cakes are super tasty...inreallybthe the mocha one..

R garg

Indian style cake .

Shadi Baghernezhad

The best bakery in town. The taste of the cakes and cookies are amazing. Sonia is really talented. They serve customer very well.

Helia Keshtkar

Tastes amazing

R Anja Macedo

I just ordered a mixed fruit cake on Saturday and everyone enjoyed it! A little more on the pricier side but SOOO worth it. I did not feel BAD eating cake because it was really light! Thank you, Yummy Bakery !

Quinn McHenry

Excellent customer service! Needed a last minute birthday gift for my mother, everyone at the dinner table loved the cake!

Josh Frye

It's as if they found a way to take Amazing! Fantastic! Wow! Delicious! And Beautiful! Throw it all on a mixing bowl and created a whole new frontier of description words. I fricken love this place and is the only, only, ONLY!!! Place I'll ever go for any cake!


I ordered wedding cakes from the Yummy Bakery, a tiered gluten- free, dairy free cake in vanilla, a strawberry cake, and also a chocolate ganache. The cakes we're beautiful and delicious! We had a lot of compliments and zero complaints. It was great to have a cake available for those with diet restrictions. Everyone at the bakery was easy to work with. The whole process of tasting, choosing, ordering, and delivery was seamless. The cake was delivered on time and taste great!

Austin Trees

Not any selection when i walked in to pick up a few things... Might have picked a bad day.

eman qaraja

The cake is Sooo good . Very very light. We all love it

Tanya J.

We love Yummy Bakery! The cakes are awesome! We use Yummy Bakery to cater all of our company events.

Brian Smith

Maneesh Kumar Muralidhar

Cakes are good, specially Napolean. One thing I noticed, Store owner attitude is arrogant, sometimes rude, not customer friendly. If I find a similar place where customer service is good,staff is courteous, I would definetely move. For now I don't have choice.

Sarah Jimenez

This bakery is a treasure for Dublin Area! Wow.. cakes are delicious and experience is amazing. Everyone in my engagement party loved our cake and I cant say thank you enough. Can’t wait to order my wedding cake from them! Perfection !

Violita Kovchegov

Yummy Bakery is very professional. The cakes are moist and fresh. They use whipped cream frosting and offer persian cookies as well. We use them for all of our kids parties.

Manish Kothari

Finest Cake, Pastry and Cup Cakes. Nice, Cozy and family owned customized to your needs!

Fithawit Kubrieal

Customer service is amazing and their cake is delicious

Benjamin W

The Best cakes ever!!!

Jessah McDuffie

Absolutely love this place! The cookies are always soft and yummy! The cakes are to die for!

Anson D'Mello

Ordered pineapple cake for my girlfriend's birthday and she loved it and so did I.

Kasper James

Great selections. Good Service. They explain and help with all levels of interest in customer inquiries.

Fatima Al-Issa

My family and i have been customers for years. all of their cakes are delicious. orders are always perfect. the chocolate gnash cake is amazing. strongly recommend them!!!

Saeid Mohebi


Xochitl Rincon

(Translated by Google) Very delicious cakes but unfortunately you forgive them that they have taken care of me very despotas nothing kind with the customers should improve that (Original) Muy rricos pasteles pero lamentablemente las perdonas que me an atendido muy despotas nada amables con los clientes deverian mejorar eso

Fadi Abdalhamid

Yummy bakery used to be good , I ordered a birthday cake today and I requested a light web cream in and out with extra strawberry inside and I told them I’ll pay extra for the strawberry , but instead it was full of web cream and very light strawberry, we all were disappointed. Plus the guy behind the counter was rude . I also paid cash and didn’t get the 5% discount .

Tushar Ghosh

Alicia Winberg

My family and I have order cakes from here for several years. Majid and Sonia are amazing people and always take great care of us! I highly recommend thier bakery! We LOVE thier cakes and pastries!

Natalie Palisak

Good cakes

Birdy Happy

I have never once left this bakery not feeling angry. I’m not sure why ever go back, but once every year so, I do. Customer service is horrible. The owner is rude. I love Persian pastries and always go to Nanak Bakery in Westerville, Fatima is the sweetest! but she was closed and I needed to once again try Yummy for a party of 30 people. My simple request was for her to cut the cakes for me and she said NO. I walked out.

Sophia Shuai

The cakes at yummy bakery are absolutely delicious. They have a light, spongy texture and perfect for a snack, dessert, etc. Their cakes are freshly made and beautifully decorated. The cookies are of a persian delicacy and a must-have. Despite some negative reviews, I have never had a problem with the customer service. Even though they frequently get busy, they try their best to help their customer's needs in a timely fashion. I have never had an attitude problem with the owner or anyone else who works at the store as they are very understanding people. I definitely recommend this bakery for future customers, and you will definitely not regret it.

Tammy Nice

This was the grossest cake I have ever had in my life! The company’s customer service was not helpful at all! They refused refund for the horrible product!

lucy burns

beautiful designs and very delicious

Pradeep L

Sell decent cakes but didn't like cookies

Saja Alkarawi

Cakes are so delicious and tasty, excellent customer service the lady's so nice treat her costumers.

Erica Brown

I've had cake from here and it's delicious. My husband hates chocolate cake but even he likes their chocolate cake!

Troy McConnaughey

Bob Blemont

I absolutely loved Yummy-Bakery's birthday cakes, they designed a barbie cake for our daughter, and it was so detailed and beautiful. The cake was very light and tasted amazing. 5 STARS!

mckenna jackson

Yummy bakery is AWFUL!! And when I say awful I mean It was thrown away. My sister ordered a cake for my nieces 1st birthday and no one ate It !! My sister try to take the cake back and the lady told her no and that she wasn’t taking the cake or giving her money back!! Who does that? Did not accommodate her in any way and was very rude about. We spent 80 dollars on It !! What a waste. Please don’t consider this place to anyone. I wish I could give this no stars but that’s not how It works !

Damanjot Jassal

Cake is awesome

Amanda Heintzelman

They catered our work event and everything was delicious!!

Billy Vanstran

I went into this bakery, believing it was just another ordinary cake store like Kroger's bakery, but when I tried their chocolate ganache cake slice and their mocha cakes I absolutely fell in love with it. If you love whipped cream cakes then I have to recommend Yummy Bakery!

Shawn Spath

Awesome black forest cake.

Tania Leal

Yummy bakery used to be my go to place for any cake I would need. Turns out it no longer will be...I recently ordered a 10” round cake and I had someone pick it up for me when they got home and I looked at the cake it wasn’t what we ordered. I called the store and spoke to one of the owners which by the way her name is Sonya...all she said was sorry in a rude way and didn’t even bother to make things right...on top of that it seems like the prices are going up a lot. I paid 59 dollars for a 10” cake that wasn’t even decorated how I wanted and was quiet dry.

Rohan Dhillon

Ordered cake for my sons 2nd birthday and was very pleased with the cake as well as the service! The staff was very friendly, even waited for me after closing time when I was running a little late. Tons of designs to choose from, would definitely recommend them and will be getting our cakes from here in the future!

Amber 3

I recently ordered a birthday cake from this place. The cake tastes horrible, awful, cheap, coarse, not smooth at all. The families and friends stop eating after one bite. The decoration is melting when I get it?! The customer service is super bad too. The employee is rude and doesn't know what she is doing. Ordering cakes from this place, trust me, is a big big mistake. One more annoying thing, you have to pick up your cake at exactly the time you told them. If you arrive half an hour early, sorry no cake ready. Don't come to this place. Bad!!!

Pristine Feng shui #happychiwithpri

My cake was made exactly according to the order. It was a black forest cake baked to perfection with right amount of sweetness. It was ready on time and I would be buying more cakes from here.

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