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REVIEWS OF Wixey Bakery IN Ohio

michel gunter

I love this place their baked goods are second to none and them donuts yum yum

Alex M

Had a themed GOT German chocolate birthday cake made. Called them 2 weeks in advance. Communicated by email and phone, sent pictures. Told them exactly what I wanted and received a cake that looked gaudy. It was a GOT themed cake & you couldn't even tell. The wolf was actually really good, but I explicitly asked for the writing to be in the GOT style writing. And I didn't ask for the swords to be on there. I sent two pictures of what I was kinda going for (one of the pics had the swords on it so I'm assuming that's why they added them?). But i communicated in my emails and conversations on the phone what was most important from the pics I had sent which was: the wording, the writing style and if a wolf could fit to please add that. Instead they slopped "winter is coming" in CURSIVE in the upper hand part of the cake. It looked like an after thought in the small space between the wolf and swords. They also wrote "happy name day" in cursive on the outside of cake where they totally had space so write it the correct style. And again in my email and pics the writing was not in cursive. As I'm writing this I feel some may think I'm being a little too critical. However, anyone who is a GOT fan would undoubtedly look at the cake and be like huh? And it would take time to register that it's GOT theme because it just looks odd-it looks like a kid's cake with a wolf and swords and some cursive happy birthday or something. I was hoping the taste made up for not recognizing the theme on the cake but it was not impressive. It was too sweet-way too much frosting. The kids liked it,so I left the rest of cake (half) for them to take home. My mom and aunts got their wedding cakes from wixley so, they were highly recommended. I just didn't get what I specifically asked for.

Brian Grinonneau

The bakery items are fair and the staff is often rude and seem like it’s a favor to wait on you.

Brian R.

Wixey is only a place you could like if it was your only option as a young child and carries some type nostalgia from childhood. I’ve tried this place so many times and have been incredibly disappointed every time. Just buy Oreos before giving one cent to this store.

Carl Tabbert

Excellent Bakery items. You have got to try this places. Closes on Sunday and Monday

Lawrence Gardner

Great treates and service . If I only can get make their before all the glaze bowyies are gone

Austin Spears

i give this place two thumbs up. the bill was good for what you get.

April Huyler

Some of the best pastries I've ever had. The Danish was to die for. Reasonable prices!

Brian Dailey

I could list 1000 good things about Wixeys and it STILL wouldn't be enough! A true gem of Toledo. Always busy, always good. Just wish they'd make more cheese danishes! But if that's all i can complain about they are doing damn good

Hannah Culley

Best cakes in town

Joshua Knudsen

Kids love to stop before school. They have the best ladies working the counter too

Lisa Muse

omg place in toledo...

Dave Peters

Great donughts and friendly people!

Randy Martin

Always good and fresh

Karin Berry

Heard it was wonderful and IT IS!!! We got three donutty treats which disappeared before we even started the car. We're going back to check out the

Teofil Kalinowski

Great donuts and generous size.

OwO everything Wolfie is a proud furry

Wixey Bakery has THE BEST cream horns!!! Very clean store,always stocked with fresh baked goods and a helpful friendly staff, and did I mention their cream horns?!

Michael Emch

Are you kidding?!?! A local favorite that no bakery can beat. Custom made to order cakes, delicious baked goods and donuts that the flavor can't be touched. Stop on by but get there early as these tasty treats go fast.

Daniel Stevenson

Phenomenal baked goods at reasonable prices with heart for the community...

Eximius 008

Best Bakery in Toledo. They made a delicious birthday cake for my daughter. I would've took a picture but it was gone before I could get to it. Will be utilizing Wixey services for years to come. Thank You so much for your help making a memorable moment in my daughter's life.

Amanda Baxter

Best cakes in town! Tradition to always have wixey cake for a celebration!

Michael Clinker

Their donuts are fantastic, I usually stop here a couple times a year to pick up bakery treats for the family. On the moderate expense side, but worth the quality.

William Shuff

Get there early, the donuts are best when fresh!

rebecca croxford

Yum yum.. real donuts!

Chris James

Oh. My. Word. If you haven't had a doughnut (or cake, or Mexicali dip, or ANYTHING) from Wixey's stop what you are doing right now. Grab someone you want to make happy. And GO. Now. You're welcome.

Jennifer Riojas

Amazing baked goods for reasonable prices.

Augie Lohmeyer the gamer

The white frosted custard straights maybe the best doughnut in the city

Emily Krull

Wixey Bakery is the reason I push myself to succeed. It has become tradition in my family to order a Wixey cake every time one of us wins a big award or has an achievement worth noting. Now I strive for greatness during my studies purely to get a cake. Ps their white cake with buttercream frosting is out of this world

Abigail Wetzel

My favorite donuts EVER!!! Only ones i will spend calories on!!! Glazed yeast are the absolute best I've ever had!!

Mister J

Great bakery lots of different things to choose from and custom orders. Long Time customer, with plenty of time to get more.

Ashley Parsons

I've been coming to this bakery my entire life. They have done many of my birthday cakes! I knew I wanted them to do my wedding cake! It's still 3 months until the big day, so I can't yet comment on my cake itself, but I can say that the staff here is great at answering questions and I'm very excited! My one disappointment is that they havent yet expanded into any gluten free options. Being a local bakery at this day in age, they should really have options that everyone can enjoy! And I know my guests will love my cake, but as the bride, I won't be able to have any as I've recently been told I can't eat gluten anymore. Update: my wedding has now passed and my cake was PERFECT. Our guests loved it!

Chuck Damage

Skip the national chain donut shop and do Wixey instead. You can taste the quality and hand made deliciousness.

John Baringer

Best Donuts in Town Hands Down!

bob mockensturm

Always great service and donut's .The best around for a long time.

Robin Sturdivañt

Was upset that there wasn't any more individual pecan rolls left but my glazed donut was the bomb

tamara bradsbury

Best bakery in town!

AJ Woods

Great customer service and wonderful bakery selection.

DS Ban

Great local small business and food. Gone here for years and have never had a problem.

Joseph Subleski

We live in Chicago and when we travel to Toledo, we always stop at Wixey's Bakery for donuts, cookies and excellent coffee!

Willa Bundy

There is so much to say ... For a high school project, my daughter shadowed employees of Wixey for a day and they were happy to train her. She was treated like family and they sent her home with a bag of (delicious) baked goods. Wixey's cakes are beautifully decorated and we really enjoyed their birthday cake. Wixey, your reputation precedes you. The only thing I would change is the parking availability.

Mike Bais

The BEST donuts ever!

Linda Kerul

Best white cake in town! It's not a celebration without Wixey's cake!

Isaiah Keefer

Amazing doughnuts!

Mike McFadden

Yummy pasteries!

Tamera White

Great food

William Berger


Mack Wells

Old fashioned Bakery

Bailey West

The BEST little bakery with the BEST staff and most delicious donuts and pastrys.

Ciana Duran

My mixed race family has visited Wixey's for years and not once have we felt discriminated against. I know that this may seem like an odd review to give and that it should be assumed that this respect is given automatically but sadly that is not always the case. Thanks Wixey's staff!

The Roarks

I love that they are a no preservative bakery. My favorite bakery and tastes amazing.

Christy Myrice

They did our wedding cake this past weekend and it was amazing! Our guest couldn’t stop talking about it! They are great to work with and made the process so easy! Oh and they give you a sample of all the flavors which was great!

Bart Berry

Best donuts in Toledo. If you disagree we're going to have problems

L Torgerson

Tried Wixeys after a couple yrs of retiring. Coworkers use to bring in their donuts. Not at all like they use to be!! $15.00 a dz really? I will gladly say Haas Donuts are the best in town!! Less expensive and definitely more flavorful!!

Penny Lane

Homemade pastries... So fresh and so good

Rue Rue

Walked in, obviously expecting way to much :( 2 Women sat talking for about 5 minutes as I stood by the counter... I just stood waiting to be helped, their conversation was very interesting, about a son working at the Zoo, the hours....Finally the gentleman way in the back had to yell "CUSTOMER" woman finally turned around to acknowledge me.... no apology offered or anything.... So, I purchased some cookies, cupcakes, some other interesting items,. My total was $19.25, I am pretty sure I got ripped off. The cookies were not worth the price very dry, the cupcakes were ok, the cheese cake almond horn, was disgusting! I picked it up and it was all mush, I took 1 bite and in the garbage it went. What a waste of money. Between the service and product, I will not be going there again. Lesson learned! Don't understand all the hype, I've had better....from a grocery store no less.... One word sums it up for me....YUCK!

taylor taube

A south Toledo staple

Rosalynn Greenlee

I think this is one of the best places to get cookies and cakes

Daniel Haller

Great baked goods and friendly service at this neighborhood bakery!

Dave Kroggel

very good and fresh,delicious

Shawn Wright

Not at all what you'd think.

Benjamin Betts Jr.

Great place for donuts and coffee

Drew Salsbury

My mother's and father's wedding cake was made there and, ironically, after their divorce we moved right by it. I've never had a bad anything at this bakery.

Laura Parilla

We used Wixey for our wedding cake and it was okay. I would have been more upset if our wedding cake had been more of a centerpiece of our reception. First, they were very difficult to get in touch with throughout the process. They do not respond to email at all. At all. I had to email in a picture of the designs we wanted on the cake. I also included a couple questions and literally got no response. Ended up calling like a week or two later and asking my questions and getting confirmation of receipt of the picture. Also, you can only call between like 7 and 11 am to get the person who deals with wedding cakes. The cake looked great and tasted good, but was honestly not what we thought we had ordered. When you go for a cake tasting, they send you home with like a dozen different cupcakes and icings and fillings to try (we thought this was an awesome way to sample cake!). We decided we liked the chocolate with raspberry filling and that the outside would just be a plain vanilla buttercream. On wedding day, our actual cake was a bit different than the expectation. In the middle of the cake was the thinnest layer of raspberry and a much larger layer of vanilla buttercream. If you did not know the raspberry was there or did not actually look for it, you would not have known it was there. If you were lucky, you maybe saw a tiny bit of raspberry filling. Zero raspberry taste at all. It was honestly a basic chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. This was decently disappointing because I had been looking forward to the cake. Other people we asked had no idea there was any raspberry in it at all. It made me kinda hate my wedding cake, despite it tasting good for a plain chocolate cake. The delivery driver was very nice and paid extreme attention to detail with setting it on the cake table. He was awesome.

Linda Moore

Just love the people, always very friendly! Super great donuts!!!

Keith Warnimont

Always get fresh treats....


Certainly a warm and friendly staffed bakery! Excited to be moving in right around the corner...although that could be dangerous and costly! :) Great donuts and everything is always freshly made. Now we just need a coffee shop right over here and I'd never leave this quaint shopping area!

Mary Lynn Skiver

My favorite ♥️

Jarod B

We have purchased all of our birthday and special event called from Wixey's. They are the family favorite. They're baked goods and donuts are also great. I really like the elephant ears and their Boston cream. Get there early before they sell out of the best donuts.

Melissa Carper

Great baked goods and service. Their Cheesecake Horns were amazing! The everything rye bread smelled so good that I have to go back again so I can get it.

Derrick Montri

We come in every week for some donuts. If you like Apple fritters just make sure you get there early on Saturday. Otherwise you might be out of luck.

Diana Kekes

Top Bakery in Toledo!!

Eric Johnson

I loved the sweets and the people were very friendly

greg bensch

Best bakery in Toledo. Often duplicated, never replicated. The long lasting history is what tells me they're a quality bakery.

TJ Johanning

Excellent service and baked goods I'm a regular customer and hopefully to be many a years down the road.

Kari Diepenhorst

Excellent cakes

Jurdean Barrenger

Pastries are good and tastie all ways fresh. Melt in your mouth and not in your hand.

Fuji Hakayito

A quaint little bakery in a quiet area with a good selection of pastries. I chose a cinnamon roll for my first visit, and it wasn’t the best one I’ve ever had but it was quite large and alright. I’ll most likely return and try something else. Very friendly staff! If you are in the area and want something sweet, I’d recommend stopping here, but I wouldn’t go out of the way for it.


The best baked goodies in the area. Even beats the local ones that have been around for several years. Never had an unpleasant experience.

Carla Wallace

Best bakery ever.

Heidi Banks

arrived at six, it was not packed. it has a cool atmosphere.

random vids

Muffins are delicious

Edna Munoz

Never been here before but everyone was so friendly and the samples they gave me for my wedding was more than I expected and very yummy

Pamela Farough

Best bakery around! I got a dozen donuts and picked up a small cake for my hubby's birthday. They always have extra cakes and I had them write Happy Birthday on it for him. He was so surprised and happy when I got home from work. It made the snowy weekend even better with all the delicious goodies we had!

Mike Brice

Get there early for the best selection. Lemon donuts are the best but they go quickly.

David Rios

Good dounuts not the best I ever had but good people weren't the friendliest but I'll be back.

Molly Sara

The cake was not what I ordered. I had a photo off their site of the cake I ordered and a photo of the cake I received, but they chose to not respond to the situation. Sadly dissatisfied.

Stephen Brisson

Best bakery in the area, hands down!

micki evans

Great place!!!

Patty Woolley

Best donuts

Rachael Brooks

Best Apple fritters ever! Great service as well

Roy Schrader

The Best in Toledo


Been going there since I was a little girl, never had a bad experience.

Stephanie Kuo

Worst experience buying a cake ever. We bought a sheet cake for graduation and we got something that I would have expected from a first time cake baker. There were several issues but the highlights of this experience are as follows. 1. After being told multiple times on the phone how to spell the graduates name, they spelled it wrong. When confronted about it at pick up, the store said that they could scrape off the frosting and rewrite it but "the cake will look ruined" 2. Part of the corner of the cake was missing. I would understand why a chunk of cake in the corner was missing if a novice had baked the cake but I expect something as simple as getting the cake successfully out of the pan to be executed well by a professional bakery 3. We ordered marbled cake and there was no marbling. The "marble" was a thin line of chocolate at the top of the cake in about 10% of the surface area. The chocolate had in no way been incorporated into the cake batter and again is something that I would expect from a first time baker. 4. We called to complain about this purchase and were told that we would be hearing from the owner shortly. It has been about a month since and no one has reached out.

mike smith

Fresh pastries and great service

Andrea Lippucci

The BEST bakery and donuts. Friendly workers too!

Amanda Hunter

These have got to be the best donuts ever... The staff is super friendly and the donuts are always amazing... Definitely will be making this a future stop payday weeks for my coworkers

khalida durrani

i ordered birthday cake for my daughter sweet sixteen and showed the picture of the cake that i wanted ,on the pickup date the cake was plan cake with no decoration ,we were told to go and by the decoration and put it on .i will never order anything from this bakery and will never recommend to any one .extremely disappointed .

Rory Layton

A bit expensive, but I ordered a really cool cake. Never had bad baked goods from Wixey.

TOmmy jacobs

Glazed donut and cookies are great. Cream filled donut and brownies were gross

Sara Bennett

Our family has used Wixey Bakery for over 30 years, and we have always been super satisfied with all of their variety of cakes and deserts!

MARIA Villagomez


Kristen Kareha

They donuts and cookies were great. I wanted to order a cake another time but was told I needed to order 2 weeks In advance.

mike steinhoff

Best Bakery in the Northwest Ohio area

Karen Taylor

My daughter was married in Nov. of this year. Wixey's made an absolutely wonderful cake for her wedding reception. The cake design was exactly what we requested and it was super, super tasty. The cake arrived on time and the staff was helpful and friendly. Over the years we have purchased lots of goodies from Wixey's, but this was by far the best!

Veronica F'scher

YummmMaple anything. Best bread anywhere, 'Everything Rye'. Worth every dollar.

Brenda Kraus

Wonderful variety of cakes, cookies,donuts and breads at reasonable prices

Annabel Vela

Friendly, helpful staff, awesome baked goods

Melissa Ball

The place was totally great,clean, and very professional with a family atmosphere. I will be doing all my business here. It's great.

Vici Campos

My husband and i ordered our wedding cake from wixey and it was absolutely wonderful. Everyone raved about the cake. We will definitely telling everyone to go to wixey for all their baked goods

Thomas Castellanos

Great place wonderful bake goods staff very helpful

Dan Kramer

Put it this way, I am very glad this is on the other side of town, because everything in that place looks so good and I really believe it is because what I bought was unbelievable! so moist so tasty you could almost tell they don't use fake invitation, material to make their stuff because just a color of the chocolates in frostings you could tell that it wasn't garbage very well-made you got to go there that's what I did and went to the other side of town 20 miles away just to go try them out.

Pat McGlown

I stop be there two or three times a week, the donuts are great always fresh.

Zach M.

I just like they're cookies. I've had donuts before and cakes. But those cookies...

thomas meagher

They have the best donuts and other bake goods!

Greg Carson

Damn good doughnuts

Jessica Parker

I don’t generally make reviews. I’m not from the area or the state but I seen the positive reviews from most likely locals and thought I’d come in. Upon arrival you see perfectly iced cakes and sweets (whoever does this work it’s beautiful) but the customer service seemed off and or maybe having a bad day? Tired? You just didn’t seem happy and although we’re human you did make it seem waiting on me was a bit of a bother and that did stink. The bread pudding was good (husbands review) and my sugar cookie for my 1yr old was burnt on one end and pretty stale.


Delicious donuts! They bake a mean cake too. They will customize them as well. Prices are reasonable and the service is great. Always busy, yet the staff is friendly. Will go again and again. The Apple fritter is yummy and had many compliments when I get these donuts for the office. Going again to get these donuts for the office.

Jeff Johnson

Great doughnuts and cakes first time buying from there it beats out any bakery I have ever tried

Shannon Ellis

Great service, fast, and friendly employees. Don't buy the Eclares they are hard as a rock! Carrot cake cup was delicious!

Chris Sandys

This is an absolutely amazing bakery! I've lived in big cities all across the States, and this is my favorite. Try their red velvet cake with buttercream frosting - to die for!

Not Today

Their strawberry cake is really good and is worth the price.

Alex Franco

A lot of love in their work

Benjamin Flores

Wixey's is great. The donuts are great for a weekend treat, and the cakes are amazing for birthdays.

Sarah B

I gave one star because there wasn't an option for zero stars. Wixey completely screwed up my wedding cake. Do not buy your wedding cake, or any other cake for a special event at Wixey Bakery. I sat down with them to look at what they had and what I could get. After talking about what I wanted, I told them specifically what I would like. They took notes and confirmed what I wanted. I then gave them my order and payment. My mom picked up the cake before my reception, and it was all wrong. Now I know a wedding is more than a cake and my great marriage is what is important, but Wixey Bakery is a Bakery who took my order and my payment and couldn't get a 3 tier cake right. I wish I would have gone elsewhere. Avoid Wixey for special orders.

Gregory Berning Sr.

Good breads and pies


Great local bakery for donuts, cakes, cookies, breads, and more.

Tanja Miller

They have delicious desserts & breads.

Eximius Technology

Made my daughter a delicious birthday cake. Classic

Michelle Archambeau

love, love,love this place its amazing!

Thomas Padgett

Great pastries and the staff is so much more pleasant than Bakery Unlimited!

Susie Brazeau

Their chocolate cake is delicious!

Tim White

My family's favorite. They did my wedding cake and my parents 40th anniversary cake.

Chad Ball

Excellent staff and baked goods. Weekly visits are the norm for us.

Shawna S

We have used wixeys for all our special occasions. The owners Denise and Brian always make time to talk to us and listen to the creativity we have floating in our heads. And they ALWAYS exceed our expectations.

Jim Gregory

Really good baked goods No mass production. You must get there early to avoid sell out s

Joe Blow

Best pastries in the city!! I highly recommend it..

Stewart Hickman

The Wixey Bakery is as "neighborhood" and classic as you can imagine. Delicious pastries, great coffee, and happy, smiling, sincerely friendly people. If there was a bakery in Mayberry, it may well have been modeled after the Wixey Bakery. This is where Americana, Mom & Pop, and the way things ought to be all come together!

Rev. Dr. Roger D. Lawson

Great pastry of all varieties.....

Joanna Comerford

Their bakery has always been my favorite but their prices have gotten way to high. $35 for an 8 inch round cake, too pricey

Sammy Video Plex

Glass City jewel for pastry item's. Love there donuts.

Gregory Moore

Damn good fresh donuts

Keith Walters

The best in Toledo.

Carmen Nathaniel

Like biting into a cloud! The glazed doughnuts are always on point! Staff is ALWAYS polite and smiling.

Sandy Boisselle


Sara Leah

Best donuts in town and right around the corner !

Christopher Brown

The best bakery I’ve been to. Just old fashion recipes with great results! I’ve been coming for3 years and yet to be disappointed with a trip.

Laura Williams

Good not great cakes and pies

Stephanie Kirkum

Today was my first visit to this well-known Toledo bakery. It was very busy, but there were plenty of extremely helpful people behind the counter. Great selection of donuts, cookies, bread, pastries, and more! Prices comparable to other local bakeries. Try a custard-filled donut stick - very good!


Hit or miss, my daughters wedding cake was FANTASTIC, my other daughters birthday cake was a flop. However.... they made it right and did an instant refund.

nick hardrict

Wish I lived closer..... But I'm glad that I don't

Devann Frankhouse

Delicious cake and very helpful staff! Thanks so much!

Debbie Lyons

My favorite bakery since childhood.

Jean Underfer-Babalis

I have been a customer for 30 years and have always had a fantastic experience and the best cakes ever. My favorite is the carrot cake. Yum

Mike A.

Wixey is one of a kind. Great coffee cake.

Jill Grant

If you've never been to Wixey's, your life hasn't started yet!! Go on for a visit, travel back in time to friendly faces, fresh made doughnuts & a historic building that will make you feel like you're back growing up in the 40's or 50's. You can't beat neighbor charm & Wixey's has plenty to spare!

Lance Eller

Great donuts, great people!

Jim Szczesniak

Awesome best donuts and pastries in town hands down

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