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REVIEWS OF The Home Place IN Ohio

Dani Scot


Debbie Schoch

love this place

Jacob Harness

A little pricey, but always yummy items and friendly service

Lisa Jump

Love this store. They have great homemade baked goods as well as gifts. They also have bulk baking and cooking products.

Rita Riley

Family owned. Their pastries are outstanding. Greatest deli meat. So friendly and such a clean store.

Laura Parker

They have awesome food

Bill Boswell

Great people very nice workers

Mama bear McNown

Love the atmosphere and the amazing food.

Des Evans


Darrin Gast

Everyone is courteous and whatever you purchase is good.

Roy Shutt

Good food good people

Tony Prater

A Mennonite country store...they have awesome foods and even have a sandwich club...very sweet people...check out there furniture and buildings too

Lawrence Lofton

Most excellent, ordered sandwiches made fresh while you wait. DELICIOUS, TWO THUMBS UP

Forget-Me-Not Lawn Care

I am headed out of town on a work road trip. HAD to stop in for some Cream Horns, cheese curds, and beef sticks. One must choose their snacks wisely and their snack purchase place as well. This one is the best!

Rose Waltz

I purchase my meats there, very high quality.

Misty Rooms

Their Maple Bacon donut is hands down the best donut I have ever had! We are new to Brown County and have been multiple times already. You've gotta get there early if you want specifics but it's well worth it. Everything we have tried is high quality and will keep us coming back.... my waistline is in danger!!

Linda Stephan

Great place

Maeve Ward

Sue Miller

Always enjoy stopping in and getting a Peanutbutter Pie.

Jeffrey Hatten

Great place to get big donuts. The ribs are good too!

Mitch Royalty

Can't beat the deli here!

Ralph Harris

Great store,nice people. Warm atmosphere.


Love this place friendly and they all work together so well that makes a business great

Sharon Brooks

SO friendly, Wonderful people. Wonderful food, Wonderful furniture. Just All around Awesome!!!!!!

Eugene Fine

We stopped here while on a drive in the country earlier today. We arrived just as Delbert was closing up (they were catering a wedding this evening). He took the time to reopen the store so that we could shop. The homemade granola is amazing, as are the cream horns. Awesome people, glad we stumbled across the place. We will definitely be back.

Emily M

Beware! Even if they have a sign stating that ALL furniture is on sale this does not mean you will get the percentage off as all the signs around the building state. We purchased a large bread box and we’re told it didn’t count.

Grace Helms

Fresh food

Claire Mccall

Friendly staff, delicious bake goods, good service at the deli & very convenient.

Dewey Jones

Wonderful place to buy natural foods and other goods. Best hot pretzel in 30 miles, try the bacon donuts.

Jesse Mast

Beautiful furniture, bulk food, baked goods, and young ladies!

brenda bowman

We absolutely love this place,it takes you back in time.the candy is just so ahhhhhhh.i load up when I go there.the food is do good.they have all kinds of places to sit out if you want to get away from the city.i highly recomen this little gem of out of the way from the city,and it's such a treat to go there.

logan Sturgill

Great place, nice people and great food!

Melissa M

Great bakery and deli

Colleen Griest

Great deli meats prices are good on food!A lot of neat stuff.

Heidi Ishmael

I Love this place. Great store and a great family.

Barb Houser

Great sandwiches and I found the salt risen bread my dad loves this

Jean Harmon

Creme horns, caramel corn and homemade soap!

Tom Young

I had a great BLT sandwich, and bought some fresh produce.

Karen W


David Watkins

Nice place to go if you need stuff that you can't find in any grocery store.

Julie Kuebler

Awesome food, awesome products & awesome service!!

Don Myers

Expensive rebagged mass produced goods.

Edward Bauer

Kathy Raleigh

Awesome place! Great friendly people!

Sharon Messerschmitt

Erin Schumacher

Love this place, they have the best homemade peanut butter pie!

jennifer fetters


Linda Butcher

Diana Rothenbach

Mary Ann Karambellas

Bought a peanut butter pie. Very good!

Carrie Aspinall

Great place to pick up fresh produce in the summer, a bite to eat anytime they are open, desert for whenever, bulk cooking items reasonably priced, beautiful furniture ( for your inside and outside of the house ), fresh lunch meats, cheeses and snacks.

Larry Bohannon III

Everything we tried was amazing. The Deli sandwiches were fresh and delicious. All the baked goods were fresh and definitely homemade.

Ed Brooks

Jamie Lucas

They are awesome

Chris Foster

Great store! Furniture is beautiful! Great flowers and produce.

Rodney Shaw

Great wholesome place to shop!

Devin Mecklenborg

Food is not authentic Amish. It is bought from GFS

Jessica Kinnard

Excellent!!! Love this place. Smells amazing, incredibly built furniture, food and baked goods are sooo good, especially the Apple pie! I come often with my dad. Even if just for a grilled chicken sandwich.

jerrie Harrison

Love to look around candy is great soft pretzels are amazing

Heather Boldman

A family favorite!

Wayne Kennedy

Wonderful service and selection. Great deli and bulk food.

peggy Cooper

I love them. Fresh pies , good prices on cold cuts, granoka and jellies jams and peanut butter excellent. Bread is delishous.

Shawna Isaacs

Beautiful store. Can't say enough about their peanut butter pie. The crust just melts in your mouth.

Alex Weil

Great selection of homemade and hig quality products

James Hubbard

awesome deli and baked goods

Artman-Cheyenne New

Wide selection of items, friendly workers, helped us choose a wonderful desert for a friend.

Kenny Kuhner

Awesome food, people, furniture!

Gideon Bankhead

Excellent place for lunch

Jerald Jones

Visiting the Home Place is always like visiting family that you love. Good products, great service and absolutely wonderful people.

James Houston

I always love to buy these quality goods.meats and cheeses not mention baked goods. Really is something for everyone.

Bethany McCormick

Friendly atmosphere, fresh food and happy staff

Kathleen McManes

Fantastic shopping experience. A bit higher than a Kroger, but you are getting a much better quality. Today's visit was 3 pounds of Colby, 2 pounds bologna cut thick, 2 fresh pretzels, bagels, 8 different jams, bacon, and a couple other items. Spent 55.00. Side note the pretzels are fresh made, bigger than auntie Ann's and only 2.00 each. Omg wonderful. Gave us two fresh glazed donuts as we left to enjoy on the way home. Melt in mouth fantastic.

Angela Beasley

Such a nice place for home items and grocery. The staff was helpful and kind.

Ronald Lindsey

Very good selection of homemade and purchased for resale items.

Mike Sanders

Very nice, and courteous!

Vikki Barnes

Good salads.

Ron Riley

Always very good!!

Nurse Nana

Excellent store made food! Super friendly staff and great selection of bulk food products. The furniture is beautiful. Great selection of gift items.

Edwin Curtis

Home of one of the best sandwiches in southern Ohio. So much good stuff found here.

Beverly Nippert

Great place to get lunch meat pies an bread

Roger Saddler

Best pies and bread

Melissa Wilms

Love this store. Will be going back for more donuts!

Jenna Tutt

Diane Szathmary

Love it

Leitha Norris

Very clean, staff very friendly.

Toby Won

Great food and lunch deals

Timothy Woollard

Awesome place!

Gail McCreight

All the wonderful furniture, food and bulk foods from Holmes County without the drive!

Theresa Music

They have great food. And it's reasonably priced.

Anonymous Anonymous

Awesome products and food. A little expensive though.

Crystal Alf

Very friendly and very busy! They've started making the best made fresh doughnuts that you have to get there pretty early to get a variety of doughnuts. One of my favorites is the small ones on a stick! It's so worth getting there early!

Shari Shafer

Always great food and service

Christina Whiteside

Amazing! Deli sandwiches are the bomb!

Elmer Schrock

Great food great price great people

Jeff Curlis


Kevin Palmer

Great place! I love the Cracked Wheat Bread and the Tarvan ham! The donuts are out standing!

Justin Romero

The food is really good. You can't go wrong with anything

mike s

great place to visit

Keith Edwards

They're always very busy and they have lots of people working there so the service is always great and the food lunch meat anything you need for cooking an eating they have it

Ron Severt

A really cool place. Lots of homemade items for sale. My favorites are the cream horns, doughnuts, pies salt rise bread. And let's not forget all the fresh smoked meats. Seriously we live more than an hour away and come here at least once or twice a mounth

villian catlett

Great employees

Danielle Ratcliff

Wonderful place, awesome food

Katie McCrea

Place is great but i got a chicken wrap today and it was bad they dont use the strips anymore and the meat was to salty and tasted like lunch meat if i want a lunch meat in my wrap i would have got ham other than that i love the place.

Dab Dad!

Best sandwiches you can get! Super friendly service. Highly recommend!

David Uhl

Great place to buy furniture

Anna Ralston

Everyone should come out here to shop. There are soo many items here. Food, gifts, furniture, outdoor tables,and chairs and even buildings. And donuts and spareribs. Also fresh vegies. Try it and you'll be surprised. Tell Delbert you heard this from me.

Dan Simmonds

Lots of beautiful furniture and great food. Any spice or baking item you need, they have. Lots of snack items and canned goods such as jams and pickled stuff. Great glazed donuts on the weekends

Joseph Stalbosky

andy creighton

Great, friendly people and an even better deli/bakery. Be careful though, don't go in hungry because you'll buy one of everything

Ohio Hunter

Yummy doughnuts

Harold Malaby

Nice store shows well but too pricey for this old timer.

Robert Fugate

Great place with freshness of everything.

Paula Bobadilla

Love it!

Maureen Parton


Rachel Spires

Great Deli

Pamela Stevens

Awesome doughnuts amish made

Gayle Weddle

Nice place, great for fresh produce and bakery items.

Jonathan Frizzelle

Nice deli. Great prices on deli meats.

westbender 820

Baked goods are delicious , especially the donuts and cracked wheat bread. A big selection of lunch meat and bargain prices. They also have bbq. The ribs are super. The only thing I've found I didn't like is the frozen deluxe pizza. Thawed it to bake and it had water running out of it. That got crust soggy which let melted cheese drip inside oven. Smokey mess.

Brenda Sponsel

Great Amish market with food, furniture etc.

Christine Mcmahan

Very home like and comfortable

Donna Spilker

Love this place..10 stars across the board Great Amish food. Friendly ppl. most anything u want is there.

Joyce Tull

Good deli and bulk food options

Deborah Watson

Furniture is so beautiful, spectacular mums on sale

Garrett Harper

Wonderful Christian people, great food, and unique products.

Reggie V. McKenzie

Awesome place! The staff and owner are phenomenal!

Ashley Waters

Exceptional homemade and fresh food. Great service and a welcoming atmosphere. We cannot wait tot return.

Kandy Riley

Great place

Jennie Palmer


The fresh smell of bread when you walk in is always a plus. Good homemade food and lots of neat candies and things to browse.

Nancy Vanderwoude

Great gifts and food

Beverly Hatfield

A good place to visit

Jeff Gast

Any kinda fresh food you want

Jennifer Hurst

Everyone inside The Home Place was very friendly and kind. The store was very clean and everything was well displayed. However, if you are looking for a genuine Amish store, I would say this isn't quite what you'll get from The Home Place. When you walk in you are greeted by the smell of the bakery (as per description on their website,) also the cool breeeze of their air conditioner. The high efficiency light fixtures made it easy for us to read the "Made in China, Taiwan, etc" labels on many of the home decor, items. My mother, boyfriend and I were all a bit disappointed. As per previous visits to Amish stores have been more authentic to their heritage. They did have local made honeys, jams, granolas, breads, and desserts, and other food items, which we made sure to grab while there. All in all the place is very nice, but not what at all what we were expecting.

Sandy Carrington

Love this place!

Aaron Pix

Try their deli sandwiches! Great portion and great price!!! They have a pretzel bun that is amazing! Just Great!!!

Susan Whittle

Best store ever!!

E Colwell

Great place for fresh food & Amish built furniture

James York Jr

Great variety of homemade baked goods and fresh cut meat and ribs.

Jenny Smith

Omg I so love shopping here! Lots of selection and great people.

Dawn Cheryl Vaughn

Best deli sandwich around. I love the cheesy herb bread. Donuts are amazing. Ribs on Fridays.


Yummy baked goods

Randy Mcgaha

Great donuts and pretzels!

Rachel Hauck

Great selection!

Deborah Miller

Love this store and the produce market out front!

Elizabeth Rayls

Beautiful place furniture food and deli

jason planck

wonderful store

Christine Gilreath

Best place around to get lunch meat. ...

Michael Harney

Tim Fisher

The Home Place is a great store with quality products. The staff are friendly and the food is excellent! My personal favorite is the steak sandwich on a pretzel bun. I also like the salads they serve. The store has a great atmosphere and is packed with furniture, food, and more. I highly recommend checking it out!

Timberly Hendricks

Stopped on lazy drive home from Shawnee. Some really nice plants ( mums )decor, snacks, baked goods and carry out meals. Shopped, ate and people watched from outside seating. Little pricey, but name your sweet tooth, or weakness and they probably have it!

Tim Barnes

Such a nice place great Amish feel little pricey but great products

Michelle Gilkerson

I have been going here since Delbert and Susan opened this store here. I used to drive to Seaman Ohio to Keims and Miller’s. But not since they opened. Delbert and Susan are wonderful people, nice, kind, and sweet. There children are the same. A store with a wide variety of homemade goods, deli, jellies, and other bulk goods. They have the best homemade granola and a sandwich club. Excellent service and food and people. Stop in and check there place out!

Catherine West

Awesome place. Products are great.

michelle gates

Shylla Far

Tate Cassady

Tasty treats, great food and wonderful craftsmanship

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