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REVIEWS OF The BonBonerie IN Ohio

Chris LaFave

EASILY the best bakery and Cafe I've been to. Our server for lunch was amazing and not only did our meals each taste incredible they looked incredible too. As for the bakery, out of all of the baked goods we tried I found it hard to pick a favorite because they were all so freaking good!


Opera Creme Torte is the best cake in the Tri-State.

Julie Kelly

Incredibly helpful staff and amazing baked goods

Alex Gillman

People are obsessed with this place. I've been a few times but still can't figure out why. The food is expensive but it's very average in taste. If it were cheaper I'd give it more stars. It's just one of those old Cincinnati places that has a good reputation from a long time ago.

Natasha Adams

Had a great time trying all the this place.

Katherine Blum

Had a cake tasting. A little disappointed they didn't have anything for us to drink... Designs are limited of getting specialty flavors.

Debbie Bill

Delicious fresh food, opera cream coffee, wonderful atmosphere!

Margi Chambers

Had a great time there. The people working were helpful and friendly. Everything was delicious. Can't 2ait to return.

sandra flaishmakher

Had my bridal shower at the tea room. Food was great, service was impecible and we had a great time! Love the tea room!


Great coffee and friendly staff but no vegan baked goods? Come on guys, it's 2019.

Patrick Grote

Three words. Opera. Creme. Cake. It's life changing. Everything is great here, but the Opera creme is phenomenal.

Gerald Triplett

Great place... If you haven't been there yet.. I strongly suggest you go for a visit..

Jill Keith

Great bakery goods and we chose it for a wedding cake

Justin Booker

Great desserts, excellent coffee

Kayla Kimble

Delicious food and whimsical atmosphere. I had a wonderful experience at afternoon tea and strongly recommend this establishment.

Rachel Ranz

Our wedding cake was beautiful and tasted amazing. Allison was great to work with and she made the whole process easy.

Liz Nolan

Not sure went there but my sister made staff mad at us so they wouldn't serve us. I'm disappointed I wanted to try it

Diana Ulm

Fantastic baked goods and service. You "Can't" go wrong!

Cheryl Burns-Kraft

Beautiful afternoon...Made a special birthday memories!

Richard Bryant

Yummmm. Went to the bakery and got a Pink Champagne cupcake. I was very happy with my choice.

Darielle Gulley

We just finished our cake tasting with Ali, The experience at BonBonerie (and with Ali) has been one of the most relaxed and stress free, while wedding planning. We were given ample tasting options, and they were plated and presented beautifully. The prices are very competitive and the experience clearly shows. I have no doubt they'll knock our reception cake out the park! I'll update my review after the wedding, but for now I'm one satisfied bride-to-be.

Tina Bates

Doux bonheur!! What sweet bliss this place is a dream. Mwah!

Prasad Shringarpure

Cute place to have good food and to spend time with your loved ones. They offer variety of tea and some amazing sandwiches and the lavender soda drink was something unique. Overall great service and ambience. I would definitely visit again and try something more.

Chanae Brown

It's a cute little place. It smells wonderful when you walk in. I love the selection of teas. The servers are really nice. It's just too crowded. I was only able to find one restroom and it was unisex with just one toilet, so I waited 10 minutes to use the restroom. The seats are very close together. There isn't a designated area for people who are waiting to be seating. The parking is very limited. I didn't get a chance to try the food, but I plan on going back. This will probably be a great cafe to visit during the week when it is not as busy.

holly jacobs

It was my mom's 83rd birthday and I was at work when I found out she was going to spend it alone and at home. You how hard it is to find a the constructed lemon buttercream cake at 3:45pm and you need it by 6pm. Well needless to say, I just went for absolutely the best place I could think of and made the call. I booked a reservation at Blinker's in Covington and The BonBonerie saved day with the most beautiful and delicious cake that looked as if I had the foresight weeks in advance of what could have been a very sad night indeed. Thank you to The BonBonerie for exceptional service, quality and the rare gift of timing.

Robbyn Otis

I love this place, EVERY ONE needs to experience this bakery/tea spot. I am taking my granddaughter here for a tea party in October.

Trent Willhite

Amazing and delicious. Fast and easy. If you need to get in and out you can. It's a great place to eat on a cold day and on a warm day. Its family friendly and the employees are great. The food was delicious. They have sweet and savory items that will make you salivate. Everytime I go I enjoy and great meal and dessert. Absolutely fantastic and I can't say it enough delicious and more delicious and also delicious.

Sarah Wenger

I had my wedding reception last night and they were supposed to be there at 5pm ended up forgetting about us and coming during the middle of entrees. The type of cake I picked out wasn't even the right one. I gave 1 star because at least the cake was made in advance.

Catherine Ampfer

Decadent & Delicious! Everything the BonBonerie creates is as beautiful as it is delicious. You can see and taste the care that goes into all they do. And always service with a smile. A very special place that is worth every penny!


This is one of my favorite bakeries. Everything looks incredible and there is so much attention to detail. If you go you have to try the white chocolate romance cake with the raspberry preserves. And the macarons are incredible!

Annie Cherian

One of the best brunch and coffee places in Cincinnati. I love their eclectic style of food and the ambience. My go to place when I want to rewind.

Danielle Bolton

Everything is delicious from here! I got a variety of items: cupcakes (opera cream, salted caramel), cookies (pig shaped cotton candy cookies) ladybug whoopie pies, champagne little cakes, and chocolate chip meringues. Everyone commented on how delicious everything was!!

Steven Shafer

The best bakery in Cincinnati, hands down. They make some of the most beautiful baked goods I've ever seen, and do not sacrifice an ounce of flavor. The Opera creme torte is my favorite dessert from anywhere in the world - MUST TRY!

Amanda Haynes

Always Fantastic Goodies. Prices are a bit high but so good

Christine R. Anderson

This bakery truly makes art. No bakery in the area can compare. Baked goods that are beautiful to present and delicious to eat.

chris hamm

The opera cream cake is my favorite! But the coconut and carrot come in at a close 2nd!

Sabrina H.

The desserts are amazing. The buttercream icing... words can't even explain how delicious they are. Great service too

Trav Cav

Perfect place to pick up some pasteries

Deana Jordan

We had the Afternoon Tea in the Cafe'. The waitress Amanda was very attentive and the 3 tiered tray of savories and sweets as well as the varieties of loose leaf tea was delicious and fun! At first they wanted to seat us in the very crowded cafe' room, but we didn't even have room to pull out our chairs to sit down. So after explaining to the waitress, she kindly sat us in the much quieter and more quaint alcove. Overall, it was a very nice experience. Deana and Janice

J Cafera

Just the best. Cakes and cookies are supurb and the decorating is awesome.

Michael Howell

The BEST carrot cake ever! My mom loved it! Baked fresh everyday!

Paul Andrews

My wife and I had our wedding cake made here years ago and they were amazing. Was delicious! Great customer service.

Monica McDowell


Jon Lanham

Was there on Friday for cupcakes and Cocktails. the cocktails were really great, and the snack was good. however, For $65 (130 total) per ticket i expected a better product. The cupcakes we were given were generic bland chocolate and Vanilla cakes. We also could not purchase any additional delights because the bakery was closed. Your staff was EXCELLENT. The waiter was very nice and helpful, and the cupcake decorator ladies were very nice and positive. However, for the price i expected much better cupcakes. The waiter did sneak me a molasses Cookie and it was delicious.

Beth Bokenkotter

I only wish there were 10 stars in the rating. The BEST bakery in town. The Opera cream cake is to die for!

James Tiller

First time here, walked in looked around, stood there, inn the middle of the floor. The people came in way after me, was asked before me for service. After I was told by an employee that they do have great cakes. Will have to find out one day!

Rachel Hannah

Princess tea was amazing! So much fun with Moana and Ariel!!

Joshua Hensley

One of the nicest bakeries I've been to in Cincinnati. It's very home like and have a very welcoming presentation. The size of this place is also remarkable, amble seating. We ate at the bakery area and I'm convinced there isn't a bad item in their line up. Highly recommend checking this place out if your in the mood for a baked good. Prices are also legit. For a price of cake and a scone it came out to around 7$. The slice of cake was large and excellent.

regina hogan

HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO MAKE YOUR 1ST STOP! FIVE STARS ISN'T ENOUGH FOR HERE. Superb cakes and service. Should be your number one stop for a wedding


Not cramped at all. Very nice layout. Had a nice tasting pear that the bakery was giving away

Zac Smith

They don’t have many bakeries like this anymore! Every dessert is hand made and delicious.

Angel Puckett

Elegant and classy goodness.

Lattecia Plear

I absolutely love BonBonerie. Been a customer for years but their wedding cakes are simply perfection! The quality was amazing and tasted like heaven. My wedding day was a perfect hit and the beautiful wedding cake from Bonbonerie made it even better.

Beverly Martin

First time customer, I had the chocolate torte and a mug of serenity herbal tea. I can't remember our waiter's name, but he was awesome and amazingly patient answering our questions. The torte was delicious, wish I had gotten a piece to go lol

Hasan Al Reza

The BonBonerie is one of the best bakeries and cafe in Cincinnati. The selection of cakes and other items is absolutely amazing. I ordered the Opera cream torte and it was made from triple chocolate and fabulous in taste. They even had my wishes written on the cake. Additionally, there are other options of cakes and cupcakes, with a gluten free option thrown in the mix. They also have a cafe and the staff are very warm and cheery.

Della Davis

Try "Death by Chocolate" ! Everything is A-#1 rated... Truly

Iso Tidjani

Great food, for only $3.75!!! Great for breakfast or afternoon snack.

Angela Wilcox

The baked items at the BonBonerie are beautifully crafted and the flavors are exceptional! So lucky to have this in Cincinnati.

Probably Possibly

Opera cream birthday cake was incredible.

Rebecca McLean

Holy cow it was amazing!

Tori Strain

The tea with characters is such a fun experience! It's scheduled for the right amount of time and includes the perfect amount of activities

Suzanne Partosa

Perfect place for all types of wedding!

Preston Louis

Great coffee

nina gettemy

Great art on the walls! Seriously refreshing to see real art that's not just a print.

Rich Bentley

Ordered a opera cream cake and stayed for lunch. In one word, Yummy.

Carlos Roman

The best cake and pastries in Cincinnati.

vladimir wolf

Cool place, yummy desserts, decent coffee. I wish I had this Turkey Reuben.. :(

Mr. Skeltal

Very good cake! I love cake!!!

S Edwards

The Opera Cream Cake is one of the best baked goods I've ever tasted. The flourless Sincere Chocolate Cake is THE BEST THING I'VE EVERY PUT IN MY MOUTH. The ladies there at BonBonerie are consummate professionals who clearly want me to get diabetes. (Don't let this scare you off--but I'm pretty sure the devil works in back somewhere.)

Melody Bruner

This place is so cute and they even have a huge bakery in the back. The chicken salad sandwich is the best one I've had. The cupcakes are amazing too. And our waitress was friendly and helpful. Thank you! This is now our go to place.

Carrie Trotter

Attended a tea party bridal shower. Very nicely done. Food was great!

Lucy Zhou

Very cute and cozy cafe! It was pretty crowded, but we got seated quickly. Next time I will come during the "off hours." I ordered the Not So Classic Italian Panini, which was delicious! I would highly recommend. Very flavorful deli meats and I loved the touch of white truffle oil. It comes with a side of kettle chips and a fruit skewer. My boyfriend got the house-made burrito, which was on their breakfast/brunch menu, with scrambled eggs, cheese, and sausage filling. He said he really liked his meal as well. Overall, I would definitely come back again!

Stephen Pierce

This is the kind of place that makes the world more charming just by existing in it.

josh halcomb

This place is amazing we drove an hour and half to get cream brulee and it was amazing staff was so kind this is a jewel in cincy if you haven't tried them yet you should get there.

Jaymi Semona

It pains me to say this because i have always loved the cakes here however, this past year and a half the cakes have been dry. I work at Children's Hospital and everyone uses BonBonerie for events. Everyone agrees that while the Icing is good the cake is dry. I took a cake to a birthday party at a Brewery two days ago and everyone that ate it said, "You should have gone to Abbys Cupcakes". The cake is too dry. Especially for the cost.

Red Velvet

Expensive but so good. I recommend the brunch service, the creme brulee french toast and cucumber sandwiches are to die for. Don't forget to check out the bakery, the best I've ever been to

Jung Hee

I want to say thank you for such beautiful and delicious cake! Your raspberry chocolate cake was such a hit at out dinner party! I don’t even like cake but your cake was so light and moist with just enough sweetness! It was rich and creamy chocolate with slight sweet and tangy from raspberries. I will be back a lot :)

Ebony Clay

Carrot cake is the best ever!!

Jamie Newsome

Absolutely love this bakery! Everything I've tried is wonderful. I'm particularly fond of their mini cheesecakes, but their other baked goods are also delicious.

Jon Nord-Crane

Fabulous place. A Cinci must!


Every dessert is beautiful and delicious! My fav place for a treat. Great coffee, too!

Rebecca Jones

Wished they had more gluten free options

Kevin Byrd

My wife's birthday cake was so beautiful and artistic she didn't want to cut it. But cut it we did...And we wrecked that thing. It was delicious. You can't ask for more than delicious art. Thank you for your skills and the time you put in to your craft. It is appreciated.

Walter Davie

Enjoyed my visit. Service was great, a bit pricey but quality and taste of food and desserts is very good.

Kaitlyn Runion

Best bakery in Cincinnati. We got our Wedding cake here. They're sold in a few shops and usually have opera cream and salted caramel cupcakes available same day. I wish they'd add Chocolate Rhapsody to the shops because it's divine, but I've never seen it available. Their main shop is super cute. You can go just for a light tea. This was also the only place we did a cake tasting for our wedding, and it was just amazing how well we were treated. We were able to try several gigantic pieces of cake and take them home to try later to pick our favorites. It was a perfect experience.

Venisa Blalock

The breakfast burrito & spinach quiche was delicious love the quaint atmosphere!


Just ate one of the best Reuben and cup of soup of my life! If your near by stop here and try so of there foods and pastries. Their amazing!


The food was delicious, the staff were friendly and helpful, and the cake we got from the bakery looks beautiful! We can't wait to eat it. I highly recommend this place!

Donna Ford

My manager bought me and a couple of coworkers here for afternoon tea, I do believe I was in heaven. When I come now I always leave out with loads of baked goods. By far the best in the city.

Nicole Merrill

Love their molasses cookies but really everything is to die for. I would really like to take one of their classes but haven’t had the opportunity to yet.

brian s

I mean, you can't go wrong here. Went for a wedding cake tasting the other day and there was a delightful experience. Of course the opera cream is a universal hit, but my favorite was actually the simple white cake with a raspberry jam in the icing. Perfectly prepared cakes and the service was just wonderful.

Susan Lennert

The BonBonerie takes baking to an art form. The prices are higher than a grocery store bakery, but the level of craftsmanship and the quality of taste and beauty of the items are worth the price! A Cincinnati treasure!

Peter Andreadis

Visited this bakery near my parents new apartment in Cincinnati. I had the most amazing Pecan Roll I've ever eaten there. Really nice selection of artisan treats. My iced coffee was pretty good, not perfect, but I drank it down quickly on a hot summer day.

brad Chaac

It is awesome. Everything is wonderful. Parking in there lit can be a pain as it is small. There is more parking on the other side of the one way street across from the entrance

B Brownlow

They absolutely crush desserts!! Little pricey, but you certainly get what you pay for. Haven't found a better sweets place yet!

renee king

Amazing attention to detail even the cookies, they take great pride in presentation and deliciousness of everything they make and serve

R Dumford

Pricey but worth it since very good food

Angry BeErrIn

I don't like cake but it smells nice

Kerry B

I read the reviews and was so happy to find a good bakery, until I went. Maybe it was an off-day, but they only had four flavors today - chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles, salted caramel cupcakes and Opera cupcakes. All were fine, but not special. I also inquired about a custom cake that I need in August, and was informed that I had to choose one of their flavors of the month or be charged an extra $20, JUST for requesting a different flavor from their wedding flavor list. Surely that is not correct? Unfortunately not the experience that so many others have had.

Broke Gamer Dad

Best bakery I've ever been to. The staff is super friendly and every sweet thing they have to offer is Scrumdiddlyumptious!

Faith Moyer

Always a delightful treat to visit this sweet shop .

David Wood

Cincinnati's finest bakery. Want to try their cafe.

Jeff Gottdownunder

Some serious sweet eats here. Salted caramel cupcake, Opera torte, carrot cake and tuxedo brownie I can proudly report as top notch. I want more. Sweet tooth approved.

HE Zigler

The finest cakes and pastries in all of Greater Cincinnati, and possibly the entire USA. Their quality has never varied in over three decades of our family's experience.

Amy Hartig

We come here once a year for my birthday because this place is amazing. However, when you practically have to sit people in the bathroom, maybe you've outgrown your space. What a bummer to have to sit in the dark bathroom hallway when you've looked forward to coming all year.

Christopher McDonald

The absolute best bakery in Cincinnati. The Opera cream torte cake and the carrot cake are my favorites. The cookies are delicious as well.


Highly recommend the opera cream torte!! Best cake I've ever had!!

A.D. Turner

Good stuff usually always a treat.

Virginia Gray

Best sweets bakery in Cincinnati. There's a reason so many local restaurants list their products on dessert menus. The opera cream torte is their signature cake, many are seasonal including the lemon summer cake with fresh blueberries. They also have a small cafe if you want a light lunch or snack.

Jo-Anna Benton

Spectacular homemade healthy food and desserts.

lauren Quante

Friendly atmosphere, quick service. This was my first trip and I got their opera cream cake, it was delicious. They even advised me of the best ways to serve the cake to give the best tasting experience.

Laura Duda

Lovely and yummy!

John Mirka

Excellent bakery! Love the custom cake!


I would genuinely die for The BonBonerie. The tea variety is so vast and they have something for everyone! I absolutely love how they bring the tea out in tea pots. The deserts are amazing and I love how you get a complementary cookie with the check. I have never tasted a bad thing here!

Terri Terrifenno

Excellent pastries and cakes and cookies. Always crowded, but, well worth it. Beautiful and creative cake designs for all occasions.

Kacy Eaves

always a love place, good food, fabulous desserts

Sarah Mac

My sister and I were having tea to celebrate her pregnancy. My service dog came along with us and the staff was incredible! They were very attentive, respectful, and even gave my dog a complimentary bacon strip! Our waiter recommended the pumpkin soup which was just incredible! I have been coming to the bonbonerie since I was 6 and have to say that this was the best time that I've ever been there.

Theresa Tesno

Bonbonerie has, hands down, the best cakes and baked products in Cincinnati. The cakes range from just sweet enough do decadent. No matter the level of sweetness, they are all beautifully decorated. The opera cream torte is their most popular, but I personally prefer the chiffon cakes. As for cookies, my favorite is the Coney island heart, which is a shortbread filled with a jam. The iced cookies range in design from elegant to playful and make perfect gifts. The marzipan is amazing, as are the lemon torts. For the Brit in your life, fresh scones and fresh clotted cream. Long story short, you will be hard pressed to find a bad dessert, but there are no sugar free options I have ever seen, so diabetics beware. I can't speak to the taste of the regular food. I can speak to the serenity and beauty of the outside sitting area, as well as the customer service. I am so glad my friend turned me on to this place last year.


Best sweets shop around. The opera cream cake is to die for!

Jinda Bowerman

If you love the smell of buttery goodness and sugar this is the place for you. Decadence and love permeates the location

Jennette C

Such a pleasant experience! Their desserts are beautiful and delicious (just like their slogan)! You can find anything from rich/decadent to light/refreshing. Fancy plating, whimsical decor, and helpful staff make this a nice place to visit.

John Evan

Opera cream torte to die for!

Peg Reed

The tea lunch is wonderful!

Katie Voorhees

Such a cute unique place. The food is awesome and the entire staff was so friendly

Joel Jones

No bakery in Cincinnati can compete with what they do. Everyone has to try their Opera Cream cake before you leave this city. They have a full Cafe and bakery, so make sure you go in and try anything. Great for a small group gathering. For big orders make sure to call in ahead.

Heather Gamble

I've always loved BonBonnerie. I come to the Cafe for lunch every year on my birthday and often get the opera cream cake from the bakery. Both the Cafe and the bakery never dissapoint! I would recommend this place to anyone.

Perry Wiggins

Bonbonerie...please open a location in Texas. I've searched all across the country and haven't found anything as amazing as the Opera Cream cake. So now I'm left with begging for a new location or franchise here in Houston. If you are Cincinnati, please go for me each Saturday, and I'll live vicariously through you.

Elli Field

I went in today to satisfy some pregnancy cravings and the bakery had a sweet surprise for me ❤️

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