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5580 Ridge Rd, Parma, OH 44129, United States

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Where is Rudy's Strudel & Bakery?

REVIEWS OF Rudy's Strudel & Bakery IN Ohio

Bob Saringer

Excellent food/pastries

James Rice

Always friendly staff, great bakery in the area

charlotte jakiel

Look forwared to going everytime in town the best service and best food

Bruce Anderson

When you eat strudel from Rudy's magical thinks happen.

Don Bill

Nice place.will go again

TheOne S2K

Embarrassing little place, I am Polish my self and when I went in recently the place was empty. Almost nothing on sale a tray of left over kolaczki , some tortes, tiny little bags of 6 pierogi for almost $7. Uninviting atmosphere very dark, I didn't get a welcome or a good morning when I entered from sales people. Wstyd I chanba po prostu, woke pujsc do lwiwa i w inne miejsca. Ciemno po nuro a na sprzedarz nic prawie nie ma.

Tomie Craig

Good pastry

Maria Leon

The tirumasu was delicious and the strudel the best there is!! Awesome the best that I gave had!!

Mark Spear

Loved It


They have great bakery and pierogis and keilbasi! Staff is friendly...

Kristal Dadisman

Worth the drive

Betty Hitzler

No explanation necessary! Awesome.

Gladys Gamble

Best strudel. Always chewy and crisp where it needs to be.

Trish Kara

Good bakery items...prices are marked - YAY! And the girls behind the counter are wonderful!

Shelly Buher

Today was my first time there and I will be back!! Paczki's are amazing! I love the savory ones! Everyone there was so amazing ~ great staff!


Great pierogis

Lindy Burdyshaw

Very friendly staff

Tony Williams

Very friendly and awesome pastries

Patrick Biller

Pączki like whoa! Phenomenal strudel! Friendly personable proprietor! It gets no better!

Denise Muehlhauser

Good, not over the top. Casada cake filling is one of the best. Icing was butter cream instead of whipped cream, that is just wrong.

Rocky Neale

Great Patzcki.....

Mechelle Carper

Awesome poppyseed roll!

Joseph Koch

Friendly staff and great pastries to choose from!

Nick LaVecchia

Best perogi I have had in a long time

Joshua Brickman

Good place!!

Cheryl Maruniak

Good Chinese cookies.

Jennifer Gates

Paczki's, Pierogies, and Pastries Oh My! This place is the real deal! The sweet Polish ladies in the kitchen make all the delicious treats. The owner, Lidia is an absolute delight and has great passion and pride to provide authentic goods for the community. You will thoroughly enjoy anything you purchase from here.

Cheri Eiduke

A wide variety of fresh, homemade breads and dessert

doreen monnolly

Great place, great food and great people!

Carol Line

Delicious fresh bakery. Handmade pierogies are delicious too!

lion time lion

Love this place! Sadly I have to come back tomorrow for my custard Packzi! They are out at 1:15!

Scott R

Service with a smile. If you're in the area go here!!

Mike Bankowski

Best in town

Sue Gallon

Awesome pierogies

Shane Brandes

Great food, but the staff doesn't know the difference between prunes and poppyseed.

1 GrandpaJim

Our favorite bakery for kolaczky! Check out their pirogies while you are there!

Dale Chan

Excellent pastries and friendly service.

Abby Nichols

Staff as sweet as their goodies! 10/10 would recommend

Sue Collander

Our pierogis source was sold out by 9:30 am. Always wanted to try Rudy’s so we set off to find them. What a fabulous surprise. Beautiful foods and smells everywhere. Spent a silly amount of cash on CARBS!!!!

shawn morris

Wow what a place to stop in. Will be back again.

Cherri Tischer

Everything was great and good prices too!

Mia Zmi

Yum! Best strudel.

chef1 1chef

First time trying Rudy's worth the trip from lake county. Will be back.

Bill Schram

Great bakery. Poor service. I was there at 11:30 on a Thursday, 8 people in line, 1 person behind the counter helping customers. It took a half an hour to be waited on. No separate line for for pre-orders. This is why people by bakery at Walmart.

Rick Nase

Just a fabulous place! Never disapointed.

Matthew Hlywiak

Got order wrong even though they were too lazy to take it. I had to do their job and write down my own order only for them to get it wrong. # disappointed. Sad cuz I was a first time customer

Michael Smith

Friendly staff and great Pierogies.


Always fresh and reasonably priced bakery! Unbelievable service with a smile and conversation. Never had a bad experience in all the years we have been patrons.

Philip Sefcovic

It's just a great place.

Al Martin

Great business, even learned the traditional way to make it there when a class was offered. Cant get a better strudel anywhere else.

Chessey Lynn Kristoff

Excellent assortment of delicious goodies! Many desserts to choose from and also pierogi's and other ethnic dishes to take home!

Raul Bowers

This is, ideal strudel aside of cakes and dounts they dominate flakey pastry. They do not have donuts. Buy a cookie!

Amanda F W

Paczki are definitely worth the travel and wait! Rudy’s has a lovely and welcoming staff, and the best pastries around. And the pierogies are so good - make sure to stock up.

Mitchell Reinhardt

This the best place for bakery and pierogis!!!!


Good bakery.

Mollie Yeager

Best pierogies around!

Darlene Mis

Good bakery

Joyce Hachadourian

Pleasant wait staff, lots of choices, prompt service

Toni Weiss

Huge variety but barely anything inside the filled donuts and expensive

Amanda Regner

Very good homemade pierogies and meringue cookies. EXTREMELY friendly employees.

Bridget Muniak

As a former resident of Ohio and I have many relatives in Ohio and Parma, I now have to reside in Arizona. It would be really wonderful if you could expand the family bakery out to Arizona and show them how true ethnic baking is really done. You could start out in Mesa, then extend out to Chandler and Scottsdale Arizona. Thank you. Bridget in Mesa, Arizona

Gabriel Zarzour

Pierogis are spectacular.

Roger Abood

Superb strudel,Pasco,breads always!Excellent cheerful service!

Helen Sam

The BEST Place :)!

Tom Rericha

I removed my review because I'm hoping it was enough to wake up Lidia to where she has taken her mother's business. This once great place can be that again. Has always been One star rating since posted.

Susan Dowell

Best service ever!!!

Jessica w

Never heard of this place but someone brought there food into work and wow. Im in heaven it is so good. I guess I'm eating a apple pazcki.. but its filled full of an amazing apple compote mixture and they don't skimp on the filling. These are amazing.

Lisa814 Lucas

The best perogies in parma,i also love the bearclaws

Wilfredo Crespo

For a small shop, they sure have a lot of goodies;

herb a

Best kolachki in the STATE OF OHIO!! MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH


Friendly people and really good product!

Donna Olenik

Unfortunately my experience on 2/16/15 was not the best. I ordered 1 dz, and the filling was sparse and the dough was very dry. I had moisten the dough in my mouth with coffee so I wouldn't choke on them. I wanted 2 prune "punchki" and got 2 poppy seed instead. We have purchased a variety of bakery from Rudy's & this time was not a favorable result. We were very disappointed! I did order my bakery ahead of time & picked them up on Monday to avoid the rush.

Admin Iron Man

Homemade pierogies! Awesome!

Lalah Dixon

Good dtrudel dantish

Kyle Elrod

Strudel cookies and nut roll ..awesome

Ashley Walker

Sad Paczki day 2019 for Rudys on my end at least. I came by early morning to find people stacked inside and no one leaving but yet no one saying what was going on. After waiting a while and needing to leave for work i picked up food from the food truck only to hear from them that Rudys hadn't had any Paczkis for over an hour. I did a quick google search and found colozzas up the street with extremely fast and efficient service and delicious packzi. Later in the day i came back to find a longer wait of 3hrs. Not sure what was going on but was very disappointed.

Nataliya Yashchishin

Great selection ,fresh and delicious

Joe Becker

Excellent Polish bakery

sara jovanovic


Bogdanna K

Their kolachku are amazing...always friendly service

Lawton Whiteaker

Greatest pastry

Tyler Owens

A wonderful little bakery. All the polish baked goods you could ask for. The best paczkizs.

cindy wilson

Good stuff.

Haidi Mikhail

Amazing job the cake. Thank you.

Patricia Karabowicz

Quite a variety of European bakery items. Plus, they host a number of FUN events.

Rae Vinall

All good. Didn't think the nut roll was good at all..lacks nuts filled w something else

Bill Zimo

Great creations of pastries

Patricia Cholewa

Pierogi's and pastry are excellent.

Shauna Smullen

Excellent Bakery pierogies outstanding

Sue Krutso

Rudy's has the finest cherry strudel and cheese pastry .

Jeff Scott

Great Perogies! Baked goods too...

Linda Wagener

Disappointed one word tasted stale

Luke Schaffer

Clean and busy location with great choices

W. Paul Borkowski

Very limited seating, good strudel. They sponsor many community causes.

Lydia Erickson

Rudy’s has the best Paczki!!

Crystal Conner

Nice, love the baked goods

Sergio Morales

Love it

Erica Sexton

This place is amazing! The staff we're super cherri and friendly and helpful. They were all so patient with me even though there was people waiting. Plenty of parking. Easy to notice from the road. The storefront was larger then I was expecting. Most bakeries you can only fit five people or so comfortably. So many dessert options to choose from! I went for the Christmas story pierogies. I was lucky and they had them Frozen and fresh. They were definitely amazing! They also sell pierogies in other flavors highly recommend you try them. I do plan to go back for some Christmas cookies. They had everything that I'm used to seeing around the holidays and it all looked perfect. You can tell this place is in business to do it right and not just to simply make a buck. They truly care about their product and their customers. I highly recommend

Jeanne Dobos

It's the best!

Frank Yako

Best pierogis in the area, the Rudy's Team is so committed to both Parma and CLE, thank you!

Spider Doll

This was our first stop on our annual Paczki run. We arrived around 8am coming from the Lorain area, so we traveled quite a distance to try this place out. We had heard that they had amazing Paczki. We unfortunately never got to try one

Melinda Kardos

Wonderful ❣️

William Bilski

Great strudel

Wanda Jarema

Best Kolaczsky. I used to make my own. Now, I don't have to!

Karen Langmeyer

The bakery is clean and staff is friendly. All the bakery is fresh and melt in your mouth. I would recommend going to Rudys.

Ken Vargo

Ok bakery. Nut roll didn't have a lot of flavor.

Jane Doe

Paczki is better than any other and I've had my share in my life. The employee attitude needs replicated everywhere they are beyond nice. The rest of the baked goods are top notch.

Claudio Ibarra

As far as I'm concerned, there is no other Polish bakery in Cleveland. They are simply the best. Great food, great people! I'll be coming back again and again. Also, they make FANTASTIC pierogi.

Michael Cristino

Of you have nothing better to do on Fat Tuesday than stand around waiting for donuts then this is the place to go. Waited 45 minutes to give them my order and then they told me it would be another hour to fill it not great customer service if you ask me. I guess that's why they serve beer to their guests as they walk in the door at 8 in the morning

nobody name

Kolaski heaven and poppy seed cake on plane. Cant leave without these!!

David Goebel

Delicious and authentic. Friendly staff.

Brian Reed

This is the best bakery in Cleveland! A bit small but they have a huge variety of deserts, breads, and pastries. Old school European bakers with recipes handed down for generations.

g k

Puts the "mmm" in yummy!

Chuck Burrows

Great bakery. Worth the drive.

Bill Krizner

Unbeatable. Bakery breads and ethnic food.. ..ten stars!!!

Christopher Davis

Pazcki quality has declined in recent times. Ordered half a dozen and was sad that they were stale. Butter cream was very tasty , but dough was less than desirable.

Don Smith

Awesome place to get your Paczki, pierogi's, strudel and cakes. The savory Paczki are badass.

Shana Black

Worth the drive. The savory packzi were delish


This is my FAVORITE place to get pierogies from! However we preordered them for Christmas this year and when we went to pick them up, they had a long wait and almost couldnt find the ones we ordered. They also had people waiting for kolacky and the owner was complaining about all the people waiting. She was very loud and rude about it. I felt she should have been excited to have so many people wanting her product. Kind of turned us off :( a few other customers left upset too.

Traci Majchszak

A very friendly and inviting environment. Customer service along with everything else is nothing short of amazing! Definitely my go to place. Just love Rudy's!

Anastasia Zhuk

By far best bakery ever!

Cindy Hawsman

I waited in line in the cold for more than an hour and a half. Their website DOES NOT say you have to preorder. By the time I made it to the front they were out of everything. No more pierogies, strudel, cookies. And they were not making any more. So I said to Lydia, You're out of pierogies? and she ripped my head off. Yes, that's right we're out of pierogies, Oh well! Their website also DOES NOT mention that some things are ONLY available thru special order. I was very upset over the attitude towards me after spending hours there. Customers should have been made aware that there were no longer making anything. I was not the only one in line who hadn't preordered. The customers who had preordered had to wait in the same line as me. Lydia made a comment too that her teenage staff hadn't eaten all day. They opened at 7:00 AM the Friday before Easter. I was there at 12:00. I guess she hasn't heard of child labor laws! This place is poorly ran. The bakery I did buy was good but I can get just as good or better at any other bakery.

Laura Fix

Strudel and pierogies!! Out of this world!

Peggi Tustan

Best paczki! Mocha is my favorite.

ammar abdelhaq

Great service!

shawn holt


Joanne Richendollar

Great perogi, delicious pastry

Kathy Swallow

Great place

Pierre Kuluris

Best perohie in town ( potato cheese my choice) old fashioned bakery great choice.

June Fiedler

I ordered an all butter loaf on or about Oct 13 for a pickup on Tue 10-23-18. To be picked up on my way to Hopkins Airport as I was flying home to Las Vegas on that date.when I arrived they had NO BUTTER LOAF.... DIDN'T EVEN SEEM TO CARE ....THEY DIDN'T HAVE ONE...AND A VERY WEAK APOLOGY. WHAT HAPPNED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE. WON'T TRUST THEM AGAIN.

Christy Wilkie

Homemade goodies that remind you of what your grandmother used to bake for you. Their chicken paprikash is delicious

Jill Pike

Excellent old world baking!

Sandy Johnson

Fantastic strudel and everything else we've tried has been very good.

Bob Brown

Great Bakery!

Matt bohnert

Awesome place!!! Great service and great baked goods!

Renee Holt

This Polish Girl thinks Rudy's bakery Rocks!

John Wedow

Great pierogies to go, and the haluski is good when it's available

roberta russo


Renita Oakes

Fantastic bakery.

luv musl

The apple black berry butter ring was AMAZING!!. for less than a price of a dozen donuts u can get the best tasting pastry thats the size of a pizza!!!! Eating here often

Kevin Hawkins

A truly unique place. Really great Paczki, Strudel, and more. You can get your polka on here. Also friendly service too. A can't miss experience on Fat Tuesday. And remember, Paczki does not equal doughnuts.

Elia Burgos

I've been waiting 3 years since the first time I tried a paczki. It was every bit as good as I remembered. Hough bakery paczki is my favorite. Visited today (paczki day) and it was packed but the atmosphere was so festive I didn't mind waiting. The ladies at the counter were the nicest. Loved this place and their product.

Tony Acierno

Awesome people!

Gene DeWerth

Top shelf to the gals and the gals for always great service and goodies. Can't wait to try the xmas pierogies!

David Rakich

Excellent service!! Couldn't believe I got out so' Good Friday!!! They were so busy! The BEST strudel!!

Mary Pat Jeffers

Oh my, the BEST Poczki's I have ever had. Don't get them at Giant Eagle (and I love my Giant Eagle) anymore!!!!! They have about twenty different kinds too.

Karla Pasket


Robin Helbig

Great polish bakery

Megan and Jeff Eckstein

Great pierogi's!!

Toni Baechtel

Oh my GOSH!!!! I was floored at the amazing selection, helpful, friendly staff. Quality bakery!!!!

William Avsec

Outstanding food and beautiful people. It makes my heart Happy.

Gary McClendon

Great pastries every time we are in town we get dozens of the Kolaczkis.


Very busy at Easter but still got in and out quickly with our strudel order placed earlier in the week. Great selection of other bakery.

Luke Kuryluk

The best bakery in Cleveland! Hands down!

martin Brooker

They are so good that instead of eating one of them with my hands I used a fork and knife like it was a meal to savor.

Lynn Jarosz

A really wonderful place! The girls were soo nice and sweet! Definitely going back! Great pastry!

Lisa Oberly

Great old fashioned pastries perogies soups everyone in there is super sweet and nice

Paul Lemcool

Friendly people and great baked goods

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