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1930 Pearl Rd, Brunswick, OH 44212, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rito's Bakery & Deli IN Ohio

Tina Blankenship

Very authentic Italian deli and bakery

Manolis Sarandou

Made a super amazing cake with short notice when other companies were saying no. Highly recommended!

Joyan McCormick

Found this place by accident. Glad I did!!! Homemade bread that was out of this world. Canollis we're fantastic! So much to choose from. Case after case after case of sugar laden goodies. They even had a couple sugar free options too. Everyone there was so nice. If you are having a party or wedding reception look into this place. They offer a stuffed cannolli. It's this huge cannolli stuffed with a bunch of little cannolli's. Show stopping. I will go back to this incredible find some day.

rev reeves

Some of the best sandwiches and baked goods and Italian specialty items I've ever had

Lisa Smith

Ken Sales

Wonder place best bakery ever!

Joe Watson

Neapolitanio sandwich is the best five dollars money can buy. Very reasonable deli counter, and the kitchen is immaculate(clean.) Cookies are the best Italian style in Cleveland.

Crystal Terstage

Everything is amazing!!!!

Doc Loomis

BIG BIG bakery! Like to go and have them make me a fresh deli sandwich then eat-in. I can only offer a 4/5 on the canoli's which was a tad disappointing....

Ruth Thompson

eL8d Brandt

No one makes cakes better than these guys!!!


I visited this place on a regular basis around 10 years ago, mostly for cream puffs, napoleon squares and Italian bread.. but haven't visited since then, until this month. It isn't like it used to be. Pastries are smaller and don't taste as good as they used to. Italian bread is ok, tho doesn't feel as soft/fresh as it used to. Plus side is they have good gluten free cookies

Dia Mclaughlin

Rito's is larger than you think. It's a little cafe and bakery all in one.

Josephine Iannelli

Rito's made my son's first birthday cake and everyone commented on what an amazing cake it was!! It was absolutely perfect. It was decorated like Mickey Mouse and my son lit up when he saw it. And so delicious! It truly couldn't have been better. Jim Rito did an outstanding job. I can't thank you enough for making Joseph's birthday a big hit.

Rikk Sullenberger

OMG! Picked up one of the corned beef sandwiches. Just wanted a taist, the sandwich was done before I left the parking lot. I'm Soooo weak.. but it was Soo good. This place is absolutely AMAZING! Frozen pizza hand made on site. Cookies, pasta, deli meats. I will be back soon!

Carol Naysmith

Kirk Scharein

Casada cake for graduation is awesome!

Lyndsay Shafer

This place is a must stop at place if you are in the neighborhood. Try their single servings of pies!

amal sliman

Brian King

Great bakery and deli. Tons of Italian goods. Delicious pasterys.

Craig Miller

Best bakery around

Carolyn Gerk

Love the ladylocks!

Kathy Prorock

One of a kind Italian deli! Love their Italian sausage, fresh deli meats, cheese and olives!!

Jamie Singh

Love there food

Kimberly Kurtz

Richard Foderaro

Casada cake headquarters. Great bakery, and has been for years.

Marylou Boggess

Really awesome lady lochs

Dena Ward

As soon as you walk in, Bam! The smell of all the fresh baked goods, so yummy! Almond cookies were fabulous! I'll have to stop back and try more. Love the cake designs too.

Linda Zavcer

My husband and I enjoy shopping there. Great food. Nice people.

Nate Heinen

This place is excellent. As an Italian from out of state, I can vouch that they do it right. I tried the hot corned beef sandwich, which was kept simple, and tasted great. High quality ingredients. Finished it off with some outstanding cannoli, always filled fresh, as it should be. Highly recommend!

Robert Day

Jessica Sipp

El Presidente

Angel wings

KAREN K Fisher

Huge variety of bakery items. We always find a new pastry to buy and enjoy. They take orders also. The fresh bread is very good. They also have a deli. Not all clerks have friendly faces.

Theresa O'Hamann

Lady Locks.....mmmmmm.... delizioso

Jean Nahrstedt

Best bakery in Brunswick. Awesome corn beef sandwich. Last minute cookie trays for the holidays. Check it out ☺

ShaneMarlie Hotchkiss

Rito’s did an amazing job on our wedding cake! Amazing taste and great price!

Mark Monte

The best Italian bakery around!

Deirdre Langer

We stopped in last weekend as our daughter is getting married at the end of the month. She decided last minute to have a bakery bar at the reception. Picked up a couple pasteries and collected information about ordering. The ladies were extremely informative and took the time to explain all the options. We stopped back today with our daughter, ordered 2 large pastery trays and 10 pounds of Italian cookies. My daughter was thrilled with the bakery and she also chose her wedding cake. What's even more amazing, they remembered who we were.

Brian Wagner

The cannolis are absolutely to die for.

Diane S


Emmanuel Kostakis

The best

Victor Neura

Rosemarie Keene

Best bakery in Marina county

Kodak Firedog

Mohankrishna Vedam

Good place for any special events baking needs. Fast and good service with nice staff.

Mark Keating

Amazing traditional Italian bakery. Can't recommend strongly enough for pastries or special occasion cakes.

Rosieken Jaworski

Todd Ryneer

Rufus Nelson

Always loved the ladies! Everything's always fresh and top-shelf quality

Sheila Miller

The best bakery and deli around. Love everything here.

Yvonne Dick

Wonderfully authentic. I ordered a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. The cake was moist and the frosting was not stiff, more of a whipped texture. I also bought a few Italian groceries like a jar of bruschetta, box of noodles & extra virgin olive oil. There is a small open deli fridge with cheeses and meats, etc. Plenty of sweets! Plenty of goodness in this store! It's a great location too, good parking and not a lot of traffic (right past Hollo's).

Chessey Lynn Kristoff

So much goodness you can't make up your mind! The olive selection is great! Desserts are superb! Staff is friendly and patient!

jason reese

Bring the cash expensive! But good!

Debi Montz

Great food and pastries.

Wendy Mosnja

Best canollis anywhere

Nancy Moran

Jennifer Vanhimbergen

Great real bakery, pasta and deli

Judy Wickham

Really don't have to say a much about this place it was fantastic

Marianthie Vourliotis

It became a tradition 30 years ago for my father and I to run in to get each other cannoli's for birthdays, bad days, or just because, from the neighborhood Rito's Bakery in Parma, and I still get to carry it on now at the lone Brunswick location! Plain or chocolate dipped, mini, regular, or GIANT sized (yes, they sell a gigantic cannoli shell stuffed with dozens of mini cannolis!) they got you! They have an extensive fresh deli selection as well, selling specialty salads & side dishes, meats, cheeses and made to order sandwiches. You can also purchase their homemade lasagnas, eggplant parmesan, etc by the tray in their freezer, along with artisanal breads & imports from well stocked shelves & displays. All this, of course, provided you make it past the bakery display cases and aren't too embarrassed by the trail of drool you're leaving all over the glass!

David Rushton

Megan Morris


Wide selection!

Kevin Morris

Julie Cork

sowmya bhuvanapalli

Michael Cipolla

They have good food for the price

Thomas Tezanos

If you go in and order a sandwich you will never go to a fast food restaurant again. Unbelievable

nicole Dusina

Did a wonderful job on my wedding cake and amazing job on grandparents 60th anniversary cake


Wonderful. A staple of family visits to Cleveland. Proper pizza, great cannoli. Authentically Italian American in everything except the awful country music playing throughout.

Jessica Baker

I was at the Italian Festival in Cuyahoga Falls this afternoon and bought cannoli and tiramisu. Hands down the best cannoli I have ever had. The tiramisu is pretty awesome as well. I would definitely buy from Rito's again if they were closer to me.

Melissa E. C

Wow, but pricey on delivery.

Hailey Gladwin

Susan Coffman

Amazing gluten free almond cookies. My favorite! No one comes close to their cannoli, either!

ʟʊʟʊ ɮɛaʀ

Barbara Gifford

The best Italian bakery around! Amazing cakes, sandwiches and treats galore!

Mary Bernard


Yum yum lots of goodies

Thomas Alan House, Jr.

We have been ordering cakes from Rito's about 4 times a year since we moved here from FL and not once have we been disappointed. They taste amazing! The kids love going in for some pastries or for when we order cakes for any ones birthdays! The staff is always kind and helpful, AND PATIENT, when you have 3 kids bouncing around trying to order everything they see it is very nice of them. THANK YOU RITO'S!!

Robert Park

Aidyl Caraballo

Carole Vorisek

Great selection of bakery. Nice atmosphere.

Doug Shinn

Bryan Sirak

Awesome Bakery I have never had anything that dis nor taste wonderful and the folks that work here are awesome as well.

Diane Pfenninger

Awesome bakery. The best cannoli's I have ever had. I would recommend them to anyone.

Miki The Mint Needle

Wonderful custom cakes, great food choices and desserts!

David Stehman

Love this place great food cakes can't go wrong with anything you get

Nancy Drew

Went first time today. Huge building and everything looked appealing. Bought tiramisu and Neapolitan. Awful! Tiramisu cake was dry and no mascarpone! It had heavy whipped butter cream or some sort of a heavy frosting, tasted coffee like that's all. Neapolitan, I used a knife and yet I couldn't cut it! It had some sort of wafer separating a big blob of "heavy cream cheese and heavy frosting". I am throwing both out in trash! Got another apple strudel, tasted good. I don't know if my two pastries were old or wrongly assembled. I don't think a big blob of frosting is normal

Taylor Laviera

Their cannolis are great and really cheap and their baked goods are awesome! Rito's did our wedding cakes and they were beautiful and delicious! My only complaints were that they didn't have a very wide selection as far as decoration goes, and they gave us the wrong flavor for the top tier of our cake, but we didn't mind too much. I would still recommend them for sure!

christina reeves

Prices were ok. Workers were friendly. Very clean place but It is nothing special. They do not mark their bakery items so you have no idea how much anything cost or even what it is. I will not go back.

Veronica Cintron

Knot Hyr

Cakes are over priced and dry

Ron DeMichael

Debra Behrens

Chris Partezana

A stop that we always make when we visit. Rye bread (with seeds) is excellent. Large selection of gluten free products. Try their dried sausage.

Sarah Stolph

flower medley

So many desserts!!!!!!!!!

Jayne Culbertson

Yum! My husband loves the cannoli's! I even found some gluten free options which were delicious! Definitely worth stopping at and picking up some baked goods!

Dennis Wyatt

Mary Wilson

(Translated by Google) Married cake !!!!!! (Original) Casada cake!!!!!!

Maria Dersch

Italian cookies are yummy

Judy MacDonald

Loved the graduation marble cake!

Amy Chesterson

Excellent bakery!

Jerry West

Great little bakery Only make it up there 1-2 a year. But when we do always stock up.

Sharon Notargiovanni

Good place to get a sandwich.

Najeh Itayem

Really friendly staff and wide variety of bakery and deli items

William Steiner

Vincent Innocenzi

Jayci Dahm

Good food

Caine Alexander-McCord

Fantastic. Worth the drive from anywhere. Good prices, too.

Christina Rutter

Matthew Martin


Most amazing bakery ever

Jim Houser

Benjamin Lackey

Amazing food

Lois M

Dean Grygier

Dan Romaine

fantastic & authentic italian bakery & deli. imported goods. cookies. fresh bread daily. cakes. sandwiches. etc. etc. etc.

Thomas Gordon

Always stop when on the west side visiting family. I find the time to stop and am from eastlake, You know its worth it...

Debbie Krause

So many delicious treats to choose from. They can customize just about any cake you can think of and they do a great job at it! Highly recommend

April Reeder

Anna Reese

Ken Byers

Authentic Italian eats and bakery!

Gina Marie Adams

Your cake was delicious. You made my moms birthday very special. The only problem was.. I didn’t order enough.. next time I’ll double the order.. thank you Ritos. From Gina and mom.. The cake read, Happy Birthday, To the most beautiful mom ..



Ali Rufo

Loved it. Very nice.

patrick johnson

rude service and all around bad place.

Kathy Mcmanus

Their food are always top notch

Carolyn Thomas

Yummy desserts

Larry Brewster

Good food and bakery


Not a large variety, but the canoli was good

Barbara Ferrier

Enjoy the honey roasted turkey breast and Italian bread.

Tim Valus

Great bakery and deli

Queenie Nottellin

Best Angel wings in all of Ohio!

Matthew Rasanow

Christa Whiteman

Beverly Wetherill

Cynthia Romaine

The cake was adorable with a pic of our birthday boy in his name. The marble with whipped frosting is so yummy! Don't forget to order a cold Pizza to go with it, kids love it

JJ Golden

Lots of choices. Cannoli are great. Cool cakes

William Davies

Only problem there is too much good

Bryan Earle

Madeline Kiss

The best pastry and pizza


Awesome bakery!

Braedon Kava

Sara Fox

The cannoli, pizzelles, and cookies are amazing!

Cheryl May

David Rakich

Excellent service....and the best bread& the sourdough bread!!

Louise Dombrowski

I needed bakery to take to a 4th of July party. I picked up an assortment of cookies the day before then made my own tray. They were barely touched; so dry and tasteless. I was embarrassed! Never again!

melynda evar

Very good

Lisa Alsarray

Customer service was not very pleasant. I will not be returning there. And everything I purchased tasted old.

Ed Bowers

Helena Sheets

I like their pizza

Bill Gasper

Great bakery large variety of products. And fresh excellent deli too

Deb Brabenec

Used too love this place when Parma location was open. Now we have a hard time. Husband drove out to Brunswick this morning and they weren't open. Not even a sign on the building stating their hours! It will probably be a long time before we try again because it's no longer close to us. That's a shame

Dennis Flemng

outstanding choices from meats to pastries to pizza and world famous gigantic cannoli

Tracey Adams

Extremely disappointed.... ordered a birthday cake for my son's birthday... cake made completely wrong. Cake tasted horrible, the frosting was all crisco and tasteless. Thankfully my nephew took it to college for the boys to eat, otherwise in the garbage it would have gone.Called to talk to management and they never returned my call. Will never order anything from them again. My family gets stuff from them and is now turned off by the whole situation as well. Everyone is disappointed in their lack of response :( wish I would have read some of the other reviews first.

Christina Palechka

Great bakery

Matt Swihart

This is the place to go for fancy bakery

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