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12101 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106, United States

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REVIEWS OF Presti's Bakery IN Ohio

Amber Garcowski

I miss the days when Presti's sold donuts, but we still really enjoyed our visit.

Lily Lenington

One of my go to places in Cleveland to satisfy my hunger. Excellent and quality food. Amazing pastries it makes you wanna cry because it's so good. They have some gluten free options which is nice but should add more in the future.

Evan Trimble

Was hoping for more. Good, but not worth a trip back


A great place for Desserts

Kaitlin Seibert

This is the best place in the universe

Laura Feher

0UTSTANDING place to eat&bakery old world-style...stay awhile&enjoy the atmosphere

Nancy Thrams

Love tiramisu with cappuccino! Great dessert and people watching. And don't forget to take a number.

Eat Meat

Awesome desserts. We come at least once a year for the feast but we try and come back again for delicious desserts. I can never get enough sfoigliatelle, cannoli, cassata cake, etc. Maybe next time we'll come inside to enjoy the whole experience.

Zira Jenkins

Today was my first time there and I was not disappointed! I got a lemon bar (it was more of a lemon pound cake) and it was incredibly delicious. I will be returning to try more of their menu items

Kathryn Hunter

I can't say enough good things about this place. It's always delicious and fun. It's often crowded so go when you have the time to park, take a walk, and enjoy your treats. Or show up early and grab danish to go for the office!

Bobbi Gargac

Wide variety of Italian desserts. Cannolis with creamy ricotta and chocolate chips were delicious. Stracciatella gelato was excellent.

Shayna Bach

We stopped by for some cannoli to go on a weekend morning. Took a number and waited for 25 minutes. Place was packed. More than a little chaotic behind the counter. Six or seven people serving with absolutely no teamwork. A surly manager who glowered at the customers. How about helping out a new staff person with a gigantic order ? Or someone who does coffees well & fast on barista at your busiest times rather than whomever happens to be helping you get your cookies. I go back for the quality of the desserts they offer and the atmosphere. Lots of light and sitting room. Ordering take away an entirely different experience altogether.

richard donaldson

a nice detour for yummy treats. it's always busy and not for those in a hurry. it's not convenient for parking but it works somehow. the regular coffee is just okay. I never tried the expresso, but I might the next time. overall great.

Patty H

Delicious cookies, lots of variety

David Rogers

Absolutely best bakery in town and has been for decades

Mike Betts

Every Clevelander should make a trip to Presti's...unique, special, great quality and always a fun crowd that loves being there.

John Vollmer

Super wide offerings. Not everything tastes as good as it looks. Everything is weighed; can be pricey. A landmark.

Presley Ellsworth

Wow!!! The Panini was so good and the cookies were delicious. Can't wait to go back.

Justin Long

Very good food at a very good price. You really can't go wrong. Just be ready for a line at popular times.

Sonika Vijay Singh

The cannoli here is a must try!


Chocolate. Dipped. Macaroon. Delicious! Chocolate delicious. First time in little Italy ever. I will be back! Although still delicious bakery the lemon bar is actually a cake and not a "bar"

Bryan Suddith

Cookies, macaroons, and a Cannoli to die for. Don't forget to take a number if there is a line. My mistake I walked right past it. Cafe Au Lait for $2.00 and dessert for the entire family for $12.00. Perfect. We had a short wait on Sunday night before Memorial Day after dinner at Mama Santas, then enjoyed coffee and sweets on the sidewalk. Capped off a perfect day for us Daytonians in Cleveland. Thanks for the great service and the perfectly sweet treats.

Crystal Strobel

Authentic, seasonal, delicious desserts. The wait can be long, especially during holidays, but it is worth it.

Amy Szalkowski

Freshest cannoli

Phyllis Alekna

Clerk had lousy attitude. Snippy. Mocked customer. Big joke. Failed to return credit card. This is 2nd bad experience. It's a good thing the baked goods are top quality.

Anna G

Very, very good! I had some pasta and meatballs and they are so delicious. Also tried the cannolis, they are super good as well. Fresh and tasty.

Awful Ann

A little sweet slice of heaven. Great espresso, cakes, cookies and more. It was a joy to visit and indulge here.

Alex Williams

Wonderful place for pastries and especially cannoli. Great atmosphere and the staff is generally pleasant, except for the hipster with glasses. Not polite and seems like he hates his life. Other than that it's top notch, would have given 5 stars if not for that guy.

Jeremy Siebert

Whenever we are near Cleveland, we purposefully make the trip to Presti's to get cannolli and other baked goods. Worth the trip, every time.

Linda Vacha

Amazing Italian bakery. Someday I'll purchase one of everything! lol.

Gary D Riccelli

Always good a real gem and a must stop when you are on the Eastside

D Jackson

Definitely a pretty busy place which makes the interactions a little naturally impersonal. The food was ok. The stromboli was good and the bakery items we're good, but nothing was great. Frankly, we were a little disappointed with Little Italy as a whole. Everything was overpriced, overcrowded, and the quality just wasn't there for Grandma style cooking like most are hunting.

Flora Tan

Their cookies are great, tiramisu not too sweet as many places. But it’s always crowded. We ordered a red velvet birthday cake with whipped cream topping. Turned out not so good as we expected. We travel around the world and have tried cakes from Hong Kong to Paris. The whipped cream is not so fresh and fluffy as we expected. But the velvet cake is good

Manikandan Nagarajan

Absolutely love the place and its cakes and pastries. Very friendly staff, ample seating space, clean and great food, nice ambience.

Amy Brandes

So I was expecting to be wowed by a bakery in Little Italy, but was not. I bought a cannoli, and piece of cannoli cake - nothing special. Both were good but not great. The surprising thing was that when I asked about their German Chocolate Cake - wanted to make sure it was made with pecans (which it should be), no walnut pieces, the manager of the bakery was not sure. What!!!!! A bakery that does not know the ingredients of what they are selling?? I suspect, based on my experience, that many items being sold in the bakery are not homemade.

Clare Lynn

Presti's is the best bakery in little Italy hands down

Vince Sacco

Great atmosphere in the heart of Little Italy. So many Pastries, so little time...great gotta stop here. Seating is ample as well. It was 3:00pm on a Saturday and we had a couple minute wait.

Cheryl Prehoda

The Best around. I love going to Little Italy just to stop at Preston's.

Tamekia Walker

The food is good and the customer service even better..Thank you!!

Safa Ghumrawi

I came here not really expecting anything special Lovely atmosphere, delicious food and great coffee. The creme brulee is absolutely delicious. There was a man playing the mandolin (Italian instrument), it was beautiful.

Heather Higham

Our favorite bakery in Cleveland. You can’t beat their pastries. And the pasta is second to none. We live almost an hour away now, but we still travel to Presti’s a few times a month because of how delicious everything is. We’ve never been disappointed. My personal favorite things are the tiramisu, cavatelli, and iced cafe au lait.

Rob Gerrets

It's busy for a reason! The food is wonderful! Their baked goods remind me of what my 100% Sicilian Grandmother fattened me up with! Just realize you will be waiting, but it will be worth it!


Desserts are perfect. There is a long line but you don't wait that much. The area around it also worth to see.

Ann Marie Jusek

Love this place. They even have gluten free options.

Felipe Barreda

Really nice Italian gem in the heart of Cleveland's Little Italy next to Holy Rosary Catholic Church. The blueberry New York style cheese cake was nice and light and the cappuccino wasn't bad. The milk was nice and frothy but the coffee was a bit watery. Still well worth the visit as all of Cleveland's Little Italy is.

Gary Knox

Great baked goods with hot food and salads

Sandy Allen

One of our favorite destinations every time we visit Cleveland! Great coffee drinks, Pizza, Deli dishes, salads and baked goods. Usually a wait but worth it! Their mural of the area adds to the ambiance of this quaint neighborhood business.

Melanie Vaszi

Super great!!

Oliver Ray

Presti's is always an enticing favorite. I've been going here ever since attending school at CIA. The coffee and food are good and I usually love everything I get there, but every one in a while it's not. Maybe one in five trips here are disappointing. I only go in if there is a short line. You've got to take a ticket when there are a lot of people, which leads to confusion among new diners, and it turns into a nightmare. I love the pizza, the chinese cookies and the cuppacino.

Shaune Vobeltor

Great desserts, good foods, the pizza is rather lackluster.

Rian Repass

Visiting and loved this place. I love sweet foods and this pace has it right. Great prices too. Will come here again next time I visit.

Constance Powell

If you want amazing baked goods and MANY different options....go here!!! We always stop in for a treat such as cookies, cannolis, brownies and gelato after dinner. There are so many options it is almost difficult to choose. So we tend to over-order and take goodies home for the next few days. The cookies are light fluffy and super tasty, and gelato is always spot on. You can also grab sandwiches and pastas in the deli area. Always good and always full of happy customers.

Kevin Guilmette

Awesome desserts made in house. Great variety and very good prices.

Roberto Zorob

Good way to start the morning. Coffee and pastries were fantastic

Tim Bradford

Always a taste if Italy with a visit to the hill and Presti's Bakery...a no joke, authentic bakery that has been around d for decades service the East Side!! Think you find something better..."forget about it"!

NM Ruff

Authentic and delicious!

Robert Broz

Best pepperoni bread you can find anywhere! Plus other great stuff.

Christina Thompson

Excellent! Perfect for trying EVERYTHING! Atmosphere: This visits was more of an experience than a cravings run. While I was there I heard a women say “we used to eat this cake....” as if someone was trying to recall moments they had spent with a deceased loved one. On my way out two (apparently local) couples with children walked in with the same to go boxes from a different restaurant claiming the ritual was to go there, then the bakery. Seems to be a local favorite. The bakery is armed with five well maintained and stocked (5?) food display cabinets. The bakery seemed to be there for a while, but the inside was well maintained, so you didn’t feel like there was a chance of dust on your cookies or a chair collapsing. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the Bakery and the glass cabinets. Some of the cabinets had food displayed and but most of the display cabinets had sweets. Service: I was waited on by a young gentleman who was as excited as I to be there. He made a suggestion - mini cookie chocolate sandwich thingy- delicious. Very interactive with guests. Pastries: The cookies all came in miniature sizes so it was perfect for trying every! The cookies and pastries seems to be traditional. Walnut ganache: Creamy delicate ganache topped with walnuts and powdered sugar on a sugar cookie (or short bread, idk cookies well) bottom. Raspberry Linzer: *favorite at this particular shop* the linzer cookies were a raspberry jam (or something like it) with an intricate little hole stamped out of the top sugar cookie(or short bread) with the same cookie bottom. Macaroon (with two “o”s)partially dipped in chocolate: The seemed to be an almond macaroon with a tad amount of coconut (not exact sure) Neither flavor was loud, very tamed. The out side seemed to have a very thing crisp to it and the inside was surprisingly light and fluffy. Coffee: Cappuccino - The cappuccino come out piping hot with a cloud of foam! Beautifully served! (I didn’t get a picture of the cloud, somethings you just can’t wait to enjoy) The espresso went well with the cookies. It wasn’t exactly, special, but I didn’t go there for the espresso.

Will Kiely

high quality yet relatively inexpensive Italian bakery with excellent “grab and go” meals ... seating also available oh, and has been said, grab a ticket aa you walk in so you are not lost in the crowd.

John Ochenduski

It's Presti's. It's in Little Italy. Enough said.

Alison C

Fresh and delicious bakery items! Don’t forget to get your ticket on your way in, number is called and then you place order. Cookies are by weight, mix and match. Cake slices as well as cannolis and other larger pastry items available. Fresh bread for sale as well as other lunch food items. The coffee Mocha with Gerahdeldi chocolate was fantastic! We always stop here when in town!

Alexandra Burris

Cool little bakery, wide selection, enjoyed the gelato

helene tcheby

So good long lines on the weekends but so worth it

Lance Morgan

Love this place stop everytime I'm in Little Italy!!!

Suyu Liu

If u want some sweet, come here! esp birthday!!

margaret bevel-jeter

Good food, nice bistro style during good weather. Wonderful Christmas pastries!

Zack Williams

Stopped here for an early dinner after getting into town and I wasn’t disappointed. They have a huge selection and even though it was 2/3 or the way through their day, all of their displays were still fully stocked, like they had just opened. I looked around for a bit and the staff were very friendly while I was deciding what to have. All of my food was great and fresh.

Tyler Lucas

Food was so delicious. The service here is attentive. It has a good atmosphere.

Tyler James Larsen

How do you make a delicious cannoli even better? Dip it in chocolate! The cannolis here are the best I've eaten. My daughter talked me into a vegetable stromboli and it was amazing. We bought two spinach breads, two veggie strombolis, a large brocolli salad, a cannoli, 1/2 pound of cookies and a giant strawberry eclair for 44 bucks. It was all delicious and service was fast and friendly. Best part of our Cleveland trip.

Dana Baca

Favorite bakery. I justxwush they would have pizza ready.

The Fresh

Busy and vibrant as always.

Glenn Meyer

Always a great experience, my family is obsessed with the tiramisu, although I prefer the cookies. Pro-tip: be sure to grab a number from the dispenser on the left as you come in, unless you are literally the only customers there. Presti's stays busy right up to closing time, so be prepared to grab your number and wait a few minutes. Usually it's not too bad of a wait though. Their coffee is also rather good


Really busy place on a Saturfay night. You take a number and they call you. My family and I got a pecan brownie, chocolate cannoli and a chocolate mouse. Chocolate is a theme for us. Needless to say it was delishous and we will be going back. This is authentic pastrys and tarts. Place has good food too but we were not able to try it yet. 4 out of 5 because of the wait. But if it's not worth waiting for I then what is right? This was worth waiting for.

Chris Deiderick

Great Italian Bakery!

B Singh

This is a legendary eatry. I eat here every time I visit Cleveland.

Barbara Lustik

Long line, went fast and very friendly staff.

Carolyn McFann

Absolutely love Presti's, my parents and I have always gone here. Whenever in town, I make sure to stop by.

Matt Dingeldein

Very busy for a Saturday afternoon

Beajay Michaud

This is a great place, baked goods are amazing and thier pasta dishes are one of a kind.

Michael Rose

Pastry was good ,service good. All good.

Spuzzy A

Delightful bakery items. Friendly staff. Prices reasonable

Melissa Allen

Best Carrot Cake I've ever eaten!!! I ordered a Carrot Cake for a family members birthday. WOW! what an absolute treat!! I will be dreaming about it for a very long time.

Tasha Nance

The people were very nice and everything was very fresh..

Gary Holbrook

My wife loves this place.. everything tastes so good.. happy wife happy life...

Dave Hopkins

It's typically a busy place. Had a short wait, but it was definitely worth it. Ordered spinach and sausage strombolis with sauce on the side, oatmeal raisin cookies and an iced coffee to go, as a buddy and I took the food to tailgate the Air Show at the Muni Lot. The food was delicious. The service friendly. And the place has a great atmosphere.

Hannah Diamond

Weird ticket system. If there was more organization then I'd give it 5 stars. Good coffee though

Elliott Mason

First visit to Presti's in the nine years we've lived in Cleveland. Don't know what took us so long! Busy day, the counter was crowded, but it didn't take long to have our number called. It's tough not to go overboard, everything is beautiful (and as discovered in the car moments later, also delicious!) I doubt I'll luck into a parking space directly across from the bakery ever again, but I'm happy to walk a ways for the next visit.

Pat Bebo

Busy but quick and efficient. Bakery is the best

Geoff Finn

Great place, grabs you with the wonderful smells of the various baked goods.

Justin Grubbs

We have come to this Bakery three weekends in a row because of the high quality food and baked goods at such a reasonable price. There is a wide variety of food from homemade pizza to a pesto tortellini. One of my favorite desserts is the raspberry mousse.

Stewart Brown

Always great food, coffee, and pastries. Parking is always a challenge, but use the lot down the hill and walk up. It is worth it.

Nick Janisko

The pastries that were absolutely perfect. The staff warmly welcomed my wife, son, and I. Highly recommend and next time we are on the west side we will be dropping by!

Jack Burnham

Awesome desserts!

Wendy Andino

The chocolate Cannoli was unbelievable.. a dream. And the coffee was delicious as well.


Always my favorite place to go for a cannoli and a coffee when I'm down in Little Italy. Outdoor seating was a little crowded cause the weather was so nice. Found the pick-a-number system a little chaotic, but picking a number and getting my food went way more smoothly than expected considering how many people were there.

Alex Russell

Very good for lunch. Reasonable pricing and of course the desserts are great.

Laura J

Great service, delicious food, affordable prices. I reccomend the tortellini.

niraj suri

I love this bakery. I don’t live in Cleveland anymore but I still think about this place sometimes. The atmosphere is great. It feels authentic because the employees there sometimes yell at you (could they be more Italian?) Don’t forget to try the thumbprints - they are to die for?!!

Chris Long

Before we began the truck home to Massachusetts we stopped for breakfast here. Very very good breakfast food and pastries. Outside tables and more than enough seating inside as well. Such a nice area and the prices were great as well. Will definitely be back next time we're in town.

teana christopher

Desserts are delicious. A little pricey, but worth it

Franz J. Kurfess

Great selection of pastry, cake and cookies, but the staff member helping us wasn't very friendly.


Wow were they organized considering the crowd today because of Columbus Day Parade. Excellent pastry and bread. Very fresh

Amir Shevat

Very traditional, very delicious, has gluten free options, friendly service.

Florence DiGeronimo

Never disappointed just like Italy. All ages Nice atmosphere. PIZZA IS great n very Different. Bread is delicious

Jeremy Bowen

In short amazing. Had a hard time choosing so we all picked two different things and shared. The coffee was just as wonderful cant wait to try their dinner.

Sam Alderman

Awesome food and great service. East to see why they are so busy.

Dee Cizmadia

The best! The blueberry muffins right out of the oven melt in your mouth. Both the lunch food and bakery are on target. I wish the parking wasn't a challenge.


It was ok. They don't give any samples, sp if your not familiar with Italian bakeries, this isn't the place.

Stelouise Malone

After calling around to several bakeries and hearing the word "no" we can't bake your chocolate cassata cake today, because we need 24hrs or we need a week, Sheila at Presti's said "yes, yes we can bake it today". Her yes changed my whole disposition. She was nice and pleasant, patient, and she made me feel assured that my cake would perfect. The cake was beautiful and super delicious. I highly recommend this bakery. Anybody can bake a cake, but how's your customer service. Their customer service was superb. Thank you Sheila, you made my day.

Samuel Rosario

My family and I have been enjoying this place for over 21 years. If you haven't been, please, treat yourself. Great service, great food!

Jillian Chiudioni

My sandwich, coffee and dessert were all great! I did think the whole setup was confusing for someone who had never been there before. The chalkboard food menu has half faded and I couldn’t really tell what my options were. The take-a-number system doesn’t seem to be the most efficient way to take orders. Everyone was crowded around in one area and it was more hectic than it needed to be. Obviously based on my rating, these were minor things and the food easily made up for it.

Stan Levenger

Yum! Excellent sandwiches and pastries. Great place for lunch and pastries. Always go here when in the area and get take away pastries at a minimum. Can get very crowded at lunch on weekends so plan accordingly. The crowds speak volumes for the quality of foods here.

gino simiele

Preatis always has great food and sweets. We had to stop in and see the hill on our way from Michigan.

Catherine Hunt

Gelato was delicious. Good set-up for service (take a number).

Lillian Khas

Really good food and bakery.walk up service lots of people but it moves fast.

Carl Schiller

Little Italy's best. Fresh bakery. Walk around Little Italy and then stop in for a bite and take some home.

Michael Bruner

Good food mostly, great bread, spotty counter service. Coffee below par.

Marilyn Jacobs

Always friendly. Very comfortable environment. Like being at home. Wish chocolate croissants would come back.

Michelle Jordan

the bill was reasonable. feels like a place in los angeles i loved.

Tom Ankrum

Fantastic Options........

Francesco Perinelli

Great bakery in little Italy. Lots of sweet and salty stuff for any occasions from a casual lunch seated inside or outside to a important celebration. Food quality is traditionally very good but be prepared to take a number and wait in line to order, averaging 5/10min but up to 20 during peak time. Parking is sometimes a challenge. Placing order in advance will save you time considerably, especially weekend. I recommend this place to everyone.

Jim Dewald

Great food and service

susan runser-arch

I love their pignolis and the rest of the desert is awesome as well very fresh very well-prepared tasty food as well as desserts

zeeman A

Folks this review is only about the cannoli. I tried the cannoli here and you know I was born in Brooklyn NY and everyone knows NYC has the best cannolis and trying this cannoli at this location wasn't all that. The shell has to break apart when you bite into it. This cannoli felt like it was soggy and chewy. But nevertheless I ate the cannoli and that's that. Forgettaboutit

Ryan Zentz

Came here after dinner for dessert during a three day trip to Cleveland. At 9pm you wouldn't think a bakery would be busy but it was a full house. Waited for probably 10-15 minutes but it was well worth it! I had the Italian cheesecake with a cup of coffee. Amazing! They had a great selection of pastries, ice cream, and gelato. My only regret is that I didn't have room for more!

nikki g

Loved this bakery, the workers were so nice and patient. The creme brulee is awesome!!

Ashley Jirsa

If you want espresso and tiramisu this is the place to go. I like the experience of taking a number and ordering from the counter. It's always busy and has a wonderful energy.

Craig James Inzana

High quality, filling food at an affordable price. It was incredibly busy around 2pm but they handled the rush well. The servers were nice enough considering how busy it was, but might not be nice enough for some people’s preference. My only complaint is that the veggie Stromboli was stuffed with mushrooms, which I didn’t see mentioned on the board. I’m not a fan of mushrooms, but picking them out was fine. The food was still great and the coffee was actually pretty good too!


Incredible baked goods! Highly recommend!

mick black

The mousse was stunning, the canoli was perfect. The mocha is delicious and tastes like melted chocolate in espresso. Perfection. If you go, get a number as soon as you enter, then look while you wait. I went around 1pm on a Saturday, it was pretty busy but the wait went fast.

William Payne

Friendly, easy place for great selection of pastry, a cup of coffee and conversation.

Contractor One

This place has always been a favorite of mine since I was young child. If you want authentic Italian pastries and a tastes of old-world delight this is definitely a stop you should make. Right in the heart of historic Little Italy this is definitely one of the nicer bakeries in Cleveland a must if you are in the area!


Yum...yum...and yum. 22 yrs and I still love it!

Matthew Navarra

Heaven in your mouth. If you’re a true Italian you’ll know what I mean when I say “just like Grandma used to make”. (or your Godmother for that matter :) Can’t really go wrong with anything in the place but I’d suggest the cannoli and the anise cookies. When faced with a tough decision always choose both!

Berky 1118

Best Italian pastry! With so many options I bought more than I could eat :) My daughter is thrilled!

Timo thy

Nice digs, clean and bright. The variety of sweet bakery items were all marvelous and delicious. The savory lunch items where fast and tasty, but not fresh or re-heated enough. Perhaps due to our "late" lunchtime? Staff was swift,friendly, informative. This is like any Boston or NY deli: take a number and PAY ATTENTION. Chat and daydream after you've ordered...or I'll take your place and be out the door with my cannoli before you can say stromboli!

Kathleen DiDominico

Delicious cookies and pastries!

Francis Niehaus

Coffee and delicious pastries, what's not to love. Open by 6am

Geffen Okin

Always good food, coffee and staff


This is an iconic Little Italy location that absolutely deserves it's fantastic reputation. The pastries here are so good, and they have sandwiches, chili, salads, and more for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their coffee is really great, too, and they have a dessert where they serve gelato with a shot of espresso.

Holly Grylls

Presti's is a must do if you are in Little Italy! The cheesecakes are amazing! Tons of cookie choices. So.many.delicious.sweets! But also their coffee is so so good and their subs and deli options are DELISH! Love all the seating and especially the window seats. Love this place!

esther sapell rachelson

Delicious Italian cookies and lovely customer service. Bought myself and family assorted cookies to taste. Wonderful choice.

Kofi-Kermit Horton

It was busy when we went in. A patron was kind enough to point out that we need to take a number. If you've never been my advice to you is to not stray too far from the front counter. When my number was called out I took too long to respond (< 5 seconds) and the person immediately moved onto the next number. In my opinion the food was overpriced. Delicious! But pricey.

Robert Zgrabik

Presti's Always a good visit.. And of course Always Delicious.. Thank You...

Monica Garbisch

Best dessert I ever had. Chocolate, pistachio torte

Kaitlin Byers

Everything I've ever tried from here is fantastic. They are always busy, but they get through customers quickly. I've been coming here since I was a kid, and now I bring my own son. Love this place so much.

Ithaca Court

I like this place, but it falls short of great. Worth a stop though.

Katie Lowe

Love the cannolis, and gelato we enjoyed the bakery, it is a must visit you are in the area.

Leana Hilmi

Really good mini cakes. The tiramisu, cassata, and chocolate mousse are awesome

Nirav Patil

Best cookies and backed sweets.

Rebecca Miller

Can't wait to go back

Alex R

Service is always painfully slow

Christopher McMarlin

Far better then their competitor down the street.

Don Bees

Love that place. It's in the heart of Little Italy. It's like going home to my old neighborhood.

Lauren Cardoni

Coffee was nothing special, but the Italian cookies are delightful. Great selection, would recommend trying a variety! There's definitely a Sunday morning rush right after the neighboring church lets out.

Matt B

Make sure you grab a number as you walk in or you will be sad you didn't get your delicious bakery or gelato as soon as you could. The line moves fast, though, even at the busiest times on evenings and weekends. They also have a selection of prepared foods to grab for lunch, or some late night snacking after visiting other restaurants in the area.

Mustafa Şinasi Erol

It is amazing to be there, and I love their tastes. But the speed (slowness) of the service kills me everytime I am there.

Selim Öz

This is a nice authentic Italian bakery in a chic neighborhood. They were quite busy when I got there, had to wait in line for 15 minutes maybe but it was worth it! Had a funny moment with the couple in front of us, their number wasn't on the display. We got 4 different desserts and they were all quite delicious. The only thing I didn't like was the prices. They should at least do discounts for tickets above a certain amount.

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