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3009 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202, United States

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REVIEWS OF Pattycake Bakery IN Ohio

Sl K

Not bad. Cinnamon roll was under cooked. Not always consistent but good.

Garrett Colburn

Delicious vegan sweets! My favorite!

Dawn Allen

Very homey. Wish prices were better

Samuel Parker

Vegetarian/vegan bakery I stop at whenever in columbus, great cookies and friendly staff.

seth metcalfe

Best muffins anywhere. Good people. Great baked goods.

Roger Deborde

Absolutely fantastic customer service! I work in catering and had a customer request me to pick up specific and custom cupcakes with less than 24 hours notice, which I know is a BIG no-no. They worked with me to do the best they could with my request, and for a bakery to do that on such short notice and still make an amazing product is fantastic. Will definitely be using Pattycake for any vegan baked goods my customers request, and will also definitely be grabbing some for myself as well!

Ariel Fisher

Am not a fan of their cookies, nothing made them stand out. Honestly think store bought vegan cookies are better. Their cake though is amazing! I hate frosting but love theirs!! They also did an amazing custom cake for my stepson!

Chase Williams

Yum!!!! Very good cookies and cupcakes!

Ren Humphreys

I got my 18th birthday cake from here! It's a little far away from me so I didn't have time to sample their cakes, but the chocolate cake I ordered with coconut icing is delicious! It really made my birthday special, and it was completed in a little less than average time so I really appreciate it, also they did writing in my favorite color it was a gorgeous cake.

Madison Metzger

The carrot cake cupcake was delicious! Will be back to try more goodies!

Checkpoint Charlie

Best bakery in Columbus and it happens to be all vegan! Gluten-free options too

Kevin Felton

Super nice people and amazing treats. Would recommend to everyone!

Joshua Howard

If you go to Pattycake, expect to make tough decisions. Everything is so amazing, you'll have trouble deciding what to get. Seeing the cake of the day on Instagram might pull you in at first (my favorite is French toast), but more often than not you'll find yourself drawn to any number of cookies, cupcakes, or whoopee pies. They've got plenty of gluten free options and even a rewards program! I love this place.

michele sayre

Great vegan bakery!

Caitlin Rowland

So excited to find an all vegan bakery! I love everything they make. They did our wedding cake and everyone just loved it. Kate was awesome to work with.

Deborah Hawkins

Very good pastries.

Prashant serai

The best Vegan cake I've ever eaten! We got the Mexican chocolate one BTW, highly recommend that! The flavor as well as the texture were really good!

Chelsea Daniels

Very nice people. Great options. Little pricey

Amanda Woods

Great and tasty options offered by a local clintonville resident. Don't be afraid, try it.

Lori Trembley

Y U M M Y !!! Each item is unique and easy to LOVE! I could spend all day here and try everything only to return the next day and start over


Very high quality, baked goods owned as a co-op. It's so nice to have vegan options for dessert run by people who have mindful business practices beyond good taste. Their sweet treats are also at local spots which they deliver by bike on an adorable (and surprisingly large) cart. The quads you must need to power that bike! Keep the cookies coming!

Dana Birrell

My cake cracked! They offered to make the next size up at the same cost, however I declined to not waste food. They took $10 off of the price. Great product!

Queen Noir

Amazing! I got my birthday cake from Pattycake bakery. It turned out beautifully. It was EXACTLY what I ordered. And the taste was decadent.

Derek Smith

I really enjoy bringing home slices of their fantastic cakes and have made Pattycake a near-weekly ritual with my girlfriend. I like them enough that I ponied up the cash to buy a full cake to take with me on a visit to family and successfully smuggled it over state lines. The fact that it's all vegan is "icing on the cake"

Alicia Thompson

I tried this bakery on a whim on a rainy day in Columbus, getting a variety of cookies to share with my family. For bakery cookies I thought they were lackluster. I was surprised by that, considering the stickers of accolades in the shop. So I Googled the bakery and learned I had eaten vegan cookies. As stand alone baked goods, they were nothing to write home about. But if you're in the world of vegan, gluten free or other such limitations, I'd recommend them. If you can't tell the difference between vegan and a regular cookie, you've won the battle, not the war. I could tell the difference, hence the 3 stars. All the cookies were eaten and enjoyed. But sweet cream butter is so damn delicious there is simply no substitute and the palate knows when it's missing.

Letoshia H

This vegan bakery is amazing. Even if you are not vegan, this place is amazing. We visit each and every time we are in the Columbus area.

Saul Bleaeck

worker-owned, socially-conscious baker.

Jana O'Dell

Best staff around. The food is always amazing. We visit every time we are in Columbus.

Joseph Holmes

Pattycake is great! I called in to order a cake with just a few days notice- the person who took my call was friendly and reassured me they could get it done. When we picked the cake up, it was ready right away for the quoted amount and the person at the counter was friendly. The cake was excellent and I can't wait to stop back for some more vegan treats. Thank you!

Kessashun Arthur

There aren't many places to go for vegan pastries in Columbus, so this is a definite gem where you don't have to question anything they serve. Coming from a non-vegan, the texture and moisture level of their cake is just as good, if not better than a lot of non-vegan cakes I've had. You're not sacrificing anything here, and they have a long list of creative cake and icing flavors for you to customize with. They also serve tons of unique cookies, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and other goods. The muffins don't get the texture as well as the cakes do. There's a lot more that I look forward to exploring here. The service is also incredibly friendly. Vegan or not, I'd say Pattycake Bakery is worth your while!

Patrick DMC

Amazing treats! Always consistent, delicious, and they did a special order for our wedding that was perfect.

Jakaila N

Great food good atmosphere!

Stephanie Zimmerman

Love Patty Cake

Kelly Carpenter

Superb! Organic ingredients, vegan, some gluten free items. We ordered a variety of cookies, cakes, and a raw cheesecake between the 5 of us in my family. Everything here is vegan (which is great because my daughter and I are lactose intolerant) and they have a few gluten free items (which is great for me because I'm gluten free as well). There is something for everyone here and everything we tried was delicious! Nothing tasted "fake" at all...seriously. You don't need milk and eggs to make a dessert taste amazing. The cashier was very friendly and helpful. She knew what was in the baked goods when I asked what type of flour they used for the gf items. It's a small place, so if you're not using GPS you could miss is like we did, but we turned around and glad we did. Their prices are a bit higher, but you're paying for quality ingredients, not junk! We will be back! I can't believe we hadn't heard of them before. YUM!!

Michael Daniels

Great place nice Vegan products...very friendly staff

CARLA Moeller

Love Pattycake and so does everyone that tries it, vegans, omnivores, and everyone in between. Most everyone I've encountered there is super helpful and friendly. Definitely our go-to place for vegan treats.

Emanuel King

There is a point in your life when you wonder, what have I been eating all these years. After one bite, you will never want a store packaged cookie again. All their products are made from the ingredients GOD made. By far one of the best bakeries in town. The quality, flavor and service receives my seal of approval.

Chloe Murphy

The food doesn't even taste vegan, it's amazing! The service is also always great :)

Jeremy Olaker

All VEGAN and all the staff are amazing and awesome. We have never had a bad treat here and we visit a lot. Best sticky buns in Ohio!! They change their cake by the slice options frequently!! Stop in for the best Vegan baked goods in town!

Riley DeBacker

If I could give this 10 stars, I would do so unwaveringly. This is undoubtedly one of my favorite spots in the city and I can blame most of the weight I've gained since moving to the city on this place. Whether or not you're vegan, check out one of these cookies and I dare you to find something about it that isn't an overwhelming rush of delicious joy!

Andrew Bow

I've tried a lot of items, but love the buckeye bars the most. For cakes/cupcakes, the icing is better than most bakeries but only if you like heavy/rich desserts. Items are best if eaten the same day, but can be a bit dry the next. Usually keep refrigerated.

Peter Jaegersen

GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR CUPCAKES! My wife and I run past here and them immediately run inside on our longer runs. It smells amazing and they have some of the cutest little snacks you just want to eat them all. I had a birthday cake from here with some sort of Mocha or maybe espresso frosting? It was horrible when I finished eating it and immediately wanted more. Also, their logo is the most awesome little cupcake man.

Thomas Johnson

Simply the best bakery ever, and it's all vegan. Even my omni family loves it.

Aaron Moore

Vegan or not, this place is one of my favorites. I don't think I have ever had a more moist and delicious cupcake. Wouldn't even know they are vegan.... now that doesn't mean it's healthy Haha but I love this place. Great for staff events!!!

Michael Noone

Great service and amazing vegan baked goods.

Heather Higham

The best vegan bakery I’ve ever had. Truly unique ideas and flavors, beautiful presentation, and delicious cruelty-free desserts.

Joseph Cabalquinto

Awesome bakery! The baked goods are delicious that it's actually pretty amazing that they're vegan. I would have never guessed. I would try everything but don't be fooled that it's gonna be better for your diet because it's vegan, they're so tasty that you're bound to have more than one, and that never bodes well for your waist.

Mandie Witkowski

This is definitely the best place to get Vegan sweets! I have had many different things from them, but I would have to say a piece of Lavender cake was my favorite so far. It's a little expensive but a little goes a long way...meaning these sweets will fill you up fast. The staff is always nice here. Also they make some amazing custom cakes.


Love them. Always visit when I’m in town.

Dusty L

Yummy cupcakes! I got my daughter birthday cake here and no one realized it was vegan.

michael beard

Good dessert. Cheesecake was mediocre. Lemon and caramel cupcakes were awesome. I got these gluten and dairy free and they were just as good if not better than regular cupcakes. As with any specialty food products be prepared to pay more for stuff.

Alicia Tyree

My family loves Pattycake Bakery! Their whoopie pies are magnificent, and the huge selection of vegan cakes, cookies, and cupcakes is to die for. They never disappoint.

Sally Bahrtiba

Super delicious! Friendly people. Quality baked cakes and other mouthwatering options!

Jenny Hae

I am very surprised with the high review at google. Very small store and provides limited options and overpriced cakes. Cakes are heavy, and the taste is not that special. Come on.. there are better bakeries in Columbus.

Kara Prem

I wish anyone who turns their nose up at vegan food would try this. Amazing delicious baked goods with plenty of variety. Friendly staff too

Miranda McKinney

This bakery is a little out of the way from me and I had been planning to go for ages. I was disappointed. First of all the store itself is very, very small and it felt sort of cramped and not in a cozy way. I got one of their chocolate cupcakes and it was okay. I know vegan baking is difficult but still. It was dry and so was the frosting. The taste was good but I won't be driving 20 minutes for another anytime soon. Maybe their cookies are better. Another odd thing was that I didn't see any drinks on offer besides the ones in their refrigerator. I was hoping for a coffee or tea. One nice thing was the parking is right in front, no meter! It is a bit tricky to get out though so be careful.

Hope E Brown-Twin Mom

They had good customer service but some of their cupcakes were super dry. I'd try them again to see if it was just a fluke.

Amy Cornelius

I really love!! their food. The only complaint I have is I feel like sometimes their cakes and muffins can be to oily.

Jameliah Brown

Friendly staff. Lots of options. They didn't seem to be out of anything and I went around 3pm. The cookie cut outs were amazing. French Toast cake literally tasted like i was eating french toast. Amazing. And its all can't go wrong here.

Adharsh Raghavan

These guys are the best vegan bakery I've been to! My only complaint is that they make everything so delicious that it's hard to choose from their wide variety of options.

Danielle Dabbs

My son has an egg allergy and we found pattycake bakery so he could enjoy birthdays and treats with us, but honestly, even if no one in our family had an allergy I would still buy all our sweets here. They have the best cupcakes, cakes, and cookies I have ever had, and their flavor options are amazing. They are also extremely helpful and accommodating. Recently I had a smash cake order for a Sunday and we ended up moving the pictures to Friday. I called at 1pm and they had my beautiful cake ready for me by 5pm! I cannot more highly recommend this place!!

Rachelle Tolbert

My boyfriend is allergic to eggs and it's hard to find baked goods that he can actually eat. Thanks to this vegan bakery he tried a lot of firsts that most of us take for granted... Carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, etc. He absolutely loved the carrot cake and I tried some items as well (no diet restrictions on my end). I could not tell the difference, the baked goods were delicious! I'm particularly fond of the banana chocolate chip muffin.

Lam Bui

I usually never eat vegan things, but my friend is deathly allergic to dairy so this place is my go to for desserts for her! I always try the pastries myself and I must say, they are delicious. The taste is not sacrificed for it being vegan and sometimes gluten free. Moist, fresh, and tasteful. A great local bakery!

Kelsie Dunbar

Best bakery in Columbus! You would never know that it's vegan. Everything they make is delicious Everyone should experience cinnamon roll Saturdays. Friendly staff

Alan Matteson

Took the family here for "dessert for lunch" ;-) The cinnamon rolls, cake and muffins were all spectacular. Will definitely be back.


My wife and I got our wedding cake here and we weren't disappointed at all. The tasting went really well, and they were willing to accommodate anything we wanted to matter how non-traditional it was. We also got mini cupcakes, and our guests couldn't stop gushing about how good they were. It was especially fun to tell them they was vegan, and have them smile with indifference as they ate another one.

Leanna Rocheleau

My friend celebrated their name day today and Pattycake was more than accommodating to our special request for a cake. It was delicious and inclusive. The staff were all friendly and inviting. I definitely recommend giving them a try. I will always support local .

eryn thacker

So good and friendly service everytime! A must stop when I'm in Columbus.

Chazz Dabbs

Vegan bakery whose goods are some if the best I've ever had vegan or otherwise. Also I should point out that on short notice they did a made to order cake that was great. Customer service is also very good.

Julia Riggs

Whether you're looking for a healthy but wholesome snack or a treat that satiates longing for an authentic freshly baked Toll House cookie, Pattycake is your hookup. It's been such a pleasure to interact with the people behind the counter and to oogle the beautifully shaped, cutely Iced sugar cookies that pretty much taste better than the Cheryl's cookie (not going to lie). Old and new vegans, and even your friendly neighborhood omnivore rave about the delicious chewy peanut butter cookies as well as the calorically dense cherry bar. Treat yourself though, because it's a treat you finish feeling guilt-free. Pattycake is a Columbus staple that shines despite its humble locale.

Angie Never

Pattycake is a lifesaver for vegans and a delight for non-vegans as well. If you can make it to the bakery, their fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies will make you feel dreamy. Some of the best cakes I've ever had have come from this bakery. Prices aren't cheap, but I don't think it's more than other boutique-style bakeries, and I've never felt it wasn't worth it.

Aleister Avenmarch

I've only been there once (so far!) but A+. Amazing. Truly. I'm pretty decent at vegan baking, but this is taking it to a higher level. Way better than any non-vegan baked goods I've ever eaten. I spent 20$ or so (which lasted me and my s/o about 2 days, even though we ate a lot of it in the car) but I think I definitely got my moneys worth. I had this amazing lavender lemon cake (very aesthetically pleasing) and then it proceeded to stay moist through the car trip, being left in the car (in the heat) for a few hours, and then overnight.

Roger Roe

This bakery is awesome . One of best around.

Jodi Zatezalo

The lemon cupcake is absolute heaven, but you couldn't go wrong with anything here

Josh Morris

This bakery has been a fun lifeline for my dairy & egg allergic son. He can go in and choose any cookie he wants without worry. They also sell to Raisin Rack which is even closer to us. Not a dine-in place for those who seem disappointed in this. They have a table for two (if you like close and personal) but that's it. All of the cookies are amazing. .

Michele Patterson

Delicious and delightful.

Anita Parker

Great treats... love their buckeye bars and thrilla-vanilla cupcakes

Erick Bennett

Best cake and cookies in (any) town!

Robert Sytek

Great Vegan sweets. You MUST try the sticky buns.

Stephanie Leykauf

Delicious baked goods!

Stephanie S

I tried multiple items here and all were delicious. I've been hearing for so long how good this place is and am happy to say it lived up to its expectations. I found prices to be on par with any vegan bakery. The portions are also generously sized. Can't wait to return to Columbus just to come back here.

Tara Eicher

Lots of delicious options and I can feel good about supporting a local business. It's a little expensive but worth it for the quality I get. Love the chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins!

Jonathan Blankley

I just had a whoopie pie and it was awesome.

Sheri Bolden

This is by far the absolute best sticky bun ever! Reasonably priced deliciousness! But they only serve sticky buns on Saturdays so get there early

carmelita martinez

All vegan, good amount of options and great service

Karen M

We ordered our wedding cake here. Everything was delicious, delivery was on time, and Kate was a pleasure to work with the couple months leading up to the wedding. Highly recommend! Not to mention the other sweets picked up in the shop previously were amazing and enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike ;)

Xtine Brean

All vegan, all the time, all delicious!

Saad Yamlikha

Looking for a vegan dessert? Patty cake is the right place

Warren Irving Jr

Thank you for such a beautiful and tasty German chocolate birthday cake.

Raychel H

We bought a gluten free cake for a baby shower, and while the cake was beautifully decorated the actual cake was awful. I have never had a drier or more tasteless cake. It was definitely a huge disappointment at the shower. It basically felt like you were eating sand. The mother to be is gluten free which is why we went with a Pattycake Cake, but I'm very disappointed with the product, especially for such a big event. I don't know if it was dry as sand because it's gluten free or what. I would not recommend this place though based on the cake we had, everyone at the party thought it was bad.

Bri Fox

The best best best vegan bakery. My favorites are the buckeye bars, iced cookies, ANNNNDD the vanilla cupcakes! Their cake is also amazing, so if you are celebrating(or just hungry) get yaself some of THAT

Kinsey Koehler

I drive out of my way for PCB. This is my most favorite bakery!! The cut outs are worth every penny.


I would say that the quality of the deserts are absolutely amazing. But the service just ruins it and it makes me so sad. I ALWAYS come!!! But I get so much anxiety because I the people are actually pretty mean. And they don’t try to be or have any reason to, it’s just them. But if you’re looking for good vegan sweets, it’s a great place!

Markus Lott

Very delicious lemon cake!

Jenna Spry

everything tastes amazing and the staff/service is great

mark wyckoff

Amazing bakery. I’ve been vegan 8 years now and I always stop at pattycake when I’m in Columbus. Every city needs a bakery like pattycake. Keep up the great work ❤️

Deb Graham

Simply yummy, delicious, if I lived here I would be there everyday!

Justin Rogers-Cooper

Amazing vegan bakery with cookies, cakes, cupcakes, moonpies, and all kinds of treats. Fun and cute space inside with t-shirts to buy and tables to chill. Drinks. Awesome staff. One of the best things in Columbus. Great spot in the neighborhood. We stop by every time we’re in Columbus.

Jonathan Yardley

Can only afford to go Patty Cakes once a year because of the high prices. But the OhOh cake is most moist cake in the city. Its vegan but still has tons of trans fats and sugar.

Damon Reynolds

This place is great. Staff and food. Please go !!

Fadi Rabadi

I highly recommend this bakery! They have the best desserts in columbus. The cookies were not only big but they are really really good. Will definitely be coming back!

Charlene Dubin

Pattycake Bakery recently did the cake for our wedding. We had the chocolate cake with the lavender whip frosting. It was beautiful and delicious. It won raves from both vegans and non vegans! I was also happy with the service I received from Pattycake. Everyone there was very easy to work with.


Best vegan bakery ever!!! I had to go back and get another cookie. I ate the first on ein the parking lot. Lol

Dina Wallace

Always amazing, always. Thank you for giving us a wonderful vegan option.

Robert Brake

Love the buckeye bars

Eric Wickliff

Vegan often gluten free is not a bad thing. Let pattycakes prove it with amazing tastes and a pretty wide often unique and sometimes hilarious pastries.

Mackenzie Compton

Deplorable customer service. I called a day in advance to ask them to set aside three cupcakes which they wouldn’t do because “we never run out.” When I politely asked if they could do it anyway since I can’t get there until later in the day they said no. I get it, you require four days for a special order, but this is something that you make anyway. I ended up going to Whole Foods and was 100x more satisfied. I will not be returning to patty cake or purchasing their baked goods at local coffee shops.

donna Gehlmann

The best!!! Everything Pattycake makes is delicious. Wish I was still in clintonville.


There are a lot of bakeries out there, a dime a dozen, but this place is special. I have tried the muffins and the cookies and they are exceptional. At first glance I was sticker shocked a little bit because of the price, but once I tasted the product I was happy to pay that price. The muffins and cookies are plentiful in size and they have a taste that is much more expensive then they actually are. I highly recommend this place. And if the products I have tried are any indication of their other products then this is the place to buy all your baked needs.

Dennis Fox II

My daughter who is vegan and my wife who is vegetarian both really love the sweet treats that you can get from this location. They're very friendly and have lots to choose from. I am neither vegan or vegetarian oh, but I still enjoy the Sweet Treats!

Terrance Jackson

Place has baked goods.

Micah Jenkins

I tried the peanut butter cookie and the buckeye bar and both were to die for! The staff was very friendly and I'm thrilled to see that they have an openly pro-choice stance on their social media page. I will definitely become a repeat customer!


This place is too cute and its sweets are adorable and delicious. I especially enjoy the cupcakes and brownies. Please come to Pickerington! xoxox

Susan Weber

Amazingly delicious vegan baked goodies created by a business grounded in social justice. My goodness, what's not to love??!! I so appreciate having such an impressive business endeavor in my community...and those cookies!!! Rock on, Pattycake! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kara Leigh

Yummy, fresh, moist, delicious... Best cookies, cakes, buckeye bars, and whoopie pies in the Cbus.

Samantha Kearney

I love it! Not often I'm able find amazing vegan sweets!

Westerville Warhawks- 12U

Hard to find, amazing food :)

Callmeabutterfly Callmeabutterfly

The best cupcakes, ever hands down! Great cookies. Great cakes. I have gone to this bakery for years and have received great, friendly, exceptional service and tasty desserts 100% of time. Yes, that is every time!!! I love, love this place! It's a Midwestern Treasure. It should featured on cooking/food network shows.

Seth Blankenship

Great place to stop for a quick treat. Sells cookies and other pastries, kombucha, some lesser known soft drinks, and much more - all vegan!

Annette Hall

I brought a cake and loaded up on cup cakes, cookies, and muffins. It's my husband's favorite place. Jen makes most of his cakes. They always taste amazing! They have the best blueberry muffin and banana nut muffin, which are my favorite. The cake is chocolate Mocha. Isn't it beautiful? I can't wait to eat a slice.

Robert James

Simply Awesome treats!

Celeste Taylor

Another place to find gluten free delectable delights! The gluten free brownie has no nuts. It melts in your mouth as you have happy time with your palate! Humm, I wonder what the lavender lemon muffin is like

Karla Lindic

My first visit here, awesome! Definitely coming back.

charity kerns

They are good but the pastries I tried weren't that great they were a little bit on the dry side.

Ashley H.

Some of the most expensive vegan baked goods I've encountered around the world and not even in my top ten taste-wise. Hostess cupcake was good, but the cookies were underwhelming. Best treat was the peanut butter/chocolate, but they do melt quickly so you have to eat them quick.

Molliey M. Ameno-Gill

Cookies are 2.50, and i thought it was pricey, until i saw how big they were! And they're not too sweet, which is a big off put for me with most places. I will be going back

Nadine Flores

Delicious all vegan treats. The toll house cookie was my favorite!

Patricia Townsend

It's organic and yummy Everytime

Chris Moody

This bakery has the best cookies in Columbus. Get the I heart Chocolate chip cookies, or the classic tollhouse cookies. While everything they make is vegan, there is zero compromise on the taste. You would never know their baked goods were vegan if someone didn't tell you. They also have cupcakes, brownies, pies, cakes, whoopie pies, small batch granola, and seasonal cookie trays. The cookie prices may seem a bit high, but trust me one cookie is very filling. The cookies are great for bringing into work to impress your co-workers. They are a lot better than Cheryl's cookies.

Diane Poling

Neat little vegan bakery in wonderful Clintonville. The service was very nice and the cupcakes were super good.

Nick Castillo

These are the best cupcakes I've ever had, and they're vegan! Definitely would recommend for everyone.

Michael Weisgarber

It's the best vegan bakery in the Midwest!

Anusha Mathur Subramaniam

Ordered eggless vanilla cake with chocolate icing. It was a 6" cake priced 30 dollars and totally unworthy of the look and taste. The presentation of cakes were poor. The staff was rude and charged additional 2 dollars to add custom Happy birthday wish on the cake. I've bought eggless cakes from other places that taste and look far better than this one. This one's totally not worth the money! Wouldn't recommend this place!

Annemarie Krug

I have lived in Columbus for almost 4 years, but this is the first time I have ever been to Pattycake's. Wow, have I been missing out! I tried their iconic Buckeye Bar and it was absolutely to die for! The staff member working at the front was also very friendly :) I am so glad that I finally stopped by before moving out of town. Thanks Pattycake for your delicious treats and wonderful mission!

Jenna Haaser

Pattycake is hands down one of the best bakeries in Columbus. The fact that they're fully vegan is only a plus. Come on Saturdays (early!!) for gigantic cinnamon rolls made fresh. They tend to sell out by about noon, sometimes on o'clock.

Munjal Barodia

Consistently good vegan products. Good people, definitely recommend.

Eileen Carroll

We got our wedding cup cakes here and they were fabulous!! Thank you Patty Cakes for making our special day even more special! We came home with only 2 cup cakes and I think it's because I hid them! I would use Patty Cakes again. Thank you, Eileen and Leslie

419 Underground

Out of the area but fantastic if you are visiting Cbus. Selection of delicious goodies await. The staff quite attentive and sweet.

John White

Absolutely love Pattycake. I stop in every time I'm in Columbus. My favorite is the sugar cookies but I love everything.

Alyson Tucker

I love Pattycake Bakery...they have delicious treats! I love that my gluten free sister can come with me too. I love their chocolate chip cookies. My non vegan husband said they were the best cookies he's had in a long time. Highly recommend!!

Lora Lora

Nice cute little vegan bakery. Sticky buns are da bomb! Non vegans/vegetarians won’t even notice they’re vegan!

Meridith Osifchin

pattycake has some of my favorite vegan sweets. i make sure to stop in whenever i visit columbus to get some iced cut outs.

Laelle Burkhardt

They're amazing. I'm not a vegan, but this is the best bakery in town in my opinion. The blueberry muffins are my absolute favorite

Lacona Snyder

Such an amazing bakery with very talented workers. You'd never know it was vegan treats they were making. You're missing out if you haven't checked them out.

Miguel Neal

Dropped in on Mon I think. The staff was helpful and kind. The bill was appropriate.

Katrina Mogavero

Awesome selection and love that it’s vegan! I got the spiced cupcake with a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie.

Renee Moore

Wanted to try as a recommendation from a co-worker and gotta say I loved everything i got. If someone gave me the slice of chocolate cake and had never said it was vegan i would never know, cookies great. I need to go back and try more goodies, i highly recommend.

Ladonn Portman

It’s small in side and don’t have a bathroom but they did tell me I could go cross the coffee shop the need a better location

Toni Kervina

One of the best bakeries in town, vegan or not. Inventive flavors and a wide selection of cookies, cupcakes, whoopie pies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls. Take and bake options like sticky buns. I regularly bring Pattycake goodies to events, and they are always a hit! Follow their Instagram page for the most drool-worthy cakes you've ever seen.

Kate Kubota

I ordered a cake for my friend's birthday and it was adorable and delicious! It was even better because it's vegan!

Michelle Vilasineekul

Legit the best cookies ever, whether you are vegan or not. I love that I can stop in here & get treats for my son! Everything is so good.

Nate Helser

UGHHHHHHH! This place is a freaking gem. Cannot explain enough how amazing the desserts are and how unique all of the co-owners are. They will always be my go to not only for the vegan options but for any occasion!

maureen comstock

My sister is a vegan and raved about this place. I was skeptical but tried it this weekend while visiting and it's incredible!! We got 6 different things and all were amazingly delicious. We're headed back tomorrow before heading home to Illinois!

Amy Mayo

Always delicious! We have multiple food allergies and they are knowledgeable and helpful with choosing what is safe for us.

gina paquette

It was vegan bakery! Wish it was in Michigan where I live!

Ambarish Patel

Amazing vegan bakery! You will never run out of options with all of the unique flavors they offer. We get all of our birthday cakes and even our wedding cake here!

Swazimama Watkins

Always delicious. Friendly staff!

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