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REVIEWS OF Our CupCakery IN Ohio

Chad Gregory

Adrienne Ash

Devin Christopher

Thanks so much for making this lovely cake for my mom's 60th birthday. Was beautiful and so tasty! Everyone enjoyed it and my family is picky! It was perfect.

William Baird

They have done several special orders with our logo on cookies, that were all last minute additions. Each time the final product looked and tasted great. I would highly recommend their product and experience, not to mention their willingness to do something out of the ordinary.

Game master

paul stevens

Great bakery and service. I had a custom cake made for my wife for her birthday. The cake was just incredible... exactly how I wanted it. It was truly the hit of the party. They were able to pull it off with short notice too. I will definitely use them for any truly special occasion.

Believe in Yourself

Very cute....Small bakery....

Hillary Wyndham

Linda 1

Had a wonderful cupcake Birthday party at Our Cupcakery. The guests were able to decorate their own cupcakes and take them home. The room was decorated lovely and everything was provided to make this a truly special day. Thank you!

Christiana Kelly

One of my best friends and I did their adult cake decorating. We had a ton of fun and the two hours flew by. The cake we took home was delicious and moist!

Tammy Green

paul kozma

great cup cakes at fair price.

Erik Hughes

Good taste , bad service. We order 24 different cupcakes. They all were given plain icing so we couldn't tell them apart. They did tell us when we picked them up we could have gotten different icing if we had paid extra. We had no idea that we needed to choose, they said nothing when we ordered. What cupcake company doesn't have an icing to go with the cupcake.?In my opinion piss poor presentation, unorganized , and completely frustrating. Having ordered week in advance I expected better. I wouldn't go back. Too many other cupcake places so close to this location. All are better.

Dale Mead

Great, one of the best cupcakes around. Worth 25 minute to get them every weekend


The atmosphere of the bakery itself is lovely. The cupcakes are good, but taste a bit average and are certainly overpriced. Service here is... a mixed bag. It's worth a try if you're in the area because it does have a few unique options and the historic Dublin charm.

Christian LaPointe

Great little bakery. Staff is very friendly and they know cakes. Their make your own cupcake is cute. The price matches the quality though, keep that in mind.

Adding 2Cents

Not sure about their wedding cakes or anything as we were just there for a build-your-own cupcake. The cupcake was fine, but the process is very basic with not much to choose in terms of flavors, etc... To be fair, it's not a primary offering and I didn't get any premade cupcakes, so I'll likely try that next time if I go.

Kylie Smith

We have used Our CupCakery for cake pops for an annual event with more than 200 participants and the cake pops are always a big hit! They look great, taste great, and the service is exceptional. Thank you!!

Corina Pierce

Such a moist cup cake, no icing required but enjoyed

Lillian Hosken

I attend kids camp here every summer and it is so much fun. Edit: I have gone for 5 years at camp and I have enjoyed it the employees are super nice. The camps are very interactive and you get to bring lots of yummy sweet treats home.

Christy Amatos

Amber Pratt

We had a cupcake bar at our wedding, it was a big hit and everything was amazing!!!

Jason Nestor

I love this place! I have 2 little girls and they design and decorate their own cupcakes. Staff is super friendly and the quality of the food is unbelievable. Well worth a stop if your sugar tooth gets the better of you in old downtown Dublin.

Arielle Gavin

Linda Sopp

The best cupcakes and service in town

taylor craycraft

Very friendly, the best gluten free cupcake I've had to date, and reasonably priced! Would definitely reccomend!

Adrienne Claire

From the cupcake tasting to the day-of wedding cupcakes - Our Cupcakery was such a breeze to work with and everyone commented on how yummy the cupcakes were. My mom ordered a dozen extra just so she could take them home to enjoy for the days following our wedding. The wedding cake design was simple but they made my vision come true and everything was truly amazing. We will be coming back for more!

Beth Hines

Nancy N

When I went in person to place the cake, everyone was really nice that I had talked to. 2 days before my cake pickup day, they call to ask the dimensions of the figure that supposedly I was supposed to buy... I didnt even recall that part of the conversation. I have placed many cake orders in the past with different places, never have I had to buy extra stuff for the cake. It was always that person doing my cake buying everything needed and putting together for me. To pay 160 for a bday cake, and then to have to go on Amazon last minute to buy figures for the cake for another 35$... just ridiculous. At the party I had to put all the figures on. Not to mention the second person I spoke to on the phone about the figures was very rude. The first lady I spoke to was nice. Idk who the second lady was. I will never go with them again.

Bobby Stewart

Fun for kids, room is small for kids and adults. Smaller groups would be fun no more then 6 really. But great cupcakes and people

Rebecca Fritz

This locally owned, family run shop is such a delight! With so many corporate and bland bakeries and business around it is CLEAR that each cake here is hand made only a room away and they are iced at the counter! The result of such care were yummy cakes of different flavors and presentation. I devoured each one with a smile on my face. I would much rather pay a little bit more for the quality of product and service here than save a little for cheap, mass produced cakes somewhere else. Definitely check it out!

Allison Beecher

I took a cake decorating class here with Jessica. She was a wonderful instructor and I really learned a lot in the class. And OMG the icing (premade and portioned for us) was to die for, and the cake (premade for us, gluten free options available at an additional cost) were INCREDIBLE! I cant wait to take more of their classes and devour more of their baked goods!!

Jesus Believer

this was the most - disjointed - mixed up - MESS of a bakery that i have EVER EVER EVER seen. first impression when i walked in the door was......WHERE are the dang CUPCAKES?...they had three cupcakes sitting on the counter that you could 'choose' from. 'models' i assume - hard as a rock. so, you have to 'choose' what you want to order from a menu board that is, literally, five feet by four feet. with the mix of sweet concoctions that NOBODY would ever take the time to read. i mean. come ON. so, you tell the girl 'behind the counter' what you like to order and.....NO JOKE....she pulled the plain cupcakes out of one of those containers that you have in your spare room for craft supplies or in your basement for your husbands' tools. then, thru the maze and MESS of icing, she put the three cupcakes in the box and THEN iced them. IN THE BOX. i figure that they cannot figure out how to PLACE the iced cupcakes in the box - so they place them IN THE BOX first, so you will NEVER be able to take them out of the box without getting icing all over yourself. horrible concept. STUPID idea. well, because the girl didn't have the cupcakes in the 'tool boxes' out front, she went in the back, and i swear, probably baked them UP while i was waiting because she was gone for a very long time. so, while i waited i walked around the place and it was just plane DIRTY. did NOT look CLEAN and NICE. there is a simple idea in business called KISS.....KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. however, this 'business owner' (which i use the name rather broadly) just doesn't understand that concept. the bakery was a big, bad MESS. i just cannot believe that it is even making it!!! so, if you want to pay WAYYYYYYYY too much for cupcakes that you can make at home....go spend your money. however, i will NEVER EVER go back to this place. it was a HOT MESS. UGH!!!!!!!! just awful. awful. awful. awful.

Kelly Casey

Cindy Schwendeman

Fun place to have a child's birthday Tea Party!

Chrissie Powers

The staff is always very helpful and super nice! Their gluten free cupcakes are to die for!

Makayla Beechler

Friendly staff and delicious cupcakes

B Waldman-Hinderliter

Chad Waits

Sean Murphy

Charles Crickard

Cute and clean shop. Very pleasant experience and the cupcakes were delicious! My wife is sensitive to gluten and the gluten free cupcakes were "amazing"! Highly recommended

Rachel Bican

kevin Schmidt

This place should be your only stop for your cape and cupcake needs. They worked with us to make mini cupcakes with tons of mixed flavors of cake and icing. This is exactly as we wanted it. The wedding cake we bought was perfectly iced, and the flavor! I have never had an apple cake like that, and it will he our anniversary cake for years to come!

Tessa Cooper

Mary Gillespie

Lance Burkhardt

The most thoughtful Christmas gift Ihave ever received came from Our CupCakery. My fiancée took the recipe for my favorite cookie/cake/petifours,( really there is no way to categorize this delicious confection) and had them especially made for me. The recipe takes about ten hours if you attempt to make them at home! Our CupCakery made them in time for Christmas and the first bite brought me right back to my childhood, they tasted just as I remembered and hoped they would, layers of cake soaked and flavored with almond and apricot encased in a delicious layer of fine chocolate. So, if you are looking for a sweet treat that you can't seem find in any bakery or food store have them custom made and you wont be disappointed. Our CupCakery knows how to bake!

Leslie Watkins

I absolutely love Our CupCakery! I have been turning to them for all of my cake needs - birthdays, showers, baptisms, you name it - since I came across them 6 years ago. They are some of the friendliest people to work with. Their cakes are amazing (my friends and I especially like the cherry chip!) - the best I have ever had. They make me wish that every day was a celebration day, just so I could have an excuse to have their cake.

Patrick Bennett

Tasty cakes... Abysmal customer service

Charles Collins

I had a construction cake made for our 6 yr old son . I must say that it was extremely detailed and our son just loved the birthday cake! There is no other bakery that we will use for further celebrations.


Delish and super friendly! Maybe don't eat your cupcake in the shop because you'll only be tempted to buy another!

Bob Hosken

Great products and awesome staff.

Angel Tran

Everything was delicious and our "tasteful" spiderweb design turned out great. Highly recommend them for any wedding or just regular bake good needs; especially those with dietary restrictions

Mollie Malleske

Superfantastic birthday party at Our CupCakery today! Would totally don't again!

Sarah D

We love their cupcakes! The kids especially love decorating theirs!

Katheryne Staats

Our Cupcakery did our wedding cake. I was hesitant to purchase a cake at first because I have a severe allergy to gluten. When I talked Laura to set up a taste of their cakes, she was very knowledgeable on known allergens. I had a GF carrot cake the day of the tasting, and my groom had the normal cake. It was delicious but extremely rich, and we chose to go with a simple almond cake with raspberry preserves for the cake we needed to cut into. We had opted against a tiered cake and chose a cake buffet layout instead. From what I heard at our wedding, EVERYONE thought the cake was fantastic. Proof to this was that there was none left over. I am giving them 4 stars due to a contract error at the last minute. My cake was delivered in the wrong color, the flowers were placed in the wrong place, and even though they fixed the frosting color error before the reception, they did not return my succulents and my friends had to round up flowers from spare tables to place on my cake, and you could tell that they were in a hurry because the frosting was almost an inch thick and you couldn't actually taste the cake. Over all great cake for the guests, great for food allergies, just be sure to review any last minute details and sign off on it.

Amanda Schwinghammer Cowen

I do not recommend this bakery as the owner has shown a complete lack of responsibility and regard to customer service. Long story short - they blew the surprise for our gender reveal party by telling me what color the cake would be after repeatedly reminding them to not mention it to me. After the error they didn't feel it required anything more than a $5 discount to correct. I ordered a small 8" cake for our Gender Reveal party. I discussed the specifics with Linda, the owner. From the start I felt that she had a condescending attitude and was not altogether pleasant to correspond with, however I proceeded. I had specifically stated to her on the phone and email, "I do NOT know the gender so please do not include any info of that in emails, on receipt, or outside of box or outside of cake." The fact that I did NOT know the gender ahead of time was also reiterated when I put Linda on the phone with my doctors office, who privately told her what the gender was, so it was to remain a surprise for me and the rest of the party. When confirming the details via email, Linda responded back with: "Here is your new total. You requested pink for the batter color." In shock, I responded that I hope she meant "pink OR blue". I expressed my frustration as the gender had been revealed to me by what was confirmed as the cake color. To be paying a premium for something so special and have that moment of revelation and joy be taken away is extremely disappointing. I said I hoped we could come to a resolution and that this had become a very frustrating experience. I told Linda that I hoped to avoid conflict and disappointment, and asked for reassurance that there would be resolution in terms of customer satisfaction and me ultimately feeling more positive about the situation. Linda's response was: "Our daughter recently learned the gender of her baby when the technician referred to "her" during the ultrasound appointment. We know how special that information is and wouldn't intentionally impact the surprise but sometimes mistakes happen. We make many gender reveal desserts. I'm sorry if information may have inadvertently been communicated to you in one of our many emails. Our goal is make the best possible desserts as possible but sometimes we do make human errors. We'd like to offer you the colored batter fee for free." I thought that attempting to minimize the situation by comparing this to her daughter was a poor attempt at an excuse. Considering her family had a similar experience, I would have thought that Linda's reaction to making this mistake herself would have been a little more regretful than "mistakes happen". I completely understand that this was human error and not intentional. However, the the total for this cake was $50.50, and the charge for the colored batter was $5. The resolution that she offered for this mistake was $5 off a $50 cake and a half-hearted apology that sounded like a dismissive excuse. This is completely unacceptable. Luckily, Linda had not taken the 50% nonrefundable deposit yet so I was able to cancel the order. I am not one to believe that the customer is always right in every situation. However, if this was my business, I would have gone above and beyond to make sure that the customer walked away as happy as possible. Instead, Linda let me walk out the door, with the gender reveal surprise ruined. Had her reaction been one of genuine apology and regret, and an offer of a more substantial discount than $5 off, I would have been able to look past the mistake. I ended up ordering a cake from Market District for $18.95. I had a great customer service experience, saved money, and was not charged a non-refundable deposit to place the order. I wish I would have gone to them in the first place and had the experience that I expected. Linda's response and reaction was irresponsible and unprofessional, and I would not recommend anyone to give their business to this (over-priced) bakery.

Brittnay Cool

The ladies are so nice and have made it so easy during my wedding planning. Bouns is the place always smells amazing.

Tushar Ghosh

Susan Fisher

Deanna L

I purchased some carrot cake cupcakes last minute for my daughters birthday. They were absolutely fabulous. Thank you for being so accommodating with little notice!

Connor Powers

The gluten free red velvet cupcakes are fantastic

Kip Frost

Great little cupcake place with a large variety of flavorful and moist delicacies

Latoya Randle

Family owned business that make you feel like family

Philip Hochendoner

Lovely little shop for all your cupcake needs. The flavors are spot on and they are so soft and fluffy. Would recommend for any occasion!

Ashley Smith

I picked up 2 cupcakes for my mom's birthday dessert. Gingerbread with cinnamon buttercream....and we spoke not a peep once we started to eat! The buttercream was so well-balanced and the gingerbread cupcake was perfect. We found our new tradition! This is the second cupcake I have had from here. They are decadent and fun - a grown up flavor profile and not cloyingly sweet. Just go - you will not be sorry!

Laura Bailey

Our wedding was a week ago- I’m already looking forward to my birthday, because I want another cake! Not only is Our CupCakery delicious, but also amazingly budget-friendly and wonderful to work with. They have some of the best prices in the area, and so many options! We did a small cake for the formal cake-cutting bit, and a wide variety of mini cupcakes and desserts- all of which were fantastic! Our guests loved trying a bunch of different flavors, and kept coming back for their favorites! Laura was incredibly helpful, very professional, and generally lovely to work with. Everything was delivered right on time and arranged beautifully. Overall, our experience with Our CupCakery was wonderful, and I can’t recommend them highly enough! PS - apple cake with cinnamon frosting; you’ll thank me later. ;-) -Laura + Kevin

Danielle Carter

Courtney Shaw

Went to the Cake Decorating Class - had so much fun I already registered for another!

Douglas Jackson

Tasted great and looked good. Only thing is we weren't told in the beginning that we had to get the Figures to put on the cake. And told us 2 days before the pick up. So I put the figures on the cake myself. Other then that it's a good place. Also its small.

Janine Taylor

We used Our Cupcakery for my daughter’s wedding cake, over 200 cupcakes, and over 200 sets of buckeyes on Saturday, June 9, 2018. They are staff not only accommodated our normal diet but also gluten-free and vegan cupcakes. Everything was absolutely delicious! The staff Delivered and set everything up in a beautiful manner. I highly recommend using Our Cupcakery for all your cake, cupcake and buckeye orders.

Emily Grant

Cute cupcake shop in Old Dublin. I go in occasionally to pick up a couple cupcakes. They use butter cream frosting in various flavors and you pick your base. They also offer various other daily flavors and desserts plus cakes for parties and baking classes. Staff is lovely and helpful. It's one of the best cupcake shops in the area.

Kimberly Lambert

I love this place! They made the most beautiful and delicious cake for our wedding! The staff is professional and efficient, what more could I ask for?!

Andrew Patterson

Melissa Hackett

We just hosted a birthday party at Our Cupcakery. It was an amazing experience! The kids learned how to decorate cakes and they had so much fun with the tea party afterwards. The food was delicious and I didn’t have to do anything! Easiest (and most delicious) party ever!!!

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